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MmHmm/Mm-mm: Retirement Plans, Should the Bears swing for a veteran QB?, Josh Jacobs vs Aaron Jones, Aaron Rodgers / RFK JR. nonsense (lip service)

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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March 13, 2024 4:54 pm

MmHmm/Mm-mm: Retirement Plans, Should the Bears swing for a veteran QB?, Josh Jacobs vs Aaron Jones, Aaron Rodgers / RFK JR. nonsense (lip service)

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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March 13, 2024 4:54 pm

Grant and Paul join Bart for their weekly conversation. Bart and Paul are already looking forward to retirement, the guys talk about a big splash the Bears could make that hasn't been talked about yet, and some quick thoughts on the Bucks roller coaster week

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler. Welcome into the Winklerverse. We've got Paul Emig down.

We've got Grant over there on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. Another new location for me if anyone's keeping track. I'm now sitting right next to the router in the PS4. Although before in the backstage area, my shit capped out on me. And so I tried to go ethernet, which I then unplugged all of the internet in the house, which is my wipe off of a meeting.

So real banner husband etiquette to do my fucking shit. I'm crumbling. I'm crumbling in all aspects of life. I'm pretty much crumbling. And if Aaron Rodgers is really on this goddamn ticket, I will die. I will flat out just be dead.

I will not able to I will not able to proceed as a human. This is this is the Darren rovel tweet that no tweet has ever applied to real life like this before when he tweeted once upon a time like I feel bad for our country. But this is tremendous content. Like this is ridiculous good content. But it also is real life. So there is that.

Well, if anyone was going to Well, now we have two Paul's on the screen. What in Sam hell? Can I keep this like this?

Please Hi, I figured it was yours and your internet but it wasn't now this time is yours. Huh? All right. Can I have you like that?

Paul? Mm hmm. And when I joined the second time, I was like, I can't have the same name. So I'll do the other version. That's actually awesome. Yeah, good. We're a full panel now. All right.

You can get rid of the I don't know why it's not letting me Oh, I got rid of it on its own. All right. There you go. All right.

Well, go ahead with the chloroform is or I think we're off to a great start. So I have a thing to say. Oh, you do.

So when I chop it up with Cubs fans online, yeah. It really affects me. I really regret doing it because there's so many of them. And they just come and it's all like the cry more clown emoji.

It's real sharp and cutting and that stuff like kind of gets to me. Vikings fans are mad at me because I said somebody or in the Jones. And it's it's like, it's just like I just I have the easiest time to scrolling through this like Cubs fans. I'm like, Oh, shit, that affects me. Oh, shit, that affects me.

Oh, shit. Vikings fans is like, I couldn't care less about I'm not even I'm not even reading the shit you're saying to me. I don't care. So that's what I've noticed today. I thought I hate Vikings fans the most, but I don't think about them at all.

That's good. The problem with getting all those Viking hate tweets is that it makes you miss a tweet from a caller who sends you Costanza videos. Yeah, Joe in Florida was real mad at me last night on the show. Do you see what these Vikings fans have done to you? It's made the fans turn against you, the listeners turned against you.

That's the real problem. I can't wait. I'm not I'm not going to Dan Needle's retirement.

I'm going to retire and never open that fucking website again. So have I have we had we've talked about this on the pot, haven't we? Like where we will be when we're done working. And we're like, we talked about this, right? And my answer, I think, was you didn't believe me.

What, you're going to unplug? Well, I want to I'm just going to go on. I'm just going to this is where Grant last time mocked me endlessly because he's like, yeah, bullshit. And I said, yeah, I want to have a like a farm. I'm just going to have like some goats and some pigs and some chickens.

And I'm going to there's not going to be much for Internet service and it's going to be great. And I think Grant's like, right. I'm sure that does that sounds exactly like something you do, but it is. And Bart, yours sounds just as improbable as mine, because I don't want to say, yeah, right. But I'll be equally as respectful to yours as what Grant was to mine that one time, which is to say, yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. Bart's more on the Hodrick court track than he is on the needles track. I would be that's right.

He's headed like way more unhinged in retirement. Yeah. No. Well, I'm just worried I have one bar sitting next to the fucking Internet box. Your audio is good.

Your video is lagging a little bit, but unless you're watching on the Dane Cheney YouTube stream, that shouldn't matter. You have not cut out at all. It's been good. No, I want to like, I want a driveway that like you have to drive up to get to the house. Hmm. Like I want. Oh, there's the driveway.

