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Wasted Potential of a World Changer: The Devil's Dangerous Tactics

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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November 11, 2020 3:00 am

Wasted Potential of a World Changer: The Devil's Dangerous Tactics

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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November 11, 2020 3:00 am

So you go online to a retail site for trash bags, and now every other website you go to shows you ads for trash bags. Are they watching you? Yes, they are! They know what you want, and they want to sell it to you.

Today on A New Beginning, Pastor Greg Laurie says the Devil knows what you want, too. And he wants to give it to you and sell your reputation down the river. Today, Pastor Greg reminds us of our adversary’s tactics, and how to resist them.

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It's always going to be the target was a double baby wicked. What is not stupid those other packages where he knows Otto Solis, and he knows how to read market to you, our adversaries observant and deviance. Pastor Greg Laurie warned the devil knows you're weak and he's willing to watch her Achilles heel like this that I would bring that to you and trash and out every other site you go to George as retrenchment. Yes, they are. They know what you want and they want to sell it today on a new beginning after Greg Laurie says the devil knows what you want to. And he wants to give it to. So your dictation today.

Pastor Greg reminds us of our adversaries practice resources. The one thing I felt like is it just full of surprises is the longer you live like while, now that is not what I expected it up there unexpected pleasures and blessings that come your way sometime surprises that are sad, others that are tragic, some that are downright inexplicable, but generally been surprised at how some people's lives have turned out there people I knew, maybe in high school that I thought this person is never going to amount to anything this person. I don't know what's coming up with the light but with only that, you know, sometimes we call them geeks and nerds. By the way, nowadays we call them boss sometimes, but then there are other people I knew that meant they they were there were the one they had that extraordinary gift they had that natural charisma they were that born leader. And you thought that person is going to make their mark on the world and the maybe they went out and crashed and burned. I've known people that had incredible spiritual giftedness from God they could free ticket saying they can do a lot of things I got well, you're good to hear all about their ministry and they maybe had a ministry for a time and then, seemingly out of nowhere. They just sort of self-destructed. Or maybe it was a more gradual process forward in our world changers series I will get a look at a guy Gordon amazing beginning but not a great Andy and in fact I have to admit I'm even a little surprising made it into the heroes hall of faith of Hebrews 11 is images mentioned among other names.

Sam said he just included.

I mean, it was surprising to me that Gideon got in this group. But Samson after his colossal failure. I mean, in contrast to Gideon, who really knew he was really on the lowest rung of the ladder. Basically when he was called by God, he said, Lord. I'm the runt of the litter on the lowest of the low Samson. In contrast, thought he was all that and a bag of chips and he was a mighty man and for a time he was a mighty man of God and even for a time he was a true world changer, but also in time the world began to change him as he turned his back on God. Yet an amazing beginning in a tragic ending lesson we decide our story will and spiritually. You don't decide the day of your death any more than you decided the day of your birth. You don't decide how you will die or where you will die, but you do decide this virtual state. You will be in when you.we don't know when that day will come to know God decides that no actually, you decide that God want to close to him. God want you in friendship and fellowship and intimacy with them, but that's my choice to have that relationship with the Lord, are not.

They have the relationship with the Lord judge Neil Gore six.

He was asked when he retires how he will know whether or not he's been a good judge when I was asked that I want a fascinating question that normally would.

You hear and I love this response. He said Sen. that's a question I ask my kids every semester where I teach ethics and die. He has his students write their own obituary. He says some of the thing. It's a bit corny, but others like it will even read them to the class.

Kind of like what you want to be remembered for, and then judge course.

It said what I want to be remembered for his being a good man a good father, a loving husband that would great qualities to think about. Have you rewritten your own obituary.

She one day your obituary will be printed in the paper. Your life will be summed up in a paragraph or two on a bulletin that will be handed out at your funeral service and nobody cares about how much money you made.

Nobody cares what I much stuff you won't nobody cares hi you climbed in your profession, nor anything like that, though. Talk about will get a person you were.

What kind of son or daughter or husband or wife or mom or dad, you were Those qualities of life, those of the things that really matter, and though also talk about your faith in here Samson who if you were to write his obituary. This was not a great Andy. That is why the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 78 the end of the matter is better than its beginning.

The great American polity Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, quote great is the art of beginning.

But greater is the art of ending" you know if you're running in a race and you're holding the first place position for 9/10 laps and then fall on the field and don't complete the race it really doesn't matter what you did doesn't. You have to cross the finish line, and preferably be there before anybody else gets there. And when the race you're running and so the ideas we want to finish.

