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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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September 13, 2022 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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September 13, 2022 6:05 am

The Seahwaks STUN the Broncos in Russell Wilson's return | Nathanial Hackett has a LOT of explaining to do | Broncos insider Brandon Krisztal joins the show.

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Well, I say it every time we have NFL to talk about. When you make predictions, the NFL laughs in your face. Not just that, but when you think you know, you find out very quickly you don't know Jack. These kinds of games and these kinds of scripts getting flipped, I love.

I absolutely love this. And the NFL seems to have more of these moments and these nights and these games than any other sport. I'm not telling you we don't get shocked and awed by other sports, but it happens on a daily basis in the NFL.

And there are so many questions, at least for me, I am left with so many questions about what happened in the second half. And you're going to get the answers directly from Denver head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Now he may be a rookie head coach, but he's a longtime offensive coordinator. Not only that, but he's the son of a legendary coach. Even if he never called plays before in his life, he schooled on the offensive side of the ball. He worked with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, Matt Lafleur in Green Bay. And for some reason, the decision making in the second half was counterproductive, to say the least. We've got the audio from Nathaniel Hackett from Russell Wilson on his return to Seattle where he got booed to start the game.

That's another segment. But yes, I'm going to tee off on Seattle fans because I have no idea how you boo a guy that helped you win a Super Bowl, helped you go to another Super Bowl that you didn't win, but you were NFC champs. Spent 10 years of his life giving you heart and soul, not to mention was a great addition to the community.

The work that he's done in Seattle and now Denver with children's hospitals and sick kiddos. Are you kidding me? You don't have to support him, but boo him? That'd be like Peyton Manning getting booed when he went back to Indianapolis.

I don't understand that. Be like Tom Brady getting booed when he went back to New England. This wasn't even Russell Wilson's choice to leave.

Now there was chatter about it a year ago, but it's not like he demanded a trade. Crazy. But I will say this about the Seahawks fans. Once they got done booing their former Pro Bowl QB, their former Super Bowl winning QB, the intensity and the electricity in the stadium were contagious.

They were contagious on the field. So don't tell the Seahawks or their fans they're supposed to stink and finish last in the AFC West because they're not hearing it. They're not having it.

They think you guys are the ones who are crazy. One week in the books. One full week. Huh.

It's what it felt like. I miss this, even though the NFL never really goes away. Thanks for hanging out with us on this Monday night after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need cash out of your home in a simple way to get it, Rocket can. Coming up in 30 minutes, we will greet, welcome and greet our old friend Brandon Kristol, who was actually an employee of CBS Sports Radio for the first year that we were on the air. And then his career and his life took a bit of a turn. So he returned to Denver. But he's in Seattle for this game. He works with Broncos Radio and the team.

And so he was there at the press conferences and will get his reaction to everything that happened in Seattle, including the atmosphere from where he was on the field. It's clear that the Broncos were not ready for this game. And I'm not suggesting that they didn't care. We know they did. I'm not suggesting that it's all on the coach for not having them prepared to go. But they were an undisciplined mess from the beginning. The Broncos, going into hostile territory in Nathaniel Hackett's first game, couldn't stop collecting penalty flags.

Apparently they really like yellow laundry. They couldn't stop. The fall starts, that's a credit to the fans and to the atmosphere. But it's not just that.

These are professional football players. No doubt they were practicing a silent count this week. They didn't do so well executing it.

But it wasn't just that. The number of big defensive penalties. And then the red zone woes.

Brutal. So whatever expectations the Broncos have for themselves in 2022, in a challenging and stacked AFC West division, they're going to have to get their act together because this is not going to fly. You don't think that in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs fans are going to make life just as miserable? I don't know about LA, where the Chargers play at SoFi Stadium. But you go to Kansas City or any of the other places where there are really good crowds and packed houses and they take pride in their team and in creating a hostile atmosphere, well, you're going to have these challenges. And the Broncos fell flat on their faces. If what they wanted to do was represent for Russell Wilson, it didn't go according to plan.

So we're going to start at the end and work our way backwards. Fantastic game for Gino Smith. Good for him.

I do love a good redemption story. And I will say this too. We always knew Pete Carroll could coach.

