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MmHmm/Mm-mm: Lack of Denver Nuggets criticism, the Josh Hader trade was good, $90 million contracts?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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May 22, 2024 5:01 pm

MmHmm/Mm-mm: Lack of Denver Nuggets criticism, the Josh Hader trade was good, $90 million contracts?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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May 22, 2024 5:01 pm

Bart, Grant and Paul reconvene to give some thoughts on the NBA Playoffs. Plus, reaction to a detailed look at the Josh Hader usage while with the Brewers and some thoughts about ballooning contracts in sports

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Magnesium breakthrough from BiOptimizers, your foundation to optimal health and vitality. You sound like shit. I'm going to keep that. That's just where we're starting. Good morning, everybody. Welcome into the Winklerverse. Grant Mills, Paul Imig.

I'm Bart Winkler. Great to be with you on this Wednesday, May 22 of 2024 per the recording and the release. Happy about the Celtics loss begrudgingly, which, or win, I should say. Yeah, it's all a loss. The whole thing's a loss.

Yeah, this matchup is a loss. I didn't, I was talking about this the other day and then I never got back to it, but I just have to tell you guys my endeavors at Costco. Please. Place is incredible. Before you go, had you never been or like you had no history? I've been inside a couple times.

Okay. Until they kicked you out. One time I went without a membership card and I just blew right in and they were pissed, but I, because I wanted to see it, so I went in. Another time I think I went with the in-laws, but even if you snuck in, you can't then purchase anything. No, I just went to look around and eat free food, but they have everything and it's good prices and we only were in there for an hour and I, we didn't even scratch the surface.

I didn't get a hot dog. How old were you when this happened? How what? How old were you when you, or you're saying now, I thought you were saying like your story of when you snuck in, but you're saying in the present. Yeah, this, this is how I spent my 40th birthday, Paul.

I went to a Costco and then watched my kid run a 75 meter dash at a dumb thing we did. So we're on the wrong side of 40 now, boys. Trust me, I listened to your Monday night show. I'm well aware of three quarters of that show was callers.

All I do is, you know how radio works. It's like, Oh God, I'm 40. Is that midlife? I don't know.

Anyway, moving on ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. I have an opinion. I have an opinion about 40.

Hey, that's something I did. I turned this age. Yeah.

I messaged you. I said it was unhinged. It was really like, it was really good. Like it was honestly really, really in like entertaining and good. Um, but it was also like the type of content you try to usually steer away from.

So it was a, as long as you drive down the highway, you can get out of the off ramp, but as long as you get back on the highway at some point, I enjoyed it. You had some great calls. You had some great, great calls on that in terms of promoting my, uh, infinity sports network show. If you want to check out the Tuesday episode, we had both the play by play voice of the Timberwolves and the Mavericks on. So I, I heard those today and I know I want you to talk about Costco, but I just want to tell you, I want to ask if you could tell an hour apart, the different tones of the two play, like the way they approached the interview, I'll tell you what my perspective was. The Timberwolves guy was like, Bart, man, it's good to be with you.

It's so exciting. Timberwolves is I've been there for 18 years, blah, blah, blah. And the Mavericks guy, he eventually warmed up. But at first it was like, there's always these national narratives about this three times, three times. He brought up national narratives and he was, I mean, he was a very good interview, but there are parts of it where he, I could tell he wanted to attack you just because you were a national radio.

He wanted to attack the national media. He didn't know that I know playoff basketball better than anyone. And I think he loved that you were like central time zone, Wisconsin guy. But at first the Timberwolves guy was like, Oh, like long lost friend. Let's talk about hoops. And the other guy was like, God, this fucking asshole wants to tell me shit about NBA playoff basketball.

So Kyrie Irving, he's kind of a shithead, right? Go answer your question. Anyway, sorry. Go on with the Costco, but yeah.

No, that's it. It's a cool place. I bought pants there, $15. Are these your business sweatpants? They're nice. Oh, you bought non-sweatpants pants? No, no, nice sweatpants pants. Oh, good. Okay. I was going to say, I'm sure they're just some level of at leisure. I didn't even try them on.

It was just 15 bucks large. Put them on when I got home. Perfect. When you talk about, and you did talk about, cause I told you, you heard all of Monday's show and you were talking about the sweatpants and no, that's all I wear. I have, I have my bed sweatpants. I have my going out sweatpants. I have my casual sweatpants and a lot of what you say, you and I sometimes we're like on a 90% hit rate of things we agree on.

Sometimes it gets down to like 10%. It's this very weird, like back and forth the sweatpants thing. Oh my God. The relation that I related to it. So I was like, right. They're thicker.

Yeah. This is why, this is why we're friends. How do you not bond over the sweatpants? You have, you have sleep. You sleep in sweatpants, pajamas. I sleep in his little, I mean, I would rather be cold. I need to sleep cold.

See now Paul and I are bonding over something. How do you, I sleep. If I could remove layers of skin to go to sleep, I would, let alone put more clothes.

This is a really important friendship question for the two of you. The ideal sleeping temperature surrounding you. What, what, what, what environment are you trying to create to get approximately what temperature in your sleeping zone? Like at the hotel, I crank it down to 65. That's my boy.

I knew it. Very good. As low as that fucking thing will go is the answer to the question.

Well, I, I can't realistically create my ideal sleeping situation, but if the weather is conducive for it, I like like 55 to 59. Hell yes. Open the window. Yes.

I'm so allergic to outside that I can't, but, um, but yeah, there's gotta be a fan on the feet with like the air cranked, whatever it takes to cool it down. White noise. Oh yes. Fan.

Gotta have a heavy, heavy fan going. Good. Good. Good. You know, I've noticed, uh, I like being outside more than I ever have.

Hmm. There are good things. The sun and the breeze and I used to hate the sun famously. Well, there's a difference between I don't like it when it's 95 and I'm sweating versus it's 70 and I'm going to go out and feel the sun on my skin for five minutes in the middle of the day. You know, no, I, something about outside. I'm do you think it's still because now, and I'm guessing a lot of your outdoors time is with the kiddo. Has that changed? No, I think it's, I think it's an age thing.

