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Should Caleb Williams Pull an Eli Manning? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 18, 2024 6:09 pm

Should Caleb Williams Pull an Eli Manning? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 18, 2024 6:09 pm

Bobby Reagan, Barstool Sports CBB Analyst joins the show l Should Caleb Williams pull an Eli Manning? l Five bracket takeaways

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And 6.15.24, void or prohibited. And away we go, our number three of our radio program. That's right, it is the Zach Gelb Show. Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. We'll help you fill out your brackets. Coming up momentarily with Bobby Regan of Barstool Sports.

He does a great job covering college basketball all throughout the year. As we got a whole lot cooking, Tourney technically gets underway on Tuesday with the first four. But for me, when the ball gets thrown up in the air on Thursday, that's when I really start to feel like March Madness is back. Obviously, I would say the biggest storyline that did occur from Selection Sunday was the Big East only getting three schools in. When that is UConn being the number one overall seed, you then did have Marquette being a two seed and then Creighton being a three seed. But with all things being said, no St. Johns, no Seton Hall, no Providence as well.

And what a crazy weekend it was with all the bids that were being stolen. So let's talk all things March Madness right now with Bobby Regan of Barstool Sports. Reags, appreciate the time as always.

Thanks so much for doing this. And how you been, my man? It's hard to say I've been bad when it's March. But I'm sick of fighting with everybody, with the committee and trying to voice... Listen, I'm just a guy, right?

Like I'm just a vlogger, college basketball fan at heart. Arguing about the committee almost ruined Selection Sunday. I say almost because it's hard to do. We lived through a year where they did it alphabetically.

That was like a three-hour process. We've lived through a lot of dumb things. Yesterday was one of the worst, if not the worst. I'm older, right?

I'm in my late 30s. So it's not like it's a new thing. It was one of the worst seedings and reasonings and inclusion of Virginia that I've ever seen in the tournament.

Well, none of it made any sense to me. That's the thing. And it's funny, and I know it's on CBS, but UConn, they're like, oh, their road's easy. And I'm sitting there on my couch saying, they're the number one overall seed. It seems like they got the toughest road out of any of the one seeds.

They did. Everyone was arguing whether or not Iowa State would be a one seed. They're not even the highest two seed. You're not allowed to have the highest two seed in the number one overall bracket.

They revealed that right away, and everyone just kind of went, okay, so who's the number one overall two seed then? It makes no sense. There's a shift.

I don't even remember how many years ago. The shift of geographical preference. And I get it. The number one overall seed should, and it makes sense this year with UConn being able to have Brooklyn and Boston back to back. You should be rewarded for that. You shouldn't be punished when you're the number one overall seed and you draw three champions from the next three best leagues. There wasn't flukes in there either. Iowa State has been really good all year. Auburn has been really good all year.

And Illinois has been really good all year. So it just makes no sense. I don't understand why they come out with these rankings after the bracket reveal. So you can see the overall seed list.

Just put it where it makes sense. That's all we're asking for. Bobby Regan here with us from Barstool Sports. Great job covering college basketball all throughout the year.

Who's the one school? Because I'm not up in arms. Don't get me wrong.

A lot of it didn't make sense. I'm not going to sit here and say we need to expand the NCAA tournament. But who's the one school today when you look that they didn't get an invite that you say, okay, that school was the school amongst all the others that really got screwed the most? Honestly, there's like six because I don't understand how Virginia's in.

Right? Like the committee kept saying, well, we looked at non-conference schedule, strengths of schedule, which first off is dumb because you have an overall strengths of schedule. Then they said they looked at quality wins and road wins and neutral wins. Okay, so a win against Florida is really what's carrying the weight for Virginia. Like they lost a pit at home. How is that rewarded? So, you know, you look and it's impossible to come up with one team because they gave all these reasonings.

And it's like, you know, they even mentioned metrics. Well, Virginia's the lowest ranked 10-pound team. So, you know, I think Seton Hall. I think St. John's. I think Indiana State.

I think Oklahoma to a degree. They all have legitimate gripes that in terms of left out versus in. They all should be in over Virginia. And what bothers me is we still don't know why. There was not one thing where they said Virginia was better than all these teams in this category and that was why.

So, you could come up with even more. I mean, you know, Providence to a degree. You know, I think Providence was the third of the three Big East teams, if you're ranking of who was left out. I would have had them above Virginia.

