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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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June 16, 2023 5:47 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 16, 2023 5:47 am

Is there any way to salvage the A's in Oakland? | Michael Malone steals the show at the Nuggets victory parade | Your phone calls.

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You won't want to take your Bird Dogs off, we promise you. Better H-E-L-P dot com slash positive. We have thrown out a wide open question as we usher in a funky Friday, baby. This is the type of question that sports fans dig, and I actually dig too. I love it because we're not leading you around by the nose and saying, hey we've got suggestions, vote for these people.

This is not a poll even. What we're doing is asking you anywhere you want to go in any sport, who are the best coaches and managers? And we're giving you carte blanche. The only stipulation is we're talking about the ones who can make a difference right away.

They can set foot on the property. They can step into the locker room or clubhouse and make a difference immediately. Okay, that's our question for this edition of After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. I love that some of you are sending lists. Some of you are going with just one and that's okay too.

Haha, that sounded funny. So on Twitter, ALawRadio and on our Facebook page as well. Actually, I guess I should apologize because with the photo that Jay put up, of course it does look like he's suggesting at least one. So okay, I mean we could even talk about coaches in women's sports, right? Because Jay used a gif, it's a gif right, of Greg Popovich. Well, who do we know that left his staff and won a championship immediately? That's Becky Hammon. Now she was already an incredible coach in waiting because of her time in the WNBA, but she was one of his top coaches for a half dozen or more years, probably a few more than that. And then she leaves, she takes the head job with the Aces in Vegas and wins the WNBA title last year. I mean there is a coach who makes an impact right away. You can understand why there were NBA teams who were interested in hiring her and man, I would love to see that. So who are the top coaches and managers out there in any sport who make a difference right away? It doesn't necessarily mean their teams win titles, but they've got their teams headed in the right directions. So on Twitter, on Facebook, and our phone number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I'd love to hear your reaction to the Aces moving to Vegas, especially if you are a sports fan in either one of those markets, either Oakland or Las Vegas. If you're a fan of the team, last night we heard from one fan who was actually at the reverse boycott and he says he doesn't begrudge them moving because the Coliseum is in such sad shape. Yeah, but that's not what the mayor of Oakland is saying.

What she's saying is we had a proposal in place and if they weren't demanding the sun, the moon, and the stars, we would have already broken ground on land for a new stadium specifically. So there's that. Plus there's the Denver Nuggets ticker tape parade that turned violent, but that's not on the coaches or the players and the majority of fans.

It's not on them either. There's a lot of alcohol and a lot of people crammed into a small space. Mike Malone, the star of the show, the star of the show. Wait until you hear him. That's coming up in 15 minutes here on CBS Sports Radio. And piggybacking on that, back of the hour, Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, other members of the Chiefs receiving their championship rings, their Super Bowl rings in a private ceremony. Do you guys remember last year? Oh, not last year.

I'm sorry. It would have been the year, I forgot when they won their first title, four years ago. It was four years ago. And Meeko Hardman dropped his Super Bowl ring and there was a video slash audio of it. Oh my gosh.

Well, they decided to do it in a private ceremony tonight. So champions all around, baby. It's a championship Thursday. And as we head into Friday, always good to hear from you. Shohei Ohtani, he is single-handedly, okay, I hate that word in sports because it's not true, but he is doing the yeoman share of the work when it comes to dragging, dragging, kicking and screaming the Angels into contention again.

And so we've got a bunch that we're gonna work in. We haven't even talked about the U.S. Open yet. Record setting day at the U.S. Open, which is not what the USGA wants.

Not at all. In fact, I bet they're staying up tonight trying to figure out how they can lower the scores on Friday. Again, we're glad to have you with us after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Already seeing your answers for our show question as we usher in a funky Friday and we say let it all hang out.

Let it all hang out. Before we move to anything else, Tim is in Modesto, California. Tim, welcome to After Hours. Hello, Amy. How you doing? I'm good.

