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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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September 12, 2022 6:12 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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September 12, 2022 6:12 am

Adventures in kicking was a theme on Sunday... | The new-look Dolphins best the Pats | The Packers deliver another Week 1 stinker.

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Amy Lawrence Show
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How are you feeling? Football fans, are you breathing?

I suppose it depends. If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, you've probably done a massive exhale. More like a sigh. Really funny speaking of sighs, Penny snores during football.

It's inevitable. I don't know how it happens. But the fact that she's partially deaf now or she's hard of hearing means that at least the football doesn't bother her. She used to not like the noise of football and she would leave the room. When she woke up from her nap, she would get up and she would go in another room because she thought it was too loud. So now she lays right in front of the TV and she can't hear the football really.

I keep it turned down a little bit so that it doesn't bother her. But really funny, on Sunday she was laying in front of the TV and she was having some kind of a dream because she's kicking and she's moving all around in her dream and she's making noises. And then in the middle, there's this pause in all of her movement. So her four legs are moving and everything stops and she goes. And then goes back to like her crazy dream again.

It was really funny. I don't know if the side was part of her dream or if she woke up for a second and then fell back asleep and went back to dreaming. But it was like that. It was everything moving and legs kicking. I could hear her nails clicking on the floor where her legs were kicking and then a pause and a and then like all over again. She like woke up and realized she was having that dream or are dogs aware of their dreams?

I doubt it. But then she went right back to the kicking. So I feel like the side was part of her dream.

Yeah. Or maybe like kind of like a what was it? And then like right back into it or like she's so funny. She was she's not even that mobile when she's awake, but when she's asleep, she's kicking away. So she was she was getting adjusted to football season again. But this time, at least she doesn't have to deal with the noise. And I have to be careful, though. I can't yell because the dogs still she can still hear me yelling. So I I try to not scare her with my yelling at the TV. But that Steelers Bengals game.

There was a lot to yell at. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. How are we already into our number three? We're live from the Rocket Mortgage studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Rocket can. We will get to your reactions or your over reactions, whichever you choose to share with me. Coming up in 15 minutes here on the show, and I see many of you are responding to to us on Twitter after hours CBS or you're responding on our Facebook page, which is named after the show.

There were a few other games that went down to the wire and featured pretty surprising, even stunning comebacks and rallies. So I want to try to cram those in here at the top of this hour, but also we still have to get to what is and will let you hear a little more. What is the big story coming from Sunday Night Football, which is Dak Prescott injured requires thumb surgery according to both he and Jerry Jones. And he's out for awhile, a few weeks. They don't really know they're going to talk to the surgeon, but Dak and Jerry Jones have confirmed it. And so while there were other big injuries, we'll wait to hear about the Steelers on Monday or Tuesday. There was a report out there, or maybe it was speculation. I guess I won't label it a report, but there was definitely speculation that Naji has a Liz Frank injury. And if that's the case, he could be out for this season. Although I don't know that that's the truth.

I just know that I saw chatter about it on social media. And and then if if TJ Watt has a torn pectoral muscle, he could also miss the season, which is just brutal considering how well that defense played right away. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered a couple losses on their offensive line. And speaking of O lines, isn't that one reason why Dak Prescott constantly had people in his face? Because the transition on the Cowboys offensive line still is taking its toll, and it's not anywhere near as good or stout as it's been since Dak was a rookie. When they were they 15 and one when Dak was a rookie, I can remember if they went if it was they either 13 wins or 15 wins. I can't keep all of my Dallas Cowboys record straight. But one of the reasons why they were so good that year as a rookie is because he had all the time in the world to throw the football 13 and three.

Thank you, producer J. That offensive line was so good. Well, it's not anymore. It's had some defections. It's had some injuries. It's had some losses.

And so it's been a lot of transition. And if you pay any attention to football, or even if you don't just take my word for it, the offensive line is the key to everything, everything on the offensive side of the ball. We don't give those guys enough credit when things are going smoothly.

