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Twisten the Night Away

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 3, 2018 1:44 pm

Twisten the Night Away

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 3, 2018 1:44 pm

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Building radio show man twisting the night away, turning, turning, truth, justice and the American way. Robbie where you going today on the Christian part as well. I'm talking in this show about twisting the night away to college so twisting the night away. For those of us in the car business or wrench Turner's people that have worked on cars. We use this acronym for acronyms just to say writing tidy lefty Lucy know it's a fun twist to get you to remember which way to tighten them not, or as a spinning wheel, twist the yarn.

It also twist writing tidy. I found this week that twist to be twist and has a lot to do with waiting on the Lord in the promised strong and courageous heart Superman right. He's got a strong and courageous heart of Psalm 2714. You remember that verse. I believe this waiting right wait on the Lord, I believe this waiting is far from the passive tapping your finger on your watch like waiting in the checkout line right in Hebrew kava is the word translated wait, which is actually QA VA amounts, and the word you'll find many Psalms and wonderful passage in Isaiah 4031 unit Reagan to rise up with wings like eagles where the word has a twist to it and almost figurative rope and if you wait for it. Yes, if you twist fibers like hemp or sizable you'll make yarn, well if you twist two of those together those yarns, you'll get a cord and if you twist three of those together, you'll get a rope and if you want your rope maker they have something they call a top and it goes down those three chords to form what we think of in the traditional sense rope, but if you watch that top of the rope maker, which by the way have got videos there posted it. Christian car with twist in the night away.

If you watch that top coming down those three chords.

It's his sense of waiting on the Lord he's coming he's gonna put together. Interestingly along these lines, I know you're thinking Robbie, what is this have to do with cars where you going logistic with me. I'll get to their the first time you find the word kava in the Bible is actually in Genesis 19 where God gathered the waters together to God gathered the waters together in Genesis 19 guess what is sort of a waterspout right, you guessed it, that's a twist to it. So the really cool application in my mind is that of waiting on the Lord and being twisted and tightened every fiber if you want somebody spin fiber into a yarn.

Every fiber gets Titans gets on into the father the son and the Holy Spirit, and I'm convinced that King David's understanding of his promise.

When you look in Psalms 27 that your to be gathered together in your heart to be strong and very courageous. After all, a rope with three stands. Strands is impossible to break right Superman ready to fight for truth, justice and the American way. So as we twist ourselves. We twist the night away in prayer we twist into the Scriptures we twist in the Bible studies or fellowship, sharing the testimonies are always that we twist into this cord of three strands so that in mind I was throw the lines open for everybody. And what naughty car problem you twisting and turning with right now. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number call in or fortunately we also have our Christian insurance guy with us here today Bill Mixon and Bill if they got a twisting your attorney insurance issue they could call 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Would love to hear from you if you had a situation just doesn't make since he had a claim situation twisting Scott some specific meaning in insurance lingo legally.

There's one type of twisting which is an insurance agent or company trying to get you to switch one policy to another policy that really is in your best interest in another type of twisting his trying to make one company looked worse with facts that aren't really faxed to encourage you to change companies would talk about that a little bit funny thing about this idea of twisting sometimes you're being twisted to the right and thus becoming more into the fiber of what's being spun, but sometimes you get on twist that is twisting in the other direction that helps you to get Freda not a connection, and so that may be happening. And by all means we would love to hear how your struggling or with any car issue any insurance issue. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and we want to share some twisting issues that we had with the Jesus labor love for those familiar with the show Jesus labor.

Love is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and interestingly we had more applications in the last week than we did for the entire month of February, March and April 2017 combined. If you combined all those three months last year they would not meet the applications that we had come in in just last week.

So as you might imagine, we have some twisting and hoping to get strong and courageous for single moms and widows and families in crisis and we got a lady calling in here shortly. That is actually one of those moms she can share her story so that you can twist with her in prayer and we can join together to a rope of three strands to hopefully help out the single moms, widows and families in crisis.

