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The Sean Clifford thing isn't a thing, NFL needs an answer to a very hard question, Party Planning Committee Meeting

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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August 21, 2023 6:00 am

The Sean Clifford thing isn't a thing, NFL needs an answer to a very hard question, Party Planning Committee Meeting

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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August 21, 2023 6:00 am

Bart explains the absurdity of what Packers fans are doing with the conversation around Sean Clifford and discusses how the NFL should handle player injury incidents in the regular season. Then the show turns into a meeting on what we still need for this Wednesday's tailgate

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler and this is the Bart Winkler Show. All right. It is the 21st of August.

Oh, shit. It's my parents' anniversary. Happy anniversary, guys. You will get a card in the mail maybe next week. And I don't know, what do you get for your parents' anniversary? Sometimes we get, sometimes we get them like a lot and sometimes we get them like nothing. I don't know.

I don't know. Anyway, this episode is going to be me talking Packers for a little bit. Then it's going to be the Packer YouTube we did on Saturday night. And then that delves into basically the party planning committee for our tailgate, which is coming up at Miller Park, whatever, in the Euchre lot on the 23rd. We do advise that if you're coming, let's just get there, get there when it starts and let's have a good time. My biggest concerns right now are that the grid that I bought isn't going to be big enough for the amount of people that are coming. And then my second concern is that there's going to be a lot of people like, like a lot of people are coming like, you guys all know each other from Twitter and YouTube and this, but then is the conversation going to be weird and everyone's talking to each other. So I hope that the alcohol will help in that regard. And for the first problem, we'll just, you know, whatever, we'll just hope that we get lucky. There are some things that we could use.

Matt in the Falls does join the YouTube and he has a very comprehensive list. If anybody sees something or hears something that they want to chip in with, we will be more than appreciative for you to do that update since that happened. I found some bags of Doritos at pick and save for $2.99, $2.29 each if you buy four. So we now have more four, we have four bags of Doritos secured for the tailgate. So we're, we're really, we are really going places with this.

Okay. I'll start with the Packers tomorrow. We'll talk about the Brewer series in Texas. Nice bounce back for them regardless after what happened with the Dodgers. So good to see like it's, you know, they give you some offense a little bit in the weekend and then where was that in LA. But you know, I think this Brewers team just get into the playoffs, try to win that NL central. It is a real bites of the apple year. I can't stress that enough.

I have no idea. I don't think like they're not, the playoffs are probably going to be Atlanta Dodgers in the NLCS and then Houston and you know, maybe Texas or another team in the ALCS. That'll probably be how it goes, but it's baseball and any team can miraculously like have a series and shake things up. So we'll see again how that plays out.

All right. Regarding the Packers. And again, this is, these are my Sunday thoughts as I'm recording this on the Sunday and then the YouTube, which you may have already seen or didn't see. I think a lot of like stragglers catch the YouTube cause I title it Packers reaction.

You know, I try to SRO that thing and then people are watching it and all of a sudden we're planning this party and they're like, you know, what is, what is this show? But whatever. The thoughts that I have after having the thoughts that I initially had, let me start with the Sean Clifford thing. The Sean Clifford thing is not a thing. This Sean Clifford thing is really maybe it, I think it's Packer fans trying to test how dumb we can be during a preseason before the, before the season starts. You know, if there's any concerns we should be thinking like, is Daniel Carlson the guy and I, what he hit a 52 yarder that was really good. We should be focused on some of these guys defensively that might be playing their way on to camp. We should be looking at these wide receivers.

You know, is there a guy like, like Heath? Is, is he a guy who's emerging and can be a part of this team? The running backs, this Wilson kid playing very well. The offensive line, where does Zach Tom, you know, start?

He's been playing very well. So there's a lot of like things that we could be and should be focused on, but we are really testing ourselves in terms of like how dumb we can get. In the regular season, I feel like most of us are like, we're polished with our thoughts, with our takes. In the preseason, anything stupid is up for grabs.

Any, anyone's willing and eligible to play and anything stupid is up for grabs. And the fact that there's people arguing that Sean Clifford could be, should be the starter in Green Bay over Jordan Love is pure nonsense. And I wonder if this is a, if this is a reflection of like how information works or if this was something that would always develop. So how I see it happening is, you know, somebody online, whether it's Facebook or whatever, cause I'm seeing a lot more, I'm seeing a lot more like all these people that think Sean Clifford, you know what I'm doing right now? All these people that think Sean Clifford should be the quarterback. What are they thinking? But I'm seeing very little people say Sean Clifford should be the quarterback.

Now I tweeted that out and there was one gentleman, young man, Jack, who says, actually I'm that guy. What he's saying though, once I dug into it a little more, is that he's saying, Hey, look, this Sean Clifford guy could be a starting quarterback possibly for the Packers in the future. Like let's not write that off. We're liking what we're seeing out of this fifth round pick, maybe similar to Sam Howell. You know, Sam Howell was behind to Heineke and Carson Wentz last year. Suddenly they're gone.

