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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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August 17, 2022 6:02 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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August 17, 2022 6:02 am

A man on train cloned his dog... | A piece of Amy's conversation withformer NFL cornerback Bryant McFadden | The Fernando Tatis situation.


Back to my normal, kind of, not really.

That's totally a lie, actually. I don't know why I said that. For these next four hours, I am back to my norm emotus operandi. But it's not going to last very long because I'm out the rest of the week and what are the chances people are going to start whispering, complaining, reaching out to me, asking if I'm making the transition to afternoons.

Oh my goodness, you guys. Always jump into conclusions. Whenever I'm out, people assume I've been fired. And now because I've done a couple of daytime shows, it must be because I'm auditioning for something different. Hell no. I am not leaving what I love, which is after hours. We are live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process, Rocket can. Thank you so much for all of your compliments. You are very kind. Those of you who caught me on TV and felt the need to send me a photo of myself with my mouth open on a screen, I appreciate that too.

I did share a photo of my own, just as a thank you. So I really appreciate those of you who not only watched on TV but listened during the daytime on the radio. I heard from some of our regular listeners who were walking around with their headphones during the daytime. My mom first listened on her phone and then found it all by herself on TV. That's a big deal for my mom. She was very proud of herself. Turned on the TV, found the TV guide and saw me in the corner. They give this little preview corner when you're on a particular channel on her TV guide. She actually saw me. That's how she knew.

The little box popped up in the corner and it was me. So that's how she knew that it was the right channel. So proud of her. So I had a bunch of family that listened all over the country. I did think about my Grammy Helen multiple times and how much she would have enjoyed and laughed at me on TV and how much we would have had fun talking about it. And so I was sad about that because she would have been so thrilled not only to see me but to tell all of her friends at her villa about the fact that her granddaughter was on TV. She loved to brag about me when I was there and I finally said, Grammy, stop telling people what I do for a living. I don't know why it mattered.

They're a bunch of 90 year olds, who cares, right? But she was always so proud of the fact, even though she didn't quite know what I did, she was proud of the fact that I did radio and TV mostly because of how much I loved it and because they were dreams come true for me. So I shared that with my aunt and she said she was watching, I'm sure of it, which I probably started crying. So yeah, it was it was an opportunity to think about Grammy Helen and I wish I could have shared with her about getting my makeup done and talking with my hands and making funny faces on TV. But but thank you because you watched, you tuned in and you cheered for me and I really appreciate it.

A couple of clips on Twitter, A-Law Radio as well as a photo and try to put that up on Facebook here in a little bit. Though I'm kind of mad at you guys on Facebook because you just don't read. Seriously.

300 comments and I would say half of them just were completely clueless. But you can send your questions for asking me anything if you're concerned that I might be leaving after hours anytime soon. Our phone number is 855-212-4227 is toll free 855-212-4 CBS. Thumbs up or thumbs down, we can bring back part of that Bryant McFadden interview next.

Okay, so we'll do that. A little bit of QB news. As a precursor, we'll do a full QB news a little bit later this hour, but an opportunity to pick the brain of a former NFL defensive back who looked at QBs, excuse me, quarterbacks through a different lens. So it was fun to catch up with Bryant McFadden. Also, I love Mike Tomlin.

What? I know that's such a surprise. After the Steelers used all three of their quarterbacks, including the rookie Kenny Pickett in their first preseason game, we got a very unique assessment from Mike Tomlin. And I mean, there is no one else in the NFL who would evaluate his quarterbacks quite like this.

I could say the same thing about all three, to be honest with you. They moved their units. I actually read the quote before I heard it. They moved their units and I came into work on Monday afternoon and said, we have to grab this Mike Tomlin assessment of his quarterbacks. They moved their units.

Yes, yes, they did. This is one of my biggest takeaways from the opening weekend of the preseason games. I'm pretty sure Kenny Pickett's going to take over sooner rather than later. I don't think he's going to start. He's probably not there yet. But the excitement, the energy that he brings to the table, the way the fans are all about Kenny Pickett.