I think as you get older, you want hotter. You want, that's why people moved to Florida. Well, I think, I mean, we, both of our parents WTF went to Florida. Um.

Mine are, mine are WTWing again. What? For the summer. Well, you, that's the thing though. Like you can't, you're indoors for as many months in Florida as you are in Wisconsin. It's just, yeah, you can't go outside. At least I wouldn't go outside.

So you, but you, you don't want to be warm at night though. Or are you saying that's changing? God, no. Okay. As long as that stays consistent. Yeah. No, I I'm very, um, like right now I think this week's in the seventies, so that's fine. Yeah.

Once it hits 80 outside, it's 65 in the house. Hell yeah. Yeah.

I'm not fucking around with that bullshit. Although I don't know. I'm an old man now.

So maybe I like the, uh, heat Paul Imig. You are the quiz master. If you want to take it away, let's start here.

Um, here's a thought that I had curious if you gentlemen shared it. Is that a dose ECCI shirt grant? Yeah. I have some, I have some beer polos. My roommate a couple of years ago was a beverage vendor.

So I have dose ECCI's. I got a couple like hinterland brew. I just have a lot of beer polos cause he would give them to me. All right. Just, just a classic part interruption.

I was going to call out that it was a classic bar. You could have, I mean, you only, we've been going for eight minutes, but I only made the shirt visible in the last 30 seconds. So that's why on the damn chain of YouTube stream, this stacked nuggets team, not even making it back to the conference finals gives you some solace or at least some added perspective about the bucks not getting back since they won it all three years ago. Or I would say, but not as much as I would have hoped. Okay. At least in the followup, like the day of I was very upset about the Pacers beating the Knicks.

Yes. And then it looked like my Timberwolves were going to go down as well. And then once, once the nuggets imploded, I wasn't so much joyous as like, Hey, I got to bet that's still alive.

I was happy to see another team fail at the level of which the bucks have failed. Yeah. And I was very happy to see Michael Malone be a little bitch on the stage. He really, yeah. I was very happy to see the Jokic slander.

It was, it was really quick, but then it really tapered. I mean, it was a real hot, hot heat. And then by the next day, it's like, nah, nah, he's the best.

We won't, we won't, we won't mess on him. Cause I still, the line that I keep saying is, yeah, Jokic won the MVP last three to four years. I get that.

That makes sense to me. But then when you put them against in a row or three in total, it's like, is he really in he's he's an all time great, huh? He's, this is it.

This is, this is an all time. Great. I'm going to answer your question there and say, he is in hard for me. It's hard to me to step away and see that in the moment. But he, I mean, he is, he is that day, but I thought there'd be more like, like, where are the articles? Where's the get Jokic out of Denver. It's weird. I know. Where's the, should Michael Malone be fired? Yep. To be fair.

And I love the energy that you're sending here. It's not like those articles came out for Yannis the year after they won the title. Like they have been bounced now two or three years in a row. So if Jokic and the Nuggets come up, fired at Adam right away, who did Malika? Well, that's true. Okay.

Sure. Some voice, some person, but, but now like on my show the other day, I was telling Pacers fans, not that they're listening, but I need a talking point. Like, shut up about ESPN. Like, Oh, they're only talking about the Knicks. Your prize is you get to go to the conference finals. So stop bitching that like Stephen A. Smith.

The same way last year. And I kept saying, just win the thing. Then you'll get your praise and glory. But yeah, along the way, if you're playing the Lakers, I'm sorry. You are, you are the subplot.

Yeah. You're the subplot. Just like when Fox is like, Hey, Tom Brady's first games against the Cowboys or his first game broadcasting is going to be a cowboy game. And then we didn't find out till later that night. It was not even in Dallas and it was against the Browns. Like you're, you're just going to be the subplot and still until you start winning more, but then they didn't get the cause we love to build them up, tear them down.

They didn't, they didn't get the tear down. Yeah, you're right. Grant, the stacked nuggets team, not even making it back to the conference finals, give you some solace or at least perspective about the bucks not getting back at all in the past few years or yes, because I think the nuggets going back and doing it right away. I'm sorry.

Thank you. Because if the nuggets would have gone on to win the title, that would have made me feel very bad. Yeah. I don't know that the nuggets losing his like lifted me up. It's it's the removal of the possibility that now I'm going to feel even worse about the bucks. Here's something weird that's happened with Jokic.

And maybe you guys have noticed that I brought it up on my show briefly, I think on Monday. So I don't really think the series was Jokic his fault. Like I think he performed really well and he had some awesome games.

It was great. And then in game seven, he was pretty solid too. A lot of his role players didn't do enough. And a lot of the media has said, well, you can't really put this on Jokic. Right.

He was great. And I would agree that's common sense. But it feels like we're inventing common sense for the first time as an NBA media. Like, like, I agree that Jokic shouldn't get shit on. But go back through the last 10 years, every superstar whose team comes up short gets shit on whether it's their fault or not.

Right. So again, like, I don't think Nicola Jokic deserves to be slammed. But we've been slamming players in a similar position for a long time.

Fair, not fair. Because that's, that's what comes with being a superstar. So like, I don't mind. I think we're actually reacting pretty well and pretty fairly to what's gone on with the nuggets and Jokic this week. I'm just wondering why it's the first time in forever that we've been doing.

It's like we invented common sense only for Nicola Jokic. And that kind of bothers me. You know, does that make sense? It does.

Yeah, it bothers me immensely. I guess I was just, I would never have done what Bart did. I guess I don't know playoff hoops like he does. I would never before the series have bet against the nuggets. It was this was so obviously a nuggets Celtics NBA Finals.

So I mean, how could it not have been? The nuggets are, they are so their roster is incredible. They're playoff tested. Like they have the world's best player they do. They have a really, really good supporting cast.

Really good supporting cast. And they lost to an un, you know, I know, God damn that the Timberwolves would object, but like to an untested. What you want is to lose.

