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29- How Your Brain is Wired

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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June 28, 2019 4:31 pm

29- How Your Brain is Wired

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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June 28, 2019 4:31 pm

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest  Dr. Roldan about the complexity of our brains and  how self-medicating and doctor prescribed medicines work.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Dr. Roldan has been a mental health professional for over 25 years and is an Adjunct Professor at Florida International University. He has been studying Cannabis Treatment for over 20 years in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and North Carolina, and Medellín, Colombia. Dr. Roldan facilitates workshops on many Cannabis related topics. He also facilitates "Caregiver Support Groups". Member of Society of Cannabis Clinicians and Patient's Out of Time. You can read more about Dr. Roldan and his work on his website


Kabul is brought to you by my MICU research life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and the QL and the here this cell is created is help after going to difficult time suffering. I'm trying to ease testimony to inviting professionals and speakers can help with suggestions at the survivor. I hope to inspire others encourage since 19 find strength in knowing that those who suffer are not alone and that those that heal against insurmountable odds to access last week. We are talking about mental illness and addiction. Today I want to continue talking about that and add alternative approaches for help. I want to provide different viewpoints as well. I do believe it's healthy to have two get to know different viewpoints. What happens my medication tell me medication is not enough. What happens when it's not working or you need something else get something else nontraditional help set today's guest is Dr. Gustav world done in a little while.

Dr. Anne-Marie Wong might be joining us a work at med their dead clinic in Miami. Dr. Gustavo will don a psychologist that has worked with kids and adolescents and adults for more than 30 years. He has experience with traditional psychology methods and alternative approaches such as using THC products doctoral then. Thank you for being on the shell regularly. Yet we have joined here by Amy Cabell and Boris.

It's a pleasure to have Gail doctoral 10 advocates for holistic approach to mental health. It's known that marijuana magic mushrooms are controversial. Now can you tell us how marijuana can be helpful in patients with PTSD and depression or other medical conditions because last week he had someone that said it was bad for developing brains.

Always order the 32 other students approved marijuana treatment mode for various different conditions, but you're not going to disagree with your partner just there were some tracks that are negative when you use marijuana and anything using something that is not as prescribed and you gotta have difficulties with marijuana now is a medicine and just like any other medicine. If it's not, under the guidance of a professional manner at the right time the right dose.

There can be some affection. There are negative. To start with. You have a lot of children who start experimenting with cannabis earlier when we know as the brain develops cannabis marijuana is something that can affect the brain as it develops. What will we advocate is for the treatment of patients through medical professionals who can implement a treatment plan and follow through with the different dosages and the effects of the product. As you basically explain weighing the cost versus the obviously is your ex nature. I tell the developing brain. You don't want smoke marijuana is illegal and also you don't want to drink alcohol mean anything can happen.

Damaging effects, even medication and I think it's important that it's monitored that it's it's not anything that you did an extreme is not God show their work. Patient will have adolescent and young is one marijuana have been prescribed to children with epilepsy seizures to read something that can help a child, but we have the benefit the way the benefit of it, as opposed to the developing brain so do we want a child who has epilepsy seizures 7220 times a day or we can help them with cannabis to review procedures that the benefit outweighs the negative effects in the future so so just to confirm, because I was of the impression that it's illegal for anyone under 21 are you talking another smoking.

Maybe the other forms of talking prescription medicine like a solution right now in the state of Florida. You can underage again nor really know you. Do you have to 202 on the basal age so any child can be prescribed marijuana as long as you do have to wear as one doctor's recommendation for child to doctors to confer and concur that this is a treatment that will benefit the child's okay yeah that's need to me because I never heard of the child being given alcohol so something to be sent there right but again the benefits of marijuana have been proven with studies were alcoholic. No proof that can be beneficial for medical condition where marijuana has been gone through a lot of different research that shows beneficial to several different conditions.

It's cost is the cost. I mean I guess if you have a predisposition for mental illness. I've heard that it can be for that.