I just don't get it. The other thing that I don't get with the Big East is, okay, you have UConn who's the number one overall seed. Then you have Marquette who's a two and Creighton's a three.

I understand so many bids were stolen and it took some spots away that they thought that they would have. And going into Sunday I said, all right, probably only one other Big East school gets in. But the fact they didn't even put one other Big East school in when they have three teams that are one, two and three.

That's another thing that doesn't make any sense to me. And only one of the first four out. It's not even like St. John's was considered. They weren't even close when you start really looking at it. And St. John's has what, a net ranking?

It was 32 and Ken Palm of 25. Which I don't, as Patino said, all those numbers I guess are fraudulent now. I said it today in a blog where, first off, what I hope this really does is change. And it won't because it's the NCAA. But they need to get rid of the 12 athletic directors who make up the committee. Those 12 athletic directors change every year. It's not always the same 12.

So what that does is two things. One, you never know what they truly value because it changes year to year. Two, they're athletic directors. You need to, sure, have two to three athletic directors part of the 12-person committee.

Have full-time people that know the sport and can look at just besides a sheet and go, okay, this happened because of this. This, you know, this team is that. It's not the 36 best for the at-large. It's the 36 most deserving, which kind of gets lost in the arguments because you sit there and go, well, this team is better than that.

It's like, well, that might be true. But the whole point of the at-large is deserving teams, which that's the other part of the debate. But you need people that are truly locked in year round.

You need people to do this full-time. You can't have 12 athletic directors come in, change year after year, because coaches don't know what matters when they head into the season. Talking to Bobby Regan, when we get into the bracket now, I know talking to you through previous years, whenever everybody is on one team, you are usually not. With UConn though, like if anyone usually asks me UConn or the field, and it's one team and then 67 other teams, field, field, field.

But I felt this way now for almost two, two and a half months. I can't pick against UConn. Will you pick against UConn though?

I will. I mean, listen, I think UConn is the best team in the country. But best team in the country doesn't win this tournament often.

It's not like a regular occurrence. I mean, you look back throughout the last 15 years and it's maybe three, four of the best team in the country heading into the tournament that won. I will pick against UConn. History tells me to pick against UConn.

Will you pick against them to get to the Final Four though? So I keep trying to figure out how. I can't. And I want to just because, again, history says it's so hard, not only to go back to back in the title games, but back to back to a Final Four.

It's hard to do. You still have to win four in a row. Who's beating them? Who do you trust coming out of the bottom half of the bracket? Do you think they really stumble against Auburn assuming seeds hold? So I think UConn makes the Final Four, but I'm going to pick against them to win it. I just don't know who because UConn's the best team in the country.

I'm not saying to get to a Final Four, but you maybe look at maybe one of the top four teams, if it's someone outside of the top four. What are your thoughts on Mark Pope's squad with BYU? They're tough because when they are shooting the ball well, they rely so much on the three-point ball. And I'm not saying that's a bad.

It's all schematic. We've seen teams win that way. We've seen teams lose that way. But when they shoot the ball the way they do and when they are having one of those nights that they did against Kansas or they've done in the past this season, they can beat anybody because Zach, three more than two.

It's pretty simple math there. However, we saw it in their loss in the Big 12 tournament. They went down early big because they couldn't score. And that's the fear with the BYU team of, hey, we play fast, we play reckless, we shoot a ton, our defense isn't awesome, but we can outscore the majority of the country. All it takes is one bad shooting night and you lose. So I wouldn't be surprised if BYU, I mean, I could see BYU giving them a challenge, playing it close. If they win, then yeah, they probably shot the what out of the ball. But I could also see them losing in the first round just because of their style of play. Talking to Bobby Regan, let me move over to the Midwest.

So I like the one in the two seat here just from a storyline. Purdue with Matt Painter struggles in the NCAA tournament. I know we just had Dalton connect on, but his coach Rick Barnes struggles in the NCAA tournament. So I will not pick Purdue. I will not pick Tennessee to go to the Final Four. I have more confidence in Tennessee than Purdue. Who's the team when you look at that Midwest that you have the most confidence in to get to the Final Four? No one. I'm going Creighton, I think.

