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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 29, 2022 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 29, 2022 6:04 am

Justin Verlander exits start early w/ injury. MLB races heat up | A piece of our conversation with Bills insider Matt Parrino | Tom Brady is 45... and has a lot going on.

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Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
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Amy Lawrence Show
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Amy Lawrence Show
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It's Monday morning. The last Monday of August.

Whoa, let that sink in for a second. The last Monday of August. So we're into the final dog days of summer and Labor Day is on the horizon. A lot of people on vacation this week. Oh, that includes me later in this week. So I decided to get out in front of the early Labor Day travel and I'm beginning my, I haven't flown since April, but I'm beginning my trek to Houston to visit mom on Wednesday afternoon.

It's one shot. I don't have to change planes. I'm just going to believe everything will be fantastic. So I haven't seen mom since Christmas when Penny and I drove to Houston from the New York City area. And so for that reason, and because football's starting and because I just need a little refresher before we kick off our busy season, I decided that my summer vacation would take place in Houston, but at least mom has a pool. And actually I have noticed that the temperatures in Houston, at least over the next week or the stretch of my vacation are not any hotter than what it's been in my neighborhood all summer. And it's supposed to be my neighborhood. So maybe they have a greater chance of rain in mom's neighborhood. It's just been one of those long, hot, dry, crusty summers.

And in some cases icky and sticky, muggy buggy, no huggy. Those are my, those are my terms for summer. But yes, my vacation's coming up. I'm really looking forward to it. Likely will take most of the five plus days away from social media to recharge and refresh and remind myself how much I love football. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks for hanging out with us on what is now a Monday morning. We've promised photos, more on Twitter, ALawRadio. But if you missed the photo of my cat, I forgot about this, the photo of my cat that I posted on Friday, I know I mostly talk about my dog. It's because I don't like my cat. I love my dog. I don't, it's like having two children and one of them is just a gem.

And the other one's a total pain in the ass. Well, that's the cat. Anyway, she is never not talking. She never is at a loss for words. She always has something to say.

And so when I told her it was Happy Friday, this was her response. Anyway, that's on my social media. And then a photo from Old Timers Day, my favorite old timer of all time at Citi Field participating in an old timers game for the Mets. You can check that out as well on Twitter, ALawRadio. And as I say, we'll put up some photos on Facebook before this hour is done. I promise we owe you. We are live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Rocket can. Max Scherzer throws a gem through seven innings on Sunday, but the Mets don't come up with any hits. In fact, three total hits. Maybe there was a hangover from a hangover from a long day at the ballpark on Saturday. Not an actual hangover because that would be really poor choice by the Mets in the middle of a series. So a bad loss for the Mets with Max Scherzer on the mound.

But I would say far worse performance for the Yankees in Oakland over the weekend where over the course of the last two games, the offense once again disappeared back to the dugout vote. It's a fly ball to right center judge going back on this at the track you'll turn and watch it hit right off the top of the wall. Around third is ground comes to the plate.

Here's the throw and it's not in time. Steven vote doubles high off the wall and right center and the A's have the early lead. It's one nothing athletics in the first right he sets and deals at a fastball granted up the middle.

It's going to find its way through camps around third. He's going to score racing to third base without a throw set Brown at his four nothing athletics swing and a miss strike three and the ball game is over. Cabrera strikes out and the Yankees have dropped back to back games and split this four game set in Oakland. The last 22 plus hours have not been, you know, very good for us offensively.

So, you know, we gotta we gotta do a better job and we gotta we gotta turn the page on this one. Aaron Boone with the understatement, but this is how it happens for the New York Yankees. I know the Mets had three total hits in their one nothing loss to Colorado, which is not anything to write home about, but the Yankees swell they decided to one up the Mets. They produced just a single run on four hits Sunday in losing in Oakland.

Now Colorado's bad. Oakland's worse. A single run on four hits, but that's actually an improvement from the offense on Saturday. Did you guys follow this game that went into extra innings between the A's and the Yankees?

This is in the Bay Area on Saturday night. One hit in 11 innings and they lose on a throwing error and a couple of walks in the 11th to the A's. One hit in 11 innings. So over the course of their last 20 innings, the Yankees have managed five hits and a single run.

Oh wait, no, no, no. They had a couple of runs in the 11th. They were not on hits though, so we'll just look at the hit production.

Five hits. My stomach just growled. That is my excuse.

