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WED HR 2 111021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 11, 2021 12:01 am

WED HR 2 111021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 11, 2021 12:01 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR This is just about money to be over, but this is not what this is about MK ultra exist. The idea exist.

This hellish explained that people who don't understand what that really mean so what is this really all about is all about power and control. MK ultra mind control, programming it happens to Hollywood leads and is happening right now to Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, many celebrities just like them but nobody understands. Nobody knows, because it's it's a part of control is like someone has the remote to someone's life and no one knows who's pushing the buttons disassociative identity disorder happens when you have nowhere to go with the trauma. When you have nowhere to go with the pain so your mind splits and shatters into a million pieces.

But those people that it had to take a part of the pain and do they have to do to stay alive. So one of your detractors. Skeptics would say Ellie Carter waited until July 2020 to come out with all of this on Instagram that was conveniently just before a highly contested hot presidential election.

This is a political hit job. That's all this is to those people.

What you say human sexual thinking human child trafficking is not an argument is not a political issue is not a religious issue is not sexual orientation and the humanity issue their children at a black white blue-green.

There is no one that needs to have an argument about this conversation. This is the humanity issue that everybody needs to move for any authorities looked underneath the Getty Museum has anybody investigated your claims about tunnels being fair or anywhere else. Will anybody go underground.

Have you shown them the door you shown them how direct their I've tried to talk to people, they told me they will make sure that I stay silent.

Everyone covers the step everyone covers everything up, but it's not just the Getty.

It is underground in your schools is underground in your cemeteries is underground and every day were you walk on who's been you found every building who's creating these tunnels. I don't give any idea that's what everybody I have no idea. I do not know that the top two people that work at the schools do they know that they're there to the T – no. Yes, the school is complicit, your teachers are complicit. When I was traffic throughout my high schools and and my time in foster care of my teacher sign me and out of school. There was the automated service that gives you a call to let you know that your students are tardy they were making sure that I was present in my classes, but I was I was dropped off at school I was picked up by my pants.

I was returned before the bus got back and I was placed back in my foster home or I would not go to school for the day. It was brought to the attention of my SROs.

It was brought to the attention of the guidance counselors and they are all complicit. They all know it's going on what is reported, it was reported and completely ignored is reported and it is documented by social workers, civil law enforcement agencies that are ignoring this, why are they doing what why are cops and investigators and federal agents. Why are they ignoring your claims. Your victimization crimes against you because of customers there are customers again. Everybody is so worried about the top Hollywood elite, but you should be worried about the people to sit next to you every day there complicit your local police are complicit. All of them there because all of them there customers.

There are some that cops there are some some good tops but they're very one far and few of the 20 and so those good cops that know about what you have going on. Are they unwilling to to do anything about it because the majority of them that surround them are involved in that they could lose their jobs, they can lose their jobs. They could be threatened. For the rest of their lives.

They can be hunted, stalked and harassed us as much as the Freemason brotherhood cops due to everyone else what they do. The one they will do to everyone else. The best thing you can sleep as get this out as far as wide as possible when you think that that is probably the best form of protection for you and for anybody else know that this is out there on a national platform. I mean I just don't see any reason why somebody should not be investigating and exposing these tunnels that we have all heard about and that have raised eyebrows in this community now for since the beginning of the trust presidency when you're right. The attention was directed. The eyes were opened up in this way during that presidency as in were opened and a lot of other things as well but nothing is more horrific. Nothing is more important than stopping child sex trafficking that has to be done. This has to be exposed. Our children are our most precious gifts from God and we must protect them by any means necessary and everybody involved needs to be exposed and that's why I'm asking about celebrity names, powerful elites, politicians.

That's why we need these people need to be exposed because these are the people that we are supposed to be able to run to to help us to handle the cops and the garbageman in the school lunch cafeteria aid. Those are the people that need to be arrested but who do we go to exactly that's what it worries me every day. I know there's no justice for me. I accepted that a while ago.

