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REShow: Matt Barr - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 28, 2023 3:11 pm

REShow: Matt Barr - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 28, 2023 3:11 pm

Rich reacts to Jets GM Joe Douglas’ latest comments on the team’s interest in free agent quarterback Derek Carr, and debates if the Raiders should trade for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to reunite him with WR Davante Adams.

Actor Matt Barr joins Rich in-studio to discuss the season finale of the CW’s ‘Walker: Independence,’ the state of this beloved Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, and shares a story about the time he engaged Troy Aikman in conversation…while the Hall of Fame QB was using a urinal.

Rich makes a crystal ball prediction on the 49ers’ QB situation after the latest comments from Niners GM John Lynch at the NFL Combine.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. With the first pick. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Who is the number one guy in this draft? Doesn't matter position.

Atop your board, Todd. Bryce Young. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

He's a smaller version of Patrick Mahomes. Earlier on the show, NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Bears head coach Matt Eberfluse. Emmy nominated actress Ray Sehorn. Coming up, actor Matt Barr. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We have just emerged from a Better Call Saul wormhole with Ray Sehorn who plays Kim Wexler in that outstanding series that just wrapped up at the end of last year.

She was here for her new movie Linoleum. I just had a nice chat with Matt Barr in the back of our green room. He is from the CW show Walker Independence.

The season finale airs this Thursday at 9 Eastern Time on the CW. This just in, we had Brandon Sclenar of 1923 on Friday. And just met Matt. Another tough two-shot for the kid coming up. I'm going to look like an old sack of potatoes. You got a fresh cut. I did get a fresh cut just for the combine. But that doesn't mean I won't look like Gollum when he comes out here. I'll make a comment this time.

Just let me go. Jay, at any rate, he's a handsome man. I went back there and thought, wait a minute, you're not the kicker from the Giants? What if he was back there wearing a Giants helmet with one bar? Do you have that photograph, Hoskins, that we had you pull before? There he is. That's the only Matt Barr we knew of prior to Matt having his acting career.

He comes out with a single bar across. But he's a Cowboy fan. That's good people in my book. Which means the last question of our interview is going to be totally haywire. And people are going to be wondering, what happened? Settle down just a little bit. There's Jerry Jones. Invariably, I'm going to see Steven at the combine. Tell him I said what up.

I will not, sir. Because when I have real estate with Steven Jones, you know what I'm going to say to him. What am I going to say to him?

Bring up Zeke? What am I going to say to Steven Jones? What are you going to say?

Oh, you know what I'm going to say. Competition committee? When can I get a seat on your competition committee? You need an outsider who's kind of an insider. You need somebody that watches the game and sees how it's played. You may know your numbers. You may know down to the last snap how many snaps went to the right side of the field in the flat on a third down when the wind was next-gen statty.

I don't know. I just watch the game. And I know how fans take it in. I'm that guy in the bar.

Right? We're fans. Put this on the committee.

We're those guys in the bar that can tell a catch when it's a catch and when it's rough in the passer and it's not. You need me on that committee. You need me on that wall.

I can provide a blanket of fan protection. That's what I'm going to say to Steven Jones. I cannot wait.

I might seek him out. Well, then after all that, then tell him I said it. No, no, I won't do that. Well, now you're not going to get on the committee. I don't have the patience to jack with you today. Now you won't get on. There's so much news happening right now. All right. What do you got for me over there?

What do you got? Brock Purdy is going to meet with a doctor in Arizona this week. Surgery could happen as early as next week, John Lynch says, waiting for all the swelling and stiffness to get out of his mouth. Oh my goodness, dude. Didn't we report that on Friday? Wasn't that? No, I know that, but here's- I'm just saying, John Lynch is now saying it. It's now the Tuesday after that Friday. The NFC Championship game was a month ago. Yeah. Swelling is- A month ago and it's still, man, and he came back in that game.

They had no choice. And he can't even start to repair it surgically because the swelling is not- He couldn't throw it more than like five yards. Dude.

But guys, look, thanks- That's significant. Thanks to our ankle cam, we know that Trey Lance, his ankle's looking good. That's true. He should be ready. Pete Carroll says they're deeply involved in the quarterback evaluation process for this year's draft.

Why is they shouldn't? He said this after he was asked if it's possible they draft a quarterback high and bring back Gino. Oh, you know what this means? Put up the draft order. Put up the draft order, please. That's the Seahawks raising their hands and saying, hey, everybody, you like Will Levis? Because the Raiders may take him. Yep. Raiders. You know where you need to go?