Not every quarterback can avoid and elude pressure. But there was one play that stood out to me on Sunday in the slop in Chicago, which we'll talk about here coming up. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio.

And why don't we do that? Why don't we stick with the wild finishes? Because we were just talking about Bengals and Steelers. Well there was another one that went into overtime with the exact same score, 20 to 20. And so we saw Bengals and Steelers with multiple missed kicks at the end of regulation and into the extra period, only to see some redemption for Chris Boswell with a 53 yarder that finally secured the win for the Steelers.

Otherwise they were headed to a tie. Well Colts Texans in Houston, Matt Ryan's debut with the Indianapolis Colts. I'm telling you what, at least initially, I have to think about it and process where all of these guys have gone. It's really weird to think about Baker somewhere else than Cleveland. And it's also very strange, it's jarring, to think about Matt Ryan somewhere else but Atlanta. And Matt Ryan, who's received a ton of praise from the Colts, not just on the field but also the coaching staff, Frank Reich, he throws an interception that gives Houston its first touchdown.

I mean it was like, the whole week won. It's not as though we don't know these guys, we haven't seen them play before, it's just such a wild adjustment, especially if they haven't played in the preseason at all. And so Matt Ryan's first pick leads to a Davis Mills touchdown pass to OJ Howard.

Again, see what I'm saying? Guys all over the place in new uniforms. And the Texans actually lead by a touchdown at the break. Then in the third quarter there's a Matt Ryan fumble, and that leads to OJ Howard's second touchdown. And so it's 20-3 until we see good Matt Ryan reappear, veteran Matt Ryan, experienced Matt Ryan, successful Matt Ryan, former MVP Matt Ryan, he leads a pair of touchdown drives and a field goal drives. So three scores right in a row in that fourth quarter for the Colts. And then there's a 13-play drive in overtime to set up a field goal attempt.

Now remember what I said, adventures in kicking, really a theme for week one. This is a 42-yard field goal for Rodrigo Blankenship. Here we go, it's all on the line here in week number one. Hitting on the long snap. There it is, snap, placement, kick is on its way, it's up, and it is no good. He missed it wide to the right.

Come on, damn, dumb. 42-yard attempt for Blankenship to try to win the game for the Indianapolis Colts. Hawk is the holder, snap is down, the kick is up, and it's no good. The Texans dodged the bullet.

Blankenship misses. Yeah, all that negative yardage, taking a sack, handing it off to Taylor, going backwards, going backwards, all of that matters. And so the Texans, you gotta credit the defense for staying in, keeping their heads in the game, playing football. You never know what's gonna happen, and all that negative yardage started to add up. You hear the disgust on Colts radio, and then you hear Texans radio, and they're almost happy with the tie. I'm pretty sure they sound satisfied and relieved with a tie. If you don't know me, if you're just hearing the show for the first time, or maybe it's your first time listening to us in a football season, I despise ties in pro sports. They're gross.

As in, eat food off the floor gross. Come on! So, I do not think there should be any ties in pro sports. You get paid to decide a winner. There should be no ties.

I really can't stand the NFL's overtime system. But at least there was only one, and not two. By the way, Jonathan Taylor with 161 yards rushing in this game.

He was a beast. But, Matt Ryan has two turnovers, and while he has more than 350 yards passing, he goes 32 of 50. So, here's my thing. If you've got Jonathan Taylor, and I get it, he ran a lot, it's a big place, you do not want Matt Ryan throwing the ball 50 times. I know they were behind.

I get all of that. The challenges of having to rally in the fourth quarter, but seriously, you have Jonathan Taylor, you have a great offensive line, you do not want Matt Ryan throwing the ball 50 times moving forward. It's the first time I've tied in the NFL, so it's strange.

You know, it's a weird game. Obviously, a lot of mistakes in the first half, really first three quarters, and then we got Rowan in the fourth. And so, you know, you're disappointed to not come out of here with a win. At the same time, we didn't lose, and we've got to find a way to tighten things up.

