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REShow: Dallas Goedert - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 26, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Dallas Goedert - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 26, 2023 3:10 pm

Eagles TE Dallas Goedert tells Rich how head coach Nick Sirianni’s extreme competitiveness rubs off on the team, how Jalen Hurts staked his locker room leadership claim the first day he walked in the door, how winning a real Super Bowl would compare to winning one in Madden franchise mode, if he belongs among the NFL’s elite tight ends like Travis Kelce and George Kittle, and more. 

Rich and the guys get into a heated debate on whether it’s better for the Jets to win a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers or to win it with a homegrown talent in Zach Wilson.

The guys have a tongue-in-cheek reaction to Patrick Mahomes’ latest comments on his ankle injury.

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See terms and learn more at online privacy protection. Last one for you, Joe Mixon. Did the league fine you for flipping a coin on the field? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

They did. How much was the fine, if you don't mind me asking? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. 13 racks or something like 13 racks.

I'll probably have the most shiniest quarter you can pull out. Earlier on the show, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick. Still to come, Eagles tight end Dallas Goddard. Los Angeles Dodgers radio announcer Charlie Steiner.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, can confirm there I am right here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices, the, the Roku app, select Samsung smart TVs. We are free on Amazon Fire TV.

There are so many different ways for you to be part of our world every single day watching us. And we're here on channel 210 on the Roku channel, which by the way, I don't know if you heard me, was free. We're also on Terrestrial Radio and Sirius XM and Odyssey. And there's our podcast. There's also our YouTube page.

There's the Rich Eisen Show collection, which is a video on demand service part of our Roku channel experience. All of us together, we're here 844-204-rich-number-to-dial. We just hung up with Louis Riddick of ESPN. My old ESPN colleague Charlie Steiner will be here in hour number three. We'll stroll down memory lane with him.

Lots of fun. But we kick off hour number two by completing the quartet. We had Juju Smith-Schuster of the Chiefs and Joe Mixon of the Bengals. That's the AFC Championship game. And earlier this week, we had Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers. I'm like, I got to have a Philadelphia Eagle just balance it all out. And this man is kind enough to say, I will balance it out. I will do that, as he does for the offense.

No doubt about it. One of the best tight ends in the business, Dallas Goddard of the Philadelphia Eagles back here in the Rich Eisen Show. How have you been, Dallas? I've been good. How about you? I'm good. How fired up are you?

Walk me through. Oh man, it's a dream come true. The whole team, we're really excited for this game.

It's looking forward to a loud stadium at the links. Well, unfortunately, you just don't have a coach that matches that intensity. Hold on a minute.

I'm told I'm completely wrong. He's exactly that. Can you tell me how Nick Sirianni is leading these troops? You got a good story for me about how you're plugged into what he's selling here at Dallas?

Yeah. Our coach, he's one of the most competitive guys in the entire room. And that's saying a lot with the group full of NFL players. But he just goes to show it every day on the field, yelling at the refs, yelling at the opposing coaches, opposing players. He talks smack too.

So he's not really afraid of anything. He's a fierce competitor and he's a fun guy to be coached by because he just cares so much about the game, cares so much about winning and brings the competitive nature out in all of us. Have you ever, I guess, kind of role reversed where you tell the coach he needs to calm down?

Has that ever happened? Dallas? No, I definitely feed off of his energy. When I see him getting fired up on the sideline, I'm right there. I'm going to back him up every time. If I see something, I see him talking to the ref, I'm the first one over there going to get my two cents right there with him.

So wait a minute. So he's barking at some of the defenders that are trying to put you on the ground? Is that what he's doing? There's been times where, you know, say someone does a late hit out of Ballantyne and Jalen or, you know, sometimes if we get a, like a dirty hit, you know, he'll, he might not say it right to their face, but he's yelling at him across the field, which is, I think it's awesome. It's fun to watch.

It's fun to be a part of. That happened in the preseason, right? Against the Jets. That I remember.

He did that. Yeah, the one against the Jets. That was a big one. You know, I think he was yelling a little bit at the player, a little bit at the opposing coach, but anytime you have a coach like that, that's a player that cares that much, you know, it just makes us all play a little bit harder. And, you know, let's talk about your quarterback a little bit, Dallas Goddard, because I, you know, we first had Jalen Hurts on this program before the draft and he said, I said, what, what's a team going to get if they draft you? He says, they're going to get this dog. That's what they're going to get.

They're going to get a dog who's going to come there and, and just lead and just, you know, put it all out on the line. And, and, and he's been exactly that for Philadelphia. Can you tell, what was he, was he like that the first minute that he walked into the building? Dallas?

Absolutely. Uh, you know, obviously he wasn't the starting quarterback. He came, uh, to be a backup, but the second he, uh, walked into the locker room, uh, you know, all heads kind of swung towards him. He got a gravitational pull around him, a tremendous leader, his work ethic. Uh, yeah, I just remember in training camp, like him making plays and it's like, Oh my gosh, who was this dude? Like, how did we get him where we got him? And, uh, what are we going to do with him? Because, you know, you could see right away that he was going to be a special player in this league.