That's what I think I'm going to go with. Sure, but they don't make Final Fours. It's not like McDermott. But they still lost in the Elite Eight. And you could say they, quote, choked that game away. That's kind of how everyone says that about Purdue. Well, they were one of the most ridiculous plays in the NCAA tournament history away from making a Final Four when Virginia had that missed free throw, full court pass, Diakite forces overtime. Then we're talking about, oh, Painter's going back to the second Final Four in five years.

Instead, like, and I'm looking at it now just to make sure, because the Midwest is the one that I really, really can't figure out. I think Gonzaga is a really good team. They've been playing well. I know they lost to St. Mary's in the title game, but it seems like everyone likes McNeese in the first round because that's kind of why I lean to Gonzaga.

I think, you know, it's kind of my contrarian view of everything, especially upset picks. Everyone, 12 over a five, it happens to be McNeese. Gonzaga just made the Sweet Sixteen.

That's what I think they're going to do. I think they're in the Sweet Sixteen. I like them more than Kansas and Sanford in the same quadrant because we don't know about Kansas itself. Right now, if you tell me Dickinson and McCullough are completely healthy, are we really counting out self from just making another Final Four? Yeah. And a few years ago, everyone was kind of counting them out and almost talking about they ended up winning a national championship. Right, right. And it's like, yeah, they don't have depth, but they have five really good players.

So, I can't figure out the Midwest. You know, I think Purdue gets it. Their guard plays a lot better. You know, the bracket does kind of set up nicely for them. And no one will pick them too.

That's why it kind of plays games with your mind specifically. That's the thing. Nobody wants to pick it. Outside of everyone on CBS last night.

I know that you have a lot of people connected to the game. You're rooting for Matt Painter. People should want to root for Matt Painter, but I can't walk into this tournament with any confidence he gets the job done. The thing is in their bracket, these 16 teams, you can't pick any of them because no one wants to pick any of these guys. UConn should be the one seed in this.

That should have been. I agree. I agree. And I think, listen, it pains me to say it because I'm a Kentucky guy. Tennessee's really good, but UConn should be running to the table to trade with Purdue.

The region, by the way, that I love the most is the South. I love what Sampson's done at Houston. I know the colic injury is going to be big. It looks like he's going to play with Shaka Smart. You got Duke. I know that they're not great, but it's still Duke. This is and Kentucky too. They're getting hot at the right time or they were right before the tournament.

Like that South region. I'm going to pick your Wildcats to get to the Final Four. But man, that's the one that I'm most intrigued by.

And any answer you give me probably wouldn't surprise me. I hate that everyone's picking Kentucky. I've seen way too many people talk about, and I tweeted out last night when the bracket came out. I was like, don't fall in love with the bracket. Don't fall in love with the bracket because the draw is nice for a Kentucky run. They play their best against fast paced teams, like their best wins, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee. Teams that want to get up and down. I know that sounds weird because Tennessee, but that's who they are this year. They struggle against teams that slow it down, like the A&Ms of the world with good guard play that can break Kentucky down defensively.

And then just beat you up on defense. So that's, you know, obviously you get Houston and that's exactly who Houston is. And what you take for a big tourney, you would think too, right?

Yeah. But you take the chance for that to be the Elite Eight matchup. If you're like as a Kentucky fan, that's, that's fine.

Like maybe mayhem happens, Houston loses in the Sweet 16 or something. But yeah, I mean, I think, you know, similar to what we said with the stories of the coaches in the South, Shaka, you have coaches that need a run, right? Shaka needs a run.

He hasn't had one since VCU. Hal needs a run because it's a civil war in Kentucky right now, if you mentioned his name. Shire needs a run because everyone's going, all right, another four seed, what if we lose in the second round again? You know, we're Duke, that's not supposed to happen. You know, I don't think Samson needs a run. He made a final four, but it was, you know, the people that hate Houston or want to diminish what they've done.

They'll say it was the bubble run. How do we look at that tournament? So it's an interesting because you have the names with Kentucky, Duke, Houston, Wisconsin, you know, names we're used to seeing on the bracket and, and, and second week in teams, but a lot, all, I think every coach needs a run.

So to me that you're right, it is the most intriguing because you have, I think probably legit four or five final four teams in that bracket. How about the West too? You have a one final run for Baycott, you know, Arizona, Scott Drew's still there with Baylor.

Bam. I don't like the direction they're trending in. As we enter this tourney, who's the squad in the West that you go, okay, that's the team. I'd be most surprised if they don't make it to the final four.

