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Blessing Compilation #8

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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March 5, 2021 5:00 am

Blessing Compilation #8

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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March 5, 2021 5:00 am

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Pastoral author and Bible teacher Alan writing. The only way really towards healing is to have the blessing spoken creates the security to begin delivering us from from those problem that's Pastor Alan. Welcome to another message of good news that will help you see your life and old. I'm being really excited to be in the studio today in our special Friday blessing broadcast with Esther Allen and we have this book that's in our hands the power to bless.

This is something that no matter how long you've been a believer or how new you are, no matter how long you study, blessing, or maybe you just thought it was a hashtag. There is a way to dive deeper and to continually be learning about about blessing and that's working to do today with Pastor out. That would be my first question is is all about unpacking that and that even for somebody like a pastor of so many years like Esther Allen how he is still learning to this day. If you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire program I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource. Right now it's yours for your donation this month to Alan Reich ministries so as you listen to today's discussion go deeper and will send you today special offer when you contact us at that's Pastor out or by calling 877-544-4860 and will have more on that later in the program but right now let's get started here in the studio with Pastor Alan Wright the power to bless.

It's been out now for several weeks you've worked on it probably diligently for a couple of years, but you say has been a lifelong start with them with why, why did you write this book and why now is that's that is probably the most important question author can ever address why why why write that book. You know, one of the reasons I just have to say upfront Daniel as I needed it. I needed every day. I need to continue to learn. I was driving down the highway the other day my wife is in the car.

We are returning home from a church function and it was evening and I was in the left-hand lane on the interstate you know slowly moving past some cars on the right just going a little bit faster than the ones on the right because I figured out I was going little bit faster so I need be left in line, but I was gonna move back over as soon as I pass these couple car.

All of a sudden, here comes a car zooming up behind me, a sedan that pulls right up on my bumper in on time, that when their tailgating just to feed back bumper can't even see the headlights are so close to me like they're going to push you out of the way if they could, you know that Kenneth and Tom is such a pet peeve and I was on my bumper. I turn on my resident person right on my tail and it is like I'm leaving church right now and I've just finished I've just written this book is just been released and I can think of many things that I felt like saying to that person and none of them were blessing is something that we want for the Lord for a long time you realize a long way to go.

I pulled over the right hand lamp I got past the cars thinking is thinking thoughts that were much more I can to curse and blessing and an hello son we like it was young woman driving the car and she had her hazard lights on the flashers and she is trying to get somewhere in a hurry pulled over on the shoulder even and drove up you know and and and I both set of well she's headed to some sort of medical emergency or she's some kind of good reason some batteries and I thought well I'm glad I didn't. I didn't actually cursor get out but in point of being is nothing I think. I realize that this this is something I want to spend the rest of my life learning about and practicing and I want others to as well. Also Daniel. I feel like as we as we were speaking about last Friday we should trivialize the notion of blessing and all people think is what you say.

After some ice sneezes or what you say before a meal but in the Bible. This is a fundamental idea of blessing runs like a golden thread all the way through the Scripture from the time that God blessed Adam and Eve and told to be fruitful and multiply in the Hebrew patriarchs, Abraham being blessed so he could be a blessing and Isaac blessing Jacob and Jacob blessing from the Manasseh and blessing his 12 sons and Moses putting out blessing and a curse in front of the people and David blessing his household. The prophets blessing over and over, and Jesus himself arrives on the scene as a baby in a strange fear comes and blesses him the last thing Jesus does on the face or is he bless his disciple. It is, it is so prevalent it so is so important and I find it for a lot of my Christian life I didn't know what was, and now when you get a chance to speak to people that travel I would say the usual responses. I'm not real sure what we mean by blessing so it will really want to write the book so that we can help people understand one of the most important principles in the Bible but then I wrote it because I believe God has shown me over the years really over the last 30 years how powerful blessing is because it is an expression of the gospel, and it is it has a mystical expression of grace to it. Not magic, but mystical I would say impartation almost hard to describe. And I felt called to put this into a book so that we could understand why Lessing works. And there's one other reason I wrote this book and that is because there is what is arguably the most important family blessing in the entire Bible. One wasn't maybe the most important blessing in the Bible other than maybe the high priestly blessing the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh for 3700 years Jewish dads have them blessing their sons every Friday on the Sabbath evening with the words. May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh, and nobody seems to know why I believe God give me some revelation about that so that the explanation of the firm and Manasseh blessing is not only given but it becomes a lens through which I write the whole book so those reasons and and more. Starting with boy I sure need it so I figure other people do. I think I'm not the older one was my pulls up on your bumper doesn't automatically want to start thinking of a blessing and I think that we can be trained. I think that we can release this power and we can change the world.

