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Abigail [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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July 16, 2020 6:00 am

Abigail [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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July 16, 2020 6:00 am

We’re never transformed by conquering our fleshly appetites with self-will; we’re transformed when our attention is directed by beauty and wisdom to a better way.

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan Wright as soon as you quit listening to the voice of the fool of the world start listening to the voice of God. You have your heart change that's faster Alan Wright welcome to another message of good news that will help you see your life for no hold. I'm Dino print excited for you to hear the teaching today. In the series titled God used who and you may just be surprised as presented at red Knoll.

The church in North Carolina.

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More on that later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright and so all of these contrast and not least of which is the contrast between the way David was going to act and then what David actually did because in life. Isn't it amazing that sometimes this the greatest contrast can be our own character difference between my flash and who I am in the flesh and and and who I am in the spirit can be night and day. And so it is with David and we see here the way of life. Let's go through the story a little bit. David was in a fight and moved in the first place. The elder statement statesmen and a mentor to him. Samuel has died. So David was in grief and sometimes when things have been taken away from you. There's sadness, but part of grief also is sometimes you get mad and David had been trying to help knob all and he'd set up a camp all around him, so that his kinsman's words would be protected protected from petty predators protected from intruders and while shepherds over large flocks would lose some of those animals. Not one animal had been lost. As long as David and his men had been protecting them hospitality in that culture was not just a nicety. It was an expectation if you had a relative come to visit you, even if they want a relative just a stranger come to visit you.

It was expected that you would help provide. He had been on the run from Saul, he had had a chance to kill Saul, but had not and now he is hungry he is thirsty and is 600 men are hungry and thirsty and when knob all sins back this early response. David like Popeye that had all he could stand.

She couldn't stand no more. He was like a woman I saw on some I had a T-shirt years ago and I this image of his frazzled woman in the caption underneath is that I've only got one nerve left and now you're on it. This was the last straw for David and was gonna slaughter them all and everyone gird your sword's blood was going to be shed no ball. His name means fool why a mother would name her child. Such we don't know, but prophetically it was lived out. He is a stingy wealthy Scrooge is interesting in the text that his riches are mentioned before, his name because possessions are more important to him than anything he holds onto his possessions and won't share so much as one lamb with David and his men and yet he's pictured in the in a drunken fool trying to find joy out of consuming his own possessions. He thinks he knows it all. He thinks he knows it. David is not up to any good are these men don't mean what they say he thinks he knows it all and yet what we know is he doesn't know anything that's in definition of a fool.

Some I think they know it all, and in fact don't know anything that's not ball. He's a lazy these presumptuous, he presumes that he can treat others harshly without them treating him harshly and return is a fool. He's unaware of what a wonderful wife, he has any man, and I know it's got a wonderful wife when he got a wonderful wife man's a fool. You're welcome, wives, and he has not ball has no discernment.

He has no concept of the prophetic destiny on David's life, on the handwriting was on the wall. David was going to be king over Israel. He is mistreating the man is going to be his cane will he's stingy but expends an exorbitant amount on a drunken feast, in which he gets to drunk to be approached by his wife. He can't even talk to her and learn from her wisdom because these two draw.

The drunkard is a fool. He is no king but is acting like a king David's going to be king but has nothing to eat while the selfish Scrooge gorges himself and drinks himself till he passes out while the future King of Israel and his men is left hungry in the field not ball.

In short, these fixed on himself. He is a narcissist's speech in verse 11 contained eight first-person references I my I my me I my me only a fools fixed on himself and not ball is liking Saul, narcissistic, powerful, wealthy and utterly self-centered and destined toward doom. The fool says in his heart there is no God does not ball contrast it with Abigail beautiful genius.

Why is discerning Abigail who knows that possessions are meant to be a blessing to others, who knows and acts immediately to remedy a situation where it is not. Ball was lazy and did nothing. She moved to action unheard of for a woman to meet a man who's not her husband, much less in a clandestine nine manner with no permission from her own husband, but she is so wise that she knows. In this situation.

It's the only thing to do, though it be scandalous. She moves forward, but she doesn't move forward with this early bold know it all manner but with contrition and humility and she rides in on a donkey and gets down and bows down before Dave. It's ironic that not ball is unaware of what a wonderful wife, he has, but Abigail is aware of what a fool for a husband. She has she understands. Unlike not ball that a gentle answer turns away wrath, and she comes with gifts and prophetic blessing. She understands how it is that people change it is to say, she understands the gospel before the gospel has arrived in its fullness.

