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The Christian Family (Part 2 of 2)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg
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August 19, 2022 4:00 am

The Christian Family (Part 2 of 2)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg

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August 19, 2022 4:00 am

Some equate discipline with abuse because it’s painful in the moment. But Scripture teaches that biblical discipline is actually a product of love. In fact, God disciplines those He loves, for our good. Hear more on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


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Some people see discipline as abuse or insensitivity because it's painful in the moment today on Truth for Life will find out why biblical discipline is actually a product of love Alistair Begggest teaching from the book of Colossians chapter 3 were in verse 2011 that say a word or two about the responsibility of the parents and whatever decision Christian parents make about the ongoing education of their children, and there are many within our congregation that adopt all kinds of approaches and we understand and recognize that whatever that decision. One thing is true of every mom and dad in the congregation and that is that they are responsible for the registrant for the instruction of their children in the word of God. It is their responsibility. The task is to be exercised by the parents in the face of all of the challenges of a world that doesn't agree the insinuations of the evil one come to as and say you know you shouldn't listen to all this stuff is old-fashioned. It said it serenaded the Bible if somebody had written the Bible at this point they would never have included this as a kind of thing you hear autosave, but you need to be a pragmatic person that leaders need to be is as realistic as you can.

And frankly, this doesn't work, or you have them say you know what you really need is self-help and there should only Bible help.

You don't need the spirits of psychology will be of far more help to you than theology and at the heart of all of those kind of insinuations which come ultimately from the evil one. At the heart of it all is the undermining of the word of God the design of the evil one is to get God's people to live their lives paying scant attention to the truth of the Bible being prepared to affirm its authority as we said at the end.

Last time, be prepared to say we believe it entirely and then to do absolutely nothing with it when it comes to the issues that we are dealing with now instruction begins at home. It has to do with creating a climate in which our children recognize that we are depending on the Bible and depending on the help of the Holy Spirit to try and do our level best to raise them according to the structures and definitions of the Bible that we are on our best days are sinful as well. I guarantee you that the child nurtured by a biblical view of the origin of life will enjoy in life.

The security that can never be experienced by the youngster schooled. For example, in evolutionary theory how happy the son who can say when I was a boy in my father's house still tender and an only child of my mother. He taught me and said lay hold of my words with all your heart keep my commandments, and you will live.

So the responsibility of the parents is essentially twofold. It is foreseeable that the instruction of their children and then the disciplining of their children. Here's where it gets set challenging is not disciplining our children. According to the Bible is not an option and doing it and doing it in the way that God says is absolutely essential.

The social and political climate is one in which the rights of the child been set out in such a way as to severely limit the potential of parental jurisdiction.

The exercise of discipline old files from my drawer go way back. Actually, 1996 the Supreme Court of Italy declares all punishment by parents of children as unlawful. The judgment states that the very expression correction of children expresses a view of child rearing that is both culturally anachronistic, historically outdated and should in fact be redefined. What's happening here. You see, is a question is does the creator of the universe know what he's talking about when he says this is how it works or does he not but as soon as you remove the creator, then you have no one to you.

You have to defer in North God is dead. As Dostoyevsky said of God is dead and all things are permissible in all the bets are off. So this is not just a sort of cultural challenge to a small group of people who've got a weird perspective on the raising of children. This is actually a challenge to God Almighty and you can go through the whole thing Supreme Court of Israel declares a unlawful 2000 South African constitutional court.

Christian schools challenge it. Christian schools are told in a golden and and don't come back. Well here's the challenge for Regalado because if upholding and applying biblical guidelines takes place.

Then we face the challenges own way of being hateful or abusive towards our children. That's what they say. The reason you couldn't do this is because it is inevitably hateful. It is abusive, but actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Surely there is a way to be abusive and hateful towards our children in any kind of structure, not least of all, within the framework of a biblical biblical parameters and we see evidence of I will read it every so often in the press where people are just completely off the rocker and if taking these things to extremes that are malevolent and bad, and worthy of punishment absolutely no question about that we cancel the entire thing out on the basis of the fact people made a complete mess of the guideline. No, because the exercise of discipline is motivated by love is motivated by love is a love that seeks to prevent our children from reaching the end of their lives in a sorry state and finding that the reason the end up in a sorry state is because they hated discipline, they spurn correction. They paid no attention to their parents and of course the Bible is very clear. Solomon is very clear he who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him. It is only irresponsible parenting that leaves children to fend for themselves when the writer of Hebrews takes the principle of disciplining of children up.