Another mile and a half till we get home. That's what I want. Yeah, that's OK. That's OK. I want to be secluded. I will delete all of the apps. I will hide. Will we still do this? No, I'm unplugging from everything we can do it. We could do it as like friends and not publish it.

That's fine. What about like a non recording podcast where we just sit around in a circle and like talk about topics and answer questions, but we don't record any of it. That's kind of a new age thing that people are doing. Oh, conversations. Ah, yeah, that's what they're called. Yeah, that's right. What you're just saying, Grant, reminded me of that meme or whatever it was going on earlier this week. Me and my wife invented wine night or whatever the hell.

Do you see that going around? So, yeah, you sit around it. You sit around and drink.

Yeah, you didn't invent that. Yeah, yeah. It's a new it's a new age idea when I retire, by the way, I don't know if I could live on a farm with animals, but I it is my dream to just have a couple acres of timber and just make maple syrup in the spring, have a little shack with a stove back there and just cook away just with the steam coming off in the cool spring air.

That's my dream. Personally, animals are a pain in the ass, Paul, and I don't believe for a second that you have what it takes to live that existence. Bart couldn't do it. You guys both city slickers, both of you. I doubt both of your abilities to actually know when I go to these historical I go to these historical sites.

Like I look at them not as like what was but what could be I look at them as retirement. No, Bart is a city slicker. I'm certainly not like, Grant, you put us both to shame with your outdoors, like abilities and interests.

So we're all bunion here. I just didn't grow up in a big city like the both of you did. And before like Fonda lacks not big, bigger than most though. What city where did you grow up in? Grant? Menomonee one high school, one high school town.

And Bart. Yeah, I come from a big city of two high schools. See? Yeah, I mean, Eau Claire has like three high schools. So we're not really narrowing it down.

I grew up in the country. You guys don't think either one of you have what it takes. You're graduating class grant you and how many others graduated together?

I think to like 200. Okay. Not 40 people. I didn't grow up in the absolute middle of nowhere.

But when I had play dates with friends, we had to wake up early in the morning at 5 a.m. because I had to go help them feed calves and cows. That was I had to pitch in the expectation. You're laughing. That's not a joke.

It was fucking terrible. It didn't think it was a joke, but I do think it was funny. That's great. That's fair. Call Grant. Call Grant over here. We did another hand. And by the way, we can we can play games after we're done with the livestock. Yeah.

You know what? We didn't grow up playing video games. We play cops and robbers in the backyard with a BB gun. That's what we that's that's what my generation did when we were growing up. Anyways, that was that was grand. We I lived in a war part of Fond du Lac. We didn't play cowboys and Indians.

We played indigenous people and colonizers. Fuck you. Well, that's what we've liked. That's that's good. Very modern city.

Fond du Lac is. Yeah. It's so odd the things that Paul doesn't wish to be a part of.

I'm always surprised when he goes off screen or he turns his camera off. That's what did it for you, huh? This time it's to get to my notepad. Oh, oh, oh, yeah. That's good. Let's begin. That's a great idea.

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Need to hire? You need Indeed. All right. It's NFL week. So I had a topic coming into this.

And by the way, if I disappear and come back, just know it's because I'm reading. The way I'm going to ask this, I want you to understand that it's the setup for additional chit-chats. What I was thinking about in this discussion of do the Bears obviously take Caleb Williams? Do they trade the pick? All these other things. How many quarterbacks in the NFL are actually truly untradeable? And then of that, how absurd of a package do you start to go for those certain guys?

Or is it literally off the table? So here's, here's my premise for you. And I want you to this, but I want you to know this is not like the final form of the question.

There's followups to this. Okay. Jordan love. Nope.

I know it's the bears. So put that aside. But I just want to think like value wise, Jordan love for the first and ninth picks in this year's draft or. Wow. Don't take it too seriously. Obviously it's not, I would not do that. I would also not do that grant.

Oh, that's quite a bit. You have your guy, you have your guy. So you're going to, that's truly one in hand is two in the Bush. Well, and what's tough is you can't have this. I know, I know the premise and the topic you're trying to do, Paul, but the problem is, is you can't do this in a vacuum because in order for a team to actually make this trip, like imagine how the rest of the players on the Packers would feel if they did this.

No, no, no. I think, I think the value is like Jordan love for the first and the ninth pick in a draft with a lot of good quarterbacks. Like I think that's a reasonable trade in a vacuum, but you can't do these things in a vacuum. That's my problem here.

