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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1 (12-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 8, 2022 3:37 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1 (12-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 8, 2022 3:37 pm

Rich previews the key games in NFL Week 14 that kicks off with the Rams hosting the Raiders on Thursday Night Football.

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero tells Rich if Jimmy Garoppolo could actually return to the 49ers this season and why the Niners have full faith in rookie QB Brock Purdy, if Baker Mayfield could end up being the Rams' long-term quarterback if Matthew Stafford’s neck injury ends his career, how concerned teams are about the surgically repaired ACL of free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr, which players are vying to go #1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, and if Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett can save his job.

Rich weighs in on the Broncos’ awful season and says why something has to change with rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett and QB Russell Wilson.

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I think I checked every last box. Good to see you Chris Brockman here on this Thursday in Los Angeles, California. Is it? Is it good?

It is. Your Boston Celtics are dominant. How about them apples? Good to see you over there.

DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. How you doing Rich? Good morning. Hey good to have you back here on the show man. TJ Jefferson how are you?

Rich I'm walking on air. I saw Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock in Anaheim last night and oh really my mind is still blown. They took your phone away for it? They took some people's phones away. Oh yeah okay yeah. I didn't know he was discriminated about that sort of thing. I thought you got to put your phone in a pouch and that was the end of that.

Most of the people had to go through that process. Okay Ashton said keep your phone. I mean I don't know who I was with. 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the show to have a conversation with us just up the road from us. Happens to be a facility where the Super Bowl was played and conquered by the Rams and tonight the Rams are hosting a game and they're in a different spot even though it's the same geographical space. The Los Angeles Rams are currently 15th in the NFC.

One five. The only team that is below them that would actually pick higher than them in a draft in which they don't have a draft choice in the first round is the Chicago Bears at three and ten. The Rams are three and nine and the the reasons for it are numerous. Aaron Donald's not playing tonight. He's ruled out tonight. Cooper Cupp is recovering from ankle surgery. Who knows when we're going to see Matthew Stafford again.

He's out with a spinal cord contusion. The quarterback for the team tonight may be the backup who's been there for a couple of years John Walford or it could be the starting quarterback could be Baker Mayfield in just the latest twist of a narrative generating machine called the National Football League where you can't make stuff up. Number 17 in your program. Number one in the potential depth chart. Baker Mayfield going tonight against a Raiders team that started their season in this building in a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Many losses for the Raiders this year. Seven of them in which you can point to the game and say boy they had that one.

Boy if they only made this play. Boy if they only made that play and you could say that about a lot of teams in the National Football League. For the Las Vegas Raiders though you could absolutely say that for their first nine games this year. Last three pretty darn good because they've won them all. They have won them all. At least for them last week they didn't wait to the last second.

They actually got it done before it. There was no walk-off win yesterday. Their previous two wins in this three-game win streak were last second walk-off wins and the Raiders are now five and seven. They're now five and seven despite blowing games left and right in which they led by double digits. They're five and seven and they're just one game behind the team that they're playing next the Patriots. They're just one game against the team that they just beat and split their season series with the Chargers.

And there are four five and seven teams that take the field in week 14 with more than just the dumb and dumber chance of we've got you're saying there's a chance. There's different grades of it but the Raiders are at the top of that list because they're five and seven on a three-game win streak. They're five and seven with a bullet and you take a look at their schedule tonight against the Rams and in SoFi stadium in Los Angeles where they will have a home field advantage. Any Rams fans who are still sticking with the team and showing up and showing their Ramily spirit I tip my cap to you. We need more of you folks here in Los Angeles quite frankly die hard live or die sports fans for teams that are just new to the area and they may be new to the area themselves but Baker Mayfield if he starts tonight hey Baker guess what you're gonna have to go silent snap count in your first home start for the Rams because the Raiders fans are gonna show up here and they're gonna be losing their minds because if they win this game tonight and it does appear that they should quite frankly then they take on the Patriots next week for the right to not only get to 500 but potentially leapfrog the Patriots in the standings at that point because even if the Patriots win this game on Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals we're scheduled to have Buddha Baker on the show tomorrow to discuss it.

