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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 31, 2023 3:07 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 31, 2023 3:07 pm

Rich reacts to the news of Brock Purdy’s torn elbow ligament and explains why bringing in Tom Brady might make the most sense over the Niners’ Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo options, followed by a deep dive on if the 49ers, Dallas Cowboys or Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers or sticking with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would make the most sense for TB12. 

Rich and the guys break down the controversial incident in the NFC Championship game where an Eagles punt might have hit the FOX Sports Sky Cam wire.

Rich reveals that his son, Cooper, alleges his dad is cheating in their fantasy hoops league by taking away his iPad on Sunday nights to keep him from setting his lineup.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. For those of you who think we in the national media gush too much about Patrick Boonves, it's going to be a long day for you. Long weeks.

Long day for you. Today's guest, nine year NBA veteran Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, host of ABC's The Bachelor, Jesse Palmer. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH is the number dial to have a conversation with us over the next three hours and boy are we all over the map today.

There's no other way to put it. Our three guests right in the middle of this show calling in from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama to discuss what's going on down there and what's going on around the rest of the National Football League as we're just biding our time till Super Bowl 57 has toe meatball on and Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated will call in right in the middle of the show. Coaches are down there, you know, if they've already been, what's the word for it, hired. I mean there's a ton of jobs still open and I'm wondering what's going on because there's an East-West Shrine Bowl game that Belichick's coaching kids up at right now and then there's the Senior Bowl this weekend, both games on NFL Network by the way, and so I'm wondering what's going on on the fronts of Indianapolis and Arizona and of course Denver. What is going on with these coaching searches and also the Pro Bowl is this weekend.

There's also contract contracts that will be due to people like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert and what's going on with Lamar Jackson. So lots to talk about with Albert Breer and then, you know, this show runs the gamut in pop culture and sports so does this country where there are serious stories and then not so and I guess we're kind of going to run that gamut. Our first guest in about 17 minutes time is one of the best basketball players that many in my kids generation does not know about. We know about him.

We remember him as Chris Jackson when he was on LSU and then with the Denver Nuggets and now he has been known for several decades now as Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and in a way he was with his game Steph Curry before Steph Curry and then when he refused to stand for the national anthem and then wound up being drummed out of the NBA, he was Colin Kaepernick before Colin Kaepernick and there is a remarkable documentary on his life and journey called Stand on Showtime that premieres this Friday. I saw it yesterday. It's phenomenal.

Phenomenal. He's joining us in 17 minutes time to talk and anybody who's interested in this story will love this documentary and you should check it out and I will be chatting with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. I've never spoken to him.

I've never spoken to him. That's going to happen in first up and then one would think with this story about Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who by the way had his house burned down in Mississippi called arson and nobody's ever been arrested for it. That was in 2001. He's now at the big three by the way. If that's on one end of the spectrum I would think the bachelor's on the other side of the spectrum and Jesse Palmer is going to join us in studio in hour number three for that. I know you watch that show.

I am not caught up on this new season but I am a big fan of the bachelor and the franchise. Rough two shot for me you're talking about. Rough two shot for everyone in this room to be honest.

That's true. He's a former bachelor, former quarterback, University of Florida, New York Giants, currently also doing the worldwide leader stuff, college basketball, college football and I'm telling you one of the greatest Ron Jaworski invitations of all time. I don't think he has any idea I'm going to ask him to do it but with the Eagles and the Super Bowl I'll have him break down the Eagles chances as Ron Jaworski. It'll be great. What could go wrong?