I can have kids of my own. I understand that there's a lot that I will probably never be able to have included my childhood. I don't have many pictures I don't have any pictures of me as a baby and I have pictures of me from 14 out in the worst moments in the worst ways I just want peace because this is not about the sexual experience. This is not about just cash. This is about something else and deeper than that because dedicated tactics. This is decades of issues. These are decade.

The problem satanic ritual abuse exist human sex trafficking exist. Organ harvesting exist all over the place. The black market exist. Humans, babies, children four-year-old, six-year-olds are having their body sliced opening used as human suitcases over the border.

I have been trafficked over the border.

Those babies are moved as if they're still alive. They put clothes on them. They set them up and they use them until their bodies cannot be used anymore.

This is not just about sex because after your body is used for sex your organs are used for organ harvesting and selling on the black market which goes your hospitals wonder why a heart cost so much.

You wonder why a liver kidney cost so much and because they go to Mexico you can get for little bit cheaper and wonder why there is so much going on decade and dedicated tactics that people need to wake up to them.

Do something about because again, our authority is not, despite everything people. Despite everything that you've been through. You have managed to find joy and you have managed to rise up and be strong and do things now that you are incredibly proud of as you should be. What are you doing now I'm a dance teacher.

I may cheer coach. I have been since I turned 18 and was able to live with my mom in foster care that I'm adopted by now. I am a special needs teacher. I love my kids like my own because I can't have children and I miss them so much because I had to just walk away from it for a second to deal with all of this, the threats come every year but I do have to do and I keep a smile on my face and I love to be that mentor for babies, birthday, hosting go to four-year-old party and read books to them on my time off. I braided hair for foster children that cannot get their hair done because they have to basically pay for by themselves because every foster parent is living paycheck to paycheck using it for themselves to make Hawaii trips and whatnot. I love what I do know what the problem college student to review this is out there now needs to be immediately investigated and were going to continue to follow up with this. We don't know who to go to. We don't know who's involved.

But somebody somewhere is going to hear this that has the balls and that has the authority and that has the courage and that knows what is right in Jesus name and pray that a commandment that happens Alexander's name for being here, and for telling us your story for your bravery. Thank you so much we appreciated the blessing.

Already we are back in the legal go to you when the first course when the owner know if you remember cut Gunderson the rumor who took the initiative. I remember the name Gunderson was charge of the of the and all of the Western in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, all that area. He was the guy out there that during the ladies in tech came up here. It was the fellow to the owner. If you remember some years back they found that in those nursing homes not nursing homes. Daycare centers in Florida. They found tunnels and then they were taken the kids down and they were molesting them in the regular backup time for the prayers to pick him up and so on and so forth until it was the one that found that he was investigating the but Ted coming appearance they would refer while it was telling me that his his biggest problem that he had the name of that time it wasn't nearly as bad as it was now was rogue agents rogue agents within the industry today.

Let me just tell you the answer to what her? Or would this question was why is this happening will only have to do Phyllis's go to second Timothy chapter 3, read second Timothy chapter 3 and understand this is real time were there right now. Right now this was the days were limited. Okay.

And these things are happening out there.

No when it comes to trump suit 12 was dropped know about this. This is why they heading. This is why they hated him so much. This is why these because this drug chrome and all of these Hollywood Lethe the power to be able to take children and her children remember whatever God love the most the most precious they hated the worst, and to be able to destroy children. These bloodied death occurs. These bloodied death accredits is that the Christ people there doing that no this question was who put these totals down a lot of these called the dumpster domes liver actually put in far military or military is drug tunnels all over this country and their careful, water, food, supplies and all kinds of things with them and and what happened as a number of because of corrupt people like we have right now in the White House date. The military's use these two but there's a big battle going on between the white hats and the blackouts and trope wanted to expose all of this it was it was about the way to ensure effective the movie going to be coming out a movie that the that Hollywood producer who talked about this and knowing him one of my senior moment. You know who I'm talking about the guy that made the movie the passion okay Mel Gibson that's who was Mel Gibson was in the process, and the fellow that played Jesus in that movie the passion he's easing the historian in this movie and it's it's it's a real life movie about was really taken place there they were going to expose all of this in the deep state. The deep state that I'm talking about renegade FBI home talking about the all of these renegade so-called intelligence agencies.