It gives you that tingle. Certainly has so far to this point. And Mike Tomlin, even though he's tried to be relatively diplomatic about it, all three quarterbacks are viable. They've all moved their units. I can't even say it with a straight face.

They moved their units. What stands out to me is how complimentary he is of Pickett's demeanor and that nothing flummoxes him, that he doesn't get over his skis, so to speak. I don't fear sudden death. Do you know who else said that about a rookie quarterback recently? Bill Belichick with Mac Jones last year. Again, I don't believe that Pickett is going to start out of the gate. That would shock me. But I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Pickett starting this season. Mason Rudolph, if he was going to be the heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers would know it by now.

We would know it by now. What is this his fourth year backing up? Well, back now it's not Ben anymore, but backing up Trubisky. And Trubisky may start, and that's part of my conversation with Brian McFadden, CBS Sports HQ and the All Things Covered podcast with Patrick Peterson, is that he says in Mitch We Trust, and he explains why. So you'll hear that coming up in 15 minutes. Yes, for now.

For now. It's a fluid and transient situation when it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL. Because they all move their units.

They moved their units. And he says it with the straightest face on the planet Earth. I love Mike Tomlin. I'm so glad there are not more of him because I want him to be unique. But at the same time, I wish every coach was like him.

They moved their units. And he sees absolutely nothing comical about that at all. That's the great part. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Again, ALaw Radio or on our Facebook page.

Send your questions for Ask Amy. I noticed. I don't know why. Maybe it's because producer Jay has got you guys in a trance. I noticed. We noticed, actually, we talked about it, that our YouTube numbers continue to climb. And Jay tells me we've hit a milestone with our YouTube channel, which is 250,000 total views. Pretty good. Is that good?

YouTube told me it was good. So I had a little star with a face on it. And it was like, great job.

You unlock an achievement. They sent you a star, a gold star. They didn't send it was on the page. It was like the top right corner. But yeah, it was I liked it. It was tasteful. It's good.

It was a nice touch. That's cool. I did see a question from someone on Facebook recently about what's our next video and what are we doing to follow up on our latest. Now we've noticed that you're starting to pay more attention to the Ask Amy Anything video version that we did from a park in Lower Manhattan.

That was our red, white and blue edition. The numbers have they've really been fruitful and multiplied over the last week, I think in large part because when you were gallivanting and I did ask Amy solo, I was referring people to the YouTube channel. Our latest video is not from a park, but it is from a parking lot. And it features Princess Leia.

She's amazing. Jay's car is named Jazzy. That's also Jazzy now. Oh, it was jazz before we shortened it.

We get our nickname already. It's Jasmine, Jazzy, jazz. It's not it's like it's kind of what the facto name at this point.

Well, if you're not going to name your car, I'm going to. So it's Jazzy then. It's Jazzy more than Jasmine actually. So it's Jazzy.

He only told me it was a female and so I came up with a name because I couldn't stand that the poor girl didn't have a name. Anyway, our latest episode in our stairway to seven series is junk in the trunk. I just want you to know that my trunk doesn't actually have any junk in it. So you can watch the video.

You can check out the video. Jay, because he knows I'm so mortified at what's in his trunk, he's now making jokes about it just to give me the creepies. But yeah, you you're not going to believe what's in Jay's trunk that I dug up. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Oh, nothing at all. I've seen a lot of trunks. I've never seen anyone with the two items that you well, the one item specifically that you have in your trunk ever. Very normal item to have in your trunk. It is. No, it's not.

It totally is. Nothing grows about it. It's probably got things growing on it. No, not yet.

Not yet. There could be a spider that's laid eggs. There might there could be an influx of spiders in my car.

I feel like lately on it. That's where they're coming from. I'm telling you that's where they're coming from.

