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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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August 11, 2022 6:47 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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August 11, 2022 6:47 am

More KD drama / Serena Williams says Toronto / LIV vs PGA golf


As the only female host at CBS Sports Radio, as one of the only solo female hosts in the entire country, we have done an excellent job in highlighting some of the women in sports who not only are pioneers and trailblazers, but who are changing the narrative. Sarah Thomas, first female official who ever worked a Super Bowl.

I was so nervous but excited for that interview and now she's a friend. Jennifer King, first full-time black woman to have an assistant coaching position in the NFL. Adia Barnes, who's not only an alum of Arizona but took over that program and guided her team to its first ever Final Four and then into the championship game where the Wildcats nearly upset Stanford. Jessica Mendoza, Bashdie Cunningham, Jennifer Rizzotti, Ann Myers, Drysdale, Megan Griffith, Lindsay Rose, Cynthia Freeland, Amy Trask, Amy Dash. What a roster of impressive women in the sports world. I'm so pleased that our show gives them a platform to be candid and open and honest and I'm also really grateful that they all agreed to come on the show to talk to me, to share their insights and their experiences, their perspectives with our audience.

I am not mad. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Lindsay Rhodes, a repeat guest here on the show and all of those incredible women, many of them pioneers and trailblazers, are pleased to give them a platform here.

Just a caveat of course, we put that open together. Jay put it together before Maggie Gray joined the network. She used to be on our New York affiliate. Actually when we started the network she was here doing Saturday mornings. I remember she used to follow me in on Saturday mornings and then she moved over to our New York affiliate WFAN and has recently come back.

So when we put that open together was not meant as a slight to Maggie. We just did not have her here on the network at the time. So now there are two of us, female full-time hosts and should be more. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Do you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Rocket can. Thank you for sending your kind words about our interviews and our podcast and Lindsay's, she's so well known. She's such a great voice and she's so measured. Now with me she laughs a lot and it's good because that's what I'm looking for. It is fun, entertaining but when I hear her host an hour plus on her show it seems like she never makes a mistake and they don't tape.

They don't pre-produce. Now her stuff is live and she's such she's such a incredible example of not only being prepared but maintaining a pace where she's measured and she's calculated and she keeps you engaged. I'm a bit of a spaz where I'm all over the place. I speed up and then I slow down and sometimes I raise my voice and sometimes I get quiet. I just keep you on your toes, that's the deal. But as some of you listeners tell me the energy which I'll be honest sometimes the energy is running me and not the other way around.

The energy is what you tell me keeps you going either overnight while you are working, driving or if you're waking up super early on a weekday morning. So we have a lot of people who work in radio or TV who are on their way to their morning shows or their morning broadcasts and listening to us. I've been able to connect with a bunch of people, producers, hosts, anchors, meteorologists, sports people just all over the country. People who are heading to their jobs, their early morning jobs and so it's funny because they say to me oh my gosh you have so much energy early morning and I still think of this as late night because when I start work it's 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. and so it still feels like a late night to me not an early morning but whatever the case we are happy to keep you company and yes we're always thrilled when we have significant groundbreaking women on the show. I think their voices are so unique. We could add Becky Sauerbrunn to the list as well if you remember the captain of USA women's soccer joined us right before they qualified for the upcoming World Cup in the Olympics.

She was down at CONCACAF in Mexico and so the list goes on and we're thrilled with that. Let's see on Twitter A Law Radio as I say on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence our YouTube channel has seen a lot of traffic over the last 24 hours as you were checking out the video version of Ask Amy Anything. When Jay returns I hope that he is thrilled with the number of new subscribers, the number of likes that we've seen on our page and the various videos that feature him of course.

The videos that feature him are the ones that you like the most. So on our YouTube channel it's also named after the show easy to find and our phone number 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7 that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the day people ask me when I sleep. Generally I try to sleep 8 30 to 3 30 or 4 in the afternoon. It doesn't always happen. I suck at sleep. I blame my mom. I do have major sleep issues as does she.

Though our issues are actually different. Her problem is she can't fall asleep. I don't really have trouble falling asleep.

