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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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September 19, 2022 5:53 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 19, 2022 5:53 am

Trey Lance suffers season-ending ankle injury | Jaguars embarrass the Colts... again. | Tom Brady FINALLY wins in New Orleans.

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The show is flying as it normally does and I suppose since nothing's blown up yet here at 107.5, the fan in Green Bay, that I'm doing this right.

I guess producer Jay would tell me, although he said a little while ago the show sounded great and I didn't sound delirious and I said, are you lying to me? And he said, no, I wouldn't do that. And I said, yes, you surely would because you would want me to be encouraged. And he said, well, I would, but I'm not doing it right now. So I don't know what that means. I'm not lying right this second, but I would, if I had to, to preserve your feelings.

No, no, don't be one of those friends. So yes, we are on the road or I am on the road in Green Bay. Jay is at CBS Sports Radio headquarters after attending Sunday Night Football at Lambeau and getting the full Monty, so to speak, of what it's like to be at Lambeau and actually on the field for the end of the first half and then on through halftime and the alumni were getting introduced more than 78,300 fans at Lambeau and they were loud. I can understand why it has the reputation that it does, even though the Packers still haven't played a complete game, but at 21 point fourth quarter and then a goal lines, no, I'm sorry, 21 points second quarter and a goal line stand in the second half got them all kinds of fired up.

So Packers are able to even their record at one and one. And I shared some photos with you on Twitter as well as on Facebook. And I appreciate that so many of you are writing and responding and a lot of you want to know whether or not Leroy Butler gave me the signed Hall of Fame jersey that he promised me.

Now, I thought he was joking, actually. I thought he was playing around with me because he didn't think that I would actually find him at Lambeau. But I promised him that I would. And I started texting him when I first got to Lambeau. So he was at an alumni party off site at a local, I think he said it was a local brewery. And then he said, we're going to be in a suite hanging out to watch the first half of the game. So I'm texting him during the first half and asking him what suite he's in and where I can come and find him.

And he said, and I'm thinking, okay, I'll find you in the third quarter after you get done with your responsibilities at halftime. But as it turned out, then they were leaving that one particular suite. And he was walking around, I think being walked around by Packers PR and Packers game day relations. And he was stopping in different suites to shake hands and meet other fans. And so he was going to be on the move. So the only place that I could find him where he was going to be stationary was down in the corner before underneath the stadium before they went out on it on the field at halftime and got introduced to the crowd. And I took a video boy, he was in his element, his first time being introduced as a hall of famer.

And he was in his element, you know, Leroy, he's, he's always got a smile on his face, as we talked about last week when he joined the show. And so I did track him down, we did take a selfie at his suggestion. And he did tell me, your jersey is up in the suite. And I said, I care more about meeting you than I do about getting the jersey. And he said, Oh, that's sweet. And I said, it's true.

It's true. I really just wanted to meet him. And so he swears that he's going to ship the jersey on Monday. And actually, he tweeted me that too, after telling me in person.

So it's there on Twitter, which must mean it's true. I mean, the man's got a lot going on. I certainly understand if the jersey doesn't get shipped right away. And I honestly don't need him to do that. But it was very kind of him to say that. And he also said there was a little mini helmet that he was sending to. And so we'll see.

We'll see what happens and when it shows up. But I definitely will share the photos because I said some of you were asking whether or not I got that signed jersey that he promised. I thought he was teasing. But no, he was he was being genuine and real. And he's the best and he might be my favorite.

And this is saying something because we interview a bunch of Hall of Famers on the show, but he might be my favorite because he's kind of adopted us on after hours. We are live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Rocket can. We are passing around mortification as Sunday morphs, pun intended, into a Monday. And so we've got a poll up on Twitter, a law radio.

Who deserves the most Monday mortification? It's quite the poll, actually. And we're getting a lot of responses on Twitter. But you're also blowing up our Facebook page with all the reasons why this team or that team should be the most mortified in the poll.

Actually, it's right now. It's kind of an impressive race among the four teams that we've given you as the candidate. Some of you are writing in votes. And in fact, I just saw a write in vote for the San Francisco 49ers. This is tough. We had talked about this actually with the Pittsburgh Steelers in week number one because they were able to come away with a victory.

