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Aaron Rodgers Should Let Us Know What's Happening

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 13, 2024 2:51 pm

Aaron Rodgers Should Let Us Know What's Happening

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 13, 2024 2:51 pm

3/13/24 - Hour 2

Rich reacts to the latest in the Aaron Rodgers/RFK Jr. VP saga which leads to a heated debate with Brockman on the Jets’ vs Patriots’ season outlooks and breaks down the Philadelphia Eagles’ successful free agency this offseason.

Rich ranks the top 10 most impactful NFL free agent signings this offseason including Kirk Cousins, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry and others.

Comedian Joe Mulinaro reads Skip Bayless’ “all in, my a**” tweet on the Dallas Cowboys that went viral while doing impressions of Patrick Mahomes, Cris Collinsworth, Nick Saban and others. 

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See terms at slash credit card. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too. Check this out.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What does this mean for Justin Jefferson? Any sense that the bag is coming no matter what? I mean from a PR perspective they sort of ask you. You know what I mean? Like it's...

I mean if they lose cousins and then and then Jefferson is able to shoot his way out of town that's not great for where they are. Earlier on the show, hosted pro football talk, Mike Florio. Coming up, two-time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is in fact on the air. We're here live in Los Angeles, California.

844-204-ICH is the number to dial. We were just talking about the the whole story about Aaron Rodgers being asked by RFK Junior, according to the New York Times, to be the vice president on his ticket or at least consider it. And that both he and Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, welcomed the overture. Will McDuffie of ABC News is reporting that Jesse Ventura's son told ABC that he's not received a formal offer but that Kennedy said last night he's chosen someone indicating to ABC that the person who he wouldn't name has accepted the position. Hey, Aaron.

Where are you? So, Pat said that Aaron is in Costa Rica right now. Okay. Hey, listen, and like I just said, the fact that he deserves to have the time off he wants, he deserves to have the runway to do whatever he wants off the field. In the same way we tell every athlete, do what you want.

In the State House, in the City Council, in Capitol Hill, go for it. You have the right to do that. But if you're actually being reported by the New York Times to be considering a role that would no longer have you as quarterback of the Jets after what happened last year, shouldn't somebody on his team call him up in Costa Rica and say, what's up?

When he comes off the zip line, get on the phone? I'm just saying. And then also just strikes me as a guy who's going to be quarterback and he can go on Pat's show or wherever he wants to go on and just laugh like everybody blows it out of proportion and whatever. But the New York Times has reported this and the new league year is beginning. So I'm just saying, let us know if we got to get Flacco or Justin Fields.

I didn't think it was possible for Aaron's 2024 Jets season to be shorter than the 2023. Okay. Enjoy it.

Enjoy it, Chris. I mean, the jokes write themselves. I know they do. Why can't you guys be a serious franchise? Let's hammer the Jets right now.

They welcome this in. This was all part of the deal last year. Did I hear you earlier say that Joe Flacco should have been your quarterback when all year you were saying you didn't want to bring someone in as a quarterback? I didn't think Joe.

Dude, guilty as charged. I didn't think Joe Flacco was going to be doing what I saw. Nobody saw Flacco like being amazing.

What? Like, I didn't see that. Plus the Jets offensive line wouldn't have protected him. The run game wasn't as good. I mean, it's a different situation. I don't think it was just Flacco could have been comeback player of the year for anybody.

No, it was a perfect story. But I just again, I get caught up in the fact like that's what I'm sitting here thinking because I don't put anything past Aaron Rodgers, nothing past him, that he would just be like, you know what, in the same way that I have a chance to, you know, I'm a Hall of Famer already. I've done everything. I've got a ring, you know, and I would love to win in New York. I'd love to be a Super Bowl quarterback.

I, you know, you said on a podcast, I plan to play till I'm 45 if I can, which is great. If the Jets have a Tom Brady like post 40 year old run out of Rodgers, sign me up. Sign me way up. I'm all in without the comma and the two other words, you know, so. But I can't sit here and see in The New York Times, although again, there's a report in the ABC that Jesse Ventura never really got a formal offer.

Honestly, like if I don't put it past them, if I see in The New York Times that the overture was welcomed. I'm waiting to hear like I'm the quarterback of the New York Jets. I love RFK Jr. Vote for him.

OK, great. This is I'm talking about the Jets. So I'm talking about the New York Jets who need him to be the quarterback. And if he's not going to be the quarterback, the new league year hits. The ball drops in three hours.

Let's go. So I don't know, does he does he get face time in the jungle? You know, yesterday afternoon was just a great comedy, like a couple hours between this news and Skip's tweet. I think it was. Yeah, I don't kind of find the humor in that. And the Rogers thing, it's not it's not funny.

I don't want to hear from him until I hear from him. That's why I'm flattered. But I'm the quarterback of the New York Jets.

And I'm here, you know, I'm in ABC is reporting that they're hearing that RFK has chosen his candidate is his running mate. And the person is accepted. Could you imagine you just made the list? But what until I hear it?

