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Bicycles: Life or Death!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 31, 2015 11:57 am

Bicycles: Life or Death!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Ronnie Gilmore how many seconds is a life worth. So here's a set up your are in a hurry to get to work there ahead is a line of traffic trying to get past the bicyclist, what is that bicyclist what is that right bicycle thinking this road is meant for bicycles. Each card trying to pass inches a bit closer so what's a grace that's word that's the word racecar driver to do in this situation. Maybe your cyclist and you have much to say on this issue.

Or maybe it's your pet peeve calls this morning.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH for the digitally gifted.

The great news is that this came out of the NHTSA than what people call it the national Highway traffic safety administration December their tooth out 2013 report said the traffic fatalities continue to drop radically, but a very disturbing thing popped out at me but one statistic on the increase was the number of petal cyclist fatalities. So the question is today.

How many seconds is a life worth. It appears to be a matter of life and death so joining me today. First off, we have Tim Turnquist, president of the international Christian cyclist with their mission to unite and light welcome to great to be here and timely topic.

One of our writer and in our Norcal chapter Northern California chapter frequently guide well while riding on the road.

Though this is a topic near and dear to my heart always, but especially right now. Well, that is, and we, by the way, want to welcome back our Bakersfield, California. Affiliate with. We been on here for them for years and now were back with you so I think it's it's KTLA my right up will get it for you. Segmenting weights and Bakersfield California were locking them back this week and were so glad to have Tim Arnesen with honest and joining us little bit later in the sure we have Jeff Mulder who rides for the live strong foundation literally writing to support individual cancer patients and he rides in her eyes and telling you and working to hear his perspective on this topic but I would really love to hear yours. What is what is it that you feel about bicyclists and how we should share the road.

866-34-TRUTH 87884.

That's the number to call in 866-348-7884.

What's your view on sharing the road with bicycles now for those who are regular listeners. The Christian card. I sure you would know that anytime we had 1/5 Saturday in the month that would normally be the time that we would have on doctors. Dr. Sonny and his amazing Bozo theme and oh how I wish Dr. Sonny was with us. He went to be with the Lord back. I believe in August, but Dr. Sonny had a very unique gift would listen regularly would know that we would ask people call in on any subject they could come up with any car part whatever they would do and Dr. Sonny with his lightning fast mine would come up with an acronym.

So I told my producer, Johnny and I set that is knowingly said in honor of Dr. Sonny, we need an acronym.

We need something. What would Dr. Sonny if we gave the word bicycle. What would he come up with and we sat there and looked at each other and thought about it a minute and we came up with this or if you got if you got your pen you can write this down. It's it's our Dr. Sonny acronym since Dr. Sonny's gonna be the Lord for bicycle okay. He would've said believers in Christ yearn for Christ love ever lasting right.

That's what this is and those of us who are miss him. We we we can't help but think of an acronym for him today. Now coming up at the end of the show we do always have our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Dry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding and in our topic today. How many seconds is a life worth, I found this out recently that hours before anyone knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and amazing Scottish Scottish preacher Marshall was to deliver an address to the cadets at Annapolis and he was gonna do that on the morning of December 7, 1941 or Peter Marshall and spent hours and hours of preparation, as this was a great honor and he wanted to prepare the right message and he thought he had one, but that morning God nudged him with a different message in Peter speaking with the clergy bearing Annapolis told the clergy about his dilemma and led clergy told them to go ahead and just do whatever God still need to do whatever God's plan.

Your heart, and no one of course would have ever known the events of that day in the significance of Peter Marshall's message but God and at the heart of that message was a story that I think has everything to do with life and death, and what were talking about in the subject. Today things I cherish greatly in my heart and so I get to share that today what was at the heart of Peter Marshall's sermon that day at Annapolis on December 7, 1941 I get to share that coming up the English owner appraisal by the real black book. If you're just tuning in for the first time the Christian card I show or bring in the kingdom of God through an automotive platform on the show we talk about things like racecar driving. We just talked about your coming up on a bicyclist not speeding.

After all, if you're following Jesus. I assure you he would be gone. The speed limit and it's estimated that Americans waste 200 million gallons a ghastly gasoline a week on speeding.

We believe in staying out of the bondage of card debt and taking care of your car as if you see those old tractors are running out in the elements since the 1940s.

If you take care of your car to last as long as you do. Those are topics we'd love to talk right here in the Christian card I show as always, whatever question you may have whatever comment on the subject or some issue you're having with your car. That's over here 48663487884 866-34-TRUTH and its Carrie K ER I and Bakersfield, California and 1410 I knew my brain would engage eventually. We welcome those guys back and we also have a wonderful website that we would point you to today. It's a Christian card. this Christian card. you click in there and you're gonna see all the guests we have on the day the international Christian cyclist Association Jeff Mulder and his his sharing the strength ministry and of course our Jesus labor love.

