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FRI 032224 HR 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 23, 2024 12:01 am

FRI 032224 HR 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Boy, do we have a lot to do tonight, so we want to get right on to it. Folks, listen. 888-281-1110. And that's for credit cards too.

888-677-9673. John, here we go. Now listen to this. You know, we're at Ocean in 1 Timothy 6, but when it refers to as science falsely so-called. Science falsely so-called.

Scientists want to dehydrate the stratosphere to combat global boiling. Now John, God said this in Genesis chapter 8. He said as long as he would keep the earth, he will keep the seasons. Do you think God is capable of doing what he says? I mean, it seems like he's got a pretty good record, right? Well, a man is trying to do the best he can to destroy it, literally.

Led by gates. Here's what the article says. Scientists have proposed an audacious novel geoengineering technique intentionally dehydrating the atmosphere. A study published in Science Advances involves the ambitious and contentious idea of seeding the upper atmosphere with particles to prevent water vapor from entering in the atmosphere. Water vapor is important because it's the most abundant greenhouse gas on earth. Now the greenhouse effect occurs when gases in the atmosphere trap heat from the sun, keeping the planet livable. Water vapor is made, see, isn't that what they're supposed to do, John? I mean, isn't it what God meant it to do?

Yes, Pastor Ernie, and in addition to that, Bill Gates was covering vast amounts of the ocean with some chemical that prevented the water from evaporating and reflecting heat. They're lunatics. They are lunatics. Do these idiots understand that they're going to self-destruct too?

No, they're living such delusions that they can't, they just can't think, Pastor Ernie. He thinks he's God. He thinks he's, you know, able to do with these vaccinations and now they're trying to prevent evaporation from the ocean and the rays from the sun to be blocked coming to the earth.

He thinks that, you know, this is like an erectus set here and he's playing with it. He goes on to say that here the greenhouse effect occurs when gases in the atmosphere trap heat from the sun, keeping the planet livable. Water vapor is made up of complex molecules that absorb heat radiated from the earth's surface and re-radiated back to the planet.

Water vapor is consistently cycling through the atmosphere, evaporating the earth's surface, condensing into clouds, being blown by the wind, and then falling back to the earth as rain or snow. That's exactly what God's word the Bible said it would do, huh? Yes, it is. It's amazing here. I don't know.

Do you think the word reprobate, do you think they've lost the ability to reason at all? Yes, yes, absolutely. All right, Carolina, Pennsylvania pledges 25 and Vera in New York pledges 50. Thank you, Caroline.

Thank you, Vera. Folks, 888-281-1110, we have to really keep going tonight. This is our last night. We've got less than one hour left to raise enough money to stay on to the station that you're listening to us on right now for the next month.

We really, again, we're really working hard here tonight that we could use your help to raise enough money. We're way below what we're supposed to be at this time. We're way far our goal yet.

So 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110. Have we ever given up, John? We've been doing this for 50 years on the air. Have we ever given up? Not a minute.

No, we won't because the Bible says to run to the battle, huh? All right, the latest J6 claims, listen to this, Mark Milley to blame for four-hour guard delay. You know, this is where, again, President Trump is realizing how he made his mistakes on December 10th, 2018, just before the traditional Army-Navy football game. President Donald Trump made an announcement while a well-coached Army team would go to win the 17-10 in what proved to be an exciting contest. More than two years later, Trump would learn the consequences of his pregame announcement that day.

One unfortunately made against the advice of military coaches and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph P. Dunford, was due to retire in 2019. Thus, Trump had to designate a replacement. For some reason, Trump was high on this U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Mark A. Milley.

You don't suppose that Trump was given all kinds of disinformation, do you, John? Absolutely, President Milley. Do you know who recommended the Director of the FBI to Trump? No, who? Oh, Cuomo's in my mind. The guy from New Jersey, the Governor of New Jersey.

Oh my gosh, yeah. It's Christie. It's Chris Christie. It's Chris Christie. He's the one. Trump listened to him.