I mean, guys, in this day and age, it's not. Nothing surprises me in our in our political landscape. One hundred percent could happen. Can you do both? That's the question. Hell no. One of the candidates. Stop. It has made it. Don't even say that anyone can do the job. Huh?

And so that's where we're at right now. But honestly, he cannot do both. Get out of here. Absolutely not. How do we know, guys?

It's never been done before. OK, stop. Peter in Texas, you're in the rich eyes and show. What's up, Peter? How are you, sir? Hi, guys. Happy Wednesday.

Hey, Peter. What do you say? So thank you for welcoming the overture of letting me on the show. I think you did it. We welcome the overture that you're welcoming.

Does that make sense? OK, Rich, I ask you this with all the love and respect of being a longtime listener and a big time fan. Thank you, sir. I know this is probably happening, but hypothetically, if Aaron Rodgers does become the vice president of the United States and, you know, given all the things the Jets did to welcome him, you know, signing his friends and, you know, hiring Nathaniel Hackett and everything, if hypothetically all that culminates to year one, to year two, not even bothering to show up and becoming to become the vice president. Where does this rank in your all time most Jets moments in history? Well, a Jets moment, top five. I mean, this this would be this would be number one, Peter.

I mean, this would this would make the butt fumble look like a little case of bumper cars, you know, straight up. But I'm not going to thank you for the call, Peter. I appreciate you saying what you said about wanting to call in and asking that question respectfully, respectfully. I'm just not even going to go there. It's absurd that Aaron will be a better VP than general manager. That's all we can. OK, dude, look at you country. How about this guy? It's one thing. How about this guy? It's one thing just to rule the NFL team, Chris.

This guy ruined the whole country at some point. I'll say I just got to go here now. I'm sorry. You you you you pushed me too far. It was one joke too many.

One joke. See, man, it's always hard when you're right there. You double dipped. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. No, you can't do that goodbye. And the end and you did it again. OK, I've had all my double dips and I can't stand them and I can't. And now I'm the guy who gets up out of a chair. All right.

OK, put your whole mouth on the this guy. At some point, pal, you're going to the water skiing behind the yachts. It's going to be an old boat. What do you call an old boat, Mike? What do you what's what's the phrase for an old boat? P.O.S. OK, that's that's whatever that is. I thought jalopy hoopty.

I don't know if there's a phrase for a boat. OK, whatever that is, it's it's going to break down. It's you're you're just going to be the rest of us.

OK. So Jacoby Brissett, your hat, like what's happened to you where you're like happy with Jacoby Brissett being resigned and being your week one starter. And you're like, yes, this is going to be great for us. Matt Jones is gone. You know, Davante Parker left us for a chump change. You know, this is you're happy.

You're like what's happened to you? Well, our quarterback's not on Gavin Newsom's ticket. OK, I'm good. Yeah. You see what I'm saying? Chris, you're you're just in the same world of crap. But the Patriots will never be the Jets. And that's that puts me to sleep at night.

What do you mean? We're not we're not the butt of everyone's joke. You're choosing seven picks before the Jets. As bad as it was for the Jets last year.

You've got a better draft choice because it was that bad. Yeah, we're not we're not the butt of jokes. Oh, so Bailey Zappi's fake spike interception in Germany in front of the whole country. See, that that was that was that was just like drama theater. That was that wasn't funny for people. That was funny for five minutes. Not the whole summer. OK, you know, I'm just saying be careful.

Be careful because the mirror is the mirror is not pretty right now. It's twenty twenty four. OK, it's not two thousand one to twenty nineteen anymore. Patriots are four years removed from it. The Patriots front office and the fans know that we're rebuilding. You guys are delusional thinking you have a chance. Well, I don't think we have a chance. We have a chance to be better.

You're a little bit more rational than most. But come on. We have a chance to be better. Last year, I thought we had a serious chance. I have no idea what a 40 year old coming off an Achilles looks like. I'm assuming he's going to be the quarterback.

But honestly, just look in the mirror. Look at the roster. I'd rather have the Jets roster than yours any day of the week. So what a cowboy fan.

So what a cowboy fan assessed the situation. Similarly, get out of here. Oh, I know. Stop it. Stop it.

That's all I'm saying is stop it. You'd rather have the Jets roster with Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson and Quinn and Williams. They have star players, sauce gardener. You have basically a foundation that you're hoping can be built into something behind in front of people that you do not know if they're ready to do the job. You don't. Correct. And then you just got to hope. So you're in the same position.

And I look up in the rafters. That's what I'm saying. And there's one, two, three. I get it.

And then three more. I understand that. So at some point, the boat will be a POS. Yes. Which last year it was.

Take it and crush it. I'm just saying we're still in that 2019 model. I was because, again, it's not like do I want my franchise to be? No, but they can't help themselves. Well, it's because they constantly reach out to the Green Bay quarterback when he's done being.

Well, I can't say his most effective because Farve Damir made the Super Bowl after he left the Jets. So, you know, Chris, you're like me in nineteen ninety nine. You're still feeling the glow and hell going on the championships. All right. But let's let's let's turn the page.