Yeah. So the really what it comes down to, like, as I was processing through the Caleb Williams stuff, it was where I was starting with this question is I went like super absurd, which is essentially who like, and it would only be quarterbacks unless you think there's a player. That's not a quarterback that you would suggest for this, but essentially which quarterbacks are completely untouchable. And then this is really to set up the question of why you just have to swing big at quarterback in the draft and why even if Caleb Williams is not a sure thing and he's not, and I don't think any quarterback is, it's just proof year after year of how many QBs in the draft that are top three fail. So like, is there literally a package of the bears could offer for Patrick Mahomes this, by the way, this is this, I want everyone listening to be like, this is a thought provoking, like I I'm genuinely curious at what point a player is so untouchable that you just don't.

And then at what point you'd actually say, this is why the value of getting quarterback right is so preposterously high. So that is my goal in the conversation. And so I just kind of work away there tonight. I like that. Thank you. If the bears said to the chiefs, the first pick, the ninth pick, our second round pick and three future firsts, who says no, I think you would have to go minimum this year's first next year's first in the following first that we need to be three first men.

And you will, and then probably the ninth pick this year too. Right. So four firsts. Yeah. For my home, I wouldn't do that though. If I was the chief, I wouldn't either. Okay. So now keep going.

Is there, is there something, I think the answer is there's not. So, so then I would pivot and say, okay, Joe burrow, the first, the ninth, this year's second round pick and next year's first. So three first and a second for burrow. Then I would ask you the same question for Josh Allen. Like, like just, if you really were to make this a real exercise, just tell him if the bears, you know what, we can't make them another mistake and we cannot make another mistake in the draft at quarterback. We can't, we have to get it right.

And the only way to for sure get it right is to get a guy that we already know is good. Burrow, Allen, Mahomes. So play this out with me a little bit.

If you don't mind indulge me. Well, what about Trevor Lawrence or Daniel Jones? Just kidding. No, but, but maybe that's the right answer. Like maybe that is like, would you, would the, should the bears trade the first and the ninth pick for Trevor?

If I was Jacksonville, I would trade the first and ninth for Trevor Lawrence. Yeah. That's what I'm saying.

Because with burrow and Allen, I think burrow and Allen are both on the same field's track. That's the same fifth year thing. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Burrow is Cincinnati, right? Like Josh Allen is Buffalo.

I don't know the Trevor. I don't know if anyone's Jacksonville. Like I don't think, yeah. Who would you even connect with that city? Yeah. You wouldn't tell in Jacksonville's case, you're actually breaking it down to the dollars and cents and you're not thinking about as much emotional connection. That's why that that's where my brain first went and maybe like Herbert would be in that similar neighborhood.

Yeah. Like, like let's say the bears were like, you know what, again, like we cannot get this wrong. We've got this field's dilemma. We're kind of, we like Caleb.

He's not, you know, he's not, he's really good. And we would probably take a number one, but we have to get this right. We want Herbert instead. We, whatever it takes to get her, but we're going to give you the first, the ninth, this year's second and next year's first. Who says no, I mean, Herbert hasn't won shit, but he's really good.

I contend he's really good. I don't know if the chargers would say yes or no, but if I ran the chargers, I think I'd probably do it. They're in cap hell, man. They like look at their top couple of players right now with Mac Bosa Williams and Keenan Allen, they cut Mike Williams today, but they're all making 32 35 million against the cap this year.

Yeah. So you could start over, get a lot more cheap players. You get the quarterback, your quarterback of choice, by the way, the bears in their effort to absolutely not get this wrong. They're hurting their chances of getting it right. Like like they are, they are playing this game against every other team in the NFL.

And also like against a hundred year history of their own, like they, they are, they are fighting ghosts of future and past and present and current. Like they're going to mess this up just by nature of overthinking it. Bart, if, if like, like play this out with me for a second, if six 70 to score had you on and they like, you presented this quote unquote silly idea, you know what guys, I was thinking about this. The bears can't get this wrong. They have literally an entire history of organizational failure at the quarterback position in the draft. I contend that the bear should trade all the stuff for fill in the name of top 10 quarterback.