We got back coming up widely email from the listener this week. What you do with the end of the lease and there's a twist for you. What do you do at the end of your lease. I not only dealt with that with this listener I dealt with it when my own father as he was coming up Amanda his lease so you know if you made a choice to lease what what works out best.

You buy the car you know what what are your options. One of those things look like talk about that a few minutes and really good news got bread they kiss with legal edge, you've heard them on the show for years with little of you know updates and stuff from an old how Christians are working in the law so you can be con at the bottom of your hour was some great news coming out of the courts so I say all that we got a lot to cover on to the today's Christian car guy show and as always you can find it there a Christian car the Christian car you'll see podcasts of our previous shows in the course very popular Christian car guy theater like last week's episode that we had a jailhouse justice, part 10, and then also is the car show calendar which we just updated for February so the car shows inclusions that are going on in the month of February all over the country. You'll find that a Christian car as well as the Jesus labor. Love that we talked about the car repair labor force labor for single moms widows how to apply for help and also we have a list like today I posted every single prayer request.

The week all these ladies that applied this week so that we could all join in prayer for them, and how God's gonna meet their needs, because all of them are and unraveling bill right now as they have opportunities to know turn into the situation and we can turn in with them as we pray with them and we would really appreciate. I really really really would you going to Christian car looking at those prayer requests and joining with us in prayer because honestly it's kind overwhelming bill when you have the entire Jesus labor love staff at this point in time and includes me myself and I mean I have year and more knowledgeable, fruity dozen people I know I have Lori Young as Bob Young's wife you helps us with the bookkeeping and she does the accounting part of it. But as far as calling all the applicants and lining up all these applicants with places to get help and all that stuff I've been asking for years since the Kilbride of somebody would please go to the Jesus labor 11. Volunteer.

That is why he did not ask permission for me to pay.

I would love to to twist somebody into our organization, because I could use some help as it just becomes more and more overwhelming course. I'm not talking about actually repairing the cars here. We do have lots of volunteers that help repair the cars but the people that actually are the person that actually at this point time is handling all the applications as their coming in contacting the repair centers or dealing with the parts stores were dealing with in of the situations or finding cars that are donated which by the way we did have a car donated this week that was really huge effect of going to pick it up right after I get off the air at noon today, all that stuff is done right now by a staff of one and I'm praying. Believe me, that the Lord would send me sick. I would think if somebody came and it could do that that after six months or a year you could find in the first-class sales to epic. It takes a certain amount of understanding than the and and it is really is a blessing and I don't want anybody wrong, but we have a chance to pray with every one of these applicants and you know to hear their response in a way to essentially twist God into the situation through prayer and through the what people are donated. This ministry and the people are donating help in the Christian car care centers until this is all amazing stuff. So we are turning, turning, twisting and try to be Superman affected a anti-Christian guard as shelf. We would love your question about insurance or the car problem 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and we are twisting the night away part as show as we are twisted into the fiber of Christ and in the fiber of the Holy Spirit in the fiber of God and the three strand rope is not easily broken and where talk about the Jesus labor, love, and the number of applications as we get a little bit overwhelmed at times by all that's going on, but we cannot lose sight of what God is doing your army is amazing. I it's amazing to me what some people are faced with in the challenges but God continues to work in their life and so we have one of those situations where this here and I want to give you little bit of the back story of one of her applicants. She's actually out of the Durham area. I won't share her name with you, but nonetheless she's gonna be on the air with us here in a minute and we we got the application and it said that she had a son with a number of issues that she's gonna tell you about and that she needed to be able to get him to the hospital. Although she had a Subaru that was struggling with a number of oil leaks. She felt like and the brakes weren't working right in there were some axle issues and so we didn't have a repair center and in Durham, but fortunately I am blessed to be able to preach at a piece church. Some times they asked me to come there was some come again.

Actually tomorrow, and I knew a lot of the wonderful folks at peace church wonderful praying church and they said there's this place in Hillsboro with the people are connected to us. It's it's it's the vicinity. And I'll tell you about it but anyway we they were gracious enough to take on the car. Help us get at least the brakes going.

