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Life Abundantly: A New Conversation with Darryl Strawberry

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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February 20, 2021 3:00 am

Life Abundantly: A New Conversation with Darryl Strawberry

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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February 20, 2021 3:00 am

In a new, exclusive interview, Pastor Greg Laurie sits down with baseball legend Darryl Strawberry and asks him more questions about his testimony and his brand-new book, Turn Your Season Around. 

This previously unreleased conversation features questions from Pastor Greg about:

The pursuit of fame and the meaning of E-G-O,

Fear and anxiety in the minds of today’s young people,

How playing baseball prepared Darryl for preaching the gospel,

And other encouraging topics!

Recounting his life and career, Darryl says, “I tasted everything else, I tasted home runs, I tasted championships, I tasted cars, I tasted home, I tasted money—it never satisfied my soul. . . the God-shape that’s in every last one of us is only filled with God Himself.”

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Everybody Greg Laurie here. You're listening to the Grigori podcast and my objective is to deliver hopefully compelling practical insights and faith culture and current events. From a biblical perspective to find out more about our ministry is go to our website so thanks for joining me for this podcast everybody Grigori here with my friend Darrell strawberry you know his name. He's a legend and I love the fact that Darrell has taken the fee that is come his way, because it was incredible accomplishments as a baseball player and also as a television personality and shows like the apprentice, but he leverages these elements to bring the gospel to people and he stands up without embarrassment or fear and talks about his faith all the time of hung out with Darrell and quite a few occasions in. I've always been impressed by his humility uses a very down to earth guy. He takes time for people when they come and want to talk to them or get an autograph, but he always is there encouraging a member. He came and spoke at her church. On one occasion and afterwards he was meeting people. He was the last person there on the grounds and what I loved wasn't to study was signing autographs and talking about sports.

He was praying for people he was ministering the people God is put a call in Darrell's life to be a minister now and he's written a brand-new book that is called turn your season around how God transforms your life so tell thanks for being with me and you know when you wrote this book, you probably had no idea that all of us really have our season turned around with this coronavirus regression gradation really appreciate your really appreciate you taking time out in writing will reform you really means a lot to me and my family every day so I had no idea that you know I would be in this season where it would be whereafter turn my season around.

I just thank God for all of us that we understand that you're going through this process that we would have to go through 2020 that it would be a year of coming out and how to become loving what you see we come out and I think the most important thing is really being able to keep our focus on biblical principles in understanding who we are in Christ, we decided that then we will find ourselves chasing after everything else I just realize you know standing on the platform. God is far greater is standing at the PlayStation balloon ride, even though as part of a Sonoma riot went out standing on a platform regarding what is chosen without being able to talk about the good news which is really important. I think what training is season turned to season around really all about is to be able to help people understand that no matter where you at no your season return around you might have first six months of the year to be difficult, but there is another six months coming as a second volcano like us to facing overriding tomato open to the first to advance what I still might have a event coming up in a family and what am I gonna do am I going to be ready RM regularly. Think about the first previous ambassador, I realized that life is the same way it was assessed. Learn to ride away right store maternal season around Mr. and you certainly done that because you've had some rough seasons in your life, especially before you really made that deeper commitment to Jesus Christ and struggles with drugs struggles with the law and and all those things are how we able to get through all of that well is a processing you always have people Randy has been changing.

I think the key for me was my grandmother and I never forgot a plan for me and then I think about my wife would not acknowledge my life and I was in Mr. my patient and she never went back. She's got 21 years of recovery and I was still out there in the Mr. prediction and Julie go smoke crack in your loss of $3 million in data she was pulling out a deposit that she was basically saying that God has a plan for US is one truly God is the media member is that you just not that lucky. So I guess I wasn't lucky because she was strong enough to know that our relationship with God was good. Nothing God is always notice anything despite use is the you always use people to help people and encourage people either wasn't for the encouragement denial.

They got me sitting here today. She is a blessing and I just thank God for not giving up on when everybody else said, throwing the Township was life is over. She said no. Your life is not over will be a new beginning but will be processed and you have to walk through the process so she may be responsible and take responsibility from $3 million in debt. She maybe call the people that I had 11 face and I do :-( things at home and when I started standing up to that, I started seeing God start to move my life in a different way of knowing in your your body talk about people who want to be influencers and that so many people today just one thing we've had things had theme for years. I'm sure when you walk through an airport. People recognize you from all walks of life and having experienced all that you warn against ego and yearbook, EGL, and that's an acronym for what ever easy got out what we actually do we step into the life of fame and fortune extremity people think the excitement of the abstainers is a good thing is really not every because you got a lot of people are gonna continue to focus on the learning of the focus on your struggles just as well as the good things you know and you can probably do more good things then struggles in your struggles are just really part of what life is and most people focused on the struggle of who I was in the brokenness of why was it in my life became transformed they never focused on and wonder why because it is not important in the you know if it is it's different news in a long talk about new stuff to talk about the old stuff and you know the ego was crushed. I remember gossip that you let me crush your ego. I can usually mightily for me and I remember that reminded me so much of how great Moses was in the meekness of Moses that had a speech impediment that would be the Israelites out of bondage. But it was the humility of a man that God loves the humility of American American settlement himself and not the around rouse Eagle to the right lower Eagle for long-term and acclimated vision. They say you have to be dissuaded be great.

You really don't have to be that way be great because I saw one) much a dairy product which alternate but he did have a Gavi walk with humility. He was persecuted because he was drink of milk and thereby also drink alcohol registers look at him now so impressed with him. I wanted what he had just Got the last imparted to get while you know, meekness is been defined as power under constraint. Sometimes, people confuse meekness with weakness, weaknesses, what it this weakness.