That was great. But I'm, I'm, I'm obsessed over the part you've talked about, from a national perspective, these playoffs being disappointing. And on a game to game basis, maybe that's true. I have obsessed over these NBA playoffs and enjoyed them a lot. If the Timberwolves had lost, like I'm not anti nuggets at all. But if it would have been nuggets, Mavs and pacer Celtics, I would have at least checked out 50% of my brain, at least like this was a big moment for me to retain interest for the next I kind of think the Mavs might win. By the way, Paul, before you guys discuss that I checked out game one of the NBA finals last year, I turned it on and I'm like these two logos, these two, and I was just out. I'm like, no, our match up God. No, I'm not trying to be a casual. I'm not trying to be just a fan because he's the member of the media.

We're supposed to remember me. I took one look at it on my TV. I'm like, no, this doesn't. Nope, not gonna do it for me. And what did I even miss? They wanted five games. It wasn't really all that close.

No, it wasn't. No, I think that regardless of the matchup this year, it will be a better basketball matchup than the heat nuggets was because the heat weren't they had. They were bad. Yeah, they had no, I mean, they got there. They achieved that. I mean, you can't take it away from them, but they were not a NBA finals caliber representing the East type of team.

But anyway, I definitely have taken some in today's NBA where these playoff games are so hard fought. I don't know how everyone isn't. And there's a difference between hurt and injured. I don't know how everyone isn't injured.

Or how they can recover in 48 hours. I mean, it is unbelievable the pace and the physicality that is taking place. And because like, it's like, Oh, well, the NBA was more physical when Bart, you and I were kids, but they weren't as strong at by and large. I mean, you had your strong big guys. They weren't as fast.

Of course you had your fast guys, but those were more outliers. Like now, like everyone is just moving so quickly. Maybe. And also they like, I think they practice more so that you're not like you're, you're working your ass off for 48 minutes. Then you do Jack shit. Now you put up some shots, but then your, your body, your body's going like heavy to nothing, heavy to nothing. Yeah.

And so the, this Eastern conference, um, finals, do we have a question on that? Not particularly to say my emotions on it, if I can live, um, which I will do right after these words from happy place,, happy place. And the promo code is Bart 25% off each and every order at happy place, That's the one thing I could not find.

Okay. In the big warehouse store. And I'm happy that I couldn't because I can go to these locally owned guys that make their own product. And I can get the discount, the B a R T code on the website or go in. So there's shopping. Even if it's after normal nine to five hours, they've extended their hours for you say, yeah, I heard it about on the whatever fucking just Bart show or Winkler verse or Tim Shea or any semblance of, um, you know, any, anything close.

You speak of Tim Shea is just, he's like, he's just a generic influencer that exists in this world. And people, Tim Shea sent me, uh, fuck here, here's the store, uh, happy place, for the gummies, the tinctures, the bombs, you can get them with a CBD CBN for the sleepy. You can get the, uh, THC ones, the THC infused seltzers, which are very popular.

And I'm looking to partake in some Memorial day memories with those still got one in my fridge. That'll go down the hatch before a kid's birthday party. I think cause I have been like publicly getting more frustrated as a dad with my kid, like you're mellow the fuck out. So I'm more willing to yell at him in front of other people. Yeah.

I've been more willing to yell at my kid. Like it's just, he's been an asshole. He's going to be you.

Yeah. He's going to be a prick and he's going to be really ignores me. He won't listen to me.

He'll put up a stink and I'd see no other recourse other than just direct parenting. I mean, Lord knows we don't have enough of that in 2024. And for some reason, let me be honest with you. If I may, for some reason, my Facebook and Instagram reels, you know, when you're real scrolling, it's all like young Sheldon clips. So Sheldon and his dad, this whole fucking relationship is messing up my brain. My God.

Anyway, speaking of messing up my brain, I, um, talked earlier this week. We put the YouTube video out amongst all the other bullshit videos I found, which nobody seemed to care about, but they're online, um, like, and subscribe, but I talked about who do you root for Celtics or Pacers. And like last year with the heat and Celtics, I turned on the game immediately. I knew I'm rooting for the heat. Even though they beat the bucks, I have to root for the heat.

I got some pushback from bucks fans, um, that you never root for the Celtics, but I'm telling you during that game, during that game, not only was I rooting against the Pacers, I was in fact rooting for the Celtics. And it's, I mean, I don't like them and I don't want their fans to win. You know, I don't, but I also don't care about that right now. I don't care if this is a forest from the trees thing.

I'm looking dead at the redwood. I do not give a fuck because I want the Pacers to lose so badly. That's what I need. That's what I crave.

That's what I desire. So when I would talk about the warriors, I love the warriors, right? The whole run, but when they would play the bucks, I would see like, Oh, fuck this. Fuck Draymond. Fuck clay.

Fuck step in this bullshit. I would see it because I'd be looking now I'm like watching drew holiday play. Well, I know I'm not even mad. I'm watching Derek white make a stupid foul. I'm like, dammit, Derek white.

You're better than that. I'm watching Jalen Brown hit this three. And I'm like, that's my guy.

Al Horford's three for 12. I'm like, keep shooting, man. It's like, I am, I am so anti the Pacers. So anti that I do not, I don't care.

I just, I can't have that team advance. It's like Stalin and Hitler. Like people gave flack to Marzian for tweeting that out the other day. But the more I think about it, I thought that was pretty, I was like, Whoa, Nate is pretty edgy for him. Like I I'm not saying it's over the top, not offensive, but the more I think about it, I get a nice check from Elon though, for that, that was a good, that was a good blue check.

Mart engagement tweet. It's pretty historically accurate. Like we hated Hitler so much that Joe Stalin was like, all right, hell yeah. And it's the first time literally in my life I've ever watched the Celtics and wanted them to win. One of my favorite hobbies during basketball season is if the bucks don't play and I need something to watch, are the Celtics playing? Turn it on, cheer against them. Just get myself pissed off to cheer against them.

ABC games, Saturday night, cheer against him. Uh, it was very weird. I was actually, I felt like a Celtics fan in that moment.