This should come as no surprise. Pete Carroll can take a bottle of water and a few pairs of socks and figure out how to coach him up. That's what he does. He did it at USC. That was after he was in New England where they hated him. But he cut his teeth in the NFL. Ever since he's been in Seattle, this team has been relevant. I know last year they lost Russell Wilson for a time.

And so that always hurts. And it was it was a mess. They were rebuilding yada, yada, yada. But he made a really impressive trade or he and the general manager made an impressive trade when they shipped Russell Wilson to Denver. They got some they got some starters back. And in addition to that, a bunch of draft picks. If nothing else, you should know these guys are ready to go.

He takes pride in that. And so I'm not surprised. Even though the Seahawks offense, it fizzled through the second half as well. They did what they had to do to win.

And the way that Gino and the offense played in the first half, the way the defense played in the red zone, very impressive. So that does not surprise me about a Pete Carroll coached team. But when we do hear from the Seahawks postgame, though, you'll recognize a theme you'll be able to pick it out. They don't want to hear about Russell Wilson anymore.

That was supposed to be a joke, right? It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, A Law Radio.

And in in the Facebook realm, in the meta face realm, you can easily search for our page. By the way, apparently I said AFC West and meant NFC West, according to Brandon, who's listening and is going to send me a tweet when I screw up. So I apologize for that.

Yes, Brandon, there goes the perfect show. AFC West, NFC West, just testing you. Both of the divisions were on display. And the way that, I guess the dichotomy, but really the contrast, the way that these two teams were held up preseason, the Broncos supposed to be competing for division title for playoffs, even in a very competitive AFC while the Seahawks were just left for dead in the NFC West.

All of that cracks me up. This is yet another reason why we don't make Super Bowl predictions in September. After all the Broncos' red zone woes, they get the ball with 4.02 left on the clock, trailing by a point, 17 to 16.

I told you we're going to start at the end. They struggle to move the ball. They really did in the second half. But they get to the Denver 45, so their own 45, just shy of midfield with a minute 11 left on the clock.

And they come up short. They pick up a few yards, but I think it was third and 14 at that point. And so they get a few yards, but they fall five shy of getting the first down.

So it sets up a fourth and five. And at this point, they still have all three timeouts remaining. And instead of getting the play in quickly, instead of calling a timeout, remember there's a minute to go. At this point, not even a minute left in the game. What are you saving your three timeouts for?

I have no idea. But instead of either calling a play or calling a timeout to make sure you have the play you're looking for, or if you knew you were going to kick the ball the entire time, why not get your field goal team, your field goal unit out there quickly? Just in case it goes horribly wrong, maybe you can preserve some time on the clock.

None of that happened. The clock kept ticking and ticking and ticking and ticking. And at this point, everybody who's watching and listening, I happen to be listening to Westwood One with Kurt Warner and Kevin Harlan, even Peyton and Eli on the Monday Night Mannings, screaming about the fact that there's no timeout.

What are you doing? Why is there so much time allowed to come off the clock before you make a decision, before you make a move? They get down to 20 seconds before they call their first timeout.

Oh, good. Good idea. Save all three timeouts for the final 20 seconds of the game. 41 seconds go off the clock before they stop it, before they figure out what they want to do.

And so that was one of the first questions from, sorry, I don't have the numbers with me, Jay, so you're going to have to give them to me. That was the first question for head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Why allow so much time to go off the clock?

Why not call a timeout right away? We have no excuses. You know, that's what we preach. We got to be sure that we, you know, get the, get the play in and get it called and get those guys rolling.

I know it was, it was definitely loud, but again, that's no excuse. We gotta be better. And so his explanation essentially is we screwed up. We weren't organized.

We weren't ready. Well, isn't that why you call a timeout? Call me crazy, but isn't that what you have timeouts for is so that you can take time out to stop the clock and get organized? Was this like the blind leading the blind?

Nobody has any idea of what to do at all. And if I'm Russell Wilson and I've been in the league 11 years and I watched that clock ticking down, ticking down, ticking down, I call the timeout myself. What you really need a head coach to tell you when to call a timeout.

Hell no. I only played college basketball, but if something was horribly wrong on the court and we couldn't get the ball in or we weren't ready to go, nobody called timeouts from the floor. He could call, Russell Wilson could have called a timeout. Anybody could have freaking called a timeout.