Yeah, I can't believe it. Well, here, despite the advice of not only Dunford, and that was General Dunford, but also of Defense Secretary of Defense James Mattis, that Milley was not up to the job. He was not one that they could trust. Milley got the nod and was sworn in. Now, during his confirmation, Milley assured the Senate he would resign before anything improper, such as obeying an illegal, unethical, or immoral order. But that was a lie, wasn't it?

He was a disaster, Pastor Ernie. I mean, he actually told the Chinese communists, don't worry, if Trump's going to start a war with you, I'll let you know. So he admitted it.

Right, and we won't be the first to fire, right. And then he also, Trump told him that when they were rioting, Black Lives Matter and Antica were rioting in Washington, he wanted the soldiers that were coming to be armed. And Milley said no, and he told the soldiers to come unarmed. Trump gave him an order, and he said no. Trump should have fired him right then and there. That moment, he should have been fired.

Well, you're absolutely right, he should have been. That's actual treason, yeah. Pastor Ernie was that Mattis guy. The General Mattis? Yeah, Bulldog, they called him. Mad Dog?

Yeah, Mad Dog. Oh, he was terrible when he, he's the New World Order. He wasn't a general for America, he was a general for the New World Order.

Yep, absolutely. And these people, not only that, but he was like Milley pushing this drag queen, and unbelievable, same thing with Austin. You know, these people have no integrity, no integrity. Any man, any general with any kind of integrity at all would have refused any orders he would have, he would have resigned before promoting drag queens on military bases and drag queens at USO shows.

Any, with any honor and decency and integrity would have resigned, but not those guys. And now they have Austin in there, and they're just destroying their military. Do you remember though, here's another very interesting, do you remember about two years ago when they had what was going on over there in Havana at the American Embassy there in Cuba? Yeah, the severe headaches and brain issues. Well, yeah, but now a new government study that tracked over 80 victims of Havana syndrome found no MRI detectable signs of brain injury, but it also identified real symptoms of the mystery condition, symptoms which researchers called quite profound and disabling. A year ago, the author here says from Great Wave Pundit, I wrote an article in my substack about the puzzling series of attacks.

Here's how it began. Let me take you back to poor sunny Havana in late 2016. It's been a little over a year since diplomatic ties were restored between the US and Cuba.

That's when the enigma begins. What the State Department initially called health attacks, what the press would describe as an astonishing international mystery unfolded in Cuba. He goes on to say that the blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his bed. Wait a minute, they switched over there.

Oh, I see here, yeah, in Havana in the hotel. He moved just a few feet and there was silence. He climbed back into bed unexpectedly and the agonizing sound hit him again. So it shows you a chart how this thing goes out, these sound waves or these invisible waves and it hits certain parts. And so you can, by moving around, get out of the reach of it.

But in there, I guess what happens is it's like an outrageous sound and it gives you a massive headache, doesn't it? Yeah, this is new to me, Pastor Ernie. I'm not aware of what you're sharing. Okay. Alrighty, he goes and he says, Georgetown neurologist Dr. James Garodano, who conducted research for the Pentagon Special Operations Command, is afraid the findings of the new study risk creating false conclusions that nothing happened to these people's brains. Oh, so he's saying that, yes, they do have brain damage, but anyhow. Oh, you know what's happening, too?

It's an amazing thing. There in Brazil, remember the guy that, he was here when you just had this, the big CPAC meeting here and you had the president, what's his name, Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro? The one that was removed. Yeah, yeah. He was the legitimate, he won the election legitimately and the communists had him removed anyhow, just like what they did to Trump.

It was a coup. Exactly what happened here. It was exactly the same, Pastor Ernie. Okay. Carol in San Diego pledges 100. Thank you, Carol.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Well, here now, they're going after him, the communists there, the democrats there are trying to arrest him in a series of moves, really reminding us of the law fair persecution in the U.S. against President Trump. Former Brazilian president and conservative champion Jair Bolsonaro, relentlessly targeted by the new socialist regime, has now been indicted by federal police accused of falsifying his COVID vaccination data.

Remember, he spoke out against those vaccines, he was warning people not to take them, like we were doing, and Bolsonaro told Reuters, it's a selective investigation, I'm calm, I don't owe anything, the world knows that I did not take the vaccine, and so there you go. It's, again, this is, what we're living in today is like a third world country, isn't it? Oh, it is, Pastor Ernie.