Thank you, sir. Yeah, I mean, I've been to the Coliseum plenty of times and yeah, it's a rundown stadium. It's got great parking, a lot of parking. It's got the BART rail system, which drops you off basically right at the Coliseum. So I'm wondering why it was never brought up to just revamp the stadium like maybe for a year or whatnot. It's not going to cost no $400 billion to revamp it. I mean, the place has good food.

It has a nice restaurant upstairs. So I just don't understand what the bitch is all about. I really don't. I'm sorry.

No, don't be sorry. I'll sit and listen to your response. Thank you. Okay. Thank you, Tim.

I appreciate it. I actually think it's great to hear from a fan who doesn't hate the Coliseum. Now, I've never been there, so I can only speak to what I've heard from teams and managers.

As a matter of fact, this is right on cue. It was the Rays who were visiting the A's this week in the middle of all this brouhaha. In fact, they were the ones who were playing on Tuesday night when the reverse boycott took place. And even the Rays were talking about the electric atmosphere that was so stark contrast to what they normally have at the Coliseum. So after the Rays win their 50th game on Thursday night at the Coliseum, Kevin Cash was asked about being the first team to 50 wins.

That sounds really good. I'm probably excited to get out of here, though. Now, producer Jay tells me this is about the Coliseum. Are we sure that he's referring to the Coliseum or do you not know that to be certain? Speculation.

Okay. So Jay believes he was referring to the Coliseum. Maybe he was. I don't know that for certain. But it is interesting what we've heard, Tim, from other athletes and coaches and managers about the quality of that facility and how it leaves so much to be desired. But you make a good point. Why not renovate it?

I do know that there was talk of that in the past. I don't know if it would have cost more money or if maybe the A's wouldn't have been satisfied with that. Remember, this is not their actual home. They're paying a lease. They're paying rent. The Coliseum belongs to the city of Oakland. But they are leasing it.

It was never theirs. And for a long time, they shared it with the Raiders. So maybe they don't believe that what they're paying in rent is worth what they're getting in a facility.

There was talk about that. But I believe what they wanted, and it's the same thing the Raiders wanted, was a baseball-only facility, just like the Raiders wanted a football-only facility. And maybe they felt like they had outlived that stadium. And there is something to be said for, yes, you can upgrade, but can you match the facilities and the tech that you get elsewhere, right?

So the new upgrades. And I'll bring this up, because I was working in New England going back now 20 years, almost 20 years, when the debate was taking place about Fenway. And there were proposals out there for potentially moving the Red Sox out of the city, out of Boston, and putting them in the suburbs somewhere, building up a facility that would have not just brand new clubhouses and brand new seats and brand new bells and whistles, everything that would make it attractive to bring fans to the park. But they wanted more space.

There wasn't a whole lot they felt like they could do to upgrade it in the crammed-in little space where it is in Boston. And I've been to Fenway so many times. What they did ultimately was they built up this kind of patio area above right field, and they added kind of tables and chairs and more of an area where fans could hang out, and they added the Green Monster seats. And then they tried to expand some of the concourses. So ultimately, after all the debate, they decided in Boston that they did not want to leave Fenway Park because it's history.

It's part of their history. It's got character, and it's in the perfect location for people to be able to get to it. I love the location of Fenway.

It's extremely easy to access. Well, by mass transit or by walking even. I don't generally drive when I go to Fenway.

I park outside the city at a T-stop and take the train in. But when it comes to the history versus how much they could actually expand, that was the question, right? They wanted to add more seats, and the seats are tight. They're crammed. They're really crammed in, and they're not real big.

And they're not real big. If you need a little more space to sprawl, Fenway's not your place. Unless, of course, you're going to sit in the right field pavilion or atop the monster seat.

Something like that. But it's, yeah, it can be unforgiving in terms of its seating. But it's classic. It's legendary. And ultimately, the Sox and the city decided that was the best option, was to upgrade and to add what they could, was to enhance the current ballpark.

But it is tough, though, right? Because there are people who would say that Fenway's old, it's archaic. And I believe that's part of the charm. But one of the reasons why teams want new stadiums is because they get all the latest technology and the upgrades and the bells and the whistles and everything else.

