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How to Start All over Again | Classic SoCal Harvest

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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October 23, 2021 3:00 am

How to Start All over Again | Classic SoCal Harvest

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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October 23, 2021 3:00 am

We like the idea of change in general. We try different things in our lives but soon find that the changes we make aren’t really fixing the problems. There are people who would say that the answer is within, but the Bible teaches that the problem is within. Pastor Greg Laurie has good news for you: God can change you. He can make a new person on the inside.

Pastor Greg explains how in his message titled “How to Start All Over Again.”

This message was originally given at the SoCal Harvest at Angel Stadium on August 24, 2013. 


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Hey there, thanks for listening to the Greg Laurie podcast, a ministry supported by harvest partners.

I'm Greg Laurie encouraging you if you want to find out more about harvest ministries. Learn more about how to become a harvest partner, just go to

The title of my message tonight is how to start all over again. Let's start with a word of prayer.

Now more helpless to settle our hearts down and listen because awards will get a look at our from Scripture, their true, our response to what we will hear will impact us for time and eternity.

So let us listen very carefully and I pray that many people will come to believe in Jesus Christ and I for we ask it in his name. Amen. Here's a go for my son Christopher was a bit younger, he came home one day with a rat he bought it down to the hatted on his shoulder. He hadn't bought a cane. He did not write food even think about things I got this right was cool rotted homes are like all we gotta get a cage for the rabbit. Zoe got a cage and then Chris ever built this very cool little house for the rad.

As I recall, it was on a balsa wood even put a name for the rat over the door of the house. I think we need to make edema. We thudded so cute you will go to bed tonight. Little Rock will go to sleep in his little house in so we went to bed came back the next morning.

The house was gone and the rent was just a little bit fatter. Apparently Nicodemus, the rad ate his house.

Now why is that because a rat is a rat.

They don't think like we do. A dog still eat nothing like this either. This will come as a revelation that some people today.

You know they treat their pets like their people your pet psychiatrist to offend hotels you have dog yoga. Can you believe that how to document gentle lotus position. I don't know you have these little outfits you can put your dog on dog in that we have people pushing dogs around and stroller people.

This has to stop benign. No dogs and stroller the dog if you give Maggie live in the good lives like people forced me around. It's insane. I read a recent survey that said, if given the choice, 40% of Americans would save their pet over a foreign deterrence okay so let's get the picture. There's a house on fire your dogs and their services in their save the dog before the service.

Try and then it even gets worse. 37% would save their dogs like over in America.

They don't know if I knew you I might save you before the dog but since we have been introduced. Sorry to have to die today. I have to see the marquee you know things are on a while.

We treat dogs as older people. When a dog is a dog and a rat is a rattler never can really change. Here's the question do people change. Is it possible for you to change or for me to change. We like the idea of change in general becoming different than we already are. And you thought if you could move to a new place you would change.

I know that Southern California is the destination for many people from around the world. Maybe you thought of.

I moved to Southern California. All my problems would go away and your problems follow to hear.

Maybe you're single. He thought by were married. I know I would be got because I'm not happy as a single person. Then he got married and get double man if I were single again. I would be happy and then you said no I need to be married and you got married again that he thought well I just said kids.

I know I would be happy and enjoy kids in your thinking we could just get rid of these kids. I know I would be get to those changes in work or maybe you think a change in your appearance, a new wardrobe or maybe some cosmetic surgery, Botox is very popular today. Problem is that some people put so much Botox in their faith.

You don't even know what they're thinking anymore. You look at them and say are you surprised to see me or is not the Botox talking you know they're just like this the whole time like there might save you. I'm really mad right now but I can't move my days, but trust me when I say I really mad see that doesn't change you on the inside so can you change, there's a simple answer.

Not really what I say, not really.

I mean, you can change yourself any more than a drowning person save themselves. The Bible says can a leopard take away in spots. Neither can you start doing good. You always do evil.