They didn't work. And now a fifth round pick in Sam Howell a year ago is getting starts. Is he going to be good? Is he not going to be good? We can ask Toby about that another time.

In fact I did on Friday's show for CBS Sports Radio, Toby always a trooper. But with this, it's like, if you want to have the take that Sean Clifford can be a longterm, if you're, if you watch two preseason games and think Sean Clifford can be the quarterback for the Packers someday, you're assuming that, you know, he'll be good. That Jordan Love will be bad. I think like you can look at Sean Clifford and be like, all right, this, but to suggest that he should be starting week one, that, that is, that is, that is, that is like, it's ridiculous. And it's irresponsible. And it's stupid. It's just stupid.

Cause first of all, so here's where I'm coming from this. If you watch Sean Clifford play, and this is not like, I don't know, even I keep, this is not Sean Clifford that I know. Penn State fans have to be like, who the hell is this? You know, cause he's playing competent. He's leaving, he's leading drives on the field. He's playing very well. And one of the things that I wanted to see, I wanted to see him continue to lead that drive game got called early. We'll talk about that in a moment, but I wanted to see like more Sean Clifford. I think he's having a nice camp, a nice preseason, and he's really entrenched himself into that QB two spot where I thought actually, once they cut Danny Etling, that Alex Magoo, this USFL MVP would come in and be that guy. But no, Sean Clifford is going to be your QB two.

So if you like Sean, if you're like, Hey, this guy's better than I thought he was, you know, there could be a career here. That's, that's totally fine. That's totally fine. We're all excited about Sean Clifford. Okay.

All right. To suggest he could be QB one week one, again, is cuckoo bananas. There's no like scenario under which the Packers would ever do that.

And there's no evidence as to why they should. We're talking about Sean Clifford in the same game where Jordan Love, there was that snap mishap. Jordan Love looked amazing. Jordan Love looked amazing. I'm on CBS sports radio watching this game, giggling, giggling. I mean, I, you know, I tell people I'm a Packer fan, but I'm like, I'm like straight out, just like fanboying over that throw to dubs on the sideline and then the touchdown to read.

I mean, it was incredible. So Jordan Love has played like a QB one. There's a lot of teams right now that are watching their first year quarterbacks that would kill to have them play like Jordan Love. If Bryce Young was having the preseason that Jordan Love is having, Oh my gosh, the stories that would be written about Carolina. If CJ Stroud was doing that in Houston, if Richardson was doing that in Indianapolis, Jordan Love is just quietly like having an incredible preseason.

It looks very, very good. Is he Aaron Rogers? Is he Brett Favre? Like is, is that what we're comparing him to? I think, I think like our minds are twisted where he's either going to be that or he's going to be like terrible, like a Brett Hunley. Can he be Jordan Love?

Can't, can he fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum? Do we have to compare him to Aaron Rogers? And some would say yes, because we moved on from Rogers to go to Jordan Love, but this is still a guy at the beginning of his career. If you want to compare them to like Rogers and Favre in their first years, I think there's more, there's more of that, but I'm not comparing what I'm seeing out of Jordan Love and preseason to Aaron Rogers MVP seasons. Now last year, the way that Rogers played, and we'll see how much of it was the thumb or old age or regression.

I thought that Jordan Love could have easily did, if not better, almost assuredly better than what Rogers did in those final five games where yes, the Packers won against some dog shit teams and Rogers was very pedestrian. So more on this in a second. I do want to remind you about my good, good buddies at promo code is BART, 25% off each and every order. Saturday night I was by my loan. It was by my lonesome. Wife and kid out of town. I couldn't make it because I had to work doing the, doing the CBS weekend.

So indulged a little further than my normal intake in the gummies. I was a very nice and productive night as I just kind of sat there and ingested Agents of Shield season seven. That's where I met my Marvel watch. I did Loki and then I did Agents of Shield.

I would recommend if you're doing, I should do a thing on this. I would recommend watching all the Netflix ones at the same time and not jumping back and forth. And then I'd recommend season six and seven of Agents and Shield after Loki. I think that makes the most sense because they talk a little multiverse and they're playing with time. And I think, you know, Agents of Shield in the beginning, you're like, this show is terrible. Oh, season seven is so, so good. And I can't wait to finish it.

So that's just my little Marvel thing. But as I was just like letting the screen hit my face on Saturday night, I want to thank my good, good buddies at Happy Place Hemp for those moments. The promo code is BART, 25% off each and every order. promo code is BART. We're driven by the search for better, but when it comes to hiring, the best way to search for a candidate isn't to search at all. Don't search MATCH with Indeed. Indeed is your matching and hiring platform with over 350 million global monthly visitors according to Indeed data and a matching engine that helps you find quality candidates fast.

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You need Indeed. All right, let's talk a little more about this Danny Etling thing. So here's what I think is happening. There are people in friend groups or in Facebook or Twitter that say, hey, Danny Etling should be QB one. And I don't think they're serious.

