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What to Do When the Bottom Drops Out | Sunday Message

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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July 31, 2022 3:00 am

What to Do When the Bottom Drops Out | Sunday Message

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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July 31, 2022 3:00 am

In the midst of feeling down, we need to look up. Caving to hardship can lead to weakened faith, like David experienced. Listen in as Pastor Greg Laurie reminds us to keep our eyes on God, no matter what. 


King David is described as “the man after God’s own heart.”

But King Saul could be described as “the man after man’s own heart.”

“Indeed, I have played the fool and erred exceedingly.” —1 Samuel 26:21

Fear replaced courage in the heart of David. 

  1. E. A. R.=False Evidence Appearing Real

The very people who are out to get us are often the ones who are afraid of us, because we are a threat to them and their power.

Though people abandon us, God never will!

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” —Romans 8:31

David went to the wrong place for solace.

Sin makes you stupid!

I cry out to the LORD; I plead for the LORD's mercy.  I pour out my complaints before him and tell him all my troubles. When I am overwhelmed, you alone know the way I should turn. Wherever I go, my enemies have set traps for me. I look for someone to come and help me, but no one gives me a passing thought! No one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me.

We need to look up and put our focus on God, not our problems.

It is okay to complain in your prayers.

Do not cry out against God; cry out to God.

When the Israelites criticized and turned against Moses, he cried unto the Lord.

When John the Baptist was beheaded, the disciples went and told Jesus.

When the bottom drops out, cast your cares on God!

God is mindful of you and your interests.

If it is a concern for you, it is also a concern for Him.

Casting our cares is something we need to do daily, and sometimes even hourly.

When your burdens and worries pile up, cast them on God! 

Come to Jesus with your burdens today!

Scripture Referenced

Psalm 142:1-4

Exodus 15:25

Matthew 14:12

1 Peter 5:6

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Hey there, thanks for listening to the great glory part just a ministry supported by harvest partners on Greg Laurie encouraging you if you want to find out more about harvest ministries. To learn more about how to become a harvest partner, just go to Let's cover Bibles knowing turned to two passages that were going to visit first Samuel 21 in Psalm 142 first Samuel 21 in Psalm 142 and the title of my messages. What to do when the bottom drops out in some ways Johnny Cash reminds me of the men were studying in this new series that were calling the house of David and so here's the thing about David in Johnny that are similar. They were both flawed people know the Bible is filled with flawed people. There's only one that is flawless and that's Jesus right whether certain characters in the Bible that we don't ever read about them committing a sin, though they surely did nothing critical is said about Daniel the prophet, nothing is said about Joseph. He was such a fine young man full of virtue but a lot is said about the sin of David and there's more ink dedicated to David than any other character in the Bible, with the exception of Jesus himself but yet at the same time, David. This super flawed guy is described is described as a man after God's own heart and like David Johnny Cash had his doubts and disappointments. One event that really shaped Johnny's life was that tragic death of his older brother Jack Jack and Johnny were inseparable. Johnny really looked up to his older brother in so many ways, Jack wanted to be a preacher one day Johnny a Singer, but to one day when they were going fishing down at the lake.

Jack thought he should go take an extra job to make a little money for the family because they were very poor and he was working at a sawmill was pulled into the saw and it was a horrible accident that affected Johnny for the rest of his life and Johnny and Jack's father Ray was a very cold man and he actually said in the presence of Johnny the wrong son died. So imagine going through life without hanging over your head of the disappointment of your father really Johnny spent the rest of his life trying to win the approval of his dad and he poured his pain into his songs and in some ways Johnny was like a modern-day psalmists psalmist and it reminds me of David because David two was unloved by his father Jesse. Now, here is David has been chosen to become the king of Israel because Saul is on his way out if David was a man after God's own heart and Saul was the man after man's own heart. Get some fine qualities, things that our culture values. Today he had fain get followers get power get well. He was really handsome so he he would probably be elected to office today. If he ran. He had a huge following on social media, and I really but so he had it all going on. In fact even sing songs about King Saul, but he sinned against God, and he was disqualified from being the king and Saul some his own life up distinctly when he said to David was shown a mercy I have played the fool and I fared exceedingly. You could put that on the tombstone of King Saul.