You know some people say you know the answer is within the Bible teaches the opposite. The Bible teaches.

The problem is within you see the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. The Bible says a human heart is deceitful and desperately wicked.

Okay you can change yourself, but have good news for you tonight God can change you can make you a different person on the inside. The Bible says if any man be in Christ, he is an altogether different kind of person old things are passed away. Behold, everything becomes press and you that can happen for you tonight just like it happened some 2500 people last night. I want to tell you the story of a really messed up woman.

She got caught having sex with some guy.

The people of found or wanted, or put to death in the front curtain drawer down on the ground in front of Jesus. I will get a been the worst day of her life turned out to be the best that she was transformed and I want to tell you the same can be true for you. Maybe this is been a tough night so far, that maybe things didn't go well. Getting here, but I'm telling you this to be the best night of your life if you listen very carefully to what I want to share with you because you tonight can change your eternal address from a place called hell to a much better place called heaven by your response to the message. I'll share with you in just a moment if you're messed up. God can intervene in your life. He did it for this girl can do it for you. So, as already said, here's this girl caught having sex with some guy.

The religious leaders grabber thrower down in front of Jesus, a crowd quickly gathered to watch this drama. Here's what the Bible says in John chapter 8, they said that Jesus is formable thought of the very act of adultery. The law of Moses says to Stoner. What you say there were trying to trap him into saying something they could use against them.

But Jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust with this finger.

They Demanding an answer.

So he stood up again and said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Then he stooped down and wrote in the dust that when the accusers heard this, they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest only until Jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman then Jesus start up again and said there were woman where your accusers didn't even one of them condemn you. She said no Lord. And Jesus said, neither do I condemn you: sin no, that's a great story is secure. The woman who committed the sin of adultery. What is adultery heard about a little boy was in Sunday school and you're in a talk from the Sunday school teacher on the 10 Commandments and the teacher focused in on the seventh commandment, little guy didn't quite understand it so driving home with the daddy said dad what is it mean when the Bible says dowels shall not commit agriculture got a little confused. It was also not commit adultery but he thought it was now so not commit agriculture is hardly upbeat between the father response to the boys question. He said son, that means you're not supposed to plow the other Mansfield little guy was happy with that. What is adultery. Adultery is being unfaithful to your wife or your husband is called extramarital sex. Then there's another word, the Bible uses fornication that speaks of premarital sex and by the way, both extramarital sex and premarital sex are classified as a sin before God.

So much so they made God's top 10 back. The Bible tells us that God will surely judge those who are immoral commit adultery. I know what you're thinking you fell. Greg, please give me a break. Sex doesn't hurt anyone really ever heard of something called a did you know that AIDS is the leading killer of people globally between the ages of 25 to 44, 25% of all HIV-infected are found in people under the age of 22 and then there are all these other sexually transmitted diseases like stepless herpes, gonorrhea.

They reached epidemic proportions. Sex doesn't hurt anyone. What about teenage pregnancy. Each year more than 1 million teens become pregnant. Many of these babies never make it to term. Because the reported one out of every five abortions is performed on a woman under the age of 24 out of every 10 teenage pregnancies end in abortion you don't think I heard someone tell you what hurt the unborn child made in the image of God. That's what our you don't want to go there now. Tell you what it hurts.

The woman that gets the abortion, according to a 13 year study, the suicide rate among women what abortions was six times higher than those who had given birth in the year prior. God talk to these girls who carried the guilt for a lifetime for taking the life of the unborn child saying you if you end up getting pregnant outside of wedlock outside of the marriage carry the child to term have the baby. If you want to raise a job, put it up for adoption.

There's a lot of wonderful people want to adopt babies today Allison I'm not from an ivory tower here. I was conceived out of wedlock.

I was not plant my mom bought an abortion, but I'm glad security to term. It's a strange thing to discover your not plan maybe I wasn't planned by my mom but I was planned by God. You see the nine. The psalmist says you saw me before I was born every day of my life was recorded in your book.

