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Daily Blessing Compilation #1

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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January 8, 2021 5:00 am

Daily Blessing Compilation #1

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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January 8, 2021 5:00 am

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Pastoral author and Bible teacher Alan writing blessings to a student does not study God's given you an excellent brain you have an important dust. God wants to use you to make a difference in the you can grow.

You can learn you see all of that is a blessing statement.

I believe that you can excel as faster Alan I'm excited with Pastor Alan and departing from our normal teaching pulpit ministry today being Friday and it will be our practice on Fridays for the next little while to just talk about the power of blessing and Pastor Alan were so excited about a brand-new book that you have coming out February 2. This is an important time in the life of our country.

It's an important time in the life of this ministry, but even just as believers combating the darkness combating where the world is showing up with curses. We counter that with blessing all the world is just full of curses and it all around us we hear and listen to. You don't have to go far. You just pull in front of someone in traffic you'll find out what spirit of the age. Most wasn't really a sign a negative forecast to your life right so really curses a sense of saying you your identity is flawed. Your future is flawed bad things going to happen and probably not get worse.

What is blessing. Blessing is God's way of empowering us by a positive identity rooted in his promises that release us into our destiny. Daniel II just I want you know I'm excited about and so I don't overstate things, but I I think this is not just the most important book I've ever written. Coming out for were second the power to bless how to speak life and empower the people you love.

From Baker books. I don't think is just the most important book I've written. I think is just one of the most important books that God is going to use because there's not that much written about blessing right we know about prayer a lot written about prayer were we talk to God. There's a lot of Bible teaching which of course we do every weekday.

But blessing is where you speak to another person and you proclaim a positive vision over there live and when you do something of mystical power takes place. The whole book power.

Bless is rooted in an ancient blessing from Israel. But it takes a blessing and shows how all blessing contains these gifts within it that it is a proclamation of acceptance. Therefore security that it's a proclamation of the past is over so you're moving for the future. It's a proclamation it's an affirmation of fruitfulness in an ultimately favorable in one's life so so excited about the book is coming out and it seems fitting that we take these Fridays and talk about the power blessing and and and maybe give me a chance to speak some blessing to our listeners with her not able to stay with us throughout the entire discussion today I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. We produced a beautiful calendar for 2021 for each month there is a blessing statement along with the attractive images and will be talking about then fed pulling some of these blessings from the calendar throughout today's discussion. If you'd like to get your hands on this.

We encourage you to contact us at Pastor or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860, and more on this wonderful calendar as we go throughout the discussion, but why do we go right into the month of January.

Can you tell us about the blessing will find for this. So when you get the calendar are, which is our thank you to you for your partnership with assessments when you get it. It makes sense to me. Course if you hang something on your wall you want to keep your life organized. Why not keep your spirit full good and I think it's good.

Sometimes I have a prayer that you could have for each day. But what this is it's it's a blessing that's just beautifully inscribed and will be on your wall. You can look at it every day that month and so in January I want to share with our listeners today. Daniel, the blessing is positive, scripturally based vision for life as we started our new year, and boy are we eager to start this new year. Open up your heart and receive this blessing a new thing is happening the new year, a new way.

I knew you.

May you have spiritualized to see God's fresh grace every day all day all year. That's our blessing for January on the calendar and it's a blessing Daniel for newness that's what were celebrating we think about a new year.

Boy it is good to think that the old is over and the news, and as you mentioned new is is really what we were looking for it with the transition from December to January in the turn of the page where did the Scripture come from for this particular so I took the inspiration for this and and this is the way by the way, in the book of Daniel, the power to bless the deer is in their very practical instruction was inspirational full of inspiring stories and I think readers will laugh and cry and be transformed by the stories and by by discovering what blessing is, but by the end of the book is very practical and we have step-by-step instructions on how to craft a blessing so anyone anyone anyone listen to me. Listeners anyone can learn to bless is not difficult and these blessings are on the calendar and once it we speak. They might have a little poke poetic ring to them, but that the blessing can be just as simple as an affirmation statement to some, but I think that every blessing and part of the key is that it is consistent with God's word and grounded in God's word. That's why think where we we know were on target and were speaking forth in one accord with God's word so this this blessing for the new year was inspired from really want to my proof favorite prophetic passages in Isaiah chapter 43 at verse 18. Remember not the former things will consider the things of old hold.