But it was very pricey. They lose T.J. Watt. For a while there, they thought they were going to lose Najee Harris as well. And so the defense is not the same without the Defensive Player of the Year in T.J. Watt.

And now you get a similar situation with the 49ers, though on the offensive side of the ball, where, yes, they come up with a win, but it also comes with a steep price tag. Second down, Ray-Ray goes in motion. Now lines up to the right of Trey in the shotgun.

Long snap. It's a handoff to Ray-Ray. No, Trey kept it. Beautifully done by Trey Lance. He's so good like the March accident in Baltimore.

And to holding it at the mesh point, but Ray-Ray took it wide. Trey's down. Trey's on his back as he took the handoff there and Trey Lance is hurt.

And it's not good. He tried to get up and then immediately you could see by his body language, there is an issue. And he went straight back down to his back.

The trainer's working on him now. Jimmy Garoppolo begins to warm up on the sideline. The irony is last year against Seattle in early October, Jimmy got hurt and Trey came in to play his first meaningful snaps. Trey lands flat on his back and Jimmy Garoppolo warming up on the sidelines. Man, there's so much happening, right? When this takes place, when it transpires on a field, it's next man up.

It has to be. And Jimmy Garoppolo is very familiar to the Niners, to their fans there in Santa Clara in the Bay Area, but what a devastating blow for the second year QB. And Kyle Shannon's even said he's a rookie, essentially.

He's taking over for the first time. They had all the confidence in him, in his athletic ability, in the way that he's developed and learned. The relationship between Trey and Jimmy Garoppolo was going to be beneficial. And then in the first quarter, late first quarter, he breaks his ankle and he has to be carted off. He's rolled out even before they know exactly what's happened, but he was in a ton of pain. And Kyle Shanahan said after the game that he knew right away that this was a serious injury, a serious and significant injury.

So Jimmy Garoppolo makes his first appearance of the season and right away has a couple of touchdown drives in the second quarter. And it's good for Jimmy. I'm happy for him because he's handled all of this business, all of the uncertainty. He's handled with such professionalism, with such class. I've said over and over again that there's such a distinct difference between the way that he has handled his business and the way say Baker Mayfield handled his business. The fact that Garoppolo still has the trust and the confidence of his teammates, it speaks volumes. And so to see him come out on the field, to see him settle into that rhythm right away, the smile on his face, the appreciation of his teammates, I'm not sure there could be a better situation with a backup QB.

It just sucks that it comes at the expense of a season-ending injury for Trey Lance. But we know that is a part of football and Garoppolo is trained and weighted and he's also rehabbed an injury to be ready for this. Here's a play action by Garoppolo. Looks left going to throw wide open Roswelli.

He'll take it five. Roswelli will dive for the end zone. Touchdown!

San Francisco, welcome back Jimmy Garoppolo. Fourth and goal, one yard lineup, 20 to 7. They break the huddle. Jimmy's going to go under center.

They got Debo and Warner right. Jennings and Ayuk left. Jennings goes in motion right. Jimmy going to sneak it off the left side. Touchdown!

San Francisco! Jimmy Garoppolo caps a 13-play seven-minute drive with his one-yard touchdown run. That's late in the fourth quarter and we get that 27-7 final. Greg Papa on Niners radio, the only Seattle touchdown. Now remember what happened on Monday Night Football where Geno Smith led this really impressive couple of drives in the first half and you all know what happened at the end of the game with the Denver Broncos but we had the Seahawks, Pete Carroll raving about Geno Smith. The only touchdown in week two comes on a block field goal.

So Tariq Woullen has the block. Michael Jackson scoops it up and goes 86 yards. So it's a special team score because there was no offense. There were three Seattle turnovers. So Geno Smith is not bad in the game. He throws an interception just they're not productive. They go up and down the field really and kind of accumulate a bunch of yards but are not able to punch it into the end zone. Meanwhile for Garoppolo 13 of 21 for 154 yards and a score helped a ton by the run game. The team nearly rushed for 200 yards. The smile on his face even though as you understand both he and Shanahan and everybody else feel terrible for Trey Lance.

Just like riding a bike. Yeah it was felt good to be back out there. Just feel terrible for Trey.

