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CGR FRIDAY 072823 Don Jans Dr Deb Waterbury

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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July 28, 2023 10:01 am

CGR FRIDAY 072823 Don Jans Dr Deb Waterbury

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Hi, this is Pastor Greg and you're listening to Chosen Generation Radio. Get more at

That's Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for World War II defending our country. Today we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. Sexual predators and comprehensive sex education both break down inhibitions. That's what they start with. They also gain trust with the child and then slowly start to get them towards sexual activity.

Anything goes. You are teaching children adult child sex, you're teaching transgender issues, and children are moldable and influenced by that. They said, okay, now we need you and your team to be able to explain what homosexuality is to a four-year-old student. To introduce this kind of material at that age, frankly, it's child abuse. We're going to teach our children that it's okay for any two children of any age of any sex to have sexual intercourse with each other as long as two components are present. One's using a condom and they both give consent.

Did I hear that correctly? It's not a neutral venue. There's no such thing. The schools are doing your job. They are discipling your children, but they're not discipling them in the faith of Jesus Christ. It's only the exceptional child that even survives that system. Most do not survive.

Most have not survived. They believe that children are sexual from birth and that they deserve and have the right to be sexually active and to seek sexual pleasure. And if anyone is stopping them from that, then you are judging and oppressing them. Even kindergarten now, they're wanting to teach them more and more perverse information and acts and put that into the children's minds. And once that poison is in the child's mind, it doesn't leave. They'll always remember what they learned. And it's by design, it's orchestrated.

In my humble opinion, it will be worse before it gets better. Hi, I'm Tim Sheff, a certified natural health practitioner of over 40 years. I went under use to a product that changed my life. The product's called Vibe, available at I thought I was on a good nutritional program before I discovered Vibe.

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Neither products do not treat, reduce, cure, or prevent disease. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. Here we go. And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses.

Hour number three today, hour number three today. If you missed any parts of our program today, first hour we dedicated to CGR Wellness, CGR Wellness, this stuff right back here, and Benefiting Your Health. And we specifically talked about heart health. And we gave you some examples and some testimonies as well as talk to you about the benefits of the products that have benefited others in their heart health for real and encourage you to get tuned into that and consider going to

Sign up for your free account. And I had another testimony this week of a pastor that regularly comes on the program. He and his wife just got started on the product and they love it. So another powerful testimony. And then we also, we talked with Pastor Samuel live from India and got an update from him on what's going on there and some great testimonies. And then just finished with evangelist Laura Pickett and talking about getting overweight, but it's not just weight. Really cool stuff.

All right. The Marxists are marching. They are really marching on our country because they hate us.

They hate America and they want everyone to join them in their efforts to try to destroy this great nation. And boy, they really can't stand it when somebody says something positive like my next guest, Mr. Don Jans. Don, welcome. Good to have you. Good to be here. It's Friday, the last Friday of July.

We'll never have another last Friday of July ever again, 2023. That's right. That's right. You, you, you, unless you're doing less, unless you're in the Groundhog movie, you never repeat the day in the American communists don't let one day go by where they don't advance their, their agenda. Yeah.

Yeah. Marx Marx told them, well Marx told all of his followers. He said that between capitalism and communist, there has to be a transition period.

Several things about that transition period. That's the time when you rest a control away from the capitalists or freedom loving people. You have to, you take their property and transform it into public property and then you have to take and take and get total control of the population. And in order to do this, Marx said don't well he's flat out said you're going to have to use despotic means. So you can't pay any attention to what the law says.

You can't pay any attention to fairness. You can't pay any attention to anything else except what are our ends? What are we trying to accomplish? Well, we're trying to accomplish transforming the United States from a capitalistic country into a communist country and we will do it any way we can including colluding with the Chinese and we will advance the Chinese agenda. And in so doing, we will, they will come over and they will pay a lot of politicians, a lot of money to aid them and then as they aid them, we the United States become a third world country while the communist country becomes a very dominant country. And they go by the axiom, folks never forget this.

Never ever forget this. When you're listening to the news, and you hear the excuses and so forth, the communists live by that axiom, the ends justify the means. Absolutely anything you have to do, sit in front of Congress blatantly lie if it if it accomplishes your end of transformation.

