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2.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR
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February 6, 2024 8:14 pm

2.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 6, 2024 8:14 pm

Eric Eager, SumerSports l Vegas mayor tells A's to stay in Oakland l LeBron says he won't force Lakers to make moves at the trade deadline


I'm Tony and this is the Tony Kornheiser show. Wow, that makes it sound a bit more serious than it really is. So what exactly is the show about?

It's been almost 30 years and I still don't know. Right now we have some of the best voices in football come on to explain to us what we need to know in the college and pro world and we get weekly picks from a monkey. Do you really need more than that? I might just tell you about my bunker game and the latest failed entry in my quest to find the best coffee ice cream. No schmutz please. Listen on the Odyssey app wherever you get your podcasts. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love and many thanks to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. On your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, the free Odyssey app,, Sirius XM channel 158 and everybody tuned in on the smart speaker.

Hope you're having a wonderful day, a wonderful night, a wonderful evening, afternoon, whatever it is. Thank you for tuning in. We got a lot to get into over the next three hours. We get started every weekday, six p.m. Eastern, three pacific and we know that we are on the heels of the Super Bowl less than a week away.

The big game sunday night, Kansas City Chiefs 49ers. We're going to talk more football momentarily later on in the show. We're going to talk about Jose Altuve and his latest five year contract extension with the Houston Astros.

Altuve getting some money before Blake Snell and also cody Bellinger. But we're going to get into that. But joining us right now, speaking of the big game, his name is eric eager. He's the V. P. Of summer sports. You formally work with pro football focus. He knows all about the stats, the numbers, all the good things that, hey, I just like watching hit people. So we're going to get a different perspective. Eric, thank you for taking the time to hop on, man.

Hey, thanks for having me most definitely. Now, this is a question that's real important. You know, you know about the stats, the analytics. What are the odds that somebody somehow, some way involved in the NFL this game, this Super Bowl gets in trouble between now and monday?

Oh, I think it's pretty, I think it's pretty high. I mean, we've seen it happen before right there at robin's Eugene Robinson. It happened before. Um, maybe it's not directly involved with one of the teams, but I'm certain a media member, uh, might stumble across something, uh, that, that is unholy here and uh, and make some news.

Oh, yeah, always, always a media or at least some media person will unearthed it. Well, eric, I know you're out in Vegas. What is the vibe? I know it's early on in the week. Things really don't get kicking until the thursday friday.

But I know a lot of the execs are in town. What's the vibe in Vegas already? Well, it's rainy and cold, which like if you ever wanted to know like what God would do if we ever held the Super Bowl here, you know, now, um, that's been a little bit weird uh, there. But uh, you know, the radio row feels about the same as most Super Bowls, but it is different that, you know, it's being held in Mandalay Bay where, you know, we have, uh, you know, uh, the slot machines, blackjack table, uh, sports books, uh, things like that. Um, the other stadiums really close to all the festivities, which is a little bit different.

Um, but no, it feels really cool. You obviously have two teams were here four years ago, a little bit different now that the chief have gotten over the hump. San Francisco hasn't. Um, I think that there's a lot of pressure on the physical 49ers and the chief feel like they're playing without money and they're relishing, uh, you know, that that role of the villain eric eager is here with us. He's the V. P. Of sumer sports. Yesterday we had on your partner thomas Dimitra and he was able to provide us some perspective with his role, former role as a general manager, scout, executive, etcetera. What is your perspective on this game from a number standpoint?

What do we need to look out for? Well, I think the big thing is both of these teams are built in different phases of the team building cycle, right? That she's won the Super Bowl the first time against the Niners with Patrick Mahomes making, you know, rookie deal money in there, you know, them able to have the superstar Tyree killed Travis Kelsey, you know, frank clark, uh, even to a lesser extent, Sammy Watkins, Mitchell Swartz. Uh, you know, they traded Tyree kill, built the defense, you know, eight players last three drafts, six, uh, you know, that are starting on the defense in just the 2022 draft alone. One of the youngest teams in football, the first team in NFL history with a quarterback making the most cap money, uh, in the Super Bowl. Um, whereas the Niners, of course, they have a ton of superstars, five players who next year will make $20 million or more on the roster because Brock Purdy is making under 100 under a million dollars a year. You know, they're going to eventually have to be in that phase that they continue to work with Purdy, but they're, you know, a team with a ton of superstars surrounding a young quarterback.