I don't think anyone that's saying it is serious. But then what happens is that someone sees that and then they're freaking out like, how could anyone? And then what happens is that a guy like Gary Ellerson sees that, okay? And then Ellerson's tweeting about it on Saturday night where he's saying, he's saying, I'm seeing more tweets about Clifford's performance than Jordan Love. Are you all thinking Clifford should be the starting QB? So now it's become like this topic and radio stations will do it. And I think like Homer did it already. Like I think these, you know, it's like, what, what do you, what do you get the, it's a month of saying the same thing in the preseason.

So what fires up the phone lines? What gets things going crazy a little bit, a ridiculous argument against the straw man. And that's what I am doing right now.

This is what I am doing right now. I am making content against an argument that doesn't exist. And to those who it does exist for, they are unserious and don't believe what they are saying. Okay. So again, if someone's out there saying, oh, well, man, Sean Clifford's a lot better than I thought he was. Maybe he's a long-term option down the road.

If this love thing doesn't work, I don't see any thing crazy about that. If you're looking with your eyes and seeing Sean Clifford should start week one, you're not serious. You don't believe it. I mean, not, not even, not even Betty Clifford believes that not even Clifford, the big red dog believes it. Okay.

Nobody, nobody believes this and you're not being serious. So that needs to end. And I wonder if that's a product of our social media days or if like in sports radio in 1995, you know, Mike and the mad dog Milwaukee would be like, let's, let's rile up the fan base to see if Sean Clifford should start.

So I just don't know if it's a social media thing or if it's just people being people on that topic. The other thing coming out of this game that I, you know, we talk about a little bit in the YouTube, which is the game ended early and Isaiah Bold and cornerback for the Patriots went down, ran into one of his own guys and he got knocked out and they stretchered him off the field. Now I do think there was, this is a response to Damar Hamlin. Like they would, they, they still would have taken every precaution with him, but I do think that they've ramped it up. You know, they've added more medical staff to these teams. That was scary last year. I honestly don't know what football looks like.

Had Damar Hamlin passed away last year. I, I, how do you continue the season? How do you come back? How do you like, I mean, if we watch somebody die, how do we justify with ourselves that we can watch this sport quick aside, they need to change the comeback player of the year award. Like I took a call on Saturday and someone's like, I think Russell Wilson can be comeback player of the year.

I go, no, he can't. He w he's coming back from sucking. Damar Hamlin's coming back from being almost dead and you can bet on it. The odds are minus 235 Damar Hamlin and everybody else is like plus 2000. You know how like if Russell Wilson beats out Damar Hamlin for comeback player of the year, that just further emphasizes that Russell Wilson's year last year was worse than death.

Like that's bonkers. So that's a weird award. Cause sometimes, sometimes like Geno Smith got it last year.

Geno Smith's best year was last year, far and away. What did he come back from? No, it was just the guy that sucked as a starter, then sucked a long time as a backup and then was good.

What's he coming back from? Then you have like, so there should be a comeback player of the year. Like you don't suck anymore award. And then like Joe Burrow can make it after a leg injury. Alex Smith nearly needed to be amputated and he won it one year. What if you're someone who really is motivated to, if you're someone, Eric Barry got it after beating cancer. So if you're someone really motivated, if you had a down year and comeback player of the year is an award you want, you got to hope that nobody like nearly died or almost lost a leg. Weird award. I like, I like the spirit of it, but I don't think you, I don't think people should be competing for the same award if it's you were bad and now you're good.

And also you nearly died or lost a limb. I think there needs to be a separation. Separation between those two things. The thing with the, the game ending early, and I don't think that anybody had a problem with it. This is a scary situation and they want to make sure this guy's okay. So it's the fourth quarter of a preseason game and you end it. I think what would people need to realize when they buy preseason tickets is you already know you're not watching the actual NFL product. I think you need to know a little further that there's a, there's a, there's a decent chance the game won't finish. Now, a lot of the games over the first two weeks did finish, but there we've seen historically just as Packer fans, I think there was a game against the Chiefs one year with lightning, they called it in the third quarter. There was that game that they played the Raiders in Canada that the field was messed up. And so they played like an 80 yard field.

Yeah, I don't know if you're getting your money's worth there. The hall of fame game they were supposed to play, but the paint was bad. The turf was bad.

So they didn't play that. I feel like Bill Belichick has called games early before I thought the hall of fame game this year when the lights went out, they would just call it. I mean, these preseason games, the teams spend all this money and effort to try to get these, these locations.

And it does seem like if there's a opportunity to shut it down, they'll just shut it down. And now this is a different situation than let's wait out a lightning storm. But what I'm saying is when you go to a preseason game, if there's something that would happen in a regular season game that would delay the game in a preseason game, it's going to end it. Okay. And I think what the NFL needs to do with this specific situation is, and this is where it kind of gets into the insensitive, insecure stuff. Cause they're going to be very precautious and I'm not like, I feel like they made the right decision.