Go collude with other governments, destroy the country doesn't matter as long as it advances the transformation movement. So, Mr. Greg we're right in the middle of that that's happening right now. And all they're doing is doing exactly what Karl Marx directed his pupils to do. And the Democrats and some rhinos are excellent students and doing exactly that. We're in the middle of it.

Yeah, so I'm trying to figure this out. Okay, so apparently President Trump did get a new indictment. I know he is one of his, the person I think who was doing the driving, I think he was indicted. Okay, former President Donald Trump and two of his aides were hit with new charges in the Mar-a-Lago documents case on Thursday. A grand jury in South Florida returned a superseding indictment adding four charges to the prior indictment against Trump and aide Walt Nada, another aide Carlos de Oliveira, the Mar-a-Lago head of maintenance also was added to the construction conspiracy charged in the original doc indictment. The indictment alleges that de Oliveira told another employee that the boss wanted the server from Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage deleted and asked how long the footage was stored. What are we going to do, he allegedly said. The alleged exchange came after Trump's team received a subpoena for the security footage according to the indictment. Okay, so apparently there is, now folks, that's on Yahoo News.

Okay, so I'm just telling you what is out there. Josh Hawley says, spoke out, slammed the new charges brought against former President Trump in the case over his handling of classified documents on Thursday, arguing we cannot allow this. It's so brazen right now what they're doing. It really is a subversion of the rule of law. I mean, they're taking the rule of law, turning it on its head, and we can't allow this to stand. The American people are not going to be safe. Our system of government is not going to be safe if this is going to be the new standard. So that is taking, just obliterating the law.

Don't care what the law says. We're just going to go ahead and we're going to do what we're going to do, and we are going to make sure that the person who has all of the inside information on us and can destroy our deep state, we're going to make sure that by hook or by crook, he's not even on the ballot in November 2024. Well, you know, you got to wonder that Josh Hawley has suggested that these random new charges were brought in order to distract from the Hunter Biden legal problems.

But here's, here's, I think, to me, the more the more chilling piece to this. It's not a distraction. It's a retaliation. Okay, Hunter Biden was was going to be given and when you read this, this is what is bought mind boggling and, and the old prosecution team wouldn't go along with it. So they were removed and a new prosecution team was brought in that was in collusion with the defense.

And folks, this is that this is what the document shares. It says that that Hunter Biden can, is not to be charged in any future illegal activity. So no matter no matter what the the current president's son does, no matter how grotesque how illegal rapes women, traffics children, whatever he does, does, you know, massive amounts of drugs and sells drugs and so on, no matter what he does.

Okay. The new that the what they tried to get the judge to sign off on said he cannot be charged he is immune from charges in the United States, period. You know who else was immune from charges in his country? Stalin.

Stalin couldn't be charged with anything. Gee, surprise, surprise. And if anybody charged him, then he brought them to trial. Yeah. Surprise.

Sound familiar. But the corruption the corruption, absolute and it's now the corruption that is going on in our country has been going on. What Biden has done is not just Biden. Incidentally, there are, according to Schweitzer, there are many, many people in the government that have done exactly the same thing. They've been paid off primarily by the Chinese.

Biden extended his his reach and went over to Europe. But but what they have done is they have they have said we could care less about the Constitution. The Constitution has no meaning whatsoever. Of course, they've always wanted to destroy it anyway. We could care less about what is right.

We could care less about what is wrong. We are going to do what we are going to do to accomplish what we intend to accomplish. And so let's talk about that. What do they intend to accomplish? They intend to to complete the transformation that was begun at least a century ago and that Obama told us October 30th, 2000, October 30th of 2008, his words. We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

What did he mean? He meant that we are five days away from being elected to be president and then I will have the authority to bring in and to construct a deep state that will do all of our bidding. And so what did he and Holder do? They created in the DOJ in areas that because of ridiculous laws that the bureaucrats can't be fired.

He created a deep state where those people could care less what the president says. They could care less. They could care less what the law says. They could care less what the Constitution says and they will do whatever they have to do. Now it's so blatant that Garland is even more blatant than what Holder was. And he just he just he just says, no, they the guy who the guy who had the Bitcoin, they dropped all charges against him with illegal political contributions.