The problem is I don't stay asleep but when I wake up I can't get back to sleep. So that's what happened on Wednesday afternoon. It's compounded when I pick up my phone.

If I didn't pick up my phone I might get back to sleep a lot quicker or more easily but I do pick up my phone and sometimes it's text messages. Sometimes it's work emails. Sometimes it's a news alert on my phone. This is what happened on Wednesday. Now it's not the only thing that happened. I had some text messages when I woke up and they got my brain to to churn in but then like a dummy instead of putting the phone down after reading the text messages what do I do? I decide well I'll check out sports headlines and this is what I see on the CBS Sports app. Are you ready? KD has decided that the Celtics are a desired landing spot.

Haven't we already been around this mountain? Didn't the Celtics offer a package that included Jaylen Brown as well as Derek White I think at the time but a role player plus draft picks or picks and I think initially it was a single first round pick but could be some flexibility there. Brooklyn when negotiating with the Celtics however active the negotiations were however extended they were wanted not just Jaylen Brown but the defensive player of the year the Celtics point guard Marcus Smart and multiple draft picks.

So that's the chasm that separated the two franchises. We did an entire show well we did a show question and I think we did the majority of a show a lot of you called in about the idea of KD going to Boston and whether or not if you're the Celtics you would trade Jaylen Brown etc to bring in an older KD. Yes he still has four years remaining on his contract extension in fact it's just barely kicked in that's how nutso this is just barely kicked in and so the four years of control are huge but it seemed as though the talks had broken down between Brooklyn and Boston until just recently there's a brand new report is it an old report or a new report it's a new report from SNY which is a local New York network actually I've done some basketball games for SNY for a few years. Ian Begley put this report out on SNY on Wednesday Durant now views Boston as a quote desirable landing spot and here's one reason although you want to talk about irony oh my gosh this drama just drives me up a little bit just drives me up a wall see what I mean about being a spaz I'm definitely being a spaz over this just just follow me here okay Durant according to Ian Begley views Boston as a quote desirable landing spot end quote and here's one reason why because the Celtics coach Imei Udonka was an assistant in Brooklyn during that 2021 season before he took the Celtics job now that was a year that was really really heavily under COVID protocols and I know they still had some COVID challenges and health and safety protocols this season which did actually keep the commissioner away from the NBA finals and we saw coaches that were out players for sure but it was worse during 2021. Imei Udonka was on the staff in Brooklyn working under Steve Nash so let me get this straight let me just make sure I'm smelling what you're stepping in Katie you want to go to Boston or at the very least you'll consider Boston it's desirable and one reason why is because of the head coach who was an assistant under Steve Nash who you don't want to play for anymore am I missing something anything it sounds like Lebron James do you remember when Lebron was trying so desperately to get David Blatt fired in Cleveland and he wanted Ty Lue to be promoted that's what he wanted actually he initially wanted Mark Jackson to get the job when Cleveland's ownership said hell to the gnaw he decided okay well I'll just ignore David Blatt until it's an untenable situation and then we'll get Ty Lue promoted but Ty Lue was the guy the assistant coach that he wanted to be the head coach and ultimately he got what he wanted and he was the guy that was the guy that was the guy that was the guy that was the head coach so here's maybe a similar situation although kd doesn't have a whole lot of pull in Boston obviously but he would be happy playing with Emay Udonka just not the guy that hired Emay Udonka all right or I guess it makes me think of Houston where David Cully is offered up as the sacrificial lamb they hire him for one year I mean almost nobody would take the job right they hire him for one year to lead the Texans Texans play really hard for him and then what does he do he puts all the pieces in place Davis Mills plays well they actually win a couple games late in the season but the Texans fire him and hire his defensive coordinator I don't get it nope don't get it so there's some irony here it's after hours on CBS sports radio granted he could have a better relationship with Udonka than he could or did or would or should with Steve Nash I don't know because Steve Nash was the one that he and Kyrie wanted initially yeah don't I don't know either don't ask me something else and I don't know that this matters much because whatever these guys played together on all-star teams they certainly played together on USA teams but he and Jason Tatum did play together during the 21 Olympics now he also played with Kyrie some of these different squads and that was his boy a guy that he wanted to play with I mean the whole thing is just yikes did you guys see the headline about Kyrie by the way who has been relatively quiet I want to make sure I get the