If I was the bears, a bear's radio host, a bear's fan, like I can't actually put myself in their shoes, but I would hear that and I would say like, shit, like you're right. Like I, why, why would you not offer the first, the ninth, this year's second and next year's first for, you know, at least like a young quarterback who's like a Herbert. I mean, I like Herbert more than I like Trevor Lawrence. I wouldn't give up quite as much for Lawrence, but I think I would rather have the certainty. If I'm, if I'm the bears, a history of quarterback, like awful miss, I think I would rather the certainty of, you know, paying a really high price for a Herbert paying a really high price for a Trevor Lawrence. I think I would rather that than the, another unknown where every bear's fan is going to go in all part, every bear's fan you have on nationally, including Rami back loft already thinks they're going to get this wrong because it's the bears at the quarterback position. There's one way to, there's one way to alleviate that. Well, the guys that CH, the guys at CHGO I saw a clip and I referenced that is they were like when we had the number one pick for the Blackhawks, it was Connor Bedard mania.

Yeah. We could have been more excited to have the number one pick and know who it was. And we were so excited about that. And now they got Caleb Williams and apparently, and nobody is that excited because they think they might screw it up, which is why I floated out wild scenarios. Like the bear should draft a quarterback at one and nine. The bear should not draft a quarterback and just let everybody else pick and then take the last one so that they don't have to make the decision.

No, these are all good and fun, but I do wonder off of this, and this is what I'll, how I'll present it is we know the bears are going to take offers on Justin Fields. We know the bears are going to take offers on the number one pick. Are the bears offering the number one pick for a quarterback?

Are they being proactive? They're going to look at all the avenues, but are they looking at using that to get a guy? And it's, you know, if you've got Josh Allen, we got Josh Allen, we got, we don't want the number one pick. We have Joe burrow.

We don't have a number one pick, but if you add add, as you're saying, yeah, more to it than at what point do these teams budge? And I just wonder if the bears at all have explored that. And it'll be interesting to see how people react to that because it is unconventional. And normally on radio, instead of when you say something unconventional, instead of going, that's interesting, you go, what the fuck are you bringing this up for you fucking loser?

Yeah. Who needs exploratory thought? I mean, and like the Ryan poles bears GM is far from a sure bet to be the bears GM in a year, right? And a lot of times these guys make moves, but in the, in the NBA, in the NFL, major league baseball to save their jobs, if they draft Caleb Williams and he has a rookie year, Ryan poles could be gone. Like, is there really enough like allowance for this to be a four year project of Caleb Williams looking good.

So it just adds to me to the idea that like, why would you not be thinking outside the box? Justin Herbert, just to use the example, but listen, I don't think the charges are trading. But like, if you just kept Ricky Williams in your trade package to the point where the Jaguars, the chargers, like you name it, like have to have to like seriously have a big meeting about it with the entire front office. Like guys, never in a million years, we go in this off season thinking that we would consider a Justin Herbert trade, but the bears are offering us everything in their cabinet, everything. We have to talk about this, right? And I just would contend that if I was the bears front office and we have the history we have, and the fans are anything but confident that we're going to do this right.

And I might be out of a job in a year. I just don't see why this w to your point in the way you're going to frame it part. Why would you not proactively consider something like that? I don't know. We'll see what they think from a national perspective tonight.

Anything else on this grant? I just, this isn't hard. It's probably Caleb. Unless your evaluation, unless your evaluation, unless the bears evaluation, they're like, we really like Jayden Daniels, just take the quarterback you want and fucking be done with it. Because the longer you talk about all these things and I get that these are interesting conversations, but we're acting like that this is the first time that a team has picked number one overall in the draft and needed a quarterback.

Like the way we're talking about the bears situation. Well, do they take a quarterback? Did they build up the rest of the roster? I don't fucking know. But like, what do they do?

They can do both. They have the first and the ninth overall pick. Just grow up, take your quarterback. People are like, well, they should, they should trade, keep Justin Fields and get Marvin Harrison or or draft Caleb Williams and take a receiver at nine. You got number nine.

There's a bunch of good ones. But Grant, my only pushback to what Grant was just saying is like, you don't have in the scenario that you laid out, you don't have job security. Like you are a lame duck GM. So like take Caleb and be done with it. Take Jayden and be done with it. That is probably the right move for the bears future. But you, but you GM of the bears who's making that decision may not be allowed to see that future. Well, if the guy sucks then no, but no, but I think like how many quarterbacks in, okay, Bryce, if, if, if Caleb Williams has Bryce Young's year, I'm not writing off Bryce Young. Like, but if Bryce, if Caleb Williams or whoever the number one pick is, goes to the bears and has a Bryce Young rookie season, polls is gone. Like it's just too short.

It's just the timeline is so messed up where they, I don't know. It's like a much, much, much, much, much worse version of what the Cowboys have where Dak is a lame duck quarterback. McCarthy's a lame duck coach.

