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R737 The Prodigal Dead

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 26, 2019 8:00 am

R737 The Prodigal Dead

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 26, 2019 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Now here it is all about Simpson everyone about his mission. The only way that you can have a relationship with God, our heavenly father is through the Lord Jesus because he's the way he's truth, he's the life no man can come to God, accepting through Jesus because Jesus is the one who through his death and resurrection makes it possible for you and me to be forgiven of our sin, because when we trust him when we confess our sin and repent before him, and give our hearts and lives to him and he comes into our lives, our sin par stains is present tense, forgiven because Christ has already paid the price.

He did that for me. God has an encouraging word for you and me today. Through the Bible-based bruising of Dr. Don Wilton on this edition of The Encouraging Word like you. In these moments of studying the Bible together with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author and evangelist in today's message on the prodigal dad is something that's going to be in many ways very feeling pastors heart about the sensitive burden he has and perhaps you have prodigal in your life. Or maybe the middle of this message, you will discover the perhaps you and I have been prodigal.

How do we change that we come home to our father talk about it just a moment know that were available for you as well. As we study give us a call and talk and pray with us at 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 or meet us online The Encouraging and now I have a real problem, but I want to share with you this morning. It's a personal problem, but it's a very real problem that is that I struggle to know what to do with my soon my sound to some today somewhat surprising because some of you might think that because I'm's Baptist Church that I'm a man without sin. I wish that I could say that to you but that would not be accurate and that would not be true, it would not be true, according to the Scriptures, and it would not be true, according to the practice of my life.

In fact, I submit to you today that every single one of us are sinners is not a single verse in Scripture that tells us when we give our heart and life to Jesus Christ that we become immune from sin or should I say that we become exempt from sin. In fact, the Bible says that when I get my heart and life to Jesus Christ. Rather than becoming immune from sin or exempt from sin. What happens to me is that I become sensitized to sin, I become hypersensitive and the reason that I become hypersensitive is because as a Christian man, the Spirit of God dwells in me, and the spirit of God who is godly and he is holy cannot tolerate or contemplate or accommodate any form of sin.

So when I do sin, the spirit is in me immediately begins to react and begins to let me know that what it is that I'm doing is not right. Not only is it not right. But God doesn't accept. That's why I become sensitized to sin that we need to sample something very importantly today. I do want to say to my friends that is, God speaks to you. He's going to set you free on something very important. The Bible tells us a story in the New Testament that I'm not going to be preaching on the day but it's a good one in a good place to start out it's the story of the prodigal son.

I think most of us know about the prodigal son but if we don't, let me just remind you that it's the story that Jesus told us about a real man who lived on this earth, and he had a relationship with these father. His father wasn't his surrogate father or his stepfather or he is one to be father. It was his father. This was the son of the father and the father was a man ever deeply who had everything in one day. This particular son who became known as the prodigal son went to his father and he said to him, father, I decided to take life into my own hands. I want to live it the way I want to live. I no longer want to be in my father's house and I no longer want to be under the instruction of my father and I most certainly do not want to be under the discipline of my father's house. So what I'd like you to do is just play up right now give me my inheritance because I want to do what I want to do with it.

So the father gave it to him. Now that's interesting.

Good, the father of safety and well forget it.

I'm not gonna do that. Still not you can squawk and scream and cry and fast, but you're not getting it, son, you understand that, but he gave it to him. I wonder why he did that he gave him his inheritance and that son immediately took off. The Bible tells us that he went off a fall way and he went into a foreign land and there he gave himself the riotous living. Roughly translated, he handed him over to his sinful desire. He squandered his inheritance. He was no longer under the discipline of his father's house.

He was no longer accountable. The whole block about Christian discipleship. Even have to answer to anybody. He said man but it made I'm on my own. I'm on this campus. Mom and dad aren't around.

I'll do exactly what I want to do what we know what happened.

He squandered everything he had in the Bible tells us where did he end up. He ended up in the pig. The hog came literally, folks, I don't want to brag to you but I know what things are all about. When I lived in Africa and the Cape of Good Hope in a place called France shook during my university vacations I used to work on a pedigree ping-pong most beautiful place you could ever imagine. Right in the midst of the mountains and this man was a pedigree breeder and my assignment was to manage the pics. I remember one time my girlfriend by the name of Karen Bolton traveled about 500 miles from grahams down. Come and see me. She was in the city of Cape Town and I had to get to her because I was about 60 miles away, or whatever it was, so I got into my truck and I went to Cape Town to go to pick up this girl that I thought was the best thing I'd ever laid my eyes on and I picked her up and we went out to eat. The problem was. I picked her up in my hog truck just in case any of you are struggling to understand this.

