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October 11, 2023 11:26 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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October 11, 2023 11:26 pm

JR gives props to Bryce Harper who absolutely destroyed the Braves on Wednesday!


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Wednesday night. I hope you've had a good one. I know who's having a good Wednesday night. The Houston Astros are having a good Wednesday night. Minutes ago they just beat the Twins. They are going on to their seventh straight American League Championship Series.

I know who else is having a good night. Phillies are having a good night. They didn't advance yet, but the Phillies beat the Braves 10 to 2 in Philadelphia. Phillies lead the series 2 to 1.

And right now, man, I think anybody could have guessed this. If you've been watching Lance Linn, he's been getting smacked around, giving home runs up left and right. He gave up three tonight. And the Diamondbacks lead the Dodgers 4 to nothing. Arizona getting ready to shock everybody by wiping out and sweeping the Dodgers. Still plenty of time left in that game. It's the bottom of the third. And Lance Linn said, one home run, two home runs, three home runs.

It's looking ugly. As I sit here in the studio right now, Justin Verlander embracing Dusty Baker here. As I just told you, the Houston Astros eliminating the Twins from the postseason in Minneapolis.

3 to 2 the final score. Houston wins the series 3 to 1. The Astros go back to another ALCS, the seventh straight. And of course I can't hear this as I sit in the studio with you. Justin Verlander, you know, riling the guys up final speech.

He just got back to the team a couple of months ago. It's like going to the New York Mets was a short vacation and Houston Astros are celebrating with more champagne, something that they've been very used to over the past several seasons. So here's the deal. We're going to talk more baseball tonight. OK, it is Wednesday, so I'm going to share with you a new top six list. We're going to look at the top six NFL coaches who happen to be sitting directly on the hot seat right now.

And it could be from medium to blazing hot, but we'll get to that in about 2 hours from now. Also this evening it's baseball, right? I mean, we're talking about League Championship Series games and this and that. We gotta talk to a dude who played baseball for 16 seasons.

Three time All-Star played the game at the highest level and also a spectacular human being. We're going to talk to Curtis Granderson next hour and so we'll have an opportunity to ask him about the Astros and talk about the Rangers and and even team got eliminated last night. The Orioles. We got a lot a lot to do. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, GA. Super producer and host Dave Shepherd.

He's holding it down for us in New York City. What a night you can always listen on the free Odyssey app. Your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate Sirius XM Channel 158. And if you got a smart speaker. Congratulations, you can just talk to the speaker and ask it to play CBS Sports Radio if you want to contact me as well.

It's simple. I am at JR Sport Brief everywhere all over the damn place on social media and the phone number. It's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's let's talk about the game that just ended. The Astros beating the Twins three to two winning the divisional series three to one. Jose Abreu hitting a two run home run in the fourth to make it three to one and after that really man Astros bats were were quiet and I think at one point they were sat down I want to say 13 consecutive batters following that home run and they still hold held on to win. The bullpen did its job and a matter of fact I want you to take a listen to the final call courtesy of some happy folks from the Astros radio network. Left-handed hitter back in the box waiting for a three two from Pressley.

Here it comes. Strike three call on the outside corner and that is the ball game and that is the series. The Houston Astros defeat the Minnesota Twins by a final of three to two and they take the ALDS three games to one. For a seventh straight year the American League Championship Series will include the Houston Astros. Yeah the American League Championship Series might as well belong to them and I know last night we had a caller hit me up he's like hey JR if the Astros won another championship can we consider them to be a dynasty and I'm like yeah yeah yeah sure yeah you can nothing's gonna erase what happened in 2017 but you know at this point it just this is what it is they they keep on winning.

You can't tell me they're out here banging on trash cans. I can tell you what I'm used to seeing these champagne baths and these champagne showers and this is a cool thing as well about what we're going to see in the American League Championship Series. This is going to be the first time and I know this sounds nuts because baseball has been around a long long time. It's the first time we're going to see a league championship series take place between two teams in the same state. These are two participants in the AL West. We're going to see the Rangers and these Astros.

I believe the first game is going to take place on Sunday and throughout the course of the year. Yeah Houston has won out. They have nine wins to the Rangers four and so we'll see what happens when they get things going.