He applies it to the nature of the work of God within our life. He says if you are the earthly.

You know you were disciplined by them for your good. This ND do this because this is how God treats you.

He disciplined you for your good. All discipline in the moment is painful. But later on it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness. But if what you want is peace at any cost. Now you can expect the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Then the first comes the pain and then comes the pleasure so the challenge is huge.

I I I must say you know now is a grandfather you you you live this thing at least twice you live with your own mistakes and disappointments and chaos and then you watch as your children. Try try their journey and you have to stand back and bite your tongue bite your rules is set yeah it's cool it's it's it's a setup for but listen listen when parents do not establish this framework out of the gate. the challenge becomes greater with every birthday. i guarantee they are not all of a sudden going to roll over in their bed and go you know what yeah i love you and i'll do everything you say now the foolishness that is bound up in the heart of a child which expresses itself in rebellion will take more than words to dislodge the highlight because the bible says so taking the responsibility seriously is tied to the lordship of christ. therefore, it falls to the children to also take this seriously and say a word or two and under the start heading proverbs again. listen to your father who gave your life and do not despise your mother when she's old, i take it. actually, that paul assumes that children were present when this letter was read. certainly when the letter would've been referenced in the context of house gatherings and so on is worth noting in passing that age-based education in the framework of the church is a relatively new phenomenon is not a bad idea, but it is a different idea what you read in the old testament, you find that families work together under the instruction of god's word. for example, in chronicles where jay has el has a responsibility of delivering the lord. the word he says all judah stood before the lord. their little ones, their wives, their children and classically when ezra is invited to bring out the book and speak from he brought the law before the assembly, both men and women and all who could understand now. this is of of great importance because our children are sensible there there bright they are capable of understanding and they are capable of understanding their clear instructions of the bible and whether we as parents are actually embracing them engaging with them and being prepared to do what it says and the instruction along these lines for children is not in the small print is not as if it's a way at the end of something hidden away. for example, when moses is addressing the people in leviticus 19 is as of the lord spoke to moses, saying speak to all the congregation of the people of israel and say to them, you shall be holy, for i the lord your god am holy. next sentence every one of you shall revere his mother and his father. that's the first thing satan is will you are to be a different kind of people in the world everyone of you shall revere his mother and his father not is not an absence of clarity, i say to you again. it is the duty of children or as you say the duty is the duty of children to all honor, respect and obey their parents to submit to their correction to accept their instruction. my son give me your heart and let your eyes observe my ways give me your heart and let your eyes observe my ways i there's the rub for some of us, for their eyes observe our ways and our ways are cross purposes to the instruction will reveal how you want your case if you and thing you love me and then they said you because you never discipline.

that's what i know you love me and say i because you can give me things. note linda struthers to a close and we need to say a couple things. importantly, first of all, we recognize that parents are not infallible. parents are not infallible by the word of god is infallible, so we are simply are standing in between god himself and our children in the way that i am standing in between god himself, and you as this congregation for i will give an answer to god for all the words that are spoken to you formally and informally. that's what the bible says step up if you like this challenge, but it's close to you is it that it falls to you as a mom and folks to you as a boy or girl. the bible is really clear when we get letters and we get hundreds of letters from prisoners. it is a traceable fact that many of them when they tell us their story say that they find themselves incarcerated.