Okay. I think that they made the right decision. I mean, they made the right decision. I'm like borderline hesitant to say Belichick ran a little too fast to the floor to tell him it was over, but they made the right decision. And especially these guys practice, they, they got their money's worth. They got their money's worth.

The teams did, they did two interest squad scrimmages that week. So they've seen everything they need to see against the Packers. They don't need this next 10 minutes, but the fans, if you paid for a four quarter game, you know, you didn't get that. I know it's preseason and I know, but you know, I think where I'm going with this is the NFL needs to like, if a guy, this is a violent sport and they've got to come up with some sort of protocol where they can't, they can't just suspend a game. Every time the stretcher comes out, the stretcher, the stretcher is going to come out a lot in the NFL this year.

And it's going to be a moment where we all think, Oh man, this is the, you know, it's tough. It's tough to negotiate how we watch this game, but now with them being extra precautious, cause the DeMar Hamlin situation was so, so close, man, and they're going to be extra precautious and they should be, but with it being that like, I don't know. I think we're going to get into these weird areas where there's going to be a game and like a guy gets stretchered early first quarter, what are you going to do? You're going to send everybody home and come back the next day.

Does that alleviate the thing? Are you going to not play the game? I don't, this is a violent sport. And so violence is going to happen and we're trying to make it as safe as possible. But that hit against Bolden was you can't, you can't, you can't prevent the only way you can prevent that is if you don't play the game. Wasn't a tackles two guys running into each other flag football won't even stop that. You'll still have guys run into each other.

You know, DeMar Hamlin was a freak thing too. So I just think the NFL, there, there might be a situation this year where a guy gets stretchered off and the impulse is going to be suspend the game, but they got to have like, I hope that they have more of a plan for that. There's a multi-billion dollar industry.

I'm just some guy. I hope they got a plan for that. So that's just where I'm thinking with that. If you, if you were at the game and you're upset, you didn't get to see a full game.

I think you will, I think you will live on and carry on another day. I think, I think that, you know, it'd be nice if the NFL just was like, Hey, everybody that when here's 10 bucks, it probably shut a lot of people up. If they're upset at 10 bucks can do a lot in terms of shutting people up for a refund. Sometimes you would just want a refund. Sometimes people like I take a refund on everything.

I just want a refund, you know, I'll pay for it, but then I want to refund all the time. Makes me feel good. So I think that's an interesting kind of thing.

All right. The Dan Cheney YouTube stream, you can catch the next part on YouTube. We get an appearance from Chip, a Fondy guy. I don't believe he's been on the stream before.

Matt in the falls joins. We talked some Packers and then it's like once you, if you're not going to the tailgate and you start to hear full blown party planning, you know, you can dip if you want, unless you want to hear how a party is coming together and what we still need for this tailgate. I'm also watching live the leagues cup final. Congrats to Messi. I did not get up for the world cup final. Congrats to Spain. Dan Cheney, YouTube stream is where you can find the following and enjoy whatever part of this you feel like listening to Packers.

The game is final 21 17. Some guys on defense look pretty good. Very excited about Carl Brooks. They want to see him play with the starters.

Very excited about Engleberry. You get a couple of sacks or defensively while the Patriots on their final drive, really took to the Packers. I think there's a lot in this. That's what you got to try to find in these preseason games. You're not getting like the one versus the ones very long, although the Packers ones did look good.

We'll talk about that, but you got to look for the things that are exciting. You can't be like, Oh, the Packers run defense is struggling. That's not the run defense. You got to look at guys that are making an impact and making plays. Carrington Valentine. He's a real darling of camp. And he is a, you know, he, he made some nice plays tonight. Also got picked on a little bit. Also had some penalties.

So he's, I think somebody that everybody's rooting for, but his night was kind of a shaky to say the least. So that's like from the defensive angle, I'm burying the lead here in terms of how the Packers played. Jordan Love was terrific and I was doing CBS sports radio while watching this game. And I started like being giddy. And I think when Jordan love through his touchdown, I said, Oh, we got another one. We got another one. And I was, I, I, I went totally out of broadcast mode into the Packer fan mode is what I did. Cause Jordan love, you know, the first drive.

Okay. There was the snap at fumbled. I'll blame Josh Myers. Cause I'm a Jordan love Homer now, but Jordan love in this game had that really nice drive five of eight total 84 yards and a touchdown. Sean Clifford had a decent night too, but Jordan love looked really good, looked really sharp. And I think, yes, if you're like somebody who wants your narrative to be that he's going to stink, I don't think the evidence in this preseason as little as it is, is like, you're not getting the evidence that you want. It's not, it's not there.

So that's, I like that. The running back, the running back Emmanuel Wilson, he had pretty much every carry in the second half, 15 for 63 Malik Heath, five for 75 as a receiver, Jayden Reed caught the touchdown. That was awesome to see grant DuBose who is trying to fight to make this team. Romeo Dobbs had that 42 yard catch that was reviewed and he got in somehow. I think that's when we were like, Oh, Jordan, I wish that would have been all it was. And then that touchdown to read and everybody got super excited. So really good to see that tough to see how the game ended, but in terms of Packer wise, there were a lot of positive signs.