I mean, if we think of a third world country overturned, like Brazil will say, turning over, cheating on the election and removing the president. Well, we did the same thing here. Absolutely. And I wanted to add, just today, Pastor Ernie, that it came out that the CDC ended up reversing all the nonsense they said about Ivermectin, and came out and admitted the truth about how effective Ivermectin is. So all those people that didn't get Ivermectin when they could have gotten it, I'm sure a number could have been saved, Pastor, and they died because they weren't given the medicine that could have saved them.

Let me ask you something. If you work at the CDC and you retire, what do you do next? You go to the pharmaceuticals. You go right to Pfizer. You go right there, and they've got a job waiting for you, because you've been working for them anyhow. While you're at the CDC, you've been working for Big Pharma. They've been buttering your bread all this time. It's unbelievable. They trade back and forth, Pastor, and they do the same thing.

The brokerage houses and all on Wall Street, they send a lot of people to the Treasury Department. Yeah, absolutely. It's just unbelievable.

Waste of the day, Medicaid and Medicare remain biggest culprits for improper payments. Listen to this, John. It's just like now that that big pork bill that they just passed, and now there's about 20 Republican Congressmen that want to get rid of the new speaker now. What's wrong with it? Those bills are loaded with all sorts of evil promoting with the Democrats. Who knows what's in it? It's like 1,000 pages.

It's like 1,500 pages, maybe more. And they give you a short time to look over it, and then they pass it. And it's loaded with pork and all sorts of ungodly programs and all of that. And he's going along with it. Now, here I had thought finally, this guy seems like he's going to be on the right page, but we know that there's a ton of pressure.

But here's what I don't understand. Others that should know better, that really should know better, still support him. But he's got all the pressure, of course, from the Communists and then the RINOs.

So they're pressuring him left and right. And again, I don't know how many, maybe if we get Jim Jordan in there, if Jim Jordan goes, or Matt Gaetz, you know. I don't know. Those guys, you know, they seem to weather the storm pretty good. All right. Jill Ann in Ohio pledges 50, and Gregory in Minnesota pledges 200. Thank you, Jill Ann.

Thank you, Gregory. So now we've got Minnesota, too. And so, we still don't have anything from Texas. Where's Texas at?

I haven't heard anything from Texas. Oh, well. We will before the night's over. All righty. You hear that, folks out there?

You Texans, are you going to leave Big John hanging out there? Anyhow, here, listen to this. The federal government spent $236 billion in improper payments in 2023, according to a recent audit for the U.S. Government Accountability Office, right? Medicaid and Medicare were responsible for $105.5 billion of the payments, as 43% auditors at the books have continuously warned about financial mismanagement at the two agencies most recently published an oversight report in 2023. Well, the problem, somebody will get paid to just sweep this under the rug, huh? Yeah. There's no end to the corruption.

I mean, they're geniuses at corruption, Pastor Ernie. All right. Big Tony and Parma, the fabulous 50 pledges.

50, yep. That's amazing. Now, key facts. Improper payments are payments that the government sends to the wrong people or for the wrong amount, yeah? Well, they're good at doing that, aren't they? It's probably a scheme. Yeah.

No, absolutely. But now here's the kicker of the night. Of all the stories we've done tonight, here's the kicker.

You ready? China is now building our FBI offices inside the United States. The outrage over China's, this is an article by John Mills, China's covert police stations inside of America. You know, the Chinese have opened up their own police stations. They're getting anyone from China that they think you might be trying to leave and come here or anyone that might possibly be a whistleblower for China's covert activity in America to tip off the people. That's why they have these police stations.

They come right here. They open them up right at our property, arrest people, and then take them back to China, you know, for trials where they probably kill them. So here, outrage over China's covert police stations inside of America was quick and decisive. In October 2028 were indicted, five in the United States and three in China.

Indicting someone in China may seem pointless, but it has worked in the past where China may have dealt with those named publicly in the U.S. He goes on to say, the Chinese police stations were a part of what the operation called Fox Hunt. Operation Fox Hunt is going on worldwide, operation by Chinese communists of China to hunt down dissidents and forcibly return them home for interrogation, imprisonment, and execution.

