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Sometimes you love to hate them…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 30, 2023 3:55 pm

Sometimes you love to hate them…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 30, 2023 3:55 pm

Did they make the right call about Ossai? If so, what did they miss? Does the QB in question matter with these calls? Jim clarifies the delay of game and second 3rd down opportunity in the Chiefs vs Bengals game. What about the roughing the punter call in Philly vs the 49ers? What did he say was a judgement call, which is what he would’ve called as well? And what about the Devante Adams catch? Does Jim agree with Adam’s assessment?

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My biggest problem with replay is that the NFL, through their infinite wisdom, air quotes, has made it part of strategy.

No! Instant replay is there to correct mistakes. That's all.

That's all it is. Correct mistakes. So, Devante Smith's catch, which was not a catch, should have been ruled an incomplete pass by replay. But, because the next play started like 20 seconds later, and there was not a camera shot available to Kyle Shanahan or any of his coaches who might have told him otherwise, hey, throw the red flag because that's an incomplete pass, he let the play go. The only replay he saw was one that made it look like a catch. So he goes in the postgame, like, I thought it was a catch. Yeah.

All right. He said, I thought about throwing the flag just anyway, but when I saw a replay, like, I thought it was a catch too. I didn't want to waste the time out.

You shouldn't have to. The call was wrong. From upstairs, they tell the official, hey, hey, that was an incomplete pass.

Let's go look at this. Nope. That's not the way it works in the NFL. We have randomly decided which blown calls we like. Silly. Just silly.

So what does that mean for the game? I don't really know because it's such a long game and it happened so early, but it was the reason Philadelphia scored their first touchdown. Yeah. So, um, we'll, uh, we'll just leave that at that one more thing before we, uh, get to referee, uh, Jim Diapolis. And again, I have no idea why I'm calling him referee, Jim D, but guess that's his Twitter handle. I guess.

I don't know. Uh, the, uh, the chiefs beat the Bengals and I know everybody's going to talk about the last play and we are going to talk about the last play, but I thought the chiefs won this game because of their defense, not because of their offense. Although Patrick Mahomes, 300 yards passing two touchdowns on whatever that leg was, was dealing with, uh, incredible stuff.

Here's Mahomes. Yeah. I think guys were probably the most pumped up.

I've seen them going into a football game. A lot of trash talk coming from a lot of different places. I think no one picked us to win. If so, it was like 5% of people. Um, and, uh, we think we've built up enough, uh, enough respect, uh, to have a chance to go out and win every game.

So, uh, whenever you feel like you're the underdog, when you're playing at Arrowhead stadium, uh, it gets guys ready to go. Yeah. I didn't pick them to win either. Um, but you did. That's right. You did.

You were the one part of the 5%. So look, the last play, my view of the last play is that it didn't have to be called. Right. But I am not the expert. So let's bring one in. Whenever we have NFL officiating discussions, we'll just call them discussions.

I'm not, I will not even term them as beefs. Uh, we like to call Jim Diapolis for about a dozen years. He was an on-field official in the NFL about as much time he spent as a supervisor of officials with the league. So by the way, you have a Twitter that you don't even tweet anymore, but I'll give it out at referee, Jim D. Uh, you haven't tweeted in like a year.

Uh, let me start right here with the big one. Pat Mahomes runs out of bounds and, uh, Joseph Assai, I think a second year linebacker for the Bengals, uh, got to him and, uh, helped him out of bounds. But after Mahomes had already crossed the stripe, uh, they called it a little late, but they called it roughing, you know, uh, unnecessary roughness, your thoughts on the play.

Well, you know, that was one of the, uh, the better calls of the weekend. You know, you got to protect that quarterback, especially when he, when he's close to the sideline, what thing that you look for as an official is you're looking for four feet out of bounds. You're looking for all, you know, both players, both of his feet out of bounds, uh, where he's clearly out, uh, Mahomes was clearly out of bounds. The defender was clearly out of bounds. There was no reason.

I think he realizes that he made a mistake. Uh, so it was a good call. Um, what they did miss was that obvious offensive holding on the left tackle of the Kansas city chiefs on the same play. Uh, it was a flagrant foul should have been called, wasn't called.

It would have had, it would have made a big, uh, uh, difference in that game. Referee Jim Diapolis is joining us here. I don't know why I call you referee Jim Diapolis. Nobody calls me radio host Adam Gold. Uh, but it's all right.

It's your, it's your Twitter that you don't use. Uh, I'm going to play a little devil's advocate, uh, with the, uh, with the call. I'm not sure both, but maybe I could be wrong here. I'm not sure both of a size feet were on the out of bounds stripe or not. I'm actually just going back and trying to, uh, look at that play.

My, my read on it was, yeah, letter of the law. That's a penalty, but circumstance. And given the fact that the Bengals came up on the tails end of every 50 50 call in the fourth quarter, it seemed when it came up heads for Kansas city, you, you, you're deciding the game at that point. If you're the referee, does any of that, I know it can't, but does any of that, cause we're all human beings play into it because they just, they decided the game.