quote right on this so that I have um I'm not just pulling it out of thin air so that's why I'm typing right now so I can get the the credit for this so Kyrie through his agent okay that's where it came from Kyrie Irving's agent was responding to the report about KD's ultimatum you can have me and I'll stay which how do we even know he's being genuine about that I'll stay for two more months and then I'll ask for a trade again he will stay if the Nets Joe Cy the owner fires the coach and the GM so in the wake of that report which was confirmed by multiple sources and then Joe Cy himself uses twitter to give the I don't know if it's a dreaded vote of confidence or just a vote of confidence but a vote of confidence to his management and his coaching staff he does that seemingly saying well I've made my choice choose you this day whom you will serve I've made my choice I'm on the side of management and coaching and so then Kyrie's camp comes out this is really I just want to read you this is really funny actually it's from Larry Brown Sports if you guys ever checked out that website it's uh it's got sports news but it's also got a twist they add some pop culture and some goofy stuff to it too Kyrie Irving is trying to cleanse the negative energy surrounding him in the press right now that's the first line from this Larry Brown Sports column by Darren Albert I like that line it sucked me in and it this comes from the New York Post that's where they they nabbed this report about Kyrie that he supposedly hates Steve Nash and Sean Marks as well so it's not just Kevin Durant but the New York Post is reporting that Kyrie hates the coach and the GM but right after that report came out in the New York Post Kyrie's camp said no way his agent who's actually his stepmom responded to the post I am not sure where this narrative is coming from but Kyrie does not hate Steve nor Sean here's my favorite part that's not a part of his being nor how he represents himself in the world he's about peace love and acceptance I guess you can see where Kyrie gets it from Kyrie is about peace love and acceptance I mean he didn't get the long-term contract extension he wanted and so he was looking for a trade to LA let's be honest he wouldn't still be in Brooklyn if he'd gotten the trade to LA because he wanted peace love and acceptance with LeBron and the Lakers the whole thing is just the it's weird it's like whack-a-mole one problem pops up and you whack it on the head well not literally because that would be against the law be assault or battery you whack the mole on the head and something else pops up right so initially it was Kyrie in the long-term contract extension then it was Kyrie not having a trade partner then it was out of the blue Kevin Durant asking for a trade then it's Kevin Durant with the ultimatum then it's the New York Post report about Kyrie hates his coaches GM then it's no he doesn't he's got peace love and acceptance now it's KD is desirable about Boston oh my gosh do you understand why I call the Brooklyn Nets the brooklyn nets the Cleveland Browns of the NBA producer Jay gets so mad when I say that he actually makes faces at me he gets so upset and then he admits that the truth hurts I'm just saying if the shoe fits I mean these guys have all got shoe lines so the shoe fits oh yeah just the whole thing's messy and icky and gross and not a good look for the NBA I mean there's a lot of things the NBA does that don't offer great optics but one of your top players a two-time NBA Finals MVP he wants out of a situation where he's got a four-year contract unless the coach and the GM get fired could you imagine if brooklyn did that what oh man that may be the next mole to pop up but I hope brooklyn wax that one on the head again not figure uh figuratively not literally all right these were actual literal tears from one of the best known athletes in the united states and I'm not sure if you guys have seen one of the best known athletes in the united states of america though she was north of the border but it could literally be the r-word and not figurative no more speech where you kind of wonder what does that mean no it's pretty definitive from Serena Williams on Wednesday after hours with Amy Lawrence on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast there's a fly ball to deep left von grissom back to the monster how about that von grissom welcome to the big leagues a homer over the monster on the lands down street and the 21 year old is floating around the base paths right now what a night I didn't feel a thing I didn't feel one thing no I hit it I literally I blacked out until I saw my head my first base coach and we made a lot of ties and I just started laughing I was like oh my gosh I can't believe this actually paid off I'm just uh super shocked that was just what a moment you know I didn't know what to think except wow this is after hours with Amy Lawrence fantastic you can hear the joy and certainly the wow factor in the voice of von grissom and the laugh too I suppose that's all appropriate just kidding totally appropriate I might have done the same thing I might have passed out myself if I hit a ball over the green monster at Fenway part four not only my first big league hit but my first big league home run and so he was clapping and he was excited and certainly his teammates were as well von grissom 21 year old prospect called up by the Atlanta Braves and he homers onto Lansdowne