I played the fool and I erred exceedingly really a tragic summation of his life. But why did Saul turn against David, the answer is first Samuel 1812. Saul was afraid of David was afraid of him. But the fact is that David was afraid of Saul as well. So now were looking at the steps down for David. Up to this point.

He's done amazingly he's been the faithful shepherd boy attending a sheet.

He's been the giant killer in the Valley of the law. He's been the comforter to the king was tormented by evil spirits and David pulls out is Stratocaster electric guitar and play songs will he played some stringed instrument. He sings songs to God that soon Saul temporarily. He's done everything right, but now we see David being gripped by fear which brings me to my first point. If you're taking notes, fear, replace courage in the heart of David fear replaced courage in the heart of David. First Samuel 2110 says he fled because of the fear of Saul first Samuel 2112 says David was very afraid of the king of This global talk about human a moment. Fear is a powerful emotion is in it yet. We will be good money to be frightened that we go to a movie and we want to get scared and ironically when the scariest scene of the film comes on the screen. We cover our eyes to kick your hands down and look you paid for this.

How many of you have seen the film Jaws seen Jaws okay so reminiscing with the guys eaten by the shark.

The captain I'm everyone I saw that the first time I was horrified discharges eating him. It was like traumatic to me now. I've seen the movie since an insect that is the cheesiest scene of ever saying that shark is so fake looking but I'm I don't know you know but we pay money to be frightened or we go to an amusement park again that crazy roller coaster because we want to experience fear, but sometimes fear grips us in life. It can take you over, and it can work how you see everything including God himself one person to find fear this way with an acronym FDA are F for false evidence appearing real fear, false evidence appearing real is not even a rational thing that you are gripped by fear. That's what was happening for David.

Now this is a really courageous young men to. This is a David who wrote Psalm 27, which is the Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is the strength of my life, of whom then shall I be afraid. So the answer is nobody because the Lord is your light and salvation, but David was a guy just like you and me. He took his eyes off of the Lord and now he's gripped by fear. Why was Saul afraid of David.

Listen to this, the very people who are out to get us are often the ones who are afraid of us, me say that again the very people that are out to get us are often the ones who are afraid of us and one of the afraid because were a threat to them and their power sometimes it's a close friend. Sometimes it's a coworker. Sometimes it's someone else who is angry and jealous that you got the rate you got the promotion you got the opportunity you got the girl you got the guy whatever it might be.

They don't like that so suddenly this person that you were so close to turns on you. They lie about you they try to undermine you they try to bring you down course is up in the Daniel, the great prophet of God, loving, caring man but his co-counselors were advising the King. King Darius at that time. Historically didn't like Daniel wife because he was more effective and successful than they were. So they hatched a plot to destroy and that ultimately failed and they ended up having to face the penalty they prepared for Daniel being eaten alive by lions, but you know I think David was probably thinking, you know, I kinda liked it better when I was watching the flock of sheep. I mean, Elise and I knew my enemies were always at bear here or that lion over there. I want to protect my little flock, and he did know he does know who his friend is he doesn't know who the enemy is. He's entered into the world of political intrigue right so he's trying this sorted out. He's just a kid. He was living out in the field watching sheet and then he killed that giant in all of this started happening. God was removing everything David had depended on humanly starting with this family never have the support of his father when the prophet Samuel showed up and said I want your sons and can be the next king of Israel. Jesse proudly paraded his seven sons. The magnificent seven. There they were in the most outstanding of them was Eli who was taller than the other brothers and even the prophet Samuel thought this is the guy he just looks like a king Lords is not none of these guys of the one and then the provinces do you have any other sons and Jesse reluctantly acknowledges the existence of David incomes David full of energy and youth in the Lord says that's the one in he's anointed to be the king but his father didn't support him and his brother did neither, because later is David the son of an interim by his father to deliver bread and cheese to his brothers on the front line fighting the Philistines, also known as a pizza delivery bread and cheese all that's missing this marinara and that he shows up and Eli have his older brother says what are you doing here to leave a little flock of sheep to compete with the big boys here, filled with pride actually his brother was revealing his own problem. Sometimes when people accuse you of something. It's actually something dear guilty of their projecting their problems on you that for this older brother Eli have been so we at his family that was not there for him and then David's wife turned against him. So David got married the daughter of King Saul princes Michael fell in love with David and the king thinking he could get rid of David said only want to marry my daughter to go kill 100 Philistines, and you can however, David's is no problem using pills 200 Philistines are a very go boy is your new wife and there was love in this marriage initially but King Saul.