A Raiders win against the Patriots would have a tie break for them in the back pocket they'd have the same seven and seven record the Raiders would be above the Patriots and they're in the mix they are in the mix the Jets with Mike White are taking on the Buffalo Bills they have supposedly winnable games the next couple weeks but I'll tell you why one of them doesn't appear to be as winnable anymore in a second they can make this seven seed from five and seven right now the Raiders and then the other the other team that's on a nice winning streak right now at five and seven are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Joke all you want folks but this Kenny Pickett has got it you can't say pick it without it right different spelling but I'd like what I'm seeing out of him and what you're seeing if you have T Johnson can only catch the football and you know I'm serious I don't I don't mean to nitpick here but a lot of guys have the job I mean defensively they're getting healthier and TJ Watt is out there and the Steelers just came up with big wins on a Monday night in Indianapolis and they just beat the Atlanta Falcons who are making a change at quarterback by the way and then now they're home against the Baltimore Ravens you throw those records out usually when this happens Tyler Huntley who is very good as a backup quarterback he's coming in and this is a winnable game for the Pittsburgh Steelers and if they win this one then they go to Carolina next now I know you can't circle Carolina at home in the Steve Wilkes administration they've actually won their games there true but those are two games and by the way if they win these two games and get to 500 and the scenario I just painted for the Raiders and they get to 500 guess who play each other on Christmas Eve by the way on NFL network for the anniversary 50th anniversary 50th celebration of the immaculate reception game I'll be calling that game with my NFL game day compadre group it's possible both teams are seven and seven and the winner of that game goes to eight and seven with a real shot to make the playoffs Steelers are at Baltimore and then home for Cleveland after that Cleveland's got a shot they do holy elf on a 50 yard line Batman just a time for the Christmas the elf on the 50 I thought you were gonna be like holy elf on jay Feliz yeah but hank no oh we're leaving him and his ink out well let's wait a football conversation sir although with Deshaun Watson it's always more than a football conversation indeed back after a 700-day absence the the as I said on NFL game day morning the rusty in his life for the previous 700 days was Harden the defense lawyer who is still working hard because there's still two cases outstanding and the whole thing with Watson saying that I could I can't talk about it because it's a problem legally and then all the stories came out from the NFL information group that uh his clinic his clinical help is telling him not to talk about it so which one is it is it the legal is it the clinical I'd love I'd love to know at some point but he sure did look rusty not Harden out there against Houston but a win's a win the defense was all over Kyle Allen and this week they take on Joe Burrow make this make sense Joe Burrows never lost to the Chiefs and he's never beaten the Browns he's yet to beat the Browns and and so if you see Burrow was asked this week saying you know what what is what is it about what's different about the Browns and his answer was the Browns have Miles Garrett no one else has him that's a difference that's a difference true yeah that's a difference yeah so let's just say the Browns continue their magic over Joe Burrow here and then they're against Baltimore that's a Saturday afternoon game I'm calling that one in Cleveland I'm gonna see the elf with my own two eyes by the way look at you uh those are Kurt Warner and I are calling that game on NFL Network 4 30 p.m eastern kick is it possible the Browns go for a 500 record then because if that happens then Deshaun Watson will have won three in a row since coming back and then they're home for New Orleans at Washington at Pittsburgh holy crap it's not over for the Browns it is not oh now look in the AFC if the Jets keep winning football games that's a problem for them because the Jets are currently two games in front and have a tie break in their back pocket on the Steelers and the Browns how wild would that be by the way if their comeback win over the Browns remember that when they didn't cover Corey Davis hmm right and the Jets came back from two scores down with two minutes to onside kick the whole thing happened throwing bombs right that that would prevent the that would prevent the Browns from getting into the playoffs and then of course the Jets that was the game that they circled on uh you know in against the uh Pittsburgh Steelers for Zach Wilson to to come back and guess what Zach's no longer the quarterback there but the Jets have a win in their back pocket on this front that's the AFC and then there's one team in the NFC sitting at five and seven man laugh all you want about the Detroit Lions but they are exactly the team right now that Dan Campbell said was going to take chunks out of you and bite you and have a fava bean with a nice Chianti when you're trying to you know beat them kneecaps kneecaps whatever it was it was uh it was uh it's quite something but the Lions are five and seven and if they beat the Vikings this week the Vikings again are it's just a formality until they print a home playoff ticket for that first weekend but if the Lions win this game they will be six and seven and then Detroit which has been just dynamite offensively and now you know my