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Blessing Compilation #7

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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February 26, 2021 5:00 am

Blessing Compilation #7

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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February 26, 2021 5:00 am

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan writing God's word is so endlessly deep and rich in the concept of blessing is so also powerful wounds and all the way through Scripture that this is a fundamental that we really must embrace if we can live out the life that God has designed us to live. It's that important pastor. Another message of good news that will help you see your life in a whole excited for you to hear today's teaching as we sit in the studio with Pastor Alan our special Friday blessing broadcast and we have his new book now out the power to bless past relevant, Daniel.

It is so good to be with you.

As always, and I love these Friday get to have this sort of in-depth conversation. What a joy if you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire program want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now.

Yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright Ministries is you listen to today's message go deeper will send you today's special offer back today is the last day to get this flip style devotional calendar for your desk contact is a Pastor that's Pastor or call 877-544-4860 and as always, we thank you for your continued support. More on that later in the program right now is get started with today's discussion Howard to bless Pastor Alan Wright master Alan you and I have actually just read reminiscing through the pages of this book we set with it for a while and I am still personally still excited about it and and how this I think is you said not long ago, you can learn very quickly, but you will spend the rest of your life peeling back the layers and layers and layers of many parts of the Bible of the gospel, but certainly the pallet one of the things that I love about the power to blasts about the book and about the opportunity Daniel here with our listening audience as well as going to speaking to groups of people is that you can honestly say when it comes to the power to bless if this is totally new to you that I got good news for you. You can start today and if you are well familiar with this and practicing blessing. I've got good news there is so much more to learn you to spend the rest of your life really thought it was a good image talk into my son been entities that are grown and married a lawyer and I said that it is said that like the book has had doubts on temperature. That said, you really like it.

I said I know you daddy to dad is a good book I say will that's that's great to hear. He said you know he said the thing about blessing. Is this like the game of chess. He said you know you can learn to play chess in 10 to 15 minutes and it is that at the end, yet you could spend the rest your life. Learning how to play chess in a ministry that you can learn what the pond does what the root doesn't night but you can spend the rest live Nuance so it is with blessing and really this is a way this will life with God. But Daniel, one of the things we want to just reiterate that anybody that is just beginning to learn about blessing is that this is not just something you can grow in, but it really is something that you can begin practicing right now and that's one of the things that do. In the book is hopefully just lay out some very simple steps to get you going. Always like things like that, you know, I don't care what it is.

If it's if it's a new computer app or if it's a good game. What I want to build up. I don't want to spend all day learning the instructions and then start playing.

Just let me start right right it out though I still like Ross teaching the kids something growing up you know if you want to learn to play the panic don't make him play scales for a whole year let him start playing a song, let me do one song get out and I think it's that way with blessing, so we we we the book and get you up and running, so to speak, in the power bless and yet Daniel is you and I discussed so often God's word is so endlessly deep and rich, and the concept of blessing is so so powerful. Woven all the way through Scripture that this is a fundamental that we really must embrace if we can live out the life that God has designed us to live. It's that important confession time. I grew up being taught manners. I think I'm a kind person and am good it being thankful. I'm good at showing my gratitude to people but so just to show you the power to bless has been challenging me lately because I could default to may be saying something about you, but I would always start with thank you for doing this are being this way and so I've been challenged to not be ungrateful, but in addition to the thankful sentence statement started with. I see this in you. You are this ride. I feel this when I'm around you and I that yeah maybe there's a come as natural to me to that's been a challenge and I think of your chess illustration when that when I think of that in me what I was doing before, but now I'm a little bit deeper in exactly so simply to bless is in a in a way that we have been made in the image of God.

We have been given a collaborative.

I like that word collaborate with God and co-labor is what Paul said in first Corinthians-week-old labor we we are. We are working together with synergistically that the work of the Holy Spirit. So God is the originator of all good gifts. We then work in conjunction to to speak out that blessing that originates with him and what it is, simply, and you look in the Scripture is simply this, it is the calling forth speaking out with words, a positive future that is attached to and help shape and identity and how that identity in the virtues that help form that identity can then release someone into a beautiful destiny so it can be as simple as affirming to someone that you have noticed that they are a joyful person. They have joy and then it it it encourages other people to see their joy and that you see that their joyful person and blessing always then carries that to something that is significant about that. So if you if you see someone has lot of joy is a euro joyful person when you're helping to shape their identity. They see themselves. This is why, but then if you go on to say enjoy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. So wherever there is joy there is an attraction to the very presence of God will now you've assigned a purpose and all that's biblical right you could say that about a person having met them just for a few moments with. That's how simple blessing is so is a positive vision spoken in faith, in agreement with God's word that shapes identity and releases destiny and it's it fundamental in the Scripture that this type of of of proclamation is very much part of the expression of what it means to be in the image of God, because this is what God does with us before we are living out manifesting all of the of the design that is made for us, he nonetheless is speaking it over us. So the blessing goes first were talked with Pastor Alan in the studio today and this is our special Friday blessing focus the book is the power to bless that's now out and I encourage you to get. Get yourself a copy of this by we can get it wherever good books are sold. Places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble Books A Million online Pastor we can connect you to the right places to get that and it's available not only hardback but also audiobook available and for your Kindle or your e-reader and your tablet. It's a great great resource out and that by the way, when you talk to an author. My friend always says words matter so I can imagine every word, even in the title of the book was carefully chosen Bob how were to less EEO when you just pick up a book or you see it in the bookstore you see the title and you don't give it much thought you might so I like that title.