Like not only am I cheering against the Pacers, but yeah, I completely agree on all fronts. Did he delete that tweet? Better not have. I don't see it. I think he got rid of it. Sometimes he tweets pictures of girls at like the art. I'm like, what are you doing? He's wheeling. That's what he's doing. He's like, Hey, you want to be on my Twitter? And he's like, he's like 23, right? And it was like, Ooh, I got one. Yeah.

Two ladies at the harp. Oh, it looks like a nice night out there. No, I'm pro. I'm pro Nathan. Just in case people are like thinking I'm ripping on him. I'm not. I just did a pod with him and Steve. The green and growing podcast. Yeah. Why'd they ask you on, I mean, you didn't provide you.

I'm sure you provided what was the Genesis of this trio. They couldn't find a better guest. The national perspective. Just like I gave to channel 12 last weekend on TV. 10, a 10,000 foot view. If you will.

It's another way of seeing the same thing. Oh, I'm a little worried tomorrow. Cause one of the shows I go with some affiliate book me, like I'm dying to be on these shows and a guy from 93, uh, 97, three, the fan in San Diego reached out. And I'm worried.

Now he's going to ask me about like the Padres and stuff like that. And I'm like, well, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know. Like the Padres and. So what do you think about the Padres? I'll be like, ah, they're very with the players.

Well, this Josh Hader story is I have a question. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Okay. Go ahead.

Thank God. By the way, it's my favorite topic in sports. I fucking love talking about Josh Hader.

It's my favorite thing. I had another potential NBA one, but yeah, let's let's always circle back. We can always, we can always circle back. Can always circle back. Thank you, Bart.

You're correct. Okay. So like, do you want to do one of you like to set the table for the Josh Hader story?

Is everyone listening familiar with it? Do we have to, I think, I think Grant can set it up. Let's hit it. Grant. So only article, please.

For a long time ago, an angel appeared to marry in a dream. If we want to go all the way back to the beginning of the hatred. No, it was, let's start like 2018. It was, it was basically Buster only reporting what we assumed, right? Is that he put in usage rules for the brewers that you only do the ninth and he would only pitch one inning. And the reasoning was, well, if the brewers in arbitration are going to judge me on saves and I'm going to be judged on all these statistics to make my money, then I'm going to set parameters for myself to meet those benchmarks. So I don't even know if brewers fans read the story and like, Oh, what the fuck? Like, I think the reaction to the story for most is, Oh, arbitration is kind of a messy system. The brewers do what they have to do.

Josh haters camp. They're doing what they have to do. And it creates a situation that's not really ideal for anybody, but we get it, that that's how it works. So, but, but this really confirmed things that we've been thinking and saying for a long time, which I think is why it mattered to brewers fans. So I've, I don't know what the conversation has been around this.

I woke up that morning and read that article in its entirety. I thought it was hashtag fascinating listeners. I get mocked for thinking too many things are fascinating. Um, I think it's the appropriate number, but you know, fuck you. So what I, here's the way I want to ask it. If the brewers had taken care of, had financially made Josh hater feel comfortable with his long-term earning ability and everything else, maybe it wasn't a five year, $95 million contract that hater would eventually get from Houston, but something that would have made hater feel differently that would not have allowed him, you know, put him into a position where he felt he had to put in these usage rules. The brewers season would have played out differently with a use me whenever you want Josh hater.

So let me actually ask you a slightly different way. The Josh hater self-imposed usage rules had an actual end result negative to the outcome of those brewers seasons together that would have otherwise been different without those usage rules. Well, I think that, um, it would have changed. It, it had an actual impact, like a real Devin Williams was sad. No, no, not just the trade, but like even go back to, uh, was the arbitration going into, remember when he started, he was like, what are we, who was the guy? Uh, Andrew Miller were like, Oh, he's like, he's like Andrew Miller. And I liked that you could just use him as a closer in the sixth inning or a three out inning guy here.

I liked the specialty with that, but he wasn't getting saves. Right. And that's how the metric is being valued. So he didn't want to ruin his long-term financial success, which he now has. And he said in that article, they invested in me. I'll do anything they fucking want.

Right. They want to, they want to pitch me. They want to bring me in in the second. Cause our guy went down and they need long relief. I'll pitch the rest of the game basically. Yep.

Cause they're paying me and they gave me a bunch of guaranteed money. I think, um, I think a couple of things out of that, I think it would have made a difference. You know, we'd have to go game by game, but I think it would have made some of a difference. I also think like council was quoted in that article saying, ah, you know, I bullshit. Yeah. No, by the way, there is council looked like the players go I'm with the players. It was so David Stearns comes across like a prick.

Like they, they were very, Council's not thinking when he's taking the phone call from the Cubs, like if I could just, we could just commit to our guys and I can use them the way that I wanted to. And I have to bullshit dance around all this stuff. Like, Oh, I can't use hater here.

I can't. And he, and he said in the Arctic, but that what I want to say is, and just like I was trying to defend the lack of a change of coaching for the bucks. I think one thing I'm learning is sometimes the people that I dislike the most that I'm arguing with are right. So, and if I could go back and if, if I could go back and have the chance right there to not do the Josh hater trader to do it, I'd make the phone call myself for the chain reaction of events with the players that they got in return with the way that council got the fuck out of here, the Josh hater for the memes. Oh God, for the memes. God, for the memes. And I was wrong about that.

The Josh hater trade was good. Wow. I remember. And I, and I use the analogy, like the car crash, if you crash your car, okay. And you are bleeding and you need a new car and it's just a really bad experience. And then you're waiting for the cops to show up, but it's at a gas station or wherever. And you're like, fuck, I got five bucks. I'll pay a lottery ticket. And then you win. You're the only person in the world who would do that. You're the only person who's like, oh, there's a video VLT over here.

I might as well stick a five in while I wait. My luck certainly on the right side of things. But then if I were to win because of that, if something good happened because of something bad, I was very much arguing that that is a bad that's it.

The car crash in and of itself is still a bad thing. Oh, I remember this whole, this was your, yes. And it is, and it still is by definition. It still is. You and I thought about this on the air. It still is a bad thing.