Nope. It's more fun to watch the clock ebb slowly away. All right. So that's the answer to the first question. Why not call the timeout initially and spare all that time coming off the clock. Second question is why kick a 64 yard field goal when Brandon McManus has never made a kick from beyond 62, but he's tried six times and he's over six from 62 plus yards. So why kick a field goal instead of leaving the ball in the hands of your highly paid veteran experienced pro bowl quarterback? Why kick instead of going forward on fourth and five? Hey, Brandon gave it his best shot. I mean, that's a long field goal to hit. I think he's completely capable of that, but obviously I wish we would have gotten a lot closer, but it put us in that weird spot there cause we were in the field goal range, but we were on that fourth down situation. Didn't think we were gonna get that many yards. So I thought it was a great job by Javante and we just made a decision. We want to take our shot there on that one.

No, no, wait. Did you hear what he said? He said, I didn't think we were going to get that many yards. Didn't think we were going to get that many yards. What? Really? Then why did you trade all those picks and players for Russell Wilson and give him a massive contract to keep him in Denver for the rest of his career?

Why? WTF as in why you didn't think you were going to get that many yards? Producer J, how many yards did they need? 37, 42, 45, something like that. It was fourth and 18. Oh wait, I think it was five.

Oh my God. Fourth and five and he didn't think they were going to get that many yards. That's why Nathaniel Hackett took the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands on fourth and five and opted to kick a 64 yarder, which would have been the second longest field goal in NFL history.

And yes, that is a direct quote. I put it up on Twitter. Didn't think we were going to get that many yards. I got to hand it to Russell Wilson. He backed his head coach. I don't know if the head coach walked into the locker room and said, you know what? I really didn't feel confident on fourth and five. I didn't think our offense was capable of getting five yards.

We said, you know, where can you make it from tonight? And he said 46 left hash. I think we were on the 46 right.

46 left hash. That was before the drive and we got it. We got it there. Unfortunately, it didn't go in. I think he has a leg for it for sure.

You know, just went a little left. I believe in Coach Hackett. I believe in what we're doing, you know, and believe in everything. You know, anytime you can try to find a way to make a play on fourth and five, that's great too. But also we, I think we, I think I don't think it was the wrong decision. You know, I think he can make it obviously in hindsight, you know, we didn't make it, but if we were in that situation again, I wouldn't doubt whatever he decided. At least Russell Wilson's going to support his head coach.

So that's something. I didn't think we were going to get that many yards. Five whole yards. Now I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt a little bit. Maybe he was basing it on what he saw in the second half because they were stuffed multiple times inside the red zone on the one yard line. So maybe Nathaniel Hackett is referring to the fact that the offense was relatively anemic, even from up close in the second half, but still the odds are in favor of converting a fourth and five more than they are in kicking a 64 yard field goal. Wait until you hear Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner's reaction along with Kevin Harlan on Westwood one.

There's more. You'll get to hear from Pete Carroll and Geno Smith who had a near perfect night, well, near perfect first half. And then they were able to ride that to the end. This was, I'm going to go ahead and call it impressive, almost brilliant performance by the Seahawks in light of what most people expected would happen. So good for you, Geno Smith.

Good for you, Shelby Harris, who got traded to Seattle by Denver in exchange for Russell Wilson, part of the defensive line that stuffed the Broncos multiple times in the red zone. Wow. But I can't help it. I love it.

I love it when nothing goes according to plan. You can find me on Twitter, A Law Radio or on our Facebook page. Our phone number 855-212-4CBS. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence and we are just getting started here on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. 64-yard field goal for McManus will be the try and 20 seconds remain. It's fourth and five at the 45 of the Seahawks for Denver trailing by one. And maybe this is the right call, but this is anticlimactic. Like I want Russell Wilson out there on fourth down to either make it or miss it to determine who wins this football game. McManus has a huge leg and maybe you just say, hey, the odds are more in our favor to get this kick, but holy cow. His career long is 61.

There is no wind on a 66 degree night. A 64-yard field goal try by Denver to take the lead. Ball put down. Right footed kick is away and it is no good wide left. And the sideline erupts 15 seconds to go.