But as we found out that there are just huge needs of this part needs axles it needs a power steering pump at and I believe it needs a catalytic converters well all way more than we could put into one vehicle as we are now trying to distribute the assets that or they been resources that God has given us across him.

So I thought wow what a night. Get Gianna to come on and share her story on the air with some blisters and maybe I'll touch somebody's heart and say I want to give some money for Danica have some axles I want to give some money for Danica and get a power steering pump so that she can get a catalytic converter system is not to be with all the things we got the brakes done but Deanna thank you for being on with us today shares with us a little bit of your story. How are you well just want to thank you for having on the sale and and start with your son with what would happen with him as he was born nursing challenge while he was born with a very rare disease called infantile pump agency that children usually don't live past-year-old 19 fortunately was able to receive enzyme replacement therapy at 10 days old and he's 11 now. I did lose a child from the same disease when he was 7 1/2 months old and he couldn't basically get weekly infusion, and it will, he will have to have them for the rest of their life and calendars. I care for something better, but it is a struggle and unfortunately am having issues with my car to that I didn't know that was so extreme. This is obviously necessary that you make it over there every week for his objections and like he he guys get to her and God getting his infusion today but he does have a lot of other appointment. Any and a new clinical trial so he has many coming up well and so how did you hear about the Jesus labor love I I learned from my boyfriend. He listened to the station every day and that's how that's how I found found out wonderful wonderful in so she contacted us and we we took the car over to Hillsboro. What was the name I feel horrible that I forgot the name of the reputed service center is called the service center wonder they were wonderful and we need a power steering pump.

We need catalytic converter and and was we still need the axles and it. I didn't realize it was in an like Shane has a really expensive because it's someone driving yet is all-wheel-drive and so each of those axles and several hundred dollars and is just more than than we could possibly do, but we have is a place a Christian car where it says donate the Jesus labor 11. It is Wanda allow her listeners a chance to certainly all of us can pray with you that God's going to meet this need and also have a chance to put a voice with a face of what this is an and were blessed beyond belief that the we have a chance to partner with you and and pray with you is as we twist you into the fiber what God is doing in your life can I do thank you so very much you hit one going down to break down now with we got the brakes and so we got a little more ways to go but thank you so much for sharing and have the courage to call in today. God bless The thank you all right, we just wanted to.

That was one that I just went out and I knew the whole story and I was like wow I would just like to see if there's anybody else out there who would like to invest in the situation so nice to have partners that are willing to step up garage is in shops with a heart to help people now and I honestly I'm blown away every week.

I bet I talked to 15 or 20 of them this week. Bill that you know different connections in different ways and all these people trying to help and all these people just as kind as they can be inpatient and it it it's an amazing thing because you know God provides a you know it was you know a thing where there is the application and there's an opportunity to engage in it and then watch what God does to bring it together and bring the resources together. That in each situation. Even though we may not be the ministry that ends up helping the person God always gets into you have all the shops posted on the webpage to wait until your followers are looking for a shot. I think that might be a place that you look so we got so much more. Brad Dake is coming up in a minute were to talk about these twist the issues with insurance have out if you turn in a lease so much more Christian car guy show coming up stating billing that a single bound Leo Swift in the night away cargo so if you're just tuning in your gondola in the world. Robbie houses what is Superman have to do with twisting and truth. Just in the American way, truth, justice and the American way. Well, if you a while to watch somebody weaving herb taking a spinning wheel and taking fibers and turning them into yarn.

You would notice that they keep grafting in is this thing turned to the right and is its turning, turning all these things are being grafted in an when you look at the picture of waiting on the Lord that's from. Talk Psalm 27 it's an idea of being spun into the fiber of God, to some extent at Ensor talk about that throughout the show. Today we've we've had some folks on with the Jesus labor love and have responded to that.

We got some interesting issues with insurance that we can talk about spinning in the that but also talked about some spin politically. There's some spin out there these days that we wanted to give you some good spin. We have Brad Dake's one of our partners here for years on the truth radio network. He is with the legal edge and Brad is so good to have you on live with John recorded for years and years is great to hear from Jan California today.