But what is the cost a little bit slow.

If you little bit more relaxed and you know it's temporary, it paid as a way I know this because I done I asked my marijuana. They say marijuana is a gateway to other drugs more dangerous hard drugs like cocaine here.

Raymond asked to see anything else that alters your mind a hot location. Mind you know what you wanted to stop because it was enough. It asked me and I realized I did not have to go to the extreme. I did not have to be out of my mind when my mind is altered. I wanted something I was still controlled stimulus going on a daily just to imitate that tension await that feeling away and that's how it helped me and I get a prescription. This people the help of prescriptions and that's okay. And there's people that might think differently of me doing something more. The truth is you don't know what works for someone and I like to bring on different points about mental disorders of people so go on the cannabis and people are reluctant appreciate your cabinets with those persons as the developmental disorder and strong public cannabis use to be reluctant to discuss it with your provider been denied treatment or people may be labeled user or need of rehab. I want an open discussion between the mental, professional, and your primary physicians, something that was trying to educate the public on the next step. I really appreciate this opportunity to let something that we really have to do. Educational knowledge is a medical treatment alternative as you start off with alternative medical treatment for his different conditions, mental health research shows that this can help people with depression and OCD, Tourette's were talking about bipolar mental health is a lot of great benefits from a lot of the other physical something that we have doctors education and research and unfortunately right now because of the federal plan on the back of 1970 has labeled marijuana as a schedule one, which along with heroin and schedule so that there is no medical benefit from this drug war. Now we know the I'm working on is to change the rescheduled, but because of that it's very difficult to do any kind of research and studies wanted so that's something we have to get more knowledge about verbal cannabis and the cannabinoids system, which is something that works off of. We can talk about that later, but starting education is needed to get the word out is a viable option for many people know there is also another study that is been done for more than 50,000 people were adolescents somewhere in Europe. 15 years. They were followed and there was significant increase development of schizophrenia. So I guess you really need to be careful in outweighing the risk and the benefits on this prescription will like every other medical how much marijuana smoke. I don't know.

You are also finishing well bless Nelda the more it gets legalized, the more studies will be able to be done and then more research will come in a visit because of the know was restricted set schedule one is restricted because of the stigma and I understand where that could be a stigma because my sister and is a retired fact that she was very against and abolish realized I had to talk to her name and told her you remember drink all night long until the next day and even the con and this is just something that we once in a while and she understood and I think it's important not to think of somebody in a different way because of it because you don't know what works for that person. Don't know what that person's going to and the best thing we can do is be understanding help in whatever way we can and discovered that something that even though it has a bad reputation can do God can't be beneficial then I say, you know, why not go get rid of this always learning but always discovering new things. I mean what we thought in the past was wrong. Now I think it's good always discovering I'm starting recently. I would go back to always strengthen population because there are studies that show that there be no marijuana is being used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia. Of course the control over solution and comparable to those of treatment with some opposed antipsychotic medications and pointed out when psychosis comes about because of what they say because it teaches you really have to work at dosages that are being used in the amount of being consumed is a huge difference in the amount of in the marijuana that's been consumed today than it was back in the 70s and 60s now is more those less 510 times more than it used to be. Were talking 20, 23% THC in the blood work back in the 60s are talking five or 6%. So any other don't know your forces.

This psychoses happening without paranoia. People get from marijuana is happening because of the THC was because all the chemicals you herbicide session decision to maybe write the position because we know that you know that there is a gene that we can test for but nonetheless the amount of chemicals herbicide specified fertilizers grown July if you have almost chemicals still in flower policy when you consume that you put into it is exacerbating the effects of that and so we don't those chemicals are causing this or is it the THC and again going back to we need to do more research needs to have the ability to be able go into a clinical trials in to do this research now that even though it's controversial and his different opinions and different data and everything. I know from personal experience, everybody's different somebody can estimate marijuana and have a totally different reaction. So it is very individual that I know that it's not making. I know that helps me and I know firsthand, not something that I'm reading somebody's professional opinion how professionally the issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed.