You know where you need to go to get Will? Number five. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jump the line in front of the Lions. Wouldn't it be something if- two things- wouldn't it be something if the Russell Wilson trade from Seattle not only uncovers Gino Smith 2.0, and that's the guy who Pete rides for as long as he remains the coach of the Seattle Seahawks, or the Seahawks use that pick to choose the next Russell Wilson? Wouldn't that be something?

So Pete's raising his hands saying, everybody's talking about the Bears. What are they going to do with that pick? Are they going to trade it? Are they going to keep it? What are they going to do? You need to go to one to get your guy.

How about five? They're going deep into the quarterback evaluation. You know who the first currently scheduled guest during the NFL Network's scouting combine coverage in the booth Thursday night is? Jon Schneider. Hey.

And I'm not talking about the Duke brother. I can't wait to chat with him. So that'll be great. What else news?

This is fun. Everyone's like, what's going to happen the combine week? Everything. You understand what I mean? Everything. Everything. There's a lot going on.

I got something while you call it. Go ahead. I'm scrolling. Let's go with what's going on with the Jets. I'm kind of keen on knowing. You're interested. Joe Douglas is the general manager of that team.

Derek Carr. Met with the team already. They're going to meet again. Meeting two. Meeting two.

Not one, two. We'll meet you in Jersey. We'll meet you in Indiana. Here's what Joe Douglas had to say about chatting with Derek Carr. Guys have seen reports about us bringing Derek Carr in about a week and a half ago.

I can tell you that was a fantastic visit. I really enjoyed spending time with him. Obviously, he's the only quarterback that I can really shed any light on for you guys, since he's the only quarterback that's a free agent.

But I can say that he left a strong impression with everybody. Obviously, we're going to be exploring the veteran quarterback market this offseason, and we're going to look at every available option. We feel like when it's time to make the right decision, whenever they're processed, we're going to make the best decision for the Jets.

I am straight you are, Joe. Hey, you know what Derek Carr doesn't cost you? A single thing except Woody Johnson's money.

That's it. And last I checked, Woody has a lot. Of money.

It's in my notes. More where that came from. Rogers and Lamar is going to cost multiple ones. Multiple. Lamar will cost multiple ones.

Rogers will cost you? At least one. One? Can you get Rogers for a two? We haven't talked about what the market is for him.

Can you get him for a two? Because he's expensive. Multiple. So Lamar will cost you multiple ones. Rogers will cost you multiple picks. Multiple picks.

How's that sound? Multiple picks. And a lot of Woody Johnson dollars. Probably three or four picks. And Lamar will cost you two firsts, at least, in a lot of Woody Johnson dollars. And last I checked, Woody has, let me find my notes again, a lot of money. Yeah. Derek Carr's just a lot of money. That's it.

To me, that puts him to the top. What are they waiting for? Just make the move. I think it's Derek. Waiting on Derek? Okay. Don't you think? Meet with other teams?

I guess. Drum it up. I don't know how Carolina's more interesting. Drum it up. I want to sign before Rogers makes his move. You've got the floor to yourself.

Two more weeks until the new league year begins, you've got the floor to yourself. Yeah. Rogers is going to have to sit at one out, and then the Packers are going to have to grant the permission for this to start.

You can go now, now, now, now. This is what Joe had to say about Zach Wilson. Oh, yeah. That pesky fact that they chose a quarterback second overall last year, and he has not progressed very much. What's the current state of Zach Wilson with the Jets? Again, our stance on Zach hasn't changed. We feel like Zach has a very high ceiling. Obviously, the first two years haven't played out the way that anybody's hoped, but we still feel like there's a very high ceiling with Zach. In my time in the league, I've found that when players love this game and when players work their tails off, they usually hit their ceiling, and so I feel like Zach definitely has those traits, so I still feel strongly that Zach's going to be able to hit his ceiling.

Okay. And then it's your definition of high ceiling. You know, Lucas Oil is a very high ceiling.

The studio does not, but the show does, figuratively. True. I cannot believe we're sitting here at the Combine in 2023 wondering about when Zach's going to develop. That's the other thing with Carr, too, and the same thing with Rodgers. Two, three... Rodgers, the one benefit of Rodgers is two, three years, right? Let Zach... At some point, you're going to have to pick up a 50-year option on Zach.

You're not going to do that to have him back up, and if you're Carr, you have to sit here and say, what's your plan for Zach, right? Carolina, you know, and the Saints, you know you're going to get the job, unless you look at Carolina and say, what's your plan for Sam, as in Darnell? It's not the same.

Not the same. Sam wasn't drafted by the team, and they acquired him. Josh McDaniels spoke, what do you talk about? Ah, the quarterback situation there, because last we heard, they were checking to see what they had in Jared Stidham. He played all right. Higher register, you went higher register. Come on. Not any of these guys. Say it again.