I'm gonna I don't think this is a big stretch of the imagination. I'm gonna select the Houston Astros to go ahead and make it back to another world series and then what we also might see how about this interesting storyline outside of two old I don't want to call them dinosaurs but two older managers Bruce Bochy, Dusty Baker. At one point in time earlier this year Max Scherzer was on the New York Mets and so was Justin Verlander both on the New York Mets and now they're representing two Texas teams.

I would assume we're going to see Max Scherzer out on the mound you know whether or not he's healthy enough to go ahead and do anything we'll find that out and see sooner than sooner than later. So the American League Championship Series is all set. We're going to have the Astros. We're going to have the Rangers and for the first time two teams from the same state giving us a League Championship Series. That should be fun.

Meanwhile on the other side I just told you about this one. Dodgers being blanked right now. They stink. The Diamondbacks beating them four to nothing. It's the middle of the fourth and Arizona might sweep the Dodgers tonight. What a shock that that would be if that takes place and now the Phillies as well.

One victory away. This finished more than an hour ago but the Phillies beating the Braves 10 to 2 in Philadelphia. The Phillies one victory away from going back to the National League Championship Series and then also eliminating the Braves for another postseason. Kind of wild and the Phillies they could thank Bryce Harper playing out of his mind right now.

This was a beat down okay. The Phillies scored six runs in the third inning. Nick Castellanos he hit a home run in that third and then he hit another one in the eighth and then that Bryce Harper guy seemingly ticked off for being mocked by Orlando Garcia. Bryce Harper hit a three run home run in that same third and then decided to stare him down. I want you to take a listen to this courtesy of the Phillies Radio Network.