Or you may find it not that handy title but you don't realize the number of hours that authors and publishers put into the selection of the title is interesting.

Some listeners may be asked to know that as that on the publisher and traditional publishing is the one who has the right to finally name the book and I and yet you, the authors impose very important, and in this case it really so glad that I had a full agreement and the publisher agreed for this title, the power to bless. We went through a lot of probably 200 possible titles and there for a while Daniel.

We had a working title for this book how we were we were gone it beyond hashtag blessed Ed you know the hashtag bless today is it, it became almost an excuse to brag right so thankful that I was voted prom queen hashtag blessed you know. Or it was trivial. Had a wonderful meal tonight. I was able to have a yellow cake for dessert. Hashtag bless you know is if this is defining and found some good shoes on sale. Hashtag bless you good bargain place hashtag blessed well not that these things are blessings, but that there's something deeper than that. But the book is about more than the move from the trivial to the nontrivial. It's about a profound power so when Baker books a Mac originally. So will.

Let's call it the power of blessing and I suggested how about we call it the power to bless because to say the power of blessing is to say there is a tremendous power that needs to be explored when you say the power to bless that you're talking about somebody has that power you, you and me the power to bless to be an agent of God to be used of God and so that that idea that you know Daniel, this is not not only is it not the trivial hashtag bless kind of thing.

And it's not only is it not the thing you say before you eat a meal what you say after someone sneezes. But when you look in the Scripture.

I think an endlessly deep and rich way. This is like a mystical expression of of grace that is being released through words and by the power the Holy Spirit that is shaping the narrative of the Bible and generation upon generation. In this this the difference between curse which Jesus came to take on our behalf in the blessing of God and you begin to realize this is something is profoundly powerful and I just came to believe that other than the direct presence of God himself. And maybe the power of prayer. I think that blessing is the most powerful transformational tool that God has has given us so the power to bless is to say that I hope publishers really take this to heart say that you and Christ are priest you have been entrusted. You have been authorized with the capacity to join with God in shaping and making them blessing this world and there are people around you that won't be the same because you're going to bless them. So that's a very powerful thing to consider where and just the two words to bless and I said this so many times. Pastor Ella may get tired of me saying it but I know why you do it or don't do it. In this case is very intentional for most of your ministry. You steer clear of providing how to use five steps to or five ways of doing this because we humans or maybe even more so, we Americans are so good at taking something putting it forming into a strategy making a formula out of that and then say okay this is how this is how the spiritual life is most to be you do a BNC but with blessing you recognize there is a bit of a teaching moment here and there is a how to principle behind the blessing and we need that because as you just mentioned so much of our lives we've gone without truly understanding this well is so interesting to me as I've mentioned before that this is so fundamental I'm in a way out.

You wouldn't be able to have if you were to sit out talk to someone in ancient Israel and ask him what you mean about blessing. They look at you funny like what you mean what I mean. My blessing it be like us going into a gathering and say today I will talk about prayer and someone raise her hands that what you mean by prayer will that's a way blessing is me.

Nobody was coming up to Jesus and what is blessing.

They just brought their children from the bless thereby understood what blessing as an end yet we we trivialize it we don't understand it.

And so it is a it's a fundamental and with that I think that there's a very very simple steps that we can take and so that's why we included in the book really at the end a very practical worksheet that anyone could take end and I you sort of a fill in the blank but it's it's for you under me the inspiration of God and in the end you with your own wisdom and perceiving people to be able to fill fill that in. But when you and when you can recognize and someone avert you that maybe they don't see as clearly as you do and you call that out that that's how about all blessing begins you know we we don't we don't create someone's worth. We just recognize their worth and we call it forth we don't we don't make their virtue but we identify virtue and we we affirm that virtue and so you you bless it and often think it's almost like you're put in a seed in the ground that then you get some water and some fertilizer on it and and some sunshine on this gun germinate and is going to grow and become what it is but you're what you're doing is your beer blessing the seed that's there and I like to think of of us the way that Michelangelo was reported to have felt about his sculptures that he said when he did his great sculptors like Moses, or the famous David met majestic David is sculptures so amazing that he said he he he always believed that the that the sculpture the figure. The masterpiece was in the stone clamoring to be set free so that then what the artist is really doing is just chiseling away, chiseling away and letting letting it emerge. Will I think of people that way.

I think I think there people that God gives us that where we are there.