Matt is in the falls is on your screen. Hey, buddy, what's up? How's it going? Good. I'm also doing this. I'm watching the leagues cup final between Miami and Nashville. What does that mean? It's messy.

The game messy is playing in English football. Are you frozen? Oh God.

Soccer. I'm not mad Nepal show. I'm not frozen. You were for a moment. No, no way. No way.

I'm right by my router. If I'm frozen, you went black and it gave me a little circle. If I'm frozen, I'm storming 18 T get your pitchfork light up the torch. John says about messy. Nobody cares. I care. That ruins your, like, it doesn't matter if I care that you're wrong.

I care you're wrong. Where's Tim. Tim was in the comments. Bring him in.

Oh, he's got the link. I don't know where Tim Shay is. Tim Tim is flirting in the comments that he might be able to come to the tailgate. Now go yourself.

Tim might've faked a medical emergency to get to this tailgate. It's unstoppable. Do you watch much of this game or no? I watched a large portion of it. I thought Jordan love looks really good. Oh, I kinda, I kinda had it on the background in the second half, but I did watch most of the first half. Um, throw to Dobbs was delightful. Really nice. Um, had some good runs.

I thought love looked good. Well, they're going to get better. Are you looking to get in chip? Give me a thumbs up. If you're looking to get in, are you looking to get in? No, you're just watching. Okay. Now some guys like in his bed, like watching from the stream yard.

Yeah. That's going to bring him in chip. He's watching boxing.

He's eating chips. Okay. I can see him.

Okay. I can see you. You want to come on?

How do you know he wants to come on chip? No, I'm watching a little UFC right now. I've since the Packer game got cut. Oh yeah. All right.

You're on your bed and I'm just sitting here waiting for you and Freeman to get back on the KFIZ airways. Yeah. How about that?

Mean frames are back together. Shut up. We did a, we did a game. We did a show that I watched it.

That was pretty awesome. Seeing you guys back together again. Now, should I keep that like a once in a lifetime or should I like talk to him every week?

No, I think you guys should do something together. I mean, I don't know how busy hoppers got them over at KFIZ now, but Oh, work into the bone. I'm sure I was working 12 hour days for hopper back in my time. Well now you know, they got that new studio. So yeah.

All right. I should say they're back at their old place. What'd you think of the game? Uh, I didn't get to really see much of it because I was at the Dells all fricking day. Oh, with the fam.

Yeah. Where'd you go? Newport beach. Oh, it's a private beach over by the river edge resort.

It's a free, free beach. Oh yeah. Now you're home. Yeah. No, no wrestling on until next weekend.

So now I guess I'll stick and watch UFC. Are you going to get the all in pay-per-view? Yeah. Yeah.

I don't think I'm going to, I think they need a better card. Is edge going to show up? Ooh.

I don't know. That's the, you know, there's, they're saying that he's not going to be the surprise guest, but all the dirt sheets are saying that he's all sides are leading to him being there. Who's going to be Goldberg. Fuck Goldberg. God, I can't stand that guy.

He needs to go away. Yeah. You guys want live play-by-play of the league's cup penalty kicks saves that guy dies riding messes. No, you got to get on Apple TV plus to get it.

So I could, I could illegally stream it here on my YouTube. Great reactions. All right. Do you have anything else? Nope.

Absolutely nothing for me. Well, good to see you. Oh, not me.

I'm not saying we got a lot to do. Come to find anymore. Yeah. Pat Olaf. I misses you. I'm his Pat. He's a great guy. All right. I agree by Jeff. All right. Bye Bart. Chip Fondy man back and gone.

Yep. Where's Q Q. I don't know. Maybe he's sleeping.

We've got a young baby. I'll text him. His, uh, his real name is like, once you know, I'm not going to say it, don't worry if you're out there. Um, but it like, it's so obvious. Like of course, that's his name. Like when you put it like his face matches his name, it's just not that there's a, I mean, it's a perfectly fine name, perfectly normal. Well, he just goes as Q. Yup. There there's a Q somewhere in his first and last name. I'll say that. I don't know if that, like, if he was my friend, I would come up with that as a nickname Q, but he might've come up with it himself. I think, I think so. So we're talking Packers, but we also, we need to talk tailgate.

Well, we can save that until, until we're done with the, uh, if anyone else wants to jump on and talk Packers. Well, I appreciate him. I don't know.

He keeps, he keeps being in the comments. I sent them to link. I appreciate you calling into the Saturday show. I did five hours on Saturday and then four, four on Sunday.

Yup. I stopped listening after I called, but I gave you a solid few hours with the ears. Final messy scored. Uh, yeah, that was really nice.

I, uh, really came in with like little to say, and I like doing the national show cause people will just call about like some guy calls and goes, yeah, yeah. I really liked how the bales looked tonight. The bills, all of a sudden I'm talking, I'm doing a bills post game show. Yup. What do you think about the Yankees loss today?