Every moment was laid up for a single day account help righteous are your thoughts about me oh God, they are innumerable. You know we call children born out of wedlock illegitimate listen to me tonight. There are no illegitimate children.

Everyone is legitimate in the eyes of God in everyone is in love like God loves you and he has a plan for your life will. Here's this girl caught in the act of immorality. Pharisees didn't care about her. They were trying to trap Jesus so they thrower down on the ground the way Jesus was in sort of a dilemma because of the said Stoner that may have been an accurate thing to say but that would've been so hard heartless, but he said I'll let her go, it's no big deal, then someone about what he's disregarding with the Mosaic law said so Jesus was sort of on the horns of a dilemma. The way he handled this is quite interesting. Is he he used it as an opportunity to show God's forgiveness and God's mercy, not in a week and a girl before she was probably a pretty loose girl.

Maybe she had a reputation for being easy and sleazy. You know, and so here she was now facing the consequences of that might give another woman that Jesus talked to also was a moral we call her.

The woman at the well to been married and divorced five times and was living in with a guy that moment. And Jesus came to her. She was drawing water from the well and he said if you drink of this water will thirst again what you drink of the water. I give you'll never thirst again see he was using that well in her water pot is a metaphor for life.

He was saying, in effect, girl, let me tell you something you're never going to find satisfaction in relationships with men, you're never going to find fulfillment set you could broaden that statement. You're never going to find the fulfillment you're seeking in accomplishment or rent a career or in possession or in anything else of you drink of this water will thirst again to this poor girl. A woman at the well was always looking for that right guy and all of her princes turned in the wrong part about an old guy that was out fishing. There was line in the water is going for a bike.

He heard a voice say hey you pick me up.

Look around and see anyone who said about depression are the boys again. Hey you pick me up. The man looked down there floating in the water was a little strong and the frog said for the third time. Hey you pick me up and kissed me and I'll turn into a beautiful woman and all your friends will envy you. So the old guy reached down, this is a two-story, by the way, so the old guy reached down and picked up the little frog and started to put it in his pocket in the front getting you crazy. I just told you if you kiss me will turn into a beautiful woman will be the envy of all of your friends your guys that you know in my age but rather of a talking frog so that woman at the well would fall in love with the guy you get what he wants from her. Probably sex the dump. Listen to this men give love to get set women give sense to get locked guy says you if you love you love sex with the that guy is a loser. Don't go any further. I like what the guys in King and country were saying about that, but she was used and abused by Minna back to this woman here economy act of adultery. She was probably feeling the same way. She wasn't happy. I heard about a Brooklyn couple that host a self talk radio program called The Pursuit of Happyness on the show this husband-and-wife team would offer callers advice and how to lead happier lives, encouraging them to think positively and trust their intuition, but apparently this couple. They were the ones who needed help because they both committed suicide. I guess they didn't find that happiness they were pursuing. If you ever contemplated suicide of Paris Jackson daughter of Michael Jackson attempted suicide in June of this year. She swallowed an entire bottle of Motrin and also cut her wrist.

Thankfully, she failed before her suicide attempt. Paris Jackson reached out to 1.1 million Twitter followers with a series of desperate messages and one of them quoted the Beatles song yesterday and she wrote in her tweet yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though there here to stay and that she did that was side of town. Listen Paris Jackson lost her earthly father. She needs to know there is a father in heaven who loves her and you need to know there's a father in heaven who loves you too. Maybe your father walked out on you. He abandon you. I never had a father I never had a dad in my life. For the most part I read an interesting story in the newspaper about Rich Harris was raised in the very lab of lecturing. She hung out with other heiresses like Paris and Nicky Hilton. While other girls are playing with Ken and Barbie dolls. He was dressing up for real got her first Chanel bag at each 10, 11.