You're up early. Well yeah and you have some really good news to share with our listeners about a court decision this week. Oh yeah, a major decision about religious freedom in the workplace. What happened with that working for the fire department. In this book and to the captain. He was reprimanded and eventually fired, and because he expected Christian faith any winded note will keep it to himself. The atrocity, because place to be. A lot of things like they have babies that are to get the concert this dollar restricting the social issues on the email form that was they had as well though when it came time to him expressing a Christian biblical worldview, announcing a Bible study. They were having Lori referencing a Bible verse and comment even put down so you case was filed with do not prevail on appeal did not prevail in with the Pacific get grant of is a local attorney to come in and file a friend of the court brief defending the religious freedom the cause and unconstitutionality when it happened in the Washington state Supreme Court Robbie a shocking thing for many people didn't expected the very liberal they declare that it was unconstitutional for any government agency like this to openly discriminate and thanked her and punish simply because of their expression of the religious beliefs and convictions is a very fantastic religious freedom. I am so encouraged by that and so encourage the God had you there for such a time as this.

The Pacific with the Pacific Justice Institute at an you're available in so many different ways in God's use that with your radio broadcast that you done for years of legal edge yet and I'm very very grateful to Eddie area legal edge of programs like yours to get out there you know you it literally become the lifeline, Robbie, to helping and serving people in all kind of communities across the country and illustrated family had 14 cases in active litigation. Elliott, 38 active litigation and all all across the country in another area were involved in with fluffy cases, different places dealing with these creatures being not harass interesting fairly prosecuted with misdemeanor charges in different state affidavit states right now that were defending and the reason is because their street preaching in the public sidewalk public sidewalk ball lawfully within the law that there prosecuted for things like disturbing the peace and noise levels, and things are just arbitrarily being used for fish to shut them down because they are lovingly and graciously preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.

United States, I just think it's it's a blessing.

Bill really that we have Christian radio stations across the country that are carrying the legal edge telling people about the Pacific Justice Institute is kind of the way God weaves the fiber the Jesus labor love and how is it that we have more applications to the Jesus labor love this last week than we did the last three months. Dislike Brad Singh all these cases is the God's using the fiber of Christian radio and a lot of different one thing right and weaving us altogether.

Even you, me and you for years there was an occasion a number years back where I had a group that wanted to hand out free Bibles and we wanted a place in case it rained we could step out of the rain so I went to the city bus station.

I said we want to stand on the sidewalk and give away some free Bibles. No tracks.

Note just new King James Bibles and the guy said will hold on, hold on, hold on and make some phone calls and they came back and said you can't do that and I said you don't understand I would do it on the sidewalk. We just wanted permission to be able to step in under the shelter. If it's raining this a bit. You can't do that. What I had to get an attorney to contact the NASA Bradley heard that kind of thing before and yet about everything. The one making. No one ever left side of the road matter where they are in the United States. We want people to know what the right door into lovingly and markedly utilizes right.

The apostle Paul did in acts chapter 22 and elsewhere.

God bless you, Brad. We are so grateful for you calling in today and Sharon Pacific just Justice Institute Brad Dake is a legal edge and how UN those those those minutes every day. This is who dealt with Brad Dake letter like one thing it if they like to get our free legal newsletter legal update of the unit go to our website once a week. People are aching to be up keep you up-to-date with what's going on and be able to integrated the release of free for us, which is so important as we deal with the growing list of challenges to the faith and family freedom.

And we also a wonderful resource.

Robbie, like newsletter nautically that that twelve-step article twelve-step how to keep your children being thoughtfully taken by social workers extremely helpful and he wanted children or grandchildren to go there downloaded for free. Read it and apply it. They can be clicked to implement their their family exactly baited children directly take a dive resort.

We also have a book to help the biblical reclaim your school and talk all of the free download book and article about how people can legally evangelize public will the student parent futures. Everyone and is the real in and equipping of the book and not enough. Also free download from our website.

PJ, P.