Elder takes a peek back at first base. The right-handers pitch swung on belted deep right field and it's long gone for Harper. A second deck free run home run for Bryce Harper Bryce Harper as he punishes that pitch from Bryce Elder and the Phillies take the four to one lead. Yeah wild stuff. If you remember the last game the Braves comeback Austin Riley home run Michael Harris big catch also throwing out uh or picking off throwing out Bryce Harper at first there was a report that Orlando Garcia was in the Braves locker room saying attaboy Bryce Harper you know way to screw the game up but uh wait wait for us to win and it sounds pretty innocuous to say in your own clubhouse but obviously Bryce Harper heard about this because it was reported in the news and so Bryce Harper not shy at staring him down when he rounded the bases for his home run and oh yeah by the way Bryce Harper hit another home run another bomb in the fifth this is the Phillies Radio Network they went nuts. One ball one strike breaking ball hit in the air center field going back is Harris back toward the wall it is gone he did it again this time to center fields Harper looks at Garcia again as he goes around the second base bag fireworks are shooting out in right center field near the bell and the Phillies lead it seven to one he is amazing absolutely amazing Bryce Harper now has more home runs than anyone else ever in the divisional round of the playoffs 10 home runs in a divisional round the record is his and Bryce Elder who you heard about giving up that first bomb two and two-thirds innings pitched he gave up six earned runs Aaron Nola pitching for the Phillies five and two-thirds innings pitched nine strikeouts in Philly the Phillies hit six home runs tonight that is a team postseason record and they did this against a team that had a record tied a record 307 home runs in the regular season that would be the Braves the Phillies are giving them a taste of their own medicine and now these Phillies are one victory away from advancing to the National League Championship Series their manager Rob Thompson he was asked about Bryce Harper and what he's doing with these 10 total career home runs and two home runs in one game that's what Rob Thompson the manager of the Phillies had to say we gotta start this up I guess by talking about Bryce Harper you know the way he came back from I guess a base running gaff I don't know if that really qualifies such but you know talk about how how well he performed he came back in this game today yeah he really did and you know he's a big game player he really is these moments he steps up and I think that he you know he wanted to correct himself for the base running error so that that gets him going a little bit but he wants to win and he becomes play every day and and when the when the lights are the brightest he shows up I appreciate that he's a star man he's fun to watch I remember for so many years especially looking at two teenagers who came up in in the majors you would look at Mike Trout and then you could go ahead and look at Bryce Harper and go hmm I wonder which one of these dudes is going to have the best or the better career and Mike Trout and both of these dudes have have dealt and had their share of injuries but Bryce Harper's actually been able to play in games that actually matter and so I hope that we got 10 more years of each of these dudes I don't know if Mike Trout is going to last that long he's still playing the outfield we got Bryce Harper currently playing first base but in the head to head it looks like Bryce Harper is winning out and it's fun to see him play always has a lot of energy isn't afraid to talk smack answer back whether it be the fans or the opposition he embodies Philadelphia and in his own postgame comments he talked about just how damn cool it is to play in Philadelphia that place Citizens Bank Ballpark was absolutely rocking this afternoon this evening for the Phillies yeah let's hear Bryce Harper what did he have to say I get so fired up I I man I love this place I signed here for a reason to do everything I could to bring back a trophy to this town to Mr. Middleton to this organization I got chills thinking about it because that's what it's all about I absolutely love this place I love every single person in this organization fighting clawing every single day to give back to that moment there were so many good times and you know 07-08-09 2010-11 and I wanted to get back to that moment into into the the postseason and playing in front of this fan in red October I could go on and on man it's there's there's nothing like playing here and Garrett stuff said it best man if you don't like it you can get out because we don't want you here you know we want to be able to come in each night and play our game and they are with us in this every single step forward hey he appreciates it I know there are a lot of folks who look at Bryce Harper and go hey you left we won a world series in Washington what have you done would anybody be be shocked or surprised at that one point this man won a world series and then what do we say this is a cool ride that he's on right now they didn't get the job done last year against the Houston Astros it it certainly looks like that they might get another chance if they eliminate the Braves again to go back and Philly is just chomping at the bit right now there's a point in time you know every now and then we can talk about title towns USA what have you Philadelphia is bumping right now they got a good chance to to go to the world series the Eagles just went to the Super Bowl and I I don't know what's going on with the Sixers I guess James Harden will be out of there sooner than later and maybe a cloud will disappear from over the top of that organization congratulations to the Phillies smacking the Braves tonight 10-2 one victory away from the National League Championship Series congratulations to the Astros for the seventh straight time an American League record the Astros go to the American League Championship Series they beat the twins tonight the final score three to two they win the series three to one congratulations to them and we got another game in action right now and the way the Dodgers have been playing I don't know if they're gonna muster a run to do anything worth a damn the Diamondbacks are currently beating them four to nothing I'm gonna provide some details to you surrounding that game on the other side of the break and then you know the Dodgers on the way you know the Dodgers on the west coast I would say their equivalent on the east coast a comparable team would probably be the Yankees and the Yankees ain't playing I guess that's something that the Dodgers