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Good News in a Bad World: Only Jesus, Nothing Else, Can Satisfy

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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July 22, 2021 3:00 am

Good News in a Bad World: Only Jesus, Nothing Else, Can Satisfy

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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July 22, 2021 3:00 am

The world is a mess! The economy is recovering the pandemic, there’s political discord everywhere you look, the world is a powder keg. It’s enough to make even optimists wonder if the sky is falling.

Today on A New Beginning, Pastor Greg Laurie shows us there’s only one hope. It’s not a government handout, or a political standout. It’s not in social reform or better border security. It’s in the security that comes from having peace with God.

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We covered your journal summary on your future until we have so we knew about world gospel coming up today. Greg Laurie reminds believers we have the whole before looking for the gospel. We need to give it to this world, because that's the only answer for our country is only a economy is covering from the pandemic.

Everywhere you look, the world is enough to make even the sky is falling, Greg Laurie. There's only one is not a government handout and is not in social reform, border security comes from having the second king job second Kings chapter 7. This was a very dark time in the history of the nation Israel. Things could not have been more bleak, but will see how God won't give all this difficulty and brought some very good news will see the problem will see the promise will see the people God chose to bring the promise and finally the proclamation of that good news first, let's identify the problem.

This, as I said was one of the darkest moments in the history of Israel. Everything had gone wrong.

They had sunk to the lowest of the depths and their economy had completely collapsed. Famine had swept the land and the king was powerless to do anything about it. You see, God had withdrawn his blessing from the nation of Israel. Why because they had turned to worshiping false gods and so we see what happens now as we turn to our text and second Kings chapter 7 I'm a read verses one through nine. View and you can read along.

Of course, and I would be reading by the way, from the new living translation. So like, so the prophet appears on the same and he says, verse one share this message from the Lord is what the Lord says.

By this time tomorrow in the markets of Samaria 5 quarts of fine flour will cause only half an ounce of silver, 10 quarts of barley grain will cause only half an ounce of silver, the officer assisting the king said to the man of God, this couldn't happen for the Lord open up the windows of heaven. Elisha said you'll see it happen. But you will not be able to eat any of it.

Now the story shifts. There were four men with leprosy sitting at the entrance of the city gates. Why should we sit here waiting to die. The asked one another will starve. If we stay here. I will starve up we go back in the city so I might as well going to surrender to the Syrian army that they let us live so much the better. They killed us while we would've died anyway. So that evening we went out to the camp of the Syrians, but no one was there for the Lord because a whole army of Syria to cure the clatter of speeding chariots and the galloping of horses and the sound of a great army approaching and they said the king of Israel, as are the Hittites and the Egyptians to attack us and they panicked and fled into the night abandoning their tents for horses or donkeys and everything else in the blood for the law, so the leopards arrived at the ends of the They went from one tent to another eating drinking wine carrying out silver and gold and clothing and hiding it. Finally they said to each other hate this is not right. This is India good news and were not sharing it with anyone and we wait until morning some terrible calamity will certainly fall on us, let's go tell the people at the palace. Therefore, what is going tell the king's household. So we've already identified the problem. It was sent. It was idolatry. It was a fact that Israel had abandoned God hears the promise. The promise was God was going to change things. Elisha said that food was going to be a portable next day in the king's aide says that's not even possible.

He says in verse two. Even if the Lord open up the windows of heaven that couldn't happen and then Elisha shoots back will tell you what you'll see it happen. But you personally will not eat any of it and so here's what it comes down to this man was willing to believe God's solution and it was a spiritual solution. Not only is it a spiritual solution for the problems in our country.

It's a spiritual solution for the problems in our lives as well. Let's see your marriage is struggling. There is a spiritual and biblical solution for that. Let's say that you're a single person trying to find out right now. The right woman.

There is a spiritual and biblical solution for that to let's say your finances are a mess.

Listen, there is a spiritual and biblical solution for that. Also, there's always that spiritual and biblical solution is a priority. Try that it didn't work. No, you didn't because if you had tried it and indeed were doing it. I believe you would find the answers you need. I have never yet counseled a couple who are their marriage and raveling for doing what God told him to do I've ever seen a marriage falling apart for the husband was loving his wife as Christ loves the church of Scripture command normalizing the marriage falling apart with the wife was submitting out of the husband is under the Lord as the Bible tells us it's always a departure from that. But then they will still want to try that he didn't try it.

And you're not doing it and if you would do it, you would see things change. You see, there is a spiritual and there is a biblical solution and God is told us to call upon him in the day of trouble, but this guys a will not not a will work. I just refuse to believe and unify the way it's not a bad thing to be skeptical. I think sometimes we can be a little too gullible and will a little too willing to believe anything that is said. The Bible does tell us as Christians we are to be discerning. It tells us that we are to test all things according to Scripture, but having said that there's a difference between skepticism and unbelief.

