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CGR Friday 032224 Friday Jason Nelson Gregory Stenstrom

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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March 22, 2024 4:04 pm

CGR Friday 032224 Friday Jason Nelson Gregory Stenstrom

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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I believe that these options that I'm sharing with you that that you'll find success with any number of them. All right. Greg Stenstrom is going to be joining me here shortly. My guess that's supposed to be here right now, I guess I don't know. I haven't. Yeah, no, not yet.

So I don't know where he is. We'll see what happens, but we're about out of time. We have 10 minutes left in this segment.

Greg Stenstrom will be joining me. We're going to be talking with him about the elections and he's got a new article up at intelligence or dot today. Governor Josh Shapiro's big lie. Proof of message.

Massive election fraud. New article by Gregory Stenstrom up. Actually, it's dated the twenty third of March, which is tomorrow.

So we're I mean, we are like way out ahead of this. It is a pretty long read. There's a lot of information that is here and and a lot of evidence and a lot of exposure about the election fraud situation. And what the case that they were just involved in in Pennsylvania proved and what they did is they they defended a defamation case case. But what that case basically proved is, is that without without a doubt, without any question. And this is a quote from the article.

There is no longer any question of whether there was massive election fraud in the November 2020 presidential election or an election since it is now a matter of public and judicial record that it did occur. And Shapiro was at the vanguard in sealing both the Pennsylvania and national elections. That's pretty serious. That is pretty serious. And and, you know, I think what's what's disconcerting to me about it is, is that we can't seem to get any traction.

Nobody wants to nobody wants to tackle this. The the the narrative that has been presented and they've done an incredible job of presenting it is that if you question these elections, if you're on the conservative, God fearing biblical side of the fence. If you're on the side that actually really, truly believes in in in the Constitution and our rights and the Declaration of Independence. If you really believe in those things and you believe that our rights do come from God and and not not from.

Men, whereby man can't take away what God has given. But if you believe and that's how our founders believe, by the way. But if you believe those things and you suggest that an election was fraudulently run or that the individual who won the election did not actually win the election because there's fraud that was involved in the election.

If you suggest that and you come from that biblical worldview. Well, they've determined that you are an enemy of the state. You're you are a bad person and you're going to be banned from platforms like Vimeo and YouTube and LinkedIn and so on. And Twitter or X, although Elon is claiming that that's not the case. I'm wrong.

It's the case. But nonetheless, you're going to be banned if you're on the other side of this equation and you believe in killing babies and you believe in sodomy and you believe in gender mutilation and hormone therapy. And you believe in releasing illegals into murderous and dangerous illegals and opening up our border. And you believe in supporting the slaughter of Israel and you believe in the genocide of Christians. If you believe in all those things and you suggest that orange man bad and he didn't win the 2016 election or go all the way back to George W. Bush in 2000 and he didn't win the election. And you attempt to delegitimize an election. Well, by gum, you're a hero.

You're you're the good guy. You got it right. And the media endorses and supports that. So it's not a matter of questioning the election. No, it's a matter of questioning the from from from a specific ideological perspective, whether or not an election is or isn't legitimate.

That's the issue. Hillary Clinton was was distraught in 2016. But her minions and her and all of her voices and they set fires in D.C. and they attempted to assault people who who left the inauguration. And I mean, all of that nonsense was going on all over the country after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. But you don't hear about that. You don't hear about about arrests for insurrections. You don't hear about it from the left.

They went into several state capitals and seized the capitals. But you don't hear about arrests for insurrection. You hear about the FBI making up a case against individuals and coaxing individuals and coaching individuals and their informants actually being the ones that were that were involved in a, quote unquote, plot against Governor Whitmer in Michigan. And the reality is, is that the only people who are involved in it were people who were informing to the FBI.

And all they were doing was is they were they were parroting what the FBI handlers were telling them to say. Yeah, I mean, you can't you the ineptitude of some of this stuff, you really couldn't even make this stuff up. Nobody would. Nobody would write a movie about some of this stuff. Nobody would put this in a film. Because the truth of the matter is, is that it would be so far fetched and so unbelievable.

Nope, nobody would buy it. My friend Robert Davi did the the hunter, my son hunter, and you watch that and you're going, this isn't real. This is a, this is a parody.

