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WED HR 1 032124

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 21, 2024 12:05 am

WED HR 1 032124

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 21, 2024 12:05 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

You know that big bargain detergent jug is 80% water, right? 80% water?

I thought I was getting a better deal because it's so big. If you want a better clean, Tide Pods are only 12% water. The rest is pure, concentrated cleaning ingredients.

Pass me the intercom thingy. Attention shoppers, if you want a real deal, try Tide Pods. Don't pay for water, pay for clean. If it's got to be clean, it's got to be Tide Pods.

Water content based on the leaving bargain liquid detergent. Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this 20th day of March 2024.

And this is pledge week, pledge week, pledge week, folks. Three days left. So back in the bullpen, we've got warming up for tonight's program.

We've got Randy and Frank and Aaron back in the bullpen and then in the glass cage. We got him in there where he can't get away. We got him right on the board, you know. He's on the board but he's not bored. You're never bored during this program, right?

Never. That's right. There you go.

Style. Hey, good evening, Pastor. Good evening there. And then, of course, back way out there in Missouri, we have the legend, that legendary Missouri Parson, Pastor Joe Larson. Yeah, Joe the infamous, they call me. Anyway, I'm here ready to go to work.

And here live in the studio, we have the studio mama, little Lisa. Good evening, everyone. And I, of course, am their hero and it's an honor to be their hero. Stick to preaching, you never make it as a comic. I know, I know. Hey, I'm serious. All right. Listen, we've got to get it done tonight. Here's how we have to start off, though, Joe. We have two prayer requests.

Oh, okay. And tomorrow, we have, tomorrow morning, we have Kip Savarino and he is the husband of Julie, who's one of the ladies that really works and helps out in this ministry and does a tremendous amount. And we're very, very, very thankful for her. But her husband is going to have the same type of operation I had reverse, what they call reverse shoulder replacement. And I know what that's like because I had one.

And folks, you know, afterwards, you have to set sleeping up in the chair for about six weeks. It gets a little uncomfortable, but we're going to pray for them because they would like to have some prayer to go through this, this operation. Because it can be a very serious operation. And so we're going to pray for that. Let's pray. Heavenly Father, Lord God, I want to hold Kip up, Lord, and just ask that you would be there tomorrow, Lord, you would guide the surgeon's hand. We know that this can be a serious operation and, Lord, that you would bring him through there, Lord, safe and sound, Father God, that there would be no complications. And you would give him a very quick healing. And then once you got him healed, you put him back to work for you, Lord.

And so, and turn his desires towards you in all ways and all times. And bless their household, hedge it round about. And bless their family and Julie.

And we thank you. And, Lord, we want to pray, too, for Eric there, who's one of our, one of the pastor's mighty soldiers here. Eric's down. Looks like he's got the flu. And so he's been down, and he's no kid. He's as old as Joe. Uh-oh.

Older than the hills. All right. There you go. And so, Lord, we just would ask that you would touch Eric and, Lord, and give him a complete healing, Lord.

We saw him actually moving a little bit today. So we ask that you would be with him and give him a complete, total healing and put him back to work because we need him here. These things we ask in Jesus' precious name. Amen. Amen.

All right. Let's get into the scripture right away. By the way, let me get the phone numbers out.

The numbers are, for the credit cards especially, 888-281-1110 and 888-677-9673. Now, we have the same special we had yesterday. We have those two books. What Must I Do to Be Saved by my old friend, Dr. William Grady. This is a dynamite book, folks. It's a dynamite book. It's really for people that either are not sure of their salvation or that are not saved. And they can read through this book and it tells them how they can know if they're saved and what they must do to be saved. And again, it's written especially for the unsaved.

If anybody that's ever asked, am I saved, it would be a good book for them. Yeah. And then, we also have The Rubbish Hauler's Wife vs. Barack Obama, a true story by Susan Daniels. And here, The Rubbish Hauler's Wife vs. Barack Obama is a true story of Susan Daniels, an ordinary housewife from small town Ohio, beginning in 2009. She felt her country was being destroyed by the left from within. She decided to single out, handedly take on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, by attempting to remove him from the state of Ohio presidential ballot. I remember when that all took place.

He lives very close to me. And she went after, see, Barack Obama, as you know, is as corrupt as Kravky is. He had several different social security cards and identities.