She was wearing snakeskin palms ended 16 general luxury car it AT&T got breast implant. She once posted I got whatever I wanted. That is, except a stable family and a loving father. See all this rich Harris wanted with the love of her father she never got it. And so her life began to unravel. She got into drinking. She got in the drug she was looking for purpose and meaning in her life. She loved dogs and thought of them as her babies carry them around hundred 12,000 RMS Birkin bag.

She partied hard in training took drugs to ease her pain. She thought having a baby would satisfy her. So she went on and adopted the baby when the she decided to take that baby to her father's home and introduce him to his grandchild and she pulled in the driveway. See was met by her father's new girlfriend who turned her away in the rich young heiress said that this is my father's house and the girlfriend said no you get out of here now. The girlfriend called the police and they showed up and at that time the father pulled up another driveway he saw's daughter. He saw the granddaughter and he turned away and he said I never want you to come back again. Poor girl. Just some deeper into despair. She would write love letters send to her dad send voicemail but there was no response. In this part, in addition to her drinking and drug drug use to diabetes needed to take her insulin, but instead she was eating junk food and swinging Michael in order to sleep one night and she sent a tweet out to her followers and Facebook friends and what would be your last message she said sweet dreams everyone. I'm getting a new car and the idea she fell asleep and she never woke up.

The young heiress who had been both a living, a Cinderella fantasy and a living hell was pronounced dead on the scene.

All she wanted was to be love by. Maybe you feel that way but I want you to know you about father in heaven will never turn you away from his house. There's always room for you.

Jesus said there are many rooms in my father's South and I'm going to prepare a place for you overnight. So I would tell you when everything is ready I'll come and get you so you'll always be with me and where I am. So maybe this girl, the act of adultery didn't have a dad I don't know.

But here's the and she's before Jesus, but he was going to rescue her from her accusers and from her face from her sin. You need to be rescued.

Phil Robertson will be with us tomorrow night and mentioned that in reading this book appropriately titled happy happy happy. It still says that all the time that we look at the Robertson family there in the A&E channel and we think all this just fun family.

They love each other but you know it wasn't always that way.

Phil and his wife recalls Ms. K went through some very rough times.

Phil was up hard-core drug user drinker party herein. He almost had his marriage fall apart and his family with it, but God intervened and told wife and I want to talk to him about that tomorrow night about how we can defeat in Jesus Christ. Well, so no filled the Christian along with his wife.

He was raising his four sons in the way of the Lord with their youngest son Jeff fell into getting drunk, using drugs and he was going downhill fast jump would show up at church with whiskey on his breath which is going from bad to worse and so Willie Jeff's older brother decided to do a family intervention.

The got all the Robertson family, and unbeknownst to jump and came home one night there was the entire family confronted him about his lifestyle. He began the week and he confessed all of his sins before his family and he said to his father.

Dad. All I want to ask is what took you so long to rescue me and touch my heart.

Maybe you feel that way. I need to be rescued. I need help, listen, Jesus is here to rescue you tonight from your sin from your addiction from your pass will do that for you sure did for this girl I love about the story unfold. Here's all the accusers below says to Stoner. What you say Jesus students down and write something in the sin, but what was he writing in this family was doing like graffiti or something that not squiggles you know tic-tac-toe. Anybody know you wrote something very significant because the story tells us they left from the oldest to youngest baby wrote down the 10 Commandments amendment number one shall have no other gods before me.

Maybe looked up there and Jacob nodded to him, amendment number two you shall have no graven images looked over there, Levi. Look, nodded to him when he got to the seventh of you shall not commit adultery kinda looked at three or four about this.

He knew everything about the modern out. Maybe he wrote their secret sins. Now that they thought no one you about some people have secret sin of the Bible says God will judge his secret sins of men by Jesus Christ, and the story says they left from the oldest to the youngest. That's probably because the oldest guys had more to confess and the younger guy so we cleared the room. Everyone's gone.

What you think this girl was thinking all men. I am so dead right now.

If these religious men cannot stand before Jesus. How can I ever stand for her. But I love what happens now because she looks at him and he says, where are your accusers. She says I'm not. I have no more see she'd been so mistreated by men.