What happens when my stomach is empty? My brain sometimes comes up with things that are not accurate, so I apologize. My stomach apologizes. Anyway, two losses. Offense disappears and while they miss opportunities there in Oakland, they do still have that lead in the AL East. We're heading into the final month of the regular season.

It's right in front of us. Far more concerning for the Yankees still is that they're not playing their best baseball and it's easy to see and they all know it. Well, you got to tip your cap sometimes. You got some good pitchers over there that made pitches when they had to and kind of kept us off balance a little in between the past couple days. As baseball, you're going to have a couple nights like that. Yeah, we didn't win. That was disappointing, but we got a good club here. Came away with two wins. We're not happy about it, but like I said, there's nothing we can do about it now besides learn from it and get ready for Anaheim.

Aaron Judge did smoke home run number 49. I think that was Friday. Friday's game. So the series with Oakland, they end up taking two, but also losing two and then they lose their closer.

Well, sometimes closer. I don't know. He's a reliever. We'll just call him a bullpen guy. Aroldis Chapman is on the I-L because he's incurred a relatively serious infection from a new tattoo. I don't think this is going to take away too much time for me. You know, I'm just I'm just waiting the next couple of days for for everything to heal correctly and so that I can start doing all kinds of baseball activities.

I think I I'll probably do a bullpen and then right into games. Aroldis Chapman's comments through an interpreter, but the idea that he got an infection from his tattoo, I suppose not extremely foreign, but do have a thought popped into my mind. Do we need to now add don't get tattoos in season to the list of things that these athletes can't do in their contracts? People rail against Fernando Tatis for riding a motorcycle in the D.R. and then he fell off and he broke his wrist and I get it. And that's a risk that the Padres have chalked up to, hey, he's young, but we also can't trust him. He made a really poor decision.

Is it also a poor decision to get a tattoo in season when you might end up with infection? And half the bullpen has been going down with injury if you're the New York Yankees? I don't know.

I don't know. Crazy stuff. Anyway, so he should be back soon, but that's that's right on that list of nuttier, crazier reasons why athletes have ever hit the aisle. I mean, we've had all kinds of like household accidents. I remember one time Brian Greasy, who was the quarterback for the Broncos, he was holding this massive house party, lots of alcohol, of course. And he did like his alcohol and he tripped over something back way in his driveway backwards, excuse me, backwards in his driveway. I don't remember if it was a dog. He tripped over something in his driveway.

But you know, athletes will break toes by kicking things or they'll punch things and they'll break a hand. I mean, the guitar hero one is still my favorite. That's right. Or how about the guy who went on the disabled list at the time? Because he had texting thumb. Yes, he was texting thumb.

And he was he said he was texting too much with his brother who was overseas, something like that. Yeah. So I mean, these are human beings.

They don't always make the best decisions just like we do. And we sometimes incur injuries from stupid crap. Got to watch out for texting thumb. It's real. It is actually. I think I have arthritis in my thumb for a couple of years.

It would crack so badly in the winter time. It doesn't anymore, thankfully, because I've started taking some supplements. But yeah, it's a it's real and it's not spectacular. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. The Seattle Mariners shut out the Guardians. Shoot. Did I say Indians earlier in the show or did I just say Cleveland? Huh? I think you said Cleveland.

Okay. Because the name Guardians hasn't popped into my brain over the last couple hours. So I hope I just said Cleveland. I didn't offend anyone by saying Indians.

I apologize if I did. So the Guardians were shut out and actually dropped three of four in Seattle. But I think it was appropriate on Sunday because it was the day to honor each hero. He becomes the 10th member of the Mariners Hall of Fame and he was seated right next to Ken Griffey Jr. the whole time. He was my idol even before I came to America. But in 2009, he retired. He returned to Seattle and I finally got to be his teammate.

He's a jokester. But for me, he's also a true professional. He helped me in more ways than I can express. Being his teammate is truly one of my career highlights.

How neat is that? Ken Griffey Jr. is a Hall of Famer. He got to play with his dad. He's an icon, an iconic, excuse me, a member of Seattle as well as I would say Cincinnati even though he didn't spend his best years there. But he and his dad, they're still ambassadors for baseball.

We just saw them there at the Field of Dreams game in Iowa where they walked out of the cornfield and had a catch. He means so much to baseball and I love Ken Griffey Jr. Could you imagine hearing from Ichiro, one of the greatest international players in baseball history but also you want to talk about an icon. He's a legend in Japan, right? I don't know if you guys remember when he first got to the majors.