Barry Sotero was one. And again, like the entire Democratic Communist Party today, it's completely corrupt. Completely. Well, remember, he wanted the total transformation of America.

That means transforming us from a constitutional republic to a socialist democratic state. And you've got to give that devil the due. That devil has credit as due because he worked, he did, he infiltrated, he purged the patriotic American generals. He purged anyone who was for God and country. He filled the government with complete corrupt individuals in every area. He completely corrupted the FBI. The FBI has lost all legitimacy. And even just today, I was listening to some of the former FBI agents that are writing letters complaining about how the FBI, what's an honorable agency now, was filled with nothing but whores.

Okay. Just corrupt. They've just gotten so, they've got no legitimacy left at all. And they keep arresting patriots, innocent people.

And then you have, of course, the Department of Justice has got nothing to do, it's simply a branch of the Democratic Communist Party. And so, anyhow, that's, and Obama is a major, major part of all of that. You've got to give him, that devil, the credit that's due him because he was behind it.

And he still is. He's still pulling the strings for Joe-Bama Biden. And he's, Joe-Bama Biden is a treasonous, treasonous man, and he's working directly for the Chinese Communist Party.

He's owned by the Chinese Communist Party, lock, stock, and barrel. Anyhow, that's reality. We're not the only ones that know that now. We've been saying this for years.

In fact, this is, we really went off on him in 2016. And, well, we see, see everything we said now is no longer debatable. It's out there.

Even the fake news media can't deny it anymore. Anyhow, let's get into the message. Let me give those numbers again, folks.

It's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. We are the voice of the Christian resistance, and we need your help. We need your financial help to be able to keep bringing you the truth, the unvarnished truth. And so let's pick it up where we left off in 1 Kings 21, verses 1-3. You want to read verses 1-3, Joe?

Will do. And it came to pass, after these things, that Naboth the Israelite had a vineyard, which was in Jezreel, heard by the palace of Ahab king of Samaria. And Ahab spake unto Naboth, saying, Give me thy vineyard, that I may have it for a garden of herbs, because it is near unto my house. And I will give thee for it a better vineyard than it, or if it seem good to thee, I will give thee the worth of it in money. And Naboth said to Ahab, The Lord forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee. Well now, the Lord had forbidden the permanent sale of inherited property to anyone outside the family. This is Leviticus 25, if you read verses 23-28. Now Ahab knew that.

He knew that, but he asked anyhow. Now Ahab was supposed to be, you know, he was supposed to be a believer, a Jew. Now, here... And can I read that? The land shall not be sold forever, for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me. And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant the redemption for the land.

Absolutely. So look, the land belongs to God. And God says this, It is His to give it to whomever He wants. And remember when He sent Israel to take the land from the Philistines. Now He allowed the Philistines to have the land, but the Philistines became very, very wicked and disobedient. And God says, Well, no longer is that going to be your land.

I'm taking it away from you. Now the earth and the fullness thereof belong to who? God. Okay, so it's His. Well, He created it. He created it out of His own power, so it literally, figuratively, any way you look at it, belongs to Him. He created it and He can do whatever He wants with it, because He controls it.

Right. So the emphasis of this message, the reason was because I had been contacted by different people, and they want to introduce legislation stopping the taxing, doing away with property tax. They want to do, a number of states have done that, done away with property tax.

We need to do away with property tax for two reasons. One, they're unlawful according to the Bible. According to the Bible, they're unlawful. In Ezra 7, 23-26, you see, where the King commanded, Do not offend God. Do not bring God's wrath upon us by taxing His people.

And so it's especially applied to property taxes, okay? And so here, in this case here, He forbid, He said, Look, this land is going to be passed down from your family member to family member, and it was woe to them that violate that. Well, Jezebel violated it.

Jezebel and Ahab, they violated that. And it did not turn out well for either one of them. No, it sure didn't turn out well for them. They had better days, right? Yeah, much better. So, anyhow, when you find yourself being thrown off a well down below and eaten by the dogs, you've had better days.

Yeah, I see. Turn over to Numbers 33 and read verses 50-56, Joe. Numbers 33. And the Lord spake unto Moses in the plains of Moab by Jordan near Jericho, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye are passed over Jordan in the land of Canaan, then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places. And ye shall dispossess the inhabitants of the land, and dwell therein. For I have given you the land to possess it. And ye shall divide the land by lot, for an inheritance among your families, and to the more ye shall give the more inheritance, and to the fewer ye shall give less inheritance, every man's inheritance shall be in the place where his lot falleth. According to the tribes of your fathers ye shall inherit. But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come to pass that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.

