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What Do You Live For?: Classic Crusade from Philadelphia, PA

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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January 29, 2022 3:00 am

What Do You Live For?: Classic Crusade from Philadelphia, PA

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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January 29, 2022 3:00 am

In this classic crusade message, Pastor Greg Laurie poses a pointed question to his audience: "What Do You Life For?"

Pastor Greg declares, "It is our short time on earth—it is here that we determine where we will spend eternity." With a steady look at the apostle Paul's words in Philippians 1, this message challenges us to look to Heaven not only as our destination but our motivation and hope. 

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This message was originally given at the Wachovia Center (now Wells Fargo Center) in Philadelphia, PA on October 3, 2008. The theme for this event was "Down-to-Earth Talk About Heaven." 


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Hey there Victor, listening to the great glory part just a ministry supported by harvest partners on Greg Laurie encouraging you if you want to find out more about harvest ministries. To learn more about how to become a harvest partner, just go to looks good to be back in a lot of sample to my life in the last 10 years, and as it was shared a few moments ago, most notably the sudden departure of my son to heaven in the month of July of this year unexpected July 24.

I'll be honest with you it was the worst day of my life. I like to put a happy face on it and say I didn't suffer if they haven't suffered, but I have a lot to hear that your son is dying is a parent's worst nightmare come true. No parent wants to outlive their child.

No parent wants to plan a funeral service for their son or their daughter, and when I heard the news that my son had been killed in an automobile accident. I felt like time stood still and all the air was sucked out of the room and when you hear the expression of fate worse than death. I can say hearing the news was just that. Why, because if you could hear words and died from them. I thought that was such a situation, hear those words said I just felt like I I don't know how you even lived through something like that. What is so hard is you just missing you miss the big things you miss the little things and I was constantly communicating with my son we were there talking around the phone or emailing or texting about what I did not worry was I sent him an email and I said where are you? Call me!

And he never responded nuts because you can't make phone calls from heaven and that's where he went immediately into the presence of the Lord and that is what is coming through something like this that assurance that hole that he is in heaven right now and I have to say if I didn't have Christ in my life giving me that hope. I don't know how I could get through a single day, but I've been preaching about heaven for 35 years. My grandparents are there. My mother is there. My father who adopted me as their now my son is taught by myself thinking about have a lot about the Bible says let Kevin know your thoughts and I've been doing just that. Recently reading what the Bible has to say about heaven thinking more about eternity and that's going to be my theme for the next three nights are at the cobia center. I want to talk about eternity. I want to think, talk about the weightiest matters. There are more important then all the stock market is doing more important than how your day is going or how your career is going or how anything else on this earth is going. These are the most important issues we will ever discuss together because check this out life on earth. Whether you live to be nine or 90 is like a blip on the screen.

The Bible says we live our life like a story that's already been told it's like a vapor that appears for a moment and vanishes away, and our short time on earth is here that we determine where we will spend eternity and it is my hope that thousands of you will change your eternal address in the next three nights. If you need to destination heaven and you can know that with certain you've seen some of our bumper stickers or billboards and a slogan we going this year was down to earth. Talk about heaven. Interestingly, my son selected that slogan months before he worked on this campaign. He was involved in the design of the art that you see around you right now the arrows pointing up. This was because I did a sort of Kenneth to get us thinking about eternity. Little did I know that I would be talking about him being in the heaven. When I would be doing these Crusades. We talked about this crusade and how we were looking forward to it in. I wish you were here.

Maybe he's watching from heaven and we don't know but he might be, but I know that his dear wife Brittany and his daughters Ella are both here tonight along with my wife Kathy and my son Jonathan so they wanted to be here in prayer supporting this event, his wife Brittany is here to serve as a new believer counselor. So when people come down on the floor. She wants to talk to them about that commitment they're making to follow Jesus Christ. Because we all know this great gospel message.

We proclaim tonight is true and we want as many people as possible to go to heaven, appetites a shocking thing. The going to pick up a newspaper and read about your own child. But there was headline in the newspaper that was not true. The statement was Christopher Loring, dad. My son is not dead is more alive than he has ever been before God. Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life and he that believes in the home he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever lives and believes in him shall never die. Ellison, I'm not in denial.