guy Aiden Hutchinson and the rest of that defense is becoming much more stout that's a big game against the Jets they're at Carolina home for Chicago at Green Bay there's a ton of winnable games yes I'm calling games on the Lions schedule in December and January winnable games for them their problem is the team that currently resides in the seven spot Seattle if you remember there was a 48-45 insane game remember that you even did like a what's more likely prior to that game because the Lions as you know just play crazy games and the Seahawks and the Seahawks are just built to play crazy that's a problem for them the Seattle Seahawks won that game 48-45 yeah and I don't know I mean the path to the basket could be the fact that Washington's got a tie Detroit doesn't there's the Giants could fall off seven four and one as they take on the Eagles for the first of two times the rest of the way here yeah that tie I think is going to loom large the Giants play the Eagles twice the Washington commanders another time that game got flexed into NBC for week 15 they're at Minnesota home for Indianapolis and then at Philadelphia to end Lions man you know if the Giants and commanders beat each other up and don't tie each other again and then the Eagles take care of the Giants for them man that Thanksgiving day lost they had the bills right where they wanted them they had them imagine they're six and six right now instead of five and seven we're seriously talking about them and you might be wondering a little less why they're favored over the Vikings at home this weekend eight four four two oh four rich number two down just giving people hope that's what I do professionally what do you got for the Texans um an attaboy okay well there's hope you want me to give hope for the Texans well you said you're giving everyone hope I am here it is here it is right now let me get it let me get this for you right now they are here why not you know what the hell right right now they're currently picking first in the NFL draft any current player in college football that is coming out it's for the Texans and then their problem is is in losing to Cleveland you know they made the draft choice that Cleveland is giving them worse not it's down at 13 right now they had two top tens but they're right there they got two picks they got two picks all right it is a pick all right two of them higher register so we've got a new segment uh today for everybody you know how the whole cliche coaching cliche that we we we we love very much is uh a coach said I don't have a crystal ball well um we went ahead and bought one I have a crystal ball it is here we actually it is TJ you haven't seen it yet I have everyone else around here has because it arrived and I took it out uh the of its packaging uh before you arrived a couple of days ago and I I've kept it hidden just so I could get your natural reaction when I take it out of the box I'm looking forward because it is uh it is it's awesome it is real and it's spectacular to use another Seinfeld phrase very heavy um so you're gonna give me three NFL scenarios and I'll look into the crystal ball and tell you what could have been yeah as opposed to what is very good and you're gonna just do the thing fantastic very good um and uh Tom Pelissaro is going to join us in just a four minutes to tell us what's going on with Odell Beckham is Baker Mayfield really going to start tonight what is Jimmy Garoppolo is Jimmy really having a shot to come back this year Jimmy's got a shot to come back Jimmy Jimmy might not be so upset I mean we're just giving one Seinfeld reference after another and then uh and then we've got in studio hour number three um the showrunner and executive producer of Tulsa King uh his name is Terrence Winter he also was the showrunner and executive producer and writer of Boardwalk Empire after he was a long time writer and producer for the Sopranos and we have three episodes of the Sopranos that he wrote that you that you might be familiar with one of them being uh called the Pine Barrens another one long-term parking he wrote them and I can't wait to talk Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Tulsa King and more with Terrence Winter when he joins us in hour number three we have lots of questions about lots like we brought up the other day he wrote Wolf of Wall Street he wrote Wolf of Wall Street so he won't be leaving until we're done and that's how we're rolling today 844-204 Rich number to dial oh that's right uh the Yankees kept their star in the Red Sox lost theirs that's one way to put it wow hey but the Celtics are amazing brother the Celtics have the MVP of the league they've got the coach of the year of the league they've got the defensive player of the year of of the association great can Jason Tatum play shortstop uh he might have to he might be able to I wouldn't put it past him 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show do not go anywhere Tom Pelissaro coming up next on everything happening in the NFL Tom Pelissaro here on the program how you doing Tom it is interesting Rich because prior to me filling in for you for three days I really did think that your two-minute monologue before bringing me on as a guest was just a attempt to run a four-minute drill and keep me off the air now I know there's various moving parts between TV and radio that you you have to fulfill and you do a fantastic job of it right back after Tom I greatly appreciate it certainly since the four-minute drill leads to victory so um I and that's that's that's my my vision for this segment as well um let's John I mean I have so much to get to how how come the Niners didn't put in a claim for for Mayfield I know