It's a possibility. A spider laid eggs in that thing. Anyway, now I'm mortified. Well, you should be mortified to use that. Anyway, you've got to check it out. You will know exactly what I'm talking about by my facial expressions and the fact that I can't stop saying gross. So the latest problem. You're so you're gross.

No, that's not true. I don't think that I just I am stunned by what I pulled out of his trunk. Anyway, you can find that on our YouTube channel after hours with Amy Lawrence and it's the latest episode of our stairway to seven. And so someone asked what are we doing next? What are we doing next? I feel like we need something with a football theme.

Very much so. Something with a football theme. It could be an ask Amy football. Another video version of ask Amy.

We haven't done what two videos now since the last one. No, just one stairway to seven. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, it could be an ask Amy. You've done the spiral so you know how to throw a spiral. Maybe we can do like a field goal challenge.

I don't know where we'd find that. You can do a field goal challenge. Why are you going to parade me out there to make a fool of myself? We can both go I guess and see who can hit the longer field goal.

On the spot. Or I can put you in a dunk tank and we can dunk you. We could.

You could rent those. We should go to the state fair. Can we please go to the state fair? I don't think New York has a state fair. Of course New York has a state fair. It's upstate. Oh there goes the ball. It's the dunk tank practice.

It's upstate New York. Would you like to let me practice on your head? I'll practice on your head. I don't know why I'm so aggressive right now.

It's a little extra when it comes to throwing the ball at Jay's head. I don't know why. Thank goodness for the glass here.

The double pane glass actually. I'm not sure if I could break it. But it would be fun to try right now. Last Friday I went to the golf course near my house and I asked for three buckets of golf balls at the driving range and the young guy said to me three? I was like yup I've got a bunch of stuff I need to work out. I'm telling you what by the time I hit 150 golf balls every muscle in my body was sore and I had worked it all out.

Let me just tell you. I was sore for two days after hitting 150 golf balls that way. I usually the large bucket by the one by me at the driving range by me I think is 75 or 80 balls and after that I'm okay. That's enough golf balls for the day. 150 golf balls I hit. And I didn't take very many practice swings. A few. But by the time I got done. 150 of them.

And then I went running the next morning so yeah all weekend I spent feeling old. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Are you ready for my train story? Of course.

Okay. You're not gonna believe this. I still can't believe this. This only happens in New York City and I hadn't been on the train in quite a while but because I had to host for Maggie and Perloff on Monday and Tuesday I took the train into New York. And on the train the last leg of my train Monday as I was inbound there was a French Bulldog. Now instantly I know more about Bulldogs now because not only does my neighbor have a French Bulldog that is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

She's crazy though. She loves Penny. But Jay has a Bulldog. Not a French Bulldog but an English Bulldog right?

So I'm big into Bulldogs now. So this Bulldog, poor thing, was a little stressed about being on the train. So he had picked her up. She was sitting in his lap.

She was the whole time. And because she was kind of splayed out in his lap I could tell that the dog had either just had puppies or was about to have puppies. If you don't know the biology behind that I'll just encourage you to look up a YouTube video but it was very obvious that the dog was either about to give birth or had just given birth. So I asked the man about the dog and he said they were going to the vet.

I was like oh she's beautiful. How many puppies? He said three. Then he said I love French Bulldogs.

In fact I love them so much that I cloned one. Excuse me? Like a?

Exactly. I thought he was joking. I thought that I must have heard him wrong. And I said you did? And he said yes.

An evil scientist? He said I had her I think he said it was her grandfather. I think he said it was her grandfather. And I loved that dog so much. Oh I mentioned that Penny was 13 and that I couldn't bring her on the train anymore so he mentioned to me that he had previously owned a 14 year old French Bulldog. And he loved this French Bulldog so much that before this dog passed away he cloned him. He said to me Google it.

One French Bulldog and you'll see it. So I did. He was very nice.

I get to work. I Google it. Not only was he telling the truth but he's a celebrity hairdresser. This man's famous.