And so, yeah, that's definitely a question. Maybe the A's just felt like there was no saving, no salvaging a ballpark that was that old and in such sad shape, and what they wanted was their own brand new facility that would attract fans. Let's talk to Xavier, who's in Fort Worth. Welcome to After Hours, CBS Sports Radio.

Hi, I just wanted to chime in. And I think I personally, I'm for the move to Vegas, because if the fans were really that committed, they'd still be showing up to the games. And they're obviously not that committed. So that opens up the A's to a bigger fan base. And it's a bit, it's a better business strategy for the fans. And I think it's a little bit it's a better business strategy for the owners.

It's definitely going to bring in way more money than what they're seeing now or have been seeing. And then what you say about Fenway, there's nothing about the Coliseum. You don't hear somebody say that's not from Oakland, say, oh, I'm dying to go to the Coliseum.

Those are one of my ballparks I have to see. But everybody wants to go to Fenway. Right, there's a different history there.

More standing in Oakland. So, okay, let me ask you this, then, if the team sucks, you're still going to blame the fans for not shelling out money to go watch a product that is very rarely winning? Isn't that ownership and management? Yeah, you can't 100%, you can't ever 100% blame one person, the fans, the ownership or anything. But I mean, like, I'm from Texas, from Fort Worth. And when our Rangers were just now good, getting back to where we've been, but we never had 2,000 people at our games. Interesting, because I was at the old ballpark at Arlington. I attended the old ballpark at Arlington when Alex Rodriguez was a Ranger. And I remember some very empty stadiums, some very empty nights at the stadium.

That was when they stunk. I'm personally, I just think I'm all for it. I think it'd be a great opportunity. And I mean, I, you know, you can't fully blame the fans, but some attendance would be nice, you know? Agreed. I mean, I agree.

I understand why it's an easy thing to point to to say, well, if they really cared about the team and wanted them to stick around, then they would show up. I got you. Well, I appreciate you having me on. Thanks, Xavier. Thanks for listening to the show in Fort Worth.

855-212-4227. It's a which came first or which comes first, chicken and the egg kind of an argument. But clearly Major League Baseball and the A's have made the argument that if the fans really cared, they would show up. But just as a side note, can't you say the same thing about the fans as you can about why the team wants to leave? If the reason the team wants to leave is because the facility is so crappy, isn't that one reason why fans don't go? Because the facility is so crappy?

I mean, it's just a thought. When we do go to games, we like to be able to enjoy our experience without having it smell, without having it be disgusting, without having, you know, not access to the, well, the amenities that we like. And I'm not saying that ownership and management don't bear responsibility in that, and certainly the city bears some responsibility in that too. But I can understand if you're a fan not wanting to go sit in that place, if it's as bad as what people say.

And I'm not sure why anyone would lie about it. Again, athletes and coaches, athletes and managers tell us how bad it is, but NFL coaches will refer to how bad it is. So yeah, that actually could work for both sides. The reason why the team wants to move and the reason why the fans don't love showing up there. And who does that fall back on? Well, I guess ultimately it falls back on the city, but partly the team. So there are a lot of reasons, but the A's and Rob Manfred are hoping that the 30,000 seat stadium in Vegas will be ready on the strip by 2028. I don't know what they do between now and then. Do they stay in Oakland between now and then or do they go somewhere else? Oh, do they share Allegiant Stadium?

My gosh. All right, we'll get to more of your calls as well as your reactions on Twitter, ALawRadio plus on our Facebook page. And some of you are already answering our question tonight. Who are the best coaches slash managers in sports? The ones who can make a difference right away.

I don't care which sport, but you can send us the ones that you think of off the top of your head. Thanks for hanging out with us. We still have US Open to get to. Straight ahead, Mike Malone, star of the show.

I think he's a coach that has made an impact. It was a slower burn, but star of the show at the Nuggets ticker tape parade. I'm not really sure they know how to celebrate yet.