Anger and jealousy erupted again and he sent men to murder David Michael David's wife warned him even putting that dummy in the bed to look like David was asleep when they pulled the covers back. It was this little straw, a replica of David but it wasn't really him. But the real dummy was King Saul who just couldn't let it go. I read a really weird article the other day in the paper about an elephant in India that attacked a woman, of course, elephants are known for their memories right were told an elephant never forget. So this woman. His name was Maia.

Remove a 70 years old when out to draw water in this rogue elephant attacks and kills her tramples sorted out the events horrible within an irrefutable funeral service. The elephant shows up and takes her body and trembles it again.

What happened with this woman in the elephant. What is with this elephant holding a grudge like you've never heard of before, that the true story that's King Saul in a nutshell, he just couldn't let it go. Some people to get hold a grudge for decades. Never let it go.

Everything you do in their mind is wrong. Your motives are wrong and that's King Saul.

He just had to destroy David at least in his mind my speaking to somebody.

Now that's effectively in the same boat because he Michael even betrayed her husband when the father pressed her. She said well he forced me to do it and he said he would kill me if I didn't do this and now Celso's arm in arm of the kill that kid, but to maybe there somebody here that you know your family. You've had a breakdown in your family if you like your wife is turned against you at your wife no longer loves and supports you. All she does is criticize you. I don't want to see any guy not in this life right now. I can see what you're doing out there. All the weight of the pack, but he is always a criticism always a complaint.

Never a word of affirmation never compliments that you understand the words of Solomon, who said better to be on the roof of your house and in the house with an argumentative woman okay so that's what you're dealing with right now. Wives listen to me for a moment.

Men are not all that complicated. Okay, they just aren't.

They need to know their love. They need to know the respected effect. The Bible specifically says to you as a wife.

Wives respect your husband was the last time you just said euros rent on the I appreciate you. I appreciate your hard work. I appreciate all that you do for me. When did you tell them that last no, I'm not justifying anything, but I'm just saying that guy go somewhere else. Maybe the work there some flirty young girl that thinks he hung the moon and tells them how wonderful he is and he comes home and all he gets his criticism and complaints and never a positive word you can see all problems can develop right respect your husband. Then again, maybe I'm talking to a wife right now who is lost the love of her husband. This Bible specifically says that the wife is to love her husband. That doesn't mean that the husband should not love his wife what it says it is he that does not mean that the one should not love her husband but it does see in Scripture to respect your husband and specifically says, though, husband should love his wife. Maybe the wife says I can't remember the last time my husband complimented me or told me I was beautiful or told me how much he appreciates me. I feel like I'm hired help doing all the work around the house needs the food in the box often falls asleep somewhere you know he doesn't love me like he used to problems that developed Ida couple come to me a while ago after a service. Send the. The wife said my husband was unfaithful to me and I can't forget well really look over the guys at your house true really. I said you want your marriage to work. They both nodded their head and I said, would you turn your wife right now and repent of this until you're sorry and he did it and then I said to her, what would you forgive your husband right now and tell him you forget him. She said yes and she did it, and then they kissed and walked up hand-in-hand. I sent Cass doesn't often work out the way in all honesty I spent hours with couples with irreconcilable differences head air quotes. Every marriage has irreconcilable differences. I've had irreconcilable differences with my wife for almost 50 years.