I'm doing a new thing. It springs forth. Now, do you not perceive it. I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. This is Scripture that is really full of hope of restoration to exiled people and is an invitation to not be preoccupied with the past. What would happen in our lives. Daniel if we could just start fresh today. I think that's what we mean by a new day, a new moment starting from right here and that that's why wanted I wanted to start out the year on the calendar and and when to speak that to our listeners today.

The power of blessing to Sam blessing you that you will see this new thing that's happening and embrace it sitting today with Pastor Alan in the studio and is will become our practice for the next few weeks. On Fridays we are unpacking principles from this new book pastor out on the power to bless.

It comes out Baker books February 2. And by the way pre-ordering the book is so important. It not only just helped practically okay have practically putting this book in front of a larger audience and that's not to build some empire here that is to get this message out. And if we talked about in a world that is filled with curses, why not counter that. And if you're on team Jesus like we are. We just want to rally together and and surround those around us and our communities are states our country with the with blessing. Amen.

Amen to that end I you know Daniel is so interesting. I think this is I was very young when us for start writing books and I had much more in my younger days of sort of that little bit of distorted type of humility. You know, the kind that is like all shocks, you know, don't you, and I've shed some of that now because I don't come on. The devil is working overtime through all kinds of people on the Internet to spread curses and we've got the opportunity through this blog to spread the power of blessing and so I'm unabashed at the same please please call our friends go preorder the book that brings a lot of attention to it, and you'll be amongst the first to get it and then please make an honest review all these things that draw attention to the power to bless and we want Jesus lifted high and when you preorder you will also get at no extra charge.

The audiobook, it is a wonderful part for anybody that preorders a book. I'm not sure what the value of the audiobook is but it's a valuable gift you get a free audiobook along with it is as an incentive to two preorder what I get a say in working with this ministry for as long as I have one thing that I know Pastor Alan you're careful to do during your normal teaching and proclamation of the gospel is one putting God in a box and creating a formula of the Laporte but when you talk about creating a blessing. I like how you put the cookies on the bottom shelf and you say you know the blessing itself. There is a strategic way to speak a blessing into it's it's quite different and you make no bones about saying that there is a template there is a step-by-step array of learning to speak or write or communicate a blessing.

There is so if you think Daniel of someone that you love and I like to invite listeners to think of someone you love right now and you would like to see their their life flourish and grow and change maybe is someone's going through difficult time. Maybe there's something that you really like to see you be able to change it needs change in their character. There is a terrible sinful tendency to want to simply point out the negative it out so a parent gets frustrated with the child who is not studying in the temptation for the parent is to either just flat out speak curse.

Well, you're just never going to amount to anything because you're not you too lazy or to just come across more holistically like that unless you start studying more.

You're just not going to, you know what blessing does is altogether different is God's way. Blessing says to a student does not studying God's given you an excellent brain you have an important destiny. God wants to use you to make a difference in the world.

I believe that you can excel in your academics. I know you have a contribution to make, with that wonderful mind of yours. You can grow.

You can learn you see all of that is blessing statement and I know listeners even as you hear those words coming out my mouth. You go oh yeah what is that do it can next to something spiritually and I think some of this is mystical, but some of his just flat. This is the way God designed us we rise up, to live out of an identity and that identity is getting spoken to us so when we bless someone for a new year and a new you. What were saying is that you can have two spiritualize you can live in the grace of God blessing in many ways, Daniel is to say when you really want good for someone. I think any parent anybody any Nice value by this app had a great friend.

You just love somebody and you want the very best for them almost have this feeling like I wish I could just take it and just deposit this good intention in the blessing is the thing that God's given us to do that is an actual expression of your goodwill toward someone else and God uses it so the power to bless walks people right through it step-by-step. The power blessing can help us focus on the new rather than the old, that's real timely for a new year that we are in now.