They'll take over. The ball and the kick had the distance. I wasn't speechless earlier. I was just told not to speak. Right now, I'm speechless. I can't believe they took the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands to kick a 64-yard field goal to try to win this game. Off the field, on the money and after hours, it's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence. That's the reaction from a Hall of Fame quarterback. Could you imagine the indignation of some QBs if you actually took the ball out of their hands on a fourth? Just think Tom Brady. Now I know Russell Wilson's not Tom Brady.

I get that. I'm just saying there are some quarterbacks who you would have to pry the ball out of their cold, dead, clammy hands before they would allow you to go for a 64-yard field goal instead of a fourth and five. I'm still blown away by it and I'm glad I'm not the only one who was stunned.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We'll get the reaction from the Denver locker room coming up in 15 minutes following the update. But Pete Carroll, were you surprised by the decision to line up for a 54-yard kick? It wasn't that far off. He kicked it far enough, didn't he?

It was far enough to go. I was surprised. I wasn't thinking that. We were all planned up and ready to win a game on fourth down. We were all ready for fourth and five knowing Russell Wilson. I mean, think about it. If this is still the Russell Wilson who quarterbacks for Seattle, isn't Pete Carroll going for it?

You gotta be unlimited. Of course Russell Wilson would be going for it if he was still wearing the neon green highlighter uniforms of Seattle, which by the way, I dig. I've always loved those uniforms. I'm on the record every time they wear them as tweeting or texting friends of mine to say how much I love those bright lime green uniforms. They're fantastic.

You know me and my bright colors. So Pete Carroll was surprised. Everybody else was surprised. I guess not Nathaniel Hackett or Russell Wilson or Brandon McManus. By the way, McManus missed the first attempt when Seattle called a timeout because some people actually use their timeouts. So Seattle called a timeout. Brandon McManus missed it. So he was asked whether or not he considered reversing course when McManus missed on the first one. I was happy he got that one out of the way.

I thought, you know, he had plenty of distance on that one and just thought that we were gonna be able to make that, you know, I have confidence in him and if we have to put him in that situation again, I think he'll be able to make it. Wait, are you kidding me? We're going to do this again? You're really?

You didn't learn your lesson the first time you're going to do it again? Oi, just oi. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Pete Carroll, instead of Russell Wilson, now has Geno Smith as his quarterback and he's kind of done talking about Russ. He's on to Geno. How about Geno? I mean, Geno just 17 for 18 in the first half. I mean, who does that?

You know, this guy's just don't do that. But remember, he did it against Jacksonville. You know, he had like 12, 13 in a row or something like that. So Geno played tonight like he's been playing the whole time we've been practicing.

That's what he's been looking like. Pete Carroll's tried to tell us, right? He's been telling us for months now that Geno's looked really good and that Geno was outright winning this QB competition with Drew Locke. Now, at times he did say Geno had a head start because he was already in the Seahawks system and Drew was trying to catch up. But he's been very consistent in saying that Geno was leading the QB competition. So what about Geno? He finishes up 23 of 28 for 195 yards and two touchdowns, both in the first half, including one on the opening drive.

Sacked a couple of times, but doesn't turn the ball over. And he said, really coming out in front of that huge crowd and performing as well as they did on the first possession was critical. So important. So important. You know, the league, NFL, you never know when, you know, the momentum is going to shift, but anytime you're at home, you know, anytime, you know, you want to start out that first drive, you want to go down there and score.

And, you know, especially if you get the ball first, because, you know, statistics say that if you don't, you know, wins aren't in your favor. So just going down there and getting the crowd excited. They definitely did that. And I was really impressed. The Broncos defense didn't play well. Second half a little bit better, but you've got to give Geno the credit for what he did in that first half and then the bulk of the game.

But he was 17 of 18 before the break. He was accurate. He was on point. I'm sure Tyreek Hill would call him the most accurate quarterback in the NFL if he played there.

And how about this? Even though it's not Russell Wilson anymore, they still want to spread the ball around. Eight different players caught a ball from Geno in the first half, eight of them. And then Rashad Penny had 53 yards on the ground. And so they were keeping the Denver defense off balance. Meanwhile, it was nothing but red zone woes for the Broncos, especially in the second half, but they were over four and they finished up with a dozen penalties for 106 yards.