Might be bleak. Let's do that. Let's turn the page to somebody who's doing it right.

Can we? I didn't expect to go down there. But you double dipped. You double dipped. No, I want to talk about a perennial general manager, a front office of the year candidate, Howie Roseman in Philadelphia.

Doing it again. Now, last year, it fell apart. Year before Super Bowl, last year fell apart. We had Fletcher Cox on the other day the other day, and he's just like, man, I don't know. I try to find out what the we just see the tip of the iceberg.

How big was the iceberg underneath? And he said basically he didn't say anything that I know. I guess out the door, he's not going to spill the tea like it was a mess last year or whatever. But he's just like, I don't know, man, I couldn't put my finger on it. And both he and Jason Kelsey, as they head off to retirement in different parts unknown, are all in on Sirianni, they love the guy. And the only thing that he said that kind of got me sort of burrow furrowed brow was was was when he said about Big Dom, the security chief being ejected from the sideline for the rest of the year. And the report was that Sirianni was more volatile on the sideline because Big Dom was there to kind of keep him.

You know, under wraps, and I'm like, really? Because. Sirianni was like barking at people in the stands when Big Dom was there. But apparently they're just talking about he was less calm around the staff and players and and he basically said that Big Dom plays a big role on the sideline and he did miss him.

Yeah, that was his answer. But other than that, serious about it, other than that, it does appear that Howie Roseman is taken, you know, self-scouting and taking stock and and what what he does is he he gets pass rushers and and he gets Bryce Huff from the Jets. This kid, man, this kid, he had 10 sacks and 21 quarterback hits and played just 42 percent of the snaps. And, you know, I guess the Jets figured, well, that's because he only played 42 percent of the snaps. He might not have the same production level with more snaps.

I don't know, because Howie got them for three years, 51 million bucks. And this guy can can ball out. He can ball out. He had his 21 percent percent rate of quarterback hits was the most of anybody in the NFL last year with 250 or more snaps. More than Micah Parsons. They get him, certainly if they're going to ditch Hassan Redick or sweat by the end of the day, as they're rumored to be doing.

But they kind of don't have to either. Because the guy knows what he's doing with the cap. And, you know. I just had said in my ear, he just locked up Jake Elliott for four more years.

The kicker, who doesn't seem to miss very much now. But here here's here's the crazy thing. The guy who's on the cap the most right now, the largest cap hit for the Eagles coming into this year is Hassan Redick at 21 million bucks. And that's chump change based on what you saw from everybody else. I mean, you want to put up on the board again what the largest cap hits in the NFL are right now.

I mean, there they are. Twenty one million for the Philadelphia Eagles. Everybody else on the screen right here, top five cap hits.

I mean, it's a far cry from the lowest amount of quarterbacks and non quarterbacks. Keep in mind, the Dak and Daniel Jones figures of fifty nine point four million is Dak's cap hit presently and Daniel Jones forty seven point one million. Chris, get out a calculator, would you please? Calculator, you do it on your phone.

You want to pop that on your phone? What do we got? OK, this is unbelievable.

I mean, this is truly unbelievable. Jalen hurts his cap hit this year. Thirteen point five million.

OK. A.J. Brown's cap hit this year. Twelve point four million. Devante Smith's cap hit this year, six point four million.

Saquon's been added to the mix, has he not? You want to guess what his cap hit is? I'll give you a question.

I'll give you. Is it more than the entire aggregate of the three guys I just said, or just the highest out of all four of them? What would you guess?

I would say the highest of the four. What would you guess, Chris? Thirty two point three for those three guys.

OK, what would you guess for Saquon? I'm going to say it's that thirty two point three. How about three point nine million dollars? What? How? I don't know. I'm not a cap ologist.

I don't play one on TV. I don't know what it means for the credit card down the road, but it doesn't matter because you add all those three guys up at three point nine to that mix. And what's the grand total? What's the grand total, Chris? Plus three point nine is thirty six point two less. It's by 11 million dollars of Daniel Jones's cap hit to the Giants. Of course, we won't even do the math with Dax near 60 million dollar hit. Doesn't matter. I don't care what the credit card is next year.

It's how he Roseman telling the Eagles fans saying last year it sucked for me, too. But we're going to go get Saquon from up the road and we're going to turbo charge Hertz, Brown and Devante Smith while they are cheap on the cap. But Lane Johnson is 15 million dollars on his cap.

That's the highest cap hit of any offensive player. Wow. All right. And you know how he's got his eye on a couple of Georgia Bulldogs in their pro days today.

Oh, OK. So, you know, there's going to be I bet you he'll draft another running back. He's going to find a center. To fit, you know, get even remotely close to filling Jason Kelsey's shoes.

He always gets pass rushers. He's going to look for a defensive tackle. You know, he's going to get it covered. But I don't know, honestly, I'm not sitting here and maybe somebody capologist that's out there on Twitter or whatever. You have no idea the cap hit next year.

It's going to be terrible. Who cares? If the trophies in the case, who the hell cares?

Or they're back in the NFC championship race. Who cares? And they're going to be in that mix.