Skepticism might be just assignment your thinking, your reasoning about what I don't understand this. Help me with this.

I don't quite Even the Lord says in Isaiah, this argue this out, says the Lord, I buy nature of a skeptical first so I understand that someone but unbelief is different. Unbelief says I refuse to believe. Unbelief says I choose to not believe what God says in his word know that is simply not true that this man was doing. He was simply full of unbelief and I'll tell you what he was 11 success it's impossible to please God without faith. For anyone that comes to him must believe that he has and is a rewarder of those that sincerely see If you want this relationship with God.

You need to come in faith in the Bible is replete with stories of men and women who had their lives transformed because they reached out and believing faith and took God at his word.

You what your problem what's troubling you today. I'm sure you've come in with your share of burdens, things that sometimes keep you up at night, things that trouble you will listen call upon the name of the Lord bring them to God. The Scripture says cast all your care upon him for he cares for you. Think of the stories of people that were transformed because they put their faith into action like a woman that had a physical condition were not sure really what was but that she was constantly bleeding and she had spent all of her money on doctors probably clack doctors in the come up with no solutions. And one day she heard Jesus was coming by this woman decided if I can touch the hem of his garment, I believe I'll be healed. So here comes Jesus always of the crowd around them, pushing, pulling, test everywhere, lots and noise this woman reaches out her head and manages to touch her fingertip to the very tip of the garment of Jesus's road I see this touch and I'll send you the thumbs is okay. Don't touch me. Who touched you everyone touch to know. He says I perceive power has gone out of me. The crowd parts and there's a little woman I even say this to rebuke our corrector. He wanted to commend her for her great faith in the gene she was healed at that very moment because she applied her fate of the Kings eight. He's not buying any of this is to happen of the windows of heaven were opened license as well as a matter of fact won't happen for you is always good to be people that are going to tell you, you will be a failure in life, you will never amount to anything that any of you ever have someone say that to you in life. Some evening okay I had it I member teacher actually wrote on my report card. I still have it somewhere to write down these words Greg Laurie will never amount to anything because all he does is sit in class all day long and look out the window and daydream and draws cartoon now was his true absolutely, but it's funny how I remember that was a real encourage when I read my teacher writing that on my report card and we have to think about things that we see the children and throughout my ministry have heard the same thing you know, people said when we started our church. I mean after all I was 20 years old.

You can start a church here too young.

That will never work your nonqualified and then we started our crusade ministry.

All that won't work.

Crusades are over with. No one wants to go to Crusades anymore. Everything we've done.

We've had our opposition and our naysayers affect at this point in life. I've come to expect effective I don't get opposition. I'm wondering what's wrong here were the critics were the people telling me we can do this because I can like it when they do it because it's like the red keep in front of the ball all yeah now I'm not advocating false bravado. I'm not saying we should be presumptuous, but I'm saying let's take some steps of faith and see what the Lord will do. I would rather try and fail the never try at all are some people that always throw a wet blanket on and everything. This will not work. Don't try that no no no and you know what, sadly, for those people and never does happen, it never does take place over the ones who are willing to take the risks God can do some pretty amazing things Greg Laurie will have the second half of his message just a moment, everybody Greg Laurie here encouraging you to join us as we give her what we call harvesting that home. It's worse and it's a message of the word of God. You can watch it with your family and your front room or you can watch it on the go on your tablet on your phone or your computer. Take it with you think the word of God with you. Join us for harvest of home harvest moment will have the opportunity to speak with children's author Sally Lloyd Jones about a special resource just released, but Pastor Greg continues his message now called good news in a bad world.

We looked at the problem Israel was facing. We've looked at the promise of provision so hood of the Lord called to bring this message to the people he chose for Lefferts for hard for us to understand how significant that was you see a leper was a man or a woman who had an incurable disease and what they had was highly contagious and so they were quarantined they were isolated and if a leper was out and about. They had to cry out to any person coming near the unclean. So everyone kept their distance from lepers effective you were a leper. Your only other friends would be yellow Lefferts so that's a see who can I use a Harold this message. I know I'll choose Lefferts chemical and sold these lepers going to. This can and in the here saw the reason I think what you know life pretty bad for us and about what happens, it can't get much worse organ and I know matter what, and we are really hungry now we stay here in the wilderness will die, but it'll go to the camp of the Syrians. Maybe the be sympathetic toward us and throw some table scraps of 11 meal.

Maybe they'll kill us for what is a matter were gonna die anyway. What are we gonna lose to the governor, the camp of the Syrians and not only are they not just go table scraps the Syrians have fled and there's food everywhere.