Like polls. I just, I just, GMs make decisions all the time across sports out of self-interest out of job retention. And to, to lay that job on the line for a rookie quarterback, when you could, you know, you have the first pick, you have the ninth pick, man, I don't know.

It just, if you're, if you're talking about acquiring a proven quarterback already, sure. I understand, but it's, it's career suicide to just keep this going with Justin Fields. Like that will get you fired way faster than Caleb Williams or take, like if you keep Justin Fields and Caleb Williams is awesome. You're fucking fired so fast. So fast.

So, so fast. So if, if he was, if he goes to Washington and he's awesome, it probably doesn't matter how good Fields was in his fourth season because you passed on this guy who's turning around the Washington franchise. I mean, he's not, he's not going to start this.

He's not starting it. Justin Fields is not good. Does no one own a TV?

Does no, does no one own a television the last four years? Like why people are, people are so flabbergasted. They're like, they're like, wow, there's no market for Justin Fields. And I'm like, wow. It's shocking with all the games they won over the last couple of years with him.

And I know that his situation is far from stable, but CJ Strouds, his situation was considered horrible until he showed up and looked pretty good. So I, none of this is surprising. None of this is complicated. Can we stop being surprised? And can we stop being confused about what the bears should do?

They should take their best quarterback, move on with it. Yeah. We are going to move on with it.

It is into the Winkler verse. How's everyone's internet right now. Good man. Good. No, you've been, I haven't even noticed any dropouts or when they've been gone. Oh, I keep, yeah.

I don't know. I'm, I'm really, I'm, I'm, I'm just about, I got, I got my old laptop over there. I took it apart cause I was going to take out the battery cause that was the suggestion. But to take out the battery, you have to take out, it's the last thing to take out. You'd take a 40 other things. I know it's not going to work.

So I'm just going to get a fucking new one anyway. Yeah. What I need is to just relax and you know, there's no better way to do that than by having a seltzer or taking a gummy or using many of the fine products from Happy Place Hemp.

You can check them out. The promo code is BARD. That will get you 25% off every single order, 25% off every single order at You've got the gummies with the THC. You got the gummies without THC. You've got the gummies with the CBD, CBN. You've got the seltzer with the CD, with the THC and the CBN, uh, CBD rather. So there's a lot of different ways that you can test it.

The best part about this is you can actually test it. You can get samples and send them out to you. You know, the free shipping, 25% off and then you can see what you like and get more and still use the code. in Muskego, 25% off.

The promo code is BART. It's even right there for those of you that just watch our heads and don't listen to the sound. There, there it is.

25 minutes in there it is in written form on the DSYTS. That's the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. Okay. So this is not a joke.

This is not a bit. The bears just signed the quarterback. They did? Can I guess? Yeah.

No, don't. Garoppolo? Nope.

Grant, did you see it? Yeah. Um, on a scale of, on a scale of Craig Nolte Garoppolo, where is he? It's Brett Rippon.

Okay. It's Brett Rippon. Oh, rip to my Lou. Oh, wow.

A Ray for, uh, Ray for Alston reference, or at least a version. I'd like to be, I'd like to be ripping more happy place hemp gummies. If you know what I mean. Wow. Look at you.

Uh, breaking news, by the way, the university of Wisconsin, the surface of the moon has made bro sit back, find a hat, dude. Something come on. He's losing it. Paul. Yeah. These, these, uh, I mean, honestly there are times where I'll wake up, you know, middle of the night and realize, Oh my God, he's on the air right now.

I just got to wake up and take a piss real quick. And Bart is probably taking calls right now from people that he has to, so I understand if he's starting to lose it a little bit. Um, here's one for us to fight about the Packers, the Packers, thank God, the Packers upgraded at running back this week or grant. I'm going to go down with the Josh Jacobs train.

I know grants use words such as mid and rotational. I say yes. And I'm, I'm more curious to hear what grant has to say. I'll say yes, because what I've learned what a couple of days, over the last couple of days, I've taken callers and read tweets and comments on multiple sports talk shows where people are like, they, they basically they replaced Aaron Jones with Josh Jacobs.