No, I will be off air. Anyway, it's, it's, you would think it, you know, and it is a parody, except that it's not because it's actually based on not only a book, but it's based on what's on the laptop. It's based on, I mean, Robert took everything he put into my son Hunter off of verified facts. And, and much of it is words directly out of Hunter Biden's own mouth, and Joe Biden's own mouth. And yet you watch it and you think how, I mean, this is just surreal to consider what these people did.

Surreal. But that's the world we're living in today, folks. Because this world, without a moral barometer, without the basic tenants of, of a biblical God, who has given us such incredible liberties and freedoms and truth. And who made us and formed us and values our lives. And, and created man is the only one created in his image.

Man without any of that. Well, it's a mess. All right, we're going to take a break. I'll be back. Greg Stenstrom should be joining me here momentarily. I'm your host Pastor Greg, you're listening to Children Generation Radio and watching.

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And there we go. Welcome back. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice on where you can listen each day, and I thank you for keeping it tuned here. And I am so pleased to have my good friend Gregory Stenstrom joining us.

He is the author of Parallel Elections and also Patriot.Online. And Greg, welcome. Good to have you. Good to be back.

Good to see you, Pastor Greg. I always enjoy having you, and this is such a critically important issue for us. I talked in the first hour about the kinds of people we need to elect and the long march through our institutions and how they've really convinced both sides to attack the founding of our country and the origin of our nation and so on. And it's all a disinformation campaign to try to destroy America, but at the heart of it is the ability for us to be able to actually elect the people that we want to be representing us.

Absolutely. We're in trouble here. We really are. We just recently, just a few weeks ago, we had a defamation case against myself, Leah Hoops. But we were co-defendants with President Trump, Mayor Giuliani, former Kansas Attorney General Phil Klein, Jenna Ellis, the Thomas Moore Society. And we have been sued for defamation for saying there was massive election fraud in Philadelphia. We won that case.

It's been three years. We were in the courts. They dragged us through the muck. They had multiple attorneys and the one attorney that tried the case, he was actually found sanctioned by the judge for misconduct, for presenting a frivolous case and making false statements before the court. We used a truth is a complete defense.

And that was unique across the country in the defamation suits and other allegations against, quote unquote, election deniers. They've been saying that, you know, they've been trying to beat us procedurally. But we we went the other way. We said, no, we've got the evidence. We've got the proof. Over that three year period, we entered videos and audios and documents, emails. We have video of election officials in Delaware County admitting to the fraud, stating on camera that they fabricated the entire election while they were destroying evidence.

Oh, my gosh. Shredding, shredding return sheets and shredding the election results that we had requested to audit the vote. So they destroyed all the records.

That's been what they're doing now. After three years, we've got thirty six lawsuits, thirty six for recounts and re canvassing. Not a single case in Pennsylvania has any citizen been able to do an audit of the vote.

Not a single case in Philadelphia since 2020. They have allowed a meaningful recount. What they do is they say, well, we'll do the recount for you. Let us go back here to the back room. And then they pop back up and they say, hey, we reviewed the results.

You lost again. And that is basically what we're dealing with with our government right now. And specifically, Governor Shapiro, during the trajectory of this case, we did quite a bit of investigation, research, right to nose, Freedom of Information Act requests.

And we have records of of, you know, Governor Shapiro and the law firms that he coordinates with colluding with each other to obstruct these investigations. And one thing more I want to mention and then I'll shut up. No, you're good.

You're good. Fire me some questions. You know, one of the things we found is a lot of people in the country, they say, well, you've been they've been debunked. And during the course of our investigation, what we found was they coordinate with an organization called fact check dot org. Fact check dot org is not a fact checking agency. They're actually it's an alias for the Annenberg Public Policy Center out of the University of Pennsylvania, of which Joe Biden, I won't say president because he's not a legitimate president. Joe Biden is the chairman of the Ben Franklin chair, but he basically chairs that foundation. They got fifty five million dollars of CCP Chinese money.

They pay him a million dollars a year to be the chair of this organization. And they don't do any fact checking at all. They're a non-governmental organization and they place news stories. And they did it in Politico. They did it in CNN. They did it in all the left leaning newspapers and so forth. And they said these people have been debunked. We haven't been debunked. They just placed those stories falsely.