it's a moot point anyway but how are they viewing their quarterback scenario for the a team that has the Super Bowl in its sights Tom I think to understand the psychology of how the 49ers are approaching the quarterback division you have to look through the history of Kyle Shanahan he has never prior to trading up the draft Trey Lance who has played sparingly and been hurt a lot over two NFL seasons he's never had a highly drafted quarterback he has always targeted specific players that would fit what they want to do and they would be able to have fast processing and a quick trigger guys like Matt Schaub and Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo and you know CJ Beathard was another guy they drafted Brock Purdy drafted for the same reason and talking to coaches and scouts when Purdy was coming out everybody said you know I mean the guy broke like 38 school records or something in the Iowa state he won a ton of games he's just a six-foot tall quarterback with not the greatest arm not great measureables but your classic number two backup type quarterback who's really smart and efficient when he gets on the field you know he's going to be able to function in your offense the entire premise of Shanahan's offense is it's going to get people open you just need the quarterback to be automatic and deliver the ball to the right spot and it helps of course when you're delivering the ball to the right spot to George Kittle and Brandon Ayok and Devo Sandlin and Christopher Cafferty who can go and make plays so Brock Purdy has had a tremendous amount of time on task in terms of being in every meeting and getting his preseason reps because reason they did not even want to expose him to waivers they feel like they're going to be able to function and be able to play as opposed to you know adding to Baker Mayfield which they were not going to be able to do that anyway because the Rams ended up taking them off waivers uh fourth on the priority list with 49ers with 24th but you're talking about bringing the player in who has a foundation in a similar type of an offense with Kevin Stefanski in Cleveland but it's not exactly the same thing and so trying to ramp him up the pressure that would create the fact that Baker over the past two seasons has not played like the guy we saw with a playoff game with Cleveland in 2020 it all cracks with Shanahan's philosophy toward the position and so he's putting his faith here in Brock Purdy obviously something happens to Brock Purdy then you're going to Josh Johnson you're in a completely different uh realm of this thing but it's guys who know this offense inside and out and Kyle is going to I'm sure just deliver the message to them to just execute the plays I'm calling because guys are going to be open. And there is still as Shanahan said a remote possibility that Garoppolo does get healthy in time for the 49ers to throw him out there what what is the knowledge about his foot the injury timeline would they have to make the Super Bowl obviously if they do that they'd be replacing a quarterback that got them there that would be quite a scenario leading up to Super Bowl week in Arizona if the 49ers make it I uh I lay uh I lay that all out for your answer sir I would say and this is a bit of a projection rich but I would say the best case scenario at this point for Jimmy Garoppolo is dressing as the backup quarterback at some point as you get to the NFC Championship game work more likely the Super Bowl I know there was some confusion created about the seven to eight week timeline that was reported the way that somebody very familiar with this injury in NFL players explained it to me was the first six weeks after this injury it does not list Frank it does not require surgery the bone's going to heal on its own for six weeks you can do nothing you have to do nothing it's going to be in a boot or a task and you're basically just going to have to rest and let the bone heal well six weeks you're already into the divisional round of the playoffs then there would obviously be a ramp up period of just being able to move around again and throw the football again uh you get your cardio up and all those types of things and so what Jenna had said yesterday is probably most accurate which is you know there's a slim possibility he could be back but let's be honest if you have gotten to the NFC Championship game with Brock Purdy you're probably not benching Brock Purdy for a Jimmy Garoppolo legend played in two months at that stage in the season again is there a scenario where he could dress maybe uh at some point down the line and listen everybody's body heals differently bones heal differently but there is that initial six weeks or so that you don't want to push it because you run the risk of re-breaking the foot that's not something Jimmy Garoppolo is going to want to do uh if he comes up on free agency so it really is the Brock Purdy show for the foreseeable future and maybe at the very end if you've made a run with a rookie seventh round quarterback Mr. Irrelevant maybe Jimmy at least can dress and help in a pinch if something happens to your starter and then Tom Pelissero as we've discussed it was a moot point had the Niners put in a claim for Mayfield they wouldn't have gotten him because the Rams got him before on the waiver wire order all fantasy football general managers know how knows how that works in terms of record and where you get to choose so um is the Mayfield selection something to give a little look-see uh as insurance for Matthew Stafford's long-term health future decision to to play football I mean so how how do the Rams and Les Snead and McVeigh view Mayfield as he potentially might take the field