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Our American Stories
Lee Habeeb
August 31, 2022
On this episode of Our American Stories Captain Jim Boots Demarest tells story of Captain Steve Phillis a decorated Air Force A- fighter pilot killed under heroic circumstances while trying to save his downed wingman on their thirtieth Desert Storm combat mission Stephen Davis author of Hammer of the Gods and Kirby Ferguson of Everything a Remix tell the story of how Led Zeppelin found themselves in a courtroom over a few of their songs and explain why there are so many copycats in the music industry Support the show https www ouramericanstories com donate Time Codes - The True [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
September 09, 2020
We caregivers often feel that we won't be satisfied unless the resolution of conflict or circumstances is what we want and expect But great music doesn't often work that way and neither does life A lesson from my jazz piano professor drives this point home using the familiar chord progression ii-V-I Peter Rosenberger is the host of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER Now in his th year as a caregiver Peter draws upon his vast experience to help strengthen fellow caregivers www hopeforthecaregiver com [... more]
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