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When SHOULD we start watching football??

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July 21, 2023 3:29 pm

When SHOULD we start watching football??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 21, 2023 3:29 pm

Luke DeCock, News & Observer, on MLS, NFL, college football and maybe a few extras.

What does Luke start watching football? What were Luke’s takeaways from the Chelsea vs Wrexham match in Chapel Hill on Wednesday? Now that the news about Jim Phillips came out, what’s Luke’s opinion about how he’s been handling it so far? What does he anticipate him saying at ACC Kickoff? And is there any way the NC college teams (Duke, UNC, NC State, Wake Forest, etc) can beat having 34 wins from last year, this year? Moving on to the Carolina Panthers, does Luke think Bryce Young is Hall of Honor bound, just from what he’s seen thus far? What all does Luke see going overseas?


Fortunately, once again, I have the honor of welcoming in our good friend from the News Observer, award-winning columnist, not filing from the beach for this report, I do not believe.

It is Luke DeCock. How are you doing, sir? I'm good. We're going to do that under the Shaboomi interview at some point, though, maybe in August. Wait, I thought we did. I thought, were you not under the Shaboomi last time we talked? Was I under the—oh, I was.

Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I remember we talked about doing it. Yeah, I think we— Actually, I know we—yeah, we talked about doing it. I can't remember if we actually did it or not, because the sound would have been awful. Oh, that's true. Unless you get, like, the perfect day.

Just enough puffs of wind to keep it afloat, but not enough to rattle it. Yeah. I think we keep discussing it, but we haven't actually done it. I want your thoughts on the Chelsea Wrexham affair at Chapel Hill. I know that it's soccer culture, and I am not a soccer hater. This is true for me through all sports. I love college basketball to death. It's a sport I grew up with. It's a sport close to my heart.

But I do not watch exhibition college basketball games. So for me, it's tough to understand that soccer culture. What was your perspective being on the scene for Chelsea Wrexham this week?

Well, I mean, I get it, I guess is my argument, because in this case, this would be sort of like if you lived in London and UNC and Syracuse played an exhibition in London, or UNC State played an exhibition, like whatever, if one of your basketball teams was over there, maybe a better example is like the Bulls or any NBA team that is in the Hornets are over there, you get a chance to see these players in person who you only see on TV. I get the appeal that especially in the case of Wrexham, which look, is not one of the best clubs in the world. It's not even one of the best clubs in England.

It may not be the best club in Wales. But people know these players and the people around the team because of the television show and they were hoping Ryan Reynolds would show up and all that stuff. So I mean, the appeal is that you get to see these teams you only see on TV and look for us, college basketball, college football, NFL, NBA, you know, we get to see these guys live all the time. You know, if not all the time, we have the opportunity to. So, you know, when a club like Chelsea, one of the biggest clubs in the world is in town, Wrexham, one of the most famous clubs in the world now, that makes sense.

And you know, I'm still waiting to kind of hear back from people about how it went. But this is a this was a big as we talked about, this is a big deal for the triangle because we don't really have a venue that's good for, you know, friendlies exhibitions like this. Obviously, most of them are going to go to Charlotte for obvious reasons. And that's fine. But we need to the soccer culture so strong in the triangle, we need to have an option.

waste meds is not big enough for something like this. Carter Finley is too narrow. We found that out in 2011. Keenan Stadium is the right size.

Obviously, they have to put down grass, which shall this you won't do for messy. But but it's something UNC is interested in pursuing. And so I think if the organizers were happy, the promoters were happy, you know, we'll see more of this in the future. I think that's a pretty good thing, because people here in the Toronto ball was love soccer. You know, going back to the days when Eurosport was founded in Durham, and this is this has been, you know, the UNC women and all of that.

It's a try. It's a soccer crazy area. There's no question about it.

MLS things unfortunate, but this is is going to be maybe a solution going forward to at least have something to watch in the summer. Am I being insecure, though, when, you know, I realized that some ignorant Americans think that the NFL is the biggest sport in the world, where, you know, the numbers would probably say soccer by a landslide. But if I so I get that soccer is a big deal, whatever. But am I insecure?

And I'm not an NFL hunk. But we said NFL regular season games over there. Am I being insecure to be like, why can't we get a regular season EPL game over here played like we do that?

You know, they've talked about it. There was one year that they actually had a proposal to play one game for every team each season somewhere outside of the UK. You know, the big 12 is going to play football and basketball in Mexico. This is you know, the NHL the Hurricanes have played in Finland, the NHL is playing in Australia this this spring. Um, you know, differently that I came I think it's the Spanish league played their cup final overseas at one point. So, you know, soccer leagues aren't quite at the same level.

European soccer leagues aren't quite at the same level with that as American professional sports are in part because there's so much further forward at home and you know, you're not have done have the same sort of desire to export it the way the NFL and NBA and NHL do. But I think you'll see more of that. I think you'll see more of these summer tours that they've been going on for a while.

They, they continue to gather steam. Um, and I think you'll see maybe, you know, like some of the lesser level cup competitions, like maybe like the league cup played in New York at the metal lands, you know, so you fly over the, you know, the two teams that are still alive in the, the league cup at the end of the year. And they play, I think you'll see more of that.