I understand what benefit I understand what a funeral service is what a grave is.

I know that this body ceases to exist, but the real you real me, the living soul lives for eternity. And when we leave this earth to chest a change in where we are not a change in who we are, were still on the other side and back tomorrow night I want to talk you what happens on the other side in a message on the share with you called email from eternity. I want to talk about both heaven and hell. You don't hear people talk about that very often, but I want to talk about it because Jesus spoke more about hell and all the other preachers of the Bible put together my goal is to get keep as many people as I can from going to a place like that. So we'll talk about that tomorrow night, but tonight's my theme is what you live for.

That's the topic I want to discuss with you what you live for no everybody lives for something.

What get your blood pumping. What get you excited.

What's your passion in life. I read a statement once it said this in an alarm clock or a colleague get you out of bed in the morning. What get you out of bed. What is the purpose of your life up all was done on the Oprah Winfrey show and the question was asked what is your life's passion.

70% of those were pulled had no idea as it turns out, many people are enduring instead of enjoying their lives in their favorite day of the week is some some day they say my ship will come in Sunday him and to build their dream house.

Someday I'm going to retire someday I'll find a perfect relationship. Someday my Prince will come in an astounding 94% of the people responded to a survey during the present while waiting for something better to happen.

What people don't plan on happening that my son was only 33. This was unexpected and you here in Philadelphia in the greater Delaware Valley know about this sort of thing. Recently you mourn the tragic death of police officer Patrick O'Donnell was only 30 years old. He was 1/4 Philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty within the past year or maybe someone close to you is dying and your family, your mother, your father, a friend or coworker. Maybe son or a daughter and it's hit you really heart that has no mercy.

Tragically, three pipe people die every second hundred and 80 every minute 11,000 every hour. That means that 250,000 people enter into eternity every single day that strikes everyone that is why David said, Lord, remind me how great my time on earth will be reminding me that my days are numbered in my life is clean away. My life is no longer than the width of my hand an entire lifetime is just a moment to you. Human existence is but a breath.

You know, in ancient times they discuss the topic of death a lot more than we do today. We we don't like to deal with that you love someone selling your life insurance, and though they will if something were to happen if is that it only a matter of when.

This is not why I'm talking to you about life insurance. We don't like even use that word dad ancient merchants often wrote the words memento Mori, which means think of death in large letters on the first page of their accounting books. Philip of Macedon, father of Alexander the great commission the servant to stand in the presence and repeat these words, Philip.

You will die. In contrast, France's Louis XIV decreed that the word death could not be used in its present and more of us today are more like Louis than we are like Billy denying death and avoiding the Barry discussion, but check this out. Only those who are prepared to die are really ready to live. Are you prepared. Let's talk about that uncomfortable subject tonight before us here in Philippians 1 are some verses from the apostle Paul. This was a man who live life to its fullest.

It was also a man that understood the shortness of human existence, and he made these statements and I reaching out from Scripture. Philippians 1. Paul says for me to live is Christ and to die is gain by live on the plexus will be no fruit for my labor yet. What I will choose. I cannot tell I'm hard pressed between the two having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better.

I love a statement for me to live is Christ.

Nobody hear someone saying something like that think they're out of touch with reality starting up their head in the clouds and you know they're so heavenly minded.

There are no earthly good right I found that those who are the most heavenly minded or of the greatest earthly good CS Lewis 01, said aim at heaven and you'll get earth thrown in payment for thing you'll get neither. I find those were quote heavenly minded do a lot for other people look at the great hospital. The great universities in the relief organizations out there that have been started in a run to this day by Christian when there's a crisis anywhere in the world. Christians are always first and compassion, reaching out intangible ways that helping. It's always that way it's always been that way, have you ever heard of an atheist relief organization, no they just write books trying to destroy the faith of those had their lives changed by Jesus Christ.

What we going to try to change the world for good. But you see, Paul said for me to live is Christ see for the believer there in a win-win situation. What do I mean by that, when because if you live it's crime, but if you die, it's getting, you can't lose a Christian can enjoy life like no one else. That beautiful sunset takes a great phone. The joy of love and marriage the comfort of family and friends. Laughter.

