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The Daily Platform
Bob Jones University
October 03, 2023
Dr Alan Benson preaches the first of a two-part series about marriage from Genesis The post Why Marriage appeared first on THE DAILY PLATFORM [... more]
A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
March 05, 2023
In this Sunday message Pastor Greg Laurie continues our Signs of Jesus series with a particularly powerful story the cleansing of the temple Discover what makes God angry in this message from John Notes The Christian life is like a greased pole you are either climbing or slipping Unknown Goliath was not always a giant The little things that we nurture can become big things in other words little liberties can turn into big vices Sow a thought reap an act Sow an act reap a habit Sow a habit reap a destiny Ralph Waldo Emerson In the Lord's Prayer [... more]
Grace To You
John MacArthur
September 05, 2022
Click the icon below to listen [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
June 03, 2022
The gospel was the apostle Paul's life mission and nothing would stop him from sharing it with as many people as possible In this message Skip shares how Paul answered objections to the good news of Jesus [... more]
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
March 03, 2022
To support this ministry financially visit https www oneplace com donate [... more]
Alan Wright Ministries
Alan Wright
October 13, 2021
It's not your striving or sacrificing or straining that makes God happy [... more]
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
September 25, 2021
Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers The theme of listening continues this week This time the guys talk about what causes God to listen The clips are from Interview With God and The Ten Commandments The journey continues so grab your gear and be blessed right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show Be sure to check out our other podcasts Masculine Journey After Hours and Masculine Journey Joyride [... more]
Summit Life
J.D. Greear
May 12, 2021
When we give our lives to Jesus the Bible says we're sealed with the Holy Spirit But what does that mean Is the Spirit just a stamp we get in our spiritual passport to make sure we'll get into heaven [... more]
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
April 16, 2021
In Romans Paul writes as a prosecuting attorney bringing the human race before judgment in a case we could call God vs Humanity In this message Adrian Rogers reveals our indictment evidence and verdict and explains how God justifies us as His children [... more]
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
February 27, 2021
Covid causes a replay of one of the most popular Christian Car Guy Programs Robby ponders the question what makes God laugh [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
January 27, 2021
Everyone seems amazed that someone from long ago like Nostradamus could predict life in our modern culture mdash or did he In the message quot The Future Looks Uncertain but God quot Skip explains how God makes the future known to you This teaching is from the series but God Links Website https connectwithskip comDonate https connnectwithskip com donateThis week's DevoMail https connnectwithskip com devomail [... more]
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
September 04, 2020
Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio [... more]
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