now, as a result of decisions that they made along the journey of their life's, which began with contempt of parental authority and discipline children obey your parents in everything. everything does that mean if they tell you to go steal things from target are supposed to clearly not obedience is only in such things that concur with the law of god, who is sufficient for these things i i i might. my heart goes out to our young families. it does those of us who have been around a little while. understand this this is a friday, august 13 from scotland, though the latest piece from the scottish government. children as young as four will be allowed to change their name and gender at school without their parents consent under new guidelines issued by the scottish government so you can send your children into an alien environment and they can do whatever they jolly well please.

there you don't have to be contacted about. they will come home and tell you and their teachers will reinforce it for you. can it possibly be children. what a gift. they are a gift. let's remind ourselves of that.

let's remind ourselves that our children are only loaned to us for a little while so i can tell you're getting old now. you call a little a little while because 025. seems like eternity. yeah five 218 is a moment in time. let's remind ourselves that their cute but also corrupt that they are lovely, but that they are lost their estranged from the womb. they go astray from birth. speaking lives, which is of course the problem isn't, unless of course your reading the sunday review january 5, 2018 is your child lying to you that's good. why do some children start lying at an earlier age than others.

what separates them from their more honest peers. the short answer is there smarter is this is comes under the bible again doesn't bible says is a problem some crazy psychologists as this is actually the answer, so they need god's law to show them where the wrong to show them that they can climb up a ladder to god's acceptance to show them that they are in need of god's grace to help them understand that when they make a hash of it when they stumble and fall on their face. there's more grace in jesus and there is sin in their little hearts.

we finish this up. acknowledging that we live in a culture that is increasingly corrupt. we live in an environment big church that is in many ways in danger of becoming entirely compromised. in these things and that is why our children are confused or confused. they are so i said you if the parents don't get it. the parents are clueless you going to live with confused children.

there's no possibility of it being otherwise. and that's why we need the clarity of the bible last week in the people that i met the end of the service as a fellow from california, but tormentor basketball coach.

apparently, and his 12-year-old son. so i said to him i said hey i said i used to be 12.

he looked at me like a really nice as i sit here i was, of the 57 years ago and the father said to his or something that you would say to him as a 12-year-old boy so because i just be preaching only signs you are such a nice idea. keep your story simple. keep your story simple look entirely to jesus gases that it said that's it is fascinating is not that from the birth narratives you got this long period of silence and then jesus reappears at the age of 12, he's in the temple he's in discussion with the people he's really missing from his family renting you they search for him. they find them. you remember that encounter is described for us there and it says then that he went down with mary and joseph and was submissive to the and he increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with god and with my the lady who wrote once in royal david's city captured something of this when in above verse three of fact, having introduced us to jesus and his birth. she writes for he is our childhood pattern, day by day, like ours, he grew he was little weak and helpless tears and smiles like our senior and he feel if for our sadness and he shared with in our gladness. in short order. young people jesus who is for you as you trust in him. the author and finisher of your faith.

he understands that her than you can ever know what it is to be an obedient son is precious as our children may be. the bible tells us that they like. we are correct from birth and the need of biblical instruction and loving discipline if they are to become followers of jesus christ as they grow or listing to Alistair Begg on Truth for Life and he will return shortly to close today's program.

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You can access them on our In fact, there are more than 3000 audio and video messages available to you for free when you visit our website or use the troop from app you can read articles drawn from Alister's teaching each week. New articles are posted that cover a wide variety of topics. And just like Alister Sherman's. All of this is free for you to read and to share you find the most recent articles Truth for now here is Alister with prayer father steers away from any thoughts of moralism, pulling up our socks. We all know we need to do better, but we all know that all day every day we are entirely dependent on the work of your spirit. Forgive us for our failures. Forgive us Lord for listening to the chatter of the surrounding culture rather than listening to the voice of you who created the children help assist boys and girls who were present in under the sound of my voice right now to realize what an adventure it is to live in the light of God's word to trust in Jesus as Savior to submit and live for him. In so doing, to obey mothers and fathers. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your example of humility and servant and in your name we pray about the p.m. we hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to worship with your local church this weekend. On Monday will hear a popular message from Alister titled death and dying are you prepared to die. Are you ready to face eternity. That's really the key to living a life with a sense of comfort and peace.

Find out more as you listen Monday.

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