We don't need rods, we don't need alcohol to give a set fulfillment. We have it in a relationship with God for site and always believe when I was a young kid I thought drugs would fill a void in my life so I used. I thought drinking and partying would fulfill me.

So I went down that road, but I saw how empty it was, as many of you have seen some of you are figuring out right now. Yes, we can enjoy life like no one else. But we also know there's more to come.

Much, much more when we meet. The Lord ever reunited with loved ones gone on before us and we are in the very presence of God. We recognize that the greatest joy that life throws our way are but can of heaven. CS Lewis put it this way, the author of the Chronicles of Narnia said and I quote all the things that are deeply possessed your soul have been, but since of heaven. Tantalizing glimpses promises never quite fulfilled echoes that died away just as they caught your ear Lewis is a pipeline in my supper desire which no experience in this world can satisfy the most probable explanation is I was made for another world.

He concludes earthly pleasures were never meant to start his wife to arouse to suggest the real thing." The real thing. Friends is heaven and we know that heaven is out there. We put our faith in Christ to live is Christ.

Paul says in the diet. Only the person who says to live is Christ and then say guys came coming back to an earlier question what you live for some people just live fill in the blank to live is to just live. Take it one day at a time, they would say life is mere existence, no philosophy to speak up. They don't contemplate the meaning of life. They just live for the moment satisfy whatever desire comes their way. In fact, you bring up the topic of life's meaning, they said I want to talk about it just keep the conversation light. They just live they just exist. Another person might say why Manda limits pleasure to live is to have fun to enjoy the moments that people dedicate their entire life to think of can't wait till the weekend usually works of art weekends, no weekends, a party that forgot to do that you were noticing you spend most of your time waiting to do something that is even all that good when you're doing beyond now be straight with you before I was a Christian I had some fun. I had some pleasure. I also have a lot to kill a lot of misery and a lot of empty and I spent a lot of time in between those little moments those minimal moments of pleasure, sort of like going to an amusement park spent three hours waiting for the wrong know they have these little signs and some amusement parks appear at this point in the line you'll be on it in one year. This is supposed to encourage me to get on the right, at last like what two minutes and then you get another line anyway. Not like to be like waiting, waiting, waiting, have a few pleasures, waiting, waiting, waiting, sure there is some pleasure. The Bible even says there is pleasure in sin for a time than the Bible also warns that the wages of sin. They are the Bible says of a woman that lives for pleasure. She's dead while she's living beyond your at a party recently drink in one hand cigarette on the other phone away and you are thinking yourself this thought why my doing this. I'm not happy. I don't even know if any of these people in this room are my friend. I don't think they care for car ran over me tomorrow, why, why am I wasting my life have you thought that lately is not a bad thing to consider, because there's a deadness and emptiness in the pursuit of pleasure another person might say for me to live is to get even set of live and let live.

That's a live and let die. I'll get you there like a five they lived for conflict will give for someone to be mad at uptight angry people. What a waste of life might say to live his possession they might have a bumper sticker on their Ferrari dies with the most toys when you just want to sideswipe a person like that Dr. not that I would like to think about one of the wealthiest men that ever lived was King Solomon in the had everything you could want. He said I built a huge help for myself why landed beautiful vineyards. I collected massive sums of silver and gold. I had men and women. I had everything a man could want. And then I looked at all of us and it was also meaningless. It was like the wind. There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere you don't believe that just take a look at so many of these celebrities and sports stars that make all of this money so quickly. You look at them going into drug rehab or alcohol rehab or committing suicide possessions fulfill a person why are there so many miserable successful people see they have what many others just dream about and they know now and experience. That's not the answer. Solomon knew that as well.

Maybe you notice well yourself, what are you living for to live is Christ and the die is gain all these other things will not satisfy you and think about who wrote this. These words were written by Paul now some of you don't know who Paul was. Paul was an apostle, but he's the last guy anybody ever expected to become a follower of Jesus. See Paul used to be known as Saul, Saul, from a place called Tarsus. He was a religious man. He was a man that thought Christians were the enemy. In fact, he thought he was doing God a favor by hunting down Christians and putting them to death. It was Saul of Tarsus that presided over the death of the first martyr of the church, a young courageous man named Stephen one day Saul met the living Jesus on the Damascus Road and Jesus said, Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me and Saul was transformed in a moment, and he said Lord, who are you and what you want me to do and then the murderous Saul became the powerful Paul, the one who made the statement that already mentioned to you tonight. Maybe you like to mock Christian you guarding your way to harass people that have faith in Jesus Christ. You think they're just a bunch of idiots. In fact, he came here tonight to mock a little bit more under a people ever heard the proverb that says when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that barks the loudest and the one that got hit. Think about it sometimes.