But the effort across the board, you know, to me is encouraging. And, you know, I think if we play with that kind of intensity, clean up some of these mistakes, and just execute a little bit better, there's a lot of things we can build on. We gathered up and said, hey guys, we're just going to make a run back, and we made the run. You know, we did our two-minute drill, and then came back and set it up, and unfortunately it just didn't happen for us. Matt Ryan first, and then Michael Pittman, who actually had over 120 yards receiving, as well as a touchdown. And they did have this furious comeback effort, but I feel like the satisfaction over that has to be somewhat muted with the fact that they ended in a tie, and they did have opportunities.

So what about the Houston perspective, and Rex Burkhead? Honestly, it does kind of feel like a loss, just because, you know, we played so well in the first half, and, you know, just kind of had chances in the second half, and didn't convert. Just really couldn't get anything going in the second half, and, you know, end up tying like that.

It's tough. It's tough to feel to swallow, and give credit to, you know, Indy for coming back there in the second half, and fighting hard, making adjustments at halftime. It just came down to execution. We didn't execute like we were in the first half. You know, I think some of the detail stuff that we were sharp on in the first half, we weren't doing that in the second half. And so, you can't get complacent. You got to keep moving. It kind of feels like a loss.

That's what he has to say about it. And so, I guess it depends upon your perspective, but if you're the team that allowed your opponent to rally, if they put 17 points on the board in the fourth quarter, I can imagine why that feels like a punch to the gut slash loss. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Saints and Falcons in the NFC South also had a furious finish. A lot of fun to see Taysom Hill go to work, by the way. Direct snap, 57 yards in the first half.

The man just rumbles. He trucks people. He had a first quarter touchdown, but then Atlanta answers with three scoring drives. And they used the run game as well. Cordarrel Patterson. Remember how last year Cordarrel was supposed to be a second option? And he has this incredible season and he's this big revelation?

Well, they're missing people, obviously. And they no longer have Matt Ryan. Now it's Marcus Mariota. They need a complimentary run game.

And Cordarrel was fantastic. The Falcons were also able to get pressure on Jameis Winston. Four sacks into the early stages of the third quarter. And so in the middle of the third, the Falcons are already up 23 to 10. Marcus Mariota's got a second, excuse me, a two yard touchdown.

And they're sitting pretty. But they only manage a field goal the rest of the way. And so you could see that Saints defense tighten up. But one of the things the Saints did was just keep the ball away as well.

They didn't allow extended possessions. And so Jameis Winston, who's coming off that torn ACL, is able to settle in a little bit. And New Orleans scores on its final three drives of the day.

And wouldn't you know it, after two years away, we got to see a glorious return from Michael Thomas. First and goal for the Saints. Snap to Winston. Throws to the end zone. And that is going to be a touchdown.

Left side. Welcome back, number 13, Mike Thomas. His first touchdown since 2019. Shotgun. Winston to throw.

Dustrow. Back shoulder. And that is going to be a touchdown again.

And guess who? Mike Thomas. Almost the same play. Back shoulder. Bullet into the end zone. A.J.

Terrell. And this time, Thomas says, well, if you're going to throw the damn ball back, I'm keeping it. Just to be back out there with the guys, put on the uniform, contribute and add value, help this team move the chains and add my hand into the pile for a victory. It was an amazing, amazing feeling. You're surrounded by great players and great coaches, a great organization. All you have to do is just when your number is called, make it a play. And I wish I could have made more. I feel like I left a couple of plays out there.

But we'll watch the film. We'll get that corrected and we'll come back and do better. It is so good to see Thomas back on the field. First action for him since week 14 of 2020.

Over the COVID year. But he missed all of last year. And let's be honest, there were a lot of people who never thought he would take a snap with the Saints again. But here he is with a pair of touchdowns, as you hear on Saints radio. And so after being by double digits, multiple scores, the Saints come back in this furious rally.

Jameis Winston in the final minute, a 40 yard strike to Jarvis Landry, new receiver. But that's how they start their last drive. And they get just inside field goal range for Will Lutz. So Blake Gilligan will put his knee down at the 41 from the left hash mark.