Moreover, it shall come to pass that I shall do unto you as I thought to do unto them. You know what's happening in America already, Joe? You have people, you have Biden's illegal aliens coming in, they're being squatters, they go into people's homes, and that's happening especially out in California, they just occupy other people's homes, and because of corrupt, and I mean corrupt, and I mean really, really corrupt prosecutors, the people lose their property! Well, it's not just the prosecutors, they made a law, and the law is, if somebody is in there occupying it for over 30 days, they can make claim to it. So if somebody sneaks in without your knowing it, somebody, you let them rent it for a couple weeks, they overstay, or whatever, it's the way the law was written, it's a crummy law, badly written law, it's the politician's fault, and even the good prosecutors can't change the law that was written.

It's the criminals and the legislative there in California, and other places are doing the same thing. Well here, turn to Psalm 24 and read me verses 1 and 2. Mary Grace pledges $100, thank you Mary Grace.

All right folks, the blinds are open at 888-281-1110, or 888-677-9673. All right, Psalm 24, 1 and 2. The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein, for he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.

Okay, so let me ask you this. The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof. What do you think it means by the fullness thereof? It means everything in it, the fullness thereof. Everything on the earth, right?

Okay, now this has to do with a number of passages of scripture that are completely misrepresented continuously, because so many preachers don't really have the courage to actually preach the way it is, because they can offend their 501c3, or they don't want to offend the offering plate either one. Right. But so this says the earth and everything on the earth, it belongs to God, right? That's pretty clear to me, you couldn't make that any plainer.

It is the Lord's and the fullness therein, meaning everything in it. Alright. Alrighty, so... God doesn't stutter, does He?

No, He doesn't. And we're going to go back to that. Let's go over now to Matthew 21, and read me verses 12-17. Matthew 21, and one second, verse 12. And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all of them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, and said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer, that ye have made it a den of thieves. And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things he did, the children crying in the temple, and saying, Hosanna to the son of David. They were so displeased, and said unto him, Heiress thou what they say? And Jesus saith unto them, Ye have ye never read? Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.

Okay, he left them and went out of the city to Bethany and lies there. Now, here, first of all, if I say to you, Joe, look, I'm going to exchange some money. I'm going to give you here some American money exchanged for your pesos.

But I don't give you an even amount. I give you less money than what the pesos are worth, okay? And so, I've just performed an act there, and did you receive any kind of a product for my transaction? No, it was an exchange, actually. I had to pay for the exchange. So, I didn't really perform a service. Basically, what I did is, I did an act, and if you take an act without an exchange of service or an exchange of product, isn't that called a tax?

Or a search. They have other names for it. I guess I never thought of it, because... A surcharge is a tax. It's a fee, too. I mean, somebody's making money.

If somebody is exchanging money from one currency to the other, they charge a fee or a tax for the work provided. That's what it is, okay. And so, here now, was that lawful to do that? Back then, not according to the Lord. Again, according to the Sadducees and Pharisees, it was legal, but not to Jesus. Well, who was it that gave the law? Jesus was the lawgiver. He gave the law to Moses. Okay, there you go.

So, here now, the exchange of goods and services is virtually a tax. Now, Jesus is quoting from Isaiah, chapter 56, verse 7, and also Jeremiah 7-11. And the chief priests, Joe, they expected Jesus to rebuke the people. Right now, did these people, did they understand, did they have Isaiah 53? Did they have Isaiah 53?

I don't think so. I also had a notation, Isaiah 56-7. Well, no, Isaiah chapter 53 describes perfectly who the Messiah is.

Oh, okay. It paints a picture, and these people were the lawmakers. They were supposed to know what the Bible, the scriptures, they were supposed to know the scriptures, okay. Well, they also were making a little from the money changers, because people would come in with a perfectly good sacrifice for a poor person, and they would convince them it wasn't perfect, and sell them something that they said was perfect. And they were just basically exchanging one sacrifice for another. They were cheating people, too. So, it was a very dishonest system. Well, Jesus had already been in the temple once, and overthrew the money changers.

This time, he did it in a bigger way, okay. And so, here, the fact that when the people were saying to him, Hosanna, Hosanna, Son of David, what were they saying? What did that mean when they were saying, Hosanna, Hosanna? Who did they know was the Son of David? Who did they know was called the Son of David? Jesus, the Messiah. The Messiah.