They, you know, it's the same. Why don't you just keep Aaron Jones? I mean, three years is three years. Three years is significant. Like Aaron Jones is 29. He'll be 30 in December. Josh Jacobs is 26 and he just turned 26 last month. He's 26 and a month. So he's gonna be 26 for a while, all the way through next year. And I think that a lot of fans underestimate the difference between a 30 year old running back and a 26 year old running back. That's a huge four years. So while I was not jumping up and down at the thought of Josh Jacobs, they set the clock back a couple of years. I think they, at the very least maintained, if nothing else got better, Bart, you want to respond to that? I think that was an unexpected agreement. Rubble would like to respond hit rubble, Paw Patrol, but more, but just a little bit extra. That's a great line, by the way.

You guys are honestly, there's grant. There's honestly some pretty good stuff in the mighty pups movie. Jesus.

The third act was too long. Oh, let's see. Do I know it well? And oh, and okay.

When sky has to go like arm and now when they were at that chicks compound, it was like, geez, just killer already. Oh, V. Yeah. Grant, your thoughts on mighty pups cosign on everything. You guys said completely agree. I think Josh Jacobs is going to be, you know, there's, there's, there's things that we're not sure of that you just need to see. Josh Jacobs is one of them.

The comfortable playoff being 12 game teams is one of them. It's gonna be great. We just need to see it though, before we can admit it. Aaron Rogers taking over the desk of Kamala Harris. We just need to see it. Imagine if he's sitting in the background at a State of the Union.

He's sitting back there nodding, nodding along in those big, in those big chairs that they have right behind. Yeah. Oh, sorry. You started making jokes and comments about Aaron Rogers is VP. So you guys, you guys know I didn't want to give oxygen to it. Yeah. But I did bring it up again in the fourth hour last night.

Oh, I haven't gotten there yet. All right. Something to look forward to because I wonder honest to God when he goes and plays like the Steelers or if he has to play in a swing state, he's got to lose, right? Goddamn it. Like lose the football game to like give like kind of like tank it a little bit.

Give that Steelers the big win. Yeah. Otherwise you're not voting for the guy who just beat you.

He's losing Illinois and Minnesota without a doubt. Yeah. There's five. There's about, I looked it up earlier today. There's about 530, 540,000 packer shareholders worldwide.

I don't know how many of them are in the United States, but let's say 400 of them, 400,000 in the United States. Is that a, is that a collective? Is that a super pack that he, he controls?

Does he get those votes? Do you think super pack super, super pack? Oh, thank you. Whoa.

Well done. I will. Let me just entertain if, Oh, we don't know what the jet schedule is going to be yet. So that we don't, we don't know the NFL. That's probably what they'll have to do. They'll probably be like, Oh, we got to keep Rogers out of swing States before the election.

Cause it's equal time. All I think we need is at Pittsburgh, at Minnesota. That might be it. Okay. Arizona, three States up for grabs. Bart. I just need to tell you this, the way that you say Minnesota, I think the only way my brain ever hears it is Minnesota. Well, now I say that wrong too.

No, no, no, no. I was saying like, well, whoever that one presidential candidate was 20 years ago when Oh, Minnesota. Well, that Biden had that clip, but you're thinking of Howard Dean. Oh, that's okay. Yeah. Yeah. I was right.

I think it is the Biden one. I see. You're right. I was confused. It was like three years ago on the winning track.

And then he screamed and back in, back in 2002, that was too much. I was mixing up two stories grad. There was the one from 20 years ago, but yeah, you're right. There was that one too. That's okay. That's that's what I was thinking of. You're right. But Minnesota, that's the other one. Yeah.

All right. I think we can do one more. They upgraded to running back. They need a second running back. Otherwise they're in the same spot.

You're on AJ Dylan bags for $2 million a year. I say, no, no, we can make that one pretty quick. Yeah. The only, okay. Let me ask you this real quick, fob.

And then we'll do the last one. Um, you should go to the lions. Cause then he's door counties.

You can take the ferry across. Yeah. AJ Dylan's a guy. I don't mind if he stays in the NFC north. In fact, I want him to the bears running back room is too full.

So it won't be there. What do you just, what if he went to Minnesota with AJ with a J G's? Cause that was the confusion from the other day with Aaron Jones. Cause they released, they released Madison.

Who else do they have? You got tied Chandler. I think. Okay. Yeah. Um, Mike Boone's still there.

Probably not. Toby Gerhart might be. I was a Mike Boone truther in some dynasty leagues.

Yeah. We all were held on to him for awhile. He got to start where he was the number one guy.