And so it'll be interesting to see, you know, from an analytics perspective, you know, it's sort of which one prevails. Well, eric, you mentioned Brock Purdy. We've had so many conversations about Brock from a football perspective and you know, what does he do on the field and what type of guy he is, his interviews are perfect. And there's also a lot of, I don't want to say accusations, but hey, he's only good because of the dudes that surround him. When you take a look at the numbers and you possibly compare him to other QBs, you know, yeah, he's a finalist for MVP. Is he not contributing to the team as well?

People just make it sound like he's plug and play. What do the numbers say about him? Well, he averaged 9.9 yards of past attempts, which, you know, my boss, Thomas Mitchoff, you know, when he, you know, when he and Kyle Shanahan went to the Super Bowl, you know, just a few years ago, Matt Ryan was at 9.3 and that offense was incredibly scary. Patrick Mahomes this year just for reference, seven yards of past attempts. So every time Brock Purdy threw the ball, the 49ers averaged three more yards than every time the Chiefs threw the ball. So clearly Brock Purdy is doing something. You know, Mahomes has only one wide receiver with over 500 yards, only two players on his team with over 500 yards, so he's working with a lot less.

But, you know, I think the time is now to, you know, look at Brock Purdy and say, you know, yeah, he's got a lot to work with, but he's clearly doing something with that. And, you know, in the here and now, the Niners' job is to win this Super Bowl. And it's not, you know, none of our business right now to say, is he going to be worth the 50 million dollar contract that, you know, a veteran quarterback is worth? That's, you know, for a future, for a future person to ask, but for right now, he's certainly worth, you know, playing and if you like the Niners from this game, betting on. Eric Eager is here with us, the VP of Sumer Sports.

It's the chair of our sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio. When you think about the game in a whole, what do you give the edge to based on all the information that you have? Well, I think, you know, the 49ers are favored and you have to respect the markets. I think about a month and a half ago, they probably would have been favored by it closer to a touchdown. So, the Chiefs have certainly gotten their act together. They were the worst playoff team in the league in terms of penalty differential, in terms of turnover differential, but they've turned it around. They haven't had a penalty until basically halftime in the last two games. They've only had one turnover on offense the last two games.

Patrick Mahomes has not thrown an interception after generating a career-high 14. So, they're kind of a Lebron Cavs, if you will, this year where the whole regular season they kind of messed around and they got it together in the second half of the year. Their defense, the second best in football, they deserve that. I think if they play their game, which is low scoring, fewer possessions, force the other team to play left-handed, I think that they're at an advantage. I think if this game becomes a track meet, I think that the 49ers are a clear advantage. So, I don't think the Chiefs, if this game becomes one where the teams have to score in the 30s, I don't think the Chiefs can. It's pretty amazing how the Kansas City Chiefs have been able to balance out the team a little bit more, but more so even now relying a whole lot on their defense.

Eric Eager is joining us here on CBS Sports Radio. When you think about the offensive explosion in the NFL, are we primed to see just more diversity in the quarterbacks and their skill sets? Are we kind of moving away from the guys, 6'5", Herbert standing there in the pocket delivering the rock? I think so to an extent, but you know, what we have seen this year is more guys get hurt. And when you aren't that physical Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, you know, Justin Herbert player. I mean, Justin Herbert played the entire 2022 season with broken ribs and took that team to the playoffs. When we saw Joe Burrow, who is a very good quarterback but a little bit less physically imposing, play with a calf injury, it was a disaster.