You can't do anything.

Meekness is when you could do something but you choose not to you now and Moses is called the meekest man on the face of the earth, and of course he had his own flare of temper to on occasion kept them out of the promised land is a matter-of-factly start whacked in a rock instead of just speaking to as the Lord instructed them to. But you know if it's walking humbly, I mean who was more meek than Jesus but yet who was stronger than Jesus. The strongest men who ever walked the planet was Jesus and yet she was meek. He described himself as meek and lowly of heart and the what a great quality that is you know yeah but people especially young people today that are filled with anxiety and fear and frustration with all that's going on with the coronavirus of what advice would you give to someone like that right now.

I think young people are what we fear God because they don't understand who we are in Christ and vacated understand the principle that think they need to be hard to got magic. Her hair is like using a knuckle. It is the heart that God is looking for. If you get the man's heart. He can change everything about them and I think that was the difference in me that they guess will be the difference in our younger generation because they live and as a society that has to do with social media and an ad and that's all anxiety comes from from them. Who likes me, who don't like me and they don't really know the Bible next to the Bible talk about my people perish because of lack of knowledge. No one understood knowledge and understanding of the word of God and people examine what was God guided the speech of the wayfor you. If you have a relationship yet. You know, is it possible for him to speak directly to you because you're not lined up with him that they guess what happens. Our younger generation we need to encourage them that faith is really good and understanding faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things that St. Garcia uses larger were to operate in the live in it and get away from all the social media and all the things that are out there for them that right a great distraction to announce our liqueurs down. Don't be distracted, don't be deceived by what you look on social media and you see celebrities and you see other people, dogs. It doesn't mean that they have it all together.

Because you see that they doing these are free thanks. Our liqueurs achieved his younger generation to be more in tune with the biblical principle to follow those I had everything from a worldly standpoint, but I had nothing on the inside.

There how I was playing baseball help you to share the gospel and a message of hope with people around the nation's sake. As such, are practical way is baseball is a game where your skill set.

If you understand your skill set and understand who you are. You're able to perform at that level and be able to flag with the pressure on the line is the same thing in living life with the gospel of Jesus Christ you know is it practical way of sharing the good news. The love of Christ.

The biblical principles without dumping anyone over here.

Of course you know I love guys like you and Billy Graham because you guys preach the gospel, you know that that really excites me when I see that the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of trying to make you feel good. I will make people feel good enough to make people feel good when I hit home runs, make you feel good about the gospel to come to have a relationship with Jesus. So you can live the abundant life that he talks about how he talks about in John 1010, he talks about the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy so that I have come that you may have life may have it more abundantly.

I think abundant life is been washed out the wrong way you talk about peace, joy, wisdom, knowledge how far greater discover nothing. Young people think staff does not make them well I can tell you that that's not going to make you well that's that's got a pass. You have about stuff like Kingsolver said, is meaningless under the sun without God means nothing, as in the day if I don't have this relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, that totally turned in our lab. Jesus not only offers us life beyond the grave but he offers us life during life as you quoted John 1010 Jesus said I've come that you might have life in them more abundantly. Now interestingly Contessa with the devil's plan of the theme Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy the here's the devil's plan is God's plan. Satan wants to steal you from God. He wants to destroy you and he wants to kill you.

Meanwhile, God wants to forgive you show his love to you and welcome you to heaven one day pretty clear choice. But, amazingly, people don't see that they see it as the opposite. Like all man I'm free living in sin, having fun in God as all these rules must direct my like it's a very opposite of that because God loves us and his plans for us are better than our plans for ourselves. Pressure great is the opposite of what people understand and mess because of lack of knowledge they don't have knowledge to understand and I think they don't get the word up for himself because I wonder that what took me so long but the Bible is the revelation of who you are you is is there to bring about new meaning of life and in understanding how to live in that you don't have to live sinful life you have to practice a life anymore. All you have to do is live by these principles and and you get to taste and see that the Lord is good and how good it tastes. We had tasted everything out. I tasted home runs tasty championships chasing cars tasted home I tasted money and never satisfied my so is radioactive. Tell people it never did ask I will still always empty on the inside and I was Kingsolver's talk about the book of Ecclesiastes. You start about the fact that how the God state that is inside every last one of those is only for local God himself. The fill that empty void on the assignment. What was I empty only is that I had all looking from outside perspective on the inside where I was dying on the inside.

I mean literally have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt axing you and the T-shirt you know and so you can speak authoritatively to this because you have lived these things out of real time, and you mentioned Solomon you know, in his day.

He was the richest man in the world, the most powerful man in the world whatever he wanted. Basically, he had it, and then he comes at the conclusion of the book of Ecclesiastes. I looked at all of these things that I had. It was like chasing the wind.

Then he sums the book up and he says take. Here's a conclusion you don't do what God tells you they didn't you know wow what a revelation, and I hope people will get a copy of your book turn your season around, because folks arrows lived at Darrell's done it. He's learned a lot of these lessons the hard way. Now he wants to share with you how you can take principles he's learned. Claim baseball is one of the greatest players of all time, but also lessons he's learned in life is a follower of Jesus now and how you can have these lessons in your life so you can turn your season around and I were sending you this new book by Darrell Starbird that I have the privilege of writing the forward for and will give this to you for your gift of any size that will help us continue to bring the gospel to people and teach the word of God. So whatever he can do. We appreciate it and Darrell thanks for your time. They grabbed the respirator really appreciate that you guys everybody Greg Laurie here. Thanks for listening to our podcast in the learn more about harvest ministries. Please subscribe and consider supporting this show. Just go to and by the way, if you want to find out how to come into a personal relationship with God. Go to know that's key NOW

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