Sometimes the ones that argue the most are closer to coming to Christ than the ones were completely passive. It's true, you don't go for a walk question for you Mr. Christian about this and what about the respondent is in her always arguing, always giving you a hard time. Maybe the way reason you're that way because deep down inside you know it's true you're fighting.

That's what Saul was doing. Maybe you've come here tonight with your arguments with your anger with your hostility. Maybe you're mad at God. God let this happen to me. I met listen people about me. Greg are you mad at God for allowing your son to die. I'll be honest with you I don't understand why God let this happen. I give anything for it not to have been if there was a way I could've traded places with him and gone in this place I would've done it in a heartbeat in any of you who are parents out there. No, I mean that when I say I wasn't given that choice. My mad at God, no.

I'm sad I'm very sad. I'm sad all the time. But how could I be mad at God who forgave me of all of my said in forgave my son of all of his sins and holds them safely in his arms. Honestly, I think sometimes people say they're mad at God as an excuse for the way they've chosen live.

Saul was that way, but he became a believer because God got hold of him to live is Christ and to die is gain. Now this is a wonderful thing when you can say die is gain because you know that you will go to heaven. That doesn't mean that Christians have a death wish, doesn't mean that we get up in the morning say man I hope I die today. I would really be cool. Now man we want to live. As I said earlier, no one loves life more than the follower of Jesus Christ. At the same time we know the best is yet to come yet to come not here.

We don't live in the under the illusion that life's a fairytale, you know, we know life, her realists, sometimes he was a person job here at Madrone don't know what's going on out. With that Christians are the greatest realists around. We know it's going on here is one thing we know, man is not basically good. Anyone who believes that Taft crazy. We know men is simple Bible teaches us that human experience teaches us that we know life is hard. We know there are things that happen in life. We cannot explain but at the same time we know that there's a God who loves us and we know that life on earth is not all there is, but there's life on the other side because we put our faith in Christ. We know we will meet him one day we can live full meaningful line the same time but you see we go through life with hope and with purpose. And when that day comes for us to leave this world. We know that God is something better.

I wanted apart and be with Christ. Paul said, which is far better.

Why is better will because heaven is better than earth, that sort of the understatement of the century.

But why because God is there, and Satan is not there. And sin is not there. And temptation is not there, nor are human disabilities. There are human sorrow, or any of the other horrible things we experience in this fallen world.

The Bible says, speaking of heaven in Revelation 7.

They stand in front of the throne of God serving them day and night will never again be hungry or thirsty will be fully protected from the scorching noontime. He and the llama stands in front of the throne will be their shepherd and he'll lead them to the springs of life-giving water, and God will wipe away all their tears. Why is heaven better than earth. It's better because I'm moving from a tent to a mansion. It's true the Bible compares our body to attend perfect illustration.

It says in second Corinthians 5. We know that this currently 10 that we live in will be taken down when we die and we leave these bodies, but we have a home in heaven. Eternal made by God to 10 you live permanently in the tent Ellison you can do anything you want with your body, your neck of the staff time for moving on.

You can stretch you can inject it with all kinds of stuff you can do everything you can to stop time visiting the nor life just moves right on, but will leave a tent and were going to go to this mentioned this new place. Remember the TV show the Beverly Hills you please member the theme song old Jed was out hunting went up from the ground came a bubbling crude.