I've been on that side of it. This league is tough and you know everyone has their share of injuries but that sucks for him and feel bad for him but he's our brother and you know we'll pick him up. I saw him for a quick second after just wishing him well.

Like I said I've been there. I've come full circle in this thing and it's just it's tough whenever you see a guy get hurt. You feel for him but Trey's a tough dude. He'll be all right. It's tough. It was you feel for someone so bad.

It's very it's a sad moment but you don't have time to sit there and think about it. You got to get right back to the game and I thought the guys did a real good job of that but we were real happy about the win but it was a little sombering once you get in the locker room and you see him and stuff. So yes yeah he's I mean he's doing as good as you can. You know he's when I went out and saw him he was just asking me about a couple of the plays before. I spent some of his reads and stuff so it's the type of kid he is and I'm hurting for him. So Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo uh but they get the win and the 49ers who went through this whole process during the off season of saying over and over that they were going to trade Garoppolo right over and over that they that they would have traded him had it not been for the fact that he had shoulder surgery and had to rehab. They even kept him from practicing in training camp and preseason because they were still sure that he was not going to be a part of the team and then they got to the point where they were going to have to cut him because there were no takers there were no teams out there that were willing to give up any assets for Garoppolo considering that the Niners were kind of caught between a rock and a hard place and so they restructure his contract and guess what he's got a ton of incentives built into this contract should he start should he play a certain number of games they make the postseason you don't have to love Jimmy Garoppolo as a quarterback he's not elite right we know what he is he's higher he trailing it's his higher risk higher reward because of his athleticism and the power Jimmy Garoppolo is more of a steady Eddie and yeah he's gonna make mistakes and he's gonna cough up the football but what happens when Garoppolo plays the Niners win that is proven there's a track record with Garoppolo as the Niners QB even though it may not be as flashy a Super Bowl appearance another NFC championship game last year maybe he can only take you so far but Garoppolo is still a veteran option and the team loves him they play for him and they know what they have with him so the Niners move to one and one the Seahawks fall to one and one the Super Bowl champion Rams and that same NFC West they appeared to have quite the healthy lead at home against the Atlanta Falcons until Marcus Mariota and those Falcons find themselves a nice rhythm so here is the first part of the day of Syracuse's Riley Dixon in his 99th career game former seventh round pick and it's blocked Anderson blocked it go with it it is scooped up and Lorenzo Carter scores the Atlanta touchdown here's Stafford with three to the right two to the boundary at the left takes the snap Atlanta bringing three Stafford across the middle caught Cup and it's not knocked out and the scramble for the ball and it's scooped up by Darren Hall Hall recovers the fumble after Cup had it punched loose and Atlanta's got it in plus territory with 322 to go we nearly had another one of these wild and wacky and completely improbable unlikely comebacks in fact the Rams would have been a candidate for our Monday mortification so you have this kind of series of mistakes by the Rams Stafford interception leads to an Atlanta touchdown then there's the block punt that you hear on Falcons radio it's recovered by Lorenzo Carter with five minutes to go it's returned for a touchdown and now it's 31 25 so Atlanta's got the ball and is driving into the red zone Marcus Mariota he's feeling large and in charge 31 25 rams with the lead trying to protect it on defense third down 13 from the 24 of the Rams to the Falcons Mariota has a knee-high snap Rams send five they hit Mariota throw goes up it is intercepted at the goal line Jalen Ramsey out to the 20 and out of bounds to the Rams bench Jalen calls game in week two for the Rams Jalen Ramsey was a fairly popular scapegoat or fairly popular target for criticism after the Rams bills game in the season opener he did not play well and he was salty after the game but this was a redeeming moment for Jalen Ramsey 107 to go it's not just an interception he leaps up over the intended target and grabs the ball above the receiver on the goal line and so Mariota throws that interception but honestly this was Jalen Ramsey induced and with just over a minute left uh the Rams were able to preserve this win and not fall into this category of Monday mortification Matthew Stafford three touchdowns but he does have two interceptions and Cooper Cup over 100 yards receiving he has a couple of scores but man that fumble that really sparked this well gave the Falcons extra opportunities unbelievable uh the fact that the Falcons were able to capitalize and nearly come all the way back but a win is a win is a win is a win I'll take them any way I can get them I'll take uh take a peek at the film find ways to be better there's no