even tonight it's a lot of different things and wherever you had Baker Mayfield graded there were some teams that did not have them graded as a first-round pick much less the number one overall pick but it's still a player who you know he's draftable he won games like I said he won a playoff game with Cleveland back in 2020 something that the franchise hadn't done in decades so you're you know this is a bylo option it's about 1.35 million I believe for the rest of this season to put them on the team and work with them and see what you might be able to get out of them everything off the field in Carolina I talked to many people about this was positive he was a great teammate and supportive and did everything right worked really hard he just wasn't very good on the field so if anybody's going to be able to break the guy down and kind of get him back to his fundamentals and give him a little bit of juice and positivity it's Sean McVeigh but you know the perhaps a primary reason or at least one of the driving factors in claiming Baker Mayfield is they might need him to play not two weeks from now tonight because they're in a situation where John Wolford has been dealing with his neck injury for quite some time it's popped up a couple of times recently here from what I was told he was he moved around pretty good in practice yesterday so there was some optimism that you know if he's feeling good um gets through an early warm-up looks good that he's going to be uh the starter tonight but Baker Mayfield from what I am told is going to dress for this game and if Wolford for some reason you know the neck tightens up he can't go or he has to drop out Baker's going to play so they have Bryce Perkins on the team too who made one start earlier in the season um but you know a little bit different style of game plan you're playing with Perkins and I bet that he plays some too there could well be packages in for him uh in this game tonight but if you had to not go to Wolford to pull him out of the game Mayfield is going to be the guy who's going to go in which seems crazy on paper because he was claimed not even 48 hours ago 4 p.m eastern time just to lay out the timeline here on Tuesday Baker finds out that he is definitely that he's been awarded to the Rams well at that point he already knew or had a you know high level belief he was going there because there were only three teams that could climb them above the Rams he already had his flight to LA so he flies in gets there Tuesday night immediately starts cramming I was told he got a full install yesterday so he's up to speed on what's in the game plan for Thursday night games the game plan usually a little bit slower or smaller rather uh for those games he has had a practice you know walk through yesterday he's never thrown to these guys he's never really never been in the huddle with them it's you know something there's a very few occasions in NFL history where we've seen a guy start a couple days after being signed or claimed or traded for at the quarterback position I can't say that this is the best case scenario for Baker Mayfield not only to play with a new team two days after being claimed but do it on national tv potentially but that's the spot that the Rams are in right now they don't have a ton of options and so Baker's going to be in uniform we'll see if he gets on the field. Tom Pelissero here on the Rich Eisen show I just have a feeling though that we're going to have an off-season conversation about Stafford does he want to do it anymore I mean spinal cord contusion sounds I mean that's a that's that that sounds a bit you know more concerning than just back-to-back concussions which is as concerning as it gets Tom you know well absolutely and it's a I believe Matthew's about 33 years old at this point he's got a bunch of kids you know he's married he's made a lot of money in his career I mean there's something to be said for does he and his family want him to continue to go not just because of this particular injury but I mean think of all the things Stafford played through during his time in Detroit and all the times he's out there with you know broken ribs or an injured hand or whatever it might be and then last year playing through the elbow man meant to make a run played great in the playoffs but then this year still dealing with the elbow in camp and you know then yeah multiple um multiple times landing in the concussion protocol plus the spinal cord contusion it's it's frightening stuff you know the Rams plan if you look at how they're kind of set up here at extending the effort extending Aaron Donald extending Cooper cup they kind of gave themselves before this year about a three year window right to try to win one more there was no way they were thinking we're going three and nine to start the season I mean that could not have been in the realm of possibility but this wasn't just a hey let's take one more shot and then blow it up no they've got guaranteed money to a bunch of their veterans their core players and that's the group that Sean McVay wants to try to win with so you're right Rich they're gonna have to you know the the Stafford family's gonna have some decisions to make but if he decides he wants to play he's got a guaranteed contract I would certainly anticipate that that's what the Rams would uh want to move forward with here frankly they don't have their own pick which right now would be a top five pick the Lions are going to be using that one uh instead so yeah I mean their their hands are tied a little bit there when you don't have a lot of picks and you've got a an expensive roster with a lot of star players but you know that's in some ways also a good problem