You think, you think they need to fire a Boone and Cashman all of a sudden I'm doing Yankees radio. What was the guy named Don? He had two questions for you. It was early on in the show. Oh, Don didn't know what was happening. I can't remember. Damn it.

I'll think about, but done. You loved him or at least you pretended to. Well, I, I am a, I'm generally nicer I think on CBS than I was on the fan. I'm less confrontational. One guy goes, one guy goes, Hey, uh, my, my, my little league teams, they don't do the Astros anymore. Cause of the cheating. What do you think about the Astros?

I go very topical and timely questions, sir. I mean, I'm talking Astros baseball. Oh, he said, if the bench is clear on a fight, um, the game should end in a tie in baseball. Oh yeah. I gave my very liberal take that I don't like fighting in sports. Yup.

I put that out to the, I like, I like that take. Yeah. I don't think you should be able to fight just cause you're an athlete hockey is a hockey is okay though. I mean, hockey is more of a gray area.

I get it. And you got gloves on. They throw them off, but they're likely to have gloves checking someone into a board is essentially fighting. Yeah.

Especially a cross check for baseball. These guys are fighting cause they got hit with a baseball going like a hundred miles an hour. Yeah. Well, besides that, just that minor detail, um, Matt LaFleur says, I do believe that Bolden had movement.

Not sure where he stands. Never want to see that. Belichick came out and basically suggested we should end this thing. And I was in total agreement.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean, Belichick, as soon as the guy went down, Belichick canceled that game. You don't want to be there. Who was it? Was it the Patriot? Isaiah Bolden.

I don't know who that is. Well, he's going to be top story. I'm not on X, so I'm a little behind on the news.

I need to figure out who's, who's throwing out the news on threads. You know, I think, um, just another Packer thing. And one of the things that I was talking about with the preseason games is you want to see, like, you just want to see little glimpses and for guys like Bryce young and CJ Stroud, like they're not really, they haven't really seen those glimpses yet. Anthony Richardson didn't play the bears.

Some no name I've never heard of from shepherd or some weird college ran for a touchdown as a quarterback. So they didn't play fields, but I think like this preseason for the Packers outside of how this game ended has gone as good as it could. I mean, the confidence is building in love love.

There was a play where he drew a 15 yard penalty with the, with the foul, the late hit and the team rallied and supported him. And if this year is all going to be about love and the development of love, I think everything's been great. Everything's gone absolutely according to plan. So yeah, good, good take by me.

Yeah, I agree. Sorry. I was just reading the comments.

I haven't read them yet. I've seen, uh, Tim Shea says, where is Cohen? Where's Cohen? Hockey. You can drill a puck into a dude and it's cool. Yep. That's true.

But they're also wearing like full armor basically, except for their teeth, which is wild. But that's just part of being a hockey player. You gotta be tough. Gotta be tough.

Well, it was just us girls. Uh, let's get the tailgate out of the way. All right.

Where's our, where are we at? You're getting the meat. Just, just, just hold on.

All right. So, uh, we have the grill reminder. We're doing it. If you have no idea, we're doing a tailgate Brewers twins on Wednesday. Are we playing the twins?

I had no idea. Yes. Okay.

So John says, man, Wes hasn't be good. Let's be honest. Yeah.

Well, I mean, we got to give him time. Sure. All right.

So we have Miami's about to win the league's cup. Can you hear my TV? Yep.

Isn't that illegal? Yes. How dare you?

Oh, they didn't quite win. Okay. There's a lot of fan bases and going to get in the, let me tell you something I'll get back to.

Okay. I got to tell you something that happened at my, uh, my kid at a picnic today for his daycare at Lake park and the daycare set up bouncy houses. That's pretty fun, right? So the park Marshall or ranger came over and said, you are not authorized to have these bouncy houses. You did not check the box that said you would want bouncy houses at the park. And the guy's like, well, I meant to. And she said, well, you didn't, it's a liability. We have to take the bouncy houses away. So they took them away.

And then later in the day we were playing some like dodge ball game and some lady like popped her hammy. No, no waiver sign there. Anyway, you were saying.

Yes. Um, so Jerry, speaking of Jerry, we'll get, well, we'll get to Jerry. We'll get to Jerry. All right. So we have covered, we'll just go over time in the kicks.

I got shut up about the soccer. So we have, we have a lot of things covered and we have, we have some needs. So hopefully some of the 70 people, uh, I think it's going to be more than that. I think people are going to, uh, like hop on last minutes or they're bringing people that, you know, well, let me pull people are here. I assume there's some people that are here that are just like, Oh, Packer stream.

What is this? And I assume there's some people that are like coming to the tailgate or at least know of it. Um, well, this needs to get recorded for the episode on Monday anyway, because people need to hear what needs to be broad and what to do and blah, blah, blah. Yeah. So if we're going, if we were thinking like, we're putting a lot of money into this. If we did like a 50 50, Oh, I have money as the last thing on the agenda. Okay. Well, I want to get that out there. If we did a 50 50, that would pay for the money, but then somebody goes away with money.