You got to turn your microphone on. He made a few good passes that I remember. 49ers, gas, shootout, high scoring. We are, Chris, we are going high register. I just noticed it. All right, they got the seventh overall pick.

Seven. A lot of mocks. A lot of mocks have Will Leviss in that spot.

That's correct from Kentucky. Here we go. This is what Josh McDaniels ought to say today. I mean, I think there's always urgency at that position. You know, look, the goal for us eventually is to have somebody that's going to be here for a long time. I think that, you know, you see the teams that are having success right now in our league, I would say in our conference and specifically in our division. You know, they're young players that were drafted by their clubs and they're being developed there under the same continuity. And so I think that eventually, yes. Do I think you, you know, you have to do that if you're not sure or not sold on the player and now you're making a mistake just to try to say that you're solving a problem.

I don't think that's really a smart decision. So we're going to do everything we can do to evaluate every player at that position, both in the draft and free agency and try to do what we can do to improve the room. I mean, there's certainly going to be a number of players added at that position. Right now, only Chase Garbers is under contract. So we'll, we'll look at everything we can look at. But the goal eventually is to try to have a young player here that's going to be a Raider for a long time.

There you go. Now the one question I would ask Josh McDaniels is the one he cannot answer because it is the one mystery question, $60 million question. Do you want Aaron Rogers or not? That's the one thing here, because boy, you want to talk about a great spot for Aaron Rogers, Las Vegas, Nevada is it. Let's just say you have Aaron Rogers, a favorite receiver, maybe of all time. Yeah, who wants Rogers, you want to make them happy after you bounced his college BFF, okay.

You want somebody that can come in for a couple of years, three years, put another trophy in the case, light the torch and get Will Levis up to speed young kid that's there for a long time. That's your guy, isn't it? Isn't it? Don't you think that fits?

That's my man right there. The Packers would love to ship Rogers, if this is the case, out of the conference. And if you heard what he had to say about the division, they got Mahomes, Justin Herbert and a hopefully soon to be rejuvenated and last I checked, last I checked, unlimited Russell Wilson. Unlimited? No, if you saw that video.

I did not. So you need to get, what's the word for it, up to speed at that position in that division. But that's the question about McDaniels because he's got his system. He's got his guys.

He's got his system. He's like the way he runs it. He likes what you do at the line of scrimmage is kind of what he wants to do. You hear stuff like, does it matter how great Rogers is? He's not a guy that will conform to what McDaniels wants in a way that say Jimmy Garoppolo would because Jimmy G, he knows him, he knows the system and he could care take for the same amount of time as Rogers can for a guy you draft. That's the question and he can't be posed it and he can't answer it because Rogers is under contract somewhere else. That's the answer to this entire puzzle with no pictures right now involving Aaron Rogers. In my estimation, Jets want him, Raiders want him, Titans want him maybe. I don't know.

No, I do not know. But the spot that for me where he would fit and win now and maybe the only guy that would cause me to think the Raiders are going to win the AFC West in 2023 would be Aaron Rogers going to the Las Vegas Raiders. Tranquilo, tranquilo. I just said these words.

Please, what happened? I said these words. Please, so you can pick the Raiders again, please.

Squad goals. Every guy that would make me even twitch in that direction of a thought process. Going there. Even that, maybe not. But that's the question. Does McDaniels, would he be open to Rogers going there? A lot of people who are whispering and chitter chattering and tick tock and tweeting think he will not go in that direction, does not want to go in that direction.

Let me go to overheard that combine Twitter here and see what they say. That Rogers, you know, will bring in his own. I know Devante Adams, coach, get out of here.

Do I need to pull out 10 years of tape? Dropping dimes. Come on. I can back shoulder you to the podium, sir, with 17. That is a fact. So that's that's the whole question at combine overheard doesn't exist. You could create that account right now.

Get out of here. Hundred thousand followers by the weekend. You should do that. You just text me and Brockman just saying we'll get it to the right people. That's the question involving the Raiders and Rogers right now. Can we start a Rogers to the Bucks?

I don't know. That'll never happen. I know, but now this card of the Bucks thing just completely escaped my mind. And now I just want someone else to follow Brady. Let's take a break here on The Rich Eisen Show.

Matt Barr, Walker independence, he is strolling out here in a matter of moments right here on The Rich Eisen Show, and then we'll return to the combine chatter. Have you noticed how a lot of insurance commercials are kind of gimmicky? They've got jingles and mascots and they try to be real cute and clever. But really what matters, in fact, it's the only thing that matters is the insurance, which is why I want to tell you about NJM, because for over 100 years, NJM has been going about their business, protecting their clients biggest investments, their homes and their cars with award winning customer service. The most important thing is knowing you have the right coverage with a company you can rely on when you need them, and that's NJM. When you apply for an auto home or renters policy, NJM will work with you to ensure you get the coverage that's just right for you. And when you upgrade to NJM, you could save real money on your auto insurance, better service and possible savings.