He was a league record holder for low yards-for-pass attempts in September with a calf injury. I think you still, and this goes to Jayden Daniels, it goes to Caleb Williams, who's I think in a measure under 6 feet, I still think even though the league is more conducive to smaller players of the position, more conducive to more athletic players of the position, I think you still need to have some size because your sense of 2011 CBA, the gap between talent on the defensive line and gap between talent on the offensive line, has grown a little bit. And so quarterbacks are still going to get hit. A lot of the older players who, you know, were really good at protecting themselves, the Tom Brady's, Kate Mannix, Drew Brees, those guys have obviously aged out of the league. And so we're seeing more injuries of the position and we're seeing more guys have to play hurt and, you know, bigger quarterbacks play better when they're hurt than smaller quarterbacks. Eric Eager is here with us, knows all about sports analytics as it relates to the NFL. You know, I've had this conversation with a lot of athletes.

It doesn't matter if it's someone like Terrell Owens or we want to talk about somebody on a defensive line or even an Emmitt Smith. A lot of these dudes are not necessarily happy with just how less physical the game is. Do you think, over the next five to ten years, that I'm gonna turn on an NFL game and especially for the running backs, am I just looking at, hey we got four out, five out, am I looking at a track meet?

The game is just all or nothing it feels like. Well, teams have used fewer men in the box over the course of a few, so what I mean is fewer linebackers, more safeties, fewer defensive linemen, more linebackers. We've seen a trend and what was really interesting is, you know, offenses were down this year, especially the first half of the season, and the reason for it was defenses were actually much better this year at defending the run with fewer men in the box.

Remember, when we were kids, you know, the way that you defended the run was you brought the safety down in the box and made an eight-man box and you stopped the run that way. You can't do that anymore because passing offenses will kill you and so, you know, defenses have had to adapt and you know, the first adaptation was to just play six or seven men in the box and give up the run and deal with that and give up points that way in a slower fashion, but then defenses have gotten good at drafting guys like Jordan Davis and empowering players like Vida Veia and the like, where those guys can actually stop the run by two-gapping with lighter boxes and so offenses have struggled because that advantage has no longer been as big for them when they run the football on early downs against smaller defenses. Well, Eric, we know that the NFL is geared towards offense, it's geared towards entertainment, and this is this is a matter in all sports.

Greg Maddux, 20 years ago, 25 years ago, said chicks dig the long ball. Do you think that we are currently in a trend when it comes to young, offensive-minded head coaches and throwing the ball downfield or do you think we might find more balance at some point in the NFL? Well, the last hiring cycle was predominantly defensive coaches. We got, you know, Dave Canales went to Carolina and Brian Callahan went to Tennessee, but for the most part, we got Dan Quinn, we got Raheem Morris, we got Mike McDonald, we got a bunch of defensive-minded coaches getting head coaching jobs, and I think a lot of that was because, you know, a lot of the offensive talent, they got their jobs a couple years ago. They got their jobs over the past few years, so, you know, the league is nothing if not cyclical.

I agree with you that over time, if you zoom out, the trend is clearly towards offense, but I actually think that in the current NFL right now, we're seeing a little bit of a decline in offense and a little bit of, you know, because of the the retirement of some of these QBs and some of the injuries that we've seen to some of the good QBs like Herbert and Burrow, we're actually seeing a little bit of a renaissance in defense, which I think some of us, you know, people who love the game back all the way back to when we were kids, I think we welcome that a little bit. Well, Eric, you take a look at some of the teams that need a quarterback in this upcoming draft. You mentioned Dan Quinn.

We know that the commanders are going to be in the market. When you think about who's available coming out of the draft, I should say, who do you think is going to make the easiest transition given his skill sets? I think that Drake May, you know, has some some really good traits to him as far as, you know, quick release. You know, he's okay at sack avoidance, which is something that I think we're going to have to have a tough conversation with with Jayden Daniels, who I really like, kind of that everything else, the running ability, the pass, you know, the rubbery arm that he has, the rubbery arm that Caleb Williams has, but I think May, you know, combines, you know, the size, the arm strength, the movement skills, and he's going to go to Washington probably at two unless they trade up for Williams. I think that that's going to be a good prospect for them, and, you know, in the secondary part, you know, the bow nixes, Michael Pennix, Michael Pennix took a sack on less than 10% of the time he was pressured over the course of his career, both at Indiana and Washington. That is a trait that generally propagates from college to pro, and it's one where, if you look at his in history, some of the underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, all the way back to Doug Williams, and even Dan Marino, who I think is, even though in his holiday career I think was underrated, some of the guys who won more games than people expected on the win were always good at avoiding sack, and Michael Pennix had that trait, and so does Bow Nix, underratingly. So those are two guys that if I were, say, Carolina, or I was a team maybe that was looking to hedge their bets on their young quarterback and get a second guy in that room, those are guys that I'd look to.

