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RE Show: David Spade - Hour 3

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October 4, 2023 3:18 pm

RE Show: David Spade - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 4, 2023 3:18 pm

Rich weighs in on Jonathan Taylor’s return to the Indianapolis Colts after spending the first 4 weeks of the NFL season on the PUP list, and reveals his top ten NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 5.

Actor/comedian David Spade joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new FOX game show ‘Snake Oil,’ the national FEMA alert that went off on everyone’s phone today, why he’s not watching the NFL’s slate international games this season, if grown men should wear jerseys to NFL games, if his Arizona Cardinals should tank for USC QB Caleb Williams, and much more.

Rich reacts to Steelers QB Kenny Pickett announcing that he’ll start in Week 5 despite the knee injury that knocked him out of Pittsburgh’s Week 4 loss to the Houston Texans.

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Anything like that? Coach. The Rich Eisen Show.

I reached out to him. You never want to see that. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What's it going to be like when you see Devante Adams?

Oh man, that's a tough one for me. It's always hard when you see a guy of that caliber go to another team. Earlier on the show, Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield, Fox Sports college football insider Bruce Feldman. Coming up, actor and comedian David Spade.

Plus, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. We just said goodbye to Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and the athletic.

Great conversation we had about Caleb Williams and the next level. Honestly, I watched this kid play football for USC and obviously it's important for all the Trojan fans I know here in Los Angeles and around about whether they win or lose. But for me, I look at him as that's the first overall pick in the upcoming draft in Detroit, 100%. And whose fan base is he going to delight just by the fact that they get that pick? And how will that affect wins and losses in the NFL this year?

Honestly, it's a fascinating situation to me. And the thing that Bruce Feldman said when I brought this up, I said maybe the last time is I'm watching a game in college football where I'm like, that is the first overall pick in the draft that everyone's going to fall over themselves to try and go get, including me as a jet fan. As you know, the Jets were winless. And I thought they were going to get Trevor Lawrence. That's the whole Zach Wilson stuff started right here in LA when the Jets won a game against the Rams.

He had no business winning. Remember? Oh yeah.

And I'm like, well, there we go. And so as Zach Wilson and the Jets stroll in to Denver, Colorado coming up this weekend and trying to turn things around while Aaron Rodgers is out with an Achilles injury for the Jets, words I did not think were possible when I was hoping they would go get Trevor Lawrence. We're talking about Caleb Williams. And I said that last time we saw somebody play college football like Caleb Williams thinking that's the first overall pick in the draft. And he's that special was Trevor Lawrence. Were you surprised when Bruce said he's even better than Trevor Lawrence?

Because Trevor Lawrence was hands down. After his freshman year at Clemson. Yeah. He had so many teams at hello when he ran away from the Ohio State defense.

Yeah. Not throw past him, ran away from them. And I'm going to see him in London on Sunday on NFL Network, Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars against Josh Allen and the Bills on NFL Network. Kurt Warner and I will be in the booth for that one. Great chat with Baker Mayfield at hour number one. And he said that Caleb Williams is 100% the Heisman Trophy winning vote for him right now entering October and totally agreed that Caleb Williams looks like Mahomes. He didn't have any pushback.

He didn't go ahhh. You know. And Baker would know, remember one of the most entertaining games from that college football season. Oh yeah. Baker was Texas Tech Oklahoma.

It was like 70 something to 70 something. Right. Both those guys just going touchdown, touchdown, touchdown.

He would know. Yeah. Yeah.

Like almost 2,000 yards of offense in that game. I had totally forgotten about that. Yeah. 4.204 rich number to dial. Windows of practice windows opening today. Do you hear that? You're in Los Angeles. If you hear that, hold on a minute.

It's the sound of a practice window creaking open in Thousand Oaks, California. As the Rams welcome Cooper Cupp back on the practice field. He might go this weekend for the Rams against the Eagles. How about you? Alright. That's going to be awesome. That would be great.

That would be great. That means you would go to the game instead of selling your tickets, right? To an Eagles fan.

To make that place louder against your Rams, right? I think my pack went out. I can't hear you. Yeah. Yeah.

We're having a hard time. That was my favorite segment yesterday is when we asked the question, we being the Royal Way, who's going to be in SoFi Stadium more this year? Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift who played six dates there this year. Or the two of you combined with your season tickets. Pretty funny. And Del Tufo's already said I'm only going to two of the games. So you got to get four at least if not five. These depending on you. Five to win for the win. No shot.

Do I count in this? Because I went to two nights of WrestleMania and SoFi. So hold on. I went to a preseason game. His Cowboys are coming to play the Chargers in that building in two Mondays and he's not going to go. Good tie with us.

TJ go. Your participation is crucial for this moment. I went to a preseason game. That counts. I did two nights.

Hold on. You went to a preseason game. That does count physically in the stadium. So how many times have you been to SoFi this year? Zero. And you've been one. And you've been zero.

Right now it's one. Well in April. He went in April. That counts.

I went to see Monster Jam. There you go. In May. That's two. Yes. That's three. Yes. That counts. He's there. WrestleMania man.

We're way out. Hold on. For football games. Football games. Football games. Football games.