Love is the answer.

God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on buying her book on If you suffer from persistent depression called neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new, effective FDA approved treatments such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS. No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic call now 786-600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005 and now we continue with Amy Carbo and the 218 80 cell and how to live and opposes every Friday p.m. Eastern radio later on a podcast now that I have to tell you, getting so much information I know all I know is that just may need a little relaxed and it was good enough for me. Other approaches to alternative approaches and that's been talked about a lot these days and their psychedelics and I'm talking about magic mushrooms for what you call. I guess mashed mushrooms and it is something that you feel you know that this is something that is helpful with patients.

There's a lot of alternative medicine out to 3000 years were starting the alternative, but it was mainstream back then a manager talk to Dr. who's been using this treatment throughout the years tell you that well what were doing today. Alternative natural what is holistic and yes mushrooms first started was to treat patients to help patients to come out of mental issues. Memo something that I didn't used correctly use under the guidance of a professional used dosage, then it can be beneficial.

It's something that is not you.

It's been used for a long time but just like any toy can take your Prozac and Xanax Adderall and you can use those and people abusing them all. We have local crisis in this country could try to have nothing against OxyContin. Nothing against Vicodin's Percocets finger great when I tore my rotator cuff surgery was beneficial for me to be able to sleep so I can recover when we get into the abuse going to your point with the hallucinogenic slippage abused, then it can cause more problems than the benefits that were looking to get permits. Now there is no potential electronic and I can speak from first-hand experience, because I was writing my book. I like things and additions and that originate and I you when you start, it's very very small amount is tactical under it's that moment when he feels that you feel like everything's okay and you're being actually held how your body feels heavy at the same time and you feel like you're moving going on right but you're still aware of the fact that you still now if you have imagination can see things once I saw an angel file, I invited my right ankle. Very very high. Sometimes a seawater sometimes icy desert sky. Sometimes it's like something to start getting the idea is to take a picture that it's not just about me and my problems at this bigger things and there's more to it and it wasn't because I only needed like three or four sessions or five sessions you get to the point where don't want to go to that extreme and you feel well enough so I find it to be addicted because it's hard to do something that that way much effect on your mind regularly clarified and mushroomed, addicted, which you can talk about that are different so addiction and what tales were settled, we can abuse these type of substances so you mentioned mentioned ketamine Academy is FDA approved anesthetic used for surgery and in further diagnostic procedures, but it's also been used to treat depression and suicidal thoughts. PTSD, which is poster backstroke disorder other mood disorders and and their related pain and grief treatment again used in the context of medical professionals and write the right dosage for the right person. Now that also. With that said, there is a nickname for ketamine and special K and popular clauses. Like you go to Dr. Nagel, Hassan special K.

Please recruit special K when it abused in the context then the difference between abuse and addiction.

I agree with you ketamine cool, great, great. Approved anesthetic can be used for several mental health disorders like depression and posttraumatic stress disorder and other mood disorders. Well, I'm sorry, like other antidepressant which can take weeks or even longer to take effect. Ketamine starts working as you pointed out to start working within a few hours and suicidal thoughts in one weeks in one session, they're not settling like I was comparing to the other through this obligation to wait two weeks exactly exactly that right right people don't have the time and in another mental professional and I've seen patients unfortunately who come in something and no later you to the psychiatrist prescribed an antidepressant and a week later he committed suicide.

Knowing had done something like this. Maybe it would've been a different result.

It's one of these alternate approaches-switches and please take medication that medication is not make you feel better just cannot keep you from giving them that these alternative approaches to meet if you catch a little while. Okay there is happiness in this world.

It's okay, don't know what's for people and it can sometimes be a combination of things.

Therapy, medication, alternative approach.