They are working for Satan. So what are you fellows say about the pastor of Burton was what he think well I think you know we wrestle not with?

I played beyond what we could even imagine. Spiritual combat in heaven, Michael the Archangel and complete 12 inch men like himself, where just were not even comprehending what actually happened before and sleep is a wall of a lot of people I know we we all know someone may have been abused or crafted, but the gospel revealed to redo it and nothing could be hidden in the dark that God can expose and at-large are gathered to create the number one cure to allow the wickedness thing people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and repent and at her will, absolutely, what about this. What about people they repented, what if they pray, what if what if they did exactly what goes where the Bible says the repent and then start praying to him. We been within them for pork.

I'm just short of half a century, trying to get people this to to pray and they do not praise the good Lord I'm convinced the only reason I'm still alive is because of that, we've had a lot of people under but what if one of the people really prayed. I mean played enough talking about praying that God would bring the bloodied to repentance or removal of talking about precatory prayers. One of the people actually decided to to obey God's Word, the Bible now what you think would happen were returned at five now but were to really report the problem too much distraction in this world.

We become lovers of pleasure, the lovers of God and all. Imagine high our time every day over two hours and 40 minutes a day just to God. Imagine what happened. Yet, Christians are going to do that.

I know right.

This is a mindset, you've got a mindset out there that you know, God, I'll give you give you an hour and suddenly maybe even to know I got like God, you know, don't you know how I'll call you when I need to write.

I mean, that's a mindset. A lot of people right right you feel after canceling from the night for the service that you can have in the evening of the first server. Yet we cancel it for you propose we cancel it for entertainment were more caught up and entertaining ourselves and being happy and getting digest that our just an hour. We imagine if we just ate one meal we start the death that's what happens spiritual start carbonation Amos that there be a famine of the word of God we are facing right now, not in our countries suffering because of it. Going to judgment go to work you don't turn around and start getting on our knees like you like you just mentioned and and pray and seek God's face praying for Space and that to be a priority in the Christian life are absolutely right. Let me ask you Wendy is as a mother raising daughters daughters are sometimes a little more complicated can be a little harder to raise. In fact, my mother used to say to drill the race for the dozen boys and one girl. Because of the society, and so on, that we live in now days, but what you after listening to to her what you think.

You believe what she was saying sound like he experience something horrible and she does have evidence that another problem is. You bring it. It's sort of like also what prompt gone through the fellowman. They got all this evidence. They bring it. That's why we've got a very very corrupted government is totally corrupt, but the American people can push it back out. They who would take it to first take it to the Lord.

Enemies would take it to him. Prayer is an offensive weapon. Okay. And it really does work hundred feet and then we took we start there and then what we do is we do exactly what Scripture says we are become doers of the word not just hearers only, and we take a look at those who went before us if you've heard of the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. Okay, I place priest. I lived 50 years ago, the doctrine of the legend lesser magistrate and we see through it all through Scripture where those in authority. Don't do it is supposed to do those underneath them are supposed to step up to the plate and that's what we try to do right close meant so that's exactly what you what I think one of good starting out in God's Word, the Bible, when when you saw that okay jackal bed jackal bed did not listen to Pharaoh and get into it will allow her son will loose coalition for impure, they didn't listen to field Pharaoh, they obeyed God and even though they were employed by the government. They were employed by the government, but they listen to God and they saved the baby is alive, okay jackal veterinarian, the parents of Moses. They listen to God and they say Moses and so you go all the way down the line in the you take a look at people that obeyed God and not the government.

Okay, Shadrach me shack. Abednego Daniel right that's what we have to do we have to be you know of pastor David for 25 years 25 years I challenge any three neo-evangelicals to debate me on Romans 13 because all I would get from these Christian preachers.

The spineless creatures would know courage is what we have to obey the government because they didn't have the courage to stand up and do the right thing. They didn't have the courage to say no I'm going obey God.