question about it we can do it in all three phases seen a lot of ball been a lot of you know part of a lot of games um that was definitely an interesting one at the end probably not the craziest I've been a part of but you know what happens and this is NFL football um it's hard to win that one man are there so many things that we can clean up but I'll tell you what um haven't been doing this that long but I've been doing it long enough to know you never take a win for granted in this league it's too difficult to come by um we're gonna have our eyes up we're gonna move forward the right way I'm really proud of the resilience that I saw from this group and a lot of things that we created some of our own adversity but you credit the Falcons and coach Smith's unit uh for being able to kind of just make enough plays to stay in it we had too many turnovers too many things that we didn't capitalize on but we found a way to be able to get it done and I thought which should I wait for his next thought and I thought oh and then we're done listening thank you Sean McVay we're good we gave him the hook and I thought producer Jay um what happened there why did we cut off poor Sean McVay something's wrong with you not with me with you I think he was talking to me in the middle of a sentence he was talking to you yeah I think he was talking to me on that one oh are you actually gonna to uh follow the sword on this one yeah I'll take that I'll take that one impressive very impressive okay so if you look at the NFC west and we knew that this was likely to be a tough division based on last year and based on the changes I don't know how many people thought that the Seattle Seahawks would have a win after these first couple of weeks but every single team in the west division is sitting at one and one it's going to be that kind of a year in the NFC north if the eagles beat the Vikings on Monday night every team in that division will be sitting at one and one I mean we're not even through two weeks yet and already it's nutty and chaotic and hectic as all get out so we've got to pull up because we're dishing out some Monday mortification who deserves the most mortification who should be the most mortified on this Monday on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page and you know misery loves company so let's commiserate together shall we it's after hours with Amy Lawrence from our Green Bay affiliate 1075 the fan in am 1400 thanks for hanging out with us on this mortified Monday on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast shotgun formation dropping is Trevor looking fires middle of the field caught by Kristen Kirk leans toward the end zone touchdown a 10-yard touchdown pass from Trevor Lawrence to Christian Kirk and the Jaguars strike first the 37-yard line they run it with James Robinson James into the open field 30 inside of 30 inside the 20 to the 10 to the 5 touchdown James Robinson exploded and extended the lead for Jacksonville the Jags lead 17 to nothing they have a fourth and one on the five-yard line of the Colts 22 seconds to play in the third Trevor under center play fake Trevor's going to run to the right he's going to toss into Christian Kirk for the touchdown touchdown pass from Trevor Lawrence to Christian Kirk it's a football feeding frenzy after hours with Amy Lawrence this may be Trevor Lawrence's best performance as an NFL QB and this may be an even worse look for the Indianapolis Colts than what we saw in week 18 last season when they did not beat the Jaguars with a playoff spot on the line I don't know you tell me is this worse and do the Colts deserve more Monday mortification than any of the other teams who suffered the embarrassing collapses the Colts do not score at all as in nothing even the Seahawks had a touchdown on the board today not the Colts nada zilch mortified you can find the poll up on Twitter a law radio or on our Facebook page it's after hours with Amy Lawrence from Green Bay Wisconsin following Sunday night football so Trevor Lawrence only misses on three passes in the first half and the offense is efficient and as you hear there on jaguars radio they're able to score early and often three of four drives nearly 200 total yards in that first half and then early in the third quarter we see Christian Kirk with another touchdown catch his second I saw somebody tweeting about how he's worth every penny of the money that they paid him I don't know producer J remind Craig if I'm wrong but didn't that start out the the like free agent spending in the trade market going wild with wide resurface wide receivers wasn't Christian Kirk one of the first he completely broke the market destroyed it the jaguars are certainly happy they have him but it's not just the offense because the defense picks off Matt Ryan but it's not just the offense Matt Ryan on backpack drives in the fourth quarter and so there are no turnovers by the jaguars offense that's a start they go 6 of 15 on third down that's also huge and Trevor Lawrence ultimately finishes 25 of 30 for 230 yards and a couple of touchdowns but they get 64 yards from James Robinson and as I say the defense makes life miserable for Matt Ryan he throws three interceptions in total gets sacked five times and the jaguars also hit him another 11 times and so even with a Jonathan Taylor who was probably the top pick in most or many fantasy football drafts they