It may be day two. So when it comes down to Pennix Jr., age and injury be damned, it's more so about what's in between his ears. Exactly. I think he's a good processor, I think he's accurate, of course, and he obviously had a great game against Texas, not as good against Michigan, but that's a national championship defense, and when you're drafting a guy late first or, you know, as I said, day two is probably the better value for him, you know, you're not getting the perfect prospect, but as the Eagles showed with Jaylen Hertz, you don't need a perfect prospect to win football games at that position as long as you support him and build the offense around him, and I think that's the kind of play of the Pennix, and to a lesser extent, I think the kind of play of the Po-Nix will be at the NFL level.

Eric, final question for you as we wrap things up. Speaking of the draft, there is a guy already in the NFL, we've seen him, Justin Fields, unfortunately, banged up here and there. What do you, what is your evaluation of the guy, and what do you think the Chicago Bears should do? Well, it's tough because I don't think that he's gotten necessarily the fairest shake there, right?

The combat was kind of the best option they gave him for a while. Darnell Moody, the offensive line wasn't particularly good at first. They've done a better job over the years giving him a, you know, running game with Foreman and Herbert and giving him DJ Moore and, you know, Kamesh done a good job. Darnell Wright was taken in the draft, but it just hasn't worked out and, you know, if they stick with him, it's going to be at the opportunity cost of Caleb Williams or Drake May, and so they're probably going to have to take a guy high in the draft, and whether or not they keep Fields around, you know, Alex Smith with Patrick Mahomes or, you know, Drew Brees with Philip Rivers or something like that, he's not in the future plans for Chicago, which means he's going to have to be the quarterback somewhere else, and we've seen that happen with, you know, like I said, Alex Smith, we've seen that happen with Drew Brees. Guys can have, you know, great, you know, Baker Mayfield just even this year. Guys can have good second-standers.

That's got to be the hope for Fields. Eric, thank you so much for coming through and dropping the knowledge. Where can people keep up with you, your work, there's so much insight that you have.

Fill us in. Yeah, at, at sumersports on X and Twitter. I'm at Eric, you're underscored both. at, we have a big game breakdown where we have a 41-page preview of the Super Bowl this week.

If you dabble in prop bets, if you want to just look at the stats in the game, we have, you know, never before seen stats and previews of the big game, so I'd love for everybody in your audience to check that out, and I really appreciate you having me on. No, absolutely, Eric. Great conversation. Look forward to chatting with you down the line, okay? Yeah, take care.

Have a good one. No doubt about it. Thank you so much to Eric Eager. He is the VP of Sumer Sports. This man is dialed in to everything when it comes down to NFL and its analytics. He says the 49ers are the team that's favored, and he also gave some great insight when it comes down to the upcoming draft.

These teams that will not be participating, obviously, in the Super Bowl, maybe they can get a quarterback and get here in a few years. It's the JR Sportbree Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Eric is already out in Vegas. There's a baseball team that's supposed to be moving to Vegas, but we heard the mayor said that they shouldn't come. There's also a baseball player. He's out in Houston.

He just got paid a whole lot of money to stick around. I'm gonna fill you in on both on the other side of the break. 855-212-4 CBS is the number. You're listening to the JR Sportbree Show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm Tony and this is the Tony Kornheiser show. Well, that makes it sound a bit more serious than it really is. So what exactly is the show about? It's been almost 30 years and I still don't know. Right now we have some of the best voices in football come on to explain to us what we need to know in the college and pro world, and we get weekly picks from a monkey. Do you really need more than that? I might just tell you about my bunker game and the latest failed entry in my quest to find the best coffee ice cream.

No schmutz, please. Listen on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. You're listening to the JR Sportbree on CBS Sports Radio. Ryan Howard knows the thing or two about getting paid.