Street in Boston he also singled and scored another run and so the Braves were able to double up the Red Sox 8-4 but this is the Braves top prospect and what a moment what a welcome to the majors welcome to the big leagues rookie he said that was like a we made it moment I guess a we did it type of feeling and he got called up just earlier in the day on Wednesday from the AA level and at 21 years old he went hitless in his first two at bats but then seventh inning boom out of Fenway Park and you hear the call there with Jeff Arnold no I'm sorry not Jeff Arnold on Braves radio remind me who is the play-by-play for the Braves what I'm so sorry the name escaping me right now that's right Ben Ingram thank you so we have a lot of different play-by-play that we use obviously I apologize for getting those mixed up Jeff is with the Baltimore Orioles it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio there's a big crowd there in Boston 35,000 plus but a lot of them are Braves fans and that was the experience that I had too when I was there a few weeks ago and the number of Blue Jays fans that were making noise at Fenway Park uh was pretty incredible so good for Vaughn Grissom a night to remember at Fenway uh but you can imagine what it'll be like when he is home in Atlanta at Truist Park and he has an opportunity to play in front of a full capacity crowd of Braves fans Braves right now are still looking up up up at the New York Mets who've won six in a row and eight of their last ten it's a seven game gap for the World Series champions however they do have that number one wild card spot with a healthy margin over the Phillies also in the NL East on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence glad to have you with us hope you enjoyed that conversation with Lindsay Rhodes a little outside the box doing outside the box things this week twisty things this week so the ask Amy anything version that we had on our hump shows like none we've ever done before and then having a special guest stay for the better part of an hour is also not something that I do a lot nor will I do probably again this year maybe again for another 10 years but it was great to talk to Lindsay Vaughn on Bally Sports South and then again on Braves Radio his home run for his first big league hit pivot here because north of the border so farther north in Boston north of the border in Toronto Serena Williams was competing in a tournament and we had told you that she had won her first match in over a year at this tournament earlier in the week and so here she is competing and in between the match that she won and the match that she played on Wednesday her Vogue essay comes out and the buzz surrounding her pretty strong suggestion that she will retire after the U.S. Open which is late summer early fall so then she gets back on the court in Toronto in the wake of the stir created by Vogue and she loses it's a straight set loss to Belinda Benchich this is the National Bank Open by the way in Toronto at least the fans had an opportunity to share their appreciation to cheer for her to give her a couple of standing ovations they encouraged her throughout the match and there were some big moments for her some of those signature power moves as well as her her yells that she'll let off after a big point and this is theoretically a tune-up for the U.S. Open because it's hard court there in Toronto but in that Vogue essay she said the countdown has begun until then she has to take the court and play tennis after not even 24 hours of all these speculations swirling around her words in Vogue it was a lot of emotions obviously I love playing here I've always loved playing here and yeah it was I wish I could have played better but Belinda played so well today but I just yeah it's just been a it's been a pretty interesting 24 hours you thought she was emotional then well she got really emotional when she was talking about the fans there in Toronto and the atmosphere and this tournament that could be one of her last thank you I love y'all um it's just been so memorable you know like I said in my article I'm terrible at goodbyes but uh uh goodbye Toronto wasn't quite a mic drop it's interesting too because when I heard it the first time I've heard it multiple times since but when I heard it the first time I thought goodbye and then the big pause Toronto was so that it wouldn't get mistaken as a goodbye goodbye as in the r-word goodbye no it was goodbye to Toronto and so she got emotional and she cried and she let the fans know how much she appreciated them as well lots of flowers lots of smiles she was a three-time champion at that tournament and so they know her they're familiar with her but mostly now that she has indicated her time is winding down the countdown has begun that she wants to have another baby she wants to do life outside of tennis now everywhere she goes even though she said she didn't want some big farewell tour everywhere she goes every opportunity fans have to connect with her and to let her know at least in part what she's meant to the sport to American sports played by females and I said this in my last CBS Sports Minute she's one of the best athletes of the last generation male or female and she's changed the sport of tennis over the last 25 years she and her sister completely redefined what it means to be a tennis player how they look how they play how they're coached so the sport will never be the