Here and in from 25 years. I challenge any three because I have for Mike to the studio never got one taker what you think, well, you know, I think you're right. You and I love them. John John chapter 2, he did not commit himself to anything that was in man didn't have need of anyone to testify what was in man know so he took that going well get to him with his render to God when God and even with all the things were going through right now the vaccines and other stuff. The ultimate authority above all authority of God and these people wouldn't be in authority if like the copilot left my father had put so yet they're in authority but there they have to answer to the authority and mom talk about prayer will talk about going before God like you teenagers are going to delegate parent or parent. I want them to tell you what to do about rebellion is not the right answer.

Go to their authority, which is God. Understanding authority is with great faith is all about like us in. What I'm am a man of authority just like you, I say to one, because this will go, but Lord to speak the word because he understood the Christ is ultimate authority to keep kings and Lord of lords. If we live our lives that way then we don't we don't we don't submit the unlawful or in the military you know sand is an unlawful work when we're being told you cannot worship cannot pray.

You cannot claim God is your MS unlawful layer absolutely right. That's your absolutely right. This is what I'm telling you also, when I'm when I'm telling those people out there in the FBI and police departments that you listened. For example, we've seen a number of the school board meetings where the parents were out there exercising their prayer rights given by God, given by God. Okay, and also by the that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and they called in the police and the police drug parents out others been up you cops out there listing to me. You don't do that okay you're supposed to have integrity.

If you have integrity and honor and decency. First of all, you didn't take your oath to a bunch of corrupt school board communist growth was to the Constitution and so what you have to do what you need to do is first of obey God and obey the currently oath that you took today Constitution okay and that just use have some integrity and self-respect and do what's right and I praise the good Lord you know his last fall year ago I spoke done at liberty University and I spoke to 250 County Sheriff's 250 ship County Sheriff's and they they wanted to know about biblical law. That's what they wanted me to teach you on and that's what we did. But these people all every single one to the last man said were going obey God first in the Constitution. Okay.

And in the Constitution of the United States and then to the state that there isn't and said that's called integrity is in the fellows name in list. Is this I want to tell about apothecary herbs folks the phone number there is 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 they get the best organic real natural medicines. These are herbal medicines. These are the real things. These are not made for farm Acadia with these come from the apothecary and MA by godless God, a godly lady, a real God who believes in the Lord and trust in God and when the act are noted in the every one of your little bottles of your medicines. There you got that that just the love of healing people, don't you think have to put me on them in a caring event and rewarding lien on I find it sometimes. Lord, give me a problem to work it out because it helped others so we been working on things. Her vision went to year like that. I hear from a lot of people on how they're not getting really the right treatment. Her medical professionals so I heard from a guy today from Missouri who had had to leave in an and go visit relatives in another state, health issues, and he went to a doctor and any can believe that the doctor would tell them. I think that it working now on and saying if you're certain age and you're out the door before yeah 74.

You're no more Dr. told him that they work on and fill his prescription and why they talk about well seeking manual that that was Obama's Surgeon General. He's the one incident 74 Dr. Alan Senior said that now well plan we've lost the first of all, your medical Association. This is what I prayed together for frontline doctors came in natural paths and people like yourself because what's happened is people are losing all a lot of people are losing a whole little confidence in your MDs. Now these these hospitals that are there owned by big Pharma and in other killing people. Their people are afraid to go there. Okay. And they know when they put them on those respirators identically killed and some of these the stuff they put them on a district kills their destroys the kidneys and what is at the called. It's a you know what I'm talking about that one wonders shot that there given them instead of the treatment that will help them and I'm having only senior moments but is know the stuff that they're treating covert within the hospitals that have given them over, make then there is another we talked about it several times here and we read from Buddhism there and we told about not to take that stuff because this is killing people put anyhow you like the AMA of the AMA notice until it's right that used to be your organization that in the people that had some integrity gain credibility right so let me ask all four of you folks okay because see the AMA says it really cannot recognize genders that that that doesn't recognize that there's two genders that is male or female. So there. So on the birth certificates.

They're not going to put male or female because there's no actual no actual proof that there are two genders.