cannot find much traction on offense and this is a jaguars banner day I think it just confirms you know what we're doing here what we're building the people we have coaches and players included and I think that's really that's really it I mean it confirms that we're on the right track we're where we want to be and like I said you just got to take a week by week and keep getting better I mean if we win this game and go and lay an egg the rest of the season doesn't really matter so we got to keep getting better and I'm confident we will but it really does just confirm what we're doing and I got a lot of faith in the coaches and and our players and just proud of like I said the way we execute and it's fun when it comes together and it was awesome that's something I've been very proud of this group and how they've been able to take the mistakes from a week ago and and you know sort of minimize them going into this week and and really attacking the game plan and really just attacking their job so the jaguars crazy enough are the only team in the AFC south with a win the Texans are 0-1 and 1 remember they tied the Colts in week number one that was nutty so now the Houston Texans in the Indianapolis Colts have the ties so they technically are tied fittingly enough for second place in the division and the Titans are 0-1 but they play against the Bills on Monday night it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio this is brutal for the Colts and producer Jay remind us what your week week one overreaction was week one overreaction was that Frank Reich might be in over his head and I don't know if he's the guy for the job in Indianapolis huh well I scoffed at that because I think that's completely ridiculous but tell you what to get completely shut out as in manhandled and embarrassed and mortified by the jaguars certainly doesn't help his cause you know we knew coming into it it's a good pass rush team understand the ball has to come out and you know I've got to do my part that way and then you know make good decisions with the football too even when there is pressure I mean that's part of of playing this position I feel like the preparation has been you know pretty good I think we all have to take a hard look in the mirror find ways to individually be better so collectively we can be better and you know that's what we'll get back to work on tomorrow rough day credit to Jacksonville they outplayed us out coached us we'll learn from it we'll get better we'll pick ourselves up off the mat it's early in the season obviously a very poor showing in every way that's Frank Reich's assessment a very poor showing in every way and just to recap again Matt Ryan's day three interceptions five sacks and 11 quarterback hits so it's it's not like it was all his fault I mean he's not a mobile quarterback so the offensive lines got to give him a little bit of time but I mean the Jaguars defense was able to corral Jonathan Taylor for the most part he only had nine carries for 54 yards no granted once you fall into a hole you're trying to throw the ball more often which then lends itself to the defense being able to cheat in coverage because they know what's coming and the interceptions but man there there isn't a highlight in this game for the Indianapolis Colts and right now so I'm only looking at the Twitter poll at this point but the Colts have nearly 39% of your vote in our poll it's got many hours left which team should be the most mortified on Monday morning waking up with what is a Sunday hangover if you will we've given you Colts Browns Raiders Ravens now all four are getting a healthy number of votes but right now the Colts are in the lead have to check Facebook as well so either one Twitter or Facebook it's after hours with Amy Lawrence from Green Bay 107.5 the fan our Green Bay affiliate good to be taking the show on the road again for the first time since the Super Bowl in Miami in early 2020 is it just like riding a bike well we'll see I got a couple of nights to figure this out you are listening to the after hours podcast it's a football feeding frenzy after hours with Amy Lawrence a lot of talk about the Saints hosting the Bucks because Tom Brady with the Buccaneers has not had any kind of success in New Orleans and that was one of the nationally televised games on Sunday week two now remember the Buccaneers had just one touchdown in the game against Dallas that was at Arlington Stadium Sunday Night Football in week number one where the Saints were able to rally a bit of a crazy way almost like what we saw in week two all over the place to get a victory against the Falcons and so you have two teams coming in this game into this game from completely different directions and also that kind of shadow cast over Tampa Bay we just haven't had success in New Orleans since Tom Brady became the starting quarterback and took over for Jamis Winston it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio if you took the over in terms of total points in this one oh dear the offense was hard to come by I mean gross for a good portion of this game I was watching uh this one live there was I mean there's an early fumble and a snap by Tom Brady there's a failed fourth and one there's a couple of punts he's throwing tablets on the sidelines on the sidelines he's visibly frustrated and angry I mean the Saints had a three nothing lead at halftime three to