Believe me. Jose Altuve, he just got paid. Jose Altuve got a five year one hundred and twenty five million dollar extension. I'm like, damn, I've met Jose Altuve, a very nice guy. He's a small dude. Now, am I expecting and by the way, he has more postseason home runs than anybody ever.

It's just nutty. You think about Jose Altuve, you go, well, how is the short guy just destroying the baseball? Where is he getting all this power from?

I guess a lot of it has to do with the speed. And so he just reached a one hundred and twenty five million dollar extension with the team when he's going to be thirty nine years old. But the way Jose Altuve has played the game, you would think as he continues on in his career, even if he doesn't have the power numbers, he's still going to be able to contribute with the bat.

I mean, what's worst case scenario? Jose Altuve going out and batting, I don't know, 270 when he's 39 years old. He is the type of player that you want in your organization for the long haul. I mean, just this past year, Jose Altuve, 17 home runs, 51 RBIs at a batting average of 311.

He's likely to go out there and just continue to torture people over the next several years. He is going to be an Astro for life. Jose Altuve, a five year, one hundred and twenty five million dollar deal extension, I should say with the Astros. Now, when you think about other free agents or people not eligible to be free agents, Blake Snell is still floating around.

I guess nobody wants to meet his asking price. Cody Bellinger is still floating around. We're pulling up on spring training. Pitchers and catchers are going to report around Valentine's Day of next week, all across baseball. And some of the biggest names still don't have deals.

Speaking of deals, this is wild. And thank you so much to Eric Eager for joining us in the last break. He is a sports analytics nut for everything NFL related. And he came through and we talked about the Super Bowl says the numbers favor the 49ers. And we talked about the NFL draft and on and on. And then I asked him specifically, what are the odds that somebody does something nutty out in Las Vegas? What are the odds that I don't know, somebody has too much to drink, that somebody gets caught doing something they're not supposed to do?

And we concluded that the odds are just pretty high, or at least I have. The Super Bowl is in Vegas for the first time. There was some news that came out earlier today via a podcast that was a little bit more directly related to the Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics scheduled to start their season or start their tenure in Vegas in 2028. The Oakland A's are supposed to move onto the site of the Tropicana Hotel. The Oakland A's are supposed to join the Las Vegas Knights, the Aces. And who else am I missing, Nicky?

I don't know. Just the Raiders. Oh yeah, the Raiders across the street. Yeah, the Raiders. How can I forget Mark Davis's team?

How could I? Maybe they still belong in Oakland too. Anyway, the Oakland A's are supposed to be there in four years. But their mayor, the mayor of Las Vegas, her name is Carolyn Goodman. She was sitting down with front office sports, and she had a different idea of what Oakland should do. The A's.

Listen, I personally I'm not talking about anybody else anywhere else in this community. I personally think they've got to figure out a way to stay in Oakland to make their dream come true. We have very large complex, probably about 60 acres. We probably could cobble together more land so they could possibly have 100 acres. And it's in the historic old part of town, which is where all major interstate highways come together. We have seven access points to it. It isn't an opportunity zone.

There are all these benefits. And so when they said no, I thought, this doesn't make sense. And so why is it happening? And then I thought, well, because they really want to stay in Oakland. They want to be on the water. They have that magnificent dream, and yet they can't get it.

Uh, no, I don't think so. No, I think the Oakland I think Fisher who owns the team, the man wants to be in Las Vegas. He wants the glitz. He wants the glamour.

He wants the gambling. And yeah, they took a smaller site. If I remember correctly, their proposed stadium on the site of the Tropicana across the street from the MGM, it's supposed to hold what, 30 to 40,000 people 35 to 40. That doesn't even feel like a baseball stadium at that point. That feels like a bigger basketball arena.

Yeah, and I know they hold 20, but just another 10 for baseball. It's like they're trying to cram the Oakland Athletics onto the strip, because what good is it being in Vegas? If you're not going to be on the strip, the Golden Knights, they play downtown in T Mobile, the Las Vegas Raiders. They play basically down the road across the street in their own stadium.