J. 11 time for Saul. I'm so Brad Dake will see you the NRB about three weeks.

God bless all yet goblet ride good friend and I get to see them every year and the National religious broadcasters convention. It's amazing how God views and stuff like that but it ended. You even had your own situation like that. We were we were told we would be soliciting and we had to get special expensive name badges with our pictures and it and then we still need to have permission and we still wouldn't had the right to be able to step in and underneath the.

The roof of the bus station First Amendment ident. How can the city attorney the city attorney not understand the first and I don't get it. Well that's why we have the Pacific just this a good their son in and say that but one of the things that we talked about today is raveling right when you twist things to their I like your your your spinning fibers into a yarn.

But when things begin to unravel.

We want to talk a bit about that when people make claims right and skull twisting that is twisting in the opposite direction that they can help you save hundreds of dollars on your insurance is on my son twisting if you listen to all those commercials at the end of three years.

They should be paying you today. Get insurance. They call this 800-number every person that calls Sais $500 plus which it but they don't tell you is only about 120 people actually took insurance out so they're the only ones that went into the equation.

The other party is there an awful lot of people that if they just called their own insurance company and said I got a new quote their insurance company.

Woody said we you noted your accident in violation falls off in two weeks and you're right skinny good and that much with us to lure you young drivers now got three years driving experience. It would've gone down with us to and when I was thing about that today you know for years and years and years and appeals been a great friend and my agent had I unraveled that relationship and decided while I'm I can save in a however much and how many minutes walk in and made that phone call I would've unraveled that relationship with Bill you how many times I've called you in the last just two years, probably 10 times and my relationship is raveling together that rope as we are with all these people that we know whether it's the Pacific ghosted Institute of the car care centers in the Jesus labor level course we got the answer to the lease and we want your calls 866-34-TRUTH 878-8490 and that an amazing if he can hold if he can hold your day tomorrow. I mean that we don't have to hold onto that we can give it to him.

And that's part of how were twisting today waiting on the Lord twisting in the him at this thinking wow he he's going to handle it tomorrow he's going handle it the next day. If the more you twist in prayer. The more you twisting study of the word. The more you twisting right it's very limited note with thanksgiving, lift up your request to God right but the and will talk about if you can untwist and you feel like your life, and unraveled. I bet you've been there. I know I've been there and along those lines I I really felt a burden this week is that so many of these Jesus labor love repairs came as a result of while big became more expensive as a result of neglect. You know that old saying from the Fram oil filter you can pay me now or you can pay me later. At least five of these claims got really expensive because the people had brake noise. They knew their brakes were making this week. I guarantee you they had some concept that things were not going to figure out when did Wendy go get you deck them right. I understand that when you start to hear something. Then if you don't do something, you can end up with rollers on for gliadin, and flat panel ledger won't yet there's audible where sensors to tell you that wow there some going on my breaks but really I was flabbergasted. There were there were actually two of them that went all the way to not only destroying the pads and rotors but also the calipers.

If you keep driving it. It just keeps getting more and more and more expensive, and similarly the other thing that I saw.

Time and time and this week it was really disturbing disturbing because I wonder G is fathers are we teaching our sons are we teaching our daughters about simple things as far as car maintenance and then on my way home from dinner last night. My wife points out, you know Mariah, that's my daughter does not know how to work her defroster properly. Now this is you think about her letter is where she said she keeps wiping a rag when it because she didn't know to turn on her air-conditioner to dry out the air when you put on the defroster yet to push the button for the for the compressor to come on to dry up here sister window wouldn't fall but her own father. The Christian card I had failed to instruct her properly on these things and so wow, I wonder how much I need to start about me need to save MRI when you begin to hear the scratchy noise do some on the brakes immediately. The other thing that we ran into time and time again was what they call CV axles or CV joints. These axles which I bet I had six of them to deal with this week there's a rubber boot that you can look in your car you can see it that rubber boots intact. Once it's cracked the grease comes out of your axles and then then you start to hear this clicking noise when you begin to hear that clicking noise. It's kinda important at that point in time that you replace those axles is if you don't.

