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What Moms Need for Mother’s Day: A Special Interview

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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May 8, 2021 3:00 am

What Moms Need for Mother’s Day: A Special Interview

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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May 8, 2021 3:00 am

In this special discussion with Cathe Laurie, Brittni Laurie, and Tiffany Velasquez, Pastor Greg Laurie asks what mothers need to feel appreciated and what we should see as the primary goals of motherhood. 

In a study, 85 percent of millennial mothers report wanting to be reassured that they are doing a good job. Pastor Greg asks whether this is true, and how families can express their gratitude in words and deeds to the mothers in their lives. This discussion takes a look at some of the challenges and pressures that mothers face today and how they can overcome them. 

Cathe Laurie gives the crucial advice that loving Jesus, not motherhood itself, should be the true motivation of motherhood:  “It’s a form of worship to Him.” 

Join in for this encouraging discussion! 

Read Cathe Laurie’s latest article on mothers here.

This discussion originally took place at Harvest Christian Fellowship on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017. 


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Everybody Greg Laurie here.

You're listening to the glory podcast and my objective is to deliver hopefully compelling practical insights and faith culture and current events.

From a biblical perspective to find out more about our ministry. Just go to our website so thanks for joining me for this podcast now were going to talk to two generations of the girls I would see every one of these girls that will be in the moment our godly girls there. Proverbs 31 girls there wonder women delete that one of keeps I don't think I'm here with three beautiful women to talk about mother.

So let's welcome them. This is my wife Kathy Loring. We've been married for 42 years and this is my time. This is my daughter-in-law, Britney, Lori, and she's been married to Jonathan for seven years and finally, this is my third daughter know she's not my daughter. I've known her since she's been a little girl, Tiffany Velasquez and she's been married again for five years digits 85 years. Your your wonderful moms you really are all of you are and I know your kids love you and I know you love your kids, but I mentioned that stat a few moments ago that 85% of new millennial moms and Britney and Tiffany would be millennial moms were long beyond that was before they named generations jobsite we would need jelly. And yes, and so but then the millennial moms 85% said they like to receive acknowledgment from family and friends that they're just a good job rather than far as what I would give you encouragement and the flower is a is a flower everybody here in our area thinking. I think the high school group is selling these flowers afterwards if you want to buy one from your mom, but is that true though you guys in a Tiffany and Britney, do you feel like you're kind of not acknowledged an offer will receive that encouragement would you think I sat at hearing 1919 to get Tyler and I had spinning kids. I think all of them just on the little things that you Tillius and is selling price and that's making a sense of a different job may let Alaska hi Chris and Frankie since the sweetest menswear incentive and always giving me like little complement sense out of the flannel and I honestly like and frightened that. Thank you so I don't happen your staff and your leg. Okay think I can do this now. I will detail you recently. Please say something I Jackson thank you so cute in that almighty euro so I teetered and the prettiest girl in the world is you and you just now. So now that now he knows he's got me wrapped around his finger back and says he cannot from your kids and really meaningful to get back from your highest fantail.

We need to know Tiffany is guys you know husbands and fathers about mother's like what we miss seeing what is something that would replace all along we've learned through more of this and less of the jumping to or Tiffany got to go. I think you have a really encouraging has been who is just an encouragement in this job. Being a mom sometimes goes without kind of being acknowledged sometimes we seem like as long as we need to make a big deal out of things that 80 were dramatic or you know about different things that overreacting seemingly but probably really are and been dreaming about being moms a lot of since we were little weary now from the womb, carrying little you know baby is likely well I think it's an important role Frank. Dollar support this role as a model so important to us. We even the little things are are we take so seriously.

What about someone when you are talking about, you know how we feel is is swimming and I think it was a time maybe when the roles mother was more celebrated or I mean really needs to teach in school, home economics to remember those days we taught cooking this out. I did good idea to teach that girls and boys now know it was part of the cutback budget cuts anyway and the value of another. I mean even think of the old TV shows June Cleaver and leave it to beaver and get different shows for the month.

The role of the mother was really pronounced and choice have a string of pearls is a little pressure. Even then, on moms almost like why God was and that was of value to what they were dealing bent on. I think for us when we were just doing the small things around the house repented.