One would think. Because I didn't even read you the rest of what he did and has done in free agency. You know, resigning a ton of their own Chauncey Gardner Johnson signed a three year deal. So. Saquon is coming.

And I told everybody, just like what they did in San Francisco, where, OK, Kittle and Ayuk and Debo, that's good enough for some. No, let's get Christian McCaffrey and turbo charge this thing. That's A.J.

Brown. That's Dallas Goddard. That's Devante Smith with Jalen Hurts, arguably more talented.

One would think physically, maybe then Brock Purdy. Just throwing that out there. I know last year sucked again. That said, here comes Saquon. And it all it costs is three point nine million on this year's cap.

OK. I feel like Jesse Pinkman and Breaking Bad, like sitting there crying, like he can't keep getting away with this. How can't keep getting away with this? The Eagles and Howie Roseman, I don't understand how they're doing it.

I don't know. Well, it's figuring out the cap, being smart about it, getting out of contracts when you can. And and putting talented players, difference making players on the field and going for it. Hope you get the right coach. Hope you have the right coordinators this time around. I think they they kind of checked those boxes in a way that they didn't last year. We'll see. Do all teams need a big Dom? Is that what I don't know? And he's and he'll be back because I'll be I'll be Mike McCarthy's big Dom.

Is that right? Find me down on Sundays. So you're all in. I got no choice. Speaking of that, wait till the end of this hour.

We've got something special in store on Skip Bayless is now very famous tweet. Four words and a comma. You do set the Internet ablaze. I kind of did. That was fun. Four words and a comma.

It's I think that's the sequel to Three Men and a Baby. AP style book was very proud. All right. We'll take a break.

I've got my power rankings next to the best free agent acquisitions so far. And your phone calls with Chris Long still to come. Looking for an assist with your credit card, but can't get a hold of anyone. Luckily, with twenty four seven U.S. based live customer service from Discover, everyone has the option to talk to a real person any time, day or night.

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See terms at discover dot com slash credit card. Welcome to talk about the ultimate small rewatch podcast. Title Transference aired October twenty seven two thousand four.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slapkin, Darren Swimmer. I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are.

Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. All right, so of course, I go to Twitter and say the some Eagles fans saying that Cam Juergens has been the replacement plan for Kelsey and we wait. So, OK, there you go. Beef.

One of the best nicknames. Beef Juergens, beef Juergens. Didn't you say that he was he had a beef jerky like a line, right? Did we talk to him when he came out? Yeah. Well, yeah, as a prospect, I thought he was going to send us some. He he can still wait and we're still waiting, right?

Kirk Cousins said goodbye to Minnesota, said thank you. Posted a video about an hour ago. OK. How'd that go for you? Looks good.

He's got great hair, dude. The memes of him going to Atlanta are so wrong. Every one of them is not able.

We can't show anything. Not the last one reached out and was like, you know, I got some ice for you, dude. Who did? Quavo. Oh, that's right. Yeah. He called him Kirk. He gave him a nickname. I can't remember what it is now. Kirk Frost. Kirk Frost. Is that what it was?

Kirk Frost. You like that? Here in Atlanta, it's going to be fun.

Man, I think so. Kirk Cousins is rolling around. Buckhead is going to be a sight to behold down in Atlanta.

Rolling around Buckhead. Falcons opponents for 2024. They play the Cowboys.

Let's go. Cowboys. They play the Cowboys at home. They play the Giants. They play the East. They play the Chiefs.

Let's go. Chargers. Chargers. Oh, dude. Steelers. Yeah.

Wow. Eagles. Falcons home schedule is lit. Cowboys, Giants, Chiefs, Chargers, Seahawks, Steelers. They play the Vikings.

They do in Minnesota. Yeah. Oh, hey, now.

Well, that's just gone. That's going to be interesting. It seemed like that always happens. A guy leaves and then immediately plays his whole team. You mean like Russell Wilson's first game? It always happens.

As a Bronco. Always happens. I know. Wow. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Jesse in Syracuse, New York. We won five. Calling us. Getting ready for the ACC tournament. Are you, Jesse?

Seven seed. Of course, Rich. How are we doing? I'm doing fine. What's on your mind? So, I have a quick question for you and T.J. Talking about Cowboys lack of making moves and in need of a running back. Thinking about J.K. Dobbins on a cheap deal.

El Cerro came out saying the Chargers are interested. I think he's one of the top guys out there. I want to see T.J.'s thoughts on bringing him down to Dallas. Can I answer for you, T.J.?

Go ahead. Hell yes. You take that in a heartbeat.

Dude, are you serious? You would not take J.K. Dobbins coming back and- Oh, yeah, I would. I like J.K. Dobbins.

You would- you need J.K. You need him. I just feel like they're going to grab- there are a couple good backs. Who do you want then? I mean, like I said, Jonathan Brooks out of Texas.

He's there. The homeboy from Wisconsin, who I'm drawing a blank on his name. You're talking about the rookie running backs. About to be drafted.

Yeah. Say that again, Jesse? Braylon. Say that again, Jesse? Braylon Allen. Braylon. Yes. OK.