If your first time listener, you may not be aware that there is this program across the country for single moms widows families in crisis that have a car situation the Jesus labor love provides labor now not parts, but free labor to families that are in crisis in the find out about that aggression go to Christian card. and click on that and then you'd fill out an application. If you need help, but as always, we gotta mention that we need your help. We need you to join the team. If you want to either make phone calls. Pray for our single moms widows disparate join the prayer team at the well in any way that you want to help the Jesus labor level we need you again. You find out all about now getting back to our subject of the day which is how do we share the road with bicycles welcome back Tim got a long wait on you. There good and so just as a background, how long have you been have you been involved with the international cyclist and what what do how did God put that on your heart. I worked my family on a mission project down to Guatemala about 10 years ago and we were there for a year and 1/2 and while I was there. I kind of started the little cycling club and really learn to enjoy the all aspects of group writing and when we came home. I had been part of a race club before but did it really left me feeling kind of wanting her lack of a better word. So I go to a pretty big church but 10,000 people go to it I got this gotta be other like-minded people who ride their bikes to go to the church I post approach, the pastor and he said that's a great idea. We should do it. But think bigger than our church. What gotta be something else out there so I did some research and I found international Christian cycling club or the ID3 is known and it was a perfect fit. So about nine years ago I started chapter of the Twin Cities spoke we refer to our chapters and spoke and just loved it. I felt really called by God to do this ministry and to helping people filter cycling green and then I mean it's easy to might that music since it had to go to a break here in a minute to find out what Tim's view is on how to share the love that we also had Jeff Mulder coming up and so we got a lot to talk about ensuring the rubber cyclist but we need to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so much, Christian card I show today. We are sharing the road with bicycles is disturbing. History came out in December from the National Highway traffic ministration that pedal cyclist fatalities are up while the rest of traffic fatalities are down so the question that was right on my mind immediately is how should Christians react to the situation in it is frustrating. No doubt you're late for work and here's this somebody on a bicycle.

It's a highway you think wow this this road isn't meant for bicycles or snow bicycle lane water by gotta do with what's the situation. What should the self talk of the Christian racecar driver be in that situation.

That's what I would love to know from you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH joining us this morning. We have both Tim Turk list who is the president of the Christian psychosis Association and we have Jeff Mulder now joining is also those with a ministry called live strong and Jeff could you take a second and and share with our listeners what what you guys do well with strong their mission is to support anybody affected by cancer and so I have kind of incorporated that into my bike riding a number of years ago my wife made me put a yellow flag on the back of my bike so that I would be a little safer.

Cool if I could dedicate those flags to cancer survivors and so every week I put a different flag on the back of my bike with a name of a current cancer survivor and I write for that week for that person and then I send them the flag so as a result. Jeff, you are on the road a lot I know is I follow you on Facebook and and I see how many times are out there writing for all these individual so you're up against this thing constantly and I would love your insight on it because I know it's it's something that you face in working when I get to teams here in a minute to.

But I would love to hear your view on what driver or writer. Whichever you prefer. One of the things that as a writer is really distracting is even when somebody goes by a friendly standpoint with a little On the horn so I know that that's one of my discounted give me a start and I realize that drivers are trying to get give me a friendly, usually I'm kind of mental family On a.m. come around and unite with one of the first things when you met you invited me on the show that I thought of that, the family camp is little distracting and I have even thought about just that I saw this cartoon actually I think I found it on Facebook that there you are.

Your clear on the right side of the road, which is often where the sewer places are and you got all these things. It is a bicyclist if you hit that you're in your in the weeds and so the thing that I have started to do state started in the last 10 years. I rolled where there isn't a shoulder and there are some sewer things. Like you said, you know, I'm writing two or 3 feet into the lane and I'm really doing that not to be rude to the people coming up behind me that I'm doing that because if the car tries to squeeze by. I'm probably going into that sewer drain into the ditch and so I'm doing that not to be a pain but really to protect myself as a writer from getting pushed into the ditch. Will I since I have you on I have Tim on now. I got David is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a comment for someone to bring David in the conversation as well. So Jim, if you got a comment on what anybody says or Jeff you do, by all means, just jump in there, but we got David in Philadelphia. David Jan Christian card I show the morning tell his thoughts know that road directly felt like automobile and it kind of itched out, they evaluate their default chain but note safety should be priority for everybody formal and I have to admit that like the ark the night one Driving car, you know, and that by click the bear. I would like to go on record that here in Philadelphia.