They definitely haven't been there, done that. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Top of the NBA world. They are champions and Nuggets fans from sea to shining sea can rest or die in peace. You know, sometimes a dream is deferred and our dream was deferred for a few years, but we stuck with it and we added the right pieces. You shout out to Calvin Booth and the job that he's done and yeah, this is just an unbelievable feeling.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of Michael Malone, eight years it was deferred, but it is actually interesting to say or to think about the fact that Michael Malone was there longer than the Golden Knights were franchised, but each of these teams celebrating with a parade this week and for Mike Malone to see the culmination of everything that the Nuggets have gone through. The ups, the downs, the twists, the turns, back and forth and it all culminates with this incredible atmosphere in downtown Denver and I know there was some violence and gunshot and a police officer got hit by a fire truck, but the majority of it is just elation and euphoria over them being able to achieve the first NBA championship in franchise history. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, so you hear the final call with Jason Kosmicki and every time he says you can, but what did he say?

Rest and die or rest in peace or something like that? My goodness, why? Why do we have to be so dramatic? Anyway, Michael Malone, he was the star of the big rally, the gathering post parade in speaking to the fans with what voice he had left. I've dreamed about this day since I got here eight years ago, so I want to say Nuggets Nation, I love you. Nuggets Nation, let's do it again. We're not satisfied. We don't want one, we want two. We don't want one, we want two. We don't want one, we want two. We don't want one, we just want two. I thought he was going to go LeBron there with the we don't want one, we want two. We don't want one, we want three.

Not five, not six. Anyway, it doesn't matter because he is not done, number one. Number two, he is so funny.

I like salty Mike Malone, even if I feel like he missed an opportunity there to go two and three and not one, but four. It's After Hours, CBS Sports Radio on Altitude TV. So the audio is a little bit different because he's not speaking to the fans at this point, but he's doing an interview on Altitude TV and boy does he about lose it.

You know what's funny about this? Jared Bednar, coach of the Avalanche told me that I said, one didn't hit you. He said I had to pray.

And he said to me right now, and two. And for me, I'm sorry for me to share it with our fans. That means the world to me. This is an amazing experience. Something that I believe in. I have no doubt that we get to this point.

I have no doubt because of the people I work with every day. Mike Malone, let it all out. Let it all out there.

Let it all out on Altitude TV. Can you imagine that the emotional relief and release, not to mention the exhaustion. So it's exhaustion combined with emotion. They haven't slept a whole lot since they celebrated. No doubt their phones and their email have been blowing up. No doubt they have really just kind of started to come down off that high, off that Rocky Mountain high.

No, not that one. Well, maybe that one in some cases, but they've just now started to land on solid ground again. And to have this happen a couple days later with all these people. And so again, you haven't slept, you're exhausted, you're emotional, and you just are overwhelmed at what is happening all around you. So of course, at some point it hits you. And Mike Malone says the coach of the Avalanche, Jared Bednar told him that it really hit him at the parade.

And that's that's what he had in his mind. So it hit Mike Malone at the same time. You know, he may be emotional, exhausted, overwhelmed, but he's not done taking pot shots at anyone who doesn't believe Nicola Jokic is the best player in the league. You guys know he's step past, right?

And you guys know he didn't win a third in a row MVP because the voters didn't want to vote for him. This guy right here, this guy right here is an amazing player. But I hope you all know him, Natalia, their daughter, their brothers, their family.

They are a huge part of Denver. So let's give it up for Nicola Jokic. He's not going to let it go, nor do I think he should, nor do I think he should. Nicola Jokic said after they won the championship and he accepted the MVP, when's the parade? Oh, wait, I actually think I want to go home. I don't think I want to stick around for the parade. Oh, well, in true Hall of Flame fashion, he has changed his mind. You know that I told that I don't want to stay on parade, but I want to stay on parade. This is amazing. This is, if you're all going to remember this, our whole lives. Hall of Flame material.