Can you put more of maybe a story to the gravitational pull? You got an example. I know what you mean. Yeah. So, uh, it would just be, you know, at the time we had a lot of younger receivers, uh, in his class, I think we drafted, uh, three receivers and, you know, even though, uh, a lot of those receivers were playing with the number ones, uh, it seemed like every time in routes on air, uh, different throwing things that they would tend to go with Jalen over Carson. And it was just, you know, a little bit of, they were the same age, but, uh, they just, they, they were just drawn towards him with the swagger that he had the confidence that he had at all times, uh, even being a backup, it seemed like, uh, he was on his way to be the starter the whole time.

Yeah. I just love his story and I love what he's become and I just love what he would like. I think you guys, in the same way that you mentioned how Sirianni kind of stirs the pot, uh, he just seems to, he seems to be somebody that you just follow. What's it like in the huddle with him for a big play? Man, uh, I mean, playing with Jalen just makes everybody's job easier. I mean, in the huddle, you know, I've never met someone so poor, so calm, so cool, collected, uh, doesn't matter if we're up 21 down 21, it's, you know, after we're going to win the game, uh, and you know, he'll look at you at some point in the game, be like, I'm coming to you to make a play or, you know, he'll look in the huddle and be like, man, get this block of I'm gonna take off right here. So he just, he just so smart. He knows what the defense are going to do before they do it. And, uh, you know, his anticipation for things, uh, what do you expect and what he sees is always the same.

And, uh, you know, part of the biggest thing is just how calm and cool and collected he is no matter the situation, uh, sitting on the sidelines, just stone face, uh, ready for the next opportunity. And, you know, he always says that, uh, you know, we haven't accomplished anything. Uh, he started saying that when we were eight and O and when we won the division, he said the same thing like, enjoy y'all hats and shirts.

I got more, I got more to do. So, uh, he's never content with where he's at. He's always looking to climb, get better and better.

And, you know, he wants to be at the top for a long time. I imagine if he looks at you, Dallas got it saying, get that block. Cause I'm, uh, I'm about to take off and you're, then you break the huddle. That's all you're thinking about is I better get this block because, you know, he's there for you.

You want to be there for them and don't want to disappoint him. I imagine that is that the mindset when you're, when you break the huddle after you said something like that to you, you know, always, yeah. You know, anything the quarterback says, uh, that's the first thing I do. You know, he's got all the power on the offense. He's the one that throws me the ball. Uh, so if you tell me to block someone, cause he's running, I'm going to try to get them out of the way and make sure Jalen doesn't get touched.

Um, and you know, that's my main goal, making sure he stays healthy, uh, do whatever I can to make his job easier. Dallas got her here on the Rich Eisen show. So you just showed up if I'm not mistaken, just, um, after the afterglow of the championship, right Dallas, when you just got there in Philadelphia. Yup.

Yup. I was drafted the year after the super bowl. So what would this mean for you to make the stamp yourself here for you?

Uh, I mean, it would mean everything. This has been a dream of mine since, uh, the first time I played a Madden franchise. I don't know if it was 06 and I, I won the super bowl, saw the confetti fly on the screen and, uh, I said, I need to get one of those in real life. So, uh, it's been a dream of mine and to be as close as we are, it's, it's super exciting. And, you know, uh, being able to be here and, uh, how much it meant to the city, uh, the year after the first super bowl. Um, you know, it's, it's what Philly lives for.

So, uh, if I can be a part of bringing another one to Philadelphia, it would be incredibly special. Well, I am mandated to ask, uh, even though the answer may damage, uh, some of your fans. Um, and I know your, your name is what it is because your father roots or used to for the team. Did you win the championship in Madden for the Cowboys Dallas? Oh, no, it wasn't the Cowboys. Uh, you know, I learned young to not be a Cowboys fan.

It was actually the Packers, but I stopped liking them too. Okay. So you won it with Rogers. Is that who you won it with as a kid?

Is that who you won Madden? Okay. Yup.

All right. He took it all the way for me. But you, but if your dad, if your dad calls you Dallas because of, of, of his fandom for the Cowboys, how did you not grow up a cowboy fan Dallas? Well, uh, you know, I, my stepdad was a Packers fan and at the time, my girlfriend or my sister's boyfriend was a Packers fan as well. So, um, I just kind of slowly transitioned from a young Cowboys fan to go into the Packers. Um, and where I'm from, all my friends were Vikings fans. So, uh, we had two match-ups Packers versus Vikings that I could talk crap with all my friends about when the Packers would win. I love it.