She gets the meaning and power of grace. She gets the meaning and power of giving a gift and speaking a blessing for beloved. This is how we actually change is not when we hearken unto the voice of fools, but when we hearken unto the voice of wisdom and life. When David hears a voice that is higher than the voice of not ball something that is more wise, a voice that is more beautiful and what she does and she begins to prophesy to him and bless him and tell him that you have a destiny that you are the king and you are going to rule even kings need to be reminded of who they are. You beloved in Christ the royalty of God's family. You are princes and princesses in the kingdom of God and you are destined to reign with Christ forever and forever. You are no mere mortals you're going to live forever. You are no ordinary people. You are the body of Christ on earth. You have been laden with purpose and potential because the very power of God resides inside of you the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in and toward and through you, such that you have a glorious inheritance in the saints. Beloved, you have been chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.

Sins shall no longer be your master, but you in Christ have been made into more than conquerors through him. Thank God for all that he has done because he has taken you out of the kingdom of darkness and transported you enter the kingdom of light and the reason that we must preach the gospel and listen to the gospel and tell it to ourselves every day is because even kings need to be reminded of the Royal destiny and Abigail comes as the voice of the Lord and she comes in the voice of goodness as he comes in a voice of humility. She comes in the voice of beauty and wisdom.

She comes as the voice of the gospel and she tells David who he is. And David remembers who he is and he repents of the violence that had come up in his heart and he lets go of bitterness and they lets go of the unforgiveness and his life is changed in a moment by the sound of the gospel talent right will have more teaching moment from today's important series.

Glad you've heard about it with you believed in mind my experience it in the hypothalamus, beloved book lover of myself as a love story from beginning to end the spiritual bride of Christ, the perfect bike. The Bible tells about his kind moms are the links to walk with for any man who is gonna member the woman tasted the sweetness of God's love for your site for any woman who searched for 25, which involved working only fully Gary Chapman remind Dr. the five love languages size incredible reality that God pursues us in life comes to my wife and lover of myself. Ancient biblical accounts explode in the heart except Christ proposal and showing his embrace. Evelyn after the match made in heaven, lover of my soul gospel is shared when you get talent right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today. We will send you a special offer.

We are happy to send this to you as our banks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website past Today's teaching now continues you once again is as soon as you quit listening to the voice of the full's of the world start listening to the voice of God. You have your heart change.

Do not build your life as a response to what fools are saying build your life on what God is saying Abigail's actions accomplish so much she save the entire estate from massacre. She prophetically revealed David as king and conqueror prevented David from bringing judgment on himself and needlessly killing people. Abigail, what a beautiful spirit. Oh that the day that David when kings normally went to war, David got up from his couch and was walking on the roof of his palace when he saw Bathsheba and forgot who he was. If only there had been an Abigail, an intercessor in that sad story when David steals Bathsheba for his wife and has Uriah killed as a consequence, the Lord spoke to the prophet Nathan to David and told him the sword will not leave your house.

We need even David needed an intercessor, a mediator. Someone who would go between, because it's so beautiful about this story is that while in most of the narratives of the Old Testament where you see David. He is the one prefiguring Christ in this story it is Abigail who points us to Jesus.

This wise wonderful woman who somehow understood the gospel. Do you see the picture on his beautiful she comes on a donkey on behalf of a foolish husband in order to intercede for the fool who didn't even send her she took the initiative on behalf of the center who didn't even comprehend his own folly. This is love, not that we first love God but that he first loved us. And Christ came. Never forget this. Christ came to die for the ungodly. While they were still in their sin. We did know how to call upon his name.

Where to foolish to know the right way. And so it is that Christ came riding on a donkey is the Pharisees who should've known better, more often, son of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grass, but into himself and became a servant became obedient and obedient, even unto death on a cross. She was intelligent she was why she was. She was noble she was beautiful. She was she was a rare jewel, and she came in she bowed down before David not because that would be the posture that she would stay in the rest of her life, but she had understood some kind of secret, the one who humbles himself shall be exalted one want to exalt himself will be humbled, and she would be raised up one day and she would become queen, but on this day she bound Jesus humbled himself, and he took across but it would not be that he would stay in that grave, but he would be exalted to the right hand of God the father Almighty. Her name was Abigail. My father's joy.