It is really difficult to do when you waste time off, or really difficult to win, I should say, when you waste time off the clock, like it doesn't matter, like those seconds aren't precious, when you give back a hundred plus yards in penalties and you do not capitalize on multiple snaps from inside the five. So the reaction in the locker room in Seattle, the visitors locker room, we'll get that with Brandon Kristol, who typically resides in Denver and works with the Broncos and Broncos radio, but is in Seattle tonight. I don't know, maybe he wasn't surprised that Russell wasn't got booed when he came out of the tunnel. I actually saw on Twitter that he had objects thrown at him by the fans, which is always about as classless as you can get. I don't know if that's true because I didn't see it. I just happened to read a couple of tweets. Didn't think we could get that many yards. Real classy. Did you hear that Marco Belletti?

I want to make sure you have that audio available for your updates. The new head coach of the Denver Broncos, and I quote, said, I didn't think we could get that many yards. You know what? Fold up, fold up shop.

Might as well. Season's over. Didn't think we were going to get that many yards. I'm also, I got, I gotta be fair with the idea that like, this is where exactly where we wanted to get to. And this is what we were, I'm calling BS on that from the start. You guys were all looking at each other. You had no idea what you wanted to do. You're at the line of scrimmage. Guys can't get lined up properly.

Russell Wilson's looking to the side. He was another one. You've been through this for how long? That's what I said. You had no idea what you wanted to do.

You're 11 years in the league. You can't call your own damn time out. Honestly, they had no idea what they wanted to do. They were there at the line of scrimmage. They called that time out because the play clock was at one, not because it was fourth down. They ran at a time. And then they figured, you know what? Should we go for it on fourth day? You know what?

What the hell? Let's try the field goal. They, none of them, the coaches, the players, nobody knew what they wanted to do. That's, I mean, I'm sorry. If I was the owner, I'd be talking to new owners.

I would have penners. We would be having another seat. They don't know. Cause I mean, Roger Goodall. I mean, they don't know. So they have no idea what they're looking at. So the idea of that, I mean, from the top down, you would have to, you would have to sit me in a room, explain to me like I'm five. What exactly was I looking at?

No, they can't. Well, we got the explanation. It's it falls woefully short. All right, come on up. We're going to head to Seattle and we'll see what the Broncos had to say in their own locker room. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the after hours podcast. Here we go from 64 to try to take the lead. With 20 seconds left, McManus off the line. This thing is going to be off the field on the money. And after hours, it's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence. That is the call from Seattle Seahawks radio and Steve Rabel as Brandon McManus misses what would have been a game winner wide left from 64 yards would have been his career long and the second longest made field goal in NFL history.

But it was wide left instead of going forward on fourth and five, the Broncos opt for an Uber long kick. And so we want to get the reaction from the Broncos locker room and the Broncos press conferences. As we've heard from Pete Carroll and a little bit from Nathaniel Hackett, but it's it's still one of those topics that's going to have legs to be sure.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're pleased to welcome Brandon Kristol, the Broncos insider and with KOA Colorado as a reporter and joins us from Seattle. Well, Brandon, before I get your reaction, I just want to know what the reaction to the game, the loss, how it finished. What did you hear from the Broncos themselves?

Well, I don't want to say they weren't discouraged. I think they know they led a chance to beat what they think is an inferior team slip away. And in maybe the most competitive division in the NFL, you saw the Chargers and Raiders in a close one. You saw that the Chiefs are still the class of the division.

At least that's what we think after one week. You can't afford to just let games go if you want to have a shot to win the division and get into the playoffs. You know how competitive just the entire AFC is, especially, you know, the top eight, 10 teams battling for those seven spots. So I think that if the Broncos end up missing the playoffs and I know we can be prone to overreaction and hyperbole after just one week. But if they end up missing the playoffs, they're going to look back at this game and say that if it's a one game swing, that's where we cost ourselves the playoffs in a winnable game where we fumbled twice on the goal line and weren't able to punch it in the 64 yard miss hurts for sure.

But they've let they let an opportunity to get a win in the NFL, which is not easy to do against a team they're likely better than slip through their fingers. All right. I want people to hear it. Jay, if you could could play this because I know Brandon was there at the press conference with Nathaniel Hackett. But for people who haven't heard it yet, he was asked the question of why he opted to kick from 64 yards instead of going forward on fourth and five. Hey, Brandon gave it his best shot. I mean, that's a long field goal to hit.