That's an excuse for the most part, most of these things can be resolved. But anyway, this particular instance they forgave one another.

Now someone might say will Greg, don't you know that unfaithfulness is grounds for divorce. Yes, it's true.

And it's also grounds for forgiveness. But David not only lost the support of his father and his brothers. He not only lost the support of his wife, Michael, then even lost the support of his best friend Jonathan Jonathan. My son talked about this last week Jonathan talked about Jonathan and pretty much Jonathan was the only friend that David had in the whole world, and even Jonathan couldn't help but something Jonathan turned on David. He was working behind-the-scenes trying to get his dad to shill and welcome David back again and Saul would relax for a time, and David returned to the palace and play a stringed instrument and sing songs to God and Saul would be okay.

Then all of a sudden, here comes another javelin is out to kill David again and finally, Jonathan said to David, buddy.

I can't do anything for you. You need to run for your life right now because my father is determined to kill you and then David's dog turned on him. I bet you didn't know that, though that's not in the Bible. I don't I don't know if that happened, this cat didn't need to turn on the compass number for him to start with. Cats are for anyone but themselves.

Just know that that's for the distant summons amen really good CAD heater over here, but it's true isn't it.

That's where they leave from a port of the get go. No garrison okay so again. Point number one was David allowed fear to overtake him.

Point number two though people abandon this God never abandons us. Let me say that again though people abandon us. God will never abandon you. Romans 838 says I'm convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love. Either death or life, nor angels or demons nor our fears for today or worries for tomorrow. Not even the power of hell can separate us from God's love were also told in Romans 831, of God is for us who can be against us. God is for you. God will not abandon you. He just will. Jesus said I will never leave you or forsake you. And if you were to translate that from the original language. It would be Jesus speaking I will never know.

Never know never leave you or forsake you. I think he's trying to make a point but sometimes we lose heart. The man after God's own heart is having a lapse of thing.

He takes his focus off of God, and now make some bad decisions, bring me to point number three. David went to the wrong place for Solis for comfort. He went to the wrong place with King Saul hunting them.

David goes to the wrong place and hangs out with the wrong people because to a place called His and I guess I don't know much about calf jazz was where the Philistines hung out jobs was Philistine Central. The enemies of Israel.

And that's where David went Goliath himself came from Jack, so here comes David to the city filled with this enemies and he's walking to the enemy camp.

So we read about this in first Samuel 2110 it with me. David escape from Saul.

He went to King a kiss of God, but the officers of HS were unhappy about him being there. Epstein is in this David, the king of the land interesting. Saul still officially king that even the enemies recognize David as the king isn't he the one the people honor with dance and singing. Saul is still the thousands.

David is tens of thousands. There did David really think he would blend in.

At this point, David's alleging he's the go.

The greatest of all time.

Everyone knows that his March is everywhere, his enemies, though they hated him they respected him. They've seen them on the battlefield, as does a warrior and he's talking through our camp. What is even doing. I don't know what David was thinking but I think the problem is, he wasn't thinking and I think that he thought that somehow no one would know who he is or minds a little bit of Simon Peter member after Jesus was arrested Peter was standing by the fire in the dark of the night thinking he would not be noticed but there in the fires glow so moments is a hey I know you. You're one of those Jesus freaks you're one of those followers of Christ know it's not me and someone else another person says I know you hear one of those people that are with Jesus know it's not me three times. Peter denies the Lord. This is David thinking some out. No one's going to notice him and I think in his mind he was disappointed. Maybe I'm talking to somebody right now who is just appointed you don't like your lot in life you don't like what's happened to you may be a tragedy befell you in your dreams were shattered and you don't think it's fair, and in some ways it isn't. But instead of going to be with fellow believers are going to church you've isolated yourself. You've even gone the wrong direction.

You went back to the little bar used to hang out you call an old buddy who doesn't believe in said hey let's hang out that old familiar spiritual deadness is once again return to your life.