Okay, do you guys know of of any two genders out there remember that no Rockefeller, brother. I'll bet everyone of these people listing to me tonight can identify two genders right the Mercer do you know of two genders, male and female. There you go, what about it. What about those trance things are they for real.

No figment of other people's imagination. It only male and email it there you go. Very good about what happened when you get, you know an emergency admitted for whatever trauma or situation. Most of the time. Isn't it true that physicians are those who would attend to somebody in an emergency when the crisis would have to know a specific gender before they administered medical treatment you know whether it could take it some type of shot whether some type of you know, I'm sure that there is procedures that are specifically designed for men and women were boys and girls so what happens when maybe somebody identifies as a gender other than what they were born with, and that the treatment that they need, for whatever reason, is designed for boy or girl.

How does a doctor how's the place handle that of a person identifying with something other than their gender, that the medication that's needed is designed for either a male or female hottie.

How do they handle that all you have to do is go ahead Wendy. Great great point though where man, went having great pain and his wife came with them and the doctors couldn't figure out you know what it is the authoritative payment they come to find out it's not really a man at the woman who went to a party to affect change had her breasts removed but didn't have her, she did.

She retained her uterus and she was pregnant. She was in labor and it was all over the paper mail.

Get first and you know the transsexual community recall happy and celebrating like always really a female that retained her. Her empathy but the doctors were not benefiting the correct care because they thought this was a male and we were limited in a very strange world today what you like what happened there in Virginia you you put up a dress and a boy he can go rape the girl and and and the other thing is just like with all of these these female athletic athletes and athletics. The female sports. I think they can understand why people would object to these males when we hear these guys come in that I was listing to this one girl who worked so hard work so hard to admit knowledge competition and then they put her up against 33 trance things and of course she came in fourth because we happen to know, and I knew this. Listen to this I knew this when I was in first grade, the Boys and Girls Club different. I do back then. I can tell you right there. Every boy in the class and every girl I comply complain about quite windy and typically for authority now and one drop of the male blood is 1 million more red but no weight in front of a man that a male had women don't have that that meant half those men need more red blood cells female athletes with up again a freight train now and counting competition because he without month-old and CNG. If it defeated because of the physical. The physical anatomy of it all absolutely. I remember you had a woman who is a pilot female pilot and she was removed because she came in she said that we women because were smaller and were more agile. We can we can fly planes but we do not belong in cooking out there in combat on the ground with the truth because were not were not strong enough. We just cannot not fit the fight against men, and they removed her to Lester Fortson for telling the truth, you don't tell the truth in the military now day so that late entry because I think of having been in the military. I think that argument where we can do with admin can do nothing. Want one thing for sure is that before I get the point.

We, to be honest we in this nation we kind of cheated women out of their God-given design with two beautiful we have to have that they've been cheated out of that they've been lied to, thinking that they can you not to say that women are capable of course they're capable admin are designed for specific purpose. According to the word of God and man. And when the boat designed for specific reasons and they perhaps strengths that complement one another and when one of those is off-center or imbalanced man. It just provides a very negative effect. It just kind of transition throughout the whole society like it is now think about this and I think about in the field. You know there's been those who live argued for serving in the military than infantry and whatnot. The time that I was and I remember one of the hardest things that we did was sports marketing force marching is enough that day. When I say marching. It's not like you know marching. Take your time, hold this is what it is forced marching you almost without a very low like I mess around there very still run for 25 miles it took to the point where your shoulders, your feet are blistered-grown man cry down the ground. Women anatomically would not be with ahead of that same stress because for one thing you look at what lady shouting look at a man shoulders.

Men have broad shoulders why shoulders and I think about the pack that we were carrying where they were designed for that type of build. Well, after about 25 miles up to 12 miles. It doesn't matter what type of shelter you have, but the guys are hurting, how much more lady, not even design anatomically to carry a pack that's designed like that over so many miles to bed anatomically. Reasons why those things cannot even happen.

And I won't even go into the part about being in the field for extended periods of time in these types of things. Things that ladies have to go through that men don't have to go through that with eventually pose a threat to them. You know so scientifically yelled.

These arguments can be proven.