Beautiful stadium, Allegiant Stadium. Everybody's in the city, so I'm sure the Oakland Athletics didn't say, Hey, we're moving to Vegas to be in Old Town. They won't be on the strip. Now, I assume people gonna go see the baseball are gonna, well, walk. I mean, it's over by the airport. I mean, there's a lot of congestion over there, yeah, but, you know, I'm thinking about it from a tourist perspective, right? I ain't driving no car nowhere in Las Vegas, not me. But who's gonna go hickey? The A's are gonna be, they're gonna be a tourist destination, right?

Who cares about it? Well, I was gonna say that's part of the reason why you go to Vegas, right? Like, to get that almost free attendance just from people that says, Oh, Vegas, let's go.

Yeah, I mean, if I was standing at the MGM and I'm like, Oh, the A's are across the street, I just, I just walk across the street and watch them. So I just think it's terrible how this is going down. I feel awful that the city of Oakland, they have no Raiders. The Golden State Warriors moved to the other side of the bay. They're now in San Francisco, and, you know, we at the Oakland Athletics, the last team to move out of that dump, concrete dump, the Oakland Coliseum, and they're going to Vegas. So I feel bad for Oakland. I don't think they want to stay. I don't think this is a last ditch. I think the way that they have bled the team out over the past couple of seasons, you know, trading away stars and basically rolling out a glorified triple A team, there's nothing there that makes me go, Oh, they really want to stay.

They have ripped the team down to the studs. I could probably play on the team as a pinch runner. Maybe I could throw down a bunt.

I know people don't do that anymore. So yeah, I don't know how much Carolyn Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas knows about baseball, but there is nothing indicating that we want to put out a product for Oakland to be proud of. And let's use Las Vegas as leverage. No, uh-uh.

All of the evidence is there. Hey, teams want to move to Vegas. You want to know who's next at some point? The NBA and that guy, LeBron James, I last heard that he wants, he wants to own that team. I'm sure he can find a partner with another couple of billion dollars to help him out so he doesn't drain his own billion dollar net worth. We'll see what happens. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Speaking of the guy who wants to own the Vegas NBA franchise, LeBron James, LeBron James, all of a sudden for being one of the most important players in the history of basketball. That's accurate. He knows a lot, but right now, when it comes down to the Lakers, it's like LeBron James doesn't know anything. Doesn't know who's staying, doesn't know who's coming, going.

He doesn't know why he's tweeting things. We're gonna talk the future potential owner of the Vegas NBA franchise on the other side of the break. The phone lines are open if you want to give me a call. It's 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Right before we went to break, we heard from the mayor of Las Vegas. She basically said, I think the A's, this is our personal opinion, I think the the Oakland A's need to stay in Oakland. I don't think they need to come to Vegas.

She's like, hey, this is my own opinion and I think, I don't think there's no turning back. I think the Oakland Athletics will be in Las Vegas starting in 2028. I don't want to say that that bridge has been burned. I think it is unless the team is sold. I know that would be music to years of fans out in Oakland but you still got to get a stadium.

So a lot of hoops to jump through at some point in time. Vegas will get an MLB team and I still think it will be the A's four years from now. I told you about LeBron James. He certainly has interest in owning an NBA franchise out in Las Vegas.

We know that he is currently playing for the Lakers. There's a big day coming up in two days. Well in two days, it's gonna be the NBA trade deadline and LeBron James has been pretty quiet about that. I'm gonna dive a little bit deeper into LeBron James, his lack of let's just say enthusiasm and speaking to and addressing the media about the trade deadline. We'll get to that momentarily. At the top of the hour, I want to get into this. We got some changes coming in the world of sports.

We got some streaming changes coming to the world of sports but we'll get there. 855-212-4CBS Rich is here from California. You're on the JR sport re-show. What's up Rich? Hey JR, thanks for taking my phone call.

Love it. You always put things straight. I want to get your take. I'm just weirded out how I think we're giving Patrick Mahomes all this credit and putting him up there with Tom Brady going on town and this and that. The reason why I'm asking your opinion on why because I was listening to Freddie earlier too and he was saying oh this is the first time we've seen past a quarterback doing this in the first six years of his career which I don't understand that either because you have Tom Brady in Montana, other quarterbacks, even Purdie's climbing that rank right now doing it way before their fourth year. It took him four quarters to throw a touchdown pass in the first Super Bowl. His second Super Bowl he didn't throw any touchdown pass. His third Super Bowl I give him that, he won it. He came back, he won that himself.