This was the same truck that we put hog stuff in it stank like you cannot imagine.

We went down to a place a kite pointed see point in South Africa right only Atlanta, Goshen, and I had a drive-through restaurant much like sonic you know in our country and I drove up there and I still remember the gentleman coming out there to take out old.

He got about 50 feet away from the motorcar for my truck and decided this was just too awful.

It wasn't worth the trip or anything else in between.

Folks can you believe I took my wife when I mean my girlfriend I can't believe that she married me. Despite that, I just want you to know something folks you talk about a man getting in the pigpen. It is 1 Awful Pl. to be for John. It was the belly of a whale. By the way I lived on the bluff in Durban, South Africa, one of the biggest whaling stations in the world. Let me tell you something folks you knew exactly when they brought the capture of Wales into the whaling station in Durban, South Africa, because those whales stink to high heaven. You can't imagine the stage well Joan, I ended up in the belly of a whale, probably one of the most extraordinary prayer meetings that ever took place. Well there was this man in the middle of the hog pen. The Bible uses these words that right there in the midst of the hog pain.

He came to his saints and he stood up and he said why even in my father's household. The servants are treated better than I am.

I'd rather be a servant in my father's house then have to live in the squalor in this strange in a pigpen with nothing in my sin of degradation and so he rose up, and he went back to his father's house and received the shock of his life because while he was still a way off. He looked up and there he saw his father coming toward him with these arms open wide, welcoming him back to his home. He put a ring on his finger. He provided frame, a sumptuous meal and he put them back where he needed to be subject this morning is the prodigal day the prodigal day. Turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 in verse 20 the friend. This is remarkable, God will speak your heart today as he is spoken to my in Hebrews chapter 20 in verse 21 we read about 1234 people by faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau in regard to their future. Verse 21 by faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph's sons and worship as he leaned on the top of his stuff.

Remarkable. Just too little words little brief versus care about for incredible man, Isaac, Jacob and Esau and Joseph. I just want to submit to you today that what we read about in Hebrews chapter 11 concerns. Just the simple fact that today as we speak as we heard something so brilliantly and wonderfully by our choir and Steve noted a moment ago that no doubt about it. These men are in heaven, they belong to the Lord. They live up there. We got to see them one day in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and what you read about in these just two verses in Hebrews chapter 11 is just simply the final comment about an entire lifetime, but I think we need to hear the rest of the story because there was something about these men.

My frames that are going to remind us about the prodigal son of the New Testament, and about our own lives in the pig pains in which we find us. You see, when we begin to discover the narrative about these people, we discover my frames that they were far from perfect. In fact, countless numbers of times they did things that would boggle the mind.

I'm talking about a man like Isaac.

If you remember Isaac was the son of Abraham. This was the chosen son. This was the man who is marched up the mountainside whose life was spared understood everything that took place.

So the hand of God the promise of God. Well, let's look at the rest of the story. Turn with me to Genesis chapter 26, just very quickly. I can't show you all the things that happen to these people, we would be here all month but let's read a few exits.

Let's take a look at Genesis chapter 26 and verse seven. For example, Genesis 26 in verse seven.

The Bible says when the men of that place Austin about his wife.

He said she is my sister, because he was afraid to say she is my wife. He thought the man of this place might kill me on account of Rebecca because she is beautiful when Isaac had been there a long time Abimelech king of the Philistines looked down from a window and saw Isaac caressing his wife Rebecca so Mallik summoned Isaac and he said she is rarely your wife why did you say she is my sister Isaac on sit him.

Now here is something unbelievable. This is what Isaac said to the king because I thought I might lose my life on account of what a coward function is Isaac. He marries this unbelievably beautiful lady by the name of Rebecca finds himself in a foreign country under the reading of King Abimelech and he's got a beautiful wife and he's not a man who was born yesterday and he notices that these men are all taking offense eateries beautiful.

Why, he realizes that if they discover that actually he is married to her.