Well, not just start well, but God gave him a second chance. So let's see what we can learn from his life. If you're taking notes here is point number one Samson had a great beginning point number one Samson at a great beginning. I mean, he had super human qualities physically there was none stronger. He was faster than a speeding bullet. He was able to leap over tall buildings in a single button I get the wrong guy. There will is Superman, but he was sort of like a superhero.

I mean, think about this guy.

He was a one man army. But one occasion he killed 30 philistines a subtle abet. The Philistines of the enemies of the Israelites. On another occasion he killed a thousand Philistine warriors on the battlefield with the bone that he picked up off the ground on his Florida spirit bone sky was incredible he he took the lion wants and ripped it apart with his bare hands, and he wasn't. You know, a fictitious superhero like you read about in DC comics or Marvel comics. Since it was more powerful than the whole. He was smarter than Dr. strange and he was the real deal and it appears that Jesus Christ himself announced as per because an angel of the Lord appeared to a woman married to amending Manoa and the angel told her she can have a son who will begin to deliver Israel from the Philistines and then she told her I was ready so I would be this guy the angel shows up again and then they asked him what is your name and the angel says. Why do you ask my name seen. It is wonderful to make you want to wait was not a cry softening in order cry softening. He is right and appearance of Christ in the Old Testament because what is God save the Messiah and Isaiah 96 you will call his name wonderful counselor so the angel says why should I tell you my name seen it wonderful also could have been the Lord without significant if Jesus Christ is announcing your birth in God's spirit came upon Samson to make a stand in a very dark time in the history of Israel similar to Gideons time. Everyone was doing what was right on the road on in the Bible also says in Judges that the word of the Lord was scarce in those days, so Samson was dedicated to the Lord and the God wanted him to take the bow of a Nazirite, among other things, that meant that you would never drink alcohol and secondly that you would grow your hair that sometimes we think Samson's strength came from his hair. I hope that's not true because of strength come from hair.

My wife is a mighty warrior, and I am worthless so he never cut his hair and his strength did not come from inheriting from his commitment to God, symbolized by his hair.

By the way, here's an interesting little twist on the story.

The Bible never says Samson was well built, or muscular illegal. We envision him we think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the barbarian right it all pumped up. I am here to bump you up in a long hair that Samson right will unnecessarily in the Bible tells us that Joseph was well-built, muscular Bible tells us that David was very strong, but whenever Samson did one of his feats of strength, the spirit of God would come upon them. So what if he was like a scrawny little do right or glasses tape on the bridge and I don't know pocket protector allying Samson notes. We don't know anything about them in that way, but what he did was from God. He didn't do it in his own strength wins God's spirit would come upon them so he has a great beginning.

He is dedicated to the Lord's birth announced by the Lord of the release and angel, but no sooner does he get started. When he starts doing the wrong things.

He blatantly disobeys God.

He goes and marries a Philistine woman. They worship false gods and this is something God told him not to do in this cause a lot of problems and then after that he got involved with the prostitute who live down and gaze and he would go down to gaze in need be with this prostitute.

So the devil throughout the bait and Samson took good Hooker line and sinker.

Here is Samson's problem get power without purity. He had strength, without self-control, and he also took this supernatural strength God gave him for granite, thinking it would always be there. Listen for 20 years he experienced the thrill of victory, even when he was compromising even wanting sin. The Lord still give them the strength to do amazing things. So he probably thought it would always be there. But one day it wasn't the double size them up down this Achilles' heel and came up with a hack.

I know how to get this guy and he designed special instrument to bring Samson down and her name was Delilah will see how effective Delilah was ringing down this great strongman as Pastor Greg continues his message just a moment. We love to hear stories of how lives have been changed to great glorious teachings of God's word through the years, Pastor Greg, I grew up listening to you whenever we were in my moms car driving somewhere my first concert was in the fourth grade to see Zoe Gurley Riverside campus recently had been overcome with anxiety and fear in regards to the coronavirus and the end of the world. Staff I started listening to your sermons again in your company so much your voice and teachings when it really counts me.

I feel like the Lord is drawing nearer and closer to him when I had unknowingly been distanced. Thank you for the wake-up call and for your continued ministry. I find myself tearing up because I'm so blessed. Thank you so encouraging when we hear that listeners are by hearing the studies you have a story to tell of how Pastor Greg's teachings have impacted your life. If so, would you let us know Collis and 1-866-871-1144, 866-871-1144 now.