It's different. There was a triple threat match between Gunter. There was a famous that was hitting like a football game. That's basically football. We were beating the crap out of each other.

Alright so I got one. I've been to preseason. Meanwhile practice window opens for Cooper Cup.

And a practice window opening. We have to be real quiet for this one. And it's a good thing that the emergency broadcast system isn't firing up our phones so we can actually hear the practice window in Indianapolis opening for Jonathan Taylor.

Oh baby yes. Got him. TMG that's my guy. Jonathan Taylor for the Indianapolis Colts. Is Jason Taylor playing? No he's not. I've been sitting on him. Here we go. Shane Steichen.

The floor is yours. How's he looking? You gonna play him?

What do you got? JT's designated to return today. He'll be at walkthrough today.

I decided to go walkthrough today just because we had back to back overtime games. So just making sure these guys are fresh and ready to go for Sunday. Like I said on Monday we'll see how practice goes.

Obviously we got the walkthrough today and then practice Thursday, Friday and just see where he's at. Let's see. Just see.

That's not an acceptable answer. Did he say a shoe? Huh?

Did he use the word a shoe? Like to skip? I don't know. To bypass?

That would be impressive. Well done. Big word order. Or is it issue? Or he's talking about a shoe. I think E. Wearing a shoe. Could be that too. Good call. I don't know. Dude.

Do you know what Jonathan Taylor would be able to do with Anthony Richardson and this could happen Sunday? Yeah turn my fantasy football season around. Dudes.

Ladies and gentlemen. I think that was the idea. This was the idea.

Yes this was the idea. That's kind of why they took it. And honestly unless Jonathan Taylor decides to turn down a paycheck which is why you always force the issue if you're a team.

On somebody who's saying I'm holding out. But this Colts team with a rookie quarterback is two and two just like the Texans are two and two with a rookie quarterback. The Indianapolis Colts with Jonathan Taylor coming back just in time for Tennessee to come into town. This is big folks because the Colts already are one and one in division but they've lost one at home. In division. The first one against Jacksonville. But they have emerged from Jonathan Taylor's four game pop absence with Taylor still on the team and this team in a four way tie for first in the AFC South at two and two. Jacksonville has taken on the Bills in the first game of four windows of football. Chris Brockman coining the phrase for Christmas in October. Four windows of football.

Thank you sir. Jacksonville's taken on the Bills. Houston is taking on Atlanta in Atlanta. And Tennessee is in the house.

Jonathan Taylor what he can do is entirely significant. And I cannot wait to see it. And I hope we do get to see it. As that practice window opens up. Now then. It's time. It's time for me to tell you where teams rank powerfully. My Wednesday power rankings hit it.

Here we go. I've got two new teams to start the list. Two new teams to start the list. Number 10 on my power rankings list are your leaders in the NFC South. Our first hour guest friend Baker Mayfield's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On a bye week at three and one they're going to dominate this bye week like they've dominated the first four weeks of this season with the exception of the Eagles.

But that's ruining my narrative here. Hey man. Defense can buzz around Baker finds Mike Evans finds Godwin Rashad White running the football nicely. Good start. And a road win. In New Orleans in their back pocket to move forward. What a big W that was in week four their 10th on my power rankings list. New to the power rankings list again. Just like the Buccaneers were once on it then off it now they're back on it. I got to put the Ravens here at three and one banged up all over the place. You could sit here and say they lost to the Colts at home and then got a huge break into Sean Watson not being able to answer the bell. This league and what I think the Ravens would be able to do is beat two thirds of the league if they face them which is why they're in my top 10 power rankings. And they lead the AFC North right now. With a big win in Cleveland. We'll see what happens the next time they face one another and I do see the Ravens in London to take on the Titans in one week from now. The Ravens with a big game at Pittsburgh. If they win this one they would not only be three and one division but all three games winning games on the road.

That is huge. Eighth on the list. No change. The Detroit Lions after what they did against the Green Bay Packers. I believe they're a better team on the road and if they start improving at home look out. They have the upper hand in the NFC North just four weeks in their eighth on the list.

No change. Same for the Seahawks. Do I think the Lions and Seahawks playing each other again might result in a different result? But the Seahawks beat them. I can't rank the Seahawks above the Lions certainly after they sacked Daniel Jones eleven times and have Devin Witherspoon with a coming out party and are going to get better. They're on a bye week seventh on the list.

The Cowboys no change either. They were sixth last week. I keep them sixth this week. I still think I need to see them against a team that isn't quarterbacked by a guy named Jones or Zach Wilson.

Let's see what happens this weekend. Obviously if they beat the San Francisco 49ers. They'll be higher than sixth. I have the Dolphins at five. I think the Dolphins beat the Cowboys if they play each other right now. And the Dolphins are down three spots after getting handed their first loss of the season in emphatic fashion by the Buffalo Bills. Number four on the list.

No change. Philadelphia Eagles. I keep them four because I think the team at three would be the team that would definitely beat them in a face-to-face matchup and we are going to see Kansas City play Philadelphia on Monday night football in week eleven. They are number three on this list, even though they had a dicey situation against Zach Wilson and the Jets. They are three on this list.