His name is Roberto Novo and he's the hairdresser to Britney Spears and to Alec Baldwin which is weird that men have celebrity hairdressers. But anyway he's got a whole family of French Bulldogs. Guess how much it cost for him to clone his French Bulldog. I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know where you would go. What do you go to the vet and say hey excuse me I want to clone my. Where do you go.

Not the vet. I have no idea where you'd even start. I would guess in upwards of of two million dollars.

Oh my gosh no Jay. To clone? I didn't know you could just clone your dog. Fifty thousand dollars.

Fifty thousand dollars but the reason it's a big deal is because he was the first to do it. So Roberto Novo before the coronavirus lockdown decided that he would shell out fifty grand to clone his beloved French Bulldog Machito. And it actually did produce a brand new puppy. And it arrived the day it arrived.

Isn't that crazy. The dog arrived. Well it's just like a 3D printer.

I don't I don't I don't understand what's going on here. No it's an actual dog. It's just the same dog.

Well it is. It's got the same DNA. So the dog is just immortal now? Like what the hell. We got hologram Harry Carries. We got dogs being cloned.

What is going on? Oh my gosh. So anyway he cloned the dog.

Here's here's what happens. It's called V it's called maybe it's called Viagen. Viagen Pets.

It's a Texas company. The company requires two skin samples to collect the DNA. And then most of the skin samples are taken from the belly or the inside of a pet's leg. They're packed in ice. They're sent to a lab where they're placed in an incubator and the cells start to grow.

Within two to four weeks there are millions of cells. The cells are harvested and placed in vials frozen in liquid nitrogen. Then a donor egg is taken from another animal. What animal?

I don't know. I'm assuming another dog but I don't know. The egg and the cell are fused together in our patented cloning process. Essentially the egg is tricked into thinking it's been fertilized by a sperm. The embryo is planted into a surrogate so there has to be another dog obviously to carry the egg. The dog is birthed to puppies and they are genetically identical to the original dog. The first two times they tried it, it failed. So let's do it again. Machito T W O not Machito Machito T W O was born the day that the original died.

Anyway this is the quote from Roberto Novo. Machito was always there for me. I knew when he was gone I would suffer. Cloning him was the best thing I ever did. He said this dog was like a son to him.

There are photos. There are photos of his cloned dog. Could you imagine, forget the money, cloning your dog. I love Penny but there are so many dogs out there. I'll go and find another one that needs a good home. He cloned his French Bulldog. I'm lost for words. And I sat across from him on the train.

How crazy is that? Did you pet it? I did pet his dog.

What did it feel like? Was it like bushy? No this was different. So he has four French Bulldogs.

This was the mama. Is it all the same one? No. You didn't clone it four times? Is that 50 grand a pop for those first two times it didn't work? So many questions.

Well maybe you need to reach out to via Jen or Roberto Novo. Can you believe that I actually talked to this guy on the train? And then I got to pet his sweet dog.

Love it. I mean the dog, she was very sweet. And she was getting ready to pop out three puppies. I didn't ask whether or not they were more clones.

I should have. They're all clones now. This is the Clone War. This is the beginning of the Clone Wars. You and I love Star Wars and the Clone War period. That's what we're in right now. Isn't that crazy?

Oh man this is a dangerous grounds. He was the first one ever to do it and have some actual dog spawn from the clone. The clone route. The clone.

So this company in Texas, what do they have a ton of business now after him? After the first success? Would you like to do a research project? I might. I might have to. Okay you do that and you report back.

What's the name again? Would you clone Moose Chunk? I don't know. I don't think so. He does make some very unique noises and boy does he love his air condition. Yes he does.

And his kiddie pool. Alright so anyway that was quite a revelation to me. It was very bizarre but yet that was my experience on the train and the sweet dog she had no idea.

She was just happy as a clam. I don't know cause I never saw Machito but. You think they have thoughts? The dogs?

The clones? How do you? I don't know. I don't know either.

I don't have the answers to all your questions but I like your curiosity so I say write a research paper on it. I'm about to go to this factory and. And give him a piece of your mind? Just observe.