The pursuit of Fox Hunt reminded me of the early work in the global war on terror where we pursued Al Qaeda operatives around the world and conducted rendition operations to black sites. As New York Attorney General Letitia James, oh boy, launches the globalist war on beef, a survival company CEO fights back. Yeah, Letitia, she wants to take away our meat. Bill Gates told her, I don't want those people eating meat.

It starts out with a righteous anger but can soon spin out of control. We're a nation of laws, a constitutional framework with key tenets that can help get things right when they spin out of control. That was up until recently. Anyhow, the Chinese clone of GWOT has no boundaries. It appears our Department of Justice is working to shut down the CCP Fox Hunt. Yeah, I don't think they're working very hard at it. But are they?

But are they? Secretary of State Blinken, Blinken, you know that he's the guy that went and told those 51 intelligence agents, hey, look it, I'm asking you guys to do what you really do good, lie. Just get out there and tell a great big lie.

You know, look, we know you don't have any conscience anyhow. So get out there and say that this whole thing, Russia, Russia, Russia scam and the Trump was working with Russia. And they said, hey, that's what we do. We're corrupt to the core. And that's what we do best.

We lie. And that's what they did. Yeah, well, that's how we got the job. That was payoff for what he did there with those intelligence agencies. Yeah, this guy is crooked from, I mean, it's just everybody in that whole Biden regime is totally corrupted, aren't they? Every one of them. Well, anyhow, why would he, he goes on to say that it appears our Department of Justice is working to shut down CCP, right?

But are they? Secretary of State Blinken hosted the Chinese director of Fox Hunt for a formal dinner. There you go.

Why would he do that? Well, as Blinken tried to curry favor for a position after the regime change, a disturbing assertion was brought to my attention. Instead of using, of us finding Chinese covert Fox Hunt police stations in China, now in the business of building our sensitive U.S. government facilities inside of America, this is like the inverse of us rooting out their police stations. So they're getting, the Chinese are building our FBI buildings. Why bother establishing a police station when you can just build the sensitive facilities of the American government and fill them with all kinds of bugs, tabs, and monitoring devices?

It's treason, treason, treason, and treason all over folks. 888-281. We have approximately 35 minutes left where you can call in. So please get doing it. We need it.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Here you go. Article from the U.S. News. Biden regime rolls out red carpet for Chinese communists who ran secret New York City police station. A construction company that seeks Chinese investors builds FBI offices. Alaska's construction of Las Vegas, Nevada, cites the success in building U.S. government facilities, including several FBI field offices.

There you go. For our special and secure U.S. government facilities, we need trustworthy companies that can deliver the best construction and renovation to make sure no foreign threat fills that building and network connectively with different tricks of the trade. So what do they do? They say, go ahead, China. We trust you, China.

We trust you, right? In other words... You're our masters. Go ahead. Pardon? I said the Chinese are our masters.

Go ahead. Yeah, yeah. Here again, Biden is owned lock, stock, and barrel. I mean, he's owned by the Chinese.

The Chinese even have admitted that. They've even come out and said it, you know, that they own the people in the highest offices in America. All right, Andrea and Medina pledges 50. Thank you, Andrea. It's just unbelievable. And so all of these things are happening again, John, and we've been... I don't know. We keep warning people and keep warning people.

All of these years, we've been warning people and keep warning people. I don't know. What do you think we can do?

I don't know. What's it going to take? Well, Pastor Ernie, I just see that there's more life. I think there's more life out there now than there was in the recent past. There seems to be an awakening. And the courts seem to be going all the way in many ways now.

So I'm optimistic, Pastor Ernie. Let me ask you this. Executive Director of Bill and Hillary Clinton's National Airport shot dead by the ATF. Yeah, that was wild.