and Yankees actually have in common right now neither one of them are doing anything and one of them is actually in the postseason the Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner he spoke today about the Yankees and potential changes we're going to talk about the Dodgers on the other side of the break on the brink of being eliminated by the Diamondbacks I want you to hear from the Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and the phone lines are open if you want to call me as well that's 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS we got more baseball we got Curtis Granderson joining us next hour we got to get into some football a top six list of coaches on the hot seat in the nfl it's the jr sport brief show cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio jr wants to hear from you call him now at eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four two two seven oh I love this music makes me want to get up and I don't know punch somebody makes me want to hit a home run makes me want to sack a quarterback makes me want to hit a slam dunk can you hit a slam dunk yeah it makes me want to hit a slam dunk I like that song anyway I'm just waiting on this game to finish up it's gonna take a minute we talked about the the phillies taking a 2-1 series lead against the Braves we talked about the Astros beating the twins going on to the American League Championship Series to take on the Rangers and right now the Diamondbacks just just hoping to sweep the Dodgers right now the game is four to nothing the Diamondbacks have hit four home runs in the third inning Lance Lynn giving them all up this man gave up 44 home runs for the entire season in his last seven starts Lance Lynn gave up 12 home runs this should let you know how desperate the Dodgers have been for starting pitching because for the life of them they can't they can't catch a break the bad Clayton Kershaw is back here in the postseason not working out for him stinks for him we got Julio Urias this man is dealing with domestic violence issues deplorable what's going on with him you got Walker Bueller Tommy John you got Dustin May out for the same type of injury Tony Gonsolin Tommy John this is just awful I mean if you looked at these these Dodgers over the past couple of seasons it was the pitching that helped get them over the hump kept them in the games and they had a surplus of pitching and it's crazy how fast things can change there was zero expectation for these Diamondbacks to be competing potentially in an NLCS and it looks like that's exactly where they're gonna go it's the top of the fifth Arizona currently leads at home against the Dodgers four to nothing if there is a benefit here for the Dodgers if they want to have some hope I know they've they've been flat here with the bats Lance Lynn has been gone because if he was still out there he'd be giving up bombs the Dodgers are desperate they got to throw that dude out there oh just just bad all the way around 855 2124 CBS that's 855 2124 CBS we'll continue to update you on that game as it continues forward let's talk to David David is calling from the nation's capital Washington DC you're our first caller tonight David you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up buddy hey I wanted to call him last night I I loved your rant on Rogers I'm gonna go full circle on on Bryce Harper here in a second uh I am from DC um this is gonna sound salty but I'm actually from Michigan all my home teams are he's full of themselves yeah I mean I get what you were saying in terms of like he he matches like the the city of Philadelphia and all that stuff but uh yeah don't hate him maybe I am a little salty uh I guess he did hold on a second he I I see maybe maybe I'm biased he's been here on the show I like him I got no problem with him I got no issue with him what has he done specifically give me give me an example you're calling me out here I don't know I'm just saying I mean if you're gonna say he's uh you know he's a little d-bag or you know he's he's Aaron Rogers ish give me give me an example then uh I don't have evidence sir but I just don't like the guy don't like the guy okay listen that's some people they just breathe and people don't like them that's just how it is well anyway David at least you gotta let's see baby lions okay lions all right at least you got the lines take it easy David yeah he just doesn't like the guy why what did he do he took money he left and then you won a world series what's there to be mad about when he was coming up there was this arrogant um reputation that was attached to his name that's the only thing I can think of yeah but nobody nobody has no example that's true and he's he was a teenager and so I mean he's gonna naturally be resented especially you start thinking about clubhouses he's naturally gonna be resented I mean him and Papelbon got into it right now that seems like ages ago at this point um because Bryce is a jerk himself a lot of people would say that but Bryce on that particular day did cheat the game and he didn't run as hard as he could have so that's that's the only two things I can think of when the guy's you know 12 plus year major league baseball career yeah he just sounds like somebody who came up as a prodigy which he was and is people don't like you when you on the way up man it's just people want to knock you down eight five five two one two four CBS Greg is calling from Michigan you're on the JR sport where you show us up Greg hey JR mr positive uh great uh show as always um I liked that gentleman before Detroit Connection I'm going with Verlander and the Astros um you know obviously due to the fact that he's from Detroit and he's a hall of famer um we've got a great world series building up um who do you think is going to be in it is it going to be the Astros and number one number two um if the Astros win the world series will that put the uh AJ Hinch in the cheating of the Astros and the rearview mirror and just say they are still a great team no matter what and they cannot be uh yes beaten yes I think you you got and I'm gonna ask Curtis Granderson that same question like that's that's where it is right now like you can't like how many how many times I get it if you want to talk about the story of the Astros and thank you Greg for calling from Michigan if you want to talk about the history of the Astros and how they got started and the run that they've been on you can't ignore talking about 2017 you just can't do it but if you look at now if you look at the past few seasons this is a record in the American League imagine if every single damn year they just went to the world series now that would be even more