It think that like that going the wrong way one-way street in the kind of thing but yet like that. No were vulnerable out there now but before that somebody father, mother, brother, sister, relative out there trying to be patient. I think it got a global great of a fight but also at it here to the rules of the road and that the new we don't do, but yet interesting topic that object going on.

It situation that we have today.

Yeah, that's the scary thing is people.

This is a matter of life and death and it's just a matter of a few seconds for the driver and we do have Tim turn question Tim in the article that you wrote their Christian Car force which we appreciate very very much. You mentioned that quite often.

This is just a matter of a few seconds for the driver. Could you share some of the statistics. Yeah, David recognizes Lloyd. I'm adamant I'm doing really good. David like one of my heroes both in the faith, and on on a bike is a pastor up there in Philadelphia.

I done kind of an informal unscientific buddy while I'm on the bike while I'm in my car just observing traffic and typically a single bike rider, like 995-ish percent of the time doesn't cause any discernible slowdown in traffic. It could be that the road them on just have a nice shoulder or whatever, but in a no in the city. It's a little bit higher than that, but of the of the 5% were traffic is slow down usually you know, 7 to 10 second, where where the traffic is actually delayed, though I have no scientific study that I've done, but well accepted in so many times when we got a lot to talk about his timing situation. Jeff I am so glad you joined us for the show.

David appreciate you calling and we got so much more to talk about so y'all stay tuned out there if you got a question or comment for us. Please call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so much more Christian Car Guy ship, bicyclist day on the first card I can see how would we welcome your comments on that issue is that if point of frustration for you or is it something you want to learn from. Like me. I am very interested in what these guys had to say. Today we are joined by Jeff Mulder and Tim Turnquist both of them in the cycling of Christian world, so to speak.

Tim is the president of the international Christian cyclist club and Jeff with live Strong which rides for cancer patients in some amazing things in ways to raise money by both of them obviously engaged in this sport, but also from a Christian perspective. What is that exactly look like a mouse if you like, and so I was interested in and when I talk to both of you initially on this subject Jeff and take him that both of you had both sides of the view of the of the equation that you had this the point of view is a cyclist.

But now I'd like to turn it back the other way is what's your point of view as a car driver Jeff one thing and David kind of alluded to in your last call Lynn about being rude as a cyclist.

One of the thing as a cyclist and as primarily a driver that bugs me is when cyclist ride shoulder to shoulder, so your year on a 2 Lane Rd. and there is enough room and then they decide to go out in pairs when it's not needed and so you know I certainly swear way around in. There's nothing I can do about it.

But as a driver. It's frustrating to see cyclist taking on more than more of the road and they need to yeah that that you don't like my daughter's a waitress go to restaurant with her weight. You know she gets a little more frustrated that the service than I do, because of course I don't see it from that particular perspective.

How about you Tim, I would encourage cyclist to know the laws in their area and to follow them whether their owner group ride or or writing individually. One of the biggest pet peeves is a large group ride and what happens on those that you get a cyclist who's leading was used to riding alone and so they make left-hand turn with oncoming traffic and forget that there is no 10 or 15 guys trailing behind American to take longer to get through that intersection in a single cyclist would and if so just be not only being aware of the laws. But being aware of their surroundings who your writing where and you know I other traffic. It's it's huge again. We would welcome your view on this subject.

You can call us at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and and Jeff can you take us because I think a big part of what I heard from Tim and Dave and you and you is that we put a face on this bicyclist you know we are coming upon a minimum there may be a seven or eight, 10, 15, 22nd interaction between the driver and the bicyclist, but it could change everybody's life in a moment for eternity. And so it it I think it's great if we can actually put a face on what that person may be doing their while there ride the bike in your case, Jeff. Your writing for these patients and you take some really longer than you share with our list is so they can kind of put a face on this guy that might be ride my bike yes yes your rides all sure I don't have a cancer story myself.

I'm really fortunate and blessed in that way in lots of ways I got involved with live Strong seven or eight years ago.

I just because I like to ride and so I did one of their group ride and started hearing the stories in the pain-and-suffering and so I've been kind of a stakeholder. I guess in that fight with a variety of organizations, but primarily live Strong on trying to eliminate or at least minimize some of that pain-and-suffering.

Some of these rides you all know are really long rides right I write about 4000 miles a year.