She'd been so used and abused by men. She was cynical she was hard she never met a man like cheese. He was holy and yet he was compassionate. She could see it in as I and right there on the spot. She believed she came predisposed to find something wrong with Jesus and ended up believing in him. Maybe that's how you came here tonight. Maybe your Christian friend drug you hear. Maybe they bribe me with dinner. I don't know but here you are sitting there with her arms folded system was over this bald guy you ever get a shot. Maybe something else is babies are looking around giving of these people are such losers. There such idiots there said security that are said in another pretty happy for idiots.

I have to admit, for I was a Christian, I thought I was the coolest guy around. I went to this little Bible study on the front lawn of my campus in Newport Beach Harbor high school because I saw a cute girl I wanted to check out no one invited me to the meeting. I can look in the back girl I said close enough break it eavesdrop on their conversation, but far enough away were no one would think I was you know joining up with a Jesus freak right and I was watching them sing their songs and and I thought these people are so crazy that it's a solely this is so.

But the problem was there was a few of them, but I knew from the old days there was a few of them. I used to party with and I knew another like the change are kind of messed up my theory a little bit and then just for a moment.

I tried on a new thought. I thought this couldn't be true, but the Christians are right what it God is real and what it Jesus is alive and wanted these really come in their life. And if that's true, and I'm not a Christian. What is that mean they can't be true, it couldn't be true, but what a fitting. Maybe that's been happening to you. Even looking around your thinking. You know, maybe this is true, maybe this is right wanted to tell you it is and he is real and he is true you prove it to you if you left them in your life and I guarantee that see it follows on this girl that Jesus is God. How long does it take to become a believer.

Let me ask you question how long does it take to snap your finger and you snap your fingers.

Let's do it on the count of three, 123 that's article listed. I will more time, delay their that's how long it takes the belief just like that in a flash and a moment and then instead, the call people forward to make a profession of faith and follow Christ that I put you my already be believing before you even C.

It is a all of a sudden I get this.

This is true this is real. This is what I've been searching for. That's the Holy Spirit working on your heart and making these things clear to you that's an answer to prayer. He says woman, where are your accusers but that's an interesting phrase because he was the word woman that's not the normal will word you would use for a girl like that she been called a lot of things poker for slot number one because the term that Jesus uses is a term of respect.

Sort of like saying man lady woman. It's the same term he used to address his own mother as he hung on the cross so he says to work woman lady man, where are your accusers.

Why did he say that she wasn't acting like a lady. No, he didn't just see her for what she was sorry for what she would become.

He knew her life was going to change for God sees the same and you right now what you can be how much you are not what you were what you can be when you put your faith in him and he says I say to you: sin no more. So instead of a tall order is lingering. Yeah, he knew he would. She would still sit. No one will ever be sin free. All man I wish I could be sin free if you knew as much about me is I know about me you would not sit there and listen to me preach to you tonight because I'm a sinner but if I knew as much about you as you know about you, I wouldn't even be talking to you yet, it I'm not making excuses for sin on his and Rob and I mess up, brought it up all sorts in the Bible even says if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in a job organism. But here's what Jesus is eight lady. I don't want you to go in this lifestyle anymore wanted to make a break with the past: sin no more. Make a change. You can do this. Sometimes people will say no much God loves me just like I am. That's true God does love you, just like you are, but he doesn't want to leave you that way he wants to change you.

And he was going to change this woman as well.

So the accusers are gone now. Jesus promises for things to her, and he makes the same for promises.

Do you number one persons in been forgiven, but you know the God can forgive your sins how long does it take to be forgiven here said, but as long as it takes to get to believe in Jesus or to snap your finger can happen immediately. Listen, our God gives up big.

Our rates are that he wants to use it in your life tonight to forgive you for the Bible says we have to confess our sins. The Bible says we will confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness and the word confess means to agree with God for a lot of times we rationalize that we justified. We say will you know it.