ridiculous and so I mean look all things considered I would think that they'll beat the Rangers and then from there I think we'll see a representative I'm not picking a Diamondbacks if they hold on to win and I'm not also I'm not counting out the Atlanta Braves not at all I still think the Atlanta Braves can still win this series even though the Phillies right now they're the ones with the advantage so all things considered I think we're going to see a rematch or we're gonna see an Atlanta Braves team that's gonna try to avenge its loss last postseason at the hand of at the hand of the Phillies either way it's shaping up to to be a good one we got some great storylines here and I'm all here for it sign me up man sign me up it's the JR sport re-show on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS we're going to take a break when we come back we talked about the Dodgers Lance Lynn throwing batting practice to the Diamondbacks we're going to talk about the Yankees because yes they aren't participating in the postseason and their owner Hal Steinbrenner he says there will be changes is it going to be to some of the furniture is it going to be the personnel he didn't necessarily provide any clarity we'll hear from him and then clarity someone who's not going to change is Roger Goodell looks like he'll be sticking around for quite a few more years I'll tell you what the deal is with him it's the JR sport re-show on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio first time caller had to pull over to the side of the road just to make sure I didn't miss my opportunity I want you to know that I appreciate your candor call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS it's the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio the Dodgers still trying to find a run somewhere Arizona leads four to nothing in the bottom of the fifth before we went to break I know the Dodgers are being blanked again right now there's a team that's not even in the postseason they also have a massive payroll paying tons of money to plenty of dudes who can't even run bases or stay healthy talking about the New York Yankees Rodon busted up his first season missing half the year you got Stanton and I know the Marlins paying half of his contract the guy can't even run the bases at full strength just in in in fear that he might hurt or injure himself you got fans hoping that Brian Cashman gets the boot you got fans hoping that Aaron Boone gets booted out of the Bronx and it doesn't appear that either one of these guys are actually going to leave but the owner of the New York Yankees Hal Steinbrenner he spoke at Sportico today which is a sports business conference and he was asked about meetings that the New York Yankees brass have had over the past week they met in Florida and Tampa the Yankees headquarters for the postseason or the off season I should say and they sat around and they had they had a meeting they had a get together tried to figure out why they sucked they only finished 82 and 80 and Hal Steinbrenner said everybody had to check their ego at the door we had to look at every facet of the organization and then we have to see man do we need to make any changes listen what Hal Steinbrenner had to say check your egos at the door kind of thing and be prepared to you know be fatigued and a lot of that happened you know I think at times it got a little dicey but it was respectful the entire time and there wasn't one stone we left uncertain from health of the team what we're doing the clubhouse clubhouse culture what we do in the weight room analytics pro scouting biomechanics is there enough communication between everybody so it was a it was a great three days it was a very honest conversation many more to come in the months to come but we're going to be making some changes some may be more subtle than others but I think they've uncovered certain things subtle changes you know what subtle means and if you didn't know this already where the hell you been Brian Cashman ain't going nowhere you've been a general manager since 1998 Aaron Boone ain't going nowhere and then by the way these teams the Yankees it's like hey how many games did they win 90 games 95 games 100 games this past season they they fell flat they finished 82 and 80 but come on man subtle changes they're gonna fire somebody in the analytics department somebody that you've never heard of subtle changes I know Yankee fans want wholesale changes but I still say this you better be careful what the hell you ask for because walking Brian Cashman out the door it doesn't necessarily lead to success people don't know who the successor would be be careful now eight five five two one two four CBS let's go ahead and get to Birmingham let's talk to Anthony you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up Anthony hey JR thanks for taking my call um just interested in figuring out uh why you think the Astros will be an automatic um against the Rangers I didn't say that in 2010 sorry I apologize go ahead it's okay well first I didn't say that they were an automatic I don't I don't speak in in terms like that I said I would favor the Astros to win and why would I favor them to win uh it'd be based off experience I mean we've seen Justin Verlander compete at the highest level before Nathan of Aldi is certainly on a nice run right now a match Serzer if I have to think about or depend on him in the postseason he's been slapped around if he can actually make it to a game and so I think they're valid reasons but those are two definite reasons why I would go ahead and select Houston over the Rangers perfect and who would you take out of the NL um and who would be the best matchup for both teams when you say best match up you best match up and and and how what do you mean like competitive easier match competitive just uh so let's say the Rangers went through um to the World Series who would you think were given the hardest matchup and the Astros the hardest matchup I don't you're really flipping a coin right now I think it'd be any team not named the Diamondbacks I don't think you're getting any easier of a of a matchup if you have to take on the Phillies and or the Braves because I think they're pretty evenly matched perfect I agree um well thank you Anthony I appreciate you man Anthony was calling me from 50 feet away from the phone I'm glad I was able to at least hear him that was nice Adam is calling from Toronto you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up Adam JR man uh I'm thinking it's going to be a rematch of last year's World Series with the Phillies and the uh the Astros I think the Rangers are insanely hot right now but I think that uh experience will overcome