I don't remember which game it was and I was fucking jacked and he didn't do anything. So I know you've done it. So I know you've done the proper analysis and your brain's had time to contemplate like the Josh Jacobs contract versus the Aaron Jones contract, but you were surprised at the market valuation difference between Josh Jacobs and Aaron Jones. Um, I'm holding on then that that's the age again, maybe. Right. But I think that's like the digested version where you're like, okay, Aaron Jones seemed to sign pretty quick.

I wonder if like how much research went into that or if they just figured, nah, seven's the most you're going to get. Just take it. You mean like with his agent, like once he got that offer from the Vikings. Yeah. Yeah. I mean like, again, like it, it, in hindsight, it makes sense.

Like once you digest it, you're like, oh yeah, that makes sense. Because Bart, even when we were talking fresh off the news of this earlier in the week, but um, like I think you and I were like, yeah, you know, maybe they slightly downgraded it running back. But I wonder if this is like so much of a Josh Jacobs is better than Aaron Jones as much as it's Josh Jacobs project to be healthier than Aaron Jones, which is just all the age thing.

Right. Like it's an equal, like what if, would it be that crazy to say that if the package front office said, you know what, Josh Jacobs and Aaron Jones are equal to each other, they're the same running back. However, one is three years younger. The three years younger guy is worth twice as much because Josh Jacobs got like 14 million guaranteed and Aaron Jones got 7 million guaranteed. Like that's a, I mean, doesn't need, you don't need me to do the, Hey, that's two times more math, but that's two times more like that's um, and that really just must just be the, Hey, if you are a 29 30 year old running back, you're getting a one year deal and you will, you will smile about it.

You better be happy about it because that is the most you could possibly get. I think you just answered your own question. Yeah. Well, they're mercenaries. Now I said last night, I'm not sure another running back will ever have his number retired again. Ooh, there's an interesting topic.

You're never going to be with a team long enough. Interesting. Thank you.

God, you do good work. Even when you're falling apart, Bart Winkler. Are there any, are there any current running backs who maybe Derek Henry, did you say, did you say hall of fame? Uh, he'll get in the hall of fame. Did you say hall of fame or did you say number retired by number retired team hall of fame or NFL hall of fame? No, these guys won't get into NFL hall of fame.

They can play long enough, put up numbers, but to be with a team for they're not, no one's getting their number retired. Yes. Is there any NFL current NFL running back who you could say has a good shot at the hall of fame one day?

It probably would be Derek Henry. No, no. Oh, he's got a lot of accolades. Yeah.

I mean, especially if you would, I mean, cause you wouldn't thousand yards and you wait for the Titans though. I can't get over that. That doesn't count. Okay, fine.

Does it? Am I wrong? Am I wrong? I'm not wrong though. Like it is a weird, I don't know.

It's like, that's your guy. Like your one, I don't know. Does, um, do college statistics factor into a pro football hall of fame resume? Uh, it's the pro football. I guess.

Well, Hey, maybe that's okay. They, they get paid now. Hmm. Interesting.

What happened to the game? I love, Oh, are they pros or who are simultaneously college kids? The number retiring thing is interesting because of course Tim Shea would tell you in order to get your number retired, you'd have to be a hall of Famer. So I guess I'm not saying that that's what the Brewers are saying. All right. I think when, I think when the Brewers go on all star break this year, I'm just going to do a full week on, should they retire?

Ryan bronze number like guests every day. Like I'm just, just to be an ass. Like I'm just going to turn that into a whole week.

I think that sounds like a worthwhile battle to fight. Probably have Tim Shea call in. I like it. If the Packers, I don't know if I have an for this, but like if is, is there anybody else in the free agent market? Maybe it's Mike Williams. Maybe it's someone who hasn't even been released yet is if the Packers were to do one more splashy thing, what would it be for you? Another safety. Some of these guys are going pretty cheap. Another body in the secondary.

Yeah. Corner safety. I think we're a linebacker, but the linebackers are in demand because I don't think any of these teams like the actual prospects. I don't think this is a good linebacker class at all, which is why Kenneth Murray is getting a bunch of money. I know Bart likes that guy. He's not that good though. Have you heard, have you heard from Horvat since Patrick queen was signed? That was his guy. I don't know if it's still his guy, but it definitely was strongly his guy. All right.

The last one I just want to do is a, a Buck's confidence meter. When we talked a week ago, we talked about they were on a winning streak and it was like, maybe Middleton's just a nice to have and they can win without him. And boy, that aged well over the past week. Since then they've been what they lost three games on the West coast. Didn't look particularly good. Your confidence in the bucks is very high still, or it's that it's still very high.