Simon and Garfunkel saying so long ago, and the sound of silence hello darkness mild friend I've come to talk with you again. That's how you feel and you're in the wrong place. This is why when were feeling down or discourage you shouldn't be with godless people. We should be with godly people right here in the right place right now. I don't know if you would a battle getting the church today. You look, that's a well nice weather maybe I'll go to the beach or we should stay home and do this other thing we said no were going to church and it wasn't an easy thing, but here you are, I'm glad you're here.

This is a great place for you to be. I don't know if David wrote Psalm one but someone says blessed is the man does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the word of the Lord, and in it because he meditate day and night. Notice what he does and doesn't do what is he do, he meditates thinks about ponders contemplates Scripture. What is he not do. He doesn't hang out with the ungodly people walking in the way of sinners, and so forth. So David was in the wrong place with the wrong people and suddenly it dawns on him. This is not why am I even care bringing us to this profound truth I remind you of occasionally here it is sin that makes you stupid under the influence of sin, you will say and do stupid thing so David sees that eyes of the town or upon a he's been outed. He everyone knows who he is like a what he does for Samuel 21 verse 12.

David heard these comments and was very afraid of what King a kiss of just my getting him to this he pretended to be insane scratching on doors and rolling down his beer.

Wow, it'd come to this. Not a good look. Finally king a cash said to his men. Why do you bring me a madman. We have enough mad men around here already.

Why should I let this guy be my guest. Hilarious David sick through no swim. I'll be like a crazy guy scratching the thing drooling like this psycho in women of psychos. We don't need another psycho get them out while it should have never come to this place to begin with. So now he runs for his life to a cave in a duel in and if you want to know how he was feeling. You can read about it and Psalm 142. You know David wrote many of the Psalms, and it's always interesting to find out when did he write this. Where did he write this and why did he write this gives you insight into what he was facing in the moment, so I've had this experience in job. He flees to this cave and he writes these words and Psalm 142 and I'm reading from the new living translation.

David says I cry out to the Lord. I plead for the Lord's mercy. I pour out my complaints before him and tell them all my troubles are mine underlined that a come back to it. I pour out all my complaints before him and tell him all of my troubles when I'm overwhelmed you alone know the way I should turn wherever I go. My enemies and set traps for me.

I look for someone to come help me, but no one gives me a passing thought no one will help me no one cares a bit about what happens to me ever felt that way. Do you feel that way right now feel like my enemies are setting traps for me. No one even gives me a passing thoughts and but I love how David shifts gears in the middle of the song. He goes from is one person pity party and looks up against perspective. Someone 42 verse five he continues then I pray to you oh Lord I say you are my place of refuge refuge. You are all I really want in life cure my cry from very low rescue me from my persecutors were there too strong for me. Bring me out of prison so I can think you the godly will crowd around me, for you are good to me at love always starts by complaining and then he looks up again so what should you do when the bottom drops out.

Point number four need to look up and put your focus on God, not on your problems yet is troubles like we all do. Again, David was forgotten by his family betrayed by his wife under threat by his father-in-law running for his very life. Yet he's trusting God. By the way, it's okay to complain in your prayers.

Did you know that that's why hedge orderly members. It's okay to complain to God in your prayers look good. Psalm 142, verse one. I pour out my complaints before him and tell him all my troubles all you can do that. Ohno should it's okay to say to the Lord, Lord, I don't really like this situation. I bid I don't like the circumstances that surround me. I don't want this.

Lord help me, but you might also add, however father.

If this is part of your plan and purpose for my life. I want your will, about my own but come clean to God cry out to God when the Israelites criticized and turned against Moses read in Exodus 1525 Moses cried to the Lord.

When Hezekiah received a letter threatening his life. We read in Isaiah 3714.

He spread it out before the Lord.