Injury, all that. He was amazing. The guy has got a hell of an arm. One of the best arms I've ever seen besides Dan Reno. He's got a beautiful read he can throw on the run in both directions. So help me out Rich.

What's your issue? Just the fact that his name is being mentioned with Tom Brady is that what it is? Well can we mention his name with Eli Manning? He has two Super Bowl rings. Well Eli Manning won two Super Bowl rings after playing for what felt like almost 16-17 years. The fact that, the fact, well Rich.

He didn't throw a touchdown pass almost in his first Super Bowl. Oh my god Rich. Is that the stage too big for him?

Hold on Rich. Let me ask you a question. This is probably the most important question. You've been drinking? Well, is that a good question? No, it's the second one because you got me on speakerphone is the next question right? No.

Yeah you do. You're not on the phone. Well here's the first thing. I think you are on something and the second part is you do have me a far away from the phone. Listen to me. Don't respond.

Listen to me. Patrick Mahomes at this stage of his career has had so much ridiculous success that if he does win this Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday that he is gonna be hanging out with guys like Montana and Brady and when you think about what he's already done at quarterback whether it's throwing 50 touchdowns in his first real season of playing you're talking about oh it took him the second half to score a touchdown in this first Super Bowl the man scored 21 points to come back and beat a 49ers team. You talk about how he didn't throw any in the second game. He was playing behind a crap offensive line and was running for his life the entire game and then you easily acknowledge the three that he threw last year. If you're only going to judge this man in the Super Bowl against the best of the best competition if you're going to ignore the fact that the quarterback is the most important position on any team and he is the leader the driver that's getting him there there's nothing for me to tell you I mean did did he steal your girlfriend in high school like what happened you know I think he's just being shadowed by a great defensive coordinator and a deep tackle who's getting no credit rich almost with Chris Jones oh thank rich I got to tell you I appreciate the con words that you have for me you said I shoot straight rich this is a bad hill to die in the face please I like my homes but I mean I wouldn't pick them out of my Super Bowl quarterback and I think you you need to get it out rich thank you man hickey which one is it pick a drug pick one pick one which one is it um let's go with mmm for that take boy that's like we'd laced with a lecture lectures I don't know he said he said I don't know why he's getting all these accolades and then he goes on and he starts naming why he's a good quarterback and I'm like well the only it took him on a second half to throw touchdowns in the first Super Bowl yeah he he had a comeback if he was so bad he would have lied down and died and shriveled up he won like you got to look at the big picture man Oh Patrick Mahomes are he getting too much credit why do people like Patrick Mahomes you you want to tell me that other teams in the NFL wouldn't sign up to have the success that he's had since he had to sit behind Alex Smith you want to tell me that any team any team outside of the New England Patriots over the past 20 years I think would say oh yeah we'll take that damn I think Patrick Mahomes maybe he did take his girlfriend what's his wife's name is Brittany right Brittany Mahomes Brittany Mahomes I think people don't like her the same way they don't like Taylor's what did she do do you know you have any right near yes like people don't like her either I don't know she's been well calm down but she was very obnoxious on social media what is she what a long part was she talked screaming in the camera screaming people's faces people did not like the shrill the high pitch shrill that she would shriek with Oh controversy her pouring alcohol on other fans and oh wait she did oh yeah she was shaking up champagne or something right right next springing out of the box when it was like very cold out against was at the Bengals I think it was or okay so she's not this wasn't David Tepper I'm gonna throw the drink on you oh no no it was a joyful occasion just a rich obnoxious footballer's wife yes that's right who's not shy to let you know that her husband is Patrick Mahomes ah sounds like a crap person to me I'm just saying I mean I don't know her from a hole in the wall just she sounds like a crap person from things that I've read and yeah she always one of yeah I've seen everything I see is her responding to some it's like yo why do you care why do you care it's just you are in my home as well you don't gotta care in the world just live your life and you see it thank you did not tell you everybody was soft like you got all the money in the world what the hell are you worried about people that got less than you that are critical I couldn't agree more yeah if you if maybe if you weren't a jackass