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Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram
April 29, 2024
As an adult how do you honor your parents - especially if they have been less than honorable Join Chip as he explores this difficult and controversial issue with candor and biblical guidance Main PointsGod s first words to children - Exodus What does it mean to quot honor quot your parents Why did God give this command What does it look like to honor our parents Are there times when we can t honor our parents wishes Yes Broadcast ResourceDownload Free MP Message Notes Additional Resource MentionsFree Parenting Resources About Chip IngramChip Ingram rsquo s passion is helping Christians [... more]
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
June 02, 2023
On a Friday Drive Josh explains why we won t be able to recognize the Panthers offense this year explains why Jokic had the quietest triple double in a Finals you ll ever see and why Game is must win for the Heat Wake Forest AD John Currie joins the show to prep us for Wake Forest s regional and to reveal details from ACC Meetings in Amelia Island and voice of Charlotte FC Will Palaszczuk joins the show to tell whether or not Laviska Shenault will really be the Carolina Panthers Deebo Samuel [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
June 05, 2022
ldquo My dear friend sometimes you sound holier than you really are rdquo Those words were leveled with a direct gaze and gentle smile Had they come from someone other than a close friend and mentor whose discernment I highly valued my feelings might have been hurt Instead I winced and laughed at the same time knowing that while his words ldquo hit a nerve rdquo he was also right Sometimes when I talked about my faith I used jargon that didn rsquo t sound natural which gave the impression that I wasn rsquo t being sincere My friend loved [... more]
Building Relationships
Dr. Gary Chapman
June 26, 2021
Are you more and more cautious about speaking the truth in a culture that doesn't want to hear it On this weekend's Building Relationships with Dr Gary Chapman author and military chaplain Charles Causey CAWS ee says you can overcome those fears by learning to speak the truth in love If you're running from tough conversations in your life and you want to stop don't miss this edition of Building Relationships with Dr Gary Chapman See omnystudio com listener for privacy information [... more]
A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
July 04, 2020
Pastor Greg Laurie interviews author and radio host Eric Metaxas In this classic discussion they cover the role of faith in America's founding and the role of virtue in the exercise of religious liberty Eric shares his personal testimony and discusses his book If You Can Keep It With humor and candor he explains how the God-given liberties we enjoy in America must be taught and protected in every generation --- Learn more about Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries at harvest org This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners Support the show https harvest org donate [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
April 18, 2020
Melissa Strickland Sr Director of Communications for Samaritan's Purse called the show to share the work of Samaritan's Purse in NYC and other places Melissa's also a caregiver herself for a husband with high-risk issues so going to NY was not easy task Listen to Why she did it and what she discovered there about the people they treat the reception from New Yorkers the push back from a small but VERY vocal minority but most of all what's she learned about faith in Christ After listening to this podcast PLEASE share it with everyone in your social media world [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
April 14, 2020
Watching the decline of a figure who looms large in your life brings a pain melancholy and sorrow Gary Chapman understands those in deeply personal ways Yet he also understands faith hope and God's faithfulness As journeyed with his father all the way to the end of life on this earth Gary relates a powerful message of that experience and the profound transformation that occurred in his own life During that time the great hymns of our faith grew in increasing importance to Gary Playing them at his father's bedside Gary saw the emotional spiritual and physical comfort they brought [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
April 05, 2020
I wish had a different testimony but sadly I do not One of the reasons I wanted Chonda to call the show is because she brings such candor and authenticity to her humor to the delight of hundreds of thousands While no stranger to heartache and grief Chondra continues to open her life and see it with tear-filled eyes and a whole lot of laughter In this frank and funny interview Chondra demonstrates why she is one of the most successful comedians EVER For more information visit Chondra org About Peter Rosenberger How can you laugh through what you all [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
April 05, 2020
With vast numbers either working from home or losing their job many are asking the question Should I Change The Way I Work Caregivers have struggled with this issue for years as we've tried to juggle a job while caregiving For nearly ten years David Asarnow and Bob Sears have helped mentor me as I built a national broadcasting platform and message to my fellow caregivers all while I still serve as a caregiver They helped me understand that I needed to change the WAY I worked We caregivers work hard but are we utilizing all of our skills Do [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
May 08, 2019
How can you laugh through what you all live through Peter Rosenberger often hears that question when people learn of his year journey as a caregiver for his wife Gracie who lives with severe disabilities operations including the amputation of both legs Yet both Peter and Gracie draw hope from their deep faith which strengthens their hearts and their sense of humor Peter's weekly radio show Hope for the Caregiver is heard on more than stations Through his show along with his books and speaking events Peter address the challenges of life business and relationships with candor compassion and comedy [... more]
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