It is. You can't say that it's not a bad, it's a bad thing that happened, but if you were to say, okay, you don't want the car crash. If it leads to the lottery ticket, well then I'd say I'd fucking run in front of a bus. So yeah, once again, dipshit Winkler. It sucks being wrong, but who else admits it? You know what? You are constantly flip flopping. That's one thing I know. What I do is I will flip the flop once. Hmm.

I'll flip, but I will not flop. So if I had like, this is where I am now. I mean, look at all these motherfuckers.

They got back. And by the way, we specifically fought about, you said why I remember these random things. It must've meant something to me. You said to me, I think on the air, I don't think it was a private conversation, but something like fucking Robert Gosser. Fuck fucking no one's going to ever fucking don't tell me about Robert Gosser. Now I know he's only had a couple of starts, but Robert Gosser, man. Yeah, I was bent out of shape.

Grant. You've you went long form on this. I would just say before I'd give you the floor, it is a, it is a major, what if that if the brewers in the position that they were in at that time, legitimate, extremely legitimate world series contender just happened to also be dealing with the first ever of its kind self-imposed from a reliever usage rule socks, like the potential opportunity that was missed because those two things overlapped when they did and how they did, because when hater was like the, like, this was the big thing at the time that I enjoyed analytically was, well, you want to use your best reliever, the world's best reliever in the most high leverage situation. And the analytics would tell you sometimes that was in the fifth. Sometimes that was in the sixth.

Historically, dumb, dumb baseball guys would tell you like, Oh, it's the ninth. It's the same. It's about that's bullshit. It's just wrong. That's like, it's just wrong. That's not, no, sometimes it is. Sometimes it is the ninth.

Sometimes it's the fifth. It's not like, Oh, well you have a three run lead with no one on base in the ninth. Bring in your best pitcher.

That's fucking dumb. When you could have possibly used them. My point is when they could no longer do that because they knew they couldn't bring hater back out for a second inning or he had now he had worked two days in a row. So he's not going to pitch again, no matter how many outs. I think the impact that, you know, we don't know what would have happened, but I think the impact of the Brewers being as good as they were overlapping with that hater situation is a major what if that will take me a while to get over and like stop pondering the possibility of if those two things had not overlapped grant bills. What say you, what's I want to say, what say you, but, or Shay you, but let me just say like the Josh hater self-imposed usage rules had a meaningful impact on the end result of those brewers seasons or because he fucked it against the nationals in 19. And he was only pitching one inning. It's not like he was Trent Grisham couldn't pick up the baseball.

Yeah. All these guys that we simp over, they all suck in the playoffs. And then he fucked it against Freddie Freeman, right? The lefty lefty matchup in the eighth inning. So it's not like he was sitting on the bench when another reliever blew it. Now that happened in San Diego, he was in the pen. A lefty could have come in and out or too early to face Bryce Harper didn't.

And then Bryce Harper hits a series defining home run in the Phillies end up advancing. So if we want to expand to the greater JHU, the greater Josh hater universe, we can talk about the Padres as well. I don't think the usage rules fucked the brewers.

I just think he kind of blew it in a couple of big spots specifically against the nationals. Right. That's crushing. So I'm not really mad about the usage rules. I'm like, whatever.

Okay. So you only want to pitch one inning. Well then why did you fuck the two innings that they trusted you with in, in two of their more promising playoff friends, especially 2019 less so the Braves, they were already behind in the series. They were facing elimination.

I will say another wrinkle of this. Craig council wants to reset the market and advance the manager position. Josh hater wants to set a new precedent for relievers everywhere by imposing usage rule. Can we, I just want to make it back to a world series. I don't want to play baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers. Does anyone just want to play baseball and win at the highest level?

Are we all fighting some larger, you know, civil rights battle, but for baseball, I don't know what the word would be like. I'm a little sick of it. Like we got enough going on. We have goals that we need to accomplish without looking elsewhere to, you know, advance positions and, and pay scales and such. But to circle back. No, I don't think it mattered reset shit, by the way, all the managers hired after him are working for peanuts. Well, that's because they're not on his level Bart.

Okay. When another manager comes along, that'll be worth the money. Then they'll get it. Are we as a collective fan base ready for the Memorial day weekend week showdown? Are we ready for this motherfucker to drive 15 minutes from white fish bay or Ozaki lake, wherever the fuck he lives now to come in? You think he'll travel with the team? Do you think he'll he'll travel with the Cubs and just go back down to Chicago after every game or do they stay in Milwaukee?

I actually don't know how that works. They've always stayed at the Pfister from what I know. Yeah. But if Craig stays at the hotel, it'll be so nice to have you home. It'll just be like old times for a couple of nights.

Oh, sorry. I should probably be with the team. Uh, I'll see, you know, all star breaks coming up, right?

Yeah. I'll be thinking about like Packers training camp where they, when they stay in the dorms, like these shitty dorms on these terrible mattresses at St. Norbert's, what do you got against St. Norbert's? I'm just like, trust me.

It is a little silly. The beds of these professional athletes are nicer than the St. Norbert beds in the dorm rooms. But I bet. Okay. Craig council will stay with the team on those nights or no, I think, I think you will.

I think you will. If your boy Aaron Rogers couldn't get out of staying at the Norbert dorms, Craig's not getting out of staying at the team hotel. So how many times has he like, he has a place in Chicago, right? Do we, yeah, it's been, it's been reported. How many times has he come back here? That's not reported. We don't track him, but he does. But then there's a Marquette game that he can sit next to.

I mean, that will not be a take that I flop flip on. Him sitting courtside at these games? What a dick. Yeah.

Hide in a box at least. I got two things I want to bring up here. If I may, you may, the, uh, Fox college football Friday night schedule has been released. Remember there'll be meaningful college football games on Friday nights on broadcast TV this year. And the one week that's going to rule so hard is Friday, October 25th, when there will be game one of the world series. And then Rutgers at USC kicks off and then Rutgers at USC kicks off right after at 10 o'clock our time, that's going to be an awesome night. Wisconsin has no games on this schedule. There's something about Rutgers USC that you're excited about, or just because it's college football.

10 o'clock football on a Friday night. Well, I'm doing a show. I forgot about the selfish component. Nevermind. Yeah.