How many times you have to pick up these socks and clean the bathroom years and do those things do them without so much as a word he thinks the family doesn't even notice them.

For the most part they know I wait for the toilet seat to come down. I know after 40. I had given up that's okay. Also humiliating, actually. Greg is very appreciative and often will tell me things said nice things to me.

But here's the key really on the days you don't get it, and there are Constantly to You for Doing That, You Know, It's Just You Do so Many Things That the Lord Is Who You're Doing Is for You Is a Form of Worship to Him.

You Know What Is Everything to Do, Do It with All Your Heart, As unto the Lord, and Not into Men and Also I Just Number the Little Plaque Which We Actually Had Printed up on Some Tea Towels and That Staying on Right Now I Don't Know. It Actually Says Divine Service Rendered Here Three Times Today, Which Is You Know Those Little Things to Stephen Doing the Dishes.

If You Do Them As unto the Lord, Not into Your Kids Are under Your Husband. You May or May Not Get Thanks from Them That If You Remember That What You're Doing Is Significant. All Those Little Things Done Faithfully over a Long Period of Time That Begin to Show the Results. You Will Seek the Lord in One Day for Sure. For Me, No One And I Were Raising up Boys, Especially Christopher Years Ago to Close a Single Tweet Was a Bird in the Backyard Right so There Was No Social Media No Facebook No Instagram, No Twitter Nowadays.

It Almost Seems like A Lot Of Girls Maybe Be under May Be under Pressure to Be the Perfect Mom and the Perfect Everything Else That's Always Just Write Them the Poses Just Right Insert Extra Pressure on Mothers Today with All the Social Media and Sense of Expectation.

Yeah I Think so. Totally.

I Don't Think the Fact That All That through Every Generation of Mother Had There Been No Struggles and Challenges That This Generation Is Different. We Are Involved in This Kind of Instagram Happy Pinterest Perfect World Where We Are so Aware of What's Going on in Everyone Else's Life Will Be a Little Too Aware. I Think You Know I Was Thinking I Look at All These Instagram Posts and I Follow Some Mom Bloggers for What I Think Is Inspiration and Then I Go to, You Know, Look at My Photo Real on My Phone and Realize That Saying You Know Things All over the Shirt, Messy House and That's Okay Because That's Real Life and That's Probably What Hundred Percent of Essays You Know What's Really Going on behind the Scenes That on Think It's Important Not to Compare or Try to Meet the Standards That Our Society Is Setting on Us Because God Has Given Us His Standards and He's Given Us This Biblical Blue Book Plans for Us in His Word and He Tells Us How to Be a Mom like You Shared with All of Us A Few Moments Ago. That's Where We Find That, You Know, We Find Our Appreciation from the Lord.

We Find Our Our Our Our Script from the Lord to As Moms Look to Pull the Camera Back. That's Great, Let's Pull the Camera Back of the Bigger the Look of the Picture Because Some You Know You're in a Mother of Two Sons and Grandmother of Five Grandchildren and As You Look Back on on Your Early Years, You Know Where These Guys Right Now These Girls We Call Girls, but to What Is the Main Objective of a Mother like What Shirt in Game.

What Is She Really Trying to Accomplish When It's Also Done in a Grandmother.

The Interesting Thing Is That You May Think This Thing Mother's Day to Hear Me Say That As a Mother.

The Endgame Is to Love Your Children, and to Love Them Best, but Not in a State. The Endgame Ladies If You Are Given the Privilege of Being a Mother Is to Love Jesus First and You Love Jesus First X-Ray by Loving Your Children and Leading Them to Jesus. That Is the Endgame It's Really Easy and I Know That Even As a Grandmother That the Pinterest Perfect World Is Not Reality. You Have To Keep Telling Yourself That What You See Posted on Instagram Is Not Reality. That Is a Fabricated Unfiltered Version of Reality and for Us.

You Know We Want to Realize That It's Not to Raise That Scholar Necessarily or That Superstar Athlete or That Most Perfectly Dressed and Well Mannered and Behaved Child. Our Goal Is to Teach Our Children by Modeling to Them and by Speaking As You Walk along the Way She Sit down As You Rise up.