Dallas got her here on the rich eyes and show. And I, I, I hear what you're saying when you, when you say, uh, what you say Dallas. And did I hear that you said that you'd like, you, you think you should be considered in the conversation of the kiddles and the Kelsey's of championship weekend and, and, and everybody else who is considered an elite tight end in this business, even though you might consider yourself a wide receiver that I pick up everything that you put down in some of your comments to an extent. Um, yeah, I, uh, I definitely feel like I should be in that conversation of the top tight ends, but, uh, you know, to be honest, I felt like ever since I got into the league, I felt like I should be up there. Uh, but that's just the confidence I have in myself and, uh, probably the same confidence that a lot of the other tight ends have around the league. Um, but you know, for me, I just really care about what the people in this building and my teammates think about me. So every day I step out there, I'm doing it, I'm doing it for those guys. Um, you know, and if you get the credit you think you deserve, it's great. But if you don't, you know, I know, I know the people in this building think very highly of me and, uh, that's all I really care about. One thing, one way to do it is to hoist the house trophy and then go to, go to Arizona and play in Super Bowl 57. That's one way to work it.

Yeah, that sounds good to me. So, I mean, what's it going to be like for you in that locker room Sunday in Philadelphia? Your uniform's on, ready to go.

Walk me through what that's going to be like for you, Dallas Gotter. Yeah, it's going to be obviously building up to it. Uh, there's a lot of nerves, a lot of excitement, you know, a lot of mixed emotions. Uh, as soon as you get those pads on, it just continue to build up those same nerves until, you know, we get on the field. I always hope, uh, we lose the coin toss so we can take the ball, uh, just so I can get out there and, uh, feel a thud and then all your emotions go away and you just are able to start playing football. But, uh, it's going to be rocking in there. It's going to be loud. Um, it's obviously the biggest game I've ever played in in my career.

So, uh, I'm just, I'm just going to take it all in and, uh, soak it up. And then when, uh, the whistle blows and it's kickoff time, I'll lock in and, uh, do everything I can to help my team win the game. Well, you know, the coach defers, it's nothing personal. He just wants the ball in the second half. So you could score on each side of halftime, maybe flip a script if you need to, maybe end the game if you can, and, uh, and give you an opportunity to get the ball second, you know, I mean, it's nothing personal. You know, I get all the, I get all the, uh, statistics about taking the ball at second half and deferring in the first half and stuff. But, you know, me personally, I like, I like getting that ball, go score that first touchdown and put the pressure on the other team. And the thought may be you chip and Bosa, right?

You want a piece of that, right? Dallas. Correct.

Yup. Uh, looking forward to that matchup, obviously, you know, they got a lot of great players on the 49ers defense, but, uh, you wouldn't want it any other way. You know, you want to play the best.

If you're going to be the best, you have to beat the best. So, uh, it's going to be a great matchup of, uh, two great defenses, two great offenses. Uh, it should be a really fun day.

I will be looking forward to it Dallas. I don't have a scepter, uh, like my colleague on good morning football and Kyle Brandt, but I have a mug. Do you want a coffee mug?

You know, as long as it's got run, rich run on there. I'll use it every morning. Uh, I, I can make, I don't have to think I have one of those. We can get those made.

We can make it mayor. It says the rich eyes and show on it. Will that suffice? Oh, that's even better. Yeah. It's me. It's me running in my suit. I have, are you a coffee drinker?

Are you, do you drink every morning? Done. There you go. It's coming your way.

Dallas got her. I love it. I appreciate it. I will send it to Philadelphia. You know, it's not as cool with the photograph that I saw of you with the scepter, but if you just hold it up, that's fine.

Just just drink. That's all I care. Yeah. I can make it work. Okay, man.

Coffee is always hot. You know, it'll be, it'll be a good, it'll, it'll be a good picture. Fantastic. I appreciate it.

Good luck on Sunday and maybe I'll see you in Arizona. Awesome. Thank you. Right back at you. Thank you.

Uh, that's Dallas Goddard of the Philadelphia Eagles right here on the rich eyes and show. I'm ready to go. I don't know why that conversation got me because we're close. Is that what it is? 72 hours. We're getting close. What do you think? It's Thursday.

This it? The chatter's starting. And I just like his attitude. Yeah, I'll chip Nick Bosa. Let's go.

If that's the thought, if that's the first thought I feel in the game. He's a baller, man. From North Dakota. Yeah. A lot of his friends are Vikings.

Right. Is he North or South? North. North. He's from Havana, North Dakota.

Are you sure? I got him. I got him born in South Dakota. He went to high school in South Dakota. I think he's South Dakota. That's where he went to college.

South Dakota state from born in North Dakota. Okay. All right.

You sure? Yeah. I'm seeing, I don't know. The Google has him born in South Dakota in Aberdeen.

But I think he went to high school and maybe you're right. Look, I don't know. Yeah. You know where he's from? Dakota.

Dakota. That's where he's from. It's probably like 18 miles separating the two. It's not too far.