Back in these ruthless days. Let me tell you what they would do that would do anything to get his wife.

They would name stop short of just killing him that if we want Rebecca, his wife Raquel will just kill the husband. I mean it's just a simple as that saw this man, this is Isaac folks talking about a nobody here Isaac looks around he says he says wait a minute, she's my sister. The king sees them together any realizes she's not insisted that she's his wife and says to me he said well it's easy I was allowed to live because my life was in jeopardy. You see that woman beautiful one I thought if you knew that she was my wife. You killed me.

I am concerned about me that's a nice how do you do that you think so all the wives sure you'd agree with that. Can you imagine appearing some company somewhere and someone comes up and you turn your site.

Others, like now, know she's my sister and come out there with a big fat lip. I can promise you that right now.

Just think about how this is just think of the just think about how this heel in the face of God and before mankind. Just think about the desecration of these marriage vow.

Just think about what he was going to permit happen so that he could save his own skin.

This is Isaac. So the story goes on the voice of Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word and will be back with much more of this message on the prodigal daddy just a few moments.

Dr. Wilton wants me to remind you that this conversation it's something that he shares then you volley back.

We revel in the opportunity of praying with you and for you adjusting these last three days we been praying for hundreds of people have a prodigal in their life, someone it's drifted from God. They know they belong to Jesus.

They know they have the mark of a believer so to speak, but they are so far from God. Let us help. Pray them home with you I can. Our phone number is 866899 were 866899673. We would love to connect with you and pray with you and for you about whatever's going on your life but especially if you want to pray a prodigal home. We stand ready to connect.

Now back to today's message from Dr. Don Wilton we look at the life of Moses we look at the life of Isaac, Jacob and Esau, I mean Jacob and Esau. The two sons of Isaac got into such a parcel caused all the problems between Jacob and Esau. Mom and dad, Isaac and Rebekah. They played one another against each other. They had a favorite son Isaac allowed his human desires for good food to getting his way. Jacob was deceitfully covered himself in some calls head so that he could feel like his brother was. He put on his brother's clothing so that he is blind father Isaac would be deceived and not know that it actually was. Jacob, when we go with the story I want to speak to you about the prodigal. We got also to questions today by asking them number one.

What is a prodigal looked like what is a prodigal looked like it. Have a look at this together in the light of God's word number one I prodigal belongs to the Lord a prodigal belongs to the Lord, prodigal's all believers. You might say to me pasta. How do I know if I'm a prodigal believer or if I'm just a lost person living in sin, you can judge that by the reaction that you have concerning who God is in the light of your sin.

You see, my friends, I prodigal sinner who is always a believer is a man or a woman or a boy or a girl who when they find themselves in the pig and when I find themselves in the midst of their sin. It's not a matter of whether or not they are in sin issue is that as they find themselves in their sin bothers them because they are hidden soon troubles that that's the spirit of God. That's the mark of a believer.

I remember many years ago a man coming to see me on you him he was a kind of a friend of mine. He came to see me sat down and he told me about the fact that he was living in sin, then he just bursting the team is he just bursting.

We talked a little more. He began to control himself told me little boy burst into tears again. Then he burst into tears. I mean, he was crying uncontrollably, telling me about a certain and I remember looking at him and saying to my friend why are you crying he looked at me and he said to me, my friend Don he said I'm crying not just because I'm in sin but because I know that God has got a hold of my heart and what I'm doing is wrong in the presence of God and I'm coming to my senses that's what he was saying to me he was saying I'm coming to my senses) my people. But friend I know that I'm a I'm a believer that I belong to him.

I've had people over the years. Whatever means have come to me. I don't know where like coming to try and find sanction for this sin would try and get permission for their sin will get a stamp of approval for their sin.

I don't know but I've had some people who come to me over the years and of told me about their sin and when we begun to talk about it together. His two brothers or a brother and a sister in Christ, as I have thought in my heart. After that person and say to them will what you think about it and basically bottom line.

They said well I'm in sin and I want you to know that I'm going to continue to do exactly what I want that person is not a prodigal letter lost person you see frame sin in the life of a believer once stop you from going to heaven, but it will rob you of your joy. Sending the lack of an unbeliever may not rob you of your quote unquote joy but it most definitely will return by the way, to say that soon is not delightful. Much of the sin of the world once tasted has a sweet taste. That's why when Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden. God said to them, you must not take of the fruit of that tree. There was nothing wrong with that fruit. I want to suggest you.