Would that be cool? Or do you want to just give it all to us? Cause we're spending a fair amount of money on this ourselves. Yeah.

I'm already 400 in, Oh, I'm up there myself. And I still have to buy more stuff and why not? Cause I know that we're going to get money back. People aren't just going to freeload this whole thing.

Are you kidding? I don't know, man. You shouldn't expect to get this for free.

Like what you get the podcast. I'm throwing the tailgate. I'm throwing the tailgate. Yeah. But I mean, this, this isn't, this is Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This isn't like New Jersey or something like, come on. This is, this is a community here. We're part of the Bart Winkler show community. So yeah, like we're, we're putting a lot of work into this already.

You, me especially Q if you're out there. And I feel like in this process, you and I have like gone from acquaintances to almost friends. I just, honestly, I just miss doing this kind of stuff.

I haven't been cooked for a lot of people in a long time, but I don't mean like two years. So it'll, it'll get some juices flowing. Yeah.

If you can't see me on the, on your listener, you're listening, I'm getting the juices flowing. Let's just say that. Well, can you rip through everything in like a three minute interval? Yes. So we have, I can just list those things we need. How about that?

Yeah. We need a charcoal and a lot of it from people who are going to be there early, namely you and me. So I don't know who else is getting there early. Is Q coming early? Is that happening? I don't think he can make it early. Okay.

So it's just you and me. When is Marty coming? He'll be there at 10, 10. He's already bringing beer. And, and apparently, table and let's see, canopies.

Do I have that correct? Okay. So we need, somebody has a chimney starter. Please bring mats, especially if you're coming early. Chimney starter for charcoal, the chimney starter for charcoal. We need fire starters. I don't use lighter fluid. I'll probably just pick those up just so I have them early, but there will be no lighter fluid. We need paper plates or some sort of plastic plate, something that isn't complete. I have napkins. During the pandemic, I tried to order toilet paper. I actually then I accidentally ordered a $60 box of napkins. Okay, good. I can cross that off the list. Let's see next. I'm bringing $60 worth of napkins.

That seems like overkill. We need hand sanitizer or something like that. If somebody wants to bring a little bottle of that or something and related, what is our access to a bathroom? There's bathrooms off the, there's, there's bathrooms. Like I've never been in this tailgate area.

Is this like a turn off the side? Yeah, but I've never, is it like a specified tailgate areas or just like here, you're in the middle of the parking lot and here you are. We have six parking spaces. You and I are parking in two of them. I thought it was eight. Now it's six. Now it's six or no, it's six.

It's six, but you and I are parking in two of them. Okay, so we're gonna do you know Bart 70? Okay. Anyway, moving on.

I'm going to risk it. Yes. Okay.

Oh wow. I'll be, I'll have space. I'm not going anywhere. Um, we have condiments covered. Yes, yes, yes. Uh, we need sauerkraut. Okay. Someone sign up for that.

Uh, they did. You're saying no, someone please. Oh yeah. Somebody just bring sauerkraut. You can get a decent sized bag for $3. We need several bags of those. Um, we need pickles. Somebody could bring some jars of pickles or a jar pickles if you're not bringing anything. You know, if you're stopping at the store the next few days, I'll tweet this out. I'll say who wants to bring this shit? Yeah, I'll send you the, uh, the list of what we need here.

Jerry, Jerry, I know you're out there. Uh, you've volunteered to bring 20 bags of chips. That's a lot with dip. That's a lot of bags of chip chips.

We're now in the ninth round of the shootout. I don't know what that means. Okay.

Uh, that's yeah. So that's a lot of chips. Maybe if you want to bring a few bit less bags of chips and more dips, just an idea, even out the ratios. Um, people, if you're bringing like a pasta salad, which is definitely encouraged, bring some forks or something. Oh, I got forks.

How many? I got a, I got a tray of silverware over a hundred. Cause people are going to like eat some, throw it away and then come back in like an hour and get another four. I should have enough. I feel good about that.

Should is a funny word. Um, yeah. So like a vegetable tray, uh, some desserts would be great, preferably homemade. Um, so if anyone wants to whip up some brownies cookies, this really got us, this really got out of hand part.

This is like a, this is a party for a game with Tim Shea part. I mean, if you're going to have food, why not have food? You know? Yeah, no, I'm not angry.

It's not like I'm going to be frying chicken there. Um, beer, uh, I need beer for brats. Uh, I'm thinking about using some of that 1840. Uh, what do you mean? 1840s bringing beer to drink. Yeah. But if, if it's in the brats too, that's another good advertisement for them.

Just like one. I'll bring a case of shitty beer. Um, now that Kidderock's drinking Bud Light, I'm going to bring all Bud Light.

I will not use Bud Light. Um, canopies. We got John and Franklin and Marty. Yup. You got that, that, that, uh, we need some games would be nice. Although we want to have space because everyone's going to be shoulder to shoulder in our four parking spaces. I think we'll be close enough to the front where we can like play on the grass. I hope so. Cause we have to set up, you know, the grill, the food, the table, blah, blah, blah. Or the best thing would be get by us, get early and get by us.