I'm glad I didn't miss this. It was a phenomenon that you could feel worldwide. The amount of Japanese media that would follow him everywhere and follow the Mariners everywhere and everything he did made such huge news in Japan.

And the games were broadcast in Japan. He was a worldwide superstar and obviously is worthy of the Baseball Hall of Fame which by the way he'll be eligible coming up. I don't remember the exact year but there was actually the president of the Hall of Fame was there in Seattle for this ceremony to honor him in the Mariners Hall of Fame and I just thought that was really cool. The two of them from completely different worlds and yet because of their ties with the Mariners and because of the fact that they both mean so much to baseball in different regards they're lifelong friends but also connected forever.

A really cool moment. And then Julio Rodriguez, I don't think he stole the thunder but he was also the talk of the town in Seattle this weekend because he signs this unique long term, long long long term if he plays all 17 years of the contract. It's 12 years guaranteed. It's got five years as a player option that are built in. Multiple layers to this deal.

It's very creative. And he says he's thrilled to stay there in Seattle even though it's pretty far from home if you're a 21 year old from the DR. What's up guys? This is Julio. I couldn't be happier to call Seattle home for a long time and be able to play in front of you Mariners fans.

Seals rise let's get it. Interesting though to think about his history right because at age 16 it was the Angels who appeared to have the nose in front I guess for the Julio Rodriguez sweepstakes and instead it was kind of this last ditch effort by the Mariners. So Rodriguez signs with them in July 2017 at age 16. We've only seen him on the field for two thirds of a season. He's an all star obviously.

He was a big star at the home run derby. But man these contracts, these types of contracts, I'm leery of them. 12 years already and could be 17 years and the Mariners have no say because if he picks up that player option 17 years 2039 we're talking about now how can you have any idea what happens over the next five years much less 10 or 12 or 17. 17 years but they are sure that they want to hitch their wagon to his star.

Seals rise. I'm just I'm blown away by that. We've never seen a contract like this. The money could be upwards of $470 million over the 17 years but it's not all that uncommon. Now the details and the layers of his are new but he becomes the 26th major league player to sign a contract worth more than $200 million. It's becoming the norm now. Let's get it.

Yeah you're gonna get it all right. Bit of a scare for the Houston Astros and their Cy Young candidate in that same AL West division. Justin Verlander apparently felt a tweak as he was running to first base in the top of the third. So he leaves the game against Baltimore after 60 pitches. He's allowed just three hits at that point but did not return to the field. He's going in for some imaging tomorrow and I think it's already been reported that it was he felt that when he covered first base it was his calf and that's you know the best of bad news. I mean you know we were glad it wasn't anything to do with his elbow or arm or anything like that so we'll just have to wait.

Obviously extremely concerned. I feel like he's been the best pitcher in baseball all year long and we were very fortunate to have him and you know I don't know any of the details. Alex Bregman he is blissfully unaware except that it would be a massive loss to not have Justin Verlander for any length of time.

They did beat the O's last night. I did not see actually was he not the pitcher of record? It was scoreless when he left right okay. So it turns out that Verlander doesn't pick up win number 17. He only pitched three innings yes and so the Astros win but Verlander is the big question mark now moving forward because he is the rock.

He is the ace. Busy weekend on oops sorry got a baseball in here that I'm playing with in case you can't tell. Busy weekend on the baseball diamond all around as we hit the end of August that's not so. Now coming up it was also a tumultuous weekend an emotional weekend I would say a challenging and tough weekend for the Buffalo Bills coaching staff and front office 48 hours after they hear about a civil lawsuit that accuses their rookie punter of participating in a gang rape of a 17 year old high school student last fall. You will hear from Sean McDermott as well as Brandon Bean plus we had the opportunity to catch up with a Bills insider to find out what the team knew and when and we'll bring back a portion of that conversation. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. It's not a situation we take lightly. I'm hurt. I understand they're hurt. It's emotional. It's not easy to hear about some of the things that I've heard about over the last several hours say and you know I haven't slept a lot to be honest with you because this is this is a game but there's other things that are more important this. They were accusations yeah and it just it clarified exactly what they were and at that point it's a it's a it's a real civil case it's not a this may happen it's it's something that you have to you have to respond to and at this point. We're not the judge and jury.

