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The Heart of the Problem: Why We Wander from the Lord

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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December 1, 2020 3:00 am

The Heart of the Problem: Why We Wander from the Lord

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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December 1, 2020 3:00 am

Children often look like their parents. It could be facial features, the way they move their hands as they speak, or their laugh. And a child will often mimic his parents’ mannerisms. Something about an apple not falling far from a tree. But ever since Eve was handed the fruit one particular tree, Satan has been lying to us . . . and many now mimic his behavior.

Today on A New Beginning, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us chart a course for our behavior from the Lord’s Ten Commandments.

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A New Beginning is the daily half-hour program hosted by Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Southern California. For over 30 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have endeavored to know God and make Him known through media and large-scale evangelism.

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The following message from Pastor Greg Laurie is made possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God. If you would like to know how you can become a harvest partner, just go to that's Greg Laurie shoes, God hating, lying, and we should to. When we lie to something disturbing about our character until he was God's life because he is the source of the very personification of truth contrast Jesus we have the devil is described in the Bible is the father of lies. So when we lie were behaving more like children of double children of God and children of look like facial features with remove their hands as they should be your last child will often mimic his parents mannerism. Something about an apple falling far from a tree, whatever. Since Eve was handed the fruit of one particular Tracy has been lying to and many now mimic his behavior today on a new beginning for Greg Laurie help us chart a course for our behavior in the Lord's 10 Commandments rub your Bibles I hope you have a Bible so you can read along because this is a Bible study. Grab your Bible and turn the Exodus chapter 20 in the title of my message is the heart of the problem. Now you remember the first four commandments you shall not have another God before them. You shall not have a graven image, or worship, graven image, you shall not take the Lord's name in vain and you should keep the Sabbath day. The first floor have to do with my relationship with God. The final six have to do with my relationship with people.

That's what I want to focus on right now. The final commandments in the 10 Commandments. Let's go to commandment number five effectiveness chapter 20 verse 12 honor your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God is giving you commandment number six you shall not murder.

Commandment number seven you shall not commit adultery commandment number eight you shall not steal commandment number nine you shall not bear Paul's witness against your neighbor or go light, and finally the last commandment. Verse 17 of Exodus 20 you shall not cover your neighbor's house, nor covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant was female servants or anything that belongs to your neighbor all right. Let's dive into commandment number eight you shall not steal. Now we see now, we all fall short in these other areas. Who among us is not had another God before. Who among us is not at some time taken the Lord's name in vain. We might say, well, I've never committed adultery or murdered anyone but Jesus said in the sermon on the Mount, if you look on a woman or a man with lust in your heart. It's the same as committing adultery.

And if you had a hatred in your heart toward someone. It's the same as murdering them told you every good hatred in your heart toward anyone, let me rephrase the question.

Have you ever driven on a freeway, especially in Southern California. So clearly we broken these commandments but not when we come to you shall not steal, we might all breathe a collective sigh of relief because will think well I actually don't steal anything. Dr. Paul was done by Barnett that revealed that 86% of those were polled said they were completely satisfied that they had never broken this commandment because we did what about the robbers do but theft is so common in our culture today.

I don't think we realize how pervasive it is.

For instance, you read that a cashier can't open their state, our clerk in a gas station is working behind bulletproof glass and red lights blink on our dashboards of our cars telling people that the car alarm is on and security cameras monitor our every mood will be going to a store. Our every move. Rather, as we go to a store and they even monitor us out in the streets as well.

An article in Newsweek pointed out that people shoplift get ready for this figure $13 billion worth of merchandise a year $13 billion were not just talking about high-end items were talking about things like lipstick and batteries.

According to this article. It's gotten to the point where some retailers will use shoplifting habits as a guide to find out what's hot among teenagers. Oh there stealing more of this. Let's order more that so that's how pervasive theft is in our culture today and all of this, God says in his word. You shall not steal. It's not only a crime. It is a sin.