And he's not the only one that dropped words that had to be bleeped out. You know, right now the Nuggets are looking at it off season in which Bruce Brown's really their only question. Bruce Brown is a free agent, but other than that, the guys are kind of locked up and in place and they want to keep it together. I've heard run it back thrown out there a bunch. So Bruce Brown, Mike Malone, what do you think? Hey, y'all tell me is Bruce going anywhere? Hell no. Hey, we're running this back.

We're running this back. Oh yeah. If you haven't seen the video, Mike Malone is fantastic. How often is it that it's a coach who's the star of the show?

Okay, maybe that one. That's Sean McVay, right? Yeah, Sean McVay after the Rams parade, incidentally both Stan Kroenke, Josh Kroenke properties or teams. So yeah, the Mike Malone, Nicole Jokic's, Aaron Gordon's, Jamal Murray's of the world, they were reaping the benefits and were kings for a day on Thursday. And we'll hear more from Jamal, Aaron Gordon too.

Pretty sweet, but I say Mike Malone was the guy that's most worth listening to and watching. Good for him. He's been so wound up for the past couple of months as he should be, but now he gets to let it all hang out. Is Bruce going anywhere? Hell no. We're going to run this bleep back.

Hell no. Hey, we're running this back. Then on the heels of man, this press room really sucks or whatever it was that he said about Miami press room.

Oh my goodness. You missed some salty Mike Malone while you were gone. I know you had other things going on Marco Baletti, but Mike Malone with every passing day of the playoffs, he got edgier and edgier and just decided he was going to ready, aim, fire at anything standing in his way. What a bad press room by the way. What? Why would you take out your frustration on the Miami press room? What did it ever do to you? Man was angry.

He was totally angry. Okay, so question is, who are the coaches and managers who can make an immediate impact? So the best in any sport, who would you say are the ones that make an impact right away?

I mean some guys that haven't moved in a while. Andy Reid, look at the impact he made with the Eagles and the Chiefs in a heartbeat. Terry Francona, the impact he made with the Red Sox and the Guardians. Again, they haven't been on the move for quite some time, but you mentioned Doug Peterson before and what he did with Jacksonville after winning a Super Bowl with the Eagles.

You know what? One that was this year and it's only a one-year thing, but the immediate impact that Brian Dabble made with the Giants, turning them from a laughingstock to a playoff team. I like that you're going heavy football here. Yeah, I mean you also got to get a guy that's, you know, moved a bit and I think the one that this year doesn't feel as much, but if you look at the track record and you look back just to last year, Buck Showalter. Everywhere the man goes, he changes the culture and he flips everything, starting with the first job that he had with the Yankees, going to the Diamondbacks. I mean he built them from the ground up to the uniforms, won 100 games with them. What he did with the Rangers, what he did with the Orioles, what he's done with the Mets. Again, this year it doesn't look as good.

100 wins last year as well. Buck has made an immediate impact everywhere he stops. I would say Bruce Bocci now is having that impact in Texas.

They spent a ton of money, but they didn't have the right leadership, so that felt like a good one. And even thinking about some of the NBA coaches that have moved around, I think Monty Williams will make an immediate impact in Detroit and they've got a lot of people that are going to Monty Williams will make an immediate impact in Detroit and they desperately need leadership and quality leadership. And I honestly think that when you're looking at what Nick Nurse is going to do, now Philadelphia had come to the point where they rose, they just can't get through that second round. And so that's going to be the question, but I think he'll make an impact as well. We were talking about championship coach there too.

Absolutely could. I mean we thought, you know, maybe Doc Rivers could get him over that hump. That didn't work out his last few stops. They did see improvements every year that he was there. Yeah, I mean, again, we'll find out.

I mean, that's definitely one there. The Nick Nurse with the Sixers, are they going to get over that hump? And it's not necessarily easy when you look at the rest of the Eastern Conference. However, it's a team that is built for right now.

We'll find out with the whole James Harden stuff. He's tasked with turn this into a championship now. As much as I don't like him personally, Rick Pitino has an impact everywhere he goes too. Oh, no doubt. He's quite a coach. No doubt. I mean, all I mean, you go all the way back Providence, the Knicks, Kentucky. Not Celtics though. No.

