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Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
May 23, 2024
In his parable The Wise Woman George MacDonald tells the story of two girls whose selfishness brings misery to all including themselves until a Wise Woman puts them through a series of tests to help them become ldquo lovely rdquo again After the girls fail each test and suffer shame and isolation one of them Rosamond finally realizes she can rsquo t change herself ldquo Couldn rsquo t you help me rdquo she asks the Wise Woman ldquo Perhaps I could rdquo the woman replied ldquo now that you ask me rdquo And with the divine help symbolized by the [... more]
In Touch
Charles Stanley
July 07, 2023
Learn how to move past sin and continue pursuing God without guilt or shame [... more]
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
November 02, 2022
Clinging to Hope [... more]
A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
August 21, 2022
Have you ever thought your sin was so horrible that there was no coming back Pastor Greg Laurie has good news for you God gives second chances In this Sunday episode hear the story of a man who fell away from God and was in need of forgiveness Notes My heart is fixed my heart is fixed O Lord Psalm The actual sin David committed lasted only a minute but the repercussions of his sin lasted the rest of his life Let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall Corinthians David's fall came after great spiritual success [... more]
Truth for Life
Alistair Begg
August 19, 2022
Some equate discipline with abuse because it's painful in the moment But Scripture teaches that biblical discipline is actually a product of love In fact God disciplines those He loves for our good Hear more on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg Listen [... more]
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
June 03, 2022
Episode Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions Show Notes CoreChristianity com Questions in this Episode In John John said behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world I know election is true but this seems to be describing the whole world as in everyone in the world What do you think How does God discipline us when we sin I am wrestling with the verse that says the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart This seems to contradict free will What do you think What does Revelation - mean Did David lose the Holy Spirit [... more]
Moody Church Hour
Pastor Phillip Miller
November 14, 2021
Do you sometimes feel like God is far nbsp off disengaged nbsp from nbsp your life in this world nbsp Throughout the Old Testament the Israelites experienced nbsp periods nbsp where God seemed far away even as the temple that represented his presence was destroyed nbsp In this message nbsp you rsquo ll see nbsp how God disciplines His people and even scatters them nbsp All nbsp this fits nbsp together to give us a big-picture view of God rsquo s work in world history nbsp and your life nbsp nbsp nbsp Click here to listen Duration [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
August 09, 2021
She slammed the door She slammed the door again I went to the garage grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver and walked to my daughter rsquo s room Calmly I whispered ldquo Sweetheart You have to learn to control your temper rdquo And then I removed her door from the hinges and carried it to the garage My hope was that removing the door would help her remember the importance of self-control In Proverbs ndash the wise teacher invites readers to accept God rsquo s discipline The word discipline could be translated ldquo correction rdquo As a good and loving [... more]
Truth for Life
Alistair Begg
April 28, 2021
Discipline isn't an enjoyable topic to discuss and experiencing it is even worse So why does God discipline us Listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg as we seek deeper understanding and appreciation for the Father's discipline in our lives Listen [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
November 02, 2020
The nation Israel had one reason for being to bring forth a Messiah who would first die as a sacrifice for sin and later be raised to return one day as king over all the earth nbsp Click here to listen Duration [... more]
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
August 19, 2020
Episode Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions Show Notes CoreChristianity com Key questions answered in today's show Since the start of this COVID pandemic my husband and I have not attended church He has health issues which makes him high-risk and I don't want to bring this disease home to him I still support my church with my tithes and offerings and I'm listening to services and Bible studies through Bott Radio But I am fearful of bringing this disease home and hurting my family and I fear my not going to church is showing a lack of [... more]
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