That was wild. They came to his house. What do you think it is that Hillary wanted kept quiet? Here, the Executive Director of Bill and Hillary Clinton's National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas was shot dead by ATF agents inside his Chanel Valley home on Tuesday morning. Brian Malinowski, 53, was shot, was the top Executive Director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. And he was shot dead by ATF agents after he allegedly opened fire on them as they arrived to serve a war. See, there used to be, there was times past when, you know, we could kind of believe some of the media. Today, you know, it's just not that. Brian Malinowski's brother reported that Brian was shot in the head and died on the spot.

According to an affidavit provided by the ATF, the agents were serving a warrant after discovering Brian Malinowski, who was allegedly selling firearms without a license. I don't know. You can't trust anything, can you?

No, none of us, Pastor Ernie. Alright, we're coming up to a... You just can't. You just can't.

No, you can't. We're coming up to a break, and we'll be back right after this with a whole lot more. A little silver A little gold But in that city Where the reds will shine I want a gold one That silver one I've got a mansion Just over the hilltop In that brown land where We'll never grow And someday under We will never know wonder Or walk the streets at Our purest glow Soft and tempted Tormented and tested And like the prophet My pillow a stone And though I find here No permanent dwelling I know he'll give me A mansion of my own I've got a mansion Just over the hilltop In that brown land where We'll never grow And someday under We will never know wonder Or walk the streets at Our purest glow Don't think me poor Deserted or lonely I'm not discouraged I'm heaven bound I'm just a pilgrim In search of a city I want a mansion A harpoon and crown I've got a mansion Just over the hilltop In that brown land where We'll never grow And someday under We will never know wonder Or walk the streets at Our purest glow Alrighty we are back and you know that Omar that Congresswoman Omar she belongs to Hamas did you know that John? Yeah well didn't they she was censored for her support for Hamas meeting with Hamas not sympathizers but promoters. Yeah I know that this is an amazing thing meanwhile Biden we reported it yesterday he allowed Iran to have billions and billions of dollars he took sanctions off them so they can support Hamas now remember don't you remember on that October 6th when on that very day when they went in when Hamas attacked Israel when they did that kill those what was it 1200 people we told you that day because automatically Biden came out and said we're going to stand with our allies Israel and I says folks they will betray Israel I said now watch this because you're going to see above the counter they're going to appear to be supporting Israel but below the table you're going to see them supporting Hamas they're going to be sending money and that's exactly what they're doing and little by little Biden is starting to back away now they're Chuckie Schumer you know who's always been the worst enemies of Israel it's always been the apostate Jews hasn't it? Yeah they're right up there with those it's sad but yes and Schumer I mean Biden wasn't able he didn't have the mental ability to do what Schumer said but he wanted to do that so they formed it out to Schumer and then Schumer talked about Netanyahu should be removed and they should call for elections and there should be the big ceasefire and all but that was really Biden just Biden isn't capable of doing that but yeah that's what it was and then Biden denied it did you see that Mr. Ernie were Biden denied saying that Netanyahu should be removed? No I didn't see that I didn't know that and I know that he came out he was saying yeah we should and that's again remember what they did they had who was that spokesman the Clintons had they said him and remember Governor Richardson of New Mexico they sent him over to remove Netanyahu years when Clinton was in and replace him with Barrack and and I always you know the fellow that he was he's still around today he was there's one of their their lankies his spokespeople he was the one that Rush Limbaugh used to talk about him all the time oh you're talking about snakehead snakehead yeah that's what they called him that was Carville James Carville James Carville yeah they called him snakehead yeah James Carville for some reason I can never remember that name they took a team of people over there to rig the elections in Israel and that's what they did now look at some of the worst apostate Jews that are out there George Soros won okay two like you see with Chuckie Schumer now Hillary the last I heard she said she still supported Israel but that will have to change she will have to go but that was the last but but Hillary is another one of the apostate Jews look for John Kerry Wesley Clark and these look for them all to turn against Israel that's exactly what they did throughout history haven't they well God's people won't pass their knee I mean that covenant is still in effect that's how the Jews are back in the land Jerusalem's the capital all like the prophecy says in the scriptures and that prophecy is heading towards the second coming of Jesus Christ and so now let me ask you this going back to the Pharisees they understood they had the Old Testament they had the books of Moses they had Isaiah chapter 53 and they understood that perfectly perfectly