So yeah we're all over the gamut today. First story up for bids. Yes I know a lot of folks have already turned the page to Super Bowl 57. We haven't yet and we're now in the portion of the year where 30 teams are already looking to next year. All 30 that are not in the Super Bowl and I don't think anybody asked this question of Kyle Shanahan in the aftermath of losing the NFC Championship game and having played four quarterbacks this season with Josh Johnson getting meaningful minutes with the season and title and trip to the Super Bowl on the line because Brock Purdy got knocked out of the game and placed Brock Purdy in the position of being third string magic carpet riding starting quarterback in the NFC Championship game and turning him into the emergency quarterback too. He was the emergency quarterback all year long and then became the most important quarterback for the team and then finished the season as the emergency quarterback hardly being able to throw it more than three yards down the field because his elbow got hurt in the game and nobody asked Kyle Shanahan this I don't think had it wasn't the time or the place to head to temerity to say who's going to be your starting quarterback next year. Well Brock Purdy's MRI came back and placed that very question right front and center for the San Francisco 49ers and for the rest of the NFL because when Hassan Redick hit Brock Purdy in the pocket of that NFC Championship game in San Francisco's first offensive possession of the game not only preventing what looked like on all 22 a touchdown to Brandon Ayuk that was schemed and ready to be executed not only did Redick prevent that he knocked Purdy out for the game as an effective quarterback and by the way when Josh Johnson got knocked out of the game prior to that he he fumbled a ball on a snap that Redick recovered but we found out that Purdy now has according to my colleague from the NFL media group a complete tear of his ucl tendon in his throwing elbow the Niners according to Pelissero and multiple reports have told him he needs surgery he's going for a second opinion to see if that's in fact the case either way it appears it's a six-month sit down and that he'll either be ready for training camp or halfway through it no boy so any thought that Purdy what we saw from him in his tenure is the starting quarterback keeping things not only just on the rails but steaming straight towards Arizona for a trip to Super Bowl 57 until Hassan Redick blew all that up any idea that this is his gig that he's going to get this gig that Trey Lance is coming back from his ankle surgery his leg surgery that it's going to be the two of them battling it out well there's no battle I mean Purdy he's not going to be ready to battle on the field compete battle on the field compete on the field forget OTAs and organized team activities and mini camps forget that that's gone so Lance will get those unless he's not ready and I think we're going to get the opportunity to ask Trey Lance directly how ready he will be because currently as of this sit-down airing of the Rich Eisen show Trey Lance is scheduled to be our first in-studio Super Bowl guest when we arrive in Arizona Wednesday of Super Bowl week one week from tomorrow okay he's scheduled to be our first up in-person guest so we'll see how he what should we I mean hey he has no idea the set that he's walking on to is the home of ankle watch 2023 we are we're gonna be on it we're gonna need some film to review is he gonna was he gonna use the mini steps up the riser is he gonna just jump jump on there I mean we'll all be looking now my mind is just racing right now but in all seriousness could you say that knowing that had they made the Super Bowl there were preparations and plans as they say in the NFL information business to have Jimmy Garoppolo active as the backup quarterback for Super Bowl 57 could you make the case that Jimmy Garoppolo is the most healthy quarterback currently on the roster of the San Francisco 49ers with Johnson concussed and Lance still not back from surgery and Purdy slated to have it potentially and Garoppolo well Garoppolo is not actually on the roster he's a free agent well what I'm saying is in their world right right he's in the building so who could it possibly be if Purdy's not ready for training camp and we're currently sitting here about Lance and you know it appears like it's going to be his gig he's under contract he's the guy that they went and head and go got atop their draft board two years ago now I mean if he's that guy then he's going to be that guy could they possibly turn around and say to Jimmy G hold the phone we want you to stay here and the question is why would Jimmy G do that if the Jets have an opening and want to run the offense that he runs and the Raiders have an opening and his former coordinator is now the head coach they're ready to have him operate the offense that he knows why would he stick around there only to find out if they still want to go to Lance or when Purdy comes back or to the Niners the Niners I didn't think this could be possible 100% possible didn't it may not be still but I just didn't think the Niners would be in a situation where they would be willing to pause the maturation or the growth or to pause their plan at quarterback with their young quarterbacks plural for this guy but Tom Brady fits I mean if you see this team right there in the NFC championship game defense ready rest of offense ready just add quarterback who can stay upright protect himself in the pocket and get the ball out on schedule in the manner that the head coach schemes it and Brady's looking for a spot where he can have his best chance of riding off into the sunset with his wait for it eighth Super Bowl ring eight eight for Brady just take the zero off and