You know, and he struck oil. The first thing you know, old Jed's a millionaire. The kinfolk said Jed move away from here. California is a place you want to be so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly hills that is stars that you got for me. He starts one day you can see what I do with my spare time writer memorizing really lame song. One day we will leave this broken down tenantable body to a mansion to dwelling place far greater than Beverly Hills or any other exclusive neighborhood that new body that God has for us. Why is heaven better. Heaven is better because it's immediate when a believer dies go immediately under God's presence. Immediately this like that I saw couple people jump when I clapped. I'm sorry they may have dozed off, though, so could be a good thing. The apostle Paul said that the live is Christ to die is gain and then he also said that were confident rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord you don't depart and go to place to sleep somewhere you go right to the presence of God. It's immediate. The moment you take your last breath on earth you take your first breath in heaven through its better because in heaven all of our questions will be in will of questions would like to ask God heard about one woman's question for God in an ambitious moment. She decided the invite a lot of her friends over for dinner. She was overwhelmed with all the preparation could hardly get it all done and after all of her guests arrive. She turned were little five-year-old daughter and said honey why don't you offer the prayer for everyone in the little girls will mommy I don't know what to say.

She said you just say what you heard.

Mommy said so the little girl said okay let's pray Lord why on earth that I invite all these people to dinner, but seriously, though, we have legitimate questions for God. I thought about this a lot with my son.

Why why did this happen, no scenario really works quite honestly I pretty much given up asking why the Bible doesn't promise a piece. It always gives understanding the promises of peace that passes understanding, but friends listen one day all know why one day all know right now the Bible says I'm seen through a glass darkly, but then I will see face to face. You know certain things are fuzzy.

They don't make sense to run clear. One day it will all come in the perfect clarity until the day we went on the Lord, we don't live on explanations. We live on promises one day will know but until then we must trust and lastly heaven is better than earth because Paul said I'll be with Christ. That's a great joy. Yes, it's wonderful that will get new bodies and by the way, if you want to see me in heaven: for a bald guy look for a guy with hair okay it's a new glorified body, maybe an Afro letter no.

Then again, what overall ball in heaven. See maybe it will be the character, instead of the turnover you know whatever it is it's going to be good. I like you care less.

The greatest joy of heaven even greater than anybody even greater than a reunion with my loved ones even greater than all the listed action. Jesus will be there and will never be separated from him again. Listen, you don't go to heaven to find Christ to go to Christ to find heaven. You can find him tonight.

He's with us right now is what I'm saying to you think the worst case scenario of life. Finding out you're going to die. Having someone close to you direct child dying before you know this, you will not be alone. Jesus will be with you walking through it with you. Tears in his eyes.

The Bible says yay though I walk to the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. I've hit rock bottom.

Folks, I can tell you God was there and God is here. They won't give you more than you can handle.

You don't have to be afraid Jesus said don't be afraid only believe. That doesn't mean we don't have sorrow that doesn't mean we don't cry. I think the sorrow of a Christian overseeing a loved one die may be greater than that of a nonbeliever because a nonbeliever often will not think about it.

I don't want to deal with it, but we think about it and we miss that person.

The Bible even says there's a time to mourn. There's a time to let me mourn but at the same time, the Bible says we don't sorrow like those who have no hope. We have hope that will see them again for our loved ones would tighter not just a part of our past, but also a part of our future thinking the other day about my son, which I often do, and I was thinking, it's been 80 days now since I saw him last 80 days since our last conversation, 80 days for my last contact. But then I thought, but it's 80 days closer to when I'll see him again is a part of my so what you live for. If you say for me to live is money, then the die will be to leave it all behind. If you say for me to live in Spain. Then the guy for you will be to be forgotten. If you say for me to live is power than for you to die is to lose it all. But if you say to live is Christ and you will be able to say guy is getting the reason we did not have to fear death is because 2000 years ago God came to live among us is a man will be celebrating it in a short time, they are already started putting up decorations for the holiday season. The Christmas season.

One of the start August when we celebrate that day.

The little town of Bethlehem were God Almighty King to be born as a helpless little baby in the manger that little baby grew to be a man and he lived a perfect life and he died a perfect you see Jesus was born to Don that we might live.

He came to this earth with the purpose of dying for our sin, because he knew the Greg Laurie was a hopeless center broken his commandment. And he knew that you would never do anything to me this righteous requirement.