I think it's Arizona. This is, this is the best team that Tommy Lloyd, I think we're agreeing with everything. That means we're both going to have a lot of egg on our face the first weekend.

I know, but it's like, again, I say coaches that need runs, Tommy Lloyd is getting bounced early now. Yeah. Right. Like you lost to Princeton, didn't get out of the first round or the first weekend, um, two years ago. So you have a final four in Arizona, if you get there, you're sitting real nice thinking you have home court advantage and everything like that. This is a team that was talked about as in the same breath of what we now consider the top three versus the field, right? So Arizona, they were there for the longest time. They need a run.

I, you know, I liked them. You look at the draw, I think there's no reason for them not to be in the sweet 16. Imagine we get Caleb love against UNC too. That was the storyline. It's the storyline that everyone wants. One of the, I mean, one of those two teams will not be there though.

Every time, every time we have that storyline, one of those, one of the two will fail. I wanted to pick Carolina to lose in the second round. I think the most vulnerable one seed, but man, Mississippi state and Michigan state are just so gross. Like that's, that's the worst game of the first round, which means they'll probably win. Well, by the way, Bobby, um, what is, give me like two or three upsets that you like in the first round, like teams that you're like, okay, they're under seat and you think you're going to be able to be better. So I originally was going to put Baylor as a final 14 until I saw their potential second round matchup. I love New Mexico.

I absolutely love New Mexico. I think it's ridiculous that they stole a bid by winning the mountain West. They should have been in regardless. They have high level talent. I think New Mexico could be a second week in team.

Um, I like, you know, the other ones are pretty obvious. I think Grand Canyon got a nice draw against St. Mary's. They match up well there. And then you get Alabama who can't guard me, you and three people off the street.

So and I love Kelsey. He's a madman at Charleston. Yeah, right. So, but I think, I think Grand Canyon has a nice draw for a potential second week. Remember, I'm not saying it matters, but last year that bottom left bracket was mayhem the entire time too. It kind of has that same feel this year. Um, and then you look around, like, I think there's going to be a lot of upsets the first round, but I think the elite eight will see like a lot more ones and twos there.

I could see mayhem early and then kind of like, okay, everything settled down. That's just kind of the way the season's been going. I mean, you know, you look at that Wisconsin, Duke, James Madison, Vermont quadrant. Would anybody be surprised if James Madison's in the sweet 16 like they are, they already have a win on the road at the big 10. We obviously know that with Michigan state, um, you know, I'm curious by, I'm really curious by FAU because they had the run last year in the regular season. I didn't think they played to what they were capable of.

I wonder if that's a squad with how many guys they return, if when the lights come on, they just pop off. But then once again, you got Yukon coming up in the round of 32. I'm not, I don't care how much I love dusty man. I'm not picking them to beat Yukon. And everyone said that. And then they go to the American tournament and lose to temple, my school, right? No offense.

Temple sticks. Trust me. I know. Except that I had to donate 150 bucks to the NIL collected because I guaranteed a dollar for every point and then $2, uh, if they ended up winning.

So I'd give 150 bucks then this weekend. I also wonder too, everyone screamed about FAU last year being grossly under seated as a nine and then they make the run this year. It's egregious that they're an eight. Like I don't even know if FAU should have made the torment. If you're looking at most deserving teams, they have a lot of bad losses. So I almost wonder if they're just going to hold serve and like, Hey, last year we were under seated, made the run this year. We're overseeing it. We just lose the Northwestern and like then everyone just stopped yelling at us. So it seems like, is this safe to say this is your final four? You're going Yukon, Arizona, Kentucky, and then Purdue.

Is that what you're doing? I'm taking like my heart, heart is begging Kentucky. I, how do I pick against Houston though? So I think it's going to be like Houston. Part of me wants to say Gonzaga.

Just like there's, there's gotta be mayhem somewhere, right? So maybe, maybe it's Gonzaga. And then I think I, I do think Arizona gets there and then yeah, I keep trying to pick against Yukon, but yeah, it's not going to be four one seeds. I'd be shocked if it's three one seeds. I think you see kind of what we've been seeing of, you know, one or two top two seeds, three or four seed and a five seed, something like that.

And I wouldn't be surprised if we see it again this year, but you know, obviously not have all four or five, nine seeds in the final four last year. So who wins it all then? Who are you going with? I want to say Houston.