Here's what the Bible says about stealing in Ephesians 428.

He was been stealing must deal no longer.

He must work to do something useful with his own hands. They may have something to share with those in need is a very important verse, and it tells us three very practical things about stealing number one we should steal no longer verse 28.

He was been stealing should no longer do it, so if you've taken something from someone give it back. It doesn't belong to you.

That's very important. The story of Zacchaeus I think is the perfect illustration Zacchaeus was a tax collector, so he didn't have many friends because back in those days a tax collector such as like someone to work for the IRS. It was someone who work with the Roman government. So Zacchaeus being the Jewish man work for the occupying force.

So he was perceived by his fellow Jews as a trader or a turncoat and it wasn't bad enough to collect the taxes for Rome.

The tax collectors often added on more of their own benefit. So no one likes Zacchaeus, so one day Jesus came into the town that he lived in called Jericho for a visit and as he's walking to the town. Zacchaeus is kind of a little dude so he climbs up a tree to get a look at Jesus and here's Christ moving to this crowd. Suddenly he stopped and looked up and says that key is, I'm coming over to your house today and Zacchaeus scrambled down the tree in took Jesus to his home and they disappeared behind the closed door a little bit of time passed and they emerge together and Zacchaeus said to all of the people that were there.

If I've taken anything and a wrong way. I'll get back four times as much and Jesus said truly salvation has come to this house today so this is amended understood he stole from others, so he should return what he had taken and compensate for this is called restitution. So you steal something from someone you don't go to them and say sorry I stole this from you.

Forgive me know. Given back and if you broke it or lost it or sold it to someone else by them a new one.

So number one, don't steal any longer.

Number two do something useful. It says in Ephesians 428 but that man must work like it or not.

The Bible teaches that we are to earn our bread by this what a bar brown.

A second Thessalonians 310 says whoever does not work should not be yet we hear that some of your living idle lives, refusing to work wasting time meddling in other people's business.

Listen to what Paul says in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we appeal to such people know we command them settle down and get to work and earn your own living lesson. The world does not owe you a living. Nor does the government. Your parents can't support you forever, learner work ethic. Get out there and apply yourself. This is so important and then thirdly share what you have with others. Again, what is he say he says so you might have something to share with those in need. Sharing is the opposite of stealing socialism is become very popular at our culture more and more people, especially those were young say they think it's a new way of life we should adopt for America.

The Bible does not advocate socialism is able wait.

I heard that in the Bible. Bake shared one with another guest voluntarily. They were forced to do it with the redistribution of wealth in the Bible. We have many parables or the person who takes a little and multiplies it is rewarded and the person who was given something and does not use it are investor properly as what they have taken away from them. The point is simply this, we should share instead of take from others. Now here's something to think about when we talk about stealing. Did you know it's possible to steal from God himself. I read story about a man who would actually rob two churches you burglarize them and they got out photo album of the surveillance camera. He's dressed as Batman.

So if you see a guy dressed like that men running around with money. You may ask him where he got that money but to here's what we need to understand everything that we have comes from God. Everything that you own comes from God because you belong to God, he has provided that back to you so we should give back to the Lord of our finances now when we talk about stealing from God in the book of Malachi we read this incredible statement. Malachi 38 will a man rob God.

Yet you are robbing me in your ties and offerings so it should be understood by the Christian that it is a privilege to give of our finances to God.