So, they were telling him, why aren't you rebuking these people? They're calling you the Messiah. Yeah, well, Hosanna literally, I think, means please save, doesn't it?

Yeah. Hosanna, please save us. And so, now here, the Pharisees, they're telling him, they're calling you the Messiah. What did Jesus know that they didn't? I'm sorry, what did Jesus know that they apparently didn't know? He was the Messiah, and the people believed he was.

Many of them did. When he said, don't you, it's written out of the babe's mouth. He was saying, out of the mouths of unlearned people, out of the mouths of unlearned people. And so, here, you had what? A perfect praise.

Very good. Alright, I want to say, Linda California pledges $200, and Betty in Michigan pledges $100. Thank you, thank you, and we will be back right after this. Remember me, I helped you get elected, but you haven't done one thing you said you'd do. Well, even though you'd rather not remember me, I'll remember you. I'll remember in November as I step into the little booth. I'll remember in November to vote for anyone but you. Remember me, I served my country proudly.

Remember me, I love the USA. Remember me, or am I just some bumpkin who you didn't think would notice the bounce checks and midnight breaks? Remember me, I wrote you all those letters thinking that you cared what I thought, too. Well, even though you often just forget to remember, I'll remember you. I'll remember in November as I step into the little booth. I'll remember in November to vote for anyone but anyone but you. We'll remember in November as we step into the little booth. We'll remember in November to vote for anyone but anyone but you. We'll remember in November to vote for anyone but anyone but you. Stephen in Oklahoma pledges $100, and Rose in New York pledges $50. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All righty, we're back. Let's see. Joe, I got to tell you this one here. After a backlash, pop star Olivia Rodrigo, and I've never heard of her myself before, but of course I know Paul. Don't pay much attention to pop stars. I'll bet Stiles knows about her. I have no idea other than the name.

I've heard the name said around. Well, on the outside, she's not bad looking, but on the inside, the Bible says in Jeremiah, read chapter 2, verse 34, that she's an unclean woman because she's promoting abortion. And here's a picture with pedophile Joe Biden, with a wicked, wicked man, with an extremely wicked man, and she's promoting abortion, giving out baby killing, abortion pills. So God's word, see, listen, when God tells you that you're a wicked woman, when God says that your skirts are full of blood of the innocents, when God tells you you're unclean, are you unclean, Joe?

You are definitely unclean and you are in big trouble. Well, pop star Olivia Rodriguez, do you think her fame and fortune could get her out of that burning lake of fire? No. No. All the money in Hollywood put together couldn't buy her a second. And so there's only one way out for her if she wants to get out of that burning lake of fire.

What is that? It's called repentance, turning and repenting to the Lord. Jesus said repent or perish, huh? Exactly.

And he doesn't stutter and he cannot lie. Let me tell you what that wicked, wicked Joe Biden, the treason that Joe Biden is up to now. White farmers sparked supreme war over a racist Biden program. Joe Biden is offering for farmers who have, well, let me just read it, a new petition for senatorary to the U.S. Supreme Court poses an interesting question.

Can the feds set up a constitutional violating racist program and hand out money under it and then win a lawsuit, challenges it, drop the program and say the case is over? Well, this is a substance of the fight that developed because Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan Act designated $4 billion to be forgiven loans to farmers, but excluded white farmers. In other words, anyone could have their loan forgiven except for white farmers. Farmers, yep. Probably included Jewish farmers, too, but... No, no, it didn't. Oh, it didn't? Okay. Well, well, they would probably be considered white, most of them.

So, anyhow, so here you had a woman farmer, a female farmer, saying that she was complaining that her debt relief was ineligible because she was white. There you go. There you go. Hey, do you know what day today is in history? Kind of a historic day. Hmm.

You better tell me. In fact, March 20th in 1854, the Republican Party was founded to oppose the expansion of slavery in the United States of America. The anti-slavery activists motivated against the pending Kansas-Nebraska Act that overturned the Missouri Compromise and started the Republican Party. I know, and yet most black people in this country voted for the Ku Klux Klan. They've been doing it for years.

There was a party that was out to stop slavery, and they kept voting for the party that wanted to keep them enslaved. It doesn't make any sense, but that's the truth, folks. Yeah, it is. Well, there you go.