Yeah. There was that, uh, Edmonton Vancouver game. Was it that almost went, that almost went past my show? My show ended. The game was still on.

Really? That's why West coast NBA games. Like if you're at the helm and it's 10 45 and you still have games on, cause it feels like you're still connected to the real world. When there's live sporting events on, it's like, okay, I have something to, you know, but once all the live games are done for the night and it's just hive TV or whatever at the bar, you're watching videos of dudes, like jumping over pools with on bicycles, you start to lose it a little bit. You know, what kind of show we need back.

I saw this, I was flipping around cause I still flip around, but those shows where there's like world's dumbest criminals and they show a video and then they like get analysis from old VJs back from the eighties on MTV or like Todd bridges is always on there or just like, like that, those kinds of shows need to come back. And I want to be one of those guys. That's the level of, that's the level of success I want to aspire to. I like, I saw this guy is like, what the fuck?

You know, I want to be that. The other thing I wanted to bring up was a tweet that I just retweeted and maybe I shouldn't have from Damon ran Gula. He has tweeted whether or not the WNBA advocates advocates, like hearing this, the way they react to anything you say that isn't perfectly worded or stated is a reason why many choose not to talk about it at all myself included. I'm trying to get into the WNBA.

I was getting into women's college basketball, but he is right. You have to say it in a certain way. I've been very careful about how I say anything and it is annoying.

So I just don't know if I should have retweeted that or not. Cause what I wanted, I want to go in. I want to go in and be like, I want to be like folks, if you, you got to take the criticism.

This is what we do. It's part, it's part of being personal way. It's part of getting bigger. It's part of, yeah. It's like, everyone's like, Oh, wait on Kaitlin Clark.

We know that we don't get, we know that, but she also got her ass beat up the other day. You can't say that. Yeah.

I don't know. I think a lot of things that have relative niche audiences are protective of their thing. And it is, it is hard when your thing gets, you know, I get that. I think that, I think that happens in wrestling Bart. I think that happens, you know, in theater, which I very much enjoy.

There's like someone, someone comes like, Oh, you like Hamilton a lot. You know, can you not part, by the way, I just want to say great. I think it's our responsibility.

You and I, that, you know, you and I are one of the select, like four or five people that Bart will do inside jokes too on the national show. Right. You said, okay. I see, I see where you paused. And do you, I, I, there was a, there was not like the sentence was considered. Did you do it with her?

Do them. And one of them you did the other night at Bart grant. I think it's our responsibility to like, let Bart know that we, we heard that one buddy. So I'm going to give you, I heard that one buddy is you hit a, you, it was a ridiculous topic.

I forget which one it was. And then you said four, one, four, seven, nine. I did. So I caught that.

And I'm sure we were two of the five people who that might've been intended for, but I appreciate it. I'll give you a two things can be true once a week. Yep. Yeah. I like when you hit the two things, both, both things can be true. And I, and I overdo it then. Right.

But if you're listening, if you're anybody else in this country listening, including Jared Peyton, who listened to the show. Yeah. Walter's son. Oh, really tweeted me. Oh, oh, great.

You're not, you're not kidding. No, I don't know. I don't know who Jared Peyton is. Jared, Walter son. It's got to be, I don't, I didn't know Walter. I don't.

Walter Peyton from the football. I know who he is. I don't know his family closely.

And it seems like both of you do. Is there a reason other than he's just Walter Peyton's son? No, but then I told like my no wife and apparently her family's close friends were neighbors with the Peyton.

So my thing's not even as cool down in Chicago area, Chicagoland. That's what happens when you marry fucking fibs. Although she moved here at a nine.

Is that right? And yet she, she just couldn't kick those first nine years. She couldn't brush off that.

I mean, I was, you were willing to look past it. That's a, that's big of you. Well, thank you, man. That's big. And that was one of the things that I would say, like, you know, what council going to the Cubs and all of a sudden he's like, oh, I've always loved Chicago.

I had the whole thing planned. I'd be like, well, you know, as a Packer fan, I really respected that bears rivalry. I'm a Sean McVay this and, you know, like, uh, the Cubs are my first favorite, uh, baseball team ever. I remember Andre Dawson and we went to a game with my grandpa long ago and my wife, actually, I married into a Chicago family and, you know, I love getting down to Illinois, that Algonquin area, you know, the, the lakes down there. And I love taking my kid to the railway museum. And I love, I love interview. I interviewed for an all tell phone carrier job at the Navy pier once.

And I just love going to Chicago every time I get Wills Northwoods, of course. Uh, yeah. Yeah. Geez.

Uh, that's pretty good. I'll do it. Yeah.

Maybe I'll still do it. Yeah. All right.

43 minutes, two topics. The tangents are more fun anyway. Um, you S you sounded insincere very much.

So I was looking at, I'm trying to think of which one I go to next, but it did sound insincere. It was, it wasn't, you need like the structure so that then there's something to detour from, right? So you set up the, and that, yeah, you get it. You get back on the highway.

So the Brewers pitching depth is challenged. We need more, uh, we need more exit videos. Should I do another one?

An exit review. Yeah. I'll go to that.

I want to do the DeForest one next. Cause that's the creme de la creme. When's that shitty Bucky's coming?

I don't know. I'm out on Bucky's. I I'm not getting excited about another gas station. I won't, I won't live in a society where gas stations are some of our, like where we get amped up about gas stations.

I won't do it. We have like how, like there are, there are people that are influencers with quick trip. That's fine.

But it seems like everyone is voluntarily being like, I mean, quick trip doesn't, quick trip doesn't need to advertise because everyone advertises for them. Unlike anything else around here. Anyway, uh, Carl's place has brand new equipment for your golf simulator. Carl of backslash Bart. Go ahead. Yeah.

Now it's safe time. We need more Carl's place stands out there is what we need. Yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Carl. I got you. I got you. The Brewers pitching depth has been challenged with injuries, which means it's time for a former MLB pitcher. Who's currently unsigned to be of serious consideration. The Brewers should pick up the phone and call Zach.