We don't have that and we just again this is bigger than football and our culture here is is more important to us than winning football games. You really feel bad for that whole situation and you know ultimately this is a legal situation. We don't know you know all the facts and that's what makes it hard but at this time we just think it's the best move for everyone to move on from Matt and let him take care of this situation and focus you know on on on that and so we're going to part ways there.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Obviously uncomfortable for both Sean McDermott on Friday and Brandon Bean on Saturday the head coach and general manager of the Buffalo Bills in the wake of the explosive allegations made by a young woman who was a high school senior last fall she was 17 years old and in a civil lawsuit she and her attorneys detail what she calls a gang rape at the hands of Ariza as well as two of his San Diego State teammates and the details are they're horrific and so right now there have been no criminal charges filed though to my understanding this is still being considered by authorities. What did the Buffalo Bills know and when?

That is the question Bean alludes to them having some knowledge before but it was clarified with the lawsuit. I had a chance to catch up with Matt Perino of a five-year Bills insider who was in Charlotte when Sean McDermott made the choice to not allow Matt Ariza to punt in their Friday night preseason game so it's been a tumultuous weekend leading up to the release of Ariza from the Bills roster. I started out by asking Matt what the stretch has been like around the team. The real first glimpse that we got at it was in Carolina on Friday and I was there and in the press conference room when Sean McDermott made his walk from the locker room after the game to the room and it just felt a little bit different like you could just feel the stress I think that he was going through Brandon Bean mentioned it yesterday when they announced the release that he didn't even know how Sean McDermott coached the game and I think they knew the severity of the situation but the problem with that is too at the same time you appreciate the fact that they were doing their due diligence trying to make sure that you know they heard every side but they had known about this since the end of July when Jane Doe's attorney approached the team talked to their assistant general counsel and gave them what Brandon Bean called the boulders of the story and the only way to take that is they knew enough that there should have been some real concern and then over the course of the next few weeks during training camp and into the preseason you know Matariza remained on the team he played he was in a competition at punter with veteran Matt Hawk Sean McDermott went on part of my take after the first preseason game when Matariza had that big punt and he was you know kind of joking about him and you know it seemed how great of a kid he was and Bill's fans were just big fans and it's like you sit there on the outside and you wonder how do you say these things knowing what you're learning from him now Matariza gave them his side of the story and that Brandon Bean and Sean McDermott said that that didn't change throughout the entire process and so they were trying to gather as many facts as they could but Brandon Bean said that yesterday was we're not detectives we're a GM and a head football coach and we just couldn't get enough answers to make a decision but they thought it was best to move forward and have Arisa go away from football figure this whole situation out they kind of wished him the best and made a decision and released him. You mentioned the the attorney for Jane Doe calling lead counsel for the team and them having boulders all right so at that point it hadn't become public nobody had heard about it really outside of the few people who were involved with the lawsuit and then the couple people in the front office but they released him after it blows up what do they have to say about the timing? Yeah and there's definitely some questions about the timing like you know Brandon Bean couldn't say if they learned about this first he couldn't remember the timing of it whether it was from Arisa or if it was from that call to the council from Jane Doe's attorney so you know the timeline of it is it's still a little bit hazy and you know it felt like that the fact that he came to the stadium on Friday night and they still hadn't wanted to you know make a definitive decision on that even as they were kind of learning some of the more graphic details and Sean McDermott said he learned more things about this case after they saw the 11 page court civil suit document so I can understand that to a degree but it does feel like they weren't really willing to move on until everybody really knew the scope of it and that's the part that I think doesn't sit well with people because you know whether it's you know just the graphic details of what was in that civil suit doc and of course it's that's what's one side of the story but I'm not going to sit here and assume innocence for Matt Arisa I you know I think everybody knows somebody in their life that's been affected by this kind of behavior this kind of incident and it turns your stomach and it's sickening and you know any type of involvement in it and you see the direct quotes of Arisa in the filing and it just with all that being the case maybe just even having him be away from the team would have probably been a better approach but they at the end of the day with all that said and the fact that this could have been done better no doubt about it on the build and I think at the very least they made the right decision in the end which was moving on from him just to clarify Matt there's no indication that the team knew anything about this when they drafted him in April they did not know Brandon Bean said if they had known it would have taken Matt Arisa off their board the draft board he's reached out to since they learned they got the court document on Thursday he's reached out to over 10 other NFL teams you know other executives