I just want to get a gut check on where you're at. I had a, I had a friend last night text me cause you know, they lose. And then he says, this team isn't it. Dame doesn't want to be here. Like it's like, what about all this shit that you're not?

People, people don't have overarching. Like if the bucks win, it's like solid win. I'm really liking that win. If they lose, it's like this whole thing is a disaster.

It will not work. The level of where we're reacting is, is very skewed. Yeah.

Well, are you still, so you're, you're, you're mad at those people, but where are you at confidence wise? I'm confident they'll go to the Eastern conference finals. And then I don't know what the hell's going to happen. I will add onto that. Look, if you're comparing the bucks to the Celtics or to the nuggets, you're not going to have a good time.

Okay. I don't think they should be compared to those two teams who have been together forever, have had the same coach for a while, have grown up together, especially without Chris Middleton compare the bucks to that next year of teams. And I think on their best night, they can absolutely compete and contend within that next year of teams.

And then come the playoffs, you just need to get a little lucky and you need to go on a little run, right? But if we compare every night to the Celtics or to the nuggets, we're never, we're never going to be happy. And I just don't think that's how we should view this team at least in year one, just that would mean that you're setting up for the idea that, okay, they lose to the Celtics and the Eastern conference finals.

And you're going to say, Oh, Oh, Oh, I mean, that's kind of what I expected. Look, this team might not win the championship this year. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Only one team gets to win the title.

So we can't every night, like not every night, every night be thinking about that. No, you cannot lose in the conference finals. They've lost before the conference finals the last two years. They have, they have. Um, so your confidence grant is still where like, you're not, you're not going to fall into the week over week trap. No, no, I'm getting frustrated. It's taken Chris Middleton to go, you know, take so long to come back from a rolled ankle. That's annoying as hell.

That has me bothered. But the team as a whole in their direction, I, I, there were a lot of good signs this last week. It sucks. They lost to the Lakers. That was a bummer.

If they get that win, they split the games on the road trip and there's actually a lot of good, but one in three with a bad loss to no LeBron and no AD kind of sucked. Doc rivers will be answering Chris Middleton injury questions for the rest of doc rivers and Chris Middleton's respective careers or it's a big part of the job. Yeah. Oh, I've seen this joke before, but which Middleton is more MIA Kate or Chris?

I have not seen that. Chris, you know, what's going to happen. I saw a tweet earlier, someone with a theory. Oh, that's right. Kate Middleton is going to return at WrestleMania and win the belt. That's how this is setting up. Is he part of the bloodline?

It could be never know. Uh, what's do you, what's on tap for the Bartle meter. I want to conclude every week with a tease. If you have one Bartle meter is going to be a light one this week, it's going to be, um, uh, sporting events that are most fun to watch with other people. Oh, that's kind of fun. And, uh, I'll give you, I'll give you a spoiler. One of the top eight is the masters when it's on Easter Sunday, when you're at your grandpa's.

Ah, very specific. I like that. We'll wrestle the watching experience will WrestleMania make an appearance on the list? Um, I don't think so. Could you say like UFC slash pro wrestling, big fight. I'd say a big fight, big fight feel. Yeah. But it's all leading into March madness is what the point of it is. I see is March madness fun to watch with a group though, because there's so many, I mean, if you're talking like the opening, like March madness has for it is that first weekend when it's noon and you have that feeling like we should be working, but we're out drinking and there's sports on. That's a big positive for it.

Very sassy, uh, approach to that one from you. That was the best thing in, in school though, especially like I had a buddy who lived across the street from school. So during March madness, Thursday, right. He was like, go to lunch at his house for 40 minutes and watch whatever you could real quickly. Social studies teacher brings out the projector. Yeah. You've had a teacher that's done that. Oh yeah. Like just to watch a random March madness game. He says, all right, I'm going to turn on the basketball.

You guys just, this is a homework time. Oh my God. That's awesome. That's cool.

I never had that experience. All right. All right guys.

Thank you. As always no show next week of any kind, I'll be on vacation for a mental health break. It's important that we talk about and address mental health in this country. I I'm good on you, Bart. Go down there.

Get a good mental health break in. Will I return? I don't know.

I'm not, I'm not positive yet that I come back. Do you want to send us the passwords to get into this just in case to continue the legacy and in the event that you buy your seven acre place and don't come back? Yeah. It's Rogers lover 69. That's what I, that's what I had. I made it a long time ago. Appreciate you both. Goodbye. Goodbye. Bye friends. Bye. Bye. Bye.

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