We should all want to do it and we all should do it because as I already said everything that we have comes from the Lord any make specific promises to us as we faithfully invest into his kingdom. He will bless us as a result the back. Matthew 633 Jesus says seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you, what things the context of what he was talking about is don't be like nonbelievers to just worry about what they're going aware what they're going to eat what they're going to drink Jesus as your father knows you have need of these things when instead put God first seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you. Then you Malachi this amazing promise is made in Malachi 310 bring all the ties into the storehouse so there be enough food in my Temple. And if you do, says the Lord will open up the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing so great you won't have room enough to take it in and then the Lord says, try it put me to the test. I challenge you put the Lord to the test. Give faithfully begin. Don't steal from the Lord, don't steal from other master Greg Laurie will have the second half of this message in just a moment. We hear from so many find Christ through the study God's word dear Pastor Greg wake up to your voice on the radio each day. I've been a Christian since September 12, 1978 after hearing you speak in Riverside, California while living in Connecticut. My employers told me they were praying for me for many years. I did not delete that after hearing your life story all about Jesus. I begin to believe and made a decision to follow Jesus. Thank you Pastor Greg for all that you've done and continue to do for all of us need to hear the word daily. We hope Pastor Greg's words from Scripture continue to touch lives. And if you have a comment or story to share, send it to Pastor Greg's email address is that's over gaining some practical insight for daily life from Pastor Greg study of the life of Moses focusing today on the 10 Commandments in chapter 20 of Exodus commandment number nine verse 16 of Exodus 20, shall not bear false witness against your neighbor or a simpler way to understand it you shall not lie. We know lying is wrong.

So why do we do it it's all because we been caught doing something wrong and we want to find a way to explain it. So alive will come as a result I read an article from the Washington Post magazine that said that lying happens. 92% of the time because people want to save face and 98% of the time to keep from offending someone else so we can be challenging. You know, maybe husband, your wife comes to you with the new address and she says Joy look fat in this by the way, the answer is always no budget out you don't want to say. Well, actually, you do a little because I will offend them so you don't want to tell them the truth and it's hard. Maybe you're invited over to someone's house for a meal and in the meal is so bad you can't even finish it then.

And you took it and fed it to the dog and the dog just died and and out for the meals over she says how did you like the dinner I served you, and you say I would say it was one of the most unusual meals I've ever eaten. I've never eaten anything like it before and after go excuse me and then to go throw up in the bathroom but the point is, it's hard to say.

Actually, that was horrible.

Don't serve that to anyone again because we don't want to offend them but we tell little white lies to you know someone calls you don't answer the phone so you tell the kids to say tell the mom's not home sometimes relied of the kids first cover the great ice cream if they can I have some only don't think you would like it. It's a little too spicy. It would we do these little white lies, so to speak all the time.

For instance, will say this on. Oh sorry I for God when you didn't forget you just didn't care enough to do it. You say the some it's good to see you when actually it isn't good to see them at all is I love your outfit when actually don't love their outfit you're late for an appointment you think. Also I hit traffic when you didn't hit traffic you just left really late oh I was just getting ready to call you when you weren't or the checks in the mail when it isn't, or how about this one well will all be praying for you.

Okay that's nice to say, make sure you do it you say to someone. I'll be praying for them. Make sure you pray for them. Here's another way that you can lie gossiping and backbiting the gossiping and backbiting, saying things like have you heard the I don't know if this is true, but I just heard that, or I wouldn't tell you this but I know it won't go any further. But Cravath doesn't I'm telling you this, just so you can pray hold on if you don't know that something is true don't you dare repeated that's gossip.

The very name kisses God's reminds us of the serpent tempting Eve in the garden and the devil can really get into the details of this sort of thing because we can end up slandering a person or destroying the reputation and what were saying is not factually true. As I've said here before applied.

The acronym think before you speak.

THINKT is it true H isn't helpful. I is it inspiring and is it necessary K is a time if it does not pass muster with the acronym of think don't say this to Greg by applied the principle of my life and hardly say anything about anyone good shot up, do us all a huge favor because if you been the victim of gossip or a lie told about you. You know how hurtful it can be. Let me tell you something God hates it when his people live over in Proverbs 6 it says there are seven things the Lord hates haughty eyes, which means sort of a look of arrogance lying tongue had to kill the others in the heart. The plots evil deed that raised to do wrong of false witness that pours out lies the person who sows discord in the family.