The proclamation look at verse nine the leper said one to another. This is not right. This is a damn good news I wanted sharing it with anyone and we wait until morning some terrible calamity will certainly fall as come, let's go back and tell the people at the palace. We hear these lepers. They come in the Imagine you're starving to death. There's food everywhere. You know, just like drumstick in each hand in your challenge down and your gold and silver thing. I think the whole thing of all men. Wait a second. We can do this are people dying right now.

People starving to death. Little children bending a meal and some water Menefee keep this to ourselves something bad may happen. We've got to go back see they recognize that the fail to share this with others would've been criminal sinful. Let me say something that might seem somewhat provocative for us to fail to share the good news that we have with a lost world can actually be a sin, you know, we think of sin. We generally think of broken commandments and acts of disobedience and those things certainly are sent. But as I pointed out to you before sin is not only doing what is wrong. It is not doing what is right because are not only sins of commission are also sins of omission were told in the book of James chapter 4 verse 17 it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

I will chart if you you want to tell others about Jesus Christ. Let's illustrate, let's say you somehow were some brilliant scientist and you discovered a cure for cancer. Think of how many lives have been devastated by this dreaded disease and you found the cure was up till he took one time cancer was gone though what would you do, I hope you would share with as many people as possible.

Well I don't know if I'll do that.

Why well, I met with the comfortable talking to strangers. Okay, so you're telling me because you don't like to talk to strangers your neck to tell me front of you forget yeah that's pretty much it. I don't want to get it's difficult they don't believe what I'm saying that they don't like what I'm saying or they'll like the way as it knowledges keep this to myself that's wrong. You gotta tell others listen we have a cure for something even worse than cancer. It's a cure for eternal separation from God. A cure for a future in hell. We have the answer that everyone needs we have. The good news and the bad world and it's the gospel. You might say great kids to come up with something new every now and then.

No, there is nothing you if it's new, it's not true and if it's true, it's not new. We don't need something you we need to get back to the gospel and we need to give it to this world, because that's the only answer for our country. It's the only answer for our world is the only answer that will change things for time and eternity because life on earth as we know it will come to an end and then comes eternity. I will get the big picture. I will see that all the things we stress so much over and concerned ourselves so much with were nothing compared to where we spend our eternal destiny. So the question is when is the last time you or I told someone about Jesus. So here's what happened. The lepers go to the camp of Israel. Everyone I work for lepers. We know you all here are God's. But we have a message for you. We just went over the camp of the Syrians and there's food everywhere and there's gold in their silver and there's clothing so you guys to go check that out. Well they'd be thought they were crazy all their lives. There lepers were Delano. They told the king all to track soon as we go over there though, just show us will send this file. Let's check it out anyway so Spike was overcome by cocking you know what those lepers set true so they open up the gates and said head over to the It's time to have a meal and the people were so excited they went running. And guess who was at the front door right this way, everyone the king's iPhone, he's gone, when Elisha said you'll see it with your eyes, but it won't happen for you there. People like that today. You know they see it happen for others, but it never happens. For that they never reach their potential.

They watch others have their lives transformed. But their lives are not transformed and so they remain in their spiritual mediocrity. The remaining slaves to their addictions and their lifestyles and their sins and in the end they throw their lives away. It's not too late for you if you're one of these people to say that God, Lord, I want to change my life in this coming year. I want to be a real Christian living in the power of your Holy Spirit. I want all that you have for me would you say that because maybe you've watched time passing people change and it hasn't happened for you and you wonder why. Maybe it's time to turn to God's fate, sale or transfer my life and it's time for all of us to step up this whole thing and get this message out to as many as we can because were in a unique time in human history with unique opportunities with the only message that matters can really change the human heart a close with a quote from the book of Esther remember she was a beautiful girl who won a beauty contest and became the queen of Persia, but she was a Jew and there was a wicked man named Kaman that patched the plot to have all of the Jewish people exterminated and Nancy got the king to agree to it. And so Esther's uncle Mordecai make contact with her. She was shielded there in the palace living in the lap of luxury out of touch with reality in many ways, Mordecai sent this message to Esther and he said Esther don't think for a moment you will escape during the palace when all the other Jews are killed if you keep quiet and a time like this. Deliverance of the Jews will arise from some other place but you and your relatives will die, but who knows you can save it that you have been elevated to the palace for such a time as this. Esther you are where you are because God put you there.

Use your influence now girl while you can and if you don't double get someone else and you know what God is put you where you are to maybe you don't like where you are lead maybe you don't like your next-door neighbor, and you don't get along well with the person you work next to or maybe there are other challenges in your life and you wish they would change but God is in control. He has put you where you are for such a time as this use that opportunity is given. Don't keep it to yourself.