Why on the wall? It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Wilson using those legs and he'll make that move. Diving just short of midfield the pressure from Terron Jackson and Wilson limping at the end of this play.

Wow you know that. 8 yard pick up and Wilson goes down. With Amy Lawrence. Ian Eagle on CBS man scary moment and I felt terrible for Zach Wilson because initially the Jets did believe that he had torn his ACL in their opening preseason game. In fact head coach Robert Sala actually talked to Adam Schefter and told him that was the fear.

That's what Schefter tweeted. I just got off the phone with Robert Sala. He told me the Jets fear that Zach Wilson is torn his ACL but come to find out after an MRI it was a bone bruise and then a torn meniscus the surgery was done on Tuesday and there were no surprises according to the reports he is expected to be back with the team within a month though they are going to take every precaution with their second year QB. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I had a chance to catch up with Steelers, former Steelers defensive back and now football analyst Bryant McFadden. He joined me on Maggie and Perloff and he had been at Jets camp so I wanted you to hear what he had to say about not just the Jets but also the Steelers who were in a quarterback competition and then the Deshaun Watson situation in that same AFC North division. I started out by asking him with the Wilson injury what does the offense look like right now?

Well today the defense won the defense. Let's start with the guys in the trenches the defensive front for the Jets they got depth they got athleticism they got guys who can get get home you know what I mean collapse the pocket and they were able to do so today and that's going to be a huge emphasis offensive line wise for the New York Jets knowing that Zach Wilson will miss some time right we don't know exactly how much time he will miss but he will miss some time and now you rely on Joe Flacco who has experience but he's not as athletic or mobile as a Zach Wilson is and he won't be able to buy the extra time that they may need so today we saw the defensive front they dominated they collapsed the pocket they made Joe Flacco just took the football and just got sacked if it was a real game he was sacked quite a few times so that's where a guy like Dwayne Brown comes into play you know they just signed him knowing that Beckton will miss the entire season he's an experienced guy been to some Pro Bowls he knows what it means to be reliable consistent on the offensive line today he didn't practice but they're hoping that he'd be able to get on the grass with the guys either tomorrow the next day but he's going to be critical with the offensive line play. Well let's transition to Pittsburgh that's your former franchise and they had a real quarterback competition for the first time since Ben Roethlisberger so we're going back 18 years and before you say anything I want to get your thoughts but this is your former head coach Mike Tomlin his assessment of the three QBs they moved their units they moved I can't even say it with a straight face they moved their units all right is Tomlin always that good is he always that unique no question and that's why he's one of the best to do it right now currently in the National Football League he has a way with words Mike Tomlin commonisms is what I call them he knows how to motivate you and he knows how to say the right things and that's the that's a unique trait from great coaches they know how to verbally motivate you.

I gotta tell you. They don't have to put on a film they don't have to put on a song they can talk to you and they have you ready to run through a brick wall and that's who Mike T is. Yeah absolutely I'd rather listen to him talk than any other coach in the NFL so I agree with that right I saw on your Twitter Bryant that you believe in Mitch as you phrased it in Mitch we trust why Trubisky? Because of Trubisky throughout his time as a starting quarterback for Chicago it wasn't a well-structured situation offensively so nice coaching the play calling wasn't ideal but Trubisky got them to the playoffs in one year and he finished his starting tenure in Chicago with an above 500 record 26 and 21 so understanding and knowing that if you look at the structure that's in place the staff right the personnel Trubisky is in a better situation now in Pittsburgh than he was when he was in Chicago and he still won ball games for Chicago. Same division the Cleveland Browns their situation is so up in the air Bryant we finally got an apology of sorts from Deshaun Watson whether or not he knew the questions ahead of time he certainly knew what was coming it was fairly limited but he did apologize to all the women that he impacted and talked about the poor decisions that he made what did you hear from Deshaun? Wow I heard a man who sounded like he was remorseful he's ready to move on he's ready to move on he's ready to get on with his professional career he's ready to get on with this situation league-wise and get back to playing football but he still have a few hurdles he has to get over before all of that can happen and you know for his sake hopefully he gets an opportunity to get over those hurdles sooner than later and get back to playing football for the Cleveland Browns. What happens inside a locker room when you have that much uncertainty at the most impactful position on a football field they don't actually know who their quarterback is going to be or when he might be back? And that's why you prepare for for Jacoby Brissett I think you you know prepare for the worst expect the best but when you prepare for the worst you're not surprised when everything is finally said and done so me personally if you're part of the organization you got to go into each situation each week each day with the understanding that Jacoby Brissett is going to be our quarterback.