Okay. Like it just, they, is there really that big of a, I don't think there's that big of a difference between them and Yukon. And I know Houston has injuries right now, but it's kind of all led to this moment, right? Like they make the final four. There are one seed last year. That's kind of been the theme the last few years, right? Like self conservative with a second tournament, second title, Drew gets one, Bennett gets one.

It does. It just kind of feel like it's going to be Houston, but Hurley gets one last year. Like it just, are we due for this run to keep continuing or, and I think that's the biggest storyline is does the next coach merge he's good for all these now and all the time. Great. Yeah.

Yeah. He is Bobby Regan. Make sure you give him a follow at Barstool Riggs. We'll be following them all throughout the NCAA tournament. Does a great job covering college basketball all throughout the year.

Bobby. Always great to connect with you this time of year. Thank you. All right. Thanks man.

Have a good one. There you go. Bobby Regan joining us from Barstool Sports. Uh, when it does come to college basketball and uh, you know what? I like his theory because I will pick Yukon to win it all. I will, but everyone's going to pick Yukon to win it all. I've been saying it for now two, two and a half months. Not like a big revolutionary take, but it's almost, if you want to win the bracket this year, you're probably better off picking someone other than Yukon.

You just hope it's not Yukon because then everyone's going to have Yukon. Alrighty. We'll take a time out. We'll come on back.

We'll see you on the Yelp show on CBS Sports rate. Old Man Winter here. If I had it my way, it would stay winter all year long, short days, wind chill, black ice and a good polar vortex.

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That's BetterHelp, slash grow. I do love this music. I do find it funny though that it is a Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming back with this music and people are probably going to expect like the next best segment of college basketball takes and we just did about 20, 30 minutes on college basketball and now we're going to talk some football. All righty, let me get to a little RG3. I like RG3, RG3 has been on this show a bunch. I have hung out with RG3 before.

I'm a big fan of RG3, but with all that being said, just because I know someone and I'm friendly with someone doesn't mean that I'm just going to dance around and take that they give. So this is RG3 on the aftermath after we see Justin Fields traded to the Steelers. Now RG3, when it's clear the Bears are going to take Caleb Williams believes Caleb Williams should pull an Eli Manning and refuse to play for the Bears and go somewhere else.

Let's listen up to RG3. Caleb Williams should pull an Eli Manning and demand that the Chicago Bears do not draft him number one overall. After everything that's happened with just Justin Fields, can Caleb Williams really look at that and say, you know what? This is the organization that has my best interests at heart and they're going to help develop me into the player that I want to become. After the Bears took Justin Fields, the 11th pick in the draft and turned him into a sixth round pick in the 2025 draft by trading to the Pittsburgh Steelers, can Caleb Williams really look at that and say, you know what?

Yeah, this organization is going to help get me where I want to go. I don't think it's saying that. So here's the one problem. And there's many problems with RG3's argument. I know the Chicago Bears have had a history of never finding that quarterback. But this is not a situation where you're like, oh, it's not a desirable situation now. Like if we just forget about all the other years of history and you just look at the team going into next year, you have Cole Kamet, who's a really solid tight end. You have DeAndre Swift, who's a solid running back.

Then at wide receiver, more importantly, you have DJ Moore and Keenan Allen. And oh yeah, by the way, you also have the ninth overall pick in the draft where you could get another offensive weapon. So just there, I don't think the Bears are in a dreadful spot and they're not the number one overall pick because they were terrible. They had the Panthers pick. The Bears actually did a nice job in the second half of the season. So I think the Bears are actually a decent, I'm not going to say great, good, but they're a decent situation to walk into for a team that has the number one overall pick.

Now here's the other part of the argument where I disagree with RG3. When you use what Eli Manning did, that also required the Giants who were in at four. The Giants took Philip Rivers. This wasn't like the Giants were sitting at 12 and Eli just said he wanted to go to the Giants and you didn't have anyone really at 12 that you drafted. Like you had Philip Rivers who was a hot commodity in the draft, right? That draft was Eli, Philip, and Big Ben. So let's say Caleb Williams does this. The Bears then would have to get a quarterback back. So you would probably think that would still be in the first four picks.

Here's the problem though. The teams that are two, three, and four right now are the commanders, the Patriots, and then the Cardinals. The Cardinals would trade Kyler Murray to go get Caleb Williams, I think.