So Jesus more than a good man but God voluntarily went to a cross for the sin of the world with one hand he took hold of sinful humanity with the other hand took hold of a holy God, and they counted spikes and within any and any bled and he died there for the sin of the world for your sin, for my sin that he rose again from the dead three days later, and even death at the cross, so you don't have to be afraid to die. You can live forever and cry. So let me ask you this enclosed do you want to go to heaven when you die. By the way heaven is not your default destination. By that I mean you can't just say well I know will go to heaven you know you just the way it is.

All dogs go to heaven. I will that's for sure. Don't get me started on The Listen Is Not Your Default Destination. By That I Mean You Can't Assume You're Going to Have an Effect the Bible with Ethan Contrary, the Bible Would Teach Brought As a Way That Leads to Destruction, and Many There Are the Go That Way, and There Was a Way That Leads to Life, and Few There Are That Find You Will Go to Heaven Because You Choose to Go to Heaven. You See, It's a Choice Where You Say I Want to Go with You. So How Can You Know First of All, You Have To Admit You're a Sinner. The Bible Teaches That All of Sin and Fallen Short of the Glory of God. Everyone of Us of Sin.

What Is Said When Their Separate Ways. The Word Sin Can Be Defined but One Way to Define the Word Sin Is to Cross the Line.

The Bible Talks about Trespass and Sin, Maybe Even Walking through a Beautiful Park and Just Wanted Some Grass.

They Have a Little Sign That Says No Trespassing. If You Step over You Just Trespass. When You Cross the Line You Said the Bible Says You Shall Not Commit Adultery. You Shall Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain. You Shall Not Lie. You Shall Not Deal We Broken Those Commitments.

Therefore, We Stepped over the Line. That's Where You Might Say Well Okay I Know I've Said, but I Haven't Send As Much As Some People of Sin. Check This out. God Doesn't Grade on the Curve.

One Sin Is Enough to Keep You Out Of Heaven's True. The Bible Says If You Offend in One Point of the Law, You're Guilty of All of It, so Stop Thinking You're Okay, Because You're Not As Bad As Someone No in Another Way That We Send This Falling Short of God's Standards. Jesus Said Be Perfect, As Your Father in Heaven Is Perfect. Are You Perfect Is a Know You Know, Not at All Far from That for Jesus Comes in Because I'd Send You See so Admit You're a Sinner.

Stop Making Excuses for Not Blaming It on Someone Else Admit You're a Sinner, All of Sin and Fallen Short of the Glory of God. The Bible Teaches Number Two Recognize That Jesus Christ Died on the Cross for You. Yes He Died for the World. It's True. The Bible Says for God so Loved the World He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believes in Him Should Not Perish but Have Everlasting Life. But It's Also True That Christ Died for You Friend the Apostle Paul Said He Loved Me and He Gave Himself for Me. Jesus Died for You so You Can Be Forgiven of Your Sin. And Thirdly, You Must Repent of Your Sin. That's a Word We Don't Hear Very Often These Days, Repent It's a Word from the Bible Is an Important Word for Word That Speaks of Being Sorry for What You've Done, but It Also Means Being Sorry Enough to Stop the Bible Says Godly Sorrow Produces and the Bible Says There Is Joy in the Presence of the Angels over One Sinner That Comes to Repentance. The Bible Says God Has Commanded People Everywhere to Repent for Say Will I Haven't Even Hinted That I Know about Away Repentance When He Simplified for. To Repent Means to Change Your Direction so You Been Going Away from God for Finding You Turn on Live Turnaround Start Going toward God.

You Know There Are Things That You're Doing the Wrong Turn from Those Things. Repentance and Be Converted, the Bible Says in Times of Refreshment Will Come from the Presence of the Lord and Then You Must Receive Christ into Your Life. This Is the Bottom Line Being a Christian Is Not Just Being Raised in a Christian Home or Going to a Church on Sunday Being a Christian Is When You Think Jesus Cries Come in the My Line and Forgive Me of My Sin and Be My Savior and My Lord and My God, My Friend, You Done That yet. I Can't Do That for You. The Person Who Brought You Here Tonight.

Cannot Do That for You. Your Parents Can't Do That for You.

God Is No Grandchildren, Only Sons and Daughters.

How Do You Become a Son or a Daughter of God. The Bible Says, for As Many As Received Him, He Gave Them the Power to Become Sons of God. You See, My Son, Christopher Is in Heaven Tonight.