Bryant McFadden and he's on CBS Sports HQ he's got the podcast with Patrick Peterson called All Things Covered former Steelers defensive back and he calls them Mike Tomlinisms but interesting perspective from Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco, Jets Camp also why he believes in Mitch Trubisky though that may be temporary and then his reaction to Deshaun Watson's apology. If you want my reaction to his apology there's a clip up from Maggie and Perloff on Monday on my Twitter A Law Radio you've got inside of a half hour to send your questions for Ask Amy Anything so either my Twitter or our show Twitter after our CBS and also on our Facebook page I don't know Jay you might have to make up some questions about cloning dogs and see where that takes us. Would you clone a dog? I wouldn't spend that kind of money to clone a dog there's I love my dog so much but there are so many pets out there that need homes I can't imagine spending I know it's I understand why we get so attached to our pets that's a lot of money. But like the first two times it failed like is that 50 grand gone 50 grand gone oh like let me try one more time another 50,000 to clone my dog. Well Jay I'm sure you've heard of in vitro fertilization right that's what humans do a lot of times it's not cloning but that costs a lot of money and there are couples and families who do it more than one time so they can. That's different than cloning your dog.

Well it is different yes but in terms of the money if if it's really important to you you're going to keep going until you try right no you can't well. I'm not comparing those two things. No I'm just my point is that if you believe he said this dog was like his son so in his mind. I can't I'm not justifying that. I'm not justifying it either I'm telling you what he said.

I just told you I wouldn't ever spend that kind of money to do something like that. I'm happy the man had his money to clone his dog. Oh yes he's famous too his son Machito and Machito. Okay coming up little at least I didn't say the wrong show a little QB news because we're heading into week two of the NFL preseason or should we do QB news next hour. I haven't talked about Fernando Tatis yet. Okay let's pivot let's talk about Fernando Tatis a little bit because his dad as well as a new Hall of Famer David Ortiz are blasting Major League Baseball for what they believe is the mishandling of the investigation and the suspension.