It was the best fruit in the garden. I remember our trip overseas. Last year we were in a place where they grow pineapples. I'm going to tell you something. We were given pineapples from pineapple country. That was the best pineapple that you could ever imagine.

Looked in the Godman said to Adam and Eve, you can have anything you want, but of that tree you do not touch because it is the tree of knowledge and it is the tree of knowledge and evil and I want you to know. If you keep that tree.

You are being condemned because of your sin because I said don't touch her said that sin is not delicious. Sin is sin because God said don't do what is a prodigal looked like the prodigal's all believers I not lost people that you and me. That's why I can stand you today and tell you I been a prodigal many times, but many many times I've been a prodigal number two prodigal's question God, prodigal's question God folks listen very carefully. Can you imagine knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and get questioning him what an audacity. God does not prevent us from asking questions of him wrong with that but what God doesn't put up is when we question him is a big difference I can ask all kinds of questions of God cannot Lord on I'm in a fix. Can you help me Lord, I don't understand what I need to do heavenly father.

Would you show me which way to turn Lord Jesus, my son, my daughter are bringing me great grief not interested in spiritual things. What can I do, Lord, give me wisdom as I handle the six-week loss every kind of question about heavenly father because he is our heavenly father. He wants us to Austin, but don't ever question God don't ever question God, prodigal's question God, thank you so much Dr. Don. We will be back tomorrow with the conclusion of this message. When you think about that great sign of weakness. Here's the way we combat weakness.

We lock arms together.

We ask God to give us strength where we are weak to pray with you and for you were connecting right now. Both keyboard to keyboard on our that's the Encouraging or give us a call at 8668866899673 would love to connect with you to pray with you, maybe connect with resources but know this, where here for you before get away closing thoughts from Dr. Don, are you ready would you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Jesus loves me and that he died on the cross for me today. I repent of my sin and I can face my sin to the Lord Jesus, and I give him my heart and my life in Jesus name I pray, amen. If you prayed that pray from your heart and you given your life to Christ. I welcome you to the family of God. You are my brother, my sister in Christ. Let's get engaged together because we are connected together for ever as believers in Christ and don't leave whatever you do is I'll be right back after the Encouraging Word broadcasters over there still a wonderful place to connect 24 hours a day. It's the Encouraging you can visit our message archives download Dr. Wilton sermons were sign up for our weekly podcast of favorite button on our website is the prayer request, but you can share a prayer request or personal need. You have a praise report or testimony. Let us know so we can rejoice with you as well.

You can also sign up for our daily Bible guide and have devotion sent to your email every single day. If you have a question about your salvation perhaps questions about how to share your faith with a friend.

Let us walk you through the steps to a personal relationship with Jesus and the ability to share that with others you're looking for a book from Dr. Wilton or maybe a CD or DVD. We have resources ready to send to you at the click of a button. No matter what the reason we hope you'll connect with us today You know, these are such special times together. I'm so grateful my friends that we can worship together like this through the Encouraging Word broad cost ministry and you such a vital part of all that God is doing and I just love you and I want you to know that you know this ministry goes on 24 hours around the clock all the time. We want to be involved in your life and we want to continue to pray for you. You can call us at any time you can partner with us all the time through prayer and through your giving. We know that you are 100% engaged as we are in sharing God's truth without searching will that's what this is all about. We need Jesus Dunkley God is doing a great work and I love you today. Thank God for you, pray for you.

God bless you. It could be that you've heard more than just Dr. Don Wilton here on the Encouraging Word today with his wonderful South African brogue, but instead it could be you heard the heart of God speaking through his word. God's word and through his servant Dr. Don Wilton to let you know that it's time to come home.

You're that prodigal you may been taking your others that fit the prodigal bill better.

Maybe it's you. Let us talk with. Let us pray with you 866-899-WORD 9673 is Dr. Don would say it's okay not to be okay. You are welcome here.

We want to encourage you, 866899673 or meters online. The Encouraging and speaking of prayer. If you haven't heard about the promises of praying for others here share with all the details.

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He had in 2019 bringing hope and changing lives through God's Encouraging Word number one more time is 866-899-WORD 868999673, and a great day today. Tomorrow better docket on this

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