So, I mean, there's some guys out there. You don't want to- How about- how about this name for you? Balakei Corum, who's going to be around in the second, third round. You would be so lucky to get Balakei Corum.

I've watched a lot of Balakei, and he's going to be there in the second, third round. So. Yeah, I hear you. I'm just saying he's not going to cost a lot. You could- you could draft the guy, too.

Balakei Corum. He's proven he can be a good back when he's healthy. I agree, Jesse. I just know there are answers. It looks like Dallas isn't- it looks like they're going to stand pat for whatever weird reason. There are answers for the Cowboys out there.

That's why I'm saying before, you know, we go totally crazy. Let's see how it all plays out. I just don't understand why they don't want to go for the big splash. That's all.

And I understand that they had- thank you for the call, Jesse. I understand they had cap issues. Figure out the cap issues. Again, Howie Roseman. Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, Devante Smith, Saquon Barkley, $11 million collectively less of a cap hit than Daniel Jones. Crazy.

Singularly this year. I'm telling you, that is illegal. It is, in fact, possible because it's happening.

Wow. And that's why he's, and again, arguably the best GM in the league. I'm saying this without fully grasping what the credit card payment is collectively down the road. It may be ugly and impossible to swallow and handle. Does it matter if a trophy's in the case and they're greasing phone poles in Philadelphia? No, it does not. Absolutely not. Correct. So there's all of that. All right. So many cheese pies.

I have a power rankings. I know you like them. I love them. I know you like hammering me for them. But guess what? I think you're going to like this one. All right. My power rankings of free agency acquisitions. Twenty twenty four hit it. I have a power rankings.

There are many like it, but this one is mine. Power rankings. Gentlemen, it is my power rankings of the free agency acquisitions of note so far in twenty twenty four. How do you like your power rankings with cheese?

How do you like them with cheese? Because we're going to start serving cheese to start. Number ten on the list is Green Bay's signing of safety or safety is Xavier McKinney. It is a four year deal worth sixty eight million dollars, including twenty five million in year one. He is exactly what the doctor has ordered for Green Bay.

And it is one of those like, OK, OK. So you guys do know group free agency exists. I get it. I see you. I see in Green Bay. Making sure that that back end is taken care of, and I'm not referencing Skip Bayless's tweet. Number nine, more cheese on the menu.

Yes. Josh Jacobs. How about Josh Jacobs to Green Bay?

How about that one? It's awesome because this guy, he, you know, he's got the ability to get stronger as the carries pile up. I think Green Bay fans are going to love Josh Jacobs. If the Josh Jacobs of the last couple of years in Vegas shows up in Green Bay, he's got he's got like that real nasty streak, like the four minute drill is going to be awesome.

The watch in Lambeau Field with him running the ball, if healthy. And they got him on a four year, 48 million dollar deal. That's fourteen point eight in year one. But the rest of it's kind of like year to year after that. Yeah, it's pretty much a one year deal.

It's it's a weird construct. But they got him number eight on the list, however, above him. I got to do this because I love him. And he's a favorite of mine and a favorite of this show. But Aaron Jones then immediately turning around and saying, OK, I'm going to go full far, Vanya. I'm going to go right to Minnesota and they need him. You know, I think, you know, that kid, what Ty Chandler was showing up towards the end of the year last year.

I don't know if he's the bell cow just yet. Let's get Aaron Jones up there in purple and see him do his thing for the Minnesota Vikings. I thought this was a must have for them, certainly in the throes of having just lost Kirk Cousins.

I kind of dig this guy. And I think him going to Minnesota was a really nice move. He's number eight on my power rankings of free agent acquisitions so far this year.

Number seven. This is so on brand for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who needed somebody in the middle of their defense to roll downhill and hit people and have that Steeler mentality right in the middle of the defense to also go sideline to sideline. Patrick Queen and on top of it, taking him from the Ravens and putting him in the black and gold in Pittsburgh. I loved this signing. I thought it was a really brilliant signing. And I think the Pittsburgh Steelers crushed it because this was a need. I remember sitting up there in the booth for for NFL Network, covering the Steelers in Indianapolis and seeing them try and get things done defensively with their back end of their defense really banged up, trying to get it done with Miles Jack fresh off the couch.

Didn't work three years. Forty one million dollars for Patrick Queen. That's number seven on the list. Number six on the list. This guy was on my power rankings of top free agents available. And he was number nine on my list. And how about Daniel Hunter being added for a two year forty nine million dollar deal with a max value of fifty one and a fully guaranteed forty eight million.

So it's pretty much a it is what it is deal for a guy who is just dominant. He bet on himself last year saying, I'll do a one year deal with Minnesota comes out healthy and now he is financially hitting it for a Texans team. Add this guy to a defense that was already on the rise. That is a smart use of free agency dollars. I love this signing for the Texans who are making a play and getting better and they're going to get better in the draft to as every team usually does.

Let's see how they do. Let's go to the top five. I put him on my list. I think he was number what was he on my list of the he's number eight on my list of of free agents available. So why would he be number five in terms of signing? Because we sign with this is this guy. This is this guy, I mean, is created by the football gods.