So Christians you are in Christ and Christ came to bless your life easily for you and now you are authorized to be able to bless in a transformational way the world and the people around you and that's what workbook is the power to bless. It's available everywhere. Now, Barnes & Noble Books A Million places were good books are sold, and in fact if you need us and help on that will connect you to that resource. The book that you could sit with a cuppa coffee and just savor what you're hearing today is his tip of the iceberg. But it's a teaching book and and I think of the illustration we know it's very simple thing to say but it's so deep to unpack that Jesus is in everything you get in Sunday school as asked the question what is Brown has a bushy tail likes to click nuts for the winter and the kid says what sounds like a squirrel but I will go Jesus, you know, I could say it to the response of your the car detailing you on the highway and in that natural since you didn't want to to make the make the blessing that I can almost see even if you didn't know the full unpacking of how to bless somebody you can you can let her buy and then say, be fruitful and multiply has a very quick simple basic version of the blessing, but there's so much more to unpack. You can always find something that is true of any human being.

If I can't think of anything else, it's you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. You been made in the history of every human being, whether there acting like it or not.

And so it is.

It's a practice it's it's something you be trained in, but that doesn't make it any less significant or spiritually powerful. It's both a spiritually powerful but is not reserved for the elite is a something for every parent, every spouse, every sibling, coworker, friend, teacher, coach and pastor, as is the way we live our lives. Pastor Alan that what about the person. So, we will establish this part you can start right now and you can learn if you've been a pastor for 3040 50 years. There's more to learn. If you been a Christian since since a nursery baby been going to church all your life and you've heard it all before.

There is still more to learn.

So were saying that you can start where you are now and that would be helpful also for the person who did not grow up hearing blessing feeling feeling. This sense of love, but something deeper what we are talking about here's blessing. What about the problems of the unblessed life. If you missed it.

And this is all new. Well, this is very important appears early in the book because that is the situation for perhaps most of us unfortunately none of us have received blessing perfectly.

So in some sense we are all needing to make up for a deficit of something that we needed spoken over us at the right moment. It wasn't Allen right will have more teaching moment from today's important series inspiration and practical help to grasp is that in conjunction with exciting really suppressed Allen's new bucket power at last put together some tools to get you started on the journey of speaking, life empowering people you that the toolkit includes message of Pastor Alan's recent sermon on the mysterious pricing from the gateway to understanding the power of all blessing also included in the kit is a list of scriptures can be spoken directly expressing blessing scriptures and product pricing can easily access them for specific situations pretty much right ministries this month will happily send you the power to bless toolkit is our way of saying thanks for your partnership resources are available for immediate digital download or available in CD and a quick partner with and be inspired and equipped to bless someone's life to when you get today. We will send you a special offer, sent 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website. Pastor these teaching you once again is whether you have grown up very difficult home even abusive home where curse rather than blessing was outright spoken I'm talking about the constant berating and belittling and you're not going to amount to anything. All horrible things that children of her and then there's the other side and that is will know you weren't directly abuse.

That way, but it just wasn't. It was just absent, and I think that when I think about what I missed from my dad who I just admired and loved so very much and who I know in my heart loved me but he left home.

You know when I was with Grady when you're your parents breakup in your fourth-grader. You you don't know why you don't have a category for that.

So you kind of feel like something around me and then he's not around that much to affirm my destiny and call it out so you wonder wool was a person gotta do in order to have some IV problem say and much of the this story behind the power to bless and and I think it's it, though it though. It is chapter by chapter book that that is nonfiction is still built like a story because part of what I do in the book is tell the story of Jacob and the reason is I so identify with Jake a lot history feels like my store Jake up was born the second of of twins that he was the younger and in his culture. It was the firstborn son. They got all the attention their everybody chairs that firstborn son answered. Jacob thought he had in his mind, and less. I'm in the position of the firstborn. I won't really be blessed so you read the narrative. He's always conniving, always trying to trick always deceiving. He tricks his brother at one point out of the and birthright. It's called bias, specifically selling him a pot of stew he's always hungry and Jacobs as well and I give you some stupid you give me your birthright. If this is his nature is like I can't be bless. I got it and it it it comes to its description know when Jacob actually pretends to be Esau in this moment where it's time for the aged father Isaac to speak a blessing over us firstborn, but Isaac's blind and old and Esau pretend Jacob pretends to be Esau and essentially steals the blessing this the way Jacob Liffey wrestled with some angel all night long heat he wrestled even in love, EE. He worked for seven years to get Rachel and that tripped and then worked another seven years. It's like the story of Jacob. He he never feels bless and so he's always trying to be blessed and I understand some of those struggles to if you have somebody who withholds blessing from you then there's something inside of you that thinks if I would just do more than I'd be blessed and that idea that there's something that's wrong with me maybe is I feel not smart enough or I didn't come from the right family or I don't. I'm not pretty enough for I don't know the right people that I have all this, then, that the word for that is shame. And when when were unconfirmed and unblessed it.

It is a breeding ground for shame was shame which says if I were a different person or I were a better person than I would be blessed that shame leads us to really become afraid to be ourselves.

So we become very prone to to pretend where the first thing happened to Adam and Eve was his experience shame. They began hiding from each other and hiding from God. So shame leads us into hiding and it makes sense because if you if you think that the way to be blessed is by being somebody better than who you are. You sure don't want to show anybody your your flaws and all you you you don't want to do.