Number two up three spots. I think they are playing the best football in the American Football Conference. The Buffalo Bills right now have won three straight games all of them by 28 points or more.

Holy cow. Are they on a roll? And my number one team and my power rankings for the third consecutive week. I've got the San Francisco 49ers sitting right there at 4-0 for Brock Purdy and the rest of this team. They are playing the most complimentary football and the most complete team in football through four weeks. San Francisco leads my power rankings and that's it for my week four power rankings and scene. Let's take a break.

When we come back, David Spade will talk snake oil and we will count down to the emergency broadcasting system. Thanks for visiting our phone lives. Coming up next. Thanks for visiting our phone lives. Coming up next.

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He's also my father. Seasons one and two are available to binge right now and bonus episodes are coming soon. Imperative Entertainment presents In the Red Clay. Get the podcast wherever you listen. All right, we're back here on the Rich Eisen Show. David Spade is here, the host of Snake Oil that airs tonight and every Wednesday night Eastern on Fox.

How are you, David Spade? Yeah. Okay, there we go. Yeah, man. Oh, these sink down. They do sink down.

I forgot they especially made these. 90s, pull your microphone closer. You'll see. There you go. All right. The meantime here, let's see a clip. Yeah.

An all new original format, folks. Here you go. So there's complicated.

There is some real stuff and then some snake oil salesman trying to sell to contestants on fake stuff. Stuff. Yeah. All right. Let's check a clip. Yeah, we got it. I think we got it. Welcome back to Snake Oil.

Thanks for your help. Tony has 43,000, but it's still anybody's ball game because it's time for the video. Big investment. This time the minimum investment jumps to 20,000 and you can bet as much as you have in your bank up to 50,000.

But this time you only get to question one rep about their product and you'll be investing more money with less info. All right. Twins, Tony and Dwight are trailing so they get to pick first. Was all that for that one joke? It was a great joke.

A long windup. It's a great, well, Dwight Howard and Adam Devine are the celebrity guests. The celebrity guests change every week too, right? Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do. Yeah. We're not cutting corners, dude. No way. It's boom, boom, boom.

You can't. Oh, there it is. It's two minutes early. Oh, the phone thing. Wow. See, it's all happening. They switched it up.

They switched it up. Oh wow. Oh my gosh. Is that an alert or is it a phone?

It's the real deal. This is a test of the national alert system. We were ready to set it up. We're back on the rich eyes and show David Spades here as I'm sure everybody knows what their phones just went off. It's over already. That sneaky national FEMA alert system. They went a minute and a half early.

But why do I feel sick? They put the laser beams or whatever in there. That's true, I saw that.

On live TV. Suddenly you went out. But you're fine now. You're good.

No, no. I'm still shaky, but. Did your phone go off? I don't think your phone went off. I left it in there because I'm not a moron.

I left it in there. So when you guys all get poisoned, someone has to save everyone. It's true, dude. And it's 30 minutes.

It infects your phone with. So in case you just want to know, it's just a test. That's what it says here.

I know, but what's the test for what? I don't know. Maybe what? That's the whole point of it. We don't know.

We don't know. That's why everyone's a little itchy about it, because we don't really know what's going on. Exactly. It's like, let me just see your phone for half hour. And you go, for what? They go, I'm just going to. Don't worry about it.

I'm worried about it. What are you doing? Going to my DMS?

What are you doing? They do. They just a test to check everyone's DMS. And take screenshots. Did FEMA just slid into my DMS?

I had no idea. I have had FEMA hit me late. Yo, yo, where are you at? You up?

I'm bringing some sandbags over. Yeah. Let me see how I look on the monitor. You look great.

You look great. A little peek it, but overall. I don't think so. I don't think so.

I think you look. You got to go to London. I am going to London. Yeah. Are they still doing games there? Yeah. They're doing.

They did one last week and then two more in a row. I'm going. Are you trying to hype it up? Because I'm trying to hype it down. I can tell. Cancel out my.

Yeah, I know. I like that. I was like to get up at nine and go, oh, let me watch the last 14 seconds of the Jags game. I mean, it's always the Jags too. They're getting there. Like, can the Jags play the Jags?

Because they're the ones always going. This would be the worst promo in the history of NFL Network. Where is it this week in Zanzibar? Let me just wait. Let me wake up and last watch the last 15 seconds of the Jags game.

It's true. I wake up. I go, why don't I lose so much money in DraftKings already? I'm like, oh, it's over.

That's what my promo is. Tune in to watch Trevor Lawrence take on Josh Allen, the Jaguars and the Bills. And you're like 15 seconds of Jags game. Yeah, the Bills can't get out of it. Why are the Bills going over there? Actually, it's one of their it's one of their home games, David. They call that a home game. They do. By the way, now DirecTV is doing an emergency alert system. Wow. They're just jumping on the bandwagon, I don't know what's going on.

They slide one in, it's just a little confusion. You can see the scroller on the screen right here that's right here as I'm watching all the. Yeah, this is how World War Z starts. How am I going to get my hot takes from sports television if you're going on an emergency alert system? Hey, yeah, yeah.