It's interesting. Out of the seven things that God hates two of them had to do with lying and deceit. Tell you why God hates lime because he is the source of in the very personification of truth. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. In contrast to Jesus who is truth. We have the devil as described in the Bible is the father of lies. So when we lie were behaving more like children of the devil.

The children of God. Why do we do it to cover stuff up one of the biggest whoppers of all time is the story of Aaron and the golden calf. So after Moses received the 10 Commandments he dissents from Mount Sinai and what is he fine.

He hears noises in the camp and any thought they were having a war and it turns out they were having a big old party.

And here's good. Moses sees picture it. He's holding the commandments. Any chance he comes down from the mountain having been with the Lord himself and the people are dancing naked around a golden calf in their thinking, said love break good times, stand in NA that I don't understand that but up there celebrating any demands an explanation and Aaron, who we left in charge. By the way, Erin. The worst babysitter of all time offered this explanation well Moses I'm I know this looks bad.

Standing in front of a golden image and worship event or it looks like more work should be there but here's what happened.

We we do our gold in the fire in this calf just came out. So what else could we do but drop off our clothes and worship it right.

Well Moses was not happy. Needless to say, but that was a lie would actually happen was Aaron said bring all of your gold. Bring all of your bling. Bring your earrings in your rings and necklaces and she melted and he made it in the shape of a golden calf that the people were going before, but that was a lie and we live in a culture where especially on social media, it's literally built online through click date never see one of those images and it will have a little headline although they left us too soon, and that some well-known movies are what they guide you click it and it has nothing to do with that. And there lies that are told about people, sites that deal primarily in gossip Be something that's a part of our lives. Another form of lying.

Slattery flattery. One definition of flattery is quote flattery is seeing things to a certain person space you would never say behind their back.

So you say oh you're so wonderful. Oh you're so smart then you turn around and say I can't stand that person there such a loser. You're lying when you see these things to a person. Another form of lying is exaggeration. Let's be honest, sometimes preachers are guilty of exaggeration, especially when it comes to numbers. How many people come to their church.

How many people attended this event. It's sort of like a band elastically speaking that evangelistic lien speaking. That's why we try to keep very accurate numbers and when we give you a number. It is really factual, but we might exaggerate our skills to get that promotion at work or whatever this stretching the fact that some form of lying.

Here's another when you can also lie when you remain silent when you should speak.

You can lie by remaining silent when you should speak. Maybe you're in a setting work. Something is said about someone that you know that is not true and you don't refute it. You say nothing even though you know what they're saying is not true about this person you know that's called slander by silence or complicity bypass 70 Christians need to be telling the truth and not been selling lines. This is a reflection of the Lord's will and encouragement from Pastor Greg Laurie from study today on a new beginning called the heart of the problem he's presenting an in-depth study series on the life of Moses studies Collingwood Firestone. I hope you're able to hear all of Pastor Greg's insights today, but if you missed anything you can catch up by you can stream it online or downloaded MP3 and again the title is the heart of the problem. If you'd rather have a CD copy. Just call 1-800-821-3300 were here to speak with you anytime 24 seven at 1-800-821-3300 yesterday. Today is kind of a special day on the calendar with Christmas approaching some of our listeners may be aware that it has two names is called charity Tuesday or giving Tuesday and here on the special day.

We hope our listeners will remember harvest ministries. We know Dave on Black Friday.

Everybody goes out shopping. Then on cyber Monday they shop online so some folks would come up with the idea of giving Tuesday and I like that you know an opportunity to give, not just to receive it is and that would Christmas is really all about. It's about giving gifts Jesus said it's more blessed to give than to receive.

So listen since it is giving Tuesday, would you consider giving to our ministry because, listen to this. When you give to us. You also give through us and enable us to reach more people with the message of the gospel.

Thanks in advance for remembering harvest ministries on this giving Tuesday and will show our thanks with the DVD of a rush of hope. Pastor Greg cinematic crusade. It includes resources to help you host a watch party bus a digital download codes you can watch online writers today had a new beginning.

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