The differences between the men and women and thing today about the Trent is really it just goes back to the confusion that's been implemented by the devil. God is not the author of confusion and I'm not sure about Coverity. The lawsuit is younger than somebody's high school.

There are are filing lawsuits because it's messing up her scholarship. Some of those who are very gifted and athletics statement getting beat by trance people and now some of their scholarships go out the window because they lost some events with some event they were supposed to win to take them to the next level. Now they cannot go to the next level because they were beat out by somebody with actually a biological male fingers, confusion, that's really deeply dividing this country even further to just this nonsense. You remember Desert Storm Phyllis yes okay this is over 5/500,000 troops in those operations from start to finish, and out of that 500,000 30,000 were women who got pregnant out of wedlock because when you put these women in a tent at night with men. Then you find out that there are different and that's what happened and that system I know some some stories and I one horrible story about a fellow I led to the Lord. He admitted that led to the Lord and his his wife who you I didn't I would marry him I knew was going to be a disaster site. I don't know. I'd wanted and what happened was she decided to join the Marine Corps know this was a very petite gorgeous young woman and she decided to join the Marine Corps and he was going to stay home and keep things going until she got out what I told him that's a bad idea if that's a terrible idea. Do not let that happen.

She's a very pretty girl she gets and there was those Marines you can find out how pretty she is right. Well you know what happened on churchy she went in and her first live she came back but you didn't come home instead to stay with some of the Marines in California and and then what happened when he ended up committing suicide is a terrible thing in the committed suicide because this is not just a smart idea if there but I have not only that, but to go ahead with the problem that were having Bob trying to redefine what God has already defined. We need to stop doing that and and no right now for man, a woman and injured her in and fractured her skull going to prison, but you will you allow a trained athlete to get in the rating and almost kill a female and be called a hero because he said he got you the woman and also these things and the grandsons of confusion which it what just happened in Virginia where that trance thing put on address of one of their and raped a girl and in the moment and then you had religion when they do they put a ring and another school so we can rape another one right you send me some years ago there were, we did a program program there in New York. When the schools, three boys raped a girl and when she reported the boys said that they had used condoms because they had used condoms didn't press charges.

Now if you remember what happened out there. Where was it to was in the Seattle apartment with Seattle and just took a year or two ago you had that the young young woman young girl schoolgirl was in the shower and three boys came in there and it one of the start of fondling her grandmother and she kicked him in the privates and she was expelled from school so that it saved in other words, remember what it says in Isaiah chapter 5 they turned good for evil, bitter for sweet, that's it. It's total insanity is liked and we weed we saw this coming and we try to warn people about this there in Oklahoma cup about three or four years ago, 16 children, 16 children disappeared from child services 60 and they said they had no idea what happened to religious mother. They may just run away. It was happening with each children that are being dropped off at 2 o'clock in the morning of Florida 780 kids at a time.

They did their disappearing.

Nobody knows what is happening to but you know where they're going. A lot of them are being sold, and there ended not done of these domes and Joe Biden is the world's largest child trafficker, the world's largest child trafficker and folks, we got a stand and we got a fight. We gotta take our nation back faster. Dave telephones about lighthouse Baptist Church Bible believing that their church we preach the word of God.

We want you come through that door. You want to go out that door. Hopefully born-again change out by the word of God. I will not dare to try to entertain people. We don't quit wheat we thing we love the Lord. We show joy but not our focus is making sure that Jesus Christ that he says if I be lifted up I will draw on the uncertainty and when we go through times like this.

Go through all this type of turmoil and confusion you go back to the cross. What is the purpose was the purpose of the church is preach the gospel and let the world know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world loved the world so much as he gave his only begotten son, and you know we we look at a lot of these things and it burgers are so infected that were were like last year, next but you know where there's a king and there's a Redeemer is going to come one day and people need to be ready. They need to be accountable. My job is not to try to make somebody save my job make sure someone accountable with the gospel that here it and got credits sugarcoated.