Right? Bottom line is this. Takes longer to get to Tarzana. He's tall. He's got a beard. And he's like, if I got to chip Nick Bosa, I'll do it.

I don't think that's something you're looking forward to doing. Hey, I like it. I like his style. And I like the fact he's a little kid rooting for the Packers, playing Madden, seeing the confetti down on the screen.

He's like, I want that in real life. And he can do it. He's two wins away. He's one win away from having it for a conference championship, putting the Philadelphia Eagles back in the Super Bowl.

Holy cow. When we come back, I'm going to, you know what? Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to preview for you the quarterback matchups and what it means.

What's at stake here? All right. I cannot wait. Legacy talk? No, there's no legacy talk. You know, there's no legacy talk. There is no legacy talk. But I'm looking forward to one of the matchups, as we all know, is the one that we're talking about the least.

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With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger is the right product for you. Call, click Grainger dot com, or just simply stop by. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Richard in Tucson, Arizona. First in, first up. What's up, Richard? Hey, Rich. Thanks for taking my call. It's a great show.

Thanks, pal. When you started the show, you started talking about Aaron Rodgers and the possibility of going to the Jets. And you brought up the point of, you know, he came from a real, shall we say, immediate soft environment in Green Bay going into the jaws of the media of New York and how well they deal with that.

And it reminded me, and I'm a chief head back to LaMarti, but I also live in Arizona and I got the opportunity to see Randy Johnson during his heyday for the Diamondbacks. And same thing, peak of his career, first ballot hall of famers, and wanted to go to a bigger market. And when he went to New York and he didn't throw the games that he was accustomed to throwing, he didn't get a pass in New York.

It was pretty brutal. And they, you know, they dogged him like New York City media. And he didn't, he didn't last, I don't think he'd lasted a couple of years and he came back to, back to the South. Look, I hear you, we can come up with numerous athletes who went to New York and their hall of fame resumes didn't, that preceded them, didn't matter. And then when they did not perform up to that hall of fame resume, got run out of town. I mean, there's no question about it.

That said, it's the flip side is that if it does work there, then what a career capstone it can be. And I appreciate what you said about the show, Richard, thank you. And, you know, giving your two cents. And again, you know, the Green Bay Packers are a franchise that with an international presence and a fan base that is all over the world and they love their quarterbacks and they're lucky to have had Favre into Rogers. Honestly, give me another franchise that took the baton from one first ballot hall of Famer who was there for a decade and a half and then handed it off to another.

I don't think there's another one. I mean, Montana to young, but that didn't last over the span of three decades. You know, we all thought luck was gonna be that luck was gonna be that guy.

I don't know. You know, the only the only analogy that could be had is like Steelers coaches. True. That's truly the only analogy in this same neighborhood to go from one hall of fame head coach to another.

And you know how I feel about Tomlin, another hall of fame head coach to I believe when it's all said and done another. And that has spanned my lifetime. I'm 53 years old. And Chuck Knoll's first season was the year I was born. The year of the birth also of the FedEx driver who dropped off a package and his dad told me I'm not that old.

My birth year is that of his father's. That was great. But seriously, and so that love for Rogers conquers pretty much all.

And again, I know that I'm painting with a very broad brush. I do see criticism in Rogers direction from Green Bay, but it's not like the intensity of a thousand suns that normally lands upon anybody in the northeast corridor. I think there's a reason why it didn't work for Favre in New York. Many of them and some of them are still there for Rogers to potentially trip up. But Rogers at age 39, he's going to be 39. He turned 39 in December. He will be 39 for week one of the 2023 season.

And I look at that and I say, who cares? Brady's years, 39 to 41, Chris, right? They were amazing. Amazing. Like, thank goodness somebody stepped in and said, we're trading Garoppolo instead of Brady, right? Back in that day.

Yeah. So 39 was the 2016 season. And for the first four games because of science, got it. 11 and 1, they won the Super Bowl that year, perhaps you heard. 2017, Brady was, led the NFL in passing yards, was MVP, lost to the Eagles in the Super Bowl. At age 40.

At age 40. 2018, 11 and 5, Pro Bowl, won the Super Bowl. He's an anomaly though. You just can't say just because someone else gets to 39. I think Rogers is even more physically gifted than Brady.

I think we can agree on that, right? To the point where I've gotten back a lot of tweets from my Mahomes take earlier this week, saying that Mahomes is Mahomes 1.0. He's not a 2.0 of anybody, like could be Elway. I got a lot of people that he's Rogers 2.0, and that's not a bad comp. That he's Rogers 2.0. Potentially even more physically gifted, potentially like bigger. He's thicker. Pat is thicker than Rogers. Right, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. And so if you think that Rogers is, and that has been some of the accolades thrown his way, is most physically gifted quarterback since Elway, or most physically gifted quarterback ever, and you're seeing Mahomes take that mantle, and Caleb Williams is going to have that thrown on him the minute he comes out of the draft. So if you think that about Rogers, then why, if he doesn't follow the AR-12 system, which apparently does have some roots in the TB-12 system, why can't he do the same thing? He's clearly saying he's taking care of his mind.