Right. We're going to be suing these people, by the way. You know, now that we've been through this three year meat grinder and we've collected all this evidence, we're coming back. We're going to sue the law firms.

Dwayne Morris ballot spar. We're going to sue the Annenberg Policy Foundation. Fact check dot org. Governor Shapiro. We're coming back at them. Governor Shapiro has been leading the charge and coordinating throughout the state of Pennsylvania to cheat and steal elections.

Now, one of the things that people need to be that need to be aware of that I'd like you to speak to just for a minute. And that is, you know, the same way that they've used that they're using lawfare against President Trump. And we watched by I mean, that State of the Union address was just I mean, that was basically threatening 81 million Americans and basically saying, you know, we got our eye on you. And the Department of Justice, the FBI, they've all come out. They have air marshals now whose job it is to to basically round us up there. They're not on airplanes anymore. They're not looking for terrorists anymore. They're not protecting people in the air.

They're on the ground going through records attempting to figure out if you bought a Bible and if you bought a gun sometime in the last five years. I mean, it's absolutely unbelievable. But Shapiro, according to your article, is trying to press pass legislation that is essentially going to make you and Leah and President Trump criminals in Pennsylvania for any and me for any comments that we make. Well, and we've already seen this, right?

I mean, the Letitia. Well, I guess Fannie Willis was the one right who decided that, you know, if you said something in another state, not even in Georgia, but if you said something she didn't like in another state, she thought she had jurisdiction to go ahead and include you and bring charges against you, which she did, by the way. David Shostak is a friend of mine is is is representing Reverend Lee, you know, out of out of Illinois. But the point of it is, is that this governor is doing the same thing and basically saying that if you're questioning elections, and I said this in my last segment, you have to be Bible believing. You have to believe in the Constitution. You have to you have to hold to traditional marriage. You have to hold a certain value systems.

Because if you're a baby killer and you're a sodomite and you're a pervert and you're a pedophile and you mutilate children and you push porn on kids in schools, then you can say anything you want about elections and they're not going to bother you. Absolutely. And the first thing I want to say is every morning I get up and Ephesians 10, 10, 18, 10 to 18, put on the full arm of God. And I put it on every morning and I put on Hulk armor. I don't put on Crusader armor.

I put on Marbell, Hulk, Hulk, the whole helm and the big sword and an axe, too. I like I like carrying a biblical axe. And one thing about that is putting on the full armor of God.

It protects you forward. So you have to go. Evil cannot, you know, hit us coming. Amen.

Yep. And if we go straight at them with the full armor of God, that's what I encourage people to do, because these miscreants and these bad actors. And and quite frankly, you used all the adjectives I would have already used. These people that are attacking the country are a very, very small minority. They are not speaking for the American public. I believe that about 80 percent of people in this country believe in this 90 percent. We agree on 90 percent of things.

Yeah. And this small group of miscreants and evil and they are evil have they think they own the country. And I wanted to say during the course of our investigation, what we found out was there's an organization within the government that was formed in 1978 called the Council. Otherwise, Sigi, C, I, G, I, E. It's in the article published today in the Intelligencer and the one that I sent you. But this organization was formed in 1978 to be a it was in response to the Watergate scandal.

And for people that are older, they'll remember that. But what they've done is they think the United States is theirs, that they own it. And they are the stewards for the United States. And they're made up of the top echelons of the Department of Justice, the inspector general's office and the FBI. FBI Director Ray, Inspector General Horowitz, Attorney General, U.S. Attorney General Rosen, former U.S. Attorney General Barr. We have the documents through FOIA requests that show that they colluded to pervert and subvert the 2020 elections. We have the documents that show that they coordinated January 6th. And we have the documents that show that they believe they run this country, that they don't report to anybody.

They're beholden to nobody. Now, I submitted criminal charges after getting and collecting this evidence. I submitted criminal allegations and I know how to do these things where it's a formal charge. She submitted it to the U.S. Congress Judiciary Committee to Congressman Jim Jordan. I had multiple congressmen call him, including a congressman that I'm not going to mention on the on the on the air here who works on the Judiciary Committee. And all we've gotten from them is silence. They have the power. Jim Jordan has the power to go in and take Jack Smith, who is also on this council I speak of, to to to suspend them pending an investigation and stop this whole thing.