I mean, stupid is as stupid does, huh? Well, Pastor, don't forget, according to Joe Biden, you're not black if you don't vote for Joe Biden. That's right.

That's right, Stile. Remember that if you're not. Hey, well, if you can change your sex from a boy to a girl, a girl to a boy, I guess you can change your color then, right? If you're black, you can become a white conservative.

Remember that while applying to college. All right. Yeah, that's right. Well, we've got to test this then. We have to have one of these white guys vote for Biden to see if he turns black, right? Well, that's possible. I know. I quit drinking Coca-Cola, you know, because Coke told you that we have to be less white.

And ever since I quit drinking Coke, I've been getting whiter and whiter, right? Oh, I want to start the night out with a warning to parents. Before you do that, I've got to do this. Sure. Teresa in Texas pledges $100. Jack in Ohio pledges $20.

And Barbara in Lakewood pledges $1,000. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wow. All right. We're off to a big start tonight. We are.

We need some matches for that $300 and we need some matches for that $1,000, yes. Very good. Thank you. All right. I better get the numbers out again.

The numbers are, especially with a credit card, 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Go ahead, Joe. Okay, the warning comes. Children are being targeted. We've talked about the rise of Satanism in this country. And now we've got a handful of new satanic-themed shows that are going to be released in the coming months, with stories that try to make witchcraft, demons, and even sex with the devil look appealing. This comes from CBN News and it comes from Movie Guide. And parents' television and media council are sounding the alarms on two series that are going after kids. Movie Guide, by the way, has started a petition that's getting thousands of signatures to stop. The release of Pauline, a satanic series on Disney Plus platform.

If you folks have children on Disney Plus platform, get them off. What it is, it's a story of an 18-year-old girl of series, now a series of stories. She becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with the devil. That's the premise of the show, I didn't make it up. And Disney's given the green light to start production on this German original series.

The series will start being released in Germany in May, and they're working on a release date in the U.S. sometime after May. Think about this, they're portraying Satan as a romantic partner. Evil is kind of a sex bulb, sexy in today's world.

And we have all these young people who may see this twisted story as exciting. And then the second one is, the adult animated musical comedy, Has Been Hotel, follows Charlie, the prince of hell, as she pursues the goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce the overpopulation in hell. She opens this hotel in the hope that patrons will be checking out into heaven. Now, hell is mocking her goals, and she's got this partner, a sidekick, and this thing gets crazy because hell is portrayed as a place of freedom where you can have fun, indulge, or annoy your sexual perverse desires, while the citizens of heaven are portrayed as cruel, misogynistic, and vulgar. The first episode alone has 20 foul language, like the F-word, etc.

You get the message. And then there's a new one out called FX's Little Demon. It's another animated show about a woman who has sex with Satan.

And they produce the antichrist, all in the name of making the devil relatable to people. And in this, there's a 13-year-old character in this FX's Little Demon, and it's animated. And those two elements alone are going to ensure that there's going to be a lot of interest to children.

So you've got three things to look out for. Little Demon, the musical comedy has-been hotel, and the Walt Disney Pauline. You have been warned. We're talking about how this is coming, coming out in the open. Walt Disney, if he were alive today, would be just in tears.

He would be the most broken-hearted man in town. This happened to his Disney and to his children. I hear you. Beware, you've been warned, folks.

Alrighty. Well, even back in the early days, there were things in the Disney that were kind of dark, very, very, and a little bit sinister. Some of the actual cartoons and that, even back in the early days with Disney, there were some sinister things in them. Well, based on a lot of the old Grimm's fairy tales and stuff, I think a lot of people didn't realize what it was. Well, they had, like with Mickey Mouse, when he would be a magician and he would cast some spells and things like this, even back in the early days.

I know. Even back, we did programs 50 years ago on this stuff. I don't think they realized what they were doing. They were kind of playing fantasy. I really don't think they realized the evil involved in it, what it did. Well, it was nothing compared to what's going on today, but it was still very, very questionable.

But anyhow, I've got a couple things that you want to talk about. One is Joe-Bama Biden here. Joe Biden flipping out over losing to President Trump on the polls when he was questioned, he's been questioned by reporters asking him, how do you respond to the fact that you're behind in all seven of the swing states?

And Joe-Bama lost it. He just started yelling. Screaming at people.