But forget about the Cardinals because I think the Rockets are rolling with Kyler Murray and that is probably a trade bait kind of spot. Well, the commanders right now aren't a better situation than the Bears. So why would Caleb Williams rather go to the commanders?

I know he's from DC. I'm a Patriot fan. Hey Caleb, please refuse to go to the Bears.

And say you want to go to New England, but why the heck would he want to do that? The Patriots have Jack. So then someone trades in to the fourth spot and they're going to go and get the fourth best quarterback to trade to the Bears?

It's all backwards. So I don't think you could like, I think it's easy on the surface to just say, oh, well, Eli Manning did this so then you could do it. Eli Manning also had the backing of the Manning family, which is a powerful family in football. So I don't think it would be right, or I don't think it would make sense because sometimes you do things that aren't right, but then they make sense. But in this case, I don't think it'd be right and I don't think it makes sense from Caleb Williams' perspective. Like Sam sir, if they had nothing at like, if there was no DJ Moore, if there was no Keenan Allen, if the offensive, if they didn't just draft the big tackle and they had nothing, they didn't have another top 10 pick, then I could understand the argument. But the Bears are actually in a decent spot. So okay, you're telling me that Ryan Polz and Eberflus could be fired after this year? I don't even necessarily agree with that.

The Polz part I don't. I think his time clock in some realm with the front office resets a little bit. When you take a quarterback number one overall and everyone's praising you, forgetting that number one overall pick. Eberflus is a different story, but I don't think it's going to be that bad in Chicago this year where they completely flopped in there begging to fire Eberflus. Like I saw, I think it was RGD who said they had to win like 10 games for Eberflus to come back.

You're telling me they go nine and eight or even eight and nine and Caleb Williams shows a lot of promise and they're going to get rid of the head coach? I don't buy that whatsoever. So I'm trying to see the RG3 argument here and I'm trying to, because I like RG3, I'm trying to see the other argument.

And usually when everyone's slamming one person, I won't like just jump on. But I just don't see how in any way this would make sense for Caleb Williams, because that's a lens that we have to view this through because he's saying Caleb Williams should avoid the bears pretty much at all costs. And I don't see where the alternative is that you're moving in a realistic way where you're going to go somewhere else and the bears are going to be cool with that. And not even that, like when, when Eli did this, the charges were a mess at the time, right? And the giants were like a desirable location.

So like, even though the charges ended up being good and Eli couldn't have foreseen that, he made a choice to leave a dysfunctional franchise or work his way out of a dysfunctional franchise to a good one. Where is he going to go that's not dysfunctional right now? The commanders at two? Dysfunctional.

The Patriots at three? The commanders are less dysfunctional now because you have Harris out, but it's not like they have a multitude of weapons. The Patriots are dysfunctional. We haven't seen anything from the, from the commanders yet with Harris, so we don't know. And Harris, I mean, he has the, the, the Sixers also, and they've been dysfunctional. So who's to say that the commanders aren't going to be any more or less dysfunctional about the devils. They stink too this year. So I'm not saying that Harris is going to be this like wonderful savior for the commanders, the Patriots. Yeah, they have a good owner and crap, but they're fairly dysfunctional. Getting rid of their, their coach, the giants are a mess right now at six, maybe the only non dysfunctional team would be the Vikings if they moved up. But like if you're Caleb Williams, what other franchise that is looking for a quarterback early in the draft, are you trying to force your way over to and get out of Chicago?

I love RG three, but this is a nonsense take. I agree with you. And not only that, um, I would say Caleb Williams would look tough in a Minnesota Vikings uniform, throwing that football to Justin Jefferson and throwing that football to Jordan Addison as well. But the Vikings have this reputation of never getting the job done anyway, but he would look tough.

No, he would look cool. He would look tough. I don't know how tough you look in purple.

Oh, well you could look cool in purple, but just because you don't look tough in purple doesn't mean other people can't look tough. So name one person on the Vikings who ever looked tough. Justin Jefferson looks tough. He doesn't look tough. He looks cool. He doesn't look tough. He's dancing, doing the gritty and like doing all these fun.

Jared Allen. He looked tough. No, he didn't look tough. What about purple people?

People eaters. No, you know, you know who looked tough. The only guy who I can remember looking tough was Jonathan Randall. He looked tough, but he looked tough when he took off that helmet. And he'd kick your ass.