Going against Trump with these stupid criminal indictments which are are just meant to harass him and in fact harass the citizens of the United States. Well, you know that on on this program, we you know, we we addressed that issue and we actually text sent a text to Jim Jordan and Chip Roy while we were on air. You and I and Leah and and and I got and then you were a part of it. You responded. You sent them something as well. We never got a response back.

I did under separate cover, get something from a member of Chip's staff. But then no follow up, no follow up at all, complete cowardice. And I'm going to say cowardice.

I don't want to say treason because I don't think Jim Jordan is treasonous. But I do think it's cowardly of him to not respond. I don't mind saying these things in the air. I've been much more, as you know, Pastor Greg, I'm usually much more circumspect in these things.

And I've I've maintained tried to maintain a sense of dignity and professionalism. But we're at a point now where our country is absolutely in jeopardy. We're under attack. Shapiro is an example just put out. And he wants anyone who register specifically illegal aliens who register for a license, which they're allowed to get. They're going to register them automatically to vote.

I'm going to say this. The last place an illegal alien is on Election Day is at a polling place. Yeah. Not going to go walk in and commit. They're already in the country illegally. They're not going to walk into a voting poll, a poll, a polling location. Right. And commit a felony that gets them thrown out of the country permanently.

It's not temporary. That's an offense that will get them permanently barred from the United States. So what they're doing is they're taking those illegal aliens that register. They're taking their mailing in ballots for them. They just fill them out. There is no signature for them. Right.

Right. They should vote. They shoot in a mail in ballot. Now, they don't even have to have signatures on the ballots, according to a judge in Pennsylvania. No signatures are required.

No dates are required. Just shove the ballot in. OK. And we'll count it. And for the 17 million illegal aliens that Biden has allowed in in just three years. I want to remind people the entire population of Sweden, as an example, is nine million. Wow.

Seventeen million illegal aliens just in three years. Are you kidding me? Yeah. And they can all vote. OK. As a matter of fact, there's there's legislation that's been put before the Congress and it's been around. They think everybody should vote from other countries, too.

Well, you know, look, I looked this up the other day because I had remembered this. And so I but this has to do with the fact that our Supreme Court has stated that everyone in the world is entitled to our constitutional protections. Correct. It's not it's not us.

OK. So those who say, oh, well, you're just privileged, we're not privileged to do anything anymore. Citizenship in this country, in reality means.

I hate to say it, but they've made it to mean nothing. Well, that's the goal. And that's the goal of the council. And it's called Progressive Social Reconstruction and transformation not only of our country, but of the world. And I know we have limited time today.

So I want to tell people there is hope. And what we're doing, Leah Hoops Hoops and I are doing much differently than other people is we are litigating. Now, there's four places to change the government. The soapbox, which is politicians, they stand in the soapbox and they get people to vote for them. And people go to the ballot box and they vote for them. And if something goes wrong, we go to the jury box and the jury box. We protect the ballot box and we protect our republic and our elected representatives at the jury box. It is a constitutional right for us to go to the powder box and fight tyranny. We need to avoid that. And that's my goal is a peaceful resolution of this.

Right. We do that at the jury box. And Leah and I and other people now, other people are answering the call. Greg, we are filing litigation and we're going into the common police courts, which is the local level in the United States, the county level. The Commonwealth courts and the superior courts, which is the the next level up. You know, there's state courts.

Yeah. And then we're going to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and then we're going to the federal courts and the Supreme Court. And we are in we've got multiple lawsuits in motion. We will not let up. And they are going to hear us so far. They've strategically mooted us. They just sit back and they just won't hear the case.

That's their solution. They don't even want to hear the cases anymore. When Trump first got in, you know, everyone heard sixty eight cases that he lost. Well, we're one we won in Philadelphia.

So he's now one and sixty eight. Well, but that's even a lie. I mean, you said this early on, you know, just a little while ago. I mean, the reality is, is that those cases weren't dismissed because they ever heard any evidence. Those cases were dismissed because radical judges decided that individuals who are we the people who are I mean, if we the people don't have jurisdiction in our own stinking court system, then I don't know. Then then, you know, obviously we know who does illegals, illegals have jurisdiction in our court system.

Everybody else has a right to get into our court system except for we the people. Correct. And one of the things I want to be I want to be clear on in terms of the armor of God and the biblical component of this is that there are good public servants.