I think he's completely capable of that. But obviously, I wish we would have gotten a lot closer. But it put us in that weird spot there because we were in the field goal range, but we were on that fourth down situation. Didn't think we were going to get that many yards. So I thought it was a great job by Javonte. And we just made the decision.

We want to take our shot there on that one. What's your reaction when you hear that? Yeah, I was sitting, I think, maybe the closest to Nathaniel Hackett, just based on where I happen to sit down in the press conference. And look, he's convicted in the stuff that he does. I'm not saying there wasn't some thought, but when you're a player's coach and I think he will over time really show that he's already off to that reputation, you want to give your players a chance to prove what they can do. And Brandon Manif has one of the biggest legs in football. And I saw where Warren Sharpe put out there that he's one and eight and kicks over 60 yards. Brandon told us last week that inside of 40 yards, he's one of the most accurate kickers of all time. He knew, he knew what his stats were, but he has a huge leg and I keep waiting for him to make one of these 62, 64, the 70 yarder that he tried. I didn't love his chances, but it was in Denver.

And so I would have loved to have seen it. I get that you want to ride with your guide, but you also did pay Russell Wilson $250 million. So if Brandon Manif's kick, which had the leg and just ducked left, if it sneaks through the uprights, then he looks like a genius. But because he took the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands after paying him 250 million in a place, yes, it's hostile, but he knows how to make magic on that field here in Seattle.

Then you're going to get second guessed. And until they win a few more games or win a game and then the Daniel Hackett era, I think the criticism is justified. And, and the other question cause I asked Brandon McManus at his locker, I said, how nice is it? You've got a brand new coach that he'll trust you to, to take that kick. Maybe Vic Fangio didn't let Brandon try as many of those as, as he wanted or Vance Joseph didn't. And we've seen Brandon get mad on the sidelines before he said, I love that he let me try it. He goes, but I have to make it or they're not gonna let me try it anymore. What did the Daniel Hackett have to say, or any of the Broncos have to say about the fact that they were getting so close, but could not get into the, into the end zone, the two fumbles, of course, the multiple times when they were taking snaps from the one or from inside the five, they were over four in the red zone.

Yeah. Hackett put it all on himself as the play caller. And I get that you must wonder though, and this is just the conspiracy theory in us when we were sitting in the press conference waiting for coach and some of the players to come in, it was like, Hey, do you think he took the ball out of Russ's hands to not have rough, even have the chance to throw an interception, something that obviously is not the magnitude of super bowl 49, where he said, Oh my gosh, back here, here, come back here and let one slip away or a ball gets deflected or whatever, and it gets snagged out of the air.

Well then Russ has to live with that forever. You're not going to expect you're running back to the fumble, let alone both of your running backs to fumble in that situation. And Melvin lost the ball as he was crossing the plane basically. And then, and then Devante Williams has grand glass got knocked into his lap, who had, who had been thrust into action as a backup guard. You're not expecting your own player to fall into you when you're trying to make a move towards the goal line.

Nonetheless, you have to execute down there. The Broncos have been terrible in the red zone in recent years. They've been terrible offensively. Now you have a hall of fame quarterback and you think, okay, he's never had a year where he's averaged less than 22 points. The Broncos haven't scored 22 points since fate Manning retired on average. And so you thought, okay, they're going to, they're going to find the end zone and get you to 23, 24 points every week.

Well, they end up with 16 at night and they're going to have to get these things corrected. The players chalk it up as a one game loss. Nathaniel Hackett took the blame. And I think he and his coaches deserve a fair amount of it, even though fumbles are flukey.

Brandon Cristal is with us from Seattle following his coverage of Monday night football with Broncos lose to the Seahawks in a one point game. And there are a lot of, of ways that you can kind of pick this apart in a negative light for the Broncos. Another one branded being the 12 penalties for 106 yards.

What the heck happened? Yeah, that's one where it's a bit of a head scratcher. And you have to say, is this emblematic of being a player's coach and, and is Nathaniel Hackett to blame when his team is penalized this much?

So some of it is reactionary, right? A false starter or an offside is a correctable thing. But when Jonathan Cooper makes a big play and instead of getting off the field, you get called for content, right? And Bradley Chubb shoved Geno Smith in the chest where everyone could see. And you know that that's going to be called every time.