Uh, they won the league's cup. Great. Uh, I do have a table and I think I'm getting a, I think Marty might have a table. Okay. Yeah.

I have at least one table, possibly two, possibly three. I don't know. I got to look around. Um, what's fine asleep. That's okay.

Uh, water, uh, like bottles of water. I could get that. Um, I don't really think we can have beer as the only beverage just tonight.

I have a 12 pack of seven up. Okay. Um, so I guess people can bring, bring some beverages of their own, but we're going to have coolers. So I guess that just for the year, I don't know. I don't know. Um, starts at what's, what's the official start time for everyone else.

10, 10, 10, 10. So, I mean, we got, we got three hours. That's significant. So people should definitely fuck. I can't feel my like people like Tim Shea and Q and those, those kinds of people that you should get in nearby. So like, get ready to get in there at 10, 10, and then you can, uh, yeah, this is not something to be like fashionably laid for. Oh, that's what I was going to say too. Like you can just forget all that nonsense. Just like come early and just have a good time.

And, um, when the grill's hot, who knows, who knows what could go on there. So, um, yeah, that's pretty much it. Come early, come often.

Good stuff. Um, if, if you're not going to the tailgate and you sat through all that, I mean, I bet you want to go, content is content. Jr says is KB invited. Everyone's invited. Paul says, what about dancing girls? If any of the girls want to dance, that could happen. I think we're going to have a total of one girl there. No, maybe two.

I think, I think some dudes are going to bring their girlfriends. My foot is my whole leg is done. That's the, uh, what's the disease you have planter or don't have no, the other one. Oh, go go. Yeah.

It's probably a setting back in. Yeah. Well, I like, I don't have much of us about the Packers. I mean, what am I supposed to play?

I can just talk about love. I mean, the game ended shitty when we're recording this. I don't know how that's going to finish. I hope he's okay.

Joe leader man just said effort driving down from Hayward Wednesday just to watch Matt grill. You know this guy? No.

Okay. Well you got a fan. Hey, I think it will be fun. You guys know each other. Everybody knows each other, but only in video.

Now you guys are going to see each other in real life. Yep. Hey, just letting everyone know I'm six four. So you're like, Oh, wow. You're so tall. Did you play basketball?

No, I didn't. So you're six four. Yeah.

I thought I was thinking about this today. I knew you were tall, man. Well, yeah, I'm like skinny and yeah, six four. Oh, your buddy.

The Rottweiler can confirm you can grill. Yep. He, we've worked together.

Tailgate says, uh, Jake says tailgate's going to break out into an orgy. I'll film it. I don't know. Oh yeah. All right. There we go.

We're set. Everyone wants to throw in money for the tailgate. Now toss the depart Venmo.

Don't use YouTube. They take half half. They take a lot. Wow. Okay.

Yeah. Don't, don't give them money now then save 50 50 donations. You can just leave money lying around. We'll pick it up.

DM me like what you want to bring in. Uh, if you want a 50 50 idea, I don't know. It's going to be hard to track on Venmo. It'd be easy. Are you going to do it? Yeah, yeah. If we do it or do you just want to do a donation jar or both?

Hmm. We have a silent auction again. I don't, this is not, let's do a silent auction with like your class ring and other like memorabilia. You can get like 15 or 20 bucks. You know, you get more than that for the class ring hopefully, but you can do a silent auction. This is not a way for me to make money. You wouldn't make money. You have to recoup.

I don't want Matt to lose his ass. Ken says, will there be vegan options? Bring your own. And I, I can't guarantee vegan grill space.

So, um, I would bring your own cold vegan option. Yeah. I think this is a joke hopefully, but I don't know.

Probably not. Uh, your guy wants to know what the diet situation is. Uh, as far as diet soda, that's um, yeah, he's, he's diabetic. Um, BYO, BYO, uh, 20 ounce of diet Coke at the gas station the night before or even the morning up, but don't do it in Milwaukee County.

Buy it before you get into Milwaukee County. I don't know about that. Yep. All right.

I don't know what that's about. Well, I'm going to end this stream more of a meeting than a show today, but it's fine. Really disappointed.

Really disappointed in everyone for not, uh, hopping on Tim fucking loser. Yeah. Last Friday we had a nine box and tonight it's just me and you girls. Wasn't it like 12, 11. Yeah.

I can fit 10. That was last Friday. That was a while ago. I think. Yeah. Wow. All right. Go back.

Go hope that guy's okay. When Cynthia came to TurboTax, she had just launched her new side gig, a true crime podcast. I'm a first rate detective with a golden voice as her TurboTax expert. I made her second income count by guaranteeing 100% accurate filing and her maximum refund. What did she do with that refund? Find out next week, switch to into a TurboTax and make your moves count. See guarantee details at turbo slash guarantees experts only available with TurboTax live.
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