Skip Bayless is about to see the most profound thing of his entire career. I know. Oh, I was going to tell you something.

What do you got? How well, how many times do they do games overseas or wherever? They're doing more than ever. They're doing three in London this year.

By the way, I have two in Germany in November. You want to come? It's it's Dolphins, Chiefs in November. I'm not I'm selling it.

No dolphins. Well, that's a good game. It is. Yeah. Better wake up for that. I'll give them that. I'll wake up at four for that one.

Germany is a tough time zone for me. In general, I went there once. We went there for grown ups. Oh, a couple of you remember. And we had to do press over there. So Sandler made us all. What is it like going on, you know, press tour with those guys?

That was fun because we look like ballers. You know, we fly in like Harry and Meghan and everyone, you know, because over there we're celebrities. And what do you mean as opposed to, well, they're like, what are you, the Jerry Lewis of Germany? You know, we go there and and Chris Rocko Spade because I go, I'm not going over there unless I'm famous.

I'm not going over there. That's one condition. And he goes, I was in London and you're on two different sitcoms. I go, OK, we're getting there. Something that's something. But we only go for one day each. OK, so it's very there's not we don't know. You know, we hit the local, you know, Chili's and that's that.

We don't really get a feel for the city. And but we went there and it was fun. And you're doing a bunch of games there. There's some still in America this year, right? Yeah. Games.

Yes, there are still some in America. That's sometimes. So have you not gone to so far? Have you not gone to the new beautiful stadium here in Los Angeles, California? I have not seen a game there. I wanted to see the cards game. And they're like, we can get you a box for like 20 grand. I go, I'm sorry, how many people are from Arizona that are on TV?

Roughly, me and Hugh Downs, God dang, Irma Bombeck. I don't know if you're going 20 20 on me there, David. When I started, I used to bark around and they sort of called him from Arizona because he was a huge star on the Sun. And I got to see him a little bit then. But then when he moved out, I was like, thank you. I moved up a notch. So are you are you saying the the SoFi folks didn't buy the hey, I can raise the Arizona. And they go, you know, why don't you go?

My friend sells boxes there. And they're like, this one is fun. If you have a couple of friends over, it's forty four grand. I go for the year. They go a game. I go forty four grand.

Maybe you're confusing me with Sandler. I go, why would I? Forty four grand.

I know. And they go, you can fit 18 people. I go, I don't know, 18 people. I don't what am I doing for forty four grand to watch them go one and fourteen or whatever the gold plated chicken tenders. Yeah, exactly.

Pretty much spaghetti and gold balls. So anyway, I went to a game one. This must be confusing because when guys. I saw a guy bring his girlfriend to the game and I'm sure he like course like, oh, you know, she wants to see what he likes.

I'll go to a game. And his favorite player, let's say, is Jamar Chase. And she's like, dude, he's five down from us. He's like, because, you know, they wear the jerseys. They don't understand that guys wear jerseys.

She's like, it's halftime. Shouldn't he be getting the pep talk downstairs? Why is he in the stands? That's your favorite guy. And he's over there, too.

There's Josh Allen. And but I think the girls don't understand the guys wear the guys jersey. It's a little odd, but but like if you went to the ballet with your girlfriend and then she's dressed like a ballerina, right?

And then she has her hair in a topknot with chopsticks going, look at the ballerina. I'm like, look, I did what you do. I look like you. So yeah, look, it would be it's it is it is a little I mean, after you're like 11. But it's fine. Well, our point is that I would not be able to allow I couldn't wear a jersey to a game of anybody younger than me. You know, like, oh, yeah, where name if I'm not wearing. You know, Zach Wilson's jersey.

Yeah, it's a little weird because the only good thing about those jerseys is when there's always a fight in the stands, you can go. It was Zach Wilson and those two fought. And then some guy from the Raiders, I don't know who was came in. That's right. Is Garoppolo. Yeah. Garoppolo with the fist in. I have another question.

In the lower bowl. Yes. About football. We'll get this snake.

We're going to talk a lot, but snake us tonight, everyone. So when you're like, let's say you're the Cardinals, because I'm, you know, from Arizona. Yes, sir. And at the beginning of the year, not exactly right now, but at the beginning of the year, if you know, the unwritten tanking happens with some of these teams. Yes. Is it very hard to motivate a team to play their best when you want them to play pretty good but not great? Well, that I think is very odd.

It's it's a it's a tough needle to thread. Yeah, for sure. Because everyone's such a competitor.

They finally made it to the NFL. Right. And the coach isn't going to take a job just to lose on purpose. Right. And then he looks bad. He's like, oh, this is the tank year where I take the blame.

He's like, no, we were trying to do bad. But they're not. They're not. They're actually. I like it that they're they're they're shaking it up a bit. They are doing well.

They are. Yeah. So I like that part. But I just thought at the beginning of the year and then does Kyler play? I don't know. Well, that's the whole point is that, you know, how.

That's the business end of it. That is that is to see what the record is when he's actually able to come back and the team will know if he's able to come back and the players will know he can come back. But right now, their quarterback that they picked up two weeks before the season, Josh Jobs, he's playing really well. I recognize him on the waiver wire.