same and the fans we as fans will never be the same either we have tennis and golf how about that I actually didn't get to the golf last night because I don't remember why what were we doing last night that was so important I mean important is probably the wrong word there's not a whole lot about this that's super important here on the show but we got busy last night so we didn't have a chance to get to the latest on the live golf tour and now that they're gearing up for another PGA event and with the FedEx playoffs on the horizon there was a court ruling against the live but there is still a lawsuit that's pending you've got David Farity talking about how he specifically left for the live tour because they offered him a lot of money it's just yes not going away the questions for Cam Smith the open champion the champion golfer of the year so we'll give you the latest there and they're still talking Rory Scottie Shepler they're still talking it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the After Hours podcast this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence you can find me on twitter at ALOL radio my phone number is 855 well not my phone number the show phone number because I wouldn't give you my phone number hey Amy it's an honor to talk to you thanks for taking my call it's an honor to talk to you no thank you I've been listening to you for many years not to be off topic but you're doing a great job thank you whatever I can sleep during the night I turn the CBS radio on this program tonight is probably one of the best I think I've ever ever heard hey Amy it's good to talk to you love your analysis of everything good morning a woman with sports oh my goodness thank you call Amy at 855-212-4CBS that is our phone number we had a couple of unique exchanges earlier in the show we have not taken any calls since then but that's just fine Lindsay Rhodes was with us for the better part of an hour which was great so generous with her time and there's a variety of other topics that we still have to get to like Tua I'm telling you what I am a big fan of how Tua handles his business now I will say this and Lindsay and I talked about it last hour with the moves the dolphins have made the pieces they put around Tua not to mention the brand new head coach who's considered an offensive guru an offensive savant if you will if Tua doesn't make major strides forward this season well that's on Tua that's an indictment of Tua he needs to this is the opportunity they've set him up there will be no excuses if they don't see a big jump in the quality of the offense and certainly the quarterback play so this is the year but Tua handles all the rumors and speculation even the reports like a champ so we'll get to that coming up here after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio even as the golf world turns into the FedEx cup playoffs and I would say the conversation around the live tour has died down a bit not completely but since the majors are done and these guys are not in a tournament this weekend right the the Bedminster tournament was the last one Henrik Stenson he was kind of the headline and then there is a lawsuit being filed by the live tour and the live golfers against the PGA tour for the suspensions so that's one that's one legal avenue that's been taken but three of the live golfers Taylor Gooch Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford they actually wanted to play in the first leg of the FedEx cup playoffs which is this weekend the FedEx Saint Jude championship taking place in Memphis so they sued to get into the field the playoff field but a federal judge in California denies them a restraining order so that the suspensions would have been lifted in order for them to compete in this tournament right so they wanted a restraining order they wanted to stay they didn't get it in essence they've been blocked from participating in the playoffs Rory McElroy is the self-appointed defender of the PGA tour he's been very vocal from start to finish about this process and while some golfers talked early but haven't talked since some golfers gave us one point and one stance and then flipped and took the money Rory has remained pretty consistent and he really just wants the focus to go back to the PGA tour he wants it to be like it was before from my vantage point common sense prevailed and I thought it was the right decision and now that that has happened I think it just lets us focus on on the important stuff which is the golf and and we can all move forward and not sort of have not have that sideshow going on for for the next few weeks which which is which is nice I know some guys aren't surprised to see it but I definitely am surprised to see some guys now suing suing us and you know I'm interested and you know if they win you know come out here and play I mean that's something that's up to the courts I can't control what's going to happen and in a court case you know and so definitely interested but at the end of the day it has no effect on you know my preparation for the week so you not only have Rory McElroy who says common sense prevails but then Scottie Scheffler who says yeah I'm surprised but I'm gonna go do what I'm gonna do and so ultimately as much as we see all these guys together it's a it's an individual sport and they're individual entities and sure they know each other but they're so caught up in their preparation they're so caught up in