and uh prevail but I I just have to call in man and just absolutely clown the Dodgers it's like it's like Christmas man it just comes around every year the Dodgers win 112 games games they they they smoke their division they win it by 10 games they walk into the playoffs and they choke their behind off I have no idea how a year in and year out Clayton Kershaw becomes a shell himself the dude is a no doubt all the fame pitcher multiple science MVPs and then he just gets to October and completely sucks and all the Dodgers fans have to show for it is some fake COVID Mickey Mouse ring in 2020 when all they have to do is play 60 games in that season and I it's just becoming so pathetic man I I genuinely feel bad for their fans they must get their hopes up every single year and for them just to fail miserably every single year expect and Arizona is such an inferior opponent too it's like the talent and that the payroll is just on two different levels it's just it's quite pathetic wouldn't you agree damn I I would you sound more upset about it than I am but what did the Dodgers do to you they didn't do to you a bazillion they pay a bazillion dollars for their players and then they fail and it's just hilarious to me I'm just I just I know I sound angry I'm just very passionate about how how sad and it's just it's year in and year out it's crazy yeah I mean well they're being blanked right now after they were just smoked and blanked well four to two I don't want to call it smoke the blank but uh yeah they're they're sad their bats have fallen and gotten quiet at the the worst time and the the pitching the injuries and actually some of the issues to some of their pitchers has it's caught up to them and so at least they're gonna get it with honey right uh fingers crossed right that'd be nice well I mean the Dodgers we know that they need pitching and he ain't pitching next year so that's true that's true man they're gonna have to swing for it though man well thank you Adam appreciate you uh you're so angry about the Dodgers how you feel about the J's um don't even get me started that offense just all year just just killed my spirit so don't even get me started on the that that team needs improvements oh it's disgusting you you want a bright side where the Yankees at right now Adam oh they're they're even worse off than us they got it and where where are where are the Orioles right now that whole division is fraudulent JR they didn't and where the red Sox where the red Sox at everybody in the ALA used to sit not home in the exact same position on that couch there you go so just uh there's the there's a silver lining Adam thank you for calling from Toronto thank you JR absolutely man there's a silver lining like if you're a Blue Jays fan be happy that everybody else is losing or has lost or has been eliminated or is at home I'm gonna ask Curtis Granderson next hour I want to get his thoughts on the uh on the Yankees as well he played for the Yankees I want to know what he thinks about him Sean is calling from Cincinnati you're on the JR Sportbreeze show what's up Sean thanks for him Leon best show on radio I got two questions for you yeah fundamentally one reason why the Yankees did not get it done this year and second question is your dark horse for next year okay so you asked me well you want one reason why the Yankees didn't get it done this year the the primary reason uh if I had to look at one reason I would boil it down to health I mean we can we can start looking at a lot of other issues and people can start nitpicking you know issues of managerial decisions and personnel but when you think about Aaron Judge carried the team not this past season but last year in 2022 as he won the MVP and so that that covered up a lot of stink uh in the offense John Carlos Stanton continues to just deteriorate physically they they have Carlos Rodon who came on played half the season and was trying to play catch up with no spring training uh Josh Donaldson played like hot garbage wasn't available the Yankees got rid of him you can think about injuries they they were just cooked you got Rizzo with a concussion if they were healthy I think they would have had better results but that that that might be the primary just for last season and you're asking me about a dark horse team for 2024 and remember I'm calling from Cincinnati so you want me to say something positive about the Reds I I'm just saying remember okay I mean that's that's tough for me to say just to pick a dark horse how about we do this you tell me why you are enthusiastic and optimistic about the Reds you tell me why that's a fair question one of the youngest teams in MLB had literally 50 different starters this year starting players and still came within a game and a half of going to the playoffs I'm biased okay yeah I don't listen man I don't know if that's a positive they're gonna have to find out how to round out that roster I mean outside of Elie de la Cruz is it's kind of the centerpiece yeah I look at them too and I go well look it when it comes to to the postseason for me it starts and stops with the pitching you know we just had a caller ask me about you know why do I I believe in the Astros more than I do the Rangers well one primary reason is that guy his name is Justin Verlander and I'm not expecting and thank you Sean for calling from Cincinnati I'm not every I'm not expecting everybody to have a Verlander I mean the Dodgers got a Kershaw and for the most part he gets to the postseason and yeah he stinks but it's tough who's the ace who's the killer who's the guy who's gonna mow you down to start and potentially end the series that I can't predict for 2024 I'm not that damn good okay it's the chair of sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio we're gonna get ready to take a break and on the other side I want to talk some NFL we have a quarterback in the NFL who is concerning me right now because he can't stay healthy I'll tell you who it is I'll tell you about Roger Goodell and then we're gonna hear from Curtis Granderson I like him he's a great guy we're gonna do it here on CBS Sports Radio the JR Sport Brief Show you selling your car to Carvana is as easy as as easy as pie sure all you have to do is enter your license plate or bin as easy as a stroll in the park okay then just answer a few questions and you'll get a real offer in seconds as easy as singing why not schedule a pickup or drop-off and Carvana will pay you that amount right on the spot as easy as playing guitar actually I find that kind of difficult but selling your car to Carvana is as easy as can be visit or download the app to get an instant offer 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