And All Those Little Things That You Do That Don't Seem Significant Bedtime Stories and Hugs and and Reminders and Corrections. Those Are the Ways in Which We Are Going to Lead Our Children to Jesus and That Is Endgame Is Not to Make Motherhood and Idle in Our Lives We Can Have These Little Children or Big Children That We Prorate out and Brag about, but It Is to Raise Souls Eternal Souls Destined for the Kingdom and We Need to Keep That in Mind, That You Know If the Sox Don't Match Her That She Got Lost or That You Know or the Child Goes Prodigal That the Endgame Is to Pray and to Do Our Best. As As Mothers to Lead Them to Jesus. You Know When You When You Fly Though the Little Things You're Supposed to Do, and among Other Things Will Say Should Be a Loss of Cabin Pressure Little Oxygen Muscle, but I Find It Interesting. They Say If You're Traveling with the Child Put the Mask on Yourself.

For Some Than the Job That Almost Seems Counterintuitive, like Know the Child First but I Think the Reason They Want the Adult to Do This You Can Help the Child If You Yourself Don't Have Oxygen so You Have To Get It on, Though You Can Help the Child and the Guts to a Life You Were Talking about Helping Our Children Raising Our Children. We Have To Start with Ourselves and We Have To Know Jesus Don't Need to Be like What I'm Either Some of Mostly.

Let's Plug This Not beyond Girls and Talk to Guys.

Everybody All Ages. Why Why Should a Person Want Jesus Christ in Their Life. What Is the Reason for That. It Was Not so Important, so That As You Are Talking. I Was Thinking We Can't We Can't Pour out What We Don't Have inside. I See Now and for Me, Jesus My Salvation Everything to Me My Whole Life Revolves around Decision to Accept Jesus Christ into My Life. Not Only through That Decision. We Promise Eternity in Heaven Were Also Promised Abundant Life Here and Where Also Promised Grace for Our Sin When We Miss the Mark Promised All of Those Things. So Me As a Mom As a Wife As a Woman As a Friend.

All of Those Things. All Those Things Revolve around around Christ in My Salvation, My Life Loves to Get about How Paul Wrote to Timothy Talked about the Faith of His Grandmother and Mother Thinking about Your Clan If You Will, the Junker Plan Other so Many of Them Are Involved in Our Church Is Your Grandfather and Grandmother Course.

Your Mom and Your Dad Doug Just Such a Wonderful Committed Family Holder You When You Became a Christian. Tiffany Accepted the Lord's Here in That Children's Ministry at Age 5 and Read Dedicated My Life to Lord High School Camp with Did You Have You Ever Send This You Don't Seem like a Person Who's a Person Daily Britney Told Us Why We Should Accept Jesus. How Do You Accept Jesus, like She Did When She Was Five Years Old with Recommitment to Christ When She Was High School-Age. This Is Pretty Much Your Story Did You Do the Young Girl You Were Raising the Bar You're a Christian Home by Your Mom, but the New Middle Recommitment to Tell Us What Happened.

You Yes I Was Raised As a Christian and Are in a Christian Home and I Did Become a Christian at a Young Age That I I Start Stop Walking with the Light and I Actually Had My Daughter Riley Well I Had Her, and after She Was Born I Read Dedicated My Life to the Lord When I Probably Think Early 20s You Were a Single Mom for Quote Years, Almost. That's Hard. Moms Sure They Work Soon the Father. This Book Yelled Someone Don't Have the Support of a Father Which Is That Being Single My Name Being a Mom Challenging. So Being a Single Mom Is Kind of Double That Because I Mean How You Found Yourself in That Situation. It You Know It's Not Yelled by I Think What I Realized with Riley Raising Her Ideas Came to the Point Where It's like I Didn't Know You Know If I Was Going to Get Married and Have a Dad in Her Life so Just Coming to the Place Where I Wanted to Get Her the Best Life That I Simply Cut and Just Realizing That the Only Way I Be Able to Do Thoughtlessness If My Relationship with the Lord Was Strong. I Was Relying on Him and Finding You Know My Security and Him and Not Relationship and Just Being Able yet to Pour out Whatever I Had on Her and You Know It Wasn't until I Actually Did Take That Seriously, and Start Making the Steps That I Needed to Make Wise Choices and Started Going to Bible Study and Home Bible Study and Not Where I Found John, Then God Knew Him When You Were in the so We Met When We Were like 12 and Junior Member Britney Side More Than I Could Have Ever Send That and He Died Now and It's Great That I Think Just Really Having Not Strong Relationship with the Lord Really Is Made the Difference in My Life and in a Day like Mother's Day Ever so Much for the Gift and I Was Your Mom This Morning and Said Thank You for Being There.