We have over. Yes. Good public servants in this country. Good public service. Right. Good judges, good FBI agents. You know, no one joins the FBI to be a bad guy. I mean, they just don't.

Yeah. We have good people and we have good judges not only in that throughout the country, but we have good judges in Pennsylvania. So what they did to pervert that because people scratched our heads and they say, how can all these judges be so bad?

It's simple. George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and leftist organizations, communist organizations, they've learned that if they give 10 million dollars, 100 million dollars to a national campaign, if I if I fork over a wheelbarrow of cash to the national GOP, it really does nothing. They really don't get a voice. They, you know, they get to go to a nice dinner.

They get Christmas cards and, you know, and then when they need more money, they come to them. But that has no impact. Very little impact.

What has impact is what they call walking around money. So if I gave a million, if Soros gives President Trump or he gives President Joe Biden, Joe Biden a million dollars, what's it do? You know, might get him a might get him an invitation to the White House. But if I give a million dollars, which George Soros did, he gave a million dollars to a district attorney, Jack Stolzheimer in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

He gave one point seven million dollars to Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, the district attorney. And he what they do is by giving them a million dollars, it's called walking around money. They're not buying signs with that. OK, they're not buying air time with that.

They're walking out with cash and handing it over. And those specific corrupt district attorneys. And we've charged Jack Stolzheimer.

I'm not sitting here talking out of turn here. We filed lawsuits that said he is a corrupt politician. He's a criminal.

He's accepted money. And what we do in these these specific counties is they're quashing these specific judges and specific district attorneys. And and to further explain that, there's three thousand one hundred and forty three counties in the United States. And it may surprise people to know that it only takes 20 of those counties to subvert and change the entire national election.

This is a math problem. And they know the math. Now, when they come in, they don't have to. They're not everywhere. They just have to target Delaware. I'm going to give you the names of some of the counties. These pivot counties is what we call them. People have heard of swing states, these pivot counties in Pennsylvania, Delaware County. We are the pivot county for the state of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And then they got Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which is Allegheny County, and then Chester County. Chester County and in Delaware County, we're right next to each other under Philadelphia.

We have over. Well, now we have nine hundred thousand people between those two counties. We're almost as big as Philadelphia. So what they do is by targeting Delaware County, most of the rest of the counties in the state are less populated. So they just have to write Delaware County and go into Philadelphia County and Allegheny County where everyone saw that no one was allowed in. And then they just sub in these mail in ballots and they can take over the whole state. Well, they give you the other counties. Maricopa County and Pima County in Arizona.

Antrim County and Wayne County in Michigan. I'm going to hold you right there. You got these written down? Oh, they're all in the book.

They're all in the book. Listen, I understand. God just gave me the strategy. And let me give you a testimony first about this. So you know that I do a lot of ministry in Punjab, India.

Absolutely. We have a ton of persecution that we have experienced there. We've also had a ton of salvations. We're having massive revival. The revival is so significant that the Sikh were threatening to assassinate our pastors and the Hindus because of the numbers of conversions. Our conversion rate at an unreached village outreach is 70 percent. Wow. That's how powerful God is moving.

Up to 50 percent of the people that attend get a healing of some sort that they testify to. So we were having so we were threatened. We were told we're going to we're going to have to take a pause while we figure this out. And we went to prayer.

We didn't know who the leaders were. We were just told you've been targeted and so on. So we just began to pray, Lord. And part of the prayer was as God exposed the darkness, expose and stop and unravel the plans. Pastor Sam called me and he said, hey, we can start having our meetings again. I said, OK, well, what happened? He said, well, the person who was the ringleader, God revealed him and he had an accident. Wow. And the accident was so significant that the other people around him sent a message to us saying, we know that your God now protects you. We will not touch you.

Wow. And God will come down now. Now, Psalm 37 says, do not fret about the evildoer because they will be cut off in such a way that you they won't you look for them and they won't be found. We don't want someone.

I want to be clear here. We don't want someone to die. We don't want to end. We want people to get saved.

We don't want them to die. However, I believe that the strategy that God told me to tell you and why we need to list those cities is we need to specifically pray over each one of those cities. That the darkness will be exposed and extinguished and that the light of righteousness will rise up in each one of those cities. And we need to start now. We need to start now and we need to come together and we need to pray together. We don't have to spend and you know 16 hours in but if we met once a week and we took a 30 minutes to an hour tops and we just prayed over each one of those locations.