Sometimes it takes a whole village. Some people to suffer a whole lot and it did things are very important. Well, yeah, also for the government is going into the mainstream elders FDA approved medication for depression, which is an intranasal form of government is ketamine's bravado instead of right so yeah, these things are a business starting to be more and more ghost bravado. The nasal spray that again is something the use under the supervision of healthcare setting and you can't take the medicine home but you can read the benefits of it was somebody who was trained in can give you the right dosage and the right treatment. I just thought about something because I like to think about things.

Now these alternative approaches and cycle that mushrooms and marijuana seized to help patients that maybe traditional ways are working or it's not enough. Now I've never seen it done with alcohol that tell people because it doesn't suck. It is a depressant that she says there's a lot there's a lot of people that suffer some people no better than others, and that's why it's important. Just to just be supportive people to speak there for one another. There someone would glance up regularly click that I just like email to someone who knows a little bit more about this if you suffer from persistent depression call neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new affected FDA approved treatments such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS. No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic, now 76, 600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005 and now we continue with Amy Garbo 218 80 that have out here where I live every Friday at 2 PM callback number 55012350 please call if you have anything to say I have a question here from Alexa. She posted the questioning Facebook is the mushrooms legal in Florida.

I don't think it is good right now but again marijuana generally is not legal ways to get treated but the question no now here's the thing about this song that I displayed healthy discovering pain and the words sustain. Keep a record at the wreckage in my life that I recognize the weapon in my mind so this person now suffering suffered for so why would you not want to help a person and we have to acknowledge that we don't have all the answers, and we don't know anything and sometimes it's you, letting you learn if it is helping people and we are getting results that it's helping people and just an example. Alcohol doesn't help people and it happening, then we should accept it. We should be there for one thing, I state of Florida. 32. Other states have approved medical use social we know it helpful. We are clinic another were there to treat patients who are more like you said or what about place and some of some of the cannabis to read the memo using are being used in clinical trials. We actually have approved an IND a new drug to us to do research with patients cool our oncology patients were cancer patients were using opiates to reduce the pain. Dr. Brault for everybody else knows when you're in a lot of pain alters the way you think it alters your mood.

It alters your whole perspective on life. So right now were treating oncology patients, cancer patients cannabis with marijuana to reduce the amount of opiates taking under some tiny works and I can even know that it was used in such beneficial ways for people with cancer, but in the state of Florida approved indications right now cancer is epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV-AIDS right Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, and MS 10 approved by fear for the potential medical conditions of the same kind or class or comparable to those I just mentioned you looking for the one I movies about CPE and traumatic brain injuries are looking into the use of marijuana for concussions are looking into the use of marijuana to treat traumatic brain injury even use very little wait until tomorrow.

The book: just a matter of time marijuana as strong as heroin is just a matter of time before they realize that if it's done if it's not abused. If it's not dying extreme magic mushrooms could work. Can we not any fusion it's working it's just as well, but more treatments. This chair there is what chance stimulation transcranial magnetic stimulation is about. This is true and FDA approved therapy with those special equipment special machine that provides stimulation of the brain in certain spots stimulating this area like a resetting the area that is seen control of the depression and stimulating it to work normally like reverting back to normal delay that you explained it to me is that it seems that out you know it just refreshes training here. Neurons think like that and I did notice a different way.

I saw you in a row. On the other side. It was on the right thousand 11 TMS third transcranial emulation something that can help you depression and situational and clinical depression, but we have this depression the clinical depression are chronically underactive. Your overactivity of the brain in with the team, as does his is to reset underactive to go back towards close to being overreactive, it slows it down. Thank you so much more professional you know when we have something like that. We have to try it first make sure it stays and everybody say make anything well this is this true family submissions been available for four long many years. What was in the old times electrical convulsive therapy with Tri-City electrical. So this is in place, which was raised areas is therefore very severe patients with depression while public would been cured with government or something else also invasive TMS transcranial stimulation to the same thing that people have to understand there's no price, just the man on the top of the site. If you had and it just gets proficient at this party politics pulsates bossy on 10 seconds, and it stops and then for 10 seconds and stops and thinks 90 minutes of the session, 20, 30 to 36 are right and what are the results you the results are very good, very positive way. We read a lot of studies that show the patient to improve and think, is that going to take medication many cases so you don't have the side effects of the medication they can improve.