When John the Baptist was beheaded, we read that his disciples went and told Jesus, I love that when you have a probably go until Jesus. Jesus, I want to talk you about this. Lord I don't understand this and he will hear your prayer. Even Jesus himself cried out to the father in the garden of Gethsemane. If it is possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will be done to mindlessly paraphrase that and really want to do this okay, but the Lord, I know it's the only way. So father, to do this but why did he not want to do it was Jesus apprehensive about the pain. Well, I don't think you look forward to it. He was going to be beaten. His beard would be ripped from his face. They would strike him with a fist to the face, a crown of thorns should be pressed upon his forehead, causing severe pain is back would be ripped open with the Roman with they would count spikes to his hands and his feet, but I believe the thing that Jesus recoiled from in the garden of Gethsemane. More than anything else was the foreknowledge of all the sin of the world was going to be placed upon Jesus and never send. Not even once. He never had a thought out of harmony with the father. That's what he could say I am my father are one and yet now all of the corruption and filth in wickedness of the world is going to be placed upon him as he bears the sin of humanity for us if it's possible that this cup and even on the cross he cries out the words, Eli, Eli Lama suboptimally which means my God, my God, why have you forsaken me again he cries out to God, not against God number five in the bottom drops out. Need to cast your care on God. What you do when your family or friends abandoned you, what you do when you're betrayed. What are you doing your very life is threatened you call out to God, and cast your cares on God. First Peter 56 is humble yourselves under the under the mighty hand of God and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Casting all your cares upon him for he cares for you and not sharing these words from a vacuum. I don't live in an ivory tower. I face the same pain that everyone faces today marks the 14th anniversary of the departure of my oldest son Christopher to Kevin 14 years ago. He died in a tragic automobile accident at some as a little boy and that's my wife with Christopher and Jonathan and so you know we love this boy. He was so much a part of our life and that's obvious and they have them suddenly taken from us was devastating.

It was shocking. I didn't even feel like I could survive it.

I thought hearing those words could literally cause me to die.

But God was there for me and when I called out to the Lord. He sustained me in my hour of pain and sustains me to this very day. But, you know, this verse that says cast your care upon them is the idea of of deliberately ceasing to worry and putting it into the hands of the Lord, and you know there be a time when when you've lost a loved one, you'll say no there in heaven.

I know I'll see him again.

I know there in perfect joy and happiness in and you're okay. You're kind of a mostly okay or stable and improving another thought comes in and you go down against her like being in Whitewater. Or maybe you follow go over the wave and and you don't know which way is up and you're just like in the washing machine of Whitewater and an extra grief is like it just it's it's cute you and overtakes you need to get your head above the surface.

Good global bear in Perspective so this is what David was understanding you cast your cares upon God.

Listen stop worrying about what you're facing, and let God assume the responsibility for your welfare.

God cares if it concerns you concerns him.

David later wrote in Psalm 139 verse 17 how precious are your thoughts toward me all Lord how vast is the sum of them. So it's something we have to do over and over again. So like taking the trash out. I don't know how works in your house but I'm the designated take out the trash person Greg take out the trash, which I do and but I don't know why this is what I don't like to take my trash cans out to the curb.

It's not a lot of work. I don't live in some farmer like it's 2 miles I just taken from my garage put them in front of my house and the trash men pick some up if you don't do it in your trash doesn't get taken out for one week you up trouble right okay it's a weird flying things all around it, etc. so you appreciate the fact that that tribesman comes and picks up your trash and in the same way the Lord says cast your cares on me.

Put your burdens on me and yet we hold onto them ourselves. I'm not really sure why we do that Jesus wants to bear our burden limit conducted Johnny Cash and conclude I mentioned, his brother Jack so amazingly Jack cash survived the accident in the sawmill but everyone knew he was not long for this world because literally his his body had been torn open and his internal organs had come out but he said he was alive, still so he was in the hospital room, surrounded by his family.