And why would you do that? Why would you drop charges where where a guy has clearly made illegal political contributions? Well because most of those went to the Democrat Party. And they don't want that in open court. There's no way they want to go in and have that exposed that they were a part of that whole operation. And they allowed him to do it. The problem we have, the problem we have is that the American people I believe are very, very, very good people. And American people want to believe the best of their officials. And the American people, even we who disagree with Biden, you don't like to see Americans be traitors to America. But we have to admit the facts. We have to take a look and actually honestly observe and actually honestly find out are we or are we not in a position where we are in a true transformation from freedom and liberty to total tyranny of the government. When Pastor Greg told me what we would talk about this morning, it was so, so appropriate. I'm doing a new book, and I think I've mentioned this before, and that new book will be out hopefully in the fall.

I'd like to have it out late September, early October. We'll see. But what I'm talking about is what are the left doing in the United States now to complete this transformation? And here's what we know. We know that Karl Marx laid out, he and Frederick Engels laid out 10 very, very definite points that had to be completed in order to complete the transformation. What are some of them?

Well, a steeply progressive income tax, public education, banks that are really the monopoly of the United States government so they can do what they want to do, and they can make loans to whom they want to make loans, and they can forgive loans to whom they want to forgive loans. And then we have 45 points. Pastor Greg and I have discussed this before. You must go back and review those 45 points that it takes for this transformation. And that was entered into the congressional record on January 10, 2003. And it lays out specifically what they're trying to do. And of course, a big part of that is acts which will destroy the family, which is being done. Our families are being destroyed. Well, how are they being destroyed? The same way they were destroyed in Russia under Lenin.

And you'll go through and you'll see it. The other area that is critical is they had to take control of at least one political party. Well, they have total control, total control of the Democrat Party, and they have a great deal of control of some of the Republican Party. And when you look at what the rhinos do, at the very least, they are useful idiots for this transformation movement. So when we look at what is going on in the United States today, it's all been laid out. We'd like to say, well, aren't they creative? But they're really not creative. They can read, they can understand what it takes to accomplish that transformation. And that's what they're doing. And we, I was asked last night, I spoke last night, up in a beautiful, beautiful area of California, a long ways from home, unfortunately, but it was a beautiful area.

And we were talking about republic or democracy. And the question, anytime we go, I go out and speak, the question always comes up, what can we do about it? Here's little old me, what can I do? How can I, how can I be effective in stopping this transformation movement? Well, there's several things that we can do individually. And I don't care who you are, but you can participate in stopping that transformation movement. The very, very, very first thing you have to do is you have to understand what is that transformation movement.

If you don't understand it, there's nothing you can do about. And then each of us has to take the responsibility that we will start to set brush fires of freedom in the minds of other fellow Americans. We don't remember how effective common sense was when Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense.

There was no real movement towards the revolution, virtually none. And well, not, not, I mean, Samuel Adams certainly was, and we had some movement down in, in, in, in, in Virginia, but, but most of it was no, we want to just compromise. We want to make everything nice. And Tom, Thomas Paine pointed out in Common Sense, well, if you try and make everything nice, all you're doing is you're assisting that evil movement. That's going to keep you under tyranny.

And what did he do? He generated this, this, this source for people to start to discuss the reality of staying under the tyranny of the government of England. That's what we have to do. We have to understand what it means if we don't stop this transformation movement, and then we must begin to discuss it by setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of Americans. You have the responsibility to play your part and your part is very, very critical. Very. Well, it comes back to we the people and there is, I mean, there's, there's some good news with a few of the things that are happening at the Supreme Court.

And hopefully this fall, there'll be more. If we can get the Chevron doctrine revoked and stop the march of the administrative state, the administrative state has since the mid 1980s, that has been one of the unchecked, unbalanced arenas in which this Marxist movement has usurped liberties and freedoms in our country is through the administrative state. When we talk about that, what we're really meaning is that the administrative state, that's those bureaucrats that nobody knows about that haven't been elected, really haven't, they haven't been appointed. They've been hired and they have, they have the power to, to, to, to completely nullify what the legislature does to completely nullify what the executive does. We saw them nullify many, many, many, many orders, many, many accomplishments of Trump.