Pastor Greg continues her study of Samson in his message called wasted potential of a world changer. Let's listen.

So this beautiful delicate feminine probably petite girl comes up to Samson and he's attracted to her and this proved to be his undoing.

So let's look at the story now. Judges 16 starting in verse four of the way reading from the new living translation afterward. It happened that he loved the woman of the Valley of sora, whose name was Delilah of the lords of the Philistines came up to her and said to work entice him and find out where his great strength lies and by what means we may overpower them so we can bind him to afflict him and everyone of us will give you 1100 pieces of silver. So Delilah said to Samson. Please tell me we are great strength lies in with what you may be bound to afflict you, Samson said if they buy me with seven fresh bowstrings not yet tried all become weak like any other man so the lords of the Philistines brought up for the seven fresh bowstrings and their lying in wait and staying with her in the room and she said on the Philistines are upon you Samson. Any broke the bowstrings is a strand of yarn breaks when it touches fire so the secret of his strength was not known. There so these Philistines are determined to bring Samson down the offer. Delilah, the equivalent of $5000 be five grand is find out the secret of his strength, bringing me to point number two.

Temptation comes in attractive packages. Point number one Samson at a good beginning point number two. Temptation comes in attractive packages. I'm sure Delilah was a very attractive woman that I could hire some homely girl that Hiram Fox effectively okay easy show catches I we know that for sure and when the devil brings temptation. It's always going to be a truck elicit the devil maybe wicked, but is not stupid. He knows what he's doing and knows how to packages where's he knows how to sell his stuff and he knows how to direct market to you.

This is really been discovered a lot now with the people buying on the Internet memo and that was an unusual thing now so many things are purchased on the Internet.

I know this recently because I bought six beach chairs on the Internet and I wanted to but I messed up the order I got too many. But here's a weird thing you order something and then they notice what you order and then there's these little pop-up ads for things like that that, because nothing can a figure jet okay this guys weird he likes lots of beach chairs so that's market beach chairs and things related to beach chairs to this guy saw these little pop-up that you know I'm talking about and they're popping up good direct marketing. That's the artificial intelligence working and will why did know that was other click click click click America's double does the same thing. Okay, so would you like what your weakness would be drawn to what your Achilles' heel you like this and I would bring that to you in on them to bring all the problems that come with it. Don't forget when Eve and Adam were tempted.

The Bible says the fruit of the tree was pleasant to look upon. So the double size of Samson and figured him out he was.

I see man, whether she weakness point number three for temptation to succeed we must be a willing participant for temptation to succeed we must be a willing participant for temptation to work its magic. If you will.

There must be desire on our part. James 114 to 15 says everyone is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and is entice. I would desire is conceived against birth to sin, and sin when it's full grown, brings forth death, for Satan to succeed we must listen healed and desire what he wants, so we must listen and heal to and want what he's offering. He offers different kinds of bait, but it's not the bait that constitute sending it the by, let me say that again it's not the bait that constitute said it's the bite. Another way of saying it. It's not a sin to be tempted to appear tempted on so twisted. I can't believe that temptation Jim has nothing to do with you, the devil can throw anything at you and up pops into your mind or whatever and it's not a bad thing until you make it your thing. Be safe.

Forget that I'm not thinking about that I get behind me Satan that's great, but then every single one of its interest in having all ticked out for a test drive. I think I'll try that free sample.

I think I'll think about that a little bit of that for the problem again.

So the devil observes Samson saw how you would bring them down.

He thought about to bring this guy down on the battlefield, but I can bring them down in the bedroom, but he did find a willing accomplice in Samson because he kept walking that the trap after trap you know the tip offers Samson should have been that Delilah worked at Supercuts right become anyone to give Delilah credit, she was upfront with their intentions for first six. She says please tell me we are great strength lies so I may afflict you single people. If you go to date with someone they see something like that don't go out with a person again that terminate the date immediately. She's direct, but I found this amusing, you afflict me I kill Philistines for entertainment and use this delicate little dish named Delilah you're going to afflict me all that's absurd. And that brings us to a very important point. A great theological insight. Are you ready for it. This sin makes you stupid through sin makes you stupid. Just like when you drink alcohol.

You know you have a drink of another tray you start saying crazy stuff. Maybe you start doing weird things your under the influence of alcohol. Using the way people drive to get DUIs not because they speed something because they drive to slow or they just stop or they do things that draw the attention of you know the CHP or other police officers and so for the pull of your under the influence.