perfectly described the coming Messiah now they had that that information now here remember when Jesus had when the people were going out to Jesus and they were and he had turned over the tables to the temple the second time where he really wrecked him up and the people were calling him Hosanna Hosanna son of David and the Pharisees were furious and they went to Jesus and they said do you hear what they're saying they're calling you Messiah and Jesus made it very clear yeah that's right out of the mouths of babes comes the truth comes the truth so Christ let them know and they were furious with him how is it that they could not recognize who he is or did they did they recognize and somehow decide that they could defeat Messiah I know Herod the so-called magnificent thought he could he could destroy that he understood the prophecy and he thought that he could kill the Messiah and Pastor Ernie they gave the answer to that when the Lord raised Lazarus from the dead they knew that Jesus was going to have to die because they said otherwise the Romans will come and take our positions away right they said it would be better not to have one man die for the nation yes and so yeah that's what happened was they didn't want to give up to be the high priest and all the positions of power even though Pastor Ernie if someone went around raising people from the dead like the Lord did and healing all you name it he healed it and that you think you'd pay attention to him but no they didn't care they they were not going to submit themselves to the carpenter from Nazareth right well you know when he you're right when he fed five thousand when he healed the blinds the blank and see all these things where prophecies of Messiah would do and so they they saw this so what happened who was it that warned them not to find yourself to fight against God oh um yes that was uh he warned them yeah that was the apostle Paul's mentor wasn't it yeah I just can't think of his name but anyhow here they had this but they they had eyes and they couldn't see now let me ask you this because uh the Lord said because of this okay their punishment would be the greater because they were purposely doing these things that their damnation he used the word damnation would be the greater and today you know again you have it out there now Chuckie Schumer has been boasting about all of the time how he has supported Israel how he supported Israel but not now why not now I'll tell you why not now because his orders coming down from the heads of the collective said no Chuckie you put the collective first you put the Communist Party first Chuckie and that's exactly what Chuckie's doing huh well personally what's happening is the Muslim population there is uh gaining political power you know what John right now we're getting towards the end of the program I'm gonna have to do something I didn't really can't afford to do it but I can't afford not to I'm gonna pledge one more thousand dollars put doers of the word put us down for one more thousand dollars John and I'm gonna ask people to match this uh yesterday we did we got two matching and I praise the good Lord for that and I'm gonna ask again before the end of the program we got approximately uh 15 minutes no 17 minutes where you can call in and match this so that's uh Pastor Sanders put it put me down for one thousand dollars so there you go I need uh you've got 15 17 minutes can I get a match I just need I need just a couple matches for this to uh bring us up to our goals tonight and so again John uh now here here's the other thing too because people are saying well Pastor Sanders you've admitted yourself you've admitted yourself that Israel uh as a corrupt nation it is because they have just like we have they have communists there just like they are here and for their size as hard as it is to believe for their size they're even more corrupt in America but now does God say this John does he does he kept Israel and has he warned the Gentile nations that he will judge Israel and he will punish Israel and has he not said to keep your hands off Israel and those that bless Israel he would bless and those that curse he would curse but has he not kept Israel for himself when it comes to judgment has he not yes Pastor Ernie and that's very important what you're saying um right now God's prophetic word is in play and Israel is being uh prepared to enter into the tribulation period according to the scriptures absolutely God's going to use the tribulation period to turn Israel to at the very end there it says all Israel shall be saved and they're going to confess Jesus Christ as their Messiah Zechariah chapter 12 Zechariah chapter 14 uh talk about that and they're going to when he's when he says all of Israel all of Israel was um this this the sons not the seed of Abraham they were the sons uh because one third of Israel was was kept would be a remnant and they were the the actual sons of Abraham not just the seed the apostle Paul alludes to that and of course the Lord Jesus refers to those that says they are Jews but are they're really in the synagogue of Satan so in Zechariah chapter 8 verses the loops uh or chapter 13 verses 8 and 9 it tells you that doesn't it yeah pastor Ernie when it says all Israel will be saved that's the ones that are alive that Christ coming all right so now folks we've got eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three uh we only have 14 minutes left I gotta hear from you if you're going somebody can we get anyone to match my my thousand dollars we need somebody