They tried to totally nullify it so much so that when Trump said, I am in charge of foreign policy, which the constitution says that the president is in charge of foreign policy, that we had, when he was exercising his constitutional right, we had a part of the administrative state bring a charge against him that brought a phony impeachment movement by the Democrats. So that's how effective that administrative state can be. And that's what they do. And that's how they do it. Yep. And, and, and, you know, under, under the Chevron doctrine, they get to interpret their own. So they, they get to take a law, create it, and then interpret it the way they want it interpreted through their own court system.

And you have to live in, in their, in their made up and created world. It's, it's really crazy. All right.

We need to take our break. Don, thank you. Don Jans, my grandchildren's America. And again, I just want to again remind you that we do have Don's collection, some of his incredible books available for you.

And we're asking for a donation of $100 to the ministry. And you can pick up these great books, which include Setting Brushfires of Freedom, which is that really the solution to the issues that we're talking about. There it is, Setting Brushfires of Freedom. And, and then, of course, Republic or Democracy, does it matter? You got to understand this, this is key, critical, Goodbye, Constitution, Freedom America, which is a fictional account of a child that that is awakened to realize what's happening to our country, two visions for America. And then finally, another fictional depiction to help us understand what's going on. And that is the road to tyranny.

And great books, great reads. And they contribute more than 900. They can if you'd like to give more than $100. You can do that. And, and we'll see if we can dig up some other gifts to throw into the box. All right.

Thanks so much. God bless you, Don. We'll talk to you next week. Folks, we're going to take our break.

Yep, we'll be back right after this brief break. You're listening to Children's Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Hi, this is Pastor Greg and you're listening to Children's Generation Radio. Get more at

That's Children's Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Hi, I'm Tim Scheff, a certified natural health practitioner of over 40 years. I went under issue to a product that changed my life. The product is called Vibe, available at I thought I was on a good nutritional program before I discovered Vibe.

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Pick up your Clean Slate today. You can support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting And now, back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg.

Back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical classes. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. And I thank you for being here in our final segment of hour number three today.

And I hope that you've followed along and enjoyed the program. We talked health in our first hour. We had Pastor Samuel on from India, as well as Laura Pickett was on with us in the second hour.

And we just had Don Jans on. We got a little bit serious about what's happening to our country and the Marxist-communist march that's happening and really our responsibility, we the people. We're the ones that have to make the difference. We have to push back.

And one of the ways we push back is how we take care of this relationship right here. And I'm very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program. She's written a book talking about that and talking about the crack in our vertical. And I want to welcome Dr. Deb Waters to the program.

Deb Waterbury to the program. I'm sorry. Dr. Deb, welcome. Good to have you.

No, and I've been called way worse. So that's fine. I know that club. Well, welcome aboard. Great to have you with me. Thanks for being here. Thank you so much for the invitation. I'm really looking forward to it. Sounds like your program has been great so far. You know what it has it has and I'm excited for how we're going to for how we're going to kind of, you know, close close things out together.

I was also it's interesting. And I know you have been attacked because I was looking for example, your your story trying to, you know, help people to get a better understanding of motherhood, right? And, oh, you know, well, because you know what, you can't listen now. We can't be mothers anymore, right? I mean, you can't have a mother anymore. You've got a you've got a birther. I guess whatever.

Yeah, yeah, no, whatever. And and you know, and I don't even have to put a wig on and and I could be I can be a bearded. I could be a bearded mom.

Yeah, I could be a bearded mom. I don't know. I mean, I know it just this is this is the world. I mean, it is it is just where we are right now.

I don't think are the tools with which we fight where we are right now have changed at all. I think just we have to have a very big, truthful awareness of where we are, and then use the same tools that we've always used, but just know where we are. And I think that brings us to a cracked vertical, because really, that's the I mean, the whole issue here is, is we've got so many folks that are walking around with that cracked vertical. And quite honestly, the church seems afraid to actually address that issue with real biblical truth. I agree.