Twenty three seconds left. Will Lutz kick is down and the kick is good. Will Lutz puts the Saints on top with 19 seconds to play.

Holy smokes! Special teams does its job on both ends because the Saints get that 51 yard field goal, 19 seconds to go. And then the special teams for the Saints are able to block a 63 yard attempt. Obviously the trajectory is a lot lower for longer kicks.

And so they're more apt to be blocked. But Dennis Allen gets his first win as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. And for the Falcons, you want to talk about bitter disappointment.

Not only do they waste an early lead, they waste a second half lead that's double digits. But 200 plus yards rushing in this loss for the Falcons. As I say, four sacks of Jameis Winston. Is that almost more than they had all of last season? Okay, not quite, but pretty close. So there's a pass rush and there's a run game and Mariota plays well.

And they're unable on defense to hold off the Saints. So furious rallies, but thank God only one tie. What are you reacting and or overreacting to?

You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We will sift through your emotions coming up next. Thanks for hanging out with us following the first NFL Sunday of the season. It's back and it's better than ever.

Well, at least we hope this first week left a little bit to be desired. You're listening to After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Devontae Parker in motion. Back to throw blitz.

Come and they got him. The ball is out. Touchdown Miami. Ingram picked it up on the bounce and walked into the end zone.

He never saw it on the blind side. Went to throw the ball. Dolphins were bringing the heat. Patriots are out of timeouts. Miami leads a 10-0. For Heaton Mostert is the running back.

Wow. They're going for it. Oh, and he's got first down. And a touchdown from Waddle. What a gutsy call. Jalen Waddle. We got the penguin in the end zone too, boy.

Is that nice to see? What a call. What a throw by Tua. Mike McDaniel, you know, that's his first win as a head coach for the Miami Dolphins. So it's something special. And he's always said that he wanted to come here and create something special.

And it's just the beginning. Off the field, on the money, and after hours. It's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence. Patriots hate playing in Miami.

Well, maybe they don't. But Bill Belichick hates this trip to Miami. It seems like they rarely play well in their trip to South Florida to take on their division rival, the Miami Dolphins. The call's there on Dolphins radio.

And then Tua, time to go Aloha. A lot of work done to put weapons around him, including Tyreek Hill. And while the offense wasn't dynamic. Mike McDaniel gets doused with colored Gatorade. Brightly colored Gatorade. And gets a game ball. After he leads the Dolphins to a season opening win against the Pats.

And I was like, hey. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It was 17-0 Miami at the break. Mac Jones has an interception on the opening drive. That leads to a Dolphins field goal. There's a sack and a fumble that's recovered by Melvin Ingram for a touchdown. That's at the two yard line.

Couldn't be in a worse spot on the field for Mac and the Pats. So the only touchdown drive for the Patriots is the third quarter. But then there's another fumble. And so three turnovers by New England. Meanwhile, Tua's solid.

He's steady. 270 yards and a score. And then Tyreek Hill in his Miami debut. Eight catches for 94 yards. Really seems like they were thrilled for Mike McDaniel above all else.

Bill Belichick, well, thrilled is not the way that you would describe him after this trip to Miami. Well, it's obviously a disappointing start here. It's really a pretty even game. Two big plays.

Fourteen points really skewed the game. Plays really hurt us. Need to finish some drives better. Both sides of the ball. Make an impact. Plan to kick the game somewhere.

Just build on this and come back to work. To add injury to insult, Mac Jones was not made available to the media following this game. Because he suffered a back injury and had to get x-rays following the loss. So the team actually canceled his news conference, excuse me.

Now he will meet with the media virtually on Monday, according to the Pats. But it was a rough day for him. During the game, after the game, if he was in pain. Just barely over 200 yards. One touchdown, one pick. He took two pretty tough sacks. Including a blindside hit.

The one that we talked about, in which he fumbled the ball and the Dolphins returned it for a touchdown. Now Jones was walking around himself after the game. So he took himself to the x-ray room.