You, sir, are a raven. Derek Henry, Derek Henry. And the number of times that you see Derek Henry in Tennessee get hit behind the line of scrimmage.

Right. It was frequent, sort of like, you know, that's what you got to get him. You got to get him before he gets a head of steam going. I think the way that the Ravens play offense, you're not going to see too many people getting him before the line of scrimmage.

Certainly not as much in Tennessee. I cannot wait to see what this guy looks like as a Baltimore Raven. I think he's going to look like exactly how you think. And by the way, with Patrick Queen in Pittsburgh and Henry now in in Baltimore, seeing those two guys collide at the point of contact. Oh, my goodness. Roquan, you know, as a teammate now of Derek Henry. So you got Quon, pardon me, Quon on one side, Henry on the other. Just personifying what this team is all about. So on brand to get a number four on this list, I called it unfair when I heard the news breaking on this program that Christian Wilkins would now be right next to Max Crosby. Man, think about it. Trouble, dude.

I mean, just think about how good this guy was for the Miami Dolphins and now a four year hundred ten million dollar deal with eighty four point seven five million of it guaranteed in Max Crosby. Right next to him. Good luck.

Good luck. This guy commands so much attention. And now Max Crosby is going to be one on one or Max Crosby commands so much attention. And this guy is going to be let loose. Stopping the run on the way to the quarterback.

Well done, Las Vegas. Number three on the list. I love the guy. I think this is exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing to turbo charge their offense that needed this guy desperately. Let's say let's see if he stays more healthy than he did with the Giants. Saquon number three on this list. He is superb. What an addition to this offense that does very well running the ball and him behind this offensive line in this scheme, I think is potentially very scary. Let's see how Saquon looks as an eagle. I think it will be as we expect. Number two, however, I'm putting this guy, even though he wasn't technically a free agent and he was traded to him.

That's why I'm using the word acquisition. Brian Burns is a twenty five year old kid, and he's coming to New York and he is going to be dominant. I mean, with Kavon Thibodeau on this line, you know, Dexter Lawrence on this line, the Giants have an outstanding line.

And I think everyone's overlooking them because nobody paid attention to Carolina for good reason. This kid is outstanding. He is as good as they get in this position.

He is to be feared. And the Giants, I need to see what they do offensively to build this roster up, what their next moves are going to be outside of Devin Singletary, who didn't make this power rankings. Let's see what they do. I'm not going to go all in and criticize like crazy because this guy is truly unbelievable. And maybe they win more games, three, nothing, six, three, seven, six than anybody else.

It might be difficult to watch. But that's number two and the number one, it's a quarterback driven league. And I understand we're still waiting to see multiple playoff wins from Kirk Cousins, let a career, let alone any single season. That hasn't happened yet. But let's see Kirk Cousins in Atlanta.

I mean, this is it, right? And and and the Falcons with Arthur Blank, you know, needing to get a win, a trophy in the case, you know, with time running out and is his window of opportunity for these Falcons team to give him that trophy is now. And Kirk Cousins is the now guy and for their coach to stroll in and Raheem Morris and get this guy attached the hip of this coach right now, as opposed to other spots where they are searching and hoping and drafting and hoping. You know what you're going to get with Kirk?

Unfortunately, sometimes that gets with him hitting his head on the ceiling in a game that's a must have. Or he's going to go to a new spot. Out of the NFC North and and win right away. And that's what Matthew Stafford did. Maybe this is what this guy can do.

And they have the weapons around it. And you're giving Raheem Morris the best chance to win right off the bat. And you allow your eighth overall pick to be used on the best player available who could be another offensive weapon for Cousins or could be an offensive lineman for Cousins or could be one of the top defensive players that would probably be sitting on the board at eight because the first seven picks are on offense. The Falcons may, thanks to this move, be able to choose the number one player on defense available in the draft. I mean, this move works on so many different levels and puts the Falcons on must see television category, because that is a fact. This is part and parcel of selling jerseys and getting out there and making sure that your team is as relevant as possible. You tell me how many of these games are going to be potentially on national television. Kirk Cousins at home against the Cowboys or the Chiefs or the Chargers or the Steelers or on the road at the Eagles or on the road at, say, let's just choose one, Minnesota. Right.

Falcons, I bet you are going to max out on national television games. And part of the reason why a large part of the reason why is because of this free agency acquisition, number one on top of my power rankings and scene. Gentlemen, any thoughts, comments? Love it. OK, you nailed it. I don't know beef with that. No beef. No. I might have had Josh Jacobs higher than. Aaron Jones, I'm going to flip that. You think so? Yeah, I don't know.

I Aaron Jones is the Jacob's of the league in Russia. I get it. I get it. I get it.

Maybe that's just my own. Yeah. You know, and I forgot one.

Can I just, you know, amend it? There is that's right there and I was this cowboys. But you see, he's signing their long snapper.

I left it on the table. So it's not so well, I guess that's true. He's not an acquisition. So that's why he's available. I might as well put Chris Jones at the top of my list if Trent. Yeah, that's why I figured you with the Cowboys long snapper. Yeah.