In closing, maybe there some of you listening to my message right now who you don't even know that Christ is living inside of you not certain your sin is forgiven, but you wanted to be with. Talked about the good news that we have to declare, here's the good news in a nutshell, you're a sinner that's a very good news. But the good news is, is God's send the Savior was born in a manger who died in across rose again from the dead.

He will come into your life and forgive you of all of your sin if you will turn from it to put your faith in him and you can know with certainty that when you die you will go to heaven if you've ever asked Christ to come in your life. As we close down for all like to give you that opportunity to do that and if you're a person who needs to make a recommitment to Jesus respond to this as well. If you would, let's all bow our heads everyone frame. Please father, thank you for your word to us today. Lord week.

We don't want to keep this message to ourselves.

We want to believe the promise. We want to share the promise with others and we want you to use us with this message at this world so desperately needs to hear and I pray not for any that of joiners who may not yet know you don't have the certainty that their sin is forgiven.

They don't have an absolute hope of heaven, but would you help them to come to believe and receive your forgiveness now pastor Greg Laurie if you'd like to make a change today in your relationship with God. Pastor Greg will help you take that step in just a moment for today's addition of a new beginning. Concludes that if you weren't able to hear all of today's study from Pastor Greg. You can hear the entire presentation Listen from the beginning or fast forward to the part you missed or you can even download the MP3 to hear later, the message title is good news in a bad world. And again, our web addresses yesterday were so pleased to have Sally Lloyd Jones on the program with us today. She such a gifted children's author yes and were making available. Her new book called near Pastor, what you hope to take away truth is for the little one. Another words, and they read this. What are you hoping they walk away with my prayer is that they they never feel that that and then that they always know they have someone who loves them right that they can talk to and he just happens to be the one he made the entire universe and that he knows that that name is the color of their eyes that he can as for the littlest ones even that he's in a great majestic goat. And yet, he cast the little ones. Could you just read a little bit of it for our listeners. I'd be happy to okay near the paraphrase of Psalm 139 and of course I have to say I many can you be telling you half the story.

Because this is a picture book and it's a story told in two languages so like I say to children you have to use your imagination because as incredible illustrations but you can't see them safe. But to make them up in your head so man God is my father made everything and I am a little explored as the wind well. He is named me and he protects me. He sees me and he knows me is strong and he looks off to me he is with me only Sarai can. He's always naming I can climb the mountain.

I could fly I can dive into the DPC. I could sail far away to the north, God would still be a contractor jungles ride for dozens CMS constant light God still even in the dock at night. He still with me that he stays close to me and he went beneath me because I am his little child and he loves me while Sally Lloyd Jones reading from her new book called near the great thing about reassurance that would bring to your child or grandchild or what a great gift for new parent would like to send this new book, along with the second resource from Sally babies carry along Bible.

It's a sturdy little board book for small children with 10 of their favorite stories told in rhyme and it even has its own little carrying handle bill right in. Listen. Both of these resources to you to say thank you for your donation right now and investment in keeping Pastor Greg's teaching coming your way. Each day to write a set a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call 1-800-821-3300. That's 1-800-821-3300 or go online to will Pastor Greg, you mentioned that someone can become a Christian was just a simple prayer. That's right. Maybe somebody would like to do that right now.

Could you help them with that share a love to a simple prayers right affect.

I would like to just pray a prayer and I would ask you to pray it after me right now. Pray these words learn Jesus. I know that I am a sinner but I also know that you are the Savior because you died on the cross for my sin and he rose again from the dead. Jesus come in the my life and forgive me of every sin I've ever committed. I choose to follow you from this moment forward.

Thank you for hearing this prayer. Thank you for answering this prayer Lord, and I pray all of this in Jesus name, amen.

If you just pray that prayer and meant to award to the know on the authority of Scripture God Almighty has heard your prayer, and he will answer this prayer. You are now a newly minted child of God.

So congratulations, you've made the right decision and welcome to the family of God.

I want to send you a special gift because of that prayer. You've just pray it's called the new believers growth packet and then it is a copy of the New Testament in a very understandable translation called the new living translation. It also is filled with hundreds of notes that I wrote that will encourage you in this commitment you made to follow Christ and there's some other outstanding materials in this little packet. I'll send you as well so order your copy today and let me be the first to see the you congratulations and welcome to the family of God yet to get that new believers growth packet just get in touch and will be glad to send it right out.

You can write a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call us anytime at 1-800-821-3300. That's 1-800-821-3300 and you can reach us at that number anytime 24 seven or go online to click the words no God but next time Pastor Greg reinforces the value of godly character as we consider the example set forth by Daniel Shadrach me shack sure to tune in next time beginning past with me will by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God learn how to become harvest partner sign up for daily devotions and find resources to help you grow in your faith

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