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How to Get People to Change [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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December 22, 2021 5:00 am

How to Get People to Change [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan Wright God gave you an excellent brain so use it. That's actually a blessing instead of saying you're a dumb kid.

I expect you to fail to say what I see you doing right now does not match who I know that you are and what I expect your life that's pastor excited for you to hear the teaching today. In the series for yourself yourself. I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now could be yours for your donation this month to Helen Wright ministries as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860. More on that later in the program. Now let's get started with today's teaching here.

Alan writing these three ways of helping people to grow. I would say are God's ways ways that God helps us to grow the very same ways that we can help others to grow in. The first is this just so good. See, here's the basic principle. Paul says in Romans 12 verse 21 do not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Everything, everything in this world is built upon the principle of sowing and reaping and sowing and reaping teaches is essentially that this is the design of God for the universe. Everything reproduces after its own kind you put an orange seed into the ground to get the right conditions.

What will grow is an orange tree and what it will produce oranges and orange seed will never in this world produce apples. So if you were to plant and orange seed somehow hoping that you're gonna wind up getting an apple out of it would be the utmost folly, because you can't, there's no way in the same way in the spirit. What we so is what we can expect to reap so if there is someone in your life. Let's start with our kids and you would like to see your kids be more patient because they're impatient and they're always there always talking about how they wanted and want now they're impatiently. Can't wait on this.

Can't wait on that the Tim Tatian is what to be just impatient with them to be impatient about their impatience dissociates impatience into some child's heart that is already full of impatience is going to only produce a bigger harvest of impatience. So biblically what Paul is saying is don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. So the spirit you want to see cultivated in the one that you love whatever it is that you want to see developed in the other is the very thing you should so so often times what I try to do is just stop myself because I feel my flesh want to just respond if somebody sows unkindness towards you because a lot of sowing and reaping that sowing of unkindness towards you is trying to place a demand on you of a harvest of unkindness.

That's what you wonder why do I feel so much I going to be unkind to them because they were unkind to me is because of the principal sowing and reaping the very judgment they brought against you is causing there to be with in you a demand in the natural, to cause you to judge them back, but we are not under these natural commands of of of of the spirit we are under a higher order of grace we been set free so we have the potential by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. The site was being sewn towards me of unkindness.

But what I have in me is the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit is love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and allow the spirit of kindness to be so go if contrary to everything the flesh wants to do what we tend to want to do is just just look at somebody that's frustrating to us and they're not doing what we want to do in our tendency is to just treat them by sowing seeds that are just as negative as what they're demonstrating but it never makes sense to expect and orange seed to produce an apple. Whatever you want to see developed in the other is what you can so towards them, sowing and reaping, and it all starts in Genesis chapter 1 it goes all the way through everything Paul teaches. It goes all the way through the Bible everything operates according to this principle that all things reproduce after their own kind. I think that something very practical that you can do.

I think you can stop when you get a difficult situation in a relationship of any type you say what should I do here. How can I actually help them get a vision of the harvest you want to see what change would you like to see. So the seed that can produce at harvest. That's number one.

The second thing that I've discovered biblically that I think we can do is to treat people like errors, not slaves to mean this is one of the most fascinating themes in the entire Bible you ever notice that when the people of God were set free through the Passover as if he is not familiar with the story. It's the story where the blood of an innocent lamb was split over the doorpost of the Hebrew homes while they were slaves in Egypt and wherever there was blood over the door, the destroyer passed over those homes and yet still kill all the firstborn of the Egyptians were there was no blood over the door and through this Pharaoh let the people go, so they were set free by the blood of the Lamb is a great story. The Passover story will as soon as they are set free. There's an odd thing, we won't turn there now to look it up sometime is a odd thing you see. And that is the board hold the Hebrew people to plunder the Egyptians on the way out of Egypt is not in others. He said tell him to give them that you're there gold or silver jewelry or stuff their valuables is odd. This is in part to provide for the people of God as they went on their way, but I think there's something else going on.

I think that God wanted the people to begin to learn early on, you been slaves.

Now you're free, but I want to learn something other than the fact that you're free. I want you learn this you own something. So what was the whole narrative about it was about the movement to a promised land that God wasn't just saying I will set you free from slavery. He was saying.

I want to give you a territory and want you to rein in that territory which had dominion in that territory want to rule in that territory you have an inherited you have a promised land. So the gospel is not just the announcement that you are saved from your sin and you get to go to heaven one day the gospel is an announcement that you are safe from your sin by the blood of the lamb. But you are safe so that you would know that you are an air you're an air of these incredible spiritual riches with which you've been blessed in Christ Jesus.

God wanted his people in the Old Testament understand themselves not only that they were free people, but that they were responsible people. They were eight years they they are they are they are recipients of a vote of a great gift with great potential and they have a destiny one day we were I was.