On your on your fantasy waiver wire. Yeah, I know. And now people are starting to sniff around. I know that. He's still he's he must be on like everybody's waiver wire right now. Yeah.

And they're about to grab him because he's doing well. Well, some of the ones that are bombing, what fantasy league are you in? What are you what are you doing? Are you and how many? How many are you in? Just one or you're in multiple? I'm in two. You're in two.

One's guillotine. What does that mean? That means 17 people pick teams and then you just play to see who gets the best score. And that one is the worst score is out for the year. OK. It's actually pretty stressful.

Are you are you still alive? Last week was tough. This week is a bye week because. And that's where you get hurt because with 17 people drafting, my third pick is Takashi 69.

I don't even know who he is and he's starting because I don't know what he wants. And it's all about, you know, everyone's like really good in it. Yeah. And I'm OK.

But 17. What do you mean? It's a bye week where nobody's playing this week, you know, like like I have, I think Herbert Walker. OK. Yeah. Yeah. I see. And so when you don't have that good of a team anyway and then you have to put someone on the bench and then my bench is like the who's who of who cares. I can't I can't get any. So you might get so I might go low and the game plays and you start to go low and then someone else team, then you go high and then so the whole time you're freaking out.

Have you ever been in one of these? Now I just heard about him before. I did it with Matthew Berry. He's OK. So he is that why you're tweeting at him?

Is it where? Yeah, I gave him some. Oh yeah. Always because I said I saw that I said Taylor Swift's on a buy this week. Yeah. It was hilarious. You don't think she's going to Minnesota, huh?

I got four retweets, which is actually not bad for me out of my three viewers or whatever they're called. Yeah. She's not going to Minnesota. I think when it gets colder, I think, you know, I don't know.

She might. Who knows? So you're in that one. And then what's your other? Those two crazy kids.

I want them together. My other one is a regular one with my dopey friends. And but it's only 10 of us.

So the teams are all pretty good. OK. And that's that's the one that you want to win. Like that's the one that because you're in with your friends.

They don't want me to win. But who's in it? Do we know anybody? No, there's no no bold names. No.

No one that would excite you. Just friends from Arizona, which is I'm trying to replace them with celebrities as I move on in life. They're dragging me down. But overall, I you know, you do good in those sometimes. And everyone says I won three years ago. It's so embarrassing because who cares?

And also it's when it's only 10 teams, it's kind of luck. You know, I'm going to attend team one and I haven't won in a long time. Let's look at a clip of you losing sadness.

Let's look at a clip of me losing, which is basically me in the last nine years of this. I look really squinty today. My leg. Why am I small?

I think I slept on my face. I don't know. It could be the emergency broadcast system thing that went off my eyes. By the way, how dare they go early? How dare they go early? I know. It's early.

You can't go early when you hype it up for weeks. Yeah. That's weird. Well, it makes it seem like you're not all buttoned up. You know what I mean? Like if you're going to be like this thing's going to go off and anything that goes off on three hundred and thirty million phones is like very impressive.

No, but the other way, these pop up unannounced anyway, right? So they got to approve. Twelve twenty. Boom.

Twelve eighteen. When it goes off, don't worry, it's it's it's a it's a it's a test. You want them early. Something's going to happen. You want to know. You see what I'm saying? I know what you're saying. Like it should be all synced up to an exact thing because everyone gets ready for it. Well, it's certainly and if they're saying that's what it is, it's like, OK, these people are buttoned up.

So I will believe it's real or it's not right. They're not in some office like this with these idiots going like this. Hey, is it around 11? OK, just go. Let's go down.

These things better be exact. It's like, wait, wait, wait. Exactly.

So when it goes off. We had a whole bit set up to. That's why it's mad. We did. Oh, we were going to kill it. We were. It was so anyway.

It's like pulling the Band-Aid off it. You say one, two, three. What are you wearing today?

Well, what are you wearing on the show today? Is it going to be this? This is it.

What do you mean? Oh, I thought this is a dry run over a pilot or something. No, I'm going. This is my plane gear. I'm going on the plane.

I got a 12. Oh, you're doing it for real London. Oh, I am. That's another terrible promo.

You're doing this for real? No, I like it. Tune in. No, I'll watch.

Tune in. Phil's Jaguar. Phil's Jaguar. The last 14 seconds of the Jaguar game.

14 seconds is where it's at. You know, that's where it's good, but you know, what if Trevor Lawrence and you're playing? All those guys? They're all playing.

They're going. I saw him fighting in a game. He was fighting a guy from the Packers. They were not real.

No, they're a guy wearing jerseys. I figure that after a while, but what else is going on? We got snake oil. I'm on the road doing stand up. You are.

Snake oil is good. Tonight we got Adam Devine and Dwight Howard. How good? First time you met Dwight Howard, I imagine? First time you ever? You know, I saw him once outside a restaurant.

He doesn't blend in and he's huge. And I went up and I said something. I said, hi, man, because he's ripped and he was super cool. And then he 100% did not remember meeting me. I went up during the commercial, like, Hey, man, I gave him one of the, you know, and then, and then he goes, uh, okay, that doesn't sound like I racked your memory. You know, I met you and he goes, okay, well, meaning what? Like he doesn't believe you that you met or you say we did.