Along with Pat's security. And he was five minutes in there before he returned to the locker room. But it was after that, that the Patriots announced he would not be making any post game comments. Just indicating he has a back injury.

Now he did play the entire game. But there's got to be some trepidation. And then you think about all the questions swirling around the Patriots in the offseason. Specifically the offensive side of the ball.

They make a lot of moves. They're still trying to find a combination of tight ends and receivers that they really love. So we asked our NFL insider earlier in the show. When he joined us from Chicago.

Matt Verteram. His reaction to the Patriots and he said, predictable. I suppose there are plenty of Patriots fans who kind of feel like this was the proverbial shoe dropping. On Twitter, ALawRadio, are you overreacting or just plain reacting? With week one.

I appreciate the question, I really do. He's lying. James on Twitter says this. The AFC East Division race is over. After week one. It's over.

Nothing. The Jets, Dolphins, or does he mean the Dolphins? I guess. I mean the Dolphins, they didn't look tremendous. But remember they're starting fresh with a new coach, new system.

They still got a pretty convincing win. But anyway, he says nothing the Jets, Dolphins, or Patriots did suggest they can even beat the Bills backups. Right, I'm going to call that an overreaction with week number one. We don't have time for that. We definitely do not. Another overreaction, maybe, or just a prediction about the future. The Cowboys will start the season 0-6.

Alright. Kane says how poorly the Raiders did. Now, the Raiders nearly came back and won. They did have to survive three Derek Carr interceptions against the Chargers. But they were playing at SoFi Stadium. And then also, same tweet. How the Falcons choke the game away.

It is in their nature after all. I shouldn't be surprised by that. Scott says how much the Patriots defense is completely non-existent. So he's worried about the Patriots defense. Where I actually thought it wasn't half bad.

I thought the concern should be for the offense. He says talk about throwing the remote moments. It was toss the cat off your lap moment. Oh, the poor cat. Don't take your frustration out on your cat.

Reactions, overreactions. Sometimes it's hard to tell after week number one. But definitely the Bills looked like they were flexing their muscles as the reigning champions of the AFC East. I wouldn't say the division is over, but I would say they are the team to beat. And there's more. Even as we work our way into the final 90 minutes of the show where we have a lot of people waking up.

In our Eastern time zone, our Central time zone, getting ready for a Monday. Isn't it crazy how football can affect our mood? It definitely can. Did you see the conditions for the Niners and Bears in Chicago? I saw people suggest that this is why they have to have a stadium. A new stadium, a dome stadium.

But a brand new location. Because as bad as it was on the field where they were doing slip and slide, on accident and on purpose. In the stands, there were floods. So we'll get to Niners and Bears, but before that, I kind of feel like the Packers are allergic to season openers now. I just want to remind you all that last year, when they lost by 25 points in Jacksonville to the Saints. Remember they had to move that game because of the weather conditions in New Orleans. They moved the game to Jacksonville, and the Packers barely show up. And my sweet Grammy Helen told me, this was her assessment, I don't think the Packers were trying very hard. What in the f*** was that? Pretty much the same thing my Grammy said, just she's much more diplomatic about these things. Well, I don't know, you might have the same assessment after the Packers season opener in Minnesota yesterday.

I mean it wasn't three points, but it wasn't a hell of a lot better. So we'll get to the NFC North straight ahead. So much good stuff. And so much overreaction because we have such a small sample size to process. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page, React, Overreact. We provide therapy.

Take it all with a grain of salt and a really deep breath. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Music Cousins puts Jefferson in motion. Back to pass on fourth down. Touchdown! He'll throw right. Look at that.

Jefferson uncovered 20, 15, 10. Dances to the right to the five. Dies for the end zone. Touchdown! And J.J. is killing them again. It's a 36-yard touchdown. It's a football feeding frenzy.

After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Didn't we just hear Aaron Rodgers talk about how since he's been around, the NFC North really hasn't been much of a contest? Except I think that the Packers have developed a new allergy to season openers.