He takes care of his body in the same way. Why can't he have ages 39, 40, and 41 similar to what we saw from Brady, surrounded by the right coaching and the right roster? Oh, I know why. You just said it.

Because Tom Brady also had Bill Belichick, and there ain't too many Bill Belichick's out there. Maybe so. Maybe so. I'm just thinking that if anybody can replicate the success at age 40 and beyond, or come close to the same area code of that in a way that nobody else since turning 40 has ever been able to do. As we all know, Big Ben never hit 40 as a professional football player. Breeze hit 40 and was like he was struck by lightning, kaput, right?

Kaput. Yeah, he's struck by lightning. You know, so I think Rogers can do it. The question is, why would he take that shot at New York? Why would he do it? It's because he's a competitor. Maybe. And maybe, and this is part of it too, and I wouldn't blame him.

It's just like, you know, my window is closing. Maybe I should go ahead and do what Brady did and find out what it's like to do it somewhere else while I still can, while I still want to, while I still have the physical attributes to be as good. Why doesn't he try somewhere else? I get it. And you know, Rich, winning a Super Bowl in New York greater than winning a Super Bowl anywhere else.

I don't know. Winning a Super Bowl in Green Bay is pretty damn amazing. No, you just say it yourself.

The media-wise, the attention you get, you can be unbiased here or biased. Like winning anything in New York City is bigger than winning anywhere else in this country. We all know that. So if this man wins a Super Bowl for the Jets, it would be weird. I mean, I can't even think about that. I was even thinking that the other day.

Like, what would it be like for me to stroll into a Super Bowl stadium and see the words Jets in the end zone? Naaman said he let him wear 12. That was wild too, man. I mean, the owner's like, I'll spend for it. And Naaman's like, he can have my number. And Salah just hired his offensive coordinator.

I bet you Joe's got some old school mink still laying around. Salah said today, he said today that this move is made to see what they have in Zach. Because I'll tell you, I'll tell you this.

I would prefer to do it that way than the, give me the veteran for the three, four years, than the Bucks way. Why? Because it's not sustainable. Who cares? Who cares, man? You waited your whole life in a Super Bowl, bro. Were you going to wait another 50 years?

Excuse me. I have already unfettered myself from reality to talk about what would it be like to see a Jets name in the end zone. And I'm completely off the reservation into fantasy land and allowing myself the moment to do that. So I'm going to, while I'm living here, choose the manner in which I win the Super Bowl. And I prefer to do it the way the Bengals are doing it. Because every Bengal fan is feeling the way every Chiefs fan has felt for the last five years.

And it's feeling way every Bills fan has been feeling, although ultimately not yet rewarded with a Super Bowl. They know this year, Bills fans for the, I mean, back in the day, you know, when they made it, didn't they make it one year with Terod Taylor, right? Playoffs?

Yes. They made the playoffs. They played Jacksonville. It was a punt fest. Jacksonville. It was a really bad game. I think that was the year that Nathaniel Hackett eventually coordinated his way into the AFC Championship game, if I'm not mistaken.

Really bad game. So, Bills fans knew when they were out, they're like, when are we going to get back? Now, Bills fans, they just got bounced by Joe Burrow. They're like, okay, that sucked. You know, it would have been great to have done it this year. I really felt this was my year. But they can be rest assured that, you know, they're going to get back. Yeah.

I felt that way too. That was 1996. No, it's 2023. Get the win while you can, Rich. There ain't no, you don't get no extra points for playing the long hand. Yeah, but you got it for three out of four years. Because you drafted and you got it right.

And it was great. But guess what? That's been a long time.

You don't want to keep waiting, man. You don't get any extra points for that. I would rather them hire somebody and figure out the young quarterback.

I just feel the narrative, Jets get Rogers wins the Super Bowl, believe it or not, is more believable than Jets hire the offensive coordinator for Zach Wilson being the guy that couldn't figure it out with the other Wilson as the HC, despite all the other Commissioner Goodle, you know, let Russ Cook, Bronco's Country, let's ride. Who really wants to go to his birthday party? His birthday party, that sort of stuff. Oh, I forgot about the birthday party. Oh, forget the birthday party. I forgot about that. It was one of the best power rankings of my life. Oh, man. Top 10 quarterback birthday parties you'd want to go to.

That was a good one. That was my power rankings there. But honestly, what's more believable, Jets trade for Rogers. He comes in, runs the offense for Nathaniel Hackett to its ultimate capability. The Wilson we have and we ride is Garrett, not Zach. The defense balls out, sauce, doesn't have to put on a cheese head after he beats Rogers. He just has to put on a Jets AFC Championship cap because Rogers just helped him win it.