I agree. And you and the church being the people mostly because we are we get so caught up in but this makes me feel this. You know, even if you talk about our country or your marriage or your children or your friendships or whatever, if I feel a certain way, then I feel that I must respond a certain way. And instead of asking that question, which we asked over and over again, and a crack in my vertical, which is why do I feel this way? Because whatever's happening around me is what's happening around me, whatever someone has done is what they've done. So why am I allowing that to affect me the way that it is, as opposed to in the means of using the tools that are at my disposal?

Why am I feeling this? And then if you can get to that, you can figure out the whys. And then you can do the what's a little bit better if you figure out the whys. It's interesting.

And I don't want to bogart our time. But you know, when I first got saved, I was on the verge of suicide as a 13 year old. Oh, and, and, and my mom went to a women's conference and the keynote speaker was a young was a well, she wasn't young then but she was someone who had been taken as a young orphan in Czechoslovakia into one of Hitler's schools.

Wow. And and then she was graduating from school when Germany fell and then they began to find out what really had, you know, transpired and what have you. And she ran from the Russians who were raping the all the women including they raped her best friend right next to her. She was hiding in a hayloft.

And she finally made it to an American outpost. Ultimately, she found the Lord, but she was an orphan. I was in his I wasn't an orphan. But my dad was a severely damaged person, because he had been severely mentally abused by his mom. And he was an only child and and he I mean, some of the stories are just atrocious and he and I healed all that after I was an adult, but as a child, it was this hot, cold, weird deal and you're never going to amount to anything and all this on the verge of suicide at the age of 13. I made a connection with this gal and and and Jesus because of it gave my life to Christ got saved on fire for God. Super emotional, though was an emotional experience.

At about 18, the emotion started to wane. And I found myself, you know, I'm teaching for Bible studies. I'm, you know, people will get in more, I'm in the word, I can't be any more in the word.

Okay. That wasn't my issue. My issue was is that my training, if you look for spiritual laws, it has this, you know, the train, the coal car and the caboose.

Well, my my engine was feelings. And it wasn't until I got that squared away four years later that I realized that and now I pass it back to you. Man, that's and you know what, I mean, what a testimony first off, that's an amazing testimony, but it is so common. That is a very kind and I go to I actually am on a pastor full time pastor at a really large church here in Tucson. And I'm what I see is and we have four campuses at the campus that I go to, we have loads and loads of people who will come to know the Lord every every week. And and I see them, you know, in their that emotional state that, you know, oh, my gosh, my life has been terrible. And I've done so many things or so many things have come, you know, happened to me. And that beautiful moment that they recognize they have a Savior is always emotional.

Of course it is. I mean, it's your heart has been broken. And now here comes the Savior who has healed your heart. It's an emotional experience. But what we do then as a church, as a body of believers, as a people, just as human humans is then then we move on as if that emotion is going to stay sort of like getting married. You know, you get married and you just all giggling in love with him or her for like a minute. And you're wondering why in the world in, you know, four or five days or a year later, I'm just that don't feel that anymore. It's because we got married thinking that feeling was going to sustain us.

And it doesn't. The thing that sustains you in marriage is the same thing that sustains you in life with your relationship with Christ. And that is relationship.

And a relationship requires getting to know someone. And so when we respond in, you know, anything, anything but love, joy, peace, contentment, harmony, those five things, if I respond to a situation outside of those things in fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, any of those negative feelings, then I have to recognize I am now living my life as if my feelings are going to dictate who I am. And the only thing that really dictates who I am as a believer is Jesus. So therefore I have to know him better. And if I'm not responding and love, joy, peace, contentment and harmony, then I must look back to Jesus, to God, to my vertical relationship and figure out what am I missing here?

Because this is my fullness. And if my emotions are like running and driving the truck, then obviously I need to go back to the actual driver of this truck and figure out how I've lost focus here. So what the book does, A Crack in My Vertical, is addresses, where's the crack? If I'm in a situation and I need to love this person and they're unlovable, or I don't feel like loving them, how do I repair that crack in my vertical relationship so that I can love like Jesus loves, even if this is an unlovable person?