You get a blessing about newness right the one rooted in the prophecy of Isaiah yesterday with its joys and sorrows is over tomorrow with its hopes and challenges is yet to exist. But today, right here, right now God's grace blooms before your very eyes. This is what the Lord says through Isaiah, forget the former things do not dwell on the past. See, I'm doing a new thing now it springs up led by the Spirit you can become mindful of every blessing and savor the textures and flavors of God's grace. Each moment in the moment today and always, to what drew you to this Isaiah text when you were crafting this particular blessing well similar to the blessing. We started the day with. I'm drawn to this beautiful prophetic image because of the invitation to forget the former things and to focus on what's happening right now in modern psychology. This is called mindfulness, but mindfulness is not the product of modern psychology and certainly not the product of Zen Buddhism. This is God's deal right from the beginning God was the one who invited us to learn to live in the moment, live in the day. And Jesus is the one who said don't be anxious for tomorrow. Tomorrow you will have plenty of anxiety for itself, but consider today the lilies of the field look at the birds are there in other words, the idea of living one day at a time is God's big idea.

So what it means to to be to be mindful is to savor what's happening now it means to be fully engaged in that moment and I think that's one of the blessings I just want to give to the listeners is that you learn to savor, moment by moment I one of the things that happen to us in pandemic. We had so much of the postponing of life right and were still in it where it's like we just keep thinking well I'll just I just put my life on hold to this over and you do that was nothing to savor in the middle of of of such hardship well nuts, not true. Every moment, every, every, every little act of grace every sunrise every every snowflake, every, every, every day there's something of God's grace there on their conversations, their moments of insight and revelation. There are so many things to savor and I just and blessing are listeners of the can be led by the Holy Spirit and really become mindful of each of those blessings. I think that's what it means to be alive with newness is his mercies are new every morning so I'm going to be expectant that I'm to see something new today. It's time to quit talking so much about the past is time to quit focusing all the wounds from yesterday and to focus in on savoring the actual blessings of God and so you can become a connoisseur of God's grace. You can you can become an expert in sensing his goodness. You can you can become like someone who is an a master interpreter of art to looks at a masterpiece in a different way. I think that's what were invited to be as children of grace just become aware of his grace everywhere savor it become mindful of it in the moment. Every moment all the time.

Feel the textures and flavors of God's grace. That's what it means to savor a blessing or are listeners blessing each of you that you will have that sort of new year in the studio today with pastor and as we head into the weekend with blessing with blessing for you and we look forward to Pastor Alan's new book releasing February 2 Groundhog Day. By the way it is right right of the power to bless one of the, if not the most important book and I gotta say is I've talked to a lot of creative people in my life, musicians, artists, authors, you know, most most of them will always say that their latest project.

Their latest creation is the best in and most important, to be honest, this one really is because it is so vastly different than anything else you your your work has put out well I'll tell you the power to bless the book itself is it's it's a big idea book for big idea of the Bible is about blessing me if you think about in the beginning God blessed Adam and Eve and then said be fruitful and multiply.

He came to a man named Abram and he said I'm blessing you so that you will be a blessing. The Hebrew patriarchs learn to bless their children they bless their grandsons they bless their granddaughters blessing was what caused the the prosperity of the people about the favor of God to move forward until we come to Jesus and when he is starting his ministry. He's baptized the father blessed him said this is my son in whom I am well pleased.

Jesus called the little children and bless them.

People want it just wanted Jesus to bless their children and were told by Jesus and by Paul, which was to bless even our enemies, and the last thing that Jesus did was on earth he lifted his hands before he ascended to heaven he bless his disciples to Daniel. This is the story of the Bible and it is not talked about that much so talked about what blessing really is and how powerful it is.