people wouldn't call you one and maybe you wouldn't have to respond go do something better I know they got two kids I saw my homes talking about his dad Bob but I don't know people so sensitive man speaking of sensitive I guess LeBron is sensitive to a nice transition look the Lakers they're actually above 500 right now they beat the Knicks and short-handed they beat the Hornets anybody could beat the Hornets said they've been on a little bit of a run here since they came out east and now they're back home now that these stupid Grammys are done the Lakers have a record of 27 and 25 they don't get back in action until this Thursday as they take on the Denver Nuggets now LeBron James before we even get to that the trade deadline is gonna take place Thursday afternoon the Nuggets game is that night no coincidence that this is a nationally televised game on TNT who will be traded by then are the Lakers gonna move somebody are the Lakers gonna move anybody we have no idea it's been reported that their GM is it's just pounding the pavement and hitting the phones trying to identify who they could get their hands on may not be nobody but this is the Los Angeles Lakers they're gonna try to get someone a matter of fact after the last game last night the Lakers LeBron James he was asked by the media if the roster is good enough to win a championship LeBron James wasn't falling for that bait listen to this that's not it's not a question for me I love who we have in the locker room that's all I worry about listen we yeah I can't stand yo ass you know so like it doesn't I don't get caught up in that you know we're gonna go out and prepare ourselves you know every single night no matter what it is no matter who's on the team no matter what so it's my job is a these jobs to the two captains to make sure we keep the main thing the main thing and the main focus is now Thursday's game at home and we look forward to that matching now does anybody really believe that he loves everybody in a locker room I mean LeBron James put out an hourglass emoji last week no words no context he was asked about it Saturday in New York or after the the Lakers shoot around before they took on the Knicks and he didn't have no comment so what's up with the the cryptic posts and the passive-aggressive and dropping clues and hence it's like breadcrumbs to wear grandma's house like what where are we going somebody's gonna get the boot and when this guy is traded whoever it is from the Lakers maybe it's D'Angelo Russell by the way at 28 points last night could have been his last night as a Laker if D'Angelo Russell is moved is LeBron gonna tell everybody how much he loves him when he's gone from the team I mean I expect Austin Reeves to stick around but a LeBron James is keeping it on the quiet right now he's keeping it on the the hush-hush I want to see who the Lakers get because unfortunately I think this is a wasted year for LeBron I know the Lakers look like crap last year it looked like this was all about LeBron becoming the NBA's all-time leading scorer and then they were able to get to the Western Conference Finals I don't think they're gonna have that much luck going forward the rest of this season but hey we got to see how the rest of the year bears out LeBron James loves everybody in a locker room well maybe next time he should tweet out a heart emoji instead of an hourglass basically telling everybody somebody's gonna get the boot how about this the defensive player of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the Armed Forces DoD veterans and their families their members are their mission you can learn more at Navy federal dot or the best defense is a good offense pelican star forward Brandon Ingram helped to push the Pelicans winning streak to three this man dropped 41 points a 138 100 victory over the Raptors last night at the end of the third quarter Ingram hit five straight threes on his way to a season-high 41 the Pelicans now 29 and 21 on the season I didn't see it I was standing here in the studio working but I pay for all these things right I got TNT on on one screen I got you know CBS on another there's ESPN I got everything on here in this studio there's big news that broke today Turner Warner Brothers ESPN Fox you thought they hated each other's guts you're wrong they love each other a matter of fact they are forming a brand new entity to deliver sports to your computer phone tablet television and whatever the hell you watch I'm gonna explain on the other side of the break because how you watch sports is continuing to change you're locked into the JR sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio Dana Carvey and David Spade here you might know our podcast fly on the wall featuring guests from across the entertainment industry we decided to spin off called super fly and it's fun it's just two of us riffing on current events pop culture catching up impressions Joe Trump's trying to be a dictator yeah you know bump on the tater tots Joe no listen to and follow super fly on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your hot cans
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