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Worship & The Word
Pastor Robert Morris
April 03, 2022
Pastor Robert explains that the choices we make today not only determine where you spend eternity but also how you spend eternity [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
December 15, 2021
Do you feel indifferent about the end times or do you anticipate Jesus' second coming According to biblical prophecy in Revelation the future contains some dark days for planet Earth A great battle will climax the end of history and the end for Satan In this message you'll get a clear vantage point of the stages of Christ's return to earth nbsp Click here to listen Duration [... more]
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
June 03, 2021
Open calls questions and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio Questions include--- - I work with people who use foul language What should I do--- - Is it ok to stay in an AOG church--- - In regard to the tree of life in Revelation what do the leaves mean--- - What does it mean that death and Hades will be cast into the lake of fire--- - Who had the power listed in Luke - - Are we on the same level as the apostles--- - Do you believe that healings happen now--- - Is it ok [... more]
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