I think it was a Copa del Rey played, uh, somewhere. So at any rate, uh, you know, I, I think, you know, and then you look at what's going on with Saudi Arabia where they're buying up all these players and I can't imagine they're going to play all those games in Saudi Arabia. I could see those guys traveling the world and then, you know, in a full global sports washing event. Um, but you know, you know, I think you'll see more of that and you're going to see more of the NHL going overseas. You're going to see more of the NFL. You're going to see the big 12.

All right. So here's my question for you. Hey, this ACC, we're going to pursue a foreign country. The way the big 12 is pursuing Mexico, which country should it pursue? Um, God, I wish I had a pithy answer.

Um, if I had a good one, I would have suggested it. Um, you know, it's, I mean, I, I, it's Canada in the footprint. I, you know, like I was trying to put that in somewhere, you know, you, you, is it Syracuse in Canada? I was thinking you could draw a straight line, like as the crow flies between two ACC schools and maybe have to go in through Canada at some point, but I'm not, yeah, I don't have that Notre Dame to Syracuse. I think you might dip over Southern Ontario potentially. There we go.

So maybe that one makes the most sense. That's the trouble with being a big country next to big countries. Like it's, it'd be cool if it were Europe and there were more options that would actually be viable to discuss cause they're nearby. You know what I mean? Um, I think the ACC should fully pursue the Bahamas and a lot of the regular seasons should be played in the Bahamas should open a bureau. None of this is personally driven.

Uh, none of it. All right, well, let's, let's go down kind of that path. You won't get sent to the Bahamas, but you, uh, as I'm watching the British open and reminder when the U S open wrapped a couple of weeks ago, Pinehurst is now on the clock. So, uh, as a consolation prize for no Bermuda trip, we're going to send you to Pinehurst. Remind me, what is like five times in the next 20 or something years? Uh, is we, this is the first U S open that's going to kick off since the, that relationship between Pinehurst and the USGA has been solidified. Remind us what that deal looks like and exactly what we're getting out of it. Cause it's about to be where Pinehurst becomes a, a mainstay of the U S open in a way it hasn't even been yet.

Yeah, no, it's going to be crazy. And, and other USDA tournaments do not just at the Pinehurst, but, but in the state, I mean, there was a U S open qualifier at old Chatham is here for the first time in the triangle, first time in the state in, in 40 years. So there's a lot, a lot of that stuff going on there. The U S G is building a satellite headquarters in Pinehurst and golf house south. Uh, they're going to have an agronomy research and some equipment testing facilities. They're all in on Pinehurst is sort of about, you know, the, uh, focal point of foundation course for the U S open and USDA. So we've got the U S open in 24, and then they're going to do the men and the women back to back again in, in 29, I think it's 29, like they did in 2014, um, which was great. Um, it helped that Michelle, we won, but it brought a ton of attention to the women's open that it doesn't normally get.

And I, I, you know, personally, I really enjoyed it. I thought that was really cool to have those two back to back and Pinehurst because of, you know, the kind of course it is and the way the sandhills drain and the weather in the summer is the kind of course that can hold up to playing two majors back to back. Not a lot of courses would be able to do that. You'd burn out the greens or, um, they would be able to handle the traffic in the spectator areas, which Pinehurst does really well because a lot of that is sand. Uh, so it's, it's the beginning of a, a real relationship and I think it's, it's only going to deepen based on my conversations with people at the USDA.

Uh, you know, they, they're always going to have a relationship with pebble. There are always going to be courses like Oakmont and Balthus roll that are heavily in the U S open rotation for obvious reasons. Uh, but there's a real relationship with Pinehurst that is, is going to strengthen. And I was actually just looking at the field for the junior amateur. Uh, I think North Carolina is his third behind, uh, California and Florida, and maybe even ahead of Texas in terms of participants. It's a golf state, you know, and, and it always has been, but I think that's growing and growing in the, you know, there's always been pros out of here, you know, from Scott Hope to Webb Simpson to actually the Tia, but I think you're seeing the, the level of amateur golf is getting better. Um, the, the, the, the golf industry is getting stronger and the USDA has kind of gone all in on Pinehurst, which, you know, as they prepare to open or start building, I should say a new partners course on the old pit, uh, footprint, uh, closer to closer to the other side of downtown, uh, Pinehurst is going to grow.

And so it's, it's, it's going to become a regular thing, which I think is really cool. Um, Luke to cock joining us from the news and observer. I said earlier in the show that, and you're one of the people I had in mind that as soon as the scandal at Northwestern broke and, and things were coming out about Pat Fitzgerald, I was betting that reporters I knew probably were contacting the ACC office and asking for comment from Jim Phillips. And I'm betting that he pushed it off as long as he could, but once he was named a defendant in several lawsuits, um, a statement had to be made and he did, he forcefully denied any knowledge or, or, uh, you know, ever doing anything proper, no being improper, covering anything up. I mean, it's, it's the, the statement that you want to see that if it's totally true, that, you know, it seems like he might be in good standing, but we know these things can change. And even if you weren't directly involved as a leader, sometimes things can wash their way up to you when I'm not troubles, the wrong word I want to use. And obviously this is a serious issue, so I'm not trying to, to downplay it, but I, but I guess when to me, from my perspective right now, Jim Phillips job is not in jeopardy.