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That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-RICH number to dial. Matt Barr is here on the program. We just saw a clip from Walker Independence again.

The season finale airs Thursday 9 Eastern on the CW. Good to see you. And so you don't have an accent in real life?

See, I don't think it's that strong. But if people that meet me think it's like full on, it's not, it's not full McConaughey, I guess you'd say. You know, I get there when I, when I've had too much to drink, I go, I go full McConaughey. And the words, all right, in succession. All right, all right, all right.

Oh, there it is right there, a little bit. So you're from Texas originally, right? Were you from Dallas? Born and raised in Dallas.

Yeah. Born and raised in Dallas. Did you have a football coach?

He was a football coach at SMU during that kind of heyday with Ron Meyer and Eric Dickerson and Craig James. The Pony Express. Pony Express, yeah.

Right, so. A lot of good and bad memories there. Your dad must have some stories to tell. Yeah, but I think was it the Cotton Bowl against maybe Dan Marino? Was that, was that that year against Pitt?

You must have looked that up, sir. I don't remember, but. Okay, right. Yeah, I was young then. But yeah, so big time football family, I played football at Allen High School, which is now all these Texas high schools have like 60 million dollar football stadiums. Yeah, right.

It's like. What'd you play? I played quarterback. Of course you did. I got into acting. Tom Brady's lucky.

I didn't stay with football. Well. He did all right.

Eighty for Barr doesn't have the same ring to it. That's all right, that's all right. You know. So what was your game like? Big arm?

What do you got? I had a great arm. Yeah, I wasn't a running quarterback, wasn't that mobile, but I did have a good, a good arm. So I think I still do. Okay. Still, still toss it around the backyard. You sling it every now and then?

Yeah, I sling it. Okay. What was Matt Barr's best game at Allen High School?

Give it to me. Oh man, it was against. I think it was against like Richardson.

Okay. I remember throwing two back to back. I threw a touchdown, just like kind of a fade route to the right and it got called back penalty. And we just came back to the huddle, called the exact same play.

And did it again? Right where just like nailed it. Dance trade. Yeah. Touchdown. Okay.

That's a good one. Pretty good. Did you play when you were there with anybody that wound up playing? Did you go against, did you compete against anybody in your high school days where that actually wound up collegiately, professionally somewhere?

That's a good question. Thank you, sir. Not that I remember, but I mean, a few years after me, Kyler Murray was our starting quarterback and he's doing all right. He's doing all right. I remember thinking it's funny because in high school you're thinking this guy's too short. Like he'll never play, but he was so, so talented and I've never seen someone so fast. So watch him kind of evolve and grow and you know, it's pretty amazing.

So let's just be honest here. You laid the groundwork for Kyler Murray's success. I tell him at all time, you know, send him a text, I'll take 5% of that.

I don't think his agent even gets 5%. Did you find the video, Chris? Did you see, did you see it?

I have not found the video. Okay. Well, the 83 Cotton Bowl was a SMU seven pit three. So okay. There it is.

There you go. Was it Marino right? Was it Dan Marino?

1983 Pittsburgh. Sounds about right. I think so. Okay. Fantastic.

I wasn't born then, but I was almost, I was almost there. All right, so let's talk about your current state of your Dallas Cowboys then. Yeah. Let's talk about that.

Okay. Well, you just, are you hooking up with Jerry and Steven here soon? Again, when I see Steven Jones at the combo, I don't know if you, by the way, you know, when the Cowboys are in town, right? Because they travel in a monster bus with the Dallas star on the side of it.

And that's how they travel around the town. Like normally, you know, you can, you can just get a, a courtesy car, a sedan. Nope. Nope.

Like go there, go home in a huge ass bus that's parked right outside the hotel. So, you know exactly where they are and when they're going to go and what they're traveling and when they're going to the actual combine, but, but Steven's on the competition committee and I want on cause I want to make rules. And as I said in the, uh, in, in the break, I will, I would be able to make the national football league and it's sport vastly improved. Yeah. What's the first thing, what, what, what's the big overall thing you did is this?

I knew, I knew, I knew having you on the show, Matt would be great. Thank you for asking you asked the question, but I appreciate you asking me, um, fumbling the football through the end zone and having the ball wind up in the hands of the defense just because it's fumbled into and out of the end zone as opposed to right in front of the pilot. You fumbled it on the one inch line.

It's yours. You fumble it one inch into the end zone. It's the defense. I hate that. You get rid of it. You fumble it. You get the ball back.