the four octogenarian Oscar winners eight for Brady new movie it's a sequel I don't know if Harry Hamlin's available but we can check on him eight for Brady what better situation is there I know we've talked about Miami which for him with his children living in that town his family living in that town that seems to me a spot but are they willing to tell Tua to take a year off what if Brady wants to play for more than one year would the Niners be willing to do that too I gotta sit here and think to myself that with this roster ready to roll that Lynch has put together that this team has gone to the NFC Championship game three of the last four years but they're old for their last two in making the Super Bowl in that game in the one year they made the Super Bowl they didn't win it that they are ready to end that nonsense and put a trophy in the case and if Tom Brady is willing to go home when I say home I mean literally his ancestral home and play for the team that he wanted to play for this entire time growing up until he heard his name for New England all the way through to maybe who knows last couple of years free agent visit brother this seems to me ready-made if Purdy's not gonna be it's again you're gonna say okay Purdy's gonna be ready in in training camp got it Lance is not yet ready now when will he be ready what will he look like could there be a setback could there not obviously there's setbacks in life all around you never know but there's so many variables that could just be fixed with Tom you come here and then Lance and Purdy go in this quarterback room and learn and watch the goat I don't know what they think about it again we got Trey Lance first up next week he could walk on and look like he's ready to go right then and there and that ends that conversation or not oh my goodness is it on 844-204-rich number to dial Mahmoud Abdul Rauf the new documentary on his life called Stand on Showtime it's phenomenal he's about to join us Albert Breer in hour number two from the Senior Bowl as 30 teams already turning the page to evaluating the new evaluating the new draft class in the NFL so much going on in the world of the coaching carousel quarterback carousel Albert hour two hour three Jesse Palmer in studio you threw out at 844-204 rich number to dial the top five storylines to come out of championship weekend I have those Chris Brockman has a news update as well let's do it this is going to be a lot of fun 844-204 rich number to dial coming up next though a deep conversation no doubt Mahmoud Abdul Rauf on the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku channel and more when you're drafting your fantasy team do you ever wish you could do the same thing with your business team well if you're building a roster to win the league you need Indeed. 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show with with Tom Brady we're kind of chopping it up here like for instance I know this conversation is about your cowboys amongst this sports talk ether like why wouldn't Brady go there because Dax their guy Dax 29 Dax about to be 30 Dax in the middle of a long-term contract where he's making 40 million dollars a year those aren't easily offloaded nor is it one of those situations when the cowboys are not believe it or not that impetuous I know that Jerry Jones has that image because of what happened with Jimmy Johnson back in the 90s but since then he has not been impetuous at all and to basically say to Dax we're done now we've already just seen it we're done we're not going to continue on we're going to bring in Tom Brady that makes no sense that I don't see that I don't see it at all when you're talking about the San Francisco 49ers about three weeks ago I didn't see it all either two weeks ago Brock Purdy is looking pretty darn good why not see where how far he can take you and let him be the front guy and Lance be the backup if you think Lance is not ready yet or what have you or let the two of them duke it out in OTAs let the two of them compete come on and come on and say you know hey um Kyle Shannon what do you think well we're gonna see what these guys look like let's compete it out let's see what's going on gotta love the competition and both quarterbacks one would think uh have the uh locker rooms respect potentially if you think about it Purdy's more than more than Lance because he's he just took him some space agreed so you put it all together and Brady wasn't in that mix why would you stop that process that's within your own DNA it's your guys these are your long-term futures you just won the NFC west and damn near the entire conference with the rookie why would you go ahead and pitch it all for Tom Brady well if Purdy's not available till the middle of August and Lance is coming off of a leg injury that you have yet to determine and it's the middle of March it's six weeks from now this is when you have to make this decision six weeks from now Brady's unless Brady retires and then you knock on his door in June or mid July and say what do you think and he tells Fox to put Greg Olsen back in the booth you know I think this is now officially real yeah one thousand percent right absolutely if they weren't on the list before they're on the list now it's Miami it's I don't know when you say Miami that could be just us talking about it maybe but it did almost happen well let's let's just linger here for a moment if if you're Miami if you're Miami and Tua's not going to the pro bowl because he's still in concussion protocol and believe me as we're going to talk about over this three-hour program the NFL is looking for pro bowl quarterbacks to fill out the AFC roster significantly they're on the hunt and if Tua is not even viable now and he just suffered his what second second concussion second and third concussions you