Everybody's doing it. It's not that bad. I'm still a good person know when the second to confess your sin means you agree with God. You know God, you're right about that.

Stop making excuses for it so easy to blame other even guerrillas blame others. I read a newspaper article about a gorilla named Coco assaying sign language speaking gorilla. Can you imagine that a gorilla that that sign language and cocoa for the sink off-the-wall winter keepers came in and demanded an explanation. She signed out the chat she had a cat give effect at the cocoa, she blazed the chat you really do deserve all the blame, but don't you think really, why even have a Service company Lovers that we have out there.

Your caloric get out now. How many dog lovers that we are going to listen God to forgive you of your sin number two we promise sin could be forgotten, forgotten God not only forgives he forget God says I'll forgive your iniquities, and I will no longer remember your sin. Listen, we should not choose to remember what God just chosen to forget God tinctures sin. He throws some of the Visio forgetfulness any post a sign that says no fishing allowed.

Your sin can be forgiven and your sins can be forgotten by no matter what they are. If you put your faith in Jesus Christ. This woman number three.

He said you don't have to fear the judgment day. Yes, the risen Judgment Day. The Bible says one day everyone who does not believe will stand before God. But Jesus said were neither do I condemn you so she didn't have to fear that if it's so great to know when you put your faith in Jesus and your forgiven you to be afraid of the Judgment Day. Because God already poured his judgment on Jesus who died in your place on the cross. 2000 years ago Christ paid the price for your said so you will not be held responsible for. That's what he did for this woman, that's a little bit for you.

Number four.

Lastly she had a new power to face a problem new power choices: sin no more be a different person heard about a peanut that was not get much business we went on the local church and said Patrick and I think the church will give you a killer deal and the pastor agreed in so this Peter thought this pastoral never and only start appointing P dinner in the paint joy putting a very thin coat on the church.

He was almost done. He was gonna overcharge them. He was just raining the top of the steeple. He was up there in the scaffolding putting the final strokes on a bolt of lightning hit him in the scaffolding came loose and he heard a voice from heaven say, repent, and no more not just the job gets a job not a very funny, now let's get back to that opening question enclosed in a person really change.

No, not by themselves but God can change in and he could do it tonight just like many of been caught in your sin, this woman with Boston human busted lately. Maybe you were found out when you got pregnant. Maybe you got a DUI. Maybe you were caught cheating. You were caught stealing you were caught doing something wrong when you were just busted this woman with Boston, but she turned to God. Sometimes those things can happen in our life to get our attention. Maybe something that some of this little bit about wake-up call for you got a close brush with death, and it got to thinking about your own mortality got to thinking about the meaning of your life. That's a good thing you come to the right place. Now you can believe in the same Jesus, this woman believed in and you can be forgiven of all of your sin is able critical care would only need to do.

How can I have this change in my life. How can I know that I go to heaven when I die, listen, number one, you need to admit you're a sinner already said that the Bible says all of sin and fallen short of the glory of God is able great. Give me a break.

I mean, some people are really simple. I haven't send this much is some people have that may be true, listen to this God is not great on the curb. One sin is enough to keep you out of heaven. The Bible says if you offend in one point, a whole lot. You're guilty of all of it. Every one of us have said so let's stop using it, blaming it on others. Number two, you need to realize that Jesus Christ, the son of God died on the cross for years.

The Bible says God demonstrated his love toward us on what we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus said for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life, Christ died for you because he loves you, and no one is ever loved you like.

Jesus love is able. That's a nice thing. Let's not enough to know that Jesus died for you need to respond to it. You need to believe in him. Number three you need to repent of your sin. What is that mean the word repent means to change your direction turnaround like the Bible says God has commanded people everywhere to repent. Stop rationalizing your sin turn from it to be forgiven and then you need to receive Jesus Christ into your life. Being a Christian is not just knowing about God knowing God is having Christ live in you. So you'll never be alone again. Jesus says behold I stand at the door and I not hear my voice, and open the door, I will come.