I believe that God would move because we would be we would be taking target against the enemy not against people but against the enemy because we know what's driving this and it's spiritual. I absolutely agree. I really truly believe most people are good and have God within them and I think this is a great time. I think I strongly believe in the power of prayer. It is an incredible incredible instrument that God has given us to affect change and this is a time you know people I used to say wrongly incorrectly that people only change through pain and I'm still I'm older now.

I get it. I think that was the marine in you. You know pain changes people but she said love changes people. Yeah. And it was a real moment for me to go. Huh.

You know she's right. And I think what God is doing right now in our lives and in our country is he is instilling bravery, and he's giving people certainly my courage comes from God. And if we in your courage, if we give people courage to believe in God, and to believe that things are going to be okay, that things are in his hands, then the he will confound our enemies he will blind them, he will, he will mute them, and he will make us invisible to them too.

Yep. And, yeah, no harm can come to us. I mean I have people asked me all the time they read the article I had a few people call me the intelligence sir and one guy said hey you know you were in a bulletproof best. And I said, Oh, I don't. I have the full armor of God on and and I put it on every morning and I think that helps everybody Pastor Greg is a man was I tell people all the time is, you have to get up in the morning and visualize and put that armor on put on the breastplate of God put on the helm of God, you know, kept put the sword of God get the shield of God so okay I'm ready. Yeah, I'm going to go out, I'm going to face the world. And this prayer idea I think that you have is phenomenal.

I'm going to send you the list it's in the book but give the list. Yep. And I think praying over those specific counties, and not only praying to confound our enemies, but praying to give people courage and faith and hope. We're here now we're making decisions people. This is a time of great choices.

Are you on with the big guy, or you're not on with the big guy. And I think that's what I see and I was at a meeting last night or 100 people there now we started those meetings like two years ago, we get 15 or 20 people, and the room is so many people are coming now that that they can't get in the room, it's jammed room only, and we pray at the beginning, we pray at the end of the meeting, we pray during the meeting. A lot of people give testimonies, and the energy in that room, I can feel God's presence in that room. That's why so strongly believe in your idea here prayer is so powerful. We need to talk some more about this and we need to put a strategy and doesn't need to be an extravagant thing but but we need to start it. We need to come together and start it.

Maybe it's a zoom call, I don't know but something where we just will invite people and say come on in and be a part of this. And, and, and because this is what we're going to do and we're going to do it at this time on this day, and we're just going to start coming together and praying together. That's a beautiful thing and I think people you I don't know you've know this feeling from the people in India. There's a feat, you know when God's present, you can just feel it, his presence, especially when more than one, you know, more than two, two or more people gather in his name. And they get together and they really pray and talk to God. God, you don't have to know a specific prayer, like I'm Roman Catholic so I say that the Hail Mary and the Our Father but so but any Christian just needs to talk to God, he just wants to check in with them.

Dad, he's, he is our father, I mean, with reverence, with reverence, I don't mean irreverently, but with reverence, but he is your father, and he wants he says his ear is turned he's like hey I'm here I'm listening I'm, come on let's talk let's let's connect let's communicate. Yeah, and I, I, yeah, I take so much strength from him. Amen. Well, look, I'm, I am, I'm, yeah, I'm a living walking miracle I mean, you know, I died four times and I took three trips to heaven so I'm, I can, I can promise you that I would not be here if God hadn't said okay I want you back.

That's a fact. Great, thank you for being with me today. I really greatly appreciate this, I, and I, we're going to get together and talk about this and get this done folks, and and we will come back to you and give you time and day.

And, and because we need to do this we need to have targeted prayer and be praying specifically and and bring God into the middle of this in, in, in a very powerful way, it needs to happen, and then we will have victory. Thank you. I'm psyched.

I'm ready. Awesome. Awesome.

All right. God bless you, my brother, thank you so much. Appreciate you folks I appreciate all of you. Thanks for tuning in today. I greatly appreciate you.

Leave your comments down below and shoot me a message pastor Greg at chosen generation pastor Greg at chosen generation love to hear from you. God bless you and have a great weekend. God bless praise his name. God bless you. God bless you and have a great weekend. God bless you all, and may love remove the veil. So you all might enter into his rest.
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