What could change that might make that different? Well, there's a couple of things. One could be new evidence emerges that directly links in to this, that he knew what was going on or had a, the opportunity to stop it and didn't take it.

Um, which obviously he is, he has come out and forcefully disagreed. The other is, is if the presidents decide that, you know, somebody who was in charge during that period of time and wasn't aware of it, didn't become aware of it, let that culture fester in his athletic department. And don't forget it's it's, um, you know, baseball was hired. The baseball coach was hired after Phillips left, but, um, there was a cheerleading lawsuit that he wasn't named in. Um, but there were, you know, there, you could make the argument that there was a culture of sort of harassment and hazing at Northwestern that existed during his tenure. If the ACC presidents decide that they've lost confidence in him to run their league because they've lost confidence in the way he ran Northwestern's athletic department, then he's going to be in trouble at this point. It doesn't seem that way, but if there's at any point where this sort of perception changes and, and, uh, university presidents feel that the league is at threat or that the league's reputation is a threat, look, they're going to throw him over the edge to save their own skin.

There's no doubt about it. Um, but to this point, there, there hasn't been any sort of direct link between Phillips, um, and anything that's, that's, that's happened. Um, just, you know, the, the, the two lawsuits, um, but the two lawsuits aren't a good look for the ACC. You know, they hired this guy with a squeaky clean reputation, somebody who's, you know, as we heard last year at football media days, the backbone of his approach is taking care of athletes and athlete welfare and doing the best thing for them. Um, it's very difficult now to look at an athletic department that clearly wasn't doing that while he was in charge. Doesn't mean he was actively involved in that, but he oversaw a department where that happened. And in some circles in college athletics, that's a pretty damning accusation regardless of whether it was intentional or not.

Luke DeCock of the News and Observer, uh, colonists are supposed to make bold predictions. Uh, have you named, have you named a ceiling or what plateau that you think that, uh, Bryce Young will reach? Is he a starter that can win you a Super Bowl? Is he a hall of famer?

Is he a bus because he's too small? Have you put a bold stamp on, uh, a prediction for Bryce Young's future 10 years from now based on OTAs and his college career? No, and I, and I wouldn't, I mean, I would be the first to say I'm terrible at evaluating quarterbacks who, which college quarterbacks are going to make it in the pros.

I think most football people are to be quite honest. Um, I mean, my concern with Bryce Young is the same as it's been all along. You know, historically speaking guys, his height have not fared well, and there are outliers obviously, um, here and there, but you're putting a very heavy wager wager in your franchise, essentially on a guy who's going to have to go against the currents of history.

So I wouldn't say I'm skeptical. Um, I, I, I would say that I think he's, there's a lot that has to go right here for him to be successful, let alone take them to a Super Bowl, let alone be a hall of famer. So I mean, I think he's probably based on his experience of Alabama and his skill set and his mental toolbox, probably solid NFL starter is kind of, uh, his, maybe even his floor. Um, but, but I don't know whether this is going to be a solid, but unspectacular quarterback who you could have picked up for a third round pick after he's been in the league for three years or a superstar worthy of trading up to get the number one pick. I just, I just, uh, I don't see him as being a hall of famer, but, um, you know, he doesn't look to me like an Andrew Luck or a, you know, one of those guys coming out of college where it's just seems obvious. I think there's some, still some questions here.

I think it's very much a gamble. Um, but I do think the floor is pretty high. Lou Jaccock news and observer. Uh, I don't know. I know you're not on technical vacation, but you're on vacation from like having to be at a game every night and every weekend. So enjoy whatever is left in the summer. Uh, they don't make you go to Panthers training camp.

Do they? No, no, I don't do much. Uh, I haven't done much with the Panthers last couple of years just because of sort of changes in the leadership.

There was a period of time up at the last ball really where I was doing a lot of Panthers. Cause I think the reader is here. Do you care about it?

But, um, you know, we, we share content with Charlotte and there's decisions that are made above my head. So I don't go down the Panthers game. So I will not be going to Spartanburg.

I thought you made changes. I'm going to be at kickoff anyway. Of course. Of course. I didn't even get into kickoff.

All right. 34 wins between state UNC Duke and wake, uh, last year. You take it the under on that combo, that total this year.

If I gave you 34, I'm actually going to take the over. No way. Cause I think, yeah, I think wake's going to be, I think wake's going to surprise some people. I think as we've talked about Duke could be better, but have a worse wind loss record, but I don't think it's going to be that much worse. I think state can surprise some people. And I think Carolina, if Carolina does what Carolina is capable of doing, we'll be good. So that number could be higher. It was two, nine win seasons to eight win seasons last year. That's a pretty big bar. I mean, if one person, one of those schools comes in with a five or six or it's going to make it really tough, but I respect the optimism and honesty.

It's going to be a good fall here in North Carolina. Lou to cognitive observer. Appreciate it, man. Thank you. You got it. Good luck tonight. Thank you.
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