got three this year you have to sit here and say all right he couldn't finish the season do we have some sort of meeting of the minds figuratively and literally to see if a year would work does a year work you give him that time off it's too like willing to say I'll take the year I'll take the year and you put Brady in there I'm serious well the thing or do you not if they win the super bowl then what do you do with Tua because at least in the case of Brady with San Francisco you're telling your young kid and Purdy get healthy get healthy right and then you're looking at Lance and saying Trey I'm sorry to do this to you again you know but we're we're willing to sit here and see if you can learn behind Brady just one year and then we'll turn to you in year four of your of your contract basically what happens what's happening to Jordan Love and that's a conversation that's difficult to have but one that you can go into a season knowing that you have the best team in the NFC and the best shot to win it all unless the Eagles are your odds-on favorite to repeat or get back to the Super Bowl a second straight year I mean right Brady on this team it's kind of the entire bandwagon would be full on the spot and and this is also a team that went ahead and traded a bunch of draft choices for Christian McCaffrey so you know that they are all in and you also know that one way to help supplement supplement not having these draft choices is to bring Brady in and just win with the same guys right yeah man yeah like that I don't think if you ask Tom what else would you need than what's already currently there you know could he nitpick here or there to help him protect up front maybe me maybe but what else what else it's just like yeah they're missing this they're missing that they gotta go in the draft and get that if they only had those picks for McCaffrey no McCaffrey's back and they're running backs with Tom behind that line and Ayuk and Debo and Kittle and the rest of those receivers with that defense you're ready to roll man unloaded man you know you are ready to go where else would there be for Tom I know we mentioned the Raiders where else would there be I know Frank Reich is talking right now in Carolina Tennessee I know that's his old guy Vrabel but really does he feel that's the I would stay in Tampa before moving to one last spot I'd stay in Tampa and see who they hire as the OC who apparently they're telling that's something to talk about with Breer they're telling these OC candidates that they're that Brady's still possibly in the mix but we'll talk about that with Albert Breer in a moment if I'm Brady or two if I'm Brady I try to make the Niners happen and if it doesn't I stay in Tampa if I want to keep playing or Miami I'd I'd try to get to Miami absolutely try to get to Miami if he's if he could live in the town with his family I just don't think the Dolphins are going to do that I would do whatever I could to get there Hill and Waddle the rest of the team if I'm him and they by the way one last aspect of Miami that we didn't talk about yesterday at all is it looks like they're hiring Vic Fangio to be their defensive coordinator could you imagine could you imagine if if that is the case or that that defense gets Vic Fangio coming in one of the best defensive coordinators this league has seen in the last 20 some odd years everywhere he goes the Niners fans know all about him he was the DC when Harbaugh took Kaepernick to the Super Bowl you know so no question in my mind Brady sees okay he's coordinating the defense McDaniel runs the offense with Waddle and Hill and most certain whatever and I get to go play the Jets and the Bills and the Patriots twice I get to go back I get to finish up in the AFC East live in the town where my kids live play there I mean that's the way active than Godwin and Evans oh younger yeah a little more explosive yeah I just think explosive it's not like he's chucking the ball 70 yards down the field no but but that's the the Dolphins game the Dolphins game is get it out quick and let those guys get the yak to the house like crazy also a young kind of innovative offensive-minded head coach let me just want to throw one other thing out there because you know we just heard from Rick Stroud our Tampa Bay friend a couple weeks ago after the Bucks got eliminated and he said he heard and put in his column in late December and kind of busted our stones for not knowing what he had written that Gronk was thinking about coming back around Thanksgiving and then just didn't couldn't bring himself to do it yeah even though he was on Fox saying that he's being in the NFC Championship game hoopla in Philadelphia that it made him miss football for the first time got his juices flowing you don't think Gronk would say I'll be the second tight end next to Kittle you don't think Gronk would say the two tight ends set with Kronk and Kittle or him and Guseki in Miami well I think Guseki's in a walkier oh come on now these are these are all things that are are truly possible right now I'm not just saying it just to stir it up if I'm Tom Brady yeah Miami is perfect I just think Miami is committed to Tua and they want him to get healthy and have him be the guy especially when when he played this year they were amazing but is Tua when is he going to get healthy enough to make that decision is it going to be in the window of the next six weeks where Tom needs to make a decision you know I just don't know if it's timing wise if it's all going to work out for Miami because it has to be done in the next six weeks plans need to be made in the next six weeks whereas San Francisco he could be like you could just make a decision okay we're gonna wet Purdy heal or maybe explore a trade for Lance or tell him this is the deal and then bring in Tom on a