Having been exposed for your weaknesses and but that's a very lonely thing because if people don't really know the real you then how can you say that you have real friendship or real fellowship so the un-affirm the unblessed is shame that Lisa pretends which then leads to real loneliness and we've learned so much about the problems of of loneliness. It's really become an epidemic is what sociologist would call it and is not good is not good for us to be unable to be transparent with a buy doesn't listen. It is not Daniel invitation to live the kind of life where you just haven't, you know, announce all your problems large groups of people are posted online all the time but you need have a few people without blessing and be affirmed of that Jacob is always looking to find himself. It's is this thing we would just call drift. I think you will know will talk about my drift I got is me laughing about being a kid that Myrtle Beach growing up LR summer vacation, go get that water and play all day out there, and you've probably done that annually you jump in the waves and riding around and you don't realize the current is just carrying evermore one times as a little kid I looked out the beats out lost because it can fear you 200 yards delegates and you don't know what you just in there playing the current and realize I just drifted.

I think a lot of people could identify. That's like I just having trouble getting going with my life. I can't seem to get the right focus. I can't seem to get pointed in the right direction.

I can't seem to stay focused on something and I think that's a result. So on are often times of not haven't really received the blessing and a course as it shows up and Jacobs live. Also, it shows up often in our lives just relationship problems seem he worked for love struggled in love and and II think that the wind when we are unblessed. All of this and many other difficulties can emerge and the only way really towards healing is to have the blessing spoken into our lives that creates the security the begins to liberate us from from those problems, and the one thing to say about Jacob. Despite all his wrong minded pursuits of trying to earn blessing. He did know I need to be blessed it all when he wrestled that Angel is that I will not let you go into your blessed me is like he had a yearning. You realize in so I just like to say to our listeners. You know I I think probably, even if you're listening to me speak right now you may be identify and something inside of you saying yes that's what's missing in my life. If you feel like you're bumping up against an invisible ceiling and I just can't seem to get that it may be blessing that your mess. If you have feelings of shame that make you have a sense of angst or even a sense of worthlessness. It's blessing that you're missing he felt. You can't be real with other people and is making you lonely well it could be that blessing is what you're missing and it's that it is an important but the unblessed life will will cause the soul to her really well and so Daniel good news is you don't have to stay in that condition, inspiration and practical help to grasp is that in conjunction with the exciting really surpassed Allen's new bucket power at last put together some tools to get you started on the journey of speaking life empowering the people you that the toolkit increasing message of Pastor Alan's recent sermon by mysterious blessing from the gateway to understanding the power of all blessing also included in the kit is a list of scriptures that can be spoken directly expressing blessing Scripture soprano pricing can easily access them for specific situations when you make your gift right ministries this month will happily send you the power to bless toolkit is our way of saying thanks for your partnership resources are available for immediate digital download or available in CD and document partner with us and be inspired and equipped to bless someone's life to. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor.electric power to bless his Pastor Alan's latest book in the were unpacking some great principles from this other story and here there certainly Bible and doctorate in here. But then there's also application of how you can bless others.

The two blessed part but then there's also in addition to all of that there is a way to just soak it in to receive the blessing as a whole section on how to receive it. Some of us may feel uncomfortable when we first our receipt on the receiving end blessing special.

You can grow up with. But there is also the receiving part that comes in a written form. And I think there's something special about hearing and obviously in a radio form like were in now. There is something where most people are listening to the radio by themselves.

Pastor Alan would you impart a blessing on us as we finish our time together today and maybe for the first time. Maybe someone's listening who has never received a blessing in this way before and this can be made personal to them absolutely. We begin with this that God made you out of his own holy imagination. So take this in the creator of the in Xavier as Jeremiah had said Sawyer uninformed being before you were made so you began as a thought to God you originated from God's own creativity.

God is an artist who only does that which is masterful so that means that whether you've ever felt like it or not you are God's masterpiece. All I know you like every other person in the world you have sin in your life, but the foundational truth of your life is listen. Beloved, you are made in the image of God, and that's what I just feel led to bless you today is that your creature made in the very likeness of God himself.

God's creative and God is affirming for the creation and you beloved are made in his image. So you have the capacity along with God to be creative, to have original thought to have inspired direction and you are given the gift of language of words that you can speak and when you speak in accord with God's word. You have become a co-labor with Christ himself. So just want to leave every listen I will leave you with this thought today. You are made in the image of God and therefore you are invited invokes given a vocation in this world to be a creative person who is blessing and recognizing what needs to be affirmed in others lives.

And here's what I want to say to you is I just in this moment, a blessing for you today. Is it when you do so you are. Listen to this.

You are being used by God and one was beautiful, powerful ways you ever be used. Don't think that the person it's up sing in the solo in church or the person who has the amazing teaching gift for the one who is 100 souls to Christ you know in the last two weeks don't always just say all that in the simplest ways you beloved are able to bless someone's life. Today, and that changes the world today's good news message is a listener supported production of Alan Wright Ministries

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