You know that eye black dripping down his face. He'd kick your ass. Aiden Hutchinson looks tough in a Lions outfit. Like people don't look tough in Vikings outfit.

I think that's a terrible take. Who looks, Brett Favre kind of looked tough, I guess, but you look tougher in a Green Bay outfit. I will say there's something, Samter is very stubborn when he has a take that's just so wrong.

I've never seen you though do a quicker 180 from one segment to them when we get to the break. And I hate to bring this up than last week. And the only reason I'm bringing this up is because Ack is sitting next to me.

And I just want to see Ack's reaction when I give him the take that you gave last week in the aftermath of Aaron Donald announcing his retirement. We were going through the top 10 ranked defensive players in NFL history. And Samter tried to make a case. And let me just fully put this out there before I reiterate the garbage that we heard from Samter. I do not agree with the Samter take whatsoever. I said so in the moment and Samter's even acknowledged he was dead wrong about this. Samter tried to say because of how long Bruce Smith played in the NFL, that he was not a top 10 defensive player of all time. He definitely, I'd have to think about it, but I definitely would not put him in the top five.

Okay, that's fine. But top 10. Got 200 career sacks.

Okay. I'm going to go Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White. That was everyone's first two players. There was somebody else from that era I was thinking of. Coach Prime, would you do? No. Bubba Smith, maybe? Ray Nitschke? No.

No. Look how many old school names they're going to get with that. I'm just trying to think who else comes to mind. Chuck Bednarek. What about Chuck Bednarek? Chuck Bednarek? Not a bad one. I couldn't say that there.

I just got the approval from Ack. He was like, oh, that's good that he got Chuck Bednarek. That's not a bad one. So but that's four right off the top of my head. Ray Lewis, Aaron Donald. I wouldn't put Bruce Smith in there.

Derek Thomas, he's certainly in that group. You don't have your headphones on, right? No, I don't. Oh, so you couldn't hear Samantha.

Okay, no. Samantha was saying Aaron Donald, Ray Lewis. Aaron Donald's definitely in there, and Ray Lewis is definitely in there. Ed Reed, maybe? I might go Ed Reed, you know. So this was my thinking at the time. No, Blunt is, I think, the equivalent to Ed Reed, so that's a tough one there. I'm just trying to get a word in here.

Well, Ack is just going through 900 names. Bruce Smith was a great compiler of numbers, but he wasn't overly dominating at any long stretch. No, he was dominant. He was dominant, yeah. He was dominant. So as I look back, I didn't realize that he was a two-time defensive player of the year. I knew that he was a great sack guy and that he was a great player, but I never thought of him as an ultra-dominant Reggie White type of player. I just remembered him being a guy who played for 20 years and got a lot of sacks over that portion of his career. Do me a favor when this clip gets thrown out there by people. Take my face off the screen.

I don't even want to be in the background of this. No, I'm not saying he wasn't a great player. My initial thought was he was in top ten.

I went back, but I was still put in the eight, nine, ten range. I put him in the eight to ten range. I'm not besmirching Bruce Smith. I mean, he's definitely a Hall of Famer. I don't know if I'd put him top ten. I mean, he's close, but think of the people he just named. I mean, top ten is pretty good. That was my point, Ack.

Gotcha. All right, we'll take a time out at his Zach Gelb show on CBO Sports Radio. I'm furious right now. I may quit after this segment because Samter is going to get trolled by a bunch of Bills fans and my face is going to be everywhere in this segment. And I vehemently disagree with Michael Samter. But anyway, that was the quickest I've ever, outside of hickey one year trying to tell me, has to do with another Bill, that Carson Wentz was going to be better than Josh Allen and right away it was like, oh yeah, I was wrong on that one.

I have never, you did a very quick 180 and I commend you for doing the 180. I mean, your take, that's a little bit different. That's a prognostication. It's much easier to get that wrong than a memory of... This is when Carson Wentz, by the way, was in Indianapolis.

Oh, great. Not like Philadelphia. Yeah, never mind. Yeah, that's bad.

In Philadelphia, Carson Wentz had almost an MVP season. So that was the hickey take. But don't worry. If it's just, can you get a good take compared to the other CBS Sports Radio producers? Your worst takes won't be as bad as some of the other producers around there. That's for sure.