maybe a one plus one deal and whatever let's rock and roll it sounds like the team that decided to push the McCaffrey button in the middle of the season and go for it and get him in the spot that sounds like it's on brand to do it yeah they're in a weird way they're the new rams just like win it now f the picks and let's go for it 844-204-rich is the number to dial we've just been told Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf has an emergency and will not be joining us today it's it's still folks it's a terrific documentary it's unbelievable again just real quick I watched it last night in advance because I'm a professional this is what I do within the first two minutes of the documentary you see Steph Curry, Steve Kerr, Shaq, Jalen Rose, Ice Cube and Mahershala Ali talk about him and then he's really deep about it he was always one of my favorite players man they yeah the guy was like you said Steph before Steph one of the quickest releases on the jump shot you've ever seen right you know walked in as a freshman at LSU and I think averaged 30 and then 28 his first two seasons in college it's amazing 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show getting ready for Super Bowl 57 week right here on our program Trey Lance is our first guest coming up next week on when we're in Arizona so we'll talk to him about all this stuff so we know should we order a camera specifically to be at a low angle so when he walks in I think so should I jump down you know I'm ready I'll have the phone ready to get down there and so let me let's hit this uh speaking of ankle cam you know sky cam ankle well I mean sky cam we didn't talk about this yesterday so in the NFC Championship game the Eagles punt the ball and the ball does not continue on its flight and it lands way short of one would think a punt would land by a professional National Football League punter good enough to punt on an NFC Championship caliber team and it sure looks like it hit the wire for sky cam and then a delay of several minutes hits and all I'm thinking is I know for a fact having called three games with a sky cam this year that there is a dedicated line with sky cam on it that's a fact you know it yep I know it and so I'm sitting in this entire time saying why are they not just looking at the replay of sky cam as it as it happened and if the if if the camera doesn't shake then it didn't hit the wire and if it shakes then it doesn't hit the wire and if it shakes it hit the wire and if replay assist the video replay assist of the NFL has all of the cameras that are up and active for the broadcast and they're getting it in real time and we know this is what's happening don't they have the sky cam footage well because and just before you answer is the uh the fox sports expert I want to get you in any trouble is that is that for one of the broadcasts I don't recall if it was munich or the one that I did in cleveland with kurt the analysts had their replay footage that they were looking at to draw up you know on replays this is where this circle this guy and arrow that spot they were they had the sky cam had the sky cam live so they could look at it and rewind it themselves so what the hell happened there and the I guess the question I have why didn't fox show a replay of the sky cam I don't know I I they told by the league not to I just I don't think it's the league is not doing that man the league is dealing with the replay of it but there's a gyro on the sky cam rich so if you actually need to explain what the hell that means the gyro is what holds the sky cam in place so if it hit one of the wires the gyro kind of keeps it in place it might not have moved so even if they looked at it if it hit a wire rich you wouldn't be able to tell you wouldn't be able to tell it's like it's got it's like what they call a gyroscope and it's built into the camera so it stays even when it's moving fast that's what keeps that shot tj has one for his like little camera you've thought there's a little job like how many cameras for a championship game oh I bet you he had and literally the only replay they show is just like the high wide where the ball goes out of bounds and they're like well we can't tell I don't know like what's going on in the truck where they don't have that locked and loaded they would like we were just looking at the same thing for several minutes I don't know because really fishy so you're saying there's a device on the sky cam that keeps it balanced no matter how the wire might be struck by a football if something were to hit it it might not this is why we got mic here I don't know because look it's basically that's what they call them the people who cover NFL games and shoot it and work these cameras are amazing I mean truly top of their profession amazing and I don't want to call anybody out you know that they're that somebody might have made a mistake that didn't have the the cam high enough than they ever used I just don't want to I don't want to call anybody out and that may be a reason why it wasn't shown because they don't want to call out their own employees you know and it's affected the game all I know though is that I'm sitting here saying how can we not look at the replay and just see the camera shaking you're describing why show any of there it is see that that's the gyros that center like you can't really see it yeah but it's like that center thing it's so if it hits the wire then that camera that's hanging down will not move like you'd think it would move how about but here's the crazy thing is if you watch it back if you watch the broadcast back and they decide you know hey we can't tell they finally come back with the shrug emoji right like we can't tell we don't know can you tell can you tell I don't know can you tell so they come back for the