If it goes into the end zone and out right at the spot of where you fumbled it, the defense shouldn't be bailed out by that rule. Right? Right. What do you think, Matt? And don't be, and be honest here.

Be honest. He hates it. He hates that rule. I hate it. No, you, you liked the rule. You hate my new rule. I do not like your suggestion. He thinks, he thinks that if it's your fault, if you fumble it through the end zone, the end zone is hallowed ground.

Don't fumble. I think I might have to agree with you. I think so. I'll think through that one.

It's not called the Chris Brockman show, is it? But no, look, we have a lot to do in the off season and we're so close. Do you think you can win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott? I do think we can win with Dak, but I do think he needs to, um, he's obviously the leader.

He's got the, he has the ability, but I think maybe there's something going on up here with the coaching and Dak and there, I think we need to let him loosen, get him out of his head a bit. Well, it seems like is, have we determined yet, Chris, that is it McCarthy calling the plays yet? Has he made that announcement?

He said that he's going to, but nothing official official. That strikes me as a coach saying, if I'm going down, I'm going down with my play calls. That's what it sounds like to me. He's no dummy, Mike McCarthy. He knows exactly what might be on the wall and what's at stake and what he'd like to do.

I think, you know, I think that's what that sounds like unless he's going to hand it off to somebody else. Right. Right. And you know, but Micah Parsons is all, he's, he's incredible. What a terrific player. He's unbelievable.

He is. Yeah. He's a game changer.

He's a total game changer for sure. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

So did you grow up going to the Texas stadium and just like it with the hole in the roof, the old cowboy stadium? Yeah. Yeah. Right.

So that, that, that sun would hit it. It was just like, you know, blinding. So who was the quarterback when you used to go to these games? Troy Aikman number eight, baby actually have a good story about Troy and please like years later I'm in this restaurant in Dallas. Right. Again, I wore number eight. Like Troy was, you know, it was a great time to be in high school at Allen high school. Okay.

The nineties were great in Dallas. So I'm, so I walk into the restroom, like standing at the urinal here and, and who comes right next to me? Oh my goodness.

Troy Aikman. So like, I have to do it. So I just turn and start talking to Troy, you know, like, Hey, you're my hero.

I wore number eight, you know, I play quarterback too. And the guys actually like tried to, you know, have a conversation with me. I'm sure he's thinking, you know, if you could just wait 20 seconds and you and I could take this outside, but. So he did in fact have a conversation with you. I got a few nods and a thank you. Thank you.

And then, you know, those are the two spots, you know, eating and going to the bathroom is when you normally, you know, I like to stay away. That's right. But I just, I thought we, we shared this intimate moment, Troy and I, and so we've been bonded ever since. And is this where we tell the Jay Cutler story? I think so.

Okay. That, uh, who was the, which actor who came on here? Um, he, he was, um, badgers from Breaking Bad. Matt Jones. Matt Jones. You know Matt Jones.

You've got to have him tell the Jay Cutler story because he is a Bears fan and he saw Jay Cutler at a urinal and fan boyed him in the same way you fan boyed Troy Aikman. It's what you do. Let me ask you this question. You seem like a smart guy, Matt Barr, who knows the sport of football. Okay. You played it.

Your dad coached it. You're a fan of it. Yeah. Do you think the exchange between Matt Jones and Jay Cutler, this is a yes or no question, went as well as your conversation with Troy Aikman? Yes or no? Oh, I know Matt Jones.

It was, it was, it was, it was way more entertaining. I bet. Well, I learned him. They, I bet they ended up having drinks afterwards. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

We have some nice parting gifts for you. No, he fan boyed him. He told him the same thing you probably told Troy Aikman. And his response was, don't care. Really? Yeah. That's great. Wow. To the point where, that's what he said. Don't care. Don't care.

Give me a break. And we had Larry King actually reenacted years ago. What's, what's, what's he doing now? I guess he's probably sitting in a nice house somewhere. I think so.

Maybe the goat in a podcast. Right? Isn't that what he's doing? Yeah.

It's got a lot of farm animals. Yeah. Right. Is he doing something like that? Yeah. But that's nice that Troy actually, That's cool. Yeah. Had a conversation with you. That's right.

Two number eights going number one. Actually a few years later I was at, I was, that's right. That's right. That's right.

That's right. I remember being, I was at training camp a few years after that. And we had, we round up at the same restaurant and I wanted to go over there and say, remember I'm the guy that, You can't double down. Like a league next to you pal. That's me.

The farm guy. Well, we'll definitely post this video later on and we'll have to at Troy Aikman. We'll see it. We'll see it. We'll see it.

We'll reenact it. So tell me about your role in Walker Independence. What do you like about it?