His mother is so his father, his siblings and Jack was given a glimpse of glory. And he said to his mother mama to hear the angels, and then he turned to his father number I told you his dad was very hard and said the wrong son died, he turned to his father Ray and said to him, will you meet me in heaven and at that moment Ray cashed the hardened father of Johnny and Jack fell to his knees and asked God to forgive him of his sins and put his faith in Jesus Christ, so that was a powerful moment in the life of the father. Well that's forward now a number of years. John is going on with this career. He's had his ups and downs as highs and lows and in his later years, he makes a deeper commitment to follow Jesus Christ. But his health is failing. His career was kind of going downhill. As well, and he was discovered by a producer name recruitment who felt that Johnny was in getting his due that Johnny should still be heard by people in here is music. But he went to Johnny when I cash was performing for for a very small group of people here in California as a matter fact and said what are you coming over to my house and bring your guitar just sing songs you like and let's see what we can find and so Johnny did that in a series of records came out called the American recordings, which I think with the best recordings of the career of Johnny Cash culminating with a song called Kurt that became a video on what all these awards and that was effectively Johnny's swansong, but so Johnny had a conversation with the sister Joanne and he asked her a powerful question. This is from this documentary were working on. Look at the screen and find out what the question was there was something in Johnny's mind said I have to leave people thought I want to encourage them consider ways to better and I want to go to my it makes perfect sense. That was the last song.

Remember Johnny for her was, I suppose the beginning and in admitted that even in a 10 years before her.

I saw that light fading in his eyes know of grace and strength, spiritually and as long as he calmly open his house is close to the end and he said they sit down at top and when he said that singers, he said. Question. He said he walk on the shores and gallantly sent Jesus will you knew he was going to say just one thing when channels were not over me to answer and asked him when I would hope Sam doing money coming in. The displacement Johnny look at me and said he would setting you mentioned he had tears running down his face to me on that later transfer my number.

Johnny was telling me I'm going home typology.

That's a perfect question, isn't it. If you are walking on the sea of Galilee, and you saw Jesus walking toward you, what would he say to you, and that Johnny said he would say to me, Jesus speaking come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, I'll give you rest you maybe you've come to church today. We are watching this right now with the burden it's the burden of sin. I remember when I was a young boy I was 17 years old. This is 10 years ago, and I live my crazy life without God made a lot of bad decisions. I member when I pray this prayer to us Jesus Christ to come in my life I had the distinct sensation of a weight being lifted off of my shoulders and I did know where that was at that what is said by the way feel this way.

What way what like I have. It was a weight of sin.

God is forgiving me of all of my sin and maybe there's somebody here are watching wherever you are and you have the weight of sin and you write that you can't get rid of it all. If I drink it'll go away little be waiting for you when you're sober up all well if I just inescapably go here or see that no it'll still be waiting for you. In fact, it will follow you wherever you go here have to come to Jesus and say Lord lift this burden for me. Forgive me of my sin. There might be somebody else. I would say man I I've hit bottom and it's dropped out and I don't know where to turn. I've doubted God, I've I turned away from him and turned other things I should have turned to you need to come back to the Lord again. See my great hope that I have concerning my son Christopher is. I will see him again and have it why because he's Greg son know because he is God's son because he put his faith in Christ and he was forgiven just like I was forgiven just like you need to be forgiven in Jesus who died on the cross for your sin and rose again from the dead stands now at the door of your life, and he knocks and says if you hear his voice and open the door he will come if you need Jesus to come into your life if you want that burden of sin lifted off of your shoulders if you want to fill that hole in your heart you tried to fill with so many things can happen for you right here right now but you need to open that door of your heart, so to speak, and ask Christ to commit or make that recommitment to him when her to do that right now as we close in prayer. Father I pray for every person here every person watching wherever they are.

If they don't know you, let this be the moment they believe. Let this be the moment they come to you and receive your forgiveness and what our heads are about in her eyes are closed and were praying together. Maybe there's somebody here that would say I need Jesus.

I'm carrying this burden of sin. I want to be forgiven.

I want this relationship with God you been talking about. Pray for me. Listen if you want Christ to come in your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin if you want to know that when you die you will go to heaven.

Pray these words Lord Jesus, I know that I'm a sinner but I know that you're the Savior who died on the cross and rose again from the dead, Jesus I choose to follow you from this moment forward.

Thank you for hearing this prayer in answering this prayer in Jesus name I pray, amen.

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