There's a heaven again and Eldon lose and lighthouse Festival and try to do point in the Lord Jesus Christ show them how they can trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Alright so you got over 1800 prophecies. And that's what the Bible the father in the New Testament over 1200 mill and in the vast majority of these prophecies have already been fulfilled exactly with exactly how exactly where would you call this I had a lady today and MD tell me cheese that will faster I believe in science getting to try to convince with to take the poison spoken into what I did to ISA but you know what you need to be who you need to believe what you gotta believe in. The only thing you really can't believe it is God is a God is the one the gate was science and like the apostle Paul said there is a difference between real science and science falsely so called. And that's with what these people are being taught is science but is not in its current is wizardry and this is why I've been telling people really need to work on at work and a commitment to some some very interesting days I was to that was that we went out to God to the Amish out there and I we get a lot of things for the only stores and now the prices are right and I don't want that I do. I try not to buy anything from the big box stores okay and so because they're out to put mama pop out. You have things like what is been going on with progressive and then Walmart had put that statement out that into the employees that the if to wait on black and brown people before you do the white people show more that you know even employees total nearly gotta show more so Mercer when one when I go shopping around and take you with me just let you get informed with anything work.

Let me know. I'll be there with them in this know the whole reason to do that is why when you think you're doing whiny things that there'd go ahead and go vision, you know, in the is one of the things that God hate them is an abomination of discord among brethren and absolutely divide and conquer the economic and got through having a real problem. See the Democratic Party of the death of credit parties. I called or the party of the Ku Klux Klan. They were that they were the party that brought you know it was the Republicans that Lincoln was a Republican but in sofa people don't know this but what's happening now was happening now a lot of the black folks coming off the plantation and their learning. They're getting their finding of a real history and they're saying you know what we've had enough were not weakening the wheat we have had enough of you people taken for granted the way you have and trying to demos down okay and with the problem of that is when you get you'll never see a good black conservative, especially black Christian conservative MP MSNBC for out there and given testimony on CNN know they going to get them the most worst defiled people as they can find to come on there but but people are waking up. People are waking up and were pushing hard back about against the, the Pope, but the David world we you go. Four minutes to give an invitation to telephone so they can avoid the lake of fire and how they can get to heaven okay when first date is one don't put your bath urinate in the back political worship were not worshiping politics were not worshiping Republican, Democrat, or any of that being a Republican. When I get to heaven.

Being a Democrat will get you to heaven. Being a child of God. Born-again by the blood of Jesus Christ, amen, that all of us will be redeemed. Regardless, God is no respecter of person and if you want to get away from all the stuff that's going on all this tension.

All this turmoil and turn to Christ know and don't put your openness. We've got people worshiping the wrong thing.

If idolatry politician idolatry, political ideology, idolatry, God must come first. Nothing else they can come before him, and Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. So so what you did. Jesus said that the faithful Mrs. repentance is not necessary for salvation. Wait'll the Lord finds out so you love them to be anything, repentance toward repentance for the Lord toward Gothenburg and more Jesus Christ and there is none other name given among them whereby we must be saved.

So important to realize the first thing you do is you Jesus is pray to the father and his name, and you asked the father to take a way to forgive your sins. And then he says, then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus right and so you asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations. Don't you have to know and trust them when he did not with you right so he wants. We want your total trust in him total trust in him, you know, when he was on the cross, when he said father forgive them. They know not what they doing.

How did the father forgive them what they did.

The father said all right for your people to put Christ on the cross. Your only hope is to go to the very man that you crucified and ask him to be your Lord, you been to repent and you gotta go to him the very man that you hung up on that cross went when they held let his blood be upon us well. It wasn't in the way that they wanted so so they have to call upon the name of the Lord know once you've done that, and you receive Christ. Is there gonna be a change in you. 517.

All right, so you'll become a new person a child of salvation right right and then you be indwelt with the Holy Spirit right okay so then thank now will you then be on the road to immortality first Corinthian live meeting first Corinthians 15.

It may be on the road to immortality. You will become immortal okay and so we're out of time for tonight. I want to thank all of you for being here. And until next week. We went over you never get the agitated church father was born July until tomorrow. He was a good night God bless. And always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right once left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.WR WNL not on please tune in next time for meditation, once right once left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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