Jesus wants to come in your life right now, dear Savior, dear Lord, dear friend. But you have to ask him if he will not force his way into your life now listen if someone came over to your home it was knocking at your door and you didn't answer it even got for a while they would serve to get the can to make it even more awkward. Let's say you have sort of a glass being in your door so they can see you and you can see them so there knocking they see you hey you're just like going about your business. You don't wave back to just let's just ignore.

Maybe she'll go away you think up for a while, that person would get the gin and leave. I think they way she really by not opening the door and affect her leaving the clothes in their face.

If really rude figures Jesus he's knocking is a well you'll just keep talking I'll get around in Jesus all believe in God. Later in life when I'm really old like 40 or something that I want to have fun first. But here's the problem. Every time you hear the gospel like you quoted tonight. Did you say no to it, your heart gets a little bit harder it gets a little more callous.

The Bible says he was often reproved. Pardon this heart and he will be cut off, and that without remedy.

That means every time you don't respond appropriately.

You can be a little more.

Remove little more, harden not your heart if you can hear his voice. The Bible says it's time to open the door. It's time for you to say all right Jesus come into my life be my Savior be my Lord. I don't understand it all. I don't get it all but I believe in you when you do that tonight.

Then you must do it publicly, 2500 people came down. This field is like making a public stand for Jesus Christ. Why do I call you publicly because it's a way of seeing. I mean business to.

I I've been married almost 40 years now been married 39 years, so my wife is here tonight my wife doesn't look any different than she did on the day I married her.

I look like one of the brothers from Duck Dynasty when we got married.

I had hair down here at a big long beard I were the ugliest tuxedo you've ever seen in your life. Thank God we made it all these years, but we had a public ceremony. I stated my valves publicly. I wanted everyone to know I was marrying Kathy. I would ask you to make a public stand to follow Jesus Christ hearsay to everyone here, to follow Jesus life and I don't care who sees I don't care who knows because I mean it on a call you public. Jesus said if you will acknowledge me before people, I will acknowledge you before my father in the angels in heaven, but if you deny me before people will deny you before the father and the angel that Wyman ask you in just a moment. If you want Christ to come in your life to get up out of your seat and walked on the stand behind this platform and only Juniper one last thing you need to do it now. You need to do it now since it will come back tomorrow night if you will.

That's fine, but what if there's not a tomorrow night for you. What if this were your last opportunity to come to Jesus. Somebody said in a post on our Facebook page. The reason they came was when they heard me say give up your excuses and follow Jesus tonight. That's all we highlight our excuses are not reasons there excuses let go of your excuses. Do it now. The Bible says now is the time. Today is the day of salvation tonight is your night to believe in Jesus and your life changed for time and eternity got into it, you won't regret it. So were going to pray, and ask you to make a decision in the next few moments are going to make a decision either for or against Jesus Christ. Going back to that day when I asked the Lord to come in my life and my high school campus. There was one statement that really resonated with me. The guy was thinking since Jesus said for me or against me.

I looked around of those crazy Christian and I thought well there definitely for him. I'm not one of them does that mean I'm against Jesus and I didn't want to be against Jesus. So I took a little step of faith. There was a lot of questions I had. There were problems I had.

But I took the little step of faith that said all right God here I am human of my life. Any change me and he's changing me, and he'll do the same for you, but to not say yes is to say no. So say yes to nine, so let's all bow our heads and let's pray together. Let's break. Father I pray for every person here every person watching every person listening.

I pray Lord that still see their need for Jesus Christ and come to you now and be forgiven of all of their sin. We pray that your Holy Spirit will move powerfully now and every heart. Help them to come to you.

We pray in Jesus name we ask a man a man I everybody this is great glory in you've just been listening to a classic message from harvest ministries. This bobcats is supported by harvest partners to learn more in the find out how you can become a harvest partner, just go to

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