And then through all those things. It's interesting, you know, when we're talking about that, that, you know, the other piece is, is we've got to know who we're loving. And I've said on this program before, if you've got a pastor that stands up front and says, well, you know, God's ways, da da da da da, get out of that church. Because what that says is, is you don't, you can know his ways. You can understand him in every situation and circumstance. You can, because he wants you to. That's why, that's the whole reason why he gave us a book. Amen.

That's exactly right. He gave us an autobiography, his story. And we need to know him. I say all the time, you know, obviously, and you're right, if a pastor stands in the pulpit and says, you need to just do what the Lord tells you and trust him. And, well, you can say that until you're blue in the face. But if I don't know the character of the God I'm supposed to trust, I don't actually know who he is, then how am I going to trust him? Why would I do something that somebody tells me if I don't know him?

So we miss that important step. I feel great. I feel great. I've been saved, la di da da da.

My emotions are great. And now I'm going to go obey. And what I've missed is that important middle step or first step should be, how do I get to know the character of this God that just saved me and now who I will want to obey and follow and trust because I know his character.

And you're 100% right. That's what we have the good word for. That's why we have this love letter that God sent us. So a crack in my vertical has within it Bible study because the only way I can repair this crack in my vertical is get back to the word and get to know the God who loves me so much. Well, to really understand when he says all things work together for good, he really means that. Yes.

All in the original language means all. Well, you know, I mean, you know, Paul, Paul even writes about, you know, here, he was in prison. And in one of his epistles, he writes, and he says, you know, you guys are castigating me and saying, I'm not, you know, oh, I must not be in God's favor. I must have done something wrong, da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da, because I'm in prison. You don't understand that I am impacting the guards. Yeah, I am impacting the palace. And if I wasn't in here, I couldn't do that. That's right.

That's exactly right. And the only way that that piece that we see, Paul and Silas, you know, when they're singing in the Philippian jail, at midnight, and they're in shackles, and all the stuff, the reason why they can be singing is because they knew and had gotten to know this Jesus, this God that they were willingly so happy to obey and love, they knew him, they knew his character. And so therefore, there's so much peace there, there's so much ability to not be affected by the brokenness of others. And even if the brokenness is an entire world system, we don't have to be affected by that at an emotional or spiritual level, even though it may be affecting us physically. Well, and we shouldn't discount that look, we live in a fallen world.

Right? Okay. You know, we live in a world where people around us are making decisions that are going to impact us. That's, that's a reality. But what God has given us is the ability to be able to stand in the midst of that storm. Yes, and stand and stand like Jesus stood. That's what we're called to do. We don't stand screaming and hollering and, you know, falling right into the exact same behavior as those we're standing against, though we stand strong, we stand firm, and we say what we need to say, and we do what we need to do. But we do so from this position.

And we can only do that, if we know we had this, you know, this crack in our vertical that has been repaired, I stand in a position while I do the things I need to do and say the things I need to say and be in the places I need to be, I do that from a place of peace, and from a place of kindness and love and of strength, but strengthen the Lord, not strengthen myself. I think the problem is, is that as we either responding to a spouse, a world system, a political system, whoever we're responding to, we respond in looking so much like the person we're responding to, or the system we're responding against, or the politics that we are disagreeing with, we respond as if we're them. And we're not them. We're we don't even know this world. So we have to respond appropriately from a position of true identity.

And I can't do that if I don't actually know the one to whom I belong. And so it all goes back to that every single time, no matter what situation or person, how much is is, I guess I agree with you, we have to respond in that in that fashion. Now, when I look at, you know, what what Jesus did in in certain situations, everybody has this idea of Jesus sitting on a one of those horses with the with the horn sticking out, you know, yeah, you know, Jesus sitting on a unicorn, you know, passing out daisies and throwing out candy canes. You know, they didn't crucify him, because they were in love with him and thought it was a nice guy. And he was going along with the plan.

That's correct. Absolutely stood against it, stood against him in place of strength, from place of because, you know, Jesus knew exactly who he was, didn't have any worries about his identity. Yeah, he didn't have a crack in his vertical. I mean, Jesus was the vertical. So he could respond completely from who he was, which didn't mean he was a doormat.

