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Unending Praise

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 2, 2024 12:00 am

Unending Praise

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 2, 2024 12:00 am

Listen to the full-length version or read the manuscript of this message here: "Unending Praise" based on Romans 16:27 is a fitting culmination to the Book of Romans. The sermon celebrates the integrity of the gospel and the character of the church, as Stephen reflects on the powerful impact of preaching scripture in its entirety. In the final doxology of Paul, Stephen unpacks the profound layers of praise encapsulated in the words "to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be the glory forever." This message emphasizes the uniqueness of God, the accessibility through Jesus Christ, and the commendable nature of God's wisdom and glory. It's an invitation to embrace this unending praise, affirming the truth of God's word and committing to live it out. As the exposition of Romans concludes, we're left with a heartfelt "Amen," an affirmation of the truth revealed and a commitment to carry these teachings forward. This message is an experience of growth, reflection, and an unwavering dedication to the truth of the gospel.

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