I was out of the office on Saturday afternoon.

Years ago and I just was out doing will work, but Mickey Thigpen, our Executive Director was up on that Saturday afternoon and he was in office and he was doing some of those many years ago and in and he was doing something some task honestly doesn't make is that why you up in all Saturday afternoon doing that task. He said well you know, such as such didn't get it done this week cycle. Why didn't so-and-so do that as part of as part of her job you know and he said I don't know I guess it's just a matter of ownership.

I was saying was, you know I said I got ownership over this incident and I'm not gonna rest until this is know I'm I'm responsible for this and take ownership of this and he said I need to do it is someone else said and thought about a particular employee at that time just is just no looked on it more like logistic job you come to Newton you go away from your market and then they Mickey said I'm trying to convince her that she's not a slave. I was thinking about the idea ownership and slavery and who was actually taking ownership heard the Holy Spirit say to me were staying in their off the herd always. Say only free people own things slaves don't own thing. Slaves don't think like air and until people see themselves as owners, though never really work to their full potential and making I start talking about this guy had a glory fit right there in office you is revelations is like seeing something I've never seen before.

Alan Wright will have more teaching moment from today's important series something is holding you back if you could change everything. Is there someone referencing step need a timeless power on the faith vision spoken over I will never rise to our God shall move forward confidently under the favor of every curse and blessing in your old life and empower the people you have contact us today. Alan Wright snooper the power to Blacks we have are very special when you make a gift of $40 and more ministries within you two copies of the beautiful had had a one for you and one for you to share his expression of our gratitude for your generous gift will also include a DVD to important teachings. Conditional content from past your dance only against his ministry, so please partner with us to help us reach thousands of people every day gospel and the grace of Jesus Christ. And when you do, you'll become empowered to change the world year draws to a close this final month of the year. Your partnership must call us at 877-544-4861 come to our website. Pastor today's teaching you once again is again in the same way that if someone is acting with unkindness toward you. You're tempted to sow a seed of unkindness in a similar way when someone is acting like they won't take ownership of anything we tend to turn around and treat them even more like a slave.

Some years ago Bennett was little and we've just been playing in the yard. We set down the steps to eliminate he was about six years or eight years old time and also Natalie's a daddy what's a slave thought. I don't know if I want to talk to him about this right now you know acid well and is guess he's got to find out. You hate to see your children find out about the harsh realities of life as it will been a slave, a semi that's owned by somebody else and the slave has to do whatever the slave master says little Bennett sat there drinking eliminate any thought about it for a moment and he said I belong to you and I have to do whatever you say now know that it is totally different with a slave it's is see a slave, a slave if they don't do it. The master says the matter might be that slave that is sometimes not done right you spank me have it as a gap and it is this just different is different than that, mumbled a few things I said I got figure out what the differences between a son and a slave came back to this really for me. If you were to sum it all. It is the sign and the daughter is in the air see a slave will only work up to the point where they're no longer afraid of punishment as soon as it's 5 o'clock and and and I'm not to get punished… My pay quit owners don't think like that owners do not think like that owner do you want the owner of a business. He is not near here she's not going is 5 o'clock bombs.

I don't care how may people want to buy something that is your store.

Enter 10 people ready to buy something you can't keep selling to them because it your business.

But sometimes act like a slave. You've experienced this before you go to Fred Herzog's artwork close yeah you're right about I'm sorry were close. That's not the way an owner would think I begin to realize one of the ways we can help people grow, is to instill in them a sense of ownership in the way we treat them still a sense of being an air I wish I could say a lot more about that but that I move on to something that so near and dear to my heart and this is the third way and maybe the primary way that we have been. I think authorized by God to be able to help others grow and change, and that is by the power of blessing to bless someone is to envision in faith a positive future over their life and it is to announce such positive vision with faith and confidence and authority and it is to be actively in favor of seeing that positive vision come to pass.

This is something that was an instruction to the Hebrew patriarchs of old that every week they were supposed to bless their children that it at least once a week they speak blessings over their children. Some have theorized that this is one of the great secrets of the whole people of Israel of how they were able to enjoy so much as the father speaking buses to their children. Just saying things to their twin just announcing things over their children's lives that that were of positive vision. This is one of the one of the wonderful things that we can do in a very simple way is it is just announce positive things over kids.

It's like a compliment was on steroids. It's it's like a is like this something that I see this really positive I see it in faith. And what happens is that our children and those that are under our authority to hear these announcements over their lives and they rise to meet them. This goes exactly against the way the culture in the spirit of the age, tempts us what we are tempted to do is withhold affirmation colada.

So I don't tell them too much because in a little girl's head on one hour withhold some of the affirmation or else they may quit trying and what the gospel says is exactly the opposite. No no no no, what happens is when you bless people when you affirm them when you see the potential and you announce it in faith people rise to meet it. We tend to believe about ourselves with the most important people in the world believe about us and blessing is so easy.