I saw some Zach cranky anecdote the other day. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. You're good.

I appreciate your reaction by the way. Cause it's exactly what I was going for. Where it's like, yeah, it was one of his old teammates. I was like, yeah, we lived around here and you know, I talked to Zach a little bit. He'd come over and be like, can I run the dog?

And I'd say, sure. And then he'd come back and just drop the dog off. And like, we never talked.

He just came and got my dog and went for a run and he came back. Yeah. What is he a free agent still? Yeah. He's got 90 good innings left in him. Like are the Brewers really just going to just keep next guy from the minors? Like is that, that has to have hit its breaking point, right?

You know what I should do? I should do a Bartle meter into the Winkler verse of shocking, like transactional moments. Oh. Where the Packers got him or the Brewers got him either in a good way or bad way. Cause trading Ray Allen, I like distinctly remember. Yes. When they signed Zadarius and Preston Smith, we were on the air freaking out. So that was fun.

Yes. But I was listening to you guys freaking out. I was in the Murphy. I was in Murphy library studying away on that Thursday or Friday morning. I didn't spend enough time at Murph. That was a nice facility. It is. Did you study elsewhere or did you just not study?

I hung a lot out in the basement of wing tech wing was my home base dog. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure.

No, it's fine. I just, did you ever have a class in that shitty classroom that was like all the way down the vestibule? I love the word vestibule. Yeah. Yeah.

Fucking they tore it down. It changed from it changed to something else during my time there. So all my experiences there would have been early. Yeah. So that would be one. Cause with Greinke, I think that happened when I was in Boston for when they traded for him. Yeah.

I probably my number one will be Sabathia. If I put together my, my poly meter, but I don't remember when we traded for him. Oh, 2008. I remember it very well. I don't remember where I was or what I was doing. I actually, now that I think about it, I don't really remember anything from college until when my kid was born. That's a big window. It's 15 years.

Like we live, we live in Shorewood now for 10 years, but I don't really remember the first five years of it. What did we do? I have no idea. What did you do in college?

Even in college? Like I think of the, like, I know I watched the NFL and I watched the world, I watched the NBA, but none of those things stuck with me. I can't, I don't know, man. I feel like there's a lot that has left the old tank up here. Well, you're 40. So that'll happen.

They have supplements for that. So maybe we can talk about that. But I'm also rapidly accumulating more information. More so than ever before. Not just sports, but now I've got like any like NHL is trying to crawl in my brain here.

I've enjoyed a little NHL crawling into my brain the last few weeks, just a little, just a dab. I've got to know like all the Paw Patrol guys, but not just the main six. I need to know Everest and tracker and now Rex and Wheeler and the rubble crew and the rough, rough pack and all these motherfuckers, you know? I do know. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Good. Zach cranky. Was that a real question?

Not really. I mean, other than to say like grant your other NBA one, I can ask it, but grant real quick. Cause you're, you're a hardcore Brewers guy, which I appreciate. Like the Brewers pitching staff is at its breaking point.

Like they are what the Knicks were in the Pacer series. There's you just, you can't lose any, like it you've lost so many. You're down to playing Jake Milton next. Like it's over, like you cannot suffer another injury or on that for the pitchers, for the Brewers grant.

Well, they can't suffer another injury. I mean, Aaron Ashby is waiting in the minors, like absolute shit, but he is ready and waiting. He's waiting. He's he's waiting.

He's there. Um, I think the most likely thing is Matt Arnold, like makes a trade, maybe the next two or three weeks, same timeline as the Willie diamonds trade. And it's probably going to be a starter we've never heard of, or like a middle reliever. Like if they can get another Bryce Wilson to take Bryce Wilson spot in the bullpen while Bryce Wilson is starting. Yeah.

It's something like that. Um, I don't know that they're at their breaking point. The Brewers just have a lot of arms. Problem is out of them are hurt. So that's what I'm saying. Like if there's, if one, I mean, I, I, I admit I thought this two pitcher injuries ago, but if there's one more, there has to be a point at which you, you can't keep winning like at all.

Like, how do you, how do you avoid going three and seven consistently every 10 games with another pitcher injury? Like it's just decimated is the only appropriate word. I think the problem compounds right.

The longer it lasts because you're working the remaining guys harder and you're taxing your bullpen further. Yeah. Yeah.

I know what you mean. I just, I don't know. I don't think the Brewers are, I don't think they're going to make panic moves.

They won't. Um, but you, I mean, I, I've not watched Zach Grinke pitchable pen or anything, but you'd think that someone like who could just come in and throw four or five innings. But, uh, okay. Here's the other NBA one. This just came up before the three of us started talking.

You may not have seen it yet. Keith Smith. I know for a fact Bart's had him on. He was reporting that with a potential $7 billion annual media rights deal, looming NBA players could make up to $95 million a year on supermax contracts in the future. Oh my God. This is going to be like a very old guy radio question and topic. And I acknowledge that, but speaking of breaking points that, I mean, 60 million right now, like Jalen Brown making 60 year, but if, if, and when it gets to the point of 95 a year, that's too much. The NBA will lose some audience because our brains will just reject that being okay. Well, it's gotta be a slow burn. So that's the thing. Cause remember Middleton's first contract, he was making 10 and we're like, right.

Exactly. But then as the slow burn happened, you know, cause now with quarterbacks 40, but then 50, 50, and now someone's going to get 60. And I think we're ready for 60, but if all of a sudden they're like the Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Trevor Lawrence to a five year, $350 million contract, I'll make $70 million a year.

You'd be like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. But if 10 other guys, you know, if you go from 60 to 95 in a jump, I feel like, but then again, like basketball, like quarterbacks, you can kind of justify. Yeah. Basketball 60 million bucks to play basketball. Yeah. I always thought that the breaking point would be more than a million dollars per game. So anything over 82, anything at 82 million or more, like even friends at their Zenith, they made $1 million per episode.

Yep. Which is like those episodes. Those episodes. But I got a lot of friends popping up in the reels too. You watch one reel about something one time. My reels are right now, young Sheldon friends and fucking Shane Gillis.