I, I would hope not, uh, Adam, I would hope not, you know, there's that, that was close enough. Even if one of the defender's feet were close, you know, my home was, was clearly out of bounds. The play was over. Uh, the, the play was being stopped. I think the defender just, uh, he was just moving forward. Didn't realize that, uh, I think he knows that he, he committed a foul, but, uh, as you know, I think you have to call that one way or the other has no effect on, you know, at what point of the game it was that had that call needed to be made at the first of the game or at the end of the game. So it was a good call by the officials.

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Visit slash hyper gig for details. Uh, it shouldn't. Uh, but again, the quarterback, you know, if that was a running back, I would give it a little second thought, but a quarterback, you're going to give the quarterback as much protection.

They are the franchise of the teams. You've got to protect that quarterback. It wasn't like the holes was tiptoeing down the sideline. It wasn't like he was just a both, you know, he had just stepped out of bounds. He was clearly out of bounds. He was out of the play. Uh, he actually had given himself up. He wasn't expecting to get hit. So I think that's a good call.

Uh, any quarterback should, uh, you know, should get that call or any players should get that call that far out of bounds. All right. I'm going to, uh, we're going to move on from this. Uh, I'm not even bugged about all the other stuff that, uh, uh, that went on.

All right. I'm going to ask you about, uh, two things that happened in the, uh, Eagles, 49ers games, uh, Jim Dapolis, former NFL on field official joining us here on the Adam gold show, the roughing, the punter call in San Francisco, Philadelphia, where it did look like Philadelphia, uh, blocked San Francisco into their own punter. Kyle Shanahan did a complete orbit on the official on the sideline. Uh, what was your view of that?

Well, to be quite on it, that, that is a hundred percent, uh, a judgment call. And I don't have a problem with that call. You know, when the kicker is, when he is up in the air completely defenseless. Now, was there some contact? Uh, yeah, there was some, some contact, but there was enough contact to warrant a, uh, a 15 yard penalty.

I, I don't have a problem with that one. Um, you know, you want to protect those guys when they are up in the air, when they kick the ball, you know, you know, you've got to give them as much protection as possible. You know, you could have gone with five yards running into the kicker, um, that, but again, you know, we, we weren't on the field. I don't, you know, you have to have a feel for what happened out on that field. And I thought the referee did a good job on that going with, with 15 yards.

So again, and that could be, that could be discussed and, uh, handled back and forth, but I was okay with that call. And the truth is, is that he may have run into the kicker anyway. We couldn't really tell what the angle of what the player was.

Right. Again, you're just, you know, if it was very obvious where he kind of drove them into that kicker, then I could see it, but you know, there's some blocking, there's some bumping going on there. You know, there's some embellishment that goes on all the time. So, you know, you put a lot of, a lot of pressure on the referee to make that decision embellishment. No way.

All right. Final, final thing for Jim Dapolis, former NFL on-field official and supervisor of officials as well. The Devante Smith circus catch that in retrospect, we find out would have been an incomplete pass as, as judged by, uh, NFL rules. Um, this is, this has been my problem with replay all along, and it's not the problem with replay.

I'm basically against it to begin with, but making it part of strategy. So Kyle Shanahan says my inclination was to throw the flag, throw the red flag anyway. But when we saw the one replay, like, well, it looked like a catch.

So, because he didn't want to waste the time out, like it shouldn't, I, in my opinion, shouldn't even be about that. If the call is wrong, we got to just get the call, right. If we're going to use replay, that's my ultimate position on this. How did you view that play? Well, first of all, let me tell you, I, I love replay in that it can, it can correct correctable errors.

It can correct correctable errors. Now let's go to that play, you know? Well, let me, let's back up a little bit. Uh, you know, remember that official came in to change the position of the ball by a half a yard, right?

Okay. He got that from upstairs replay or New York rig wrong into his ear and said, Hey, you know, move that ball a half a yard, which caused mass confusion out there. Now you've got this play a game changing play on the sideline and everybody goes silent. Why didn't replay come down immediately? Cause they saw that ball on this, on the ground replay had the shot and we've all seen the shot. The ball was clearly on the ground right now. The, the, the official on that side, he was walked out completely.

I thought he was in great position. Maybe the middle, the back judge in the middle of the field could have seen it, but he didn't, he didn't come across. So why didn't replay come down?

Why didn't New York come down? Why did everybody go silent on this play and, and, and force, uh, Kyle Shanahan to make a decision where all they try to do, they try to eliminate those replays, eliminate those challenges and correct those correctable things when they can do it. Very, it would have been very simple. All you had to do was zip down there and say that pass was incomplete and they could have done it without any kind of a challenge.

But. You know, it was, it was a mistake. It was a mistake by New York. It was a mistake by the replay assistant.

That thing should have been changed immediately. But, uh, we don't have that. We have, uh, we have the forcing the coaches to throw a red flag.

Um, and that's unfortunate. They have enough decisions to make every, every game and not have to worry about, uh, you know, decisions that are mistakes on the field. Referee Jim D on Twitter, which he never uses. So don't tweet to him, Jim Diapolis, a former NFL on-field official, former supervisor of officials.

Uh, and we have his phone number, what a mistake he made there. Uh, appreciate your time, sir. Great talking to you, Adam. Take care.

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