Not Because He Was Greg's Son but Because He Was God's Son, through Faith in Christ. That's How I Know He's in Heaven Right Now. That's How You Can Know If You Must Receive Him into Your Life. Jesus As I Stand at the Door and I Knocked It up.

You Hear My Voice, and Open the Door, I Will Come in.

You Need to Say Lord Come and Then You Must Do It Publicly. That Is Why the Moment I Would Ask You to Make a Public Stand for Jesus Christ and A Few Moments Were Going to Have a Prayer and I Would Ask You If You Want Your Sin Forgiven You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die You Want That Void inside of You Filled Him in Ascot after We Have a Prayer That You Will Get up Out Of Your Seat and Walked down Here and Stand Here in This Lord, I Will Lead You with a Prayer of Commitment to Christ Is a Little I Need to Walk on Someone Else for What the Reason Ask You to Do It Is Because Jesus Said If You Will Acknowledge Maybe Four People All Acknowledge You before My Father and the Angels in Heaven, but He Said If You Deny Me before People Also Valuable for the Father and Walking down These Files Will Make You a Christian. Standing on the Floor Will Make You a Christian Putting Your Faith in Christ Will Do That This Is a Way to Publicly Say I Mean Business and I Don't Care Who Sees Me Do It Some Serious I'm in a Call You to Make a Stand and Will Take Some Courage on Your Part. And Lastly, You Must Do It Now. The Bible Says Today Is the Day of Salvation Tonight.

Don't Put This All You Never Know When Life: This Could Be the Last Opportunity That Some of You Have Hear the Gospel before Death Knocked on Your Door. Don't Think It Couldn't Happen. Fred Could and Then the Other Problem Is, Every Time You Hear the Gospel like You're Hearing It Tonight and You Don't Say Yes to Your Heart Can Get a Little Harder.

The Bible Says He Was Often Reprove Pardons Is Hard and Will Be Cut off, and That without Remedy. You Can Just Start to Get Callous to Offer about before Minute It If You Just Sensing That Tug Deep inside of You Respond Civil Grid with a Second and I Have A Lot Of Questions. That's All Right You Come with Your Questions to Christ. What Really Messed up My Life Was No Really I Will Cut the Troubles in and I Have an Addiction for You, Dear Troubles You Come with Your Addiction. Jesus Has Come under Me, All Ye That Labor and Are Heavy Laden, and I Will Give You Rest. Don't Clean Your Life up and Come to God Come to God and He'll Clean Your Life up for You Will Change the Strength Jesus Cleans Us for Shepherding Catches Come Tonight to Give You That Opportunity.

Let Me Say One Last Thing.

This Is an Either or Proposition I'm Presenting to You Tonight by That I Mean Jesus Did Not Offer Himself As One of Many Ways to God.

A Sense It's a Lesson If You Want to Come My Way. That's Great If You Want to Go Another Way, That's Fine. Another Note, Jesus Said I Am the Way the Truth and the Life and No Man Comes of the Father, but by Me and Jesus Said Your Forming or against by Not Saying Yes to Jesus, You Are Automatically Saying No to Its Accept or Reject Its Follower Turn Away from That. Your Choice. You Have before You Tonight. Jesus Didn't Say Admire Me, He Said, Follow Me Know Let Somebody Else Do Your Thinking for You Friend You Think for Yourself Right Now. This Is the Most Important Decision You're Ever Going to Make in Life Make the Right for Jesus Christ and the Mobile Were Going to Pray, I Will Invite You to Say Yes to Jesus and Change Your Eternal Address from a Place Called Hell to a Place Called Heaven.

I'm to Give You an Opportunity to Ask Christ to Come in Your Life Forgive You of All of Your Sin and Give You New Meaning and Purpose and Hope in Life like You've Never Had before so You Think about What You're Going to Do As We All Pray Together Now Let's All Bow Our Heads up You Would Everyone Frames Now.

Father I Pray for Everyone in This Arena. I Pray for Everyone Listening to This Message. We've Just Shared the Gospel Truth with Them. Help Them Lord. See, These Words Are True Help Them Come to You and Believe and Receive the Forgiveness Only You Can Give Work Lord, by the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of Each of These We Pray in Jesus Name, Amen.

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