What you're enjoying about this, this show brother? I mean, look, growing up in Texas, the dream was always to, you know, be Doc Holliday or, you know, just play cowboys. So I played this kind of gunslinging outlaw who's a total scoundrel, you know, steals money from old ladies and drinks whiskey all day and gambles. So it's the, those trivial characters are always fun to play because at some point they, they do something noble and you know, you, you sort of realize they have, they have a heart in there somewhere. And so, so it's just a really dynamic character. It's fun.

Well, that's cool. And putting the boots on, the hat. Yeah. I mean like, what's it like when the first time they gave you the whole kit, man, you went out there. You know, it's funny you, you build a character from the inside out sometimes. And a lot of times like this, the outside end, it was like, we're out there in Santa Fe and you got the boots and the hat and the duster and all these, you know, cattle and goats.

So it's, it's like a time machine, you know, going back to the 1800s and it makes the job a lot easier. And it's fun. I mean, it's fun as hell. Well, I mean, we've met Catherine McNamara many times. She goes to the big slick, right?

That's true. She does. You know, it's sweet. And on the inside as she is beautiful on the outside, man, she could have been nicer. She's Canadian, right? Is that why she's nice? I think so. She's Canadian.

Is that what it is? She's from Kansas City. Is she from Kansas City?

I think so. By way of Canada. By way of Canada? She's amazing, yeah. I thought she was Canadian. I don't know why. Maybe it's because she was so nice.

Everyone's so nice. It's just like, you must be from Canada. That's right. It's true. She is from Kansas City. Oh, she is? Yeah.

Well, I mean, it's the same letters as Canada, I guess. And so you were in, you were in Friday Night Lights. Were you in it? I was in Friday Night Lights, but I didn't play a football player of all things. Who were you in Friday Night Lights? I heard I played. I played like a Red Cross worker who starts dating the coach's daughter. My dad was so disappointed. I was like, I'm doing Friday Night Lights, Dad? He's like, yes. What position? You know, aid worker.

He's like, you got to be kidding me. But that was pretty cool. And then you talked about Amy Teagarden and then it was all- Teagarden. Okay.

That wasn't the worst job ever. Well, I'll tell you what, I loved that show because of how beautiful the relationship was between the coach and daughter and the coach and wife and then obviously the coach in town and then the players on it and what have you. Yeah.

It's one of the best shows I think ever made. Yeah. I would cry every week. Yeah. Beautifully done. I would cry. Music was great.

I would cry absolutely every week. All right. So give me your prediction for your Mavs before I let you go.

Oh, man. Kyrie's now in town. I don't know. Did Jason Kidd criticize Luca? He did. Did I see that? Dude, that was an indirect like.

It was totally, he was talking to Luca. Right. It's my job.

It's my job to get him better. But if there's anybody from the position who could talk, I guess it would be Jason. I mean, that was, I grew up watching Jason Kidd play. Right.

You know, obviously in Dallas too, but like, look, let's admit it. Love Luca, but he can be a baby. Gets on my nerves at times. Too much talking. Keep his head in the game.

Okay. Don't know you think? And then he, and then he just jars one from 45 feet.

Dude, he's, I mean, he's, he's really, really special. I'm still trying to figure out what the chemistry is going to be with him and Kyrie. Do you see that?

So are the Mavs probably. Well, I mean, we're all wondering, right? I don't know. I don't know. What, you got a guy, do you got two ball dominant individuals?

I turn to you, sir, since you're one, you're a guy who hates to pass. One in the, one in three together in the lineup. And you're kind of seeing the confusion at end of games, like what to do, who's going to lead the play, who's going to get the right shot.

Hasn't worked so far a week and a half in. Right. What's funny.

Cause like everyone's saying if Kyrie would come off the bench, you know, it'd be this perfect thing. I don't know. He's not that guy. I mean, obviously not, but it's like, if they could both kind of. You don't acquire him.

Oh, could I get a GoPro in that room for that conversation? If that ever happens. Hey Kyrie, we got, we got an idea, but you know, but he is, he is way too talented and, and he can make big shots and you know, obviously we needed, we needed another X factor, I think.

So if it's not Kyrie, there is another piece of that puzzle that we need to figure out to compliment Luca. Okay. And then we're going to win about six championships, you know.

How many for the Cowboys then? Coming up. So when were you born? When were you born?

Give me a date. What was your, I was born in 84. 84. Yep. Okay. So you were 11 the last time they, they, they won it.

Was it what, 95? Yeah. That's right. That's right. You know, it's funny.

It's true. Cause you always think like, it feels like a moment ago. Right?

Like we're still this time. Does it? I don't know.

It just feels like, yeah, it just feels. I still have my Aikman jersey, you know. No, that's cool. That's yeah. That's great. We're good. That's great.