There part of our part of our pathway and in our sphere and we are where the Michelangelo and where were seeing who their dissent designed to be who they're destined to be in our blessing is is kind of an artistry of calling it calling it forth so that's what you you have to go yet blister blessing go first. It has to come Esther come before someone has manifested and that's just almost exactly opposite of the way of culture. Culture tends to dangle blessing like a carrot in sight become something better than all bless you, and I think probably a lot of our listeners. That's probably more what they've experienced.

Or, you know.

Certainly my generations out, we grew up with you.

Does that got either the bears. I don't element element something affirming and I go there had no quit trying.

Well, the Bible as a picture. This is exactly the opposite. And by the way, that began in Genesis right right in the very beginning and it isn't interesting how much there is a Genesis chapter 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and are so the very first thing that we learn about God must be the most important thing you could learn about God and that is he creates.

I would be very clear about this. There is a Hebrew verb are that means create an God is the only one who's ever used in is the subject of brought it no one else can borrow no one else can create something out of nothing. So to be truly creative is to say that where there's nothing you create something, and none of us are creative in that sense, we can't call something out of nothing but but but just a thought there that God is creative. That's really it, and then the next thing you realizes he creates the first day he says is good, he affirms what he create we come to the end of Genesis and he creates man and woman in his own image and then he bless them and told them to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion in the earth. So what does God do God creates and he blesses, he makes any affirms. He creates any blesses. He creates any blesses, so I think you see right there in Genesis chapter 1. Daniel, you see, this is who God is and what's the first thing that we learn about human beings. The first thing we learn is that we are made in the image of God.

That's what's repeated to us in Genesis 1 made in the image of God made in his own image made in his likeness so we are not God. But we are more like God then probably we dare even believe were made in his image and if we seek God as one who creates and blesses who makes an affirms you can understand our vocation in this world are calling our design who we are is we are made to help shape it is to help form and creative ways the world around us and to bless and affirm it so I look at it this way when you exercise your imagination in a holy way by seeing what someone can be through authentic discernment and then you begin to speak out your very much like Michelangelo you're seeing out of the stone. The masterpiece that can be there, and our words are like that. The chisel that is helping bring it shape and I think the the soul is clamoring to be free and to be all that God made the soul to be so that's really what were doing and that is a that's a very beautiful and powerful thing to think that when you bless your doing one of the most godlike things that you can do were made in the image of God he makes an blesses and also Alan Wright.

Today's good news message the power to bless our special Friday in studio Esther Allen is back with us here in just a moment sharing his parting good news all for the day. Stick with us such a blessing instead of the curses of the wireless special offer from Alan my ministries will help in coinciding with the release of Pastor Alan's new blast we created different style devotional figure the kitchen counter beautiful spiral-bound devotional office 20 inspiration utilizing some of the excerpts from anybody using for four weeks.

Keep the premises and assurance of God's blessing right in front of you to Philippians whatever is true, I'm sure, think on these things make a gift in my ministries today and will send you an inspirational flip style devotional as I thank you for your partnership. Spiral-bound devotional come to the convening style stand seeking keep his inspiration Friday and fill your heart with God's blessing the gospel is shared when you get Alan Wright Ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries.

Today is the final day were offering the special product, six 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website. Pastor with Pastor Alan today in the studio at her special Friday blessing broadcast Pastor Alan's latest book is the power to bless. It's available now, wherever good books are sold, including places like, Barnes & Noble will connect you there and that's a great resource not only to teach you about blessing teach you how to bless.

But then it kind of walks you through some practical step-by-step on applying that in getting started, and I would pick back up with what you just mentioned a few moments ago that we are created in the image of God and of course we have to say will were not created to be a God but we are like God, you talk about the differences there will Lily go back to. This is were saying earlier. God is the Creator of the ends either so only God can create out of nothing were made in his image. So I'm not a creator, in the sense of God, the creator, but I'm creative your creative and in and day and you are very creative person so and this is not just for the artists of the world and author takes words that already exist and put them together in a way that is never been before. Right.

So that's what I love about that art at words to me are our paints on the pallet. That's a beautiful thing he made his creative for somebody else. Your creativity might be expressed in that you love to cook and you make creations in the kitchen. Someone else might like to have a woodworking shop someone else. Your creativity is in the way you work in the yard and the things you see growing in owner on the list goes so my point is just being is a God made us to be creative people, but the most beautiful creative thing that we do is we help people become what they can be so are our words therefore are cooperating with God's word so so he's a creator, but were created and all blessing originates with God, we learn from James every good and perfect gift comes out from so we didn't manufacture the good gifts. We are not the ones that even generated love, much less light in the world trying but we take these good guests and we cooperate with them and and help release them so that's really what were doing more blessing were taking the very goodness of God that originates with him and is from God alone, but then where we are being used as agents of releasing that blessing everywhere we possibly can. God creates God gives good gifts. We in his image are creative people who are blessing those good gift to be released in people's lives.

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