Bless do not curse the Scriptures say when you went when a parent announces over a child's life. I've had it with you. You're going to be a failure. You never seem to get it right here just here, just as its announcing doom it's curse.

Don't ever announce the thing that you don't want to have happen ever call somebody you don't want them to be right if you don't want some body to be foolish all the time and be always messing up. Don't call him a fool messes up all the time. They just I want must be what I am that I might as well do that talking to a man one time who would big struggle. Big pornography addiction struggle. I sent him one time I said you do ever ever call him Jonathan. John you ever have a moment, we are following that temptation is that you not just better not get involved in this because I will feel so bad afterwards.

He said no. I never think he said I feel so bad about myself that I just decided to go ahead and do bad things somebody feeling bad about that. You don't want somebody hating themselves. You don't want someone feeling curse people who have no hope. Much more prone to continued error is when you are full of blessing is then that you are able to rise up.

It was something that I just adopted early on in our family just tell you how easy this is just a system addressing my son Bennett plays a lot of golf. We played a lot of golf together over the years and I could just think back of times when he was younger and and at least once a week. We just have a family meal. Cut the TV off. Just have a family meal and just it just to enjoy talking each other and at this time, they would know that I'm dad's gonna speak some blessings of their lives. And it didn't have to be profound. It didn't have to be poetic. It didn't have to be it enough to be something all written out is just so simple.

Sisters is like this is like Bennett were eating supper and I see you know, today we play that nine holes of golf and we we got a whole number three and you double bogey that and I said on you know that I know how frustrating that is because when it's only the third hole and you're hoping to shoot somewhere around part of that day and yet your double bogey to hole and it's frustrated like you ruined your whole round and you feel like going to clubs and in the Greek or whatever asset but instead you pulled it together.

I saw you I was hard but I saw you Some self-control. You kept your motion and control, and instead of thinking I'm doomed. You thought well maybe I can get it back with a bird in the neck so that's it and you did bury the next hole and yet it was really good round of golf today and what I'm bless you with today. That is not so much about how proud I was a good round you play because what I'm saying is I'm proud of you because what I saw was you exercise self-control. Bennett is been my experience in life that when a young man can learn self-control go far in this world and I believe you're going to go far. Bless you for showing it self-control. I think you got a lot of self-control hello that take 60 seconds to 60 seconds, but you know the spiritual power of something like that goes into a young child's heart when you hear something like that when he is my daddy thinks I got self-control. I'll go far. If I have self-control. What is it make you want to much was just aspire to be a person of self-control you rise up to meet blessing that is spoken over you. You can you can bless people in your life.

Even the people that you're mad at. Because the Scripture invites us people persecute you, bless them. Parents often say to. So what about when your children when their winter acting up and they need to be disciplined what you do bless them even as you disciplined my wife. She's got a excellent way with kids and when our kids were little and you know you get that frustration like I just feel like right now just ring in somebody's neck to go discolor my neighbor's and in so we train ourselves to do. This was her idea was this is you get that point and it ended when the children done something really dumb and you just say God gave you an excellent brain so use it is that's actually a blessing instead of saying you're a dumb kid.

I expect you to fail. You say what I see you doing right now does not match who I know that you are and what I expect your life to be so in the end there really three biblical ways. I think that we can actually help people to grow and change. We can so the seed that we want to see grow and harvest, we can treat people as a years instilling ownership in them and we can cultivate the wonderful practice of blessing people in the in.

This is the way God has changed us. He sowed a seed and incorruptible seed his own son, who was the first fruits of many sons and daughters and he is the one in his word. It told us that we are coheirs with Christ, and he is the one that despite all of my sin, despite all of our failings never curses, but instead in Jesus Christ has blessed you with every spiritual blessing.

Let's live the same way that the gospel Allen right today's teaching on good news how to get people to change from our series for yourself for yourself and pastor Alan is back with us in the studio sharing a parting good news thought for the day and just about something is holding you back if you could change every morning referencing step need a timeless power me on the vision spoken over I will never rise to our God shall forward confidently under the favor of every person blessing in your old life and empower the people you love.

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And when you do, you'll become empowered to change the world year draws to a close this final month of the year partnership 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor back in the studio now would pastor and in the and held today's good news can really change your life. This subject that we were closing with on the power blessing is one of course that so dear to my heart.

And we have all the resources and so excited about a new book that will be coming out in February. Might as well leak that out there, how are you, bless God does want us to be useful in helping other people grow is just in our frustration.

Sometimes we think will grace and work and so we try some shade was said… Don't give up on grace and don't ever start using the power to curse it will never help the power blessing you can so and read and you can treat others for the heirs that they are you can help instill an identity through the power blessing on these things, Daniel.

They really can empower other people to change you shame, we can do it God's will. Today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan White ministries

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