Yeah, but here's the other thing. He was just yesterday speaking at a place and he wandered off the stage. He lost his interest and the people up on the stage, the look on their face was amazing. This woman was going through all these motions to introduce him, the President of the United States, and she's saying all these, trying to build him up. Meanwhile, he wanders right off the stage. He wanders out and he walks out there and he sits down at a table. This woman was there with a little girl. Aha, you get the picture, right?

Right. And he sits down next to that little girl. He's totally oblivious to what was going on. And the people up on the stage, the look on their face was, what in the world?

It was very interesting. This is so sad. I mean, the leader of the free world, and it's a mockery.

It really is. It's making a mockery of the office of President of the United States. What do you think? Do you think Obama is having fun? Because I remember Obama using some words we can't use. Right. Saying Joe can mess up anything. There's nothing Joe can do. Yeah, and I mean, he said this, he said it where you can hear him.

In other words, I don't know if he knew that the mic was live or whatever. But here, perverse after her report, Biden gave special presence to his staffers who helped him with all the illegal classified docs. Joe Biden wasted no time rewarding his top aides who helped him in the mishandling of documents after Special Comment Robert Herr issued his report on the matter promoting many of them within a day of release. In other words, what Biden did was probably 50 times worse than what President Donald J. Trump did.

At least 50 times probably worse. Okay, first of all, Donald Trump was the president. He legally had the authority to have these documents. Joe Biden didn't. He had them for years when he was vice president. Not only that, he even read some of that to his ghost writers who put it in their book. And these were classified documents.

Yeah. And so his investigation found that Biden willfully returned or retained classified materials after the end of his vice presidency when he was a private citizen. Despite this, the special counsel ultimately decided not to leverage any charges against the president claiming that a jury would be unable to convict him as he's an elderly man with a poor memory.

No, that's not it. No jury in Washington DC would convict him. Right now, Joe, if they were to charge Donald Trump today for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, he would be found guilty in Washington DC. Okay, believe me. Huh?

I know, it sounds like we're exaggerating a little, but not that much. No, I don't think so. I actually think if they were to do that, those people don't care what the charge is, he's guilty like Letitia James. Look at that Judge Enron. Before there was a hearing, before there was one bit of evidence permitted. You're right.

He was guilty before the trial even commenced. Right. Big Fannie Willis out there in Georgia talking about, well, are we going to get Trump? Are we going to get Trump?

Okay. Long before there was any charges of anything, again, this is communism. These are the anti-Christ, these are the enemy of God and country out there. And they have the, well, fake news media. Here's a good example of fake news media here. NBC is now trying to shame Latinos for voting based on their Christian values.

That's right. NBC, nothing but communism, is apparently getting concerned about recent polls showing that former President Donald Trump beating the dickens out of Joe-Bama Biden among Latinos and sees Christianity as a big reason why. So the very corrupt, the very corrupt news outlet brought out the Christian nationalist boogeyman in hopes of persuading some to change their mind. Latino evangelical support for Christian nationalism rises Trump court's religious vote. NBC headlined Monday. Nodocus Telemundo reports, Lourdes Hurtado, who wrote, the NBC story pointed to Trump's appearance as the national religious broadcaster's convention last month. She quoted him as saying, we have to bring back our religion. We have to bring back Christianity.

Very good. That's one thing they can't stand. We've been telling people for years this is a spiritual battle. Underneath everything it's spiritual. It's the Christians, the followers of Jesus Christ against the anti-Christ world order. And it continues.

The number is, folks, for credit cards, especially 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. I've got one story I want to get out because they're always talking about the Latinos should want more and more immigrants, but that's not the way it works. You were just talking about how many of them are Christians.

Most of them are Christians and want Christian values. There were headlines in the London Daily Mail, ICE arrests Colombian gangster at the border who had torture photos on his phone and tattoos pledging allegiance to the Clan del Golfo cartel, the largest cocaine distributors in the country. These tattoos, gang membership, and the photos were of people being tortured to death on his phone. This is the kind of people that are coming across the border. This one happened to be stupid enough to get caught. We've got all those hundreds of thousands of gotaways.

Here's one who didn't make a gotaway. It gives you the kind of people that are coming across the border. This should scare every person in the country, every parent who has a young son or daughter out there running around, going to parties, dating. This is the kind of killer and mentality, drug dealing killer that are coming across the border. And you notice nobody's talking about it much in the Biden administration. No, it's because they're bringing them in on purpose. Look, Joe Obama, Biden is a Chinese communist agent.