For Robert Sala, Jets see their name in the end zone. That's more believable than Zach Wilson's first two years were a total disaster. The only thing that's not a disaster is he wasn't, you know, hurt for a season. Even though the Bengals were able to come back from that one from Burrow's first year. But you know what I'm saying, that they salvage Zach Wilson to the point where the fans are not booing every single skipped pass in weeks one through six.

They actually salvage him. Breece Hall comes back with Elijah Veritucker and this offense blossoms under Nathaniel Hackett. And Zach Wilson does in fact pan out. They do pick up his 50-year option because year three was so remarkably good. And they actually have a shot to win a Super Bowl in his first iteration of his contract. And they do make it that way repeatedly. And Wilson is the guy who fills that fourth seat next to Burrow and Allen and Mahomes.

And we do see the Jets name in the end zone. Which one is more believable to you? I know you're laughing and you're looking at me like I have three heads. So you'll go with Rogers. Quick question.

And I'll say I'd rather it be the other way, even though that sounds more fantastic than the first theory. What are you smoking Bo, give me some. Thank you. Question for you. I'm drinking, excuse me, if this happens with Rogers we're drinking tea. We're not smoking anything, all right?

Yeah you are. Let's get it straight. By your own logic if you win it with Rogers you're not really going to be happy about it. Oh I'll be happy about it.

I'm just saying I prefer it to be a way that is sustainable for a decade and a half. Like Bengals fans know if it doesn't work out and Burrow head on Sunday they'll just let's just try one more time next year. We'll be back. We're going to be good. We're going to be great.

We're going to be we're in this mix. The Bucks have a ring. If the Chiefs lose this weekend they know okay so Burrow has our number right now. But Brett Feige will figure it out the way he figured out the offensive line after we lost to the Bucks. The way he's figured out the secondary after we lost to the Bengals. That we'll just get it back.

We'll just get it back. We got Mahomes. We got Reed. We're good.

I'd love to be in that position. In the same way the Eagles fans if they lose this weekend they'll be like that was amazing. Of course Hertz is the real deal and we've got Howie Roseman who can figure this thing out and other draft choices. We'll be back. The Niners fans will be like well we've made three out of the last four conference championship games and whoever Kyle chooses at quarterback will be fine.

I want that. I don't want the what the Bucks are going to be. Think about what the Bucks like yes they are looking at the trophy in the case and the last three years have been amazing. But at some point it looks like that clock's about to strike midnight and it's going to be like okay is it Derek Card instead of Kyle Trask? Every team is like that. Yeah his team just got lucky that they were able to stretch it out for two decades. Not every team. Eventually at some point your team does have to have this reckoning. Would you rather have a trophy in the case while you go through that?

Yeah but I'm telling you it's a preference. I am right now the most choosing beggar of all time. Leave me alone. I just want to know who's directing that. I am begging and choosing.

Who's directing that movie? Leave me alone. I'm in a world of you know what right now. I'm like the private pile of NFL fans. Leave me alone. Rich I want to make you feel good though right now.

What do you got? So looking ahead to the next year. Next year's Super Bowl futures.

Oh stop it. Jets were hold on. Jets were 40 to 1 with the signing of Hackett. 30 to 1.

8th best odds. These are the same Schmohawks that went Bengals or underdogs. Now they're favored.

Now they're underdogs. Based on just seeing somebody walk down two steps from a podium riser yesterday. He did some high kicks.

He did some high kicks yesterday. 30 to 1. 8th best odds. Get on it Chris. That means Rogers is coming. Get it now before you sign Rogers and it's like 12 to 1.

So yes just to sum up this insanity. If Rogers comes I'm in. I'm all in.

I'm all in. Are you kidding me? You better be. Are you kidding me?

If he's talking Jets I might I might download Joe Rogan's podcast for the first time. I know. But at some point though you got to have something I would like it to be sustainable. And by the way you know you you had you found a young kid and rode him to Canton for 20 years. I want that.

That's what I want. You know what that was? That was a fluke. No it wasn't a fluke.

Yes it was. He wasn't the number two pick. He had zero odds. Wasn't supposed to really make the team.

When you draft a guy 199 he's like. So your greatest sports time of your life is born out of a fluke? I'll take it. It was awesome.

Yeah it was. I want that. That's what I want.

You don't want a fluke. Take Rogers win a title and then shut up and be happy. No I would be happy. I would be very happy. I'm just saying I want I want I want the the young kid that you draft and then live with for 15 years.

Yeah that sounds great. It happens like twice a generation. No it doesn't. It happened in Mahomes. It's happening in Cincinnati.

It's happening potentially in Buffalo. I know over the over the whole course of his career. He might not he might not win another one. Rogers has won. We thought Dan Marino was gonna have a fist full of rings when he went to the Super Bowl.

Yeah we were on the wrong end of his fake spike. I'm just saying you know. Look at me about this one. The Tampa Bay Bucks won 12 games in back-to-back seasons and the next year they get Brady they win the Super Bowl. No matter what you say there's no chance I'm not going to internalize it and find the negative in it.