That's all it is. Oh, and one of the guys from the roast, the Tony guy, he's like, Hey, I'm Tony. I'm fucking, I'm Tony. That guy. That guy. He keeps popping up.

I don't know if I know who that is. That's fine. Yeah.

Here's another. I don't know that the NBA is going to lose me, but I'm confused because these games matter less than they ever have. And players seem to be dialed in and locked in for fewer games than they ever have been before. And players miss more games due to injury than ever before. And the ratings really aren't doing all that great. And that leads us to a place where players are going to make that much. That doesn't, that doesn't, that doesn't compute with me.

That doesn't make any sense. Well, look like TNT and TV, they're getting outbid. They're just like, I don't want to say there's nothing that they can do to keep the NBA. I mean, they don't have the money that some of the streamers do. And it'll be the same with the networks, NFL and CBS, when that eventually probably happens with the NFL. Like they're on some level is nothing that they can do.

Yeah. And so, I mean, it's wild that these negotiate, like it is going to kill inside the NBA, like that major, major networks can't afford seemingly to keep the NBA package that they've had forever. And thus, as part of that, we, the NBA community like lose what is widely considered the best sports talk show on television and losing our community. Turner is losing our community. I don't even think that's fair to Turner though, because it's like the amounts, the only way that a player can make $95 million per year is because the rights deals are preposterous and someone has to make the money. The owners are the players. Maybe David Zaslow shouldn't have shot his mouth in his ego around the last two years.

I don't know. I don't, I don't think the NBA was like, look like they want to make the most money possible. Right. But I think their television partners and their pre their history, I think that matters to them on some level. I don't think I think, I think Warner Brothers discovery botched this to some degree. No, I mean, we don't know the, the inside, but like, but like, I don't think Adam Silver and all his think, I don't think every time someone says, think I go, ah, think, think, think, I don't think as emotional of a reactor as Adam Silver is, he would say, you know what?

I was going to take this higher dollar deal, but I just can't lose inside the NBA. I don't like how everyone's acting about round ball rock. Like you can't just go listen to round ball rock. It's not like it hasn't been heard on the human 35 years. Yeah.

Fox plays it on college hoops. Well, and what's going to happen is they're going to cut a slightly new modern version of it. And then everyone's going to freak out that they did the thing that I actually remember about that more than anything wasn't even the song. It was the Bob Costas throat. Yeah.

When Bob Costas came in and said, welcome to the United center. That was when I was like, Oh, this speaking of inside the person who created round ball rock is John Tash. That's right. Wasn't there a guy on the radio by the name of John Tash? Same guy. Same person.

Fucking that guy created. Yeah. Oh, John Tash.

Yeah. He had a show like Delilah. I don't know what that means. Delilah had a show Delilah had a show like John Tash. I mean, who's Delilah? Delilah was like, Horvat knows Delilah, by the way. Delilah was on the radio on like soft AC stations at night.

She was like Casey Kasem kind of thing. Okay. Yeah.

This is the same as John Tash was AC. Yeah. Like my guy, Tony Lareno doing throwback nation right now out of his basement in Mequon. He's got affiliates all over the country.

Just added one in Eau Claire. Hmm. Which one? The one of them.

Probably, probably our 94. It's good station. I don't know. Let me look. Not one of ours.

It is today. My mom had Delilah in our kitchen radio on all the time. Yeah. I don't think I know this reference. Oh, Delilah.

She was always taking fucking requests and shit. So there's a breaking point and $95 million is above that. Well, I think we would all still watch.

So it would have no effect. We might be, we might kind of, it would be, I mean, it would, it would light up the phone banks for fucking a whole off season. Honestly, I try to have at least one topic that I'm like, I wonder what this would do nationally. And this was my one for today, which is like, even now, if you're like, Hey, like Victor web and Yama just signed a five year, $500 million extension with the Spurs. Well, what's Shohei makes 70 with 90%. He makes, he makes two. Exactly. You're telling me all the, there's so much smoke to this fire. His translator took money from him.

His best friend on the angels was involved. He all of a sudden takes this most wild deferred contract, which is a real sign of a gambler. That's like, I can't be doing this anymore. Limit the amount of money that's coming in. This it's too clean.

We, the Shohei story too clean. It is a little too convenient. Isn't it? Yeah. And all wrapped up in 30 minutes, like a sitcom. Yeah.

A little too clean for my liking. Yeah. 22 minutes. Then that, then that picture with Cameron brink that he had where she's laughing and laughing. What could he have possibly said? He doesn't even speak English unless he does. Hmm. Oh, maybe he's Sammy Sosa in this whole fucking thing. Wow. You don't know. Oh, wow.

I didn't know you were planning to go there. Harrison Bartger. Harrison Bartger. That's going to be my persona. Right. I feel like this was a natural end. It was. I think so too.

Midwest. Goodbye. As you say, it was a good episode. Yeah.

Good stuff. Maybe next week. Maybe next week.

Save it. We crossed the one hour mark. We've, we've hit our quota. Uh, Memorial day plans.

Boys. I'll probably make another Costco run. God willing.

All I know is the night before is a big night in this house. Oh, you got, uh, double or nothing, right? That's right.

Motherfucker. See what happened is that, that, uh, NBA is going to leave TNT. Warner's going to pump more money in the AEW. So they get bigger wrestlers to come over because they're going to live golf WWE. There you go.

They're going to be like, Oh, Kevin Owens, you want, you want 5 million a year or you want 25 million a year? Yep. Yep. I'm just going to sit outside and listen to Jimmy Buffett. That's Memorial day and labor day through and through Friday night to Monday afternoon. That's what I'll be doing.

Yeah. It sounds terrible. I'm going to sit by the water all weekend in my backyard. It's going to be awesome. We're going to fill up the little kiddie pool.

Instead of sit on the lake. All right guys. Good to see you. Goodbye. Good to see you both. Bye.

Thanks for coming into the Winkler verse. Remember to Hey, Paul, like, and subscribe. I put up a bunch of videos and some people unsubscribed. Resubscribe, like, and resubscribe. Hint, hint received, but not taken.
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