Yeah. You want to let Geno feel you and your past Russia and you want the other QB to know you're there, but you cost your team 15 extra yards there. And so those things are on, I think the coaching staff and, and the players like Bradley Chubb, the newly named team captain, he's in a contract year, had a couple of big sacks and a, and a really nice start to his season where he's either playing for a new contract in Denver or somewhere else.

You can't make mistakes like that. And so I think that Nathaniel Hackett and his coaching staff are going to have to get the, not all reigned in. One thing about this staff is Dom capers is around as an advisor and bill Kolar, the long time D line coach is around as an advisor, but other than the wide receivers coach, Zach Azani, who I want to say is in year five or six, uh, leading, leading an NFL room and, and the defensive back Christian Parker's in year two as the DB coach, every other coach, Dwayne Stukes was in 2011 was a special teams coordinator for one year in Tampa. Every coach is in a new role. They've all been elevated. And I think that there might be some growing pains there as well, that Broncos players and fans are going to have to suffer through these coaches, figure out exactly how to push the right buttons as they're all now in new, in new jobs here under Nathaniel Hackett. It's after hours here on CBS porch radio with Brandon Kristol from Seattle works for KOA Colorado. And I know a lot of what we've heard from the Broncos over preseason and training camp has been raving and glowing and just thrilled with the change that's come because Russell Wilson is now the quarterback.

How has it appeared to you? Well, he gives you a confidence that you didn't have. And I re I remember years ago and I would like to use this analogy, but I worked with Kenny Smith at Sirius radio back in like 06 when Shaq had just gotten to Miami and he, and Peyton Manning was the same, same thing here. But, but the point was when you have that guy on your team, you just feel like you're going to win every game. The Broncos haven't had that since Peyton Manning retired. Well, now you have a guy that's gone to the playoffs, eight of eight of 10 years, gone to nine Pro Bowl since first 10 years, no quarterbacks ever done that completes a lot more passes than, than ones that hit the ground or, or don't get grabbed. He doesn't throw interceptions. He throws a lot of touchdowns. The one thing that concerns me about Ross and I didn't get a chance to ask the check at this tonight, but, but I will this week is it felt like at times Russ had the opportunity to run the ball for a nice gain.

I'm not saying take it to the house, move the sticks and pick up the necessary distance to get that first out. And he seemed to be turning that down. He was bailed out by a penalty towards the goal line that set up one of those goal to go situations, but he easily could have picked up 10 or 15 yards on the ground. And so I don't know if there's something going on where it's a conscious effort. He's got the money now. So it's not that, but we're maybe he ran before he's just not running now.

I just have about 60 seconds. Are you surprised actually let me rephrase. What did it sound like to you when Russ came out of the tunnel? Was it predominantly booze? It was predominantly booze, but here's the thing. He ran out with his entire team. So how do you parse out being booed or the entire Broncos team were being booed? I caught a little of the Manning castle. I was sitting in a breath box, listening to Peyton and Eli, and they said, it sounded like he was being booed specifically.

They could hear that in the food. So I get it. But look, the Seahawks get the last laugh. They get the win. Russ may never play a game here again.

Just simple math, right? Over the day, it'll be eight years, but it was, it was a fun night. Not fun. If you're a Broncos fan, like I know you certainly are at times, Amy, but, uh, yeah, I think with Russ here, it's going to end up being okay, but there are certainly some growing pains, but amazing atmosphere there in Seattle though, they do themselves proud and you can't tell them they're supposed to finish last in the NFC West. Yeah, no kidding.

They're going to be a tough out, but losing Jamal Adams certainly hurts as well. Uh, nonetheless, it was a, it was a fun night and I was glad I was in the building. Good. Good. All right. You can follow Brandon on Twitter at BK Denver sports.

He's our former colleague at CBS sports radio, but now anchor reporter for KOA, Colorado, and on the road with the Broncos in Seattle. We appreciate a couple of minutes. You are the best brand and always good to talk to you. Yeah.

Uh, always great talking to you, Amy, and hopefully the Broncos remain interesting and we'll talk again here. Sure. All right.

Safe travels. We appreciate that with Brandon. Yeah. It's a, it's a lot to look at, investigate. There's a lot to fix. If you're the Broncos, a lot to correct, but man, think about this from Seattle's perspective and how cool it is for them to get this first win. When that really wasn't the expectation it's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS sports radio.
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