nothing that's it oh suck Brady and then early in the fourth quarter there is a big scramble did you guys catch this I mean generally you'll see guys pushing and shoving when it comes to rivalry games or division games but this was next level there are pushes there are shoves Brady just wanted to hit somebody I mean that's all he wanted he wants somebody to hit he was definitely looking to hit somebody and so he's getting in the face of I think it was Marshawn Lattimore Ariens is Bruce Ariens no longer the coach a special consultant is drawing from the sideline as well well Mike Evans decides he needs to protect his quarterback in fact if you haven't seen the video there's actually a video out there on social media in which if you read lips you can see Mike Evans say to the officials it's Tom Brady what you want me to do meaning like Tom Brady had somebody get after him get in his face I got to protect my quarterback and so Mike Evans comes flying in past Brady tackles Marshawn Lattimore they both get ejected this is early in the fourth quarter and Evans of course is protesting the fans are livid because they can't believe Lattimore got ejected but really those two have been going back and forth it was getting heated between those two anyway and and the Tom Brady joy was really just the match that kind of lit the kindle and set the whole thing ablaze it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio Oh producer Jay he's pulling a rabbit out of the hat and tells me he's got the play-by-play of the fight let's hear it I can't wait to hear it third down and six instead of a first down shotgun look Brady here's the snap four-man rush those of all deep downfield has a receiver in the area there's contact and no flag whoa Miller was on a go-round down that far sideline yeah Scotty Miller got grabbed and pushed out of bounds and now I don't know how you don't call that one he had a hold by the jersey by the jersey Marshawn Lattimore was covering and he grabbed the jersey there's a fight to flag Marshawn Lattimore and Evans Lattimore and Evans now you got a bunch of bucketeers around the 45-yard line this happened before the Bucks well there's more players on the field now that you're allowed yeah there's going to be some ejections yeah two flags like Evans came and laid a shot on Lattimore again Mike was thrown out of a game in this dome early in his career there were offsetting personal fouls on each team number 23 for New Orleans and number 13 for Tampa Bay both number 23 and number 13 have been disqualified from the game those scholars offset it scored them I told you the fans in New Orleans did not like it that's the play-by-play from Gene Deckerhoff and company on Bucks radio it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio so that happens to be on a third down the bucketeers turn around and punt and give the ball to the Saints again no offense brutally challenging to come up with any chunk plays or big yardage plays or sustained drives well things get interesting right after that because we've seen this team as Winston before just not in a long while Bucks need to reach the 23-yard line the line of scrimmage is the 28 so call it third down five good snap to Brady Brady looking looking looking goes the ball toward the right corner toward the right corner it's caught touchdown Tampa Bay Buccaneers here's Todd Pearman what a throw by Brady and the Bucks lead for the first time of the game here they go again tempo mode dropping to throw Winston down the gut goes to the left that's intercepted into the 35 outside the numbers to the 40 to the 35 to the 30 to the 25 to the 20 to the 15 10 Mike Edwards touchdown Tampa Bay that's the dagger my friend four takeaways by the Bucks and Tampa Bay gets a pick six yeah that was really the exclamation point a 68-yard pick six with Mike Edwards and Jamis Winston comes unravel so yeah there's a little bit of offense in there for the Buccaneers but the defense really sparks this win three interceptions by Jamis in the fourth quarter and even though the Buccaneers have only managed a couple of offensive touchdowns and by a couple I do mean two two offensive touchdowns in two weeks for the Bucks Brady is angry frustrated throwing things actually uh he lights up when he talks about the defense because that is what has the Buccaneers 2-0 it's emotional game so I don't think that's you know I think a little better execution helps all the way around defense played great again um line fought hard all the guys that were in there fought hard tough really tough team really well coached team we really struggled with so it feels good to win defense was awesome forced you know some disguise and uh came up with the plays you know Deener made some great interceptions Mike obviously was a play the game so they played awesome we got to clean up a few things and we got some new guys over there I think they're coming they're doing a good job managing the ball game our object is to win you know our points are going to come I'm not worried about that the chemistry will come we got to win in the process these first four or five games while we figure out who we are Todd Bowles taking over as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and did inherit Tom Brady but man alive not only did Brady tell us I'm 45 I got a lot of bleep going on but if you pay any attention to People Magazine, Elle Magazine, any