I mean, I usually can do a flag a week and that usually about 128 in the summer. 250 miles a week and so you know that's a lot of miles it is and that's a lot of experience with motorists and I think that some of really wonderful advice that taps the horn could really upset a lot of people and I think that that's probably good advice motors to motorists that you know that horn is this not. It was not designed to be a sign of friendship or something of aggravation with design as it is a way to save your life and in certain circumstances when you know that somebody does not know you're there and and your to let them know that sums going on. We have Kenny is in Louisville Kentucky, he's gotta. He's got a comment for scanning around the Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning where I asked the law air sometime back that allows the bikes on the road and actually have bike lanes were they taken away a 4 Car Ln. in the cabinet for the biker to downtown and things like that. Not as much of an issue with it there, but my biggest problem there. This is the exact same thing as them taking away our rights without voting on so many issues they day and they did not ask anybody they didn't vote on anything they just shut this down everybody's throat. The biggest problem for me is other than the rude people what's there galore here is an increase in the carbon output and you have Carter's wiring been lying than mild heartburn. Bike on River Road here I go on and on all over the city where you get biker and you got traffic a mile behind and for bike, having a place to go. I'm not for bikes on the road anywhere at all whatsoever unless it's downtown work already had four lanes wide. Make a delay and get biker it's it's great to have somebody on your side of the equation because I was not aware that they had that kind of situation and horrible and we we lost about 18 people are killed on by really yeah and that's one of my big things when I first pass that many years ago that man you guys are ludicrous to kill people from your old arrogant and ignorant. You can kill people and they did. They can people bit and that's is to seek were seeing in and in the thing I think about Kenny is his. I remember as a child I never used a helmet.

I know it was a completely different world.

And then you see the cyclist you know this increasing and so it seems like there may be another issue on the fourth. I'm interested in your thoughts on that timber Jeff jump.

Feel free to jump in with Kenny. I have a comment I have bicycled in Louisville for a couple one is I don't know about the rules Kenny or not. Bike downtown, but I do know that there is a path that you can basically bike around the outside of Louisville now have that but unfortunately 80% of your bikers are nowhere near that and don't use that yeah and so I have a tip for people. There is a number of programs.

Map my ride or Garmin where you can go out to those sites and you can find the bike lanes when I write through town like that if I'm writing across the country or in a place where I don't know.

I usually go out to one of those sites and I'm looking for the maps and the route that cyclist like me have already taken. And so they show up in dark green and you can find all of the bike path and let roads that have bike lanes, and so there are ways that cyclists were lifting the show can minimize that impact with cars, protect himself and reduce the frustration of the drivers by looking at those maxima really easy to get to on either a computer or cell phone again and I'll make sure you get those just my ride is one of them okay and then Garmin connect also Google maps.

Also, as an option for biking and it still in beta but it up on everybody. Everybody should have access to it. Not complete yet and Strada is another one in throbbing, you gave me some like ENT HR UBA and throughout FPR ABA well I'm glad you got it Kenny you are a blessing man you brought us a lot of great information. I'm so thankful you called in this morning from Louisville and I get what a great Christian station you listen to up there there some awesome folks. God bless you and appreciate you.

Did you know that some really helpful information that I'm thankful that Kenny provided that for us and Jeff.

I you know I hadn't thought about that, but how helpful is it that we now have these different options of God bless you guys. This is so awesome. Well we got another whole segment of Christian Fascism.

We would love to take your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and as promised we're going to hear what Peter Marshall delivered to the cadets of Annapolis on December 7, 1941 that affect the subject's thinking to do with bicycles. What is that with Peter Marshall's sermon on December 7, 1941 while you find out if you listen to this segment of the Christian car guys show. We got one more segment on sharing the road with bicycles and I do want to get to this sermon by Peter Marshall but we need to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share we have Judy is in Seattle, Washington this morning. Up early, Judy good morning I write.

I think early and we just started. Three biking a couple years ago and got a couple good road bikes include 8000 miles on it last year. How and the STP at Gallagher, and I can relate to. The guy can really feel before we road bike and we get very irritated with cyclist and now we understand and we are waiting to go on our ShopRite this morning is quite foggy and very cool so I don't don't forget to do it.

We have a bike shop here are north of Seattle and their serious bicyclist. So they really they really stretch at. We are exhausted. After weeks and I write them like that can we know our local 187 you like getting my ride bike bicycle rights David around Seattle. There is wonderful trails, paved trails and leave taken militantly to live at night writing and on those trails Safeway that you don't you don't engage the the motor some of the same time you have a great time. Yet we do hatchet really what frustrates the nonart on our ShopRite you might be 18 on that and yes that is an issue we try to stay on roads high-growth that there is not much traffic at all that we don't have to back up traffic and and down you know it. Derek, you know, sometimes. Traffic backed up that it's only for a few minutes. It's a matter of misuse. This is somebody's mom, this is somebody's grandmother.