McHale, Parish, and Bird are not walking through the door. No. Oh, that was the disaster. I blamed him for years for what a mess that they that they were in. Well, you know, we go back to it. He thought he was getting Tim Duncan and the ping pong balls didn't work out.

And then the next thing you know, he didn't know what he was doing. And then here we go to Louisville. Yeah.

But, but again, does make an impact. What Louisville? Yeah. National championship. Yeah. Kentucky. Yeah, absolutely.

Now slimy, but definitely greasy. Yes. That's also college basketball. I mean, let's be fair.

Nick Saban, if we're talking college ranks, he makes an impact everywhere he goes. Yeah. I mean, obviously it didn't really work out too well with the Dolphins. Although if you probably gave them more time there, it wouldn't shock me if he was able to get that. Plus he made the decision of Dante Culpepper instead of Drew Brees.

All right. And that was decision that not everybody could bet a thousand all the time. That entire organization.

That was one that they swung and missed on. Yes. So some good names right there. We're looking for you to enhance the discussion. Who are the best managers and coaches in sports?

The ones that make an immediate impact. And we will get to your calls. We're racking them up here. 855-212-4227.

I promise that is coming up next. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Tonight was as close to a playoff crowd as I think I've experienced managing a game and the energy, the atmosphere was, you know, everything that the stadium can be.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Marcuse referring to the 28,000 strong in Oakland at the Coliseum on Tuesday night when they did a reverse boycott. Now it took a major movement in the city and among the fans to get those people there, but it was such a raucous atmosphere and such an incredible noise and support for the team that everybody talked about it.

Not just the A's and and that's Marcuse, but also the Rays were talking about how loud it was and how incredible it was. Could it be that way every night? Well, I don't know. Sometimes it's both sides coming up short. It's the city not doing its part to move this along faster.

Maybe waiting until the last possible second. It's the fans who don't necessarily want to support a losing team and you know what? I don't blame them or pay their money to go sit in a place like the Coliseum if a lot of the reports are true about the major issues that they have and the fact that it's a dump. Those of you who've been there, you know better than I would. Tim called earlier and said it's not that bad. It's not great, but it's not that bad, but it's also on the team.

It's on management it's on management and if the owner and management wanted to move and they made all of these changes to the roster, allowing the young talent to walk away, allowing the payroll to drop lower and lower until it's the lowest in baseball, and if they raise ticket prices on top of that, well then it certainly seems like there's an angle there. So you can find me on Twitter A Law Radio. I'd love to hear from you at the same time. We're looking for the best coaches and managers in any sport. We're not limiting you to a particular sport, but the ones that make an impact right away. We'll do U.S. Open next hour because I want to take these calls here.

855-212-4227. DJ Icon is listening in Oakland. What do you think? You know, there's been the national media doesn't really bring up what happened in San Francisco. People don't remember that San Francisco gave the Giants that new stadium in China basin and turned the 49ers down. They don't, people don't, the national media doesn't cover that because that was really big in the Bay Area at the time because the San Francisco forced the 49ers to Santa Clara and Oakland kind of took the same approach. They did, they tried to do the same thing with the Raiders and they thought the Raiders would eventually just give in, kind of take their, take their medicine and come crawling back. And that didn't work out. They ended up taking off and leaving.

And the national media didn't really cover what happened with the Golden State Warriors either. What? Yes, I did.

Absolutely. I did. I'm not sure what other national media you listen to, but I absolutely covered that. I'm talking like ESPN, you know, like the main. No, no, not, are you kidding? Are you seriously calling up CBS and referring to someone else as the main coverage? Stop it.