They can be well for two years with not without any medication even longer lasting than the patient that everybody is different. This is important to point out the stream is discussed talked about TMS lotto or something and cannabis marijuana sometimes of the last resort. The people take before you start treatment resistant program right what they're saying is the tried other drugs kinds of medicines in there and everything is actually the opposite.

But then I was like that right so we want we want this to be the first line we wanted to be the last treatment of people to try everything and all the way you begin this trailer from Cisco industries not very happy with this methods right because of work. We want we want to we will want to be the second third note unused is because it was a serious question.

Sometimes cell so if these alternative approaches.

I know that they can have side effects that medications that we need to take out what effects are stronger than once from the approaches once from actual medications prescribed and I want to be clear that you mention alcohol.

So what I'm talking about. Even though the great medicine no effort ever overdosed marijuana. There is no overdosing with with marijuana. The person cannot die from taking too much marijuana in terms of alcohol and wheeled her so much so much overdosing happening. Unfortunately, something with alternative nausea and headache. You've got a look at the overall benefit of what you're taking, but in terms of overdosing some of the key sense of difficult because of the side effects have to deal it very uncomfortable side affects a lot of people avoid taking medications because of that and you not get the side effects from marijuana and psychedelic side affects its temporary when it was off. It was off. Maybe a little tired so that's why I think Boris Assange should be the first line of treatment rather than a last resort and we know we know 40 people, 55% decrease in the opiate use when they were using marijuana. We know in the state the amount of marijuana or I'm sorry opiates are being prescribed has gone down 25% and the ERs are being alleviated those people who work in the software anymore because of the opiate. It stopped thinking know how to drink one or two drinks I would think on it long and sometimes into the morning. I was thinking some extreme it's hard to explain policy data marijuana we now know there's something called cannabinoid hyper and there is a person build up too much THC in the system. We don't know THC or the chemicals are in that marijuana is consuming cannabinoid hyper Macy's is when persons are vomiting or field abdominal pain receptor. A heavy heavy large term use can start developing this condition described chemicals are in their there are physical, amputation of a person who has heavy long-term use. I'm sure we recommend to those people in it resolved very easily stop smoking or stop consuming marijuana for 7 to 10 days and it resolves but we also recommend people take opponents break what we will calling out PPT views are tolerance breaks. I'm to the rejuvenating effects of the cannabis in him. Unlike some other drugs, tolerance to write werewolf with marijuana because of the cannabinoid system. I'm something endogenous, Cannabinoids, the molecules of working produced within our bodies and marijuana is a final Annoyed from the plant something it's natural for us to consume because we make it ourselves. Some of the research is starting to show that the reader will get a lot of these elements in the sixes and sicknesses is because we have a deficiency in undercabinet lights just like we have an iron deficiency or B12 deficiency deficiency. There's ailments are sicknesses that will because of that finding out thinking individual. All these illnesses and sicknesses because I remember at one point I was smoking. Let's face it we really believed like Bob Marley. The lines and I thought it was bad because I wasn't being productive. No, that I think you know I get this individualistic anyhow it was great having you guys think you your overall this information, I love your ideas and viewpoints and down to the next guys to come to the end of the show again, thank you for everyone that's been mean and think you shall for more information can be found in hundred guests assist in the care and capital. Thanks for listening, life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles show that with the love of God, your husband and your family.

You can succeed.

Love is the answer. God is the keyword reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on or buying her book on If you suffer from persistent depression called neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new, effective treatment such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS. No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic call now 786-600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005 with Amy, was brought to you by IMI C research 786-310-7477 or Tune in every Friday at 2 PM with Amy, right here on 880

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