in what they're doing that they're almost in bubbles during tournaments especially when it comes to the big money that's offered around the FedEx playoffs so two separate legal routes the first was the three players who tried to get their suspensions lifted so they could participate in this week's tournament and the FedEx cup playoffs and then 11 players including Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau who filed an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour and that was in federal court last week some guys say it's personal to them like a Justin Thomas but for now live golf and PGA Tour golf remain separate and the PGA's power has not been shut down the PGA's ability and power to suspend these guys has not been curbed or reined in it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio now Cam Smith who's the open champion British Open champion he's an Australian golfer and he's been on record as saying that Greg Norman is his idol and Greg Norman one of the greatest if not the greatest Australian golfer of all time and he's indicated that it's one of the reasons it's one of the reasons why he plays golf and so Cam Smith who's tried to and I understand this avoid and sidestep the questions of him taking off to live golf has continued to face the questions because he won't squash them you remember the whole Brooks Koepka situation at the U.S. Open where he was vague in his answer about live golf and then oh was it two weeks later maybe it was three days later whatever it was after the U.S. Open comes the announcement that he's defecting to this other tour so now Cam Smith is facing the questions he's the number two ranked player in the world and he's been linked to this league because of Greg Norman and so he continues to face the questions about whether or not he's going to stay with the PGA tour or jump to the live tour you being a man of your word you know the telegraph is reporting that you've signed and are going would you like to say yes or no to that I have no comment to that I like I said I'm here to play the FedEx cup playoffs that's been my favorite game of the year that's been my focus the last week and a half that's what I'm here to do I'm here to win the FedEx cup playoffs it'll come from me it won't come from Cameron Percy so he responds there but only to say that the announcement would come from him personally that right now he's focused on the FedEx cup playoffs not that different from what Brooks Koepka said now I don't know whether or not cam is jumping he did call himself a man of my word but he's given his word to live golf that he will make the jump once the FedEx cup playoffs are over well you you can take that any way that you want it but he's definitely been dogged by these rumors over and over only saying that any announcement will come from him and right now he's focused on the playoffs similar to what Koepka said right now I'm focused on the U.S. Open and you guys are ruining it for me remember that it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio now while we're talking about athletes being dogged by rumors it's a very easy transition to get to Tug of Aloha I mean think about the number of times his team has tried to upgrade at QB since he got drafted now granted he's spent some time being injured so he's left the door wide open but didn't the Dolphins go after Deshaun Watson three times initially when he asked for the trade from Houston then again when the trade deadline came up middle of last season if you remember Stephen Ross actually had a conversation with Deshaun but because the lawsuits weren't settled the Dolphins were not comfortable oh that makes them uncomfortable okay and then once there were no criminal charges filed the Dolphins were part of that group of teams that tried to get Deshaun to pick me pick me pick me and then the latest with Tua and the Dolphins is the fact that Stephen Ross has been fined and punished for tampering by making overtures to Tom Brady okay lots of outside noise and yet Tua handles this so well he rises above as he's going back and forth with reporters I think they were doing that in 2019 but then I came in 2020 so I I mean they picked me so I I mean so so 2020 it's 2022 20 I mean I'm still here so yeah so I mean I'm still here I to me that's all noise at this point I'm still here what is the old adage okay I'm I'm terrible at cliches possession is nine tenths of the law isn't that the cliche he's possessing the QB one spot possession is nine tenths of the law so he's right I'm still here I still got the seat the spot is still mine now Tua and the Dolphins as if it might not have come up anyway of course it was going to come up but Tua and the Dolphins are doing joint practices with the Buccaneers and Brady on Wednesday and they've got it again on on Thursday before they have their preseason opener coming up this weekend in Tampa so it comes I know the NFL couldn't have rigged that but it comes right up after Stephen Ross and the Dolphins get disciplined for tampering and trying to reach Brady when he was with the Patriots in 19 and then with the Bucks after that from the category of you can't make this stuff up oh hi Tua it's Tom how are you oh my goodness the NFL never fails to deliver but good for you too he rises above I'm still here I still got the job so zip it it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio
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