Why though? And while I'm also in this never neverland of football fandom I'm choosing the long sustainable kid. I want Hackett to figure out Zach. If you're telling me Hackett's gonna figure out Zach and I can then live with him for the next 12-15 years as he wins championships conference and potentially the whole thing.

I'm in on that more than let's go with Rogers and roll the dice for three years. Is he not listening? I am listening. We're all saying the same thing. Is Hackett gonna be able to like... Did you watch Zach Wilson play this year?

Of course I did. Is Hackett gonna know when to send the field goal unit out? It's more realistic to see the Jets name in the Super Bowl end zone because Rogers comes more than the fact that Hackett's gonna figure out Zach. Focus all your energy on Rogers all right? Forget about Zach it's over. I just need some tea and some moments with myself and Joshua Tree and I'll come back and I'll be a different person. I think we should do this team building in the end season.

Snickers warranty. Vinnie Chase and the boys did it. All right let's go. Let's take a break. Somebody call Eric Roberts on the phone. Good lord.

Let's get his RV. Welcome to Talkville, the ultimate Smallville rewatch podcast where each week we watch every episode of Smallville, a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too. I'm Michael Rosenbaum.

Hello I am Tom Welling. What was the sign off now? Always remembers Talkville. That's it. Always hold on to Smallville folks. We love you. Can do it without you. We've got a great season two coming up.

Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Oh yeah. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-RICH is the number to dial can help you tackle the job hunt. Certainly if you are starting off your new year on a job hunt make your next career football move your next move in football and in life as one and the same. We're trying to tell you what difference between the regular season and the postseason these days. It's the same thing about when you're trying to score your next job.

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Go to You come to us for your ankle coverage and we don't take it for granted okay. We give everyone and I understand we're going against a lot of talented professionals in this sports reporting business. We give you on the Rich Johnson Show the best ankle coverage there is. If somebody sprains an ankle we're on it.

All over it. Yesterday we were right on brand. Patrick Mahomes spoke yesterday. He's standing behind a podium. He goes to his left to go to the door and we were all over him walking off the podium stepping down those two steps. Was there a hitch in his giddyup? Was there not?

We were all over it. Today Mahomes spoke again and we can confirm in our coverage Mahomes's ankle is still attached to his body. So when he spoke the ankle was there. Now then here's Mahomes the day after the first day he made a public appearance with his ankle.

Roland. Yeah I thought I had a good day yesterday. Obviously it's things you had to work through here and there but overall probably better than I expected being able to go out there and and throw the football around and get the reps in. I needed to get in. How much you're willing to I don't know if loose is the right word but how much yesterday you felt like just do what you normally do versus I gotta watch it.

How did you process that? Yeah you try to go as far as you can and do exactly what you normally do on a normal Wednesday practice. Luckily Wednesday isn't the hardest practice of the week so you kind of get through the motions and you're able to do some stuff and and move here and there. Today will be another test.

It's a little bit harder practice a little bit more speed but like I said you're not going to be able to prepare yourself a hundred percent for the game but you can do the best you can of putting yourself in those positions and then hopefully by the end of the week you're in even a better spot that you can go out there and do what you need to do to win. Full participant in practice by the way. They didn't even call him limited.

Full participant. He had the FP. That's why the Chiefs are favored. You know what that makes his ankle a YP for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Nice. When he's FP. If he's LP that's an MP if you're the Chiefs. That's my problem. Who's the Colonel in this scenario? When when he's FP full practice that's a YP for the Bengals. Or a TP their problem. This is all part of the best ankle coverage in the business.

Get her out of here. Well you really hit the nail on the head more so than you know because as someone who once tried out for a little league team called Central Podiatry I got cut didn't make it but I tried out for it and it's my history of a foot locker employee. You know I know about like supination and pronation and how if your foot over supinates it'll put undo ankle. Little league team was sponsored by a local foot doctor? Central Podiatry. And you had cuts? Doesn't everybody make it?

Well the thing I didn't make because I actually tried here I remember I tried out for this team but it was out of my ward so I actually I had to go to another team so yeah. It's like Chico's bail bonds. Central Podiatry. Shout out.

I don't even know if they're still around. But yeah Rich I can tell you about supination and pronation. You are you are you're all over the foot. I got the foot locker shirt still in here man.

ESPN's got Rex we have you. Come on. He's touched more ankles with shoes. Honestly he knows an ankle. I had no I had no idea you were such an ankle foot.

Sarah you're a 10, a 9 and a half, an 11, a 13. So Mahomes was asked about this whole new cottage industry of social media doctors and ankle specialists like us. I think he's talking about us. Is he talking to us here? Maybe.