We did. And I was like, Hmm, I go, you know, check your diary a year and a half ago. Oh my God.

Your diary today. That is a weird response. Like, Hey man, you know, it's, I've, you know, it's good seeing you again. Like, okay, I just give it back to you.

See, it's, it's like Denzel or something. That's right. Oh, okay. But he was good on the show. Okay. Um, and the celebrities are there to assist.

They help. The game show is so ridiculous. That's the funny part is I thought it was kind of a funny show because you think the game, the products are so good. Some of them are good and then some of them are so bad. That's why it's hard. You can never get them all right.

I don't, I don't know what the answers are. And then I'm like, is it the baby tooth necklace out of real baby teeth? I'm like, well, that's the fake one. And then I go to the next one cause it's two. So if this one's fake, I go, that's fake. What's this one? And they go, it's venison whiskey.

Whiskey tastes like meat. Okay, so let's go back to the first one now. So you have like 60 seconds and they grill these people and then it's not enough time to figure it out. And then you go, now you got to lay your bets down at which one do you think? And if you think it's the baby tooth necklace, then the other people go, actually it's the other one. And then they bet. And so you win, lose, win, lose until the end. And then you have a big bet at the end. But it's pretty fun because honestly people play along and they get them wrong so much.

It's hard to do. I remember when I was a kid, what, Liar's Club? There was a, there was a show Liar's Club where you had to tell like, right.

And you had to guess who was lying and who wasn't. Yeah, they tell a story or something. Yeah, right.

Those things. And this is similar to tell the truth. That's way back. You'd remember that one. I do remember.

Oh yeah. But I think Bob Barker, Bob Barker might've hosted that back in the day. I'm a game show aficionado.

Maybe Gene Rayburn. With the long microphone. Hey, now it's like a pool cue. Yeah. Um, that, and so this one was kind of fun cause I've never done a game show.

I don't even watch them really. And I was like, this is sort of a weird idea. Will Arnett brought it to me and said, hey.

Very deep voice. That's what he said. I'm Batman. And then, uh, and then we did it, but I think it's pretty fun. So I'm bad at it and I did 10 of them and I'm no better at it. What do you mean you're bad at it? Well, I try to guess along cause I don't know. I say, don't tell me. Okay. And I throw a few jokes in and then, uh, everyone's like, wow.

And then sometimes we do too many crowd shots. I will say that. Okay. Yeah.

Those are called cutaways in the business to make sure of for edits. You know what I mean? Yes. Yeah. But you know, I tell one of my, one of my medium jokes, you know, sometimes people get mad. Like if we go to dinner and the waiter is like, uh, Hey, you want some butter with that? And I go, yeah.

Can I get two? And then he goes, okay. And everyone goes, literally nothing.

Not a joke. And they laugh at you. And it's so painful to watch you slurp it up. And I go, I'm killing. And they go, but you're doing nothing. And I go, it's just, I'm halfway to getting a laugh when they walk up and I'll say anything and they, Oh, this guy.

And then later they go, was that even funny? They don't know. But you're sort of Dwight, howarding me right now. Okay. Okay. Okay. If you say so. Yes.

What? Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sacramento.

Yeah. Sacramento. Colorado.

Houston. Airway Heights, Washington. Where's that? I don't know where that is. Is that a real place? That's what it says on the card.

It better, it's better be real. Uh, grand Ronde, Oregon. You're going to Calgary, Houston.

No, that's what it says. Calgary. Portland. Yeah.

Then you go to Vegas. You're playing the sphere. I just did a weekend of sphere open was this week. I don't love the word sphere.

What's what did you ever get? I have a real problem with it. Why? I have a problem with you because you like it.

I had no idea these were fighting words. Why don't they call it the circle? Anything else. The sphere.

The sphere. I'm not saying that for the rest of my life. So it's right by the Venetian. Okay. I like that name. It's easy. Yes.

And then, but it's sort of behind it. And so I play the Venetian with Nikki Glaser and we had a really fun weekend this weekend and the U2 was playing that place. Yes. And they were all excited. You didn't go? I love U2. I thought it was a little bit of an odd pick for the first band. Why? Because they're sort of from a different generation, you know, but I maybe that's who pays the most for tickets.

I don't know. But I love U2. They're pretty iconic. I mean, you're going to open up an iconic circular structure.

See I didn't, you know, I don't want to trigger you, you know. Medicine ball. You know the ball. That's so much easier. The medicine ball on the strip.

It's too cumbersome to say that. By the way, look at that electric bill. It's honestly the whole day it's changing and different things and crazy.

So I think if that's the future, I think that might be the future music because people were digging it. It was so crazy. I saw the videos from inside it.

Unbelievable. Are you going this weekend? Next week. Next week.

Yeah, they're doing like 25 shows before Christmas and I think they'll just start making them all over the place. It's a pain to make. It apparently costs as much to advertise in one hour as you were offered for an entire year of the SoFi suite. Oh, it does really? Yeah, one hour of advertising is a half million bucks.

A half million bucks. Really? Yeah. Yeah.