That's great. Aikman. We're coming back. Aikman probably, I'll say it. Aikman probably takes longer.

Right? Look, I think. 25 years later. It takes some more.

It takes some more of a while. I think, I think we can win it with Dak. I do. I do too, by the way. I do. I do too. And CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons and Tony Pollard.

Hopefully he comes back healthy and you replenish the line in the draft. You got digs on the back end. Hopefully, you know, they, they, they, they can do it. Yep. They can absolutely do it.

The problem is, is the defending NFC champs almost won the Super Bowl and I don't think they're going anywhere. That's right. So you got a big battle. That's right. Walker Independence.

The season finale airs this Thursday at 9 Eastern Time on, on The CW. Check out Matt Barr on that broadcast at Matt underscore Barr underscore. What's with the underscores? I think the other, I tried to buy it from the other Matt Barr, but he wouldn't, wouldn't let go of it. It's a photograph of the other, of the other Matt Barr.

There he is. That's right. That's right. You know, that was me in a, in my past life. Did you, did you, I know it's not you because it's number nine.

Did you have the single bar across as well? That's right. It was not long ago. The photograph? Back in the, back in the nineties when we played.

B-A-H-R is that guy. Okay. That's right. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for having me guys. Anytime brother. Yeah, this is fun. Thank you.

You bet. Walker Independence on The CW. Check it out again Thursday 9 Eastern Time for the season finale. The show finale and catching up on everything going on at the combine before we head out the door on this Tuesday in a moment. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, part of our Roku channel live stream. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. The Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon just said three remarkable words in succession that is a headline to say the least. What we got?

When asked if DeAndre Hopkins would be on the Cardinals roster in 2023, his answer was quote unquote, I'm not sure. Come and get them. You want them bad. New England needs a number one. Who else?

This guy over there. What about you? You'll take him. Wouldn't you?

Wouldn't you take? Get out of here with you head Bob right now. Get out of here.

CeeDee Lamb and him and Gallup. Let's go. Look, I want to tip my hand, Rich. I know stuff. All right. What do you mean you know stuff?

How does that mean? You know stuff? I know, you know, the last two years I've gotten our first round pick correct. All right.

So I'm just saying I might know something. When are you going to give the 2024 draft choice some run? When are we going to find out? 2023, 2023. Closer to the draft. Okay.

We're like eight months away. Who wants DeAndre Hopkins? Okay. I'm not.

I came in front. Of course I would. Right. He's amazing.

Can I give you one? That's really. Don't say the Chiefs. Oh, well. Yeah, that was my fear. He's going to make googly eyes in my homes. When I saw that tweet, I was like, oh no.

Why not? Hey, this is part of the world. As we speak right now, there's a writer's room with Travis Kelce in it in New York City. That's an L this week, baby. That's his week. And the Chiefs are going to be everywhere in the same way that they were not everywhere the last time they won it because there was a pandemic.

That shut the whole world down. Did you see the videos of Kelce and Mahomes in Vegas over the weekend? They're going to be everywhere and it's going to be like, that's a lot of fun. That's the way I want my career to go. That's the quarterback I want to be hooked up with. That's the coach I want to be hooked up with. I want to go to that basketball game. I want to go to that post party at SNL. That's why I want to.

I want to TikTok of Jackson. It's common. But no, I was thinking somebody else within that division. What about Denver?

Interesting. Never had some pretty decent receivers, though, but not I get it, but the Andre Hopkins, the Andre Hopkins and the can't guard micro who 100 something catches. Speaking of which, Russell, Russell, just quick game in it to him.

Let's go, go, go, go. What about him? What about this? You think Peyton will actually maybe go get can't guard might and bring him. He's going to be available.

I have no earthly idea. I told you that was the sneaky storyline, top storyline going into 2023 is what are the Denver Broncos, Sean Payton, Denver Broncos look like? I'm not sure, says the coach of the Arizona Cardinals about the Andre Hopkins being there. Letter for net just got cut or is about to. Well, I mean, the credit card is coming due in Tampa all the years of putting it on the credit card for Brady.

So there might be 80 cuts, 80, that'll be 80 cuts for Brady coming up. can help you tackle your job hunt, make your next career move and football and in life, because you know that if you're scoring your next job, so important to nail the interview. So important for you to nail the right fit.

So important for you to know what you're worth. So important to find the right job opening. has you covered on all of it, millions of job openings, great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts on plus when you upload your resume to, you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs. specializes again in building the right teams for employers and then conversely knows how to match you with those job fits. And when you score the position, when you score the position, there's a salary calculator on that ensures you're paid what you're worth.