Otherwise, he would have been number two. You know, all right. You keep laughing, man. Trent, he's going to shake up the world.

OK, sir. Well, he's going to spin. Speaking of which, we've got a hit.

Skip Bayless is to me. That's when we've got a special guest in store to help enhance our coverage of the tweet heard around the world. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen show.

Long snappers are people, too. Don't. Named one of the best personal finance podcasts. The Stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun. I got an email today from the Len Penzo dot com H.R. department. I find it really interesting. I'm an employee of one at this company.

So but somebody from the H.R. department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise by just open the attachment. I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there, too. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I can't wait. I'm excited. Find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen.

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That's right. Going away gone as in no longer available. You can still enjoy this show elsewhere, though. Try out Spotify or Amazon music or maybe tune in is more your style.

Whatever app you switch to. Be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode. And thanks for listening.

Wherever you listen. All right, back here on the Rich Eisen show on the Roku channel. Radio audience will rejoin us in a moment and we'll talk about the top story of of X. Oh, did you hear Don Lemon just got bounced to show that Elon Musk discontinued his show?

He won and done. Don Lemon didn't like it. Well, because he was I guess he interviewed Don Lemon, interviewed Musk and asked him, you know, he he pulled a you version of it.

Yeah. What's up with that? He says, what's up with X? It's Twitter. And apparently, like he went like full Jim Rome. Where he kept calling it Twitter.

And and Elon essential. What's what's happening over there? What's the technical issue? OK, we're good. Is everything all right? Yeah, we're right. OK, something worked fine.

Just a little louder over there. OK, he's dealing with it, but I guess he went. But he went like full like, don't don't don't call it Twitter. And he kept doing it. And then he just canceled the show. I I'm reading about it again.

I shouldn't talk about stuff that I'm reading about right now. So. But Don Lemon. But Don Lemon is one and done on his ex deal.

So you got Jim Eber did. Where Chrissy? Well, by the way, Rome is next. I think Rome has got a show on XO. I think the marching orders are do not not call it do not taunt happy fun ball. You know, yes, that's that's that's the way it goes. Good. Good thing.

But happy fun. And by the way, do you notice there's a new Roku Channel logo? Do you see it?

Here it is. Nice. Yeah. So we look at us on the monitors to love it. That's what we call it. Roku Channel.

Love it. Did they lose that though? Is it now like Skydome?

It's cleaner. I think we should figure out what that is. I don't want to. Do you think Justin Timberlake suggested get in trouble with Roku, Charlie?

Look at you lose. It could be. Who knows?

He was distracted. Never know. Never know. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio with the Roku Channel are all one happy family right now.

Eight four four two or four rich numbered a dollar here on the program. So I'm just minding my own business, wondering why the Dallas Cowboys aren't doing anything, even though I know why they're not doing anything, because I told you and I came back from the combine. Number two rumor on my top five rumors that I heard at the combine is that Jerry Jones's version of all in isn't what you think it is. And as I said yesterday, you know, what they're doing isn't going all in off the flop, being losing to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. That's the flop.

Not pushing all the chips possible to the center of the table. He's checking. He's got the same hand and he's checking. He's not alone all in.

He's checking. I got to be honest, I don't play poker. So a lot of what you were saying yesterday. I got it. But I got but those who play poker know what I'm talking about.

You were being disrespectful. I know that. And they're trying to they're trying to suck out on the river that came next January or February. I have no idea what that means.

Playing hoper, not poker. Shouldn't definitely tell him about flop in the nuts because he would go crazy. And I can't say that's what she said.

Hey, now. Well, if you say that, make sure you use punctuation. It's placed in the right spot. That's what? Because she said famed.

How how should I put this? LeBron. No, no, no, no. LeBron hating performance artist troll. Former journalist. Skip Bayless. Yes. Amulet wearing mock turtle neck cabin. Skip Bayless, who, as we know, loves when the Cowboys screwed up having his wife, I guess, shoot video of him storming into the room and then acting like a silent movie artist, opening up a trash can and throwing some jersey in and then storming out.

I've never done that. He was poor wife was very upset about the Cowboys doing nothing. He wrote all in. My ass and why can't you say that we got I don't know.

We're trying to do the right thing. But, you know, he put the comma up in between the in and mine, because without the comma, you just read the four words straight through and you know that you can't say you can't say that phrase. It's it's kind of it's kind of funny like that. That's a different tweet. So I on the way to watching Zander's dress rehearsal of the musical that he and the fantastic performers, as I saw of his high school. That is being performed this weekend, I saw the the dress rehearsal. This is where this yesterday is where I'm like, I don't know, I'm like, as I'm ready to walk into the theater, I just decide, you know, I'm going to tweet this shirt.

Why not? So I tweeted, I thank the comma for its service. And that's kind of, you know, going places, how many likes at present right now? We're closing on the almost 60,000 at any rate, because that comma is doing a lot of work punctuation like that's a that's a different schoolhouse rock for kids about the importance of the comma. You know, that's the best. That's the most most pronounced comma since murder. She wrote conjunction from back in the day. You know, Pat Summerall would always pronounce the comma murder.