Something is going on because they got worked. As you hear with Paul Allen on Vikings Radio, this is the Justin Jefferson show. A record 158 yards receiving in the first half alone. By the time the dust had settled, it was nine catches, 184 yards and two scores against the Packers. Not to mention 126 yards rushing for Minnesota.

This is the perfect formula for success. I've said this for years. Kirk Cousins is not a bad quarterback. In fact, I'd say he's serviceable. He's above average.

He's solid. But he needs a run game. The Vikings are so much more successful when there's a solid run game. And that's what Dalvin Cook brings to the table.

It gives Kirk Cousins more freedom and more room to move, more room to operate. And hello, if he can connect with Justin Jefferson, we're talking about one of the most lethal combos. Whether or not you think Kirk Cousins is anything to write home about or anything to guarantee money to, Justin Jefferson is all of that and a bag of chips. I do like chips.

Lime chips. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Again, nine catches, 184 yards and two touchdowns and the Packers had no answers for Kirk Cousins' favorite target. There's a specific trait that I think is special and it's the ability to finish plays. I don't know if you remember, he caught what I call a hanger out against the Titans week three in 2020. And he's got two guys still there to make the tackle. And he runs by both of them and scores a touchdown. Might have been his first touchdown of his career.

And he made the point after that. We said, JJ, a lot of guys get tackled on the six. And we're now running out our red zone plays and hoping and praying we get in, but managed to kick a field goal.

To just finish it there and don't leave it up for debate is big time. And I just said once again, JJ, on that play today, you know, a lot of guys go out to three or get to the one. So the fact that you got in and got a six and we don't have to mess around with, you know, bringing out the goal line offense or whatever it may be. I said, that's elite. And it makes a difference for our team winning football games that we're scoring touchdowns and not kicking field goals.

And so I said, you know, just want to affirm that. And that's one of the things that makes you a great football player. It wasn't just the offense, though, possessing the ball and keeping it away from Aaron Rodgers is half the battle generally when you're playing the Packers.

But the Vikings shut out Green Bay in three quarters to give Kevin O'Connell his first win as an NFL head coach. Everything we did has been focused on not only today, but 16 more weeks and opportunities moving forward. And as a first time head coach, you know, to get to talk to the team last night and really try to give them as much clarity of what we were looking for today and then watch them take that plan and bring it to fruition. I don't know if I've had a, you know, a more gratifying moment just because of the looks on their faces, just because of the looks on our players and coaches faces. And, you know, there's a lot of things I can for sure be better at than I was today.

But first time first time out, I do know one thing. I love this team and I love this coaching staff and the guys I get to do this with every day. There weren't a lot of lopsided games in week number one. Bill's Rams definitely was. Certainly the Chiefs and Cardinals was a total wash. Do you know Kansas City scored touchdowns on its first three possessions of the first half and the second half? Six possessions, six touchdowns to start the first and second half. It was that lopsided.

And I was told the Chiefs were going to stink this year. And then this Vikings game. Well, I would say Ravens-Jets. Though the Jets defense fought pretty hard, they just couldn't generate a whole lot of offense.

Vikings-Packers was a no doubter, similar to the Packers season opener a year ago. So Matt Leflore, per the usual, he takes credit for the loss. Oh, but we all need to hear from Aaron Rodgers because they did only manage seven points and there's been a lot of talk about the departure of Devontae Adams and a new core of receivers. Keeping in mind, Allen Lazar did not play in this game.

These guys are NFL players. There's expectation whoever's in there that they're going to play well. We had a lot of chances today. You know, I'm not taking anything away from their defense, but we hurt ourselves many times, myself included. I had a lot of opportunities to score more than seven. 22 of 34 for Aaron Rodgers, not even 200 yards passing. I knew it was a bad idea to draft him as my fantasy quarterback, not that you care. An interception and four sacks. I'm pretty sure he didn't even have five points in fantasy. It was bad.

It was really bad. So it really negated all of the amazing work that the Steelers defense did in building up a nice cache of points. So what can the Packers do differently from this point forward?