They're going to put your own image. Because one review that didn't like it said, no, they don't like the band so they go, come for the show. Worst case scenario, if you're super bored, you can watch the band because the truth is there's so much happening. You forget there's four dinky guys singing that and you just think it's a soundtrack like you're seeing the Love Show at the Mariah.

Yeah, right. It's kind of what it is. Or you're going to the planetarium or something.

When they were building it, I thought it was going to be like a laser light Pink Floyd mushroom place. And by the way, it probably is for people. But I do like to hear that, you two. So I'll go see it. All right.

And people get tickets. Okay. By the way, I'm not going to stop doing that the rest of the day.

Tickets at for my concert, not this Dopey Circle one. Okay. Dopey Circle. It's another name for it.

Again, I don't think it's going to catch on. I used to have a guy sitting on top of my core. There it is. The core.

There it is. Work on your core. Dwight Howard can sit on it.

Dwight Howard can work on his core there. Oh my gosh. Are we wrapping up? We can if you'd like. Or we have another 12 minutes.

No, we don't. This show is forever. No, it's not.

If Jimmy fell and I'd be already back at it, you know, lure right now. No, we like sticking water. No, it's great. Anyway, I got to run. But anyway.

I got to let you go. No. All right. I'll do it. Yes. I'll do it for you.

Yes. Snake Oil is tonight. You're pretending you love going to eight games in London. I can't wait. London.

All right. And everyone should tune in. Tune in for the Cardinals at the equator.

Then we're going to have... Who's playing in Ukraine in two weeks? Anyway, we'll get you all on notes on that. No.

It'll be at the bottom of the screen. And did everyone live through the alert? We did. We made it.

We made it. They jumped it. I mean, it's very poor planning on the world, whatever that was. Honestly, like you're supposed to act like you're buttoned up on your information, not jump the gun by 90 seconds.

That's weird. Yeah. I agree with you on that one.

Con, it gives you pause. All right, guys. Give me like a 20 step lead before you come chasing me for autographs. David Spade, everybody.

We'll be right back to wrap this show in a second. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his line intercept, they said, there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, when I think about a little intercept, they don't know that I play football.

Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. What the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask. The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen. So I tell Mark Norman and Shane Gillis, my two openers, I say, Hey, we're doing the mullet arena. We'll do two shows. We do one show Saturday night, sells out at Friday, sells out on Wednesday at Thursday. Do a four shows guys, a little treat Superbowl tickets on me. Good seats and $25,000.

Well you're going for the primo primo. I didn't know my wife called and she goes, they just took $125,000 out of our account is something going on? You need to talk to me about something.

Are you going to South Africa for a month? I was like, no, we're going to the super bowl. This is the rub. Oh no.

They don't tell you your seats until Friday. You don't know where you're sitting. So you think Bitcoin's going to really do well turns out Matt Damon said, we're cool.

Tom Brady's involved. I'm sorry, I'm laughing so hard and crying. I don't even know when I get my It's funnier when on a roll, quite like him. Oh God. He had us in stitches back in the day, right there with Bert back on the rich eyes and show radio network.

I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call click or just stop by. It's fun stuff with David Spade right there. We just done our Roku channel stream for our radio audience and had a great look back at our Superbowl show and Bert Kreischer was talking about getting tickets for the game for his crew and had no idea how much they cost and had no idea where they were. And he is, he knew, well, he knew they were expensive, but he just didn't know where they were.

And he didn't know how much it was going to all in cost him. Yeah. How do you use game time? Yes. Right. He would have known these things because you shouldn't have to worry when you're buying tickets to your next big event, sports, music, comedy, theater events, fast and easy way to buy tickets is game time killer last minute deals. And again, the best thing is you see the view from your seat before you buy.

So you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Game time has a guarantee. Game time guarantee means this you'll always get the best price. And if you find tickets in the same section in row for less game time, we'll credit you 110% of the difference. We all have game time accounts here on the rich eyes and show that's how much we believe in our partner here. You take the guesswork right out of buying tickets by downloading the game time app, you create an account and you can use the code rich for $20 off your first purchase restrictions apply.

Visit game for terms again, create an account, redeem the code R I C H 20 bucks off download game time today last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed Kenny Pickett says he's going to play on Sunday. Just saw that tough son of a gun. So yeah, okay. Just in time. Now, did you get that from Matt?

Oh my goodness. Again, you're talking about the offensive coordinator, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Matt went around the old X machine yesterday where, you know, there's a, an account that, that uh, it has no, it has no, um, or written like, uh, tweets or posts, but it has replies. So it doesn't post anything of their own thoughts.

It replies to anybody that seems to be complaining about the play calling or the coordinator by name himself. But let's give benefits of the doubt. And certainly if Matt Canada still remains the offensive coordinator for the steel is unlike what so many steel fans say.

That would mean that maybe this is not true. Cause I would imagine somebody explaining to Mike Tomlin that one of your employees is carpet back at the stuff outside the building, which as you know is what Mike Tomlin says is the least important noise on planet earth is what anybody else is saying outside of the building. It's what they're building inside as a team that matters the most. But that said, one would think it is incredibly helpful that Kenny Pickett is under center for this team.