Mom Was That Godly Mother and She Raised a Daughter to Follow the Lord in Chief Part of Our Family Were so Grateful for That. As I Look out on You Know the Cases in This Crowd Tonight Just Imagining All the Different Scenarios and All the Different People That Might Be Represented Here. There's A Lot Of A Lot Of Women That Would like to Be Mothers That Are Mothers That Are That Are Just Trying One Day to Be Married or Praying One Day to Have a Child and This Is a Hard Day. There's Also Moms out There Who Have Children like We Do. Children Who Are in Heaven and This Is a Hard Day for for Us As Well on Their There A Lot Of Moms out There with Prodigal Children That Will Not Hear from Them on Mother's Day on. Thank You for All That You Did for Me for All Your Prayers and Those Are Those Are Scenarios That You Know Are Represented Because We Live in a Fallen World and We Are Falling People and Were All Sinners and Even the Best Mother Better Not Make Motherhood for Salvation Because Only Jesus Can Save Us, and Only Jesus Is the One Who Can Redeem There Is Hope on Mother's Day to Recognize That the Curse Has Been Broken.

The Curse That Came upon the First Family and That Christ Is Born the Curse for Us and That No Matter What Situation You Find Yourself in Today.

Whether You Are Named A Few Their Mothers out There with Little Ones Who Have Severe Disabilities and Their Role in Smothering and Diapering May Be for the Entire Life Child Background Child. There A Lot Of Women out There and Families out There and None of Us Is Perfect. Brokenness Is What God Intended.

But like I Said Jesus for the Curse for Us on the Cross and His Word to Us Today Do Not Despair. Whatever Situation Here and Do Not Despair.

Your Mom May Be a Prodigal Your Child May Be Prodigal the Stories Not over. There's Always Hope. Christ Is the Reason That We Can Have That Hope Any Notice for Himself and All of Our Role in This Life Is to Know Him and to Glorify Him. And If You're Blessed to Be a Mom Today to Take That Role Seriously and Don't Make Mothering Your Be-All and End-All Make Jesus Your Be-All and End-All. That's the Most Important Thing.

There's Some Folks Here Mom's Single People, People Need Jesus. They Don't Know How to Take That Step of Praying and Asking Christ in Their Life Would You Leave This Leave Them in the Prayer That They Could Pray for the Rest of the Lord to Forgive Them of Their Sin. Maybe There Someone Is Never Escrow Some of the Life or Maybe There's Someone. Kind of like You and Britney, Then They Are Making a Recommitment Labor, and Locational Recommitment Are Important. Some Puzzles Need to Be Made so Maybe Wanted to Just Leave Us in the Personal View of Any of You Listening or Watching Right Now Want Jesus Christ to Forgive You of Your Sin and You Want to Know That Your Life Is Right with God You Pray This Prayer That Tiffany Is Going to Lead You in.and You'll Be Glad That You Did to Me. Dear Jesus, I Recognize That I Have a Need for You. You Are My Savior, I Ask You to Be My Savior to Forgive Me of My Sentence and to Give Me the Strength to Live My Life for You Be My Lord, My Savior, and Be My Friend in Jesus Name I Pray for These His Body Sitting out Here Now. I Pray You Would Meet Them Exactly Where They Are Today. We've Covered so Much Ground and Still so Much yet to Kick That We Haven't so Meet Them.

Lord Exactly Where They Are Reveal Yourself to Ask This in Jesus Name That You Took Today Looks like, No Everybody Greg Laurie Here.

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