It's tough to win in this league and definitely tough to win when you get in your own way too many times. Felt like, you know, we did some good things. We maybe got to get some more touches for Jonesy and Dylan.

Yeah. Made a lot of mistakes in the perimeter. Missed some throws.

So there's a lot to clean up all the way around. He mentions more touches for Jonesy and Dylan. Well, Aaron Jones, who not, what was it, three seasons ago had 20 touchdowns, 20 touchdowns. They gave him five carries.

I don't get it. You want to possess the ball and keep it away from Kirk Cousins so he can't throw it to Justin Jefferson? How about run it a little more? Isn't that what Matt Lafleur has wanted to do since he got there is run the ball? AJ Dylan had 10 carries and a touchdown, but not enough. They did get over 100 yards rushing, but it wasn't a focal point.

Also, yeah, I've got nothing. Welcome to the NFL rookie. Christian Kirk drops what would have been a 75 yard pass on the opening drive. He's not going to forget that one anytime soon.

So back to the drawing board. Vikings get that first win over the Packers. The Packers actually are back home in week two Sunday Night Football to take on the Chicago Bears.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Niners were in Chicago on Sunday, first game for Matt Eberfluse as the head coach of Chicago. And it really was about Debo in the first half.

Did you see it was the best of times and worst of times? He fumbles in the red zone in the first quarter, but the next time that they're deep, Debo Samuel has a six yard touchdown run to the right in the second quarter. But this completely changed in the second half. So it's almost nothing for Justin Fields and the Bears offense in the first half. But in the third quarter, very smart play that caught my eye.

And it was really about the maturity and the development of Justin Fields. He eludes pressure. He extends a play with his legs and then he finds Dante Pettis so wide open. There was not it was blown coverage. There was not a niner within 15 yards of Dante Pettis. And so Justin is able to spot him. He keeps his head up. He spots him and he finds him across the field for what is a dynamic play. But you know what?

You should hear it. Stunt picked up up front. Eric Armstead being shoved out of the way, circling out of it, pivoting to set up a throw. Wide open near side. Bass is caught. There's Pettis to the 20, to the 15, to the 10, to the end zone!

Wow! Justin Fields to a wide open Dante Pettis. High formation under center.

Fields takes and fakes with time. Loves to an open. Epimenius safe route to the end zone. Touchdown! Touchdown Bears!

He feathered it in there beautifully. Aquamanius grabbed it in the end zone. Snap to Fields handing off Herbert.

Blockers up front. Three directs left into the end zone for the touchdown. Touchdown Bears! Kahlil Herbert, 19-10 good guys. 7.21 to play in the game.

Jeff Joniak on Bears Radio. Three straight touchdowns, 19 unanswered points. And the last score comes after a Trey Lance interception at midfield.

So it's 19-10 Chicago and the Bears are able to take advantage of the sloppy conditions, sloppy play by the Niners and they rally. And it did take a pair of Bears defensive stops in the fourth corner to preserve the win. But Justin Fields, he admits this was the tale of two halves.

First was brutal. Second, they found some room. I think we were just trying to find a rhythm. We were dealing, the offense at least was dealing with long fields and our defense.

I think they did a great job dealing with the short fields that they got. Holding them in the red zone for three points on one of the drives. So I think we were just trying to get in the rhythm and we were backed up.

So when you're backed up like that, you just can't use the whole playbook. But, you know, second half, find a rhythm and, you know, we executed. So proud of the guys. They were able to do a slip and slide celebration late in the game.

And I guess if it's going to be a monsoon at your own field, you might as well enjoy those conditions. So it's kind of fun to see the Bears celebrating in a way that was only possible on this Sunday. Trey Lance, by the way, 13 of 28, 164 yards.

But an interception, he does have 54 yards rushing. It was just a disaster. It was a mess all around. And so it's hard to evaluate him. You can see that there's going to be some growing pains there. But I would say this had to be one of the most surprising losses of week one. Probably knocked a lot of people out of survivor pools. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio.
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