And this is Pickett moments ago. Good. Be ready to go by Sunday. Were you worried at all that there was going to be worse than what it was? A little bit from what the doctors were saying, they were worried about, but got, got lucky that it was what it was and pushing to go Sunday. Do you have any limitations at all?

No, I think by Sunday I'll be good. The knee brace that you have on, is that just for practice or you bring that around all the time? Just for practice. All right. Good for this. This is great.

This is great for two reasons. One, Ryan Tannehill would have been very nervous if Pickett couldn't go because that had been two consecutive starting quarterbacks the Ravens would face out. And next one is Tannehill.

Yeah. That'd have been, does Sean watch their visits to Cleveland and Pittsburgh against the backup quarterbacks? All right, let's sign up for that. Any team would sign up for that if you're trying to win a division. And plus Ravens Steelers, let's go full strength. And I understand Ravens fans are like, hold our beer about injuries. That's the most impressive aspect of the Ravens run so far. Three in one with so many banged up individuals.

So many injured from JK Dobbins all the way down to the latest. It's always great when these two teams face each other. It's always great.

It is so great. The two most tenured coaches right outside of Belichick in the conference, Tomlin versus Harbaugh. Let's go Ravens versus Steelers.

Let's go. I remember a Christmas game. Yeah. We were on the air for that. But it was the Antonio Brown caught one on the goal line and got blown up. Nasty hits. What year was that?

Oh, I forget what it was. But this is always great when these two teams face one another. 2016. Bro.

Unreal that that's seven years ago now. Can't wait. So glad that Pickett's going to play.

Awesome. That's a big game that we got on that Sunday. You know what's another sneaky one is Houston Atlanta. Because if again, because if Stroud strolls in and starts winging it around like he's winged it around for the first four games and the Atlanta Falcons begin to struggle again on offense. Don't you think there'll be some eyes that just look right at the quarterback and go it'll be you see, do you see, do you see what's happening over there?

What and what Nico Collins is that much better than Drake London? You know what I mean? Right. Well, you think so. Well, yeah, but I'm just saying what Atlanta Falcons fans might be sitting there thinking.

But again, that's the outside noise. It really is what Arthur Smith thinks. You know, it's really what he thinks now is a fascinating decision he had in London at halftime in that game, stuck with Ritter, was rewarded by a very nice drive to start the half, but still a second consecutive loss. And there is a guy, speaking of Bert Kreischer, as we did moments ago, you know, and Heinecke who can.

We were drinking beers with those guys. Who can change fortunes really fast, man. He's one of those guys, he's got like the Fitzpatrick in him. A little bit. Yeah, a little bit. Heinecke. He's like our current Fitzpatrick of this league. That's what he is.

Where you can just. He didn't go to Harvard though. That's one crucial difference. That's one right there.

That's interesting. Two and two teams. The winner of that game is three and two, right? We all know that the game that we started, San Francisco and the Cowboys.

Yeah, Eagles and Rams I think is going to be. I'll be zooming in on Friday. Andrew Siciliano is going to be sitting in this chair here while I'm over in London, but I'll be zooming in as much as I can, almost every show.

I'll be part of it over there telling you what's going on over there. And that's the first game of the weekend. Jaguars and Bills kick off at 9 30 a.m. Eastern, 6 30 out here on the left coast. And hopefully you tune in for the whole thing and you're not David Spade saying, I'll tune in for the last 15 seconds of Jaguars football.

That's what he called London games. I'll run that up the flagpole with NFL Network PR to see if that's a good promo. Or do I, with 15 seconds to go in the game, welcome in David Spade in Los Angeles, California? Please do.

I will text you to remind you in case you forget. I know you can do that, but what if it's a game? Like you know what I mean? You should be like David Spade. You've got to do it anyway. I mean, you've got to do it. Yeah.

We welcome in David Spade and the rest of the audience with 15 seconds to go on the left coast for this Jaguars game. Here's what you missed. It's a great game. Do I really do that? Absolutely. Absolutely. It's not abusing my privilege of playing the play? It's absolutely abusing your privilege.

You're in the chair. You're all being in agreement strikes me as this is a bad idea. Yeah, exactly.

But you know, that's what we do here. Bad ideas are sometimes good ideas. Bad idea jeans with Spade on it and SNL in that commercial was on. That was a good one. That was a skit. You never saw a bad idea jeans? It sounds familiar. I think he was in that skit, as a matter of fact.

You know, the jeans commercials they always used to have and they would, yeah, check that one out. In the meantime, we'll wrap up this show. Thanks for taking part.

I want to thank Baker Mayfield. That was so much fun. Fun show.

We're going to Bahamas. Bruce Feldman. Thanks, Rich. Thank you, Rich.

Definitely not. Now give us the date so we can get our calendar in line. Call your break. Every Monday, Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday. Dolphins final four AFC team.

Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in.

I am in. The other three final four teams. If you were asking me to call my shot, this is the overreaction Monday podcast. Entertainment purposes only.

Unless I'm right. Yeah. Chiefs. Dolphins. Bills. Ravens. Dolphins final four. Overreaction Monday, the podcast, wherever you listen.
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