of the websites that deal with pop culture and entertainment well all of the speculation around Brady has nothing to do with his retirement as much as it has to do with his marriage and I mean there are even reports of his wife walking in New York by herself sobbing on a cell phone and people trying to guess who she's talking to so please don't believe everything that you hear or read but certainly this is a challenging time for Tom Brady and one of the reasons he came back is because it felt like they had a really good team a team that could win so far though we're seeing the championship defense and the offense is is stop and start it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio as for the New Orleans Saints I mean this is a game where they never really found a rhythm and then Jamis Winston and the offense implode there in the fourth quarter the most important thing is like our team all our tail off defense played a great game offensively we just got to get better on third downs and protect the football myself I have to get better on third downs and protect the football it takes the ball away as the team that wins and and we were on the other end of that you know so we got to do a better job of protecting the ball and giving ourselves a chance to win the game so Dennis Allen taking over as the head coach of course with Sean Payton whether it's interim whether it's not interim and Jamis Winston if you remember in his last season with the Buccaneers he had 30 touchdowns but also 30 interceptions wasn't that the I think pretty sure that's what the the numbers were I mean he had some dynamic plays and some dynamic games but it was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde it was either all or nothing and we know even going back to his days at Florida State that there was an interception problem that he really threw a ton of interceptions and so this was the kind of Jamis Winston quarter that you know you you hope only happens once in a blue moon but it's certainly always a possibility and so for the NFC South where you think about the other divisions we've talked about where in the west you've got every team at one and one uh in the north if the Vikings lose on Monday every team in that division will be at one and one well the Buccaneers are a 2-0 but have not played great football on the offensive side at least the Saints are now at one and one so sitting there in second place the Panthers actually when they uh hosted the Browns to start the season it was all about Baker Mayfield against his former team so I kind of felt like week two was when the work really began right when they could settle into a little more anonymity and I'm not saying that nobody knows who they are and is paying attention but the spotlight of the microscope on them because of Baker Mayfield versus the Browns in that first week was it was white hot and really no no opportunity for them to find their rhythm find their stride it was boom 100 miles per hour right off the top and so I kind of felt like in week number two we would maybe see them get a little more comfortable and not have to deal with so much of the craziness swirling around them um and lo and behold they're on the road against the New York Giants and it's another game in which the Panthers offense starts extremely slow so remember it was six yards in the first quarter of their opening game against the Browns and Baker Mayfield sought a lot of pressure from his teammates former teammates and the defense of say Miles Garrett who had a couple of sacks well at MetLife Stadium against the Giants this game is tied at six at halftime so there really is another slow start by the Panthers a pair of early Carolina fumbles lead to field goals for New York and even though the Panthers defense is able to limit Saquon Barkley to just four first half yards how about that I think he had six carries and only four first half yards so they were keyed on him and making sure that he didn't find any room to run but it was one step forward two steps back because of the fumbles so it's a six to six game at halftime you get a touchdown early on from the Panthers in the second half but the Giants are able to tie it a 75 yard drive in the third quarter Daniel Jones finds Daniel Bellinger and they're knotted at 13 and then through the rest of the way the only thing that we see for the offense is another pair of fourth quarter field goals I mean that's that's how the Giants were able to win this game is to be able to limit Baker Mayfield and the Panthers and maybe there's some growing pains because they do have a new coach obvious or not a new coach sorry new quarterback and he's adjusting to a new scheme again right because he's been doing that his entire career but to see the way that they kind of sputtered again and and not really ever finding a comfort zone and the Giants able to get a pair of Graham Genno field goals there in the fourth quarter I mean the Giants are 2-0 for the first time in who knows how long producer Jay 2016 thank you Jay the last time the Giants were 2-0 but the Panthers are 0-2 now and Baker doesn't even manage 150 yards in this game though they get 128 from Christian McCaffrey but they're kind of wasted in this one so Giants are 2-0 Panthers are 0-2 that's uh it's quirky it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.
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