shrug emoji and then Fox takes a shot of Brett Kern the punter who's now got this crappy punt on his resume they show him on the sideline and they're using the sky cam for the shot sky cam I know that's what I thought to myself I'm like is that the unkindest cut it's just like wait a minute the camera whose wires attached to it may have affected your punt and we didn't look at the replay or couldn't tell from the replay of that camera I mean chances are the old whether it hit the wire did they show the all 20 I forgot what they showed they showed yeah they showed from up top yeah Ohio 22 they used a different camera to show the punter in shame on the sideline it's just like I like it he kicks it he literally goes it hit the wire by the way you would know he would know he kicked it he knows the trajectory of the ball they do know in the same way I'm not I'm not saying this it's not trolling at all it's not like golf but I'm not trolling quarterbacks know if the football is is the right psi right just by holding it you can just right grip it correct this is right too much air this is not the this is not my football it's somebody else's football like they can do that by touch the same way the punters will know after they kicked it and see the trajectory that hit the wire even if they didn't see it they just know the way that the ball acted and of all the cameras to use to show Brett Kern it was sky cam they had by the way it was steady it looked great it was a nice shot I didn't think about that that's not that's the only thing I thought of I just watched it again I saw when they took him because I was driving home and listening to something like what the hell is taking so damn long and uh then I finally got home and I racked it back and I saw it there might not have been like obviously if it hit there might not have been any camera that showed it a hundred brother that just added to the whole like what the hell was going on with the officiating didn't the ball hit the Dallas the the the score of the gigantic scoreboard oh the one time and then they moved it up right I don't know if they moved it up I think they lifted it up I have no idea they just made a rule that they're just gonna repunt it if it happens yeah there might not have been sort of like what happens with those rings in Tropicana Field in Tampa like if it hits a certain ring it's a replay if it hits another ring it's a double and if it hits another ring I guess it's a home run or whatever because those rings go up yeah and there's a different grade of like how how how they can figure out what they can figure out where the parabola ends with the ball going up if it hits a certain one of those catwalks what a terrible stadium so yeah there's all that eight four four two oh four rich number two doll here on the Rich Eisen Show we've got our friend our friend Albert Breer calling us in hour number two here on the Rich Eisen Show don't go anywhere we're back with more in a moment Rich Eisen here for sleep number people who get enough quality sleep have more energy better muscle mass and improved muscle memory that's a fact those are facts did you know however that eight out of ten couples prefer a different mattress firmness I know it because I know my sleep number setting it's 60 my wife's is 70 just 10 numbers 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coming back in time for the all-star game and that's an if that's an if and a but that's i know he said that he's hoping to uh but it's unclear at this point yeah nets have uh nets have gone four and six without them right now so in 10 games without them what is up with orlando tj like they only play well against the best teams in the east it seems that way right like philly had what a 12-point lead last night and then lost by 10 and then also they beat the celtics like two times already this year right two or three times yeah it's because i i gave mv the mvp award on yesterday's show well he deserved going into yesterday my bad well i mean i've been giving it to him all season so you know how did cole anthony do as a first member of larry bird short shorts not great immediately cut did you you picked him up for one game and cut him yeah immediately no immediately cut picked up gordon hayward tonight hey oh and you're gonna use him against my son who had gordon hayward all year long yeah well he's back right very good he had 20 the other night okay very good i mean you're really putting coop at a disadvantage well i mean here's that last so so uh he need to use his ipod ipad time properly you have a three-year-old true too you have a you have a you have a three-nager at home okay and i have i have an 11 year old on the cusp of actual teenager and so um we susie and i remove all electronic devices from their midst on a sunday night like right around seven eight o'clock at night done gotta get ready for bed gotta get down for school the next day and so clear your mind coop does not hit the uh start your starters for the next week button so every monday in our in our league you know monday night he comes back from his full day of doing this and playing tennis doing this that the other thing he comes in and he wants to see what his score is and then invariably there's three or four players on the bench that he didn't use so last night he said i'm fine because porzingis didn't come he's been hurt porzingis came back last night had five blocks going against you nice didn't work out he accused me and the bronze is out here's what happened you're gonna learn this when your your son is doing other than three-nager stuff right now he accused me of taking his ipad away from him this is what he did i'm the one at fault because i'm taking the ipad away from him to make sure he doesn't win so i win the league that sounds wow it's what he