to match my thousand dollars a couple if not five hundred if that we uh 200 but we need some we need help here tonight we only have 14 minutes now so in that 14 minutes john you never have enough time well no you actually don't have 14 minutes you got about seven minutes john to tell people to give a good good strong invocation so go ahead and do it oh I I thought you um I thought there was 14 minutes left 14 minutes left no that's that's till we go off that's until midnight we go off the air in about seven minutes oh oh okay faster yeah and I I get a little um I lose uh time when I come up here and I I start rushing and all that but but yes folks um in fact we ended uh really with something very important and that is the second coming of Jesus Christ now we're living in prophetic times because the Bible talks about very clearly that the nation of Israel was going to be destroyed and driven into all the world as punishment for sin and pastor Ernie said that God will punish Israel and the first time with the with the Babylonians that was 600 BC and the Lord brought him back according to his word then the second time was 70 AD and the Lord brought them back from 70 AD until 1948 Israel was out really ceased to being a nation all those years and they're back folks they speak the same language they have uh shekels for money and then in 1967 Israel uh Jerusalem became the capital all as the Bible said what happened folks and now uh this war that's taking place there although the fighting is in Gaza it's actually over Jerusalem that that's what that's why Hamas started the war because they said the Jews are defiling um the Alexica mosque on top of uh on top there where the temple mount is they're defiling it and they want all the Jews off and not only that they want to kill them all I mean that's the Hamas covenant and they were and the Hamas put a call out for all the Muslims come to uh to defend Jerusalem and that's where this is heading it's heading over Jerusalem exactly like the Bible says we we alluded a little bit we didn't go into any depth but the prophet Zechariah chapter 12 and Pastor Ernie mentioned 13 and I mentioned 14 they all are prophetic about Jerusalem and what's going to happen the nations that come against Jerusalem are going to be destroyed folks by the according to the prophetic word of God well this is this is like proof to the thought for the authority of the word of God and the word of God talks way more about than Jerusalem and and what's happening there it talks about eternal life for us it talks about the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life with Jesus Christ our Lord so sin cannot be in the presence of God he is holy and yet God loves us and this word Jesus Christ comes into play where to to for God's love to be satisfied and his holiness to be satisfied Jesus Christ died and took the penalty for our sin that's on the cross and shed his blood and paid the penalty for our sin that's how God reconciled the problem with us not being able to be in his presence which means an eternity in hell and his holiness being satisfied because of the penalty for sin being separated from him so Jesus Christ the sinless only begotten son of God took our penalty for sin on the cross and shed his blood so that we could have eternal life and there's no way other than the shed blood of Jesus Christ to have eternal life with God that penalty must be removed from us so that's where it can repentance comes into play confessing Jesus Christ as your as your savior that you believe he shed his blood and paid the penalty for your sin and then believing that he bodily rose from the dead that's very important folks he died on the cross shed his blood was buried he rose again the third day that is the heart of the gospel of salvation but then we look at the scriptures and God that's for eternal life but we go to luke 418 and it says very clearly in there not only the first part of luke 418 is salvation in Christ which i just spoke to you about but the second part is he sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and set at liberty those that are crushed so God just doesn't leave us here folks he works in our life um everybody this is a sin curse fallen world everybody to one degree or another has a broken heart and it can be very devastating to have a broken heart folks God does not want to leave us here with a broken heart one minute okay thank you best Mary Jesus Christ is the great position it's only only a broken heart can be healed by him no religion can do it no drugs no medicine no anything only he can heal the broken heart and he can heal our minds from bondage and set us free from being oppressed and what it takes is salvation in Christ and then once you have salvation in Christ asking God please heal my broken heart in Jesus name he'll do it folks he did it for me my mind free my mind from bondage and lift all oppression off me that's the that's the ministry of Jesus Christ salvation and eternal life and then to live with a healed heart full of God's love joy and peace okay pester all right very good thanks John we're we're at that point where again we come to every at this time hope you all have all attend church this Sunday you really find a good good bible preaching church until then we want to say good night good night god bless god bless god bless and then we always say this already always always always we do mean always ready i mean always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left 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