60 Minutes will be coming up following football. And followed by murder. She wrote all in my ass. You know what I mean?

So it's very important to pronounce the comma. And we figured who better to help point that out? We have different individuals. In what would you say? Dramatic readings of the Skip Bayless tweet?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Then the great Joey Molinaro joining us right now from the front seat of his car. What's up, Joey? How are you, sir? I am doing well.

I apologize for the blurred background, but I'm ready to read some dirty tweets. Let's go. All right. You've been kind enough to you're on a family vacation right now. Is that what you're doing right now?

You take a time out. I got the whole crew. I got the in-laws, I got my kids, I got my wife. So I'm really just I'm yeah, it's really more work than anything. I understand you're doing the heavy lifting and we appreciate you taking time out of vacation on your way to Wally's world right now. OK, here we go.

Reading the famed now famed Skip Bayless tweet as coach Nick Saban, Joey Molinaro. Go for it, Joey. All in my ass. Very good. All right. To the point next up, as coach Ed Orgeron, how about it, Joey? Oh, oh, oh, oh, my gosh. Very good. Very good. As the now three time Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes, Joey. Oh, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my.

Well, I haven't heard Joey's path. Oh, it's tremendous. Spectacular. Wow. It may be your best ever. It's really, really good. All right. I don't know if you can slide in as you're in your front seat of your car, but Chris Collins worth reading the four word tweet.

Go for it. All in. Oh, yeah. And I tell you what, Rich, when I look at that comma, I say, here's a comma.

That's really earning its paycheck, as you pointed out so pointedly. I'll tell you what. Fantastic. Oh, my God. I'm crying.

This is going as well as we hoped. Next up, last two reading the tweet of Skip Bayless as his Fox Sports colleague, Colin Coward. Joey. All in. My ass. All right. Last one, the dramatic reading of the famed Skip Bayless tweet.

Joey Molinaro as Andrew Luck. All in my ass. An absolute fantastic interpretation, each one. Bless you, Joey. And I appreciate you taking time out of your of your family vacation to do this sort of nonsense. Appreciate it. This was my getaway. This was my getaway. Now I got to go and clock back in. So I appreciate you. Now, this is the last one.

This is the last one. This was my getaway. Now I got to go and clock back in. So I appreciate you.

Not as much as we appreciate you. Official Joey Molinaro dot com for everything. Joey Molinaro, it's good to see you again. A fun hanging at the combine, brother. Yes, sir.

I'll talk to you guys later. Ladies and gentlemen, Joey Molinaro doing yeoman's work. He has to explain to his mother-in-law what exactly just happened.

Could you imagine the kid was in the bathroom? Daddy, what's that mean? What did you just do? His Mahomes. The Mahomes. It's perfect. Oh, my. Might be the best one.

Might be the best. Got to pronounce the comma. Got it. Otherwise. Be a problem.

See, some people are going to take that literally as a comma. No, I know. I see. You know how they can come. Yeah.

How about Al Pacino? Now, but you know, my eyes see all in. Oppenheimer, my ass.

Oppenheimer is the comma. Yeah. Yes. How would Sean Connery say? I don't know why. Oh, my God. It's tough now.

It's tough to get out of this riptide right now. Come on. Oh, my God. All in my ass.

Sean Connery. All right. Well, stay tuned to see if we're still on the Roku channel with Chris Long, our three. Fantastic. I went as well as I'd hoped. That was great. That was great.

Well, the best part is just to pull the curtain back. Rich came up with that this morning and just like the joy in his face when he know it was how funny that can possibly know. It was Mike Hoskins sitting here saying, how would Pat Summerall say it? Right. So, of course, you know, he came up with them, started reaching out to come up to Joe.

Well, Joey was great at the combine. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants.

See, I mean, Caliendo pronounced the comma there. Yes. Awesome. Oh, my God.

Cheeks hurt. The reactions off of the tweet. But there are three say the comma needs to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Yeah, RG three had won the went nuts. You did.

Everyone really had their fun with it. Skips a trained big J journalist from back in the day. I know that he knows where the comma goes. Yeah, he didn't feel copyright.

And he did in class. I'm glad he knows where the comma goes. So, yeah, that comma should be allowed to be on planes first. Yeah, that's how much we're thankful for service for it. He said a comma might be undisputed as new guest.

Oh, yeah, I mean, I should take the third chair. So our medallion, higher. That's the heavy.

That's the heavy lift. Yeah. Oh, God. Oh, my God. Oh, here's Keeshawn Skip and the car and the comma coming up on new Steve Gerton. It's new Steve Guttenberg movie for words in a comma.

Gertenberg. Hey, everybody, this is Dan Bespers, host of Fantasy NBA Today, a daily fantasy basketball podcast. We cover every box score from every game every day. Plus bonus shows on Bilo opportunities, players to stash, schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces. Catch the Fantasy NBA Today podcast, part of the Believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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