All righty. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. It's time to answer our Ask the Pros question of the day. It's brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts. Willam Boysey says, Zach, what's your biggest takeaway from Selection Sunday?

You could submit a question by tweeting at CBS Sports Radio at Zach Gelb using the hashtag Ask the Pros. Think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices.

An excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts. All righty. I'll actually give you five. Give you five takeaways. You're setting a bad precedent for ATP.

Why? They ask you one question, you give them five answers. I mean, now people are going to start bombarding you with stuff and you're going to have to just keep adding on to it.

I'll just tell them no. Oh, okay. No, I'm just, I think there's five takeaways from this bracket.

And it's not like all Cinderella's and necessarily all that. But there were five things that I just looked at when this bracket came out and it just resonated with me. I'll go from five to one.

Like least intriguing to most intriguing. Five can UNC finish the job? I look at that West region. I like Arizona to get there, but I can't say I have a lot of confidence in Arizona. Baylor with Scott Drew.

We all know he's a phenomenal coach. I do not like the way that Alabama has been playing down the stretch. I think Pat Kelcey's squad at Charleston is going to upset him. You could see a 13-12 second round game because it wouldn't shock me if Grand Canyon beat St. Mary's either. And I don't think the winner of Mississippi State, Michigan State's taken down UNC. So I look at the road for UNC, it is favorable. And if you get UNC Arizona in the Elite Eight, winner goes to the Final Four with the Caleb Love Factor, I think it's just sensational. So can UNC and Arizona get to the Elite Eight and give us that with the spot in the Final Four on the line? Four, the Big East only getting three teams in, I think is a disgrace. When you have the number one overall seed, UConn, you then have a two seed in Marquette and a three seed in Creighton. I know all these bids were snatched up and they were stolen.

It was highway robbery, all that stuff. But how not one of Seton Hall, St. John's or Providence get in doesn't make sense. And St. John's, Patino called them out, then they went on that win streak. And I know they didn't have a great season. But how the heck can they be 25th in Ken Palm and then 32 in the net and they don't get in?

Like I don't understand these numbers, never have, never will in the rankings. In at number three, I absolutely love the South region. When I look at the South region, Houston, phenomenal. If Colic comes back with Marquette and it seems like that's going to be the case, according to at least what Shaka Smart said to John Rothstein last night, like, all right, he's going to be dressed, he'll be ready to go.

John, you don't have to kind of text me all throughout the week asking for updates. Kentucky, especially with the way that they played towards the end of their regular season, really damn good. I'm not a believer in Duke, but I just think there's a lot of intrigue. You can have a Nebraska A&M to start off the tournament. Trev Alberts, the AD at Nebraska, left a week ago to go to A&M and he's a Cornhusker, Trev Alberts.

I just think there's some fun storylines in the South. And then the number two takeaway is there are no excuses for Purdue and Tennessee. Delta Connect gives Tennessee a shot to maybe come have the Rick Barnes shortcomings get overcome. Purdue, can you have the Virginia redemption after they lost to a 16, right, as we got to see the following year? But you look at that Midwest, Purdue and Tennessee are the one in the two. Then after that, it's like, all right, I like Creighton, and I think McDermott can get there. They're actually my pick. But I'm not saying that they're world beaters. Gonzaga hasn't had a great year.

You know, Kansas, I'm not saying you'll fall in love with them, but self will always intimidate you. But if Purdue nor Tennessee get there, I just think it's absolutely disgraceful for Painter and then Barnes. And then at number one, here's my biggest takeaway for the bracket. Whenever it's UConn or the field, I don't feel great taking the team over the other 67, but that's how damn good UConn is. And I thought what Bobby Regan said was something that was very intriguing about Houston. Like Houston would have a good chance to beat UConn, but I'm not picking against UConn. The only way I'd pick against UConn is because everyone is picking them. But that team, how they didn't even play their best brand of basketball last year, and they were still able to win the championship.

And then you followed up with them returning so many guys this year. I absolutely love Hurley. UConn to me is a blue blood, and I think that this is the continuation of the dominance we're going to see in UConn getting their next big time head coach with what Danny Hurley's been able to do. All righty, fun show today. Great job out of Chris Hess.

Great job out of Michael Samter. Big thanks to Delta Connect for joining us, in addition to Bobby Regan. Big thanks to each and every one of you as well. We'll talk manana, everybody, at 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific. We out. Bye-bye.

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