He's working for the opposition out there. The idea they've been telling you, they have decided that it's time to put the United States in decline and that China would become the most powerful nation in the world. It's the Chinese gangs that are working with the cartels. It's the Chinese gangs that are bringing over the precursors for fentanyl. It's the Chinese gangs that are brought over the little machines that make the pills. It's the Chinese gangs that are bringing over certain Chinese people, getting them into America. They pay the cartels, but they still deliver them. And a lot of the cartel money, in fact, nowadays almost all of it is, what do you call it, when they clean the money up, they do it through China now. Because Joe Obama Biden is bringing in all the Chinese gangs, all of the cartels, and the Democratic Communist Party. There's no longer a Democratic Party.

They're communists to the bone, communists to the very bone, and corrupt, totally, completely corrupt. I wish people could see the tattoos on this guy's body. Satanic, it's evil, wicked, and how many more? How many thousands of people like this?

The MS-13, these different gangs now have come through and they've come to a city near you. And we're going to have more trouble down the road than we can imagine in this country. People are going to be very sorry they let this happen. But regret is a terrible thing, but we need to stop it now as soon as we can before it gets any worse.

Absolutely. 138 Democratic Congressmen sign a letter against amendment allowing certain veterans to own firearms. Joe, here, last week a consortium of Democratic lawmakers in the House signed a joint letter suggesting infringements on certain veterans.

Second Amendment rights because of mentally incompetent diagnosis from Veterans Affairs agencies. Joe, some years back, a few years back, I had gone to, this is what Obama was in, when Obama was in office. I went to the VA and there was a fellow man outside there and he motioned me to come over and talk to him. He said, listen, they're asking you, when you go in there, they're going to ask you 12 questions.

Don't answer yes to any of them because if you do, then they're going to make you ineligible to own a firearm. So I went in and sure enough, I had a real pretty blonde woman who was, I guess, a psychologist and she asked me, she said, she asked me, she said, do you feel angry? I said, you know, that's interesting that you would ask me that, but listen, you go first. How do you feel working here? Do you feel angry? And she looked at me and she said, yeah, I do. You work here. You have to be angry. I have to ask these stupid questions. I said, I'm angry at those stupid questions.

And, uh, that was the end of our conversation. But here, uh, this is an under Obama and under Joe-Bama, you had Obama and Joe-Bama. The very same thing is happening here and they want to take away the guns from the veterans. But listen to this, Joe, here, Obama appointed judge rules immigrants can carry guns in the U S that's right. Sharon Lynn Johnson Coleman, a United States district judge of the United States district court of the Northern and she's one of the Obama appointees, uh, has ruled a judge Sharon Johnson appointed by Barack Obama ruled that illegal immigrants have the right to bear arms. And they have the right to the second amendment to really they're not, they're not citizens, but how, but they have right to the second amendment. Don't they him? No, they had a case where the guy was called here, uh, Berto something Flores, Cabernet Flores, who faced charges under 18 USC 92. Yeah.

Well, it came down to make a long story short. The court said he should not be deprived of his, uh, second amendment, his second amendment right to bear arms and self-defense because, uh, he didn't pose any risk to public safety. And, you know, but only veterans don't have the right to self-defense. Do they? No, they don't.

But isn't it? The guy came across was illegal. So he was a law breaker and they're letting a illegal non-citizen has an American right, a sacred American right to keep the bear arms. But a person who's fought for his country suffered given much, uh, risk a lot, risked everything. And they're going to take the guns from him.

The, what it is is they don't want the veterans who know how to fight to, uh, stand up against the government. All right. Numbers are 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3. We're going to be going to a break here in a minute. What a perfect time to call folks because, uh, during that break and then when we come back, I'll explain to you about the clip. We're about to play, uh, listen, very careful because we warned this, uh, when back when the Clintons were in office, we were warning about these things about the Clinton regime and what was taking place, especially, uh, in what they, they were called the governor's school. Uh, there was something taking place there too, but, um, anyhow, we'll get into that as we, we come back from the break.

Meanwhile, the numbers are 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0. We need for you to call at 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3. Be right back with more. Thank you. If you missed part of tonight's program, you can check out the podcast at the word, the word, Once again, thank you for listening and supporting what's right. What's left ministries, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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