Nobody said he was supposed to be. He was a strong man, and literally stood against those he needed to stand against, but he didn't do so acting like them. And that's, that's the the important distinction, I think, to make is that Jesus responded as the king, but not as the ones he was coming up against. And we have to do the same thing. We have to respond as children of the king, as sons and daughters of God, as royalty that we are, responds in strength, but from that identity. Yeah. And it's interesting how they they continually will try to define for us what that looks like, isn't it?

Oh my goodness, yes. And nobody should I can't, but you know, the problem is, is I will fall into that. If I don't know the one that I'm supposed to be, you know, emulating.

And I can't do that. If I don't read my Bible, if I don't meditate, if I don't pray, if I don't spend time in worship, if I don't get to know this character of God, of Jesus, then I will, I mean, I'll respond the way they think I'm supposed to respond, because I won't mind that, you know, you're gonna respond according to what you hear most. If I watch TV, and I hear the same thing over and over and over again, that's gonna, those phrases will come out of my mouth. So if all I'm listening to is the opposition, and I, and again, I'm speaking to people who just get so stuck on watching everything that the news is giving them, there's only really should be so aware of our world, but you better be reading the Bible more than you're watching the news. Because otherwise what you're doing is you're gonna start parroting what you hear on the news as opposed to responding what you hear on the news by parroting God's Word.

So there's nothing wrong with watching the news and being aware, but you need to know the Lord more and better and longer and more often than that. And the engagement has to be from from that perspective, and then recognizing, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of wickedness in places. And so, you know, a great deal of our of our battle is vertical. It's this battle in the in the spiritual realm. And that doesn't mean that we're that we're not, you know, letting our voices be heard, you know, engaging, maybe running for office if God's calling you to do that.

But but but if you're not, as you said, vertically sound, how much of an impact is that vertical relationship? Let's let's shift this for a minute to on a on a more personal basis. How much is that an impact on, say, your marriage? Well, my Ira also run a biblical counseling center. And in this center, we do marriage counseling, individual counseling, children all the way up teens. And our most popular area is marriage counseling. And I can tell you that the way that we distinctively do it at centers called the answer, because Jesus is the answer is that he will have a couple come in and they may come to see us as a couple. And if they agree to see us, then and we always we always have a couple that counsels a couple so that both are feeling there that they're represented.

So the couple if they come in to see us, they say they want to do it, then he has to agree to at least six to eight sessions with the male and she has to agree to at least six to eight sessions with the female. So that once we come together as marriage counseling, this vertical has been addressed because a marriage where you're having a relationship problem, whether it's your marriage, anybody else, those problems are symptoms of something else. And it's symptoms of a lack of a vertical relationship. I've had so many women that will come to me and say, you know, I just can't he's driving me nuts. I can't stand being married to him, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

We work on that vertical relationship for a while. And then eventually what happens is she says, Yeah, no, he's not changed, but I see things differently. Like I'm my marriage is so much better because I'm beginning to see things differently. Has he changed?

No, but I have. That's the that's how it affects your marriage. I think one of the other things that is a fallacy that I've found over the years is this idea of he completes me or she completes me. Oh, my goodness. I can't stand that phrase. Thank you. Thank you. You know, it's like, look, Adam was a whole person.

Eve was a whole person. Okay. And, and, you know, my wife and I have been married 37 years. And I know for us that when when when this isn't, you know, where it should be, when mine isn't where it needs to be.

This is what gets impacted. I'll never forget years and years ago, early, early in our marriage. We'd probably married, I don't know, maybe five years, something along that line, roughly.

And we were managing an apartment complex in Alameda, California, we had two small children. And I'm upstairs, and I'm saying, God, you know, you got to fix her, you know, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, she's downstairs in the office doing paperwork and saying they got the same thing. And at the same time, Holy Ghost says to both of us, you know, he she is not the problem.

You need to look in the mirror. Praise the Lord. And you know what the what's the biggest praise there is that you heard that Jeff and I saying we've been married 38 years, it was at 17. And our marriage was over. But each of us, because we didn't want neither one of us want to lose the children.

We stayed together, even though we couldn't stand each other. And, and the Lord did the same thing. He said, because I'm like, Lord, I can't stay with this man. And he right in my bit middle of my sin and all my selfish behavior. He said that I need to stop looking at him and look at me.