Roll it. I'm sure you've probably seen people are examining every step you take and a little bit of video out there. You're aware of that and what do you think of when social media doctors trying to diagnose what's going on? Yeah I mean no one knows unless they get to actually put their hands on it and see it but all I can do is just prepare my body the best way possible. I mean I've seen the videos and everything like that of me walking. I don't know what you can really get from me walking but I think people will see on Sunday where I'm at and I'll see on Sunday where I'm at. I'm just gonna prepare my body the best way during the week to be in the best position possible.

Boom. So as resident ankle expert of the Rich Eisen Show, I mean are you our ankle specialist? I'm the shoulder because as you know I sprained my AC joint at the Pro Bowl one year. My right shoulder I couldn't lift the mic. I had to go to my left hand the rest of the Pro Bowl.

It was it was jarring but I got through it. I just gave you my full resume on being the foot and ankle specialist. I'm the lower back guy. Got it. That's right you heard the lower back so but we just paged Dr. Brockman.

Well I don't have any drops or anything you know. I think we are on this story and we can safely say he's fully confident. He seems that way. Yeah. He strikes he's fully confident. Yeah we'll see how it goes Sunday and I think he's going to be fine.

I think our our expert opinion is going to be fine. Do we have video if I'm walking off the podium today? Oh. I need that. I need that so he can split screen it with yesterday and see if there's any change in the hitch. Yesterday a little hitch. Is he rolling on a baseball? I don't think there was.

I gotta push back. TJ what did you think as a former what were you a left fielder for Central Podiatry? I was a catcher. You were a catcher? Wow. You were the Engelbert of Central Podiatry? I tried. I played catcher in second.

I preferred second. Catcher is you know that's too hard on your knees even back then. Central Podiatry. I loved it TJ.

So hold on a minute. Was there was there a western and east coast podiatry that you were in the middle of this this podiatry uh a feud? It was a man who owned the business who was gracious enough to to support the little league team. I do remember that the uniforms were like North Carolina blue and there was like a Kareem Abdul Jabbar like right here on the right breast.

Yeah like Kareem had kicked it like he did in Game of Death with Bruce Lee if that was okay. I can't remember. All right we're on it. It's what we're saying. Shout out if Central Podiatry is still in business man.

Just look it up. Kathy in Philadelphia you're here on the Rich Eyes. What's up Kathy? Hey fellas how's it going? We're having a great time. Rich I just want to say with all due respect. You are out of your mind if you think every single member of Bill's Mafia would not trade a Super Bowl win this year for the playoff possibility of the next decade and if you if you could tell if you told us we would definitely win the Super Bowl this year and we would enter into another 20-year drought most of us would still see no here you you you you've twisted my words a little bit Kathy but that's on brand it's on brand for you um so I said I would take either one but if I preferred one over the other in this never Neverland that I'm living in I want to go with the quarterback you know the the championships where the quarterback has a decade and a half not just go for a quick fix that I know is going to have a shelf life and now you've you've kind of flipped it on its head like what a team that currently is in the never in the world of having a decade to a decade and a half with a talented generation talented quarterback that has yet to win a Super Bowl would they pitch that guy for the quick fix now that's a whole different conversation Kathy and thanks for the call I gotta jump because it's the end of the hour that's that's a totally different conversation like if you told the Bills you can have Rogers now would you pitch Josh Allen for Rogers now that is a different conversation and one and one I must admit much dumber which makes it perfect for sports talk radio sometimes Charlie Stein is about to join us he's let's get that let's work this out before Charlie walks out here because he's better than this conversation hold on I'd be bringing him down to a level I told Bill's fans what if I tell Allen for Rogers straight up yes you get Rogers for three seasons guaranteed one Super Bowl would they do it oh desk oh if you're gonna guarantee a Super Bowl but yeah the by what I don't think so they love Josh Allen and rightfully so he's fantastic he's perfect how are you guaranteeing this by the way I have a magic wand and I'm guaranteeing you're winning crystal ball so you're gonna abracadabra this and say within three years you're going to win a Super Bowl we're living in a hypothetical world I'm saying it's Allen for Rogers straight up what a dumb conversation three years of Rogers guaranteed one Super Bowl would you do it now what's guaranteed with Allen no you don't pitch Josh Allen because you're gonna win one with him and you believe in him I don't think they are yeah they are come on you say no to that you say no no I want Josh Allen for another 10-15 years I love the guy he loves us let's go in that 10 to 15 oh well you run that risk don't you I'm telling you you're winning one yeah I mean he is holding the wand I mean I'd rather talk about Mahomes's ankle it's fine it's over supinated did you hear him say that if you know is he offering somebody to come put hands on his foot because I think because there's somebody would do it I think I think Stella Street will do it you nope oh like Paul Rudd or nope Rick we're out of time for over 40 years Jim Ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like Jim Ross and he shares his tales with co-host Conrad Thompson on Grilling JR this nickname was the top heel in the Attitude Era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date we could have created a bigger or better heel no we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to Vince the Grilling JR podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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