that he knows to ask if they knew he said all of the teams he talked to said they didn't know either and the NFL didn't know when the draft was happening so then it brings up the question if you're the bills do you feel lied to by Matt Arisa he's saying he's claiming that he didn't apparently or his attorneys are claiming that he didn't learn about the fact that he was going to face charges in the civil suit until July ish early or maybe June that that date is kind of missing that right now but you know that's the part of this that also doesn't sit well is like that that timeline and understanding no matter Isaac came out during the game when the bills wouldn't allow him to go on the field he put out a statement through his agent and said I'm looking forward to clearing this up what's been paid the picture that's been painted is false you know basically you know said that he was innocent like all right prove it and then there hasn't been anything since so just an awful situation all around and you get to this part of the season and NFL fans are are gearing up for the regular season for something like this to happen especially for a bills fan base it's been waiting for this season for 25 to 30 years since the Super Bowl era to have a team that was the favorite to win it this kind of put the damper on all that they've moved on from him and are hoping to kind of put it behind them Matt Perino of Syracuse dot com who was with the team on Friday in Charlotte and was there for the press conferences from both Sean McDermott and Brandon Bean emotional disturbing troubled no one right way to handle this type of situation there is more with Matt and and so I would encourage you to get the podcast after hours Amy Lawrence dot com he does believe ultimately that the bills did the right thing though the timing is a little suspect and I'm sure we'll hear more plus he said that for the first time since pre-covid the reporters will have access to the players in a locker room after practice today so unfettered access for about 20 minutes where they can wander around and ask questions in the wake of this situation blowing up over the last few days so you again check that out with Matt of Syracuse dot com after hours Amy Lawrence dot com you are listening to the after hours podcast mentor brings it in Tommy swings and it's a drive left field he tied the game home run home run for Tommy Edmond that's his 10th of the year three three did you say he likes the first pitch he loves it I like it too o'neill raising and lowering the bat he swings and hits a high fly ball let's hit the deep center back to the track the wall it's on Donner three run homer Tyler O'neill the Cardinals lead 6 to 3 in the bottom of the eighth inning and a two home run inning against AJ Mentor I smell the coffee brewing you know I caught up pretty clean so you know obviously I hit it the way I wanted to and you know stuck to my game plan things worked out the right way this is after hours with Amy Lawrence John Rudy and company on Cardinals radio this was the Sunday night game that was delayed for an hour by rain and weather in St. Louis but it was worth the wait for those fans who showed up at Busch Stadium no more home runs in the last week for Albert Pujols but they take two of three from the Atlanta Braves it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio so Tyler O'neill with the game winning homer as they have to rally past the Braves and World Series champions are still in a really good position let's be honest but this was an opportunity for them to maybe pick up some ground on the Mets who lost on Sunday go figure I mean he's got two of the most dangerous right-handed hitters in baseball probably and and then I say I don't credit to O'neill too I mean you know to get that ball out kind of how these series is gonna go when you get clubs like you know they've been playing good we've been playing good and and you know they were good games. So AJ Mentor also gave up Tyler O'neill's two out drive along with the Tommy Edmond home run so he was the one who was there on the hot seat on the mound as the Cardinals rally in the eighth and they've been a lot of fun to watch even without Albert Pujols they've been one of the hottest teams in the majors in August and right now are protecting a six game lead over the Brewers who won their last two games of the weekend it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio so Braves and of course the Mets the team they're chasing in the National League East at the bottom of that division are the Nationals World Series champions from 2019 man the star pitching that we saw from them in that incredible September and October and October to remember for the Nationals they faced elimination a dozen times in that postseason and they were still the last team standing featured not just Stephen Strasburg who wasn't the World Series MVP but also Max Scherzer just a phenomenal display by the starters and the bullpen it was awesome well they've fallen on hard times we know that did you know this though this is your Monday morning nerd alert this blows me away I had to read this multiple times and then also read it to producer J to make sure I wasn't losing my mind the Washington Nationals had gone a record 43 games without their starting pitcher earning the W what how is that even possible well that's why it's a record we'd never seen it before in Major League Baseball and now that crown that dubious distinction if you will belongs to the Nationals however they ended the streak when Patrick Corbin picked up the win against the Reds on Sunday he went six innings allowed a single run five strikeouts and now his record is five and 17 Wow yikes yeah thank you John Sterling your team has its own issues first time in 44 games that the national starting pitcher recorded a win seriously Jay did you even think that was possible I didn't you to that I know but you to work hard to get that record yeah that seems unfathomable to go that long without a starter getting a win I I mean I guess it's a record yeah it is a record not since Josiah Gray on July 6th had a national starter earned a W that's horrible