This is my son in whom I am well pleased.

The fathers took joy in his son's obedience. He took joy in the redemptive plan unfolding.

He took joy Abigail a picture of what makes God's heart glad she came and she bowed before him, and she said let me take the guilt she who had committed no sin, stood again on behalf of the foolish husband who had committed such folly and said, let it be on me. She took the blame for the guilty, though she was innocent in order to save the one who had not even sent her in so doing, the righteous wrath of David was removed and he who had power to slay the entire estate instead became propitious toward them became kind towards them became peaceful towards them. David needed a mediator or to go between him and his enemy. He needed a mediator to go between him and the one who had offended him because he was such a fool and they intercessor the mediator, the one who went in between Abigail becomes a Redeemer that day and you and I know the Bible says we were the enemies of God. Though we were lost and are's foolishness in our sin.

God in his infinite love sent a mediator. He sent Christ, the mediator of a new covenant covenant wherein he who knew no sin became our sin so that God's righteous wrath would be resolved and he would become propitious towards us. He would become a kind and peaceful and benevolent towards us, because justice had been done.

Jesus came giving the gift Jesus came, giving his life. Jesus came as a servant so that we would be forgiven. We would be made of all that we would not live our lives in bitterness, but instead the freedom and the power of the gospel. In other words, David looks upon Abigail's actions as if it were not ball who had done such and therefore Abigail's righteousness is recommended unto not ball by David and David becomes a blessing to the estate.

While not all is oblivious, drunk and foolish.

He is saved by another's beauty and wisdom is how were changed were not changed by telling our flesh to quiet down were not changed by saying ought not be so bitter and angry were not changed by trying somehow to do it on if you try to live this life out of your flesh, you got me telling everybody around you gird up your sword arm until some but if you hear the voice of sweet Jesus and see what he's done for you in the gift that he's brought and listen to him bless your life you will rise to your destiny. The response of noble is the response of the world of the cultures way, the way of the flesh when we have a different way. Jesus became our wisdom when we only had folly. He became our peace when we only had enmity. Here's what I take away from the story number one. Life is a setting of utter contrasts.

There is light and there is darkness.

Do not let them blur because there's a way that leads to life, and there's a way that leads to death. Choose life. Secondly, only a fool let his life be directed by the actions and words of fools do not build your life as a response to what the wicked say and do build your life on the word of God. Thirdly, without a Savior we are enslaved by our folly, laziness and passions were enslaved by the flesh.

Number four. We can only be healed of our anger when our attention is set upon the beauty and wisdom of the holiness of Christ. We need a mediator or else all is lost. It's a story of contrast the way of the world in the way of God.

Life's full of such contrast. Fix your eyes upon Jesus, the author and the finisher of your faith in the gospel change a thing that is the gospel wisdom here from Abigail are teaching from the series God used who Alan is back in a moment with additional insight on this teaching for your life.

In today's final word.

Glad you heard about it with your years you believed in mind my experience it in the hypothalamus to the left, but never of myself as a love story from beginning to end the spiritual bride of Christ, the perfect bike. The Bible tells about his kind and amounts of the links to walk with Fremont Hispano member. The woman tasted the sweetness of God's love for you this night for any woman who searched for 25 2014, only a handful of Gary Chapman remind Dr. the five love languages size incredible reality that God pursues us in life comes to my wife and lover of myself. Ancient biblical accounts explode in the heart except Christ proposal and showing his embrace. Evelyn after the match made in heaven, lover of my soul gospel is shared when you get Alan Wright Ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today.

We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor and got work.

Alan I know many people who pray for wisdom and there's good words here dig into God's word find the wisdom but the story, Abigail. It's certainly story of a better way is a better way and is the way of God and therefore the beauty of the story of Abigail is in pointing us to what Jesus has done for us it just think if you been following this story. Think of how mad David is in the only way that he could be healed of his anger was when his attention came away from the ball and all of his surly response in all of his foolishness and was set upon beauty and wisdom. Attention was taken off the offender, but upon Abigail. Well here's what happens in our lives. And here's what I pray for every listener that you take your eyes off of those who have offended but them on the beauty and wisdom is the only way that we can be set free and I think that's what this is a pick her up.

In the end it's a picture of Jesus.

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