Geisler can break and literally cause a horrible Nick still tell me when that red light comes you have it checked that I shouldn't wait till it starts/it in this noise starts right that all thing. If you can pay me now you can pay me later lot overload as is these things are twisting going down the road you know we don't want things to come unraveled.

So you gotta continue maintain these things and think about one of my tell my kids what in my sharing with the next generation. And you know I don't know what all happened that that that things are where they are, but we all bear responsibility to share what we know about what part of that is she's got to spend less than you make so that you've got enough money in an emergency event to take care of the problem when it first starts said that it's a whole lot less expensive.

Later, when, but also part of it is sharing things you know like insurance ideas, which is you know what I think is a huge blessing that we have you on here and now he was, as we were talking during the break I was finding out. Wow, I got a little insurance issue because I'm going to pick up the scar that was donated for the Jesus labor levy goes lowers insurance on this cargo and like all are not covered. Just because I thought anytime I drove anybody's time covered but is not true not to notice her that I love the time when people call up the night the renneted truck to move. They thought their insurance just automatically extend just didn't work that way. That's why they try to sell you all that stuff. Well, a lot of times a car. People try to sell you that Stefan that is covered yet. It's good to have.

So when you can call up and say it. Should I save money here holiday last night and again every states difference of the things were different blisters take North Carolina since that's when you're most familiar with, and I want to rent a U-Haul and U-Haul says here you go.

You can pay me 15 $20 and we you know for this. To date, move, and we can cover your insurance or you can decline what if it's a U-Haul that is pulled along behind your vehicle any trailer you pull behind your vehicle. If it comes loose and causes an accident that's covered that the damage to that contact about rent by netting foot truck. Any vehicle in North Carolina's gotta be $10,000 or less in a private passenger vehicle.

So if I rented a camp thousand dollars.

I'm sorry 10,000 pounds or less. Oh, oh, so you know if your written this big truck that has a GVW gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000. You can't, by law, you can't put that on a personal auto policy with you rented or not so, and then if you will one if it's a camper if it's got a bathroom minute. This not eligible for North Carolina auto policy and it's gotta be a private passenger vehicle so you could rent a van or car, and that's covered under your auto policy in most circumstances, but if it's a cargo van with its eight truck then that's not something that's extendable from your personal auto policy now which by the way, you know, most half ton pickup trucks are 1500 series pickup trucks have a GVW are absorbed at 8100 8600 pounds and you know like the coders out there like that vehicle that I have already GVW ours like 5600. So those would be, but if I a U-Haul which has a GVW are some around 18,000 pounds if it's a U-Haul it's not going to be something covered by an auto policy because it's not up by the passenger vehicle and so this would be the time I need to call Bill is not one 800 but just call bit because I 500 vehicles a week and I make money off when you vehicle not sure that the first ones I want to ask about is this a resist. Let me ask you this.

If I do rent this truck to move. Is it less expensive to call you and the insurance reviewer through U-Haul was free to call me and have a conversation on the detail you divide any insurance through them and when you shop for where you going to get a vehicle you need to include in your conversation how much is the insurance and what exactly does it cover right because part of the stuff is removing her hat up with it will not only that there's some things covered in the something's not set yet.

We some pop programs. Only the listed drivers going to have any protection at all under the vehicle so you got to be careful about how you fill that stuff out and you can't allege things to save a few dollars. Or you can open yourself up to a huge man.

Now that's the with many counselors plan succeed. As I recall. Proverbs 14 says some along those lines that is really good to have some people in your corner that understanding thing and so if you go to Christian Car you'll see there's an article on how to find a good mechanic how to find a good car salesman how to find a good insurance agent. All these people is of wonderful garages that help people right well it's it's kind of like the body of Christ. If you're in the church. You've got somebody that sings really well and worships and you got a preacher and all these people are are spun into this you H saying at all either set out in there. We got other thing and it's really cool to have them all in your spring, so to speak. So we thank you for with the Christian Car Guy show is always going to Christian Car to find out more about Jesus labor love or download podcast of the show Chris cargo theater.

Remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went on all done 33 years. Thanks so much. It means so much

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