it's nearly two months that's really bad the previous big league record was 35 games oh get this the previous not the same franchise but same city 35 games set by the 1949 Washington Senators who became the Texas Rangers in the was it the 70s when they became the Rangers I'm sorry to remember the exact that was before me but I don't remember the exact date so please forgive me for that not since the 40s has a team's starting pitchers been so devoid of W's huh it doesn't seem possible you know it's coming to my mind right now this is crazy reference but you'll laugh I think some of you will laugh when Jamis Winston pretends to eat his eat the W's a classic the Washington Nationals starting pitchers were eating W's but spitting them out I mean what I look good and I know it right where's my nerd alert for N-E-R-D-A-L-E-R-T if anything deserves a nerd alert it would be that oh my gosh that's that's horrific that's nerd stuff that's terrible is what it is beyond being nerd stuff it's embarrassing like super so let's move on oh no wait let's hear Davey Martinez about it because this is fun actually for all of us that win is a win right for me and even though Patrick he said it best it was a team win you know he wanted to go out there and and compete and that's what we talk about you know doing every day and he did that today and he kept us in the ballgame and he pitched well so nonchalant like it's no big thing to go 43 games without your starting pitcher getting a W like it doesn't matter it happens every day I guess they got bigger problems in Washington it happens every month who cares oh now all I can hear in my head is Kevin Durant who cares well I feel like maybe we use our drops too much if I'm starting to who cares think of them but not sometimes producer Jay surprises me and he drops one in that sounds so perfect and seamless that I never heard it coming but in this case I'm I'm actually ahead because this is so ridiculous ludicrous 43 games in between wins for a starting pitcher sorry Nationals fans but that's brutal yeah that's ridiculous exactly I don't even know who that is who is that that'll be Derek Carr Derek oh I love Derek Carr it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio okay we're gonna transition to football because we're talking about drops here we found one actually the entire world found one it went viral over the weekend Tom Brady was facing the media of course because he's gonna have to now that he's unretired and back with the team back from his sabbatical he was writing a book while he was gone what I don't know if I would have been amused or annoyed if he actually left his team to record an episode of The Masked Singer but that was the rumor that was going around in fact Peter Schwartz tried to sell me on that last week and I know that that's a big rumor because he will eventually work for Fox as a game analyst I mean he's taking over as the top paid analyst and if you believe the rumors I don't know that we've heard it confirmed but the numbers are astronomical I mean they're eye-popping 375 million dollars he's gonna make more as an analyst than he made as a football player even though he's got 17 Super Bowl rings so he goes away for a sabbatical but even though he's Tom Brady people must know what he was doing while he was gone were you unretiring then retiring again were you sick was something going on with your family did you have a business venture were you on The Masked Singer it's all personal you know everyone's got different situations they're dealing with so we all have really unique challenges to our life and you know we're I'm 45 years old man there's a lot going on so you know you just gotta try to figure out like the best you can and you know it's a continuous process all right Jay here's the question when I heard the quote so you you were the one that told me about the quote on the phone on Sunday I was thinking he would he was being jovial and joking and making light of the questions right because it sounds like that kind of a quip from Brady we hear him on the golf course when he's mic'd up we know that he's got a real sarcastic sense of humor I'm 45 years old man I got a lot of bleep going on I'm 45 years old man there's a lot going on I mean if you just read the quote it sounds like he was playing with the reporters right like but when you see his body language he actually seems weary and really tired sad almost yeah very serious I'm super tan of course from his trip to the Bahamas but while he lives in Florida but also I didn't I was a little taken aback by his body language and how serious he seemed he wasn't actually joking with the media maybe he's just annoyed at the questions maybe he's just tired of answering the questions that that could be part of it like Kyle Shanahan what you know if I if I survive questions about my quarterbacks if I survive all these questions keep surviving press conferences yeah I mean eventually you get annoyed at people asking you the same question especially when it's none of your damn business I mean that's kind of the idea except he I don't know his body language seems to indicate there's something more going on I'm 45 years old man there's a lot going on yeah I think I could see your that that analysis of it where he's just maybe a little tired of answering the question and he's just like hey I got things going on like leave me alone exactly it's none of your business except it is because he's Tom Brady and he's the starter for you know a team that's expected to it's a fair question you know make the playoffs and compete again for a Super Bowl so anyway I I don't know it just yeah it just it struck me but it is a bite that you're gonna hear over and over again and you're gonna see the quote I'm 45 years old man there's a lot of bleep going on I mean that's so true Aaron Rodgers gonna steal that you know he is at some point soon we're gonna hear Aaron say I'm 39 years old man there's a lot of bleep going on you just know it that's what Aaron does have a manic Monday we're back tonight after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. 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