And here's the important thing is why this book so important. It not only tells a beautiful story of blessing in the Bible how I came to understand it and essentials of blessing that would just nourish and I think Daniel I just things going bless the socks off the readers to hear stories of how God's blessing has been at work, but then it becomes very practical and teaches anyone. You don't have to be a poet you want to be a Bible scholar, any parent, any teacher any friend in a coworker. Anyone can learn to bless and the book teaches you how. If there are three things that we would love for you to join us on this journey would be to do number one is preorder the book if you go to Amazon. That's a great way to not only make sure you get your own copy and I and you get the free audiobook along with it, but you also going to help propel this message and if your heart is my heart, give me thy handwriting were gonna walk together. Team Jesus and proclaim this principle from Scripture of blessing others.

Number two is after you preorder the book once you get the book.

Once you listen to the book, read the book, then write an honest review and that's going to be a great way also to keep propelling this message blessing and number three is if you will make a contribution and support the efforts here at Allen right ministries. Right now we are going to get in your hands in time here for this new year 2021 blessing calendar and a lot of what were talking about today is pulled straight from that calendar and radio we can show you the beautiful images, but there it's a great thing on your wall. Look at every day to start the day or as you're going through your kitchen or your office wherever you hang it to be a reminder to you not only of your daily schedule of what's coming, but that you can be blessed and be a blessing to others in the middle of life's day-to-day activities. Pastor Alan we have time today for a woman blessing. This was from Psalm 46, our words of encouragement.

Let's make this blessing to listeners, though the nations rage and kingdoms totter.

God is your refuge and strength, he's your help amidst the troubles, even if the earth should give way and the mountains fall into the sea, you need not fear.

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, and you are welcomed to its bank to drink to be immersed to splash about. For joy, the Lord of hosts is with you in the morning at noon time in the evening watches over you as you sleep. So I bless you today to be still and know that he's God, no matter the turmoil and politics. The Lord is your God, no matter the troubles of pandemic. The Lord is your God amidst the brazen voices of fear. I envision your heart being filled today with call amidst the clamor. May you have moments of profound inward quiet today in Christ you been given peace that the world doesn't have you made a shift in your daily devotionals every day. Not only has a devotional inside but it also contains a blessing for the day and by the way, these daily devotionals were passed around online, you too can sign up for those free of charge, pastor out, to Ellen why is it so important to start our day with blessing and a lot of people. Daniel think that the way that it works is that I go out and approve myself. So then people will accept me and then the bless me. That's where a lot of the world does. They would even parents to withhold her blessing. Dangle it like a carrot. You know like this as well get my child to try harder. Employers do it. Teachers to coaches to those not, but God doesn't what God does is eat you come to someone like Gideon who is afraid shaking in his sandals literally in the winepress, for fear of the Midianites and God comes woman says hail mighty man of valor. What he had proven to be a man of valor yet, but that's how God saw Jesus might go to Simon who was shifty and unreliable as a I'm calling you Peter your rock scene that's a blessing. And when you bless, and you receive blessing. What happens is you adopt a new identity and that identity then becomes the means by which you determine how you live, how you think and how you going to feel so if you feel a sense that you are on the winning team.

You're much more likely to win. If you feel like you're on the losing team. You're much more likely to give up.

So God's word, accompanied by statements of faith that people speak of your life will empower you for the day. That's why every day we we issue forth a blessing and you can get it and is devotional form written or video. We also have a blessing podcast. Now you could you just want to start one not take one minute every day just subscribe to the podcast and just let me speak a blessing from the Scripture from my heart to do yours. Just speak it into into your life, and Daniel.

This is why we just want people to get a preorder the book and we want them to get this calendar and we want to send it to is a way of saying thank you for your partnership with us because hang it on your wall.

Fill your heart with blessing. This is the way you're gonna live an empowered and transformed life. It's not my law is not by moralism, and certainly not my curse is by the blessing of God connect with this one of two ways you can come to that's pastor or call will be happy to walk you through any of the ways to get the book calendar 877-544-4860 877-544-4060 Pastor Ellen, as always, thanks for your time today. Daniel is a pleasant, thank you so much. The light amount hard to talk about how God has made us to be receive blessing anyone can find today's good news message is a listener supported production Allen right ministries

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