accused he runs downstairs right to me he runs downstairs and screams dad is cheating me it's what he accused me of doing last night back of you well i mean well chris he'd only be one if his dad wasn't cheating i guess so i i i understand you know the numbers support my my uh look i don't want to give you credit for anything in this league but yeah he poops a little out of his mind just under i just love the fact that i'm a supposed football guy and um i'm just schooling everybody right now well don't think i didn't notice your league pass ig story last night what do you want to let everyone know that you're locked in watching games no that was a shot at all of us and i understand it i respect it but i'm here to tell you i don't like it excuse me i'm living an instagram life which means excuse me yeah i just said those words put that you know what it means you know what it means i live an instagram life which means what you see on instagram is fantastic and then before i take the photograph and after i take the photograph is complete s it's complete ish it's it's in the trash okay i'm dealing with i'm dealing with kids who are accusing me of cheating him right so you're fronting i'm doing also you're fronting like 99 i'm trying to show i've got a cute dog okay your friend a beautiful dog that's trying like just parks herself right in front of me while i'm trying to watch the warriors and the oklahoma city thunder so i take that photograph and you think i'm doing that to show you everyone yes that is a shot at everyone everyone in the league that look i'm locked in i'm dialed in no one and come and get me or i'm using my spare time of just a downtime to let everyone know i'm watching i like i like watching josh giddy play okay i like having josh giddy and fantasy timothy shalomay of the nba i like watching him i like having him on my team i like pauline shalomay i like it you know so it wasn't a shot at all of us tonight no tonight i'm excited because the clippers are playing and it's not a back-to-back so george and kawaii are playing that's great so the clippers have a shot to win tonight it's wonderful kawaii might play you're not no no he's playing i love it they they announce he's off the injury report oh you know why he was on the injury report on sunday in cleveland because of the knee it's called knee injury management that's what they're calling it i mean he was injured last year but you act like this guy his knee got destroyed man that's not what i'm saying kawaii's a robot but it's not like circuit so you can just move around and i know come on i love the nba it's like these stars they're not playing as much i know we know but kawaii he's coming up sorry brooklyn sorry brooklyn's lebron's got a sore ankle tonight and so if he plays tonight he might not be a hundred percent for the playing game in two months yeah how dare i how dare a 38 year old man with more mileage on his body than anyone in the history of the national basketball so correct take a day off there's a kid 38 years old who bought that ticket five months ago well his parents should have used due diligence and read the schedule a little bit more click ron should take all the time he needs get that rest because koop's going against you this week maybe don't come back until next monday koop drafted koop drafted the nba equivalent of the cast of 80 for brady that's what he drafted in 2016 koop is running away with this grant kyrie harden lebron i mean seriously he goes undefeated in 2016 he drafted the all-star team of the year he was born good 11 years ago but what's that say about those guys they're still all playing at a very high very much so a decade over a decade later they take 25 games off a year very much so load management i can play that long too no no i'm kidding you load what are you talking about i work i go to another job it's if they play basketball that's what you tell us what you're you're you're you make sure load managing con it come on man you make sure raftery's voice is the right level is that what it is with us you gotta pay attention i know one would think in theory gus emotes properly he'll i got it next week i'll be working totally we go on remote attaboy you're focused you're locked i'm locked in by the way you know who he is next week he is the audio executive he says he is next week that is true i got a book i'm an hour or two coming up i got a book no i gotta keep notes everybody on hold stand all i'm taking phone calls next week i mean next uh next uh next hour when i by week i meant to hour sorry i got you i admit i didn't see any games last night so you you did have a leg up on what do you mean i was out so you didn't see you didn't see lucas scored 53 you didn't see by the way i looked at it on my phone but you know watch it the blazers are a fun team to watch and they are way better than last year obviously lilir being healthy that helps man they score jeremy grant syracuse he can play basketball simmons those guys had 40 last night he is so smooth to watch who the jante mari his his the way he handles the basketball he glides i love watching him play i've had him two years in a row for championship teams last year's and this year's i'm already in the oh my god am i already in the playoffs yeah you made the playoffs you have the asterix already what week is it it's week 16 right of 30 it's week 16 of no not that 25 not that many weeks yeah this is this is the i just note it because for the history of this league this might be the earliest clinch ever ever you you're not the all-star break i don't care if we have to collude you will not win this is 23 weeks i'm gonna rest kawaii tonight for fantasy so he's better for april oh the odd ridiculous oh wow come on that's telling the dog
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