This is between me and you. I didn't know he was doing the same thing to Jeff. But he was such a beautiful I love hearing that story from you too. And nobody in their right mind would have thought Jeff and I would stay married because we betrayed each other in every which way possible. But the Lord when he healed me and made me realize that he is my center, and he did the same thing to Jeff, it really freed the other one up to be who they could be. And stop trying me stop trying to expect Jeff to be Jesus that I have one Jesus.

See, I don't need another one. Jeff just literally my second complete me my Savior does, Jeff, I am my book, the lies that bind to the beginning of the book I have dedicated it to Jeff and I called him the gravy on my mashed potatoes, because and it's just been us when those southern phrases you may or may not. Jesus is my mashed potatoes, everything else on everything that's extra is just gravy. Gravy makes everything better.

And Jeff's the gravy on my mashed potatoes. Don't know I get it. I get it. Well, and you know, and this is why I so you know, couples when I'm talking to them about, you know, getting married, look, you got to keep this right. Because otherwise, you're going to be expecting things from one another that only God can do. Amen.

He's the only one your spouse doesn't fill the God hole. Can not do it. Can not do it.

I think about that. Why would I it's so unfair. I mean, I'm always thinking, well, I don't know why I expect so much of me.

Well, dadgummit, I expect I was expecting way too much of him. I figured it's okay that I can't fulfill him, but he sure better fulfill me. That's so dumb and unfair. But that is the way we go to stuff like this, especially marriage. Yep. No, it really is. It really is.

And that's the crack in our vertical that that is that is the crack in so many. And and you know, and it's why folks end up you know, the reason God said that that marriage is a covenant, and that he detests divorce is because of how he puts us together. Yes, as a new creation, literally one thing, we become one and the marriage is not about Jeff making me happy. And we tell people all the time in our sessions, my and Jeff's marriage, if we are happy together, which of course we are, that's a beautiful byproduct of the fact that when people look at us, what we want them to do is think about God. Like, however that is, if your marriage, you're the goal of marriage for between two believers is that people see you being married, and it makes them think of God. That's literally the point of marriage. Everything else is superfluous and a beautiful byproduct of that becomes your goal. But that can't happen if my God vertical relationship isn't intact. And that's in every relationship, not just your marriage. Yeah, we show.

Yep, every single one, every single one. And and and of course, that foundation begins with, you really do have to love you. You have to love you the way that God loves you. And it's okay to love you.

Not not in a narcissistic way, but in a but in a healthy way of just being filled up. You're just filling and you're like, loving me is recognizing how much God loves me. And if I can know that, know him and know that, then I can love me because he loves me first. Not because I'm lovable, but because he chose to love me first, then I can love me.

That is harder than people think. And you're right. It's not about me. It's about him. He loves me first. And it's interesting because that commandment is love your neighbor as you love yourself.

We oft times kind of discard that second piece. You know, well, you're supposed to love your neighbor. Yeah, well, but all you can only do that as much as you love you. If you don't love you, if you're not taking care of you, if you're not looking out for, you know, God's purpose and plan and call and everything he's trying to accomplish in you, you don't have the capacity to pour love into somebody else.

Absolutely. And I can't do that, even taking that back a step further, unless I can't even love myself and my capacity of the things that I can do and what I'm created as, unless I understand how much I'm loved. So when I do that, then how am I supposed to love somebody else if I don't recognize how much they're loved? It isn't about what they can do. It's not about what I can do. It's about how much we're loved. And then we can love from a place of truth, not a place of what somebody will do or experience or give to me or me give to them. Right, right.

Absolutely. A crack in my vertical. Debwaterbury. Water, just like you'd know it. B-U-R-Y. Waterbury.

A crack in my vertical. God bless you, Deb. Thanks for being with me today. Of course.

Thank you so much. What a great discussion. I had a blast. Me too. Me too. All right, folks, great way to send you off to the weekend. Texas Fully Loaded coming up here next on TECN TV. And you can pick up this at your favorite podcast spot as well as soon as we jump off the air. God bless you and have a great weekend. I'll be back with you on Monday.
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