A safe and sin brings you hundreds, influence, and you start saying and doing crazy stuff that's what was happening to Samson, he wasn't thinking clearly. He thought he could handle it. We've all heard the rationalization someone says he will go just so far and will stop.

I promise there was less words will return it and I I'm only borrowing it just this one time will never do it again. The Bible is the question, can a man take fire in his lap and not be burned, center know the answer okay go set fire to your lap later in tell me how that works out yet know you will fire in your lap.

You will be burned good words of warning today.

Beginning from Pastor Greg Laurie's message called wasted potential of a world changer and there's more to come as this study continues, including the closing comment just before we wrap up for the day if you like an instant replay of today study just go to again. Just look for the title wasted potential of the world changer were for CD copy. You can call us anytime 24 hours a day at 1-800-821-3300.

That's 1-800-821-3300 and then were so happy to make available a new resource from Sally Lloyd Jones called the Jesus storybook Bible, a Christmas collection and you know Pastor Greg and I'm looking at Sally's thoughts for each day of Advent and on December 4 I see the title for that day is a new beginning. Where have I heard that before. I don't know, could leave in the radio show good program for like it though you think that's a little self-serving that I have and how they lead him to the left that in the beginning where were glad that Sally Lloyd Jones, the author of father Jesus storybook Bible in this new wonderful resource for offering called the Jesus storybook Bible Christmas collection is with this in studio so Sally in this time of year when everything's changed because of the coronavirus. I think it's more important than ever to return to the real essential message of Christmas which there's many things we could say but very important part of the messages that were not alone in this world and that God is with that you should call his name Immanuel, which means God is with us. How could this resource hunk of this book reading this to our children. Help them to understand that maybe in the new way, or maybe in a way they've never understood before but I think tracing God's beautiful redemptive rescue plan from the very beginning which is what you basically taste rat Advent starting with creation. The full all the way through to the rest Bone I think it will help them.

My prayer is that it will help them now in this time when they feel a lion and who knows how children are ready processing this. You know they they may.

Children tend to think it's that full to everything. So who knows what on what level but the Lord knows, and he can speak to them. So my prayer is we we provide the resources we tell them the story and that God would use whatever he can to reach that little hearts to let them know he visited this planet for them.

He says he's so delighted in them that he would move heaven and asked just to being at them. I think if they know that that God loves them that much that he would he would do everything to be close to them. I think it will give them strength send a rock to get through this time. Absolutely. So if you want to have a copy of this to read to your children, your grandchildren and bring them that assurance and comfort in this Christmas season.

Then order your copy of the Jesus storybook Bible, a Christmas collection of stories, songs and reflections for the Advent season written by our guest Sally Lloyd Jones, illustrated by Jago, narrated by the outstanding actor David Touchet you're gonna love this.

Yeah that's right I will be happy to send a sure way to thank you for your investment in making these daily studies possible. It's such an important time to bring God's word into the homes and hearts of listeners all across the country and even around the world and your investment helps us do that one listener commented. I turned on your message to call my anxiety this week.

Thank you for your godly wisdom and for focusing my life back on the prize of God, you will calm the anxiety in my soul will thanks for helping us bring the peace that passes understanding in these difficult times. And when you send your investment today will be glad to thank you with the Jesus storybook Bible, a Christmas collection upon request.

Just write a new beginning.

Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call 1-800-821-3300. We can take your call anytime 24 seven. Again, dial 1-800-821-3300 or go online to when next time or from the study of Samson from Pastor Greg series called world changers. But before we go. Pastor Greg has a final comment about the danger of sin as proverb says, can a man take fire in his lap and not be burned when I was a kid I I I was fascinated by fire and I did stupid things I used to take my mom's hairspray and I would lie lighter that I would spray it and it would be like a blowtorch. Could anything be dumber than this at see likely no spider in the corner, loved it so little pyromaniac in the making.

So I love this set fire to my army men are the little green army men. Marilyn fixed position shown guys holding the pistol of the guys holding a rifle and the guys crouched over the bazooka.

So II like the guys were aiming the rifle because I would like the other bit in it outside light in the thickness and the tenants are working up the guy you start multi-like this, a multi-multi-multi-multi and then he be a little green puddle sewing them.

I was letting my army men on fire on top of the piece of newspaper and you know what happened that caught fire when we do so I grab this paper on fire with plastic green army men were needed to lay waste basket that was made out of like bamboo now that I foresee is able to get the fire of that's all sin were right. Start small gets out of control and possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God sign up for pastor grades free daily email devotions and

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