This is somebody's aunt or in other there has been, you know, these are people you've every person on that bike is a life is the image of goddess. It's an important thing to remember is where motors that really a few seconds that were held up or maybe Ray held up by 10 minutes.

Is it really in a change our life like it could in just a moment, Judy, God bless you and appreciate you coming in this morning that this that is so awesome. I do want to get to our appraisal by the real black book organ take a couple more calls here in a second, but as I promised Peter Marshall gave a sermon on December 7, 1941 he didn't know what was can happen on December 7, 1941 and he had prepared at length for a sermon, but God had given him a different sermon delivered that morning and Annapolis and nobody knew what was going to happen that day. But the sermon that he gave to me has a lot to do with this topic because at the beginning of the quoted James chapter 4 and he said, which says come now, you who say tomorrow, today or tomorrow we will go do such and such and such a city and spend a year thereby and sell and make a profit whereas you don't know what will happen tomorrow for what is life as a vapor while I was crushed between two cars. Some of you know, back in 1996 I was not a bike. I was just standing at the back.

My car and in a moment, everything changed my life changed forever. I can't tell you all the ramifications of things that change and it's a matter of life and death. So you're coming up on this bicycle and it's a matter life and if you just got a few seconds. Or maybe it's a minute or maybe it's five minutes but if something happens to that cyclist. It changes things forever. And so what happened with Peter Marshall that morning was God gave him a different sermon than he was thought he was going to deliver to those cadets of Annapolis and he told this story which touches me greatly. After read quoted James chapter 4, he said there was a lady who had a child that was very, very ill, in fact, they were dying. And like most mothers he kept she kept telling him his name was Kenneth. It was gonna be okay. It's going to be okay. You not you're gonna be fine. You know that over. Time every deadly game became more and more aware that that Kenneth was dying and so at some point Kenneth as his mom and her mom. I'm really scared. I'm afraid I'm dying is it going to hurt. You can imagine the mom gets hurt terribly emotional and she runs out of the room and she sends up a prayer which is the best part of the story is, what a great time to ask God what do I tell my son he obviously deserves a better answer than everything's gonna be okay.

And God answered her prayer and what he told her to share with this she came back in the room. She said Kenneth you know how sometimes and outside displaying and you just give it everything you got and you come into our house and you fall in the mommy and daddy's bed and you're just exhausted and you fall asleep or what you don't know is your daddy comes in with those big strong arms in the middle night he lifts you up and he goes and he puts you in your room and when you wake up in the morning, you don't know how you got there but your daddy put you where you were supposed to be. And now you're in your place, and that's what it'll be like in the morning and obviously want to set many cyclists out there doing to him, but it's awfully nice to know that no matter what does happen out there.

We all have those arms that love to hold us and I've had that hug when I was crushed between those cars and I was laying on the ground and I also prayed God you got to help me because they were afraid of going to shock.

I just finished my chemotherapy treatments and so it was really a critical situation and it was a compound try all sorts of stuff but I will never ever forget the way God came and he gave me this hug that you've ever had a real live got hug. You understand that song better what you told me is you will know that in the morning you're gonna wake up and you're gonna be in your own room. If you don't know that Christ, if you don't know Jesus. If you don't know that you can have salvation. This is a critical issue way more than whether or not you come up on the cyclist this afternoon is how do I get to know Christ. How do I get forgiveness for my sins so I can end up in my own room. He died on that cross for you and if you asked for his forgiveness. You can end up there writing absolutely. I mean amen. This is an opportunity big it could be your day today is your day will we have chip is in Barrington, Illinois.

We want to get him in if we can ship your on a Christian card. I said good morning good morning you got for Lloyd to. We spent a lot of miles together on the road so my thinking is that I love the idea of the bike being on trail. Great idea, but the fact of the matter is it work. I think the crux of the issue at the intersection between bikes and cars on roads and that the issue that I think needs most attention and my thought is simply that there's a responsibility. Obviously, in a part of drivers but as a bike rider, I have the responsibility to make sure that car seeming and it starts probably obviously with following the rules of the road bikes are responsible to follow the same rules cars number one and number two I think it's my responsibility to make sure that I do whatever I can.

So the cars chip in TM because that music says we're running out of time and I am so grateful really, really grateful chip that you called in and for Tim your help. Again we can.

You got all these resources at Christian card I got, many get some of that mapping up available for you as well, but I think what Chip said is great advice. For grace car driver as you're driving upon that situation. How can I light a light God.

How can I be like the other motorists on how we can treat these people to. That's a person out there in a bike and we only have seconds Q to react to remember to slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and he got it all done in 33 years.

Thank you for listen to Christian card

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