You are listening to the after-hours podcast. Very disappointed you know second time we've been disappointed with him and it's just you know you know he grows up and you know learns from this and learns that it's not just you know it's about more than just him right now. Maybe it stunned everybody but you know it was better than finding out during the game and then having that go up through the dugout so you know agent made the right call even though we found out late to talk to the team right before we went out on the field.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I'm not sure the last time I've heard a group of players a team a locker room a clubhouse speak out so strongly against one of its own. Now I think that the disappointment Mike Clevenger expresses about Fernando Tatis Jr. and what Bob Melvin had to say about trying to help the team navigate through this it's said from a place of he's one of our guys he's still a padre and he has a no trade clause for the next 12 and a half seasons Fernando Tatis has definitely put himself in a precarious position though a slippery slope this is different than the Deshaun Watson situation in a couple of ways because we're not hearing any of the Browns say anything even remotely negative about Deshaun Watson maybe they've been instructed not to do so or maybe in the NFL it can be different maybe they don't think it's a big deal I don't want to speak for them I'm just saying across the board the Browns who've spoken publicly have all been very supportive of Deshaun and trying to keep it focused on football in the case of Fernando Tatis the initial reaction from his own teammates is disappointment mistrust bringing up past mistakes lack of maturity and I would say the most telling comments are the ones from Mike Clevenger and Manny Machado and others about how they're winning without him and they have everything they need in their clubhouse already if that doesn't send a message to the 23 year old I don't know what does it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you've got a couple minutes left to send your questions for ask Amy anything so you want to send them to our show Twitter after hours CBS or to our Facebook page and producer Jay will field your questions at the top of the hour in the Dominican Republic on Monday that's where Fernando Tatis is right now his dad went on a radio show called the midday show and in Espanol he blasted baseball for its mishandling of his son's investigation as well as his suspension he said that it's a travesty for baseball to tarnish and destroy his son's reputation over something as minor as this medication for ringworm now I'm sure there have been a lot of jokes even among those of you who are listening about ringworm and the medication for ringworm and the fact that there were a couple letters difference this ingredient that's an anabolic steroid versus something that's used in medication for ringworm blah blah blah I mean I've seen a lot of the jokes already and so I get it it's it's an easy target but if you dig a little deeper and know the details this is not baseball's fault it's not the fault of anyone except for Fernando Tatis Jr. for the padre shortstop himself but yeah his his dad blasted baseball and said this is something so insignificant all of baseball loses because my son is suspended for 80 games he actually believes millions maybe he doesn't believe it but he said it millions of viewers will tune out millions of fans will stop paying attention to baseball because his son is suspended for 80 games and maybe there are millions in the Dominican Republic that will be upset about his suspension the story is this he used a medication that's not sold in the United States it's only sold in the Dominican or it's it's sold in the Dominican but not in the US to treat ringworm there is a photo if you care to look up his mom's Instagram page there's a photo on the side of his neck of what appears to be a ringworm mark and he used this medication that includes an anabolic steroid one that he tested positive for and has now been suspended 80 games for he's not the first baseball player to get suspended for this same substance do you remember d brown d brown d gordon when d gordon got suspended this is what he popped positive for also it's not a newly banned substance it's one that's been on baseball's banned substance list going back to 2003 at the start of its drug testing program close to ball and i may not be saying it right it's a derivative of testosterone which is used in many peds right that's kind of the point a lot of times is to boost your levels it's also banned by wata the world anti-doping agency and as i say multiple players before fernando tatis have been suspended for this same thing and so the the substance itself it's one that you could find on any list either fernando tatis did not read the label apparently it's on the label of this medication for ringworm he either didn't read the label or he didn't know it was a banned substance either way he's got no one else to blame no one else to blame it's after hours here on cbs sports radio you are the one who's got a 340 million dollar contract over 14 years you are the one who is a recent all-star you are the one who's supposed to be the face of your franchise you are the one who got on a motorcycle in december had an accident broke your wrist and didn't have the surgery until march and i get it these guys have people around him i'm sure he has a lot of advisors his dad probably being one of them ultimately though you're the one that is responsible for your own career i know he's 23 he's young these are tough lessons to learn but for his dad to make to blame major league baseball is wrong i appreciate what alex rodriguez had to say if anybody can understand how damaging this can be to a player in his reputation it's a rod i have no no no regrets no excuses for my behavior it is on me and look we'll talk about the tatis thing later i wish that a lot of these young players who i admire so much learned from my stupidity and my debacle and it almost brings me to tears to see a kid like tatis was 23 years old that for the rest of his career he's just gonna play it out there's probably no hall of fame i'm not gonna go to the hall of fame probably because of my own mistake and that's heartbreaking for me it's heartbreaking to explain that to my daughters but that's on me so i get to be now hopefully a better friend a better business person more importantly a better father alex rodriguez is owning it on the k cast on espn with derek jeter and michael k so two things it is a tough lesson for tatis what's tougher though is that his teammates are not on his side remember how the dodgers didn't want to see trevor bauer in their clubhouse again and he's never been back with them these teammates could make life really difficult could make san diego an untenable situation for him he better get his act together but also baseball can't play favorites with superstars because that creates an illusion of cheating or lack of integrity it's after hours on cbs sports radio
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