No, no, no, not at all. Because in the Bay Area on KMPR 68, we get CBS. Thank you. For me, for me, I'm listening to Amy Lawrence because she's the best in the industry, but also she can, she can say her opinion, you know, and not kind of get fed what everybody else on that side is talking about. You know what I'm saying? So, so with, with that being said, when the Warriors decided to go to San Francisco and Oakland lost out on the Golden State Warriors who were winning championships at the time and were very exciting because they were packing the packing house. Right. The Oracle was amazing. And Oakland didn't give them a new arena either, you know, so San Francisco, the Warriors and everybody loves the Warriors on the go back.

Okay. I apologize for having to cut you off there, but you used a word that we don't allow on our airwaves, but I appreciate if you want to call us back at some point, or if you want to send me a tweet, cause I know you connected with me on Twitter. Uh, we can certainly share your point of view, but sounds like he is blaming the city of Oakland for not moving, not moving fast enough, not stepping up, even though they had opportunities with these other teams, like the Warriors who did in fact move across the Bay. So they went from Oakland to San Francisco where they got a brand new arena and yeah, Oracle's legendary for the atmosphere. So the fans certainly showed up there and I do believe the fans would show up at the Coliseum too, if they had a winner. I don't, I don't think that's crazy to think about when you are talking the AEC into the past that had great talent and that were making playoffs. I mean, we're even seeing with the Marlins now that they are averaging 11,000 fans that you can scoff, but it's way up from what it was and the Rays as well, drawing a lot more fans there at the top.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Twitter, A law radio. David says this, the A situation is complicated, but most of the blame can be laid at the feet of the owners. The reason Moneyball started in Oakland is that the owners were unwilling to invest in players and fan faves were often traded away. Okay, so that's David's perspective. Our last caller, he believes that this is more on the city. Okay, so it's perspective. Certainly it's your experience with the team.

If you live in the area or experience with the stadium, but I'm definitely interested in it. Richard is listening in Knoxville and wants to weigh in. Richard, welcome to after hours. Hi Amy, how are you? I'm good, sir.

Thank you. I've I've been a big sports fan all my life and I've had a little bit of a different perspective. I've always been a San Diego Chargers fan and you know, I know San Diego went to Los Angeles and Dean Spanos who's the owner, he's a multi-billionaire and he could have easily spent his own money and built a new stadium there because I've been to Chargers games and San Diego's a beautiful city, wonderful weather and I know they had a Super Bowl there, one or two and I also, I've never been to a Tennessee Titans game but I'm big from Knoxville, Tennessee. The Titans stadium is only about what, 20 years old and we're using taxpayer money to build a new stadium and they're going to put a roof on it so that they can have a Super Bowl there and I'm like, this is garbage. I mean, I don't know, I don't like using taxpayer money to build a new stadium. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of it either.

I agree with that. The Titans, the stadium the Titans play in, there's nothing wrong with it, it's a fine stadium. Maybe they might not get a Super Bowl there but they still, you know, to me the game of football should be played outside on natural grass in an open-air stadium and that's why I love the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. Well right, but actually the Bears are thinking about moving too but that's why those northern climbs won't get Super Bowls though and you hit the nail on the head, the Super Bowl can be a ludicrous investment or a ludicrous opportunity in terms of revenue.

You just have another 30 seconds so I'll give you a chance to wrap up before the music cuts you off. Well I just, look I don't know all the politics of what's going on in Oakland. I know that the city of Oakland has a lot of crime and a low, a high unemployment and a low tax base so I can understand why, you know, the other teams are leaving Oakland. All right, well I appreciate that. Thank you Richard for your perspective as a Chargers fan.

Not quite that cut and dried but certainly there are many opinions about who bears the brunt of the blame and responsibility and I do appreciate that so many of you are weighing in. I got another caller on the line from San Francisco who wants to give his input plus the U.S. Open with record scores coming up next hour here on CBS Sports Radio. T-Mobile's network can help keep you connected to all your favorite podcasts when you're out and about. Whether you're an early bird looking to dive into a daily news podcast or a night owl who wants to catch up on the latest reality TV drama, T-Mobile will keep you connected on their strong and reliable network. T-Mobile covers more highway miles with 5G than anyone so if you need great coverage, especially when you're on the go, check out T-Mobile. Find out more at

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