So get off the sidelines, go to right now and win your job hunt John Lynch has spoken podiums, podiums, podiums, news, news, news, fingers, lights, lights, soundbites, soundbites. John Lynch has spoken about Brock Purdy's impending surgical procedure and what's going on with the offensive rookie of the year candidate of the 49ers that came out of nowhere. There's a variety of different timeframes and you know, Dr. Meister had a great line that I can't share with you, but it was very clever just about, you know, he doesn't have a crystal ball and every player's different, every person's different.

So timelines are just that, they're guidelines, but you know, we'll see. The reality is the majority of these are done on baseball players. This is not a baseball injury, even the way in which it happened. It was a, you know, Brock's going to throw on a 250 pound man with an opposing force. It's a different injury.

And so the outcomes are different and we'll see where it goes. You over there? You're trying so hard to do it quick. I can't because I got the big crystal ball. It's really heavy. Oh my God. I would bring this to Indianapolis, but I don't, you know, I'm not checking bags. I mean, you splurge, splurge. By the way, you don't have a crystal ball, but I do.

You should bring that to Indy. I can't. That thing will break.

I'm not checking this thing. You just can't hold it. Hold it? What are you talking about?

For four days? I, when I bought the crystal ball, just for these moments when somebody uses the cliche of I don't have a crystal ball and I could pop this thing right out, I'm like, I'll get the big one. I didn't think it, dude, this is like 30 pounds. This is really heavy. We need to have it a little bit more easily accessible.

Totally. It's not easily. It's a huge box. It's huge, but I have a crystal ball and the only thing I see in it, thank you. The only thing I see in the crystal ball music feller is first of all, I did not see in this crystal ball. Don't worry about it.

I didn't see this crystal ball. The Niners have a doctor named Meister. That's his first name. Heat Meister. The famed, you know what his nickname is, his permanent nickname, Dr. Meister Meister. Wow. Dr.

Cold Meister, Dr. Meister says, I don't have a crystal ball. I do. I see Purdy coming back. I see it. I see it in there and I see a nice little quarterback competition.

Oh, I think it's going to be Lance week one. Let me see. Yeah, you're right.

It was in the box. It takes a while to warm up. Yeah. I mean, if Purdy is going to have surgery now or next week or two weeks in March, you got to figure six months, at least then it's Lance's job. Yeah. It's a training camp. Yep. So the ankle's fine.

Don't worry. Dr. Meister. Dr. Meister. Is that what he said? Can you play that one more time? I got to hear that again. What a name.

Does he take insurance? Dr. Meister run it. There's a variety of different timeframes and you know, Dr. Meister had a great line that I can't share with you, but it was very clever. Just about he doesn't have a crystal ball and every player is different. Every person's different.

So timelines are just that. By the way, did he say he couldn't share with him? Does that mean Dr. Meister's got a potty mouth?

It works a little blue. Dr. Keith Meister. You want your doctor to have answers, not curse you out to say, I don't know.

What if your back doctor said that to you? Yeah. Yeah.

It wouldn't be very encouraging. Okay. So, I am looking at my crystal ball and I see Susie, my wife, sitting in this chair. My wife.

Stop it. Tomorrow, I see Bobby Bones here Thursday and Friday. Bone, bone, bone, bone. He's got Kilborn with him Thursday. He'll be in the house. He'll be in the house. He's coming in. Love it.

And then I see me on NFL network all weekend long. There it is. Are you calling in? Yeah.

Every day. Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. Fantastic. I'll be calling in. Let you know what I hear when I'm picking up.

It's still available. What? Ash. The combine overheard. No, stop it.

It's a good idea. Oh, the Hall of Fame game's been announced. Hall of Fame game.

Who is it? Let me guess. Cowboys-Jets? No, Jets-Browns. Jets-Browns. Two Jets going in and Joe Thomas. Hey.

Can we book Dr. Keith Meister? Jets-Browns. By the way, that's the first matchup in Monday Night Football history, Jets-Browns. Correct. I'm out of information. I look at my crystal ball.

August 3rd. And I see Mike White getting the start. Rick, Mike White week one or the Hall of Fame game? Oh. Eight ball Magic. Eight ball. We got it all covered. Eight balls.

Crystal balls. Let's go to the New York Jets in 2023. Here we go. This is great. Oh, darn it.

This is hot. Glasses. You got 20 seconds. Here we go. Here we go. Wait a minute. I got my glasses. It says...

There's lots of bubbles. Hold on a minute. Oh, boy. You may bet on it.

Oh. You may rely on it. Rely it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure.

NFL, it says rely, not bet. Okay? Yeah. We'll be right back on the ROKA channel in a moment. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala.

With her assistant Jess. LA, it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like, I have to get out of here, or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. Like, I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala, wherever you listen.
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