to have I'm sure that the Rams feel internally like they've got a group that if Stafford comes back and be able to play and it's healthy there's no reason they can't bounce back with a lot better luck health-wise and make a run in 2023. Tom Postero my colleague from the NFL network NFL insider here on the Rich Eisen show I got to tell you man uh I thought we would uh have a general sense of Odell Beckham Jr's readiness and he would uh or thoughts on where he's going uh by now um and and the the Giants and the Bills I had Sean McDermott on he's like yeah uh great visit and then really wouldn't talk much about it other than to allow uh that you know uh sure it's concerning when when you're signing somebody when you haven't seen him work out with a knee injury of to his extent but he didn't go as far as Jerry Jones is which is which is to talk fully about it on the radio on his radio station uh Ed Werder with a tweet where that that clearly sounds like it comes from a Cowboys source concerning about uh how he's not ready Micah Parsons talking about how Odell told him he wouldn't be ready until mid you know five weeks from now what is happening with Odell best you can tell well I think that I think that some people maybe took the the reports that were out there as a sign that there's something wrong with Odell Beckham Jr's knee which I've not heard that at all this is just the reality that it's a guy who hasn't played uh down the football or practiced in a normal practice setting since he got hurt in the Super Bowl which at this point is you know roughly you know almost 10 months ago so inevitably there's going to be a ramp up period we're already going into week 14 here if you sign Odell Beckham Jr tomorrow he's not playing on Sunday he'll play for the next couple of weeks you know you have to there's different protocols here with ramping somebody up coming off with significant ACL plus getting your cardio back and your wind back you know it's not I know all the comparisons last year where okay the Browns caught him and cleared and then he ends up signing with the Rams but the difference was he at least had been in a football setting he hadn't played much but much productivity in Cleveland but he at least had been practicing since camp you know he was running and cutting you can see it on a daily basis he was doing business not workouts with the clubs and so just realistically to get a guy into a protocol you're talking about uh several weeks here you know Micah Parsons is blurting out that it's five weeks for Odell uh would clarify the timeline you're talking about playoffs and I think that one of the undersold parts of this Rich is you know everybody talks about is you know this great weapon that you're adding and that's true I mean Odell we've seen it for the course of his career he's as you know freaky and athlete as we've seen at the wide receiver position and he obviously had a great run in the playoffs last year with the Rams but if you've got a guy who's not been a part of your team and then you're bringing him into let's say you're the Cowboys and you're scoring more points than anybody over the past month and you've hit your stride and now every day is going to be questions about Odell and when he's going to contribute and what you're going to do and then you're trying to wedge him in to a playoff team during the playoffs that's a that's a tough proposition and that's without even talking about the unique contract situation here because remember players don't get paid in the playoffs so if you sign Odell sometime in the next few weeks here really what you're doing is saying okay Odell we would sign you in March we're going to give you your signing bonus now just to get you in the door and start working out maybe you help us in playoffs maybe you don't we're really signing you for 2023 there's not a lot of contracts that are done like that surely not you know eight figure multi-year deals which is what Odell Beckham Jr is going to be looking for so they're still moving parts he's on i saw in the uh the ultimate the shop tasks for Thursday night football tonight so maybe LeBron can uh have better luck than anybody else getting uh answers out of him here but i don't anticipate this is something that he feels a sense of urgency to rush in if he doesn't have the contract he want with the team he wants and the opportunity that he wants both uh is directed this year and into 2023. Well that is fascinating that we will hear from Odell tonight he was you know already dipping his toe in the uh in the basketball world sitting courtside for the celtics destruction of the Suns last night in Phoenix and so give me the give me the name of a team that's that we're not talking about with him there's always somebody lurking and if he's not working out on the field then you could conceivably you know meet him somewhere and if you want to stay underneath the radar screen or have a doctor you know fly out to him or what have you to take a look at his knee if you if that's what it is necessary or have the documents scanned and sent to you so you could stay under the radar and still do your due diligence here give me the name of a team we're not talking about with him this isn't a direct answer rich but i would say whoever loses a receiver on from it it's the reality of the league there's injuries all the time somebody's going to have a significant receiver injury i mean last year when he signed with the rams i didn't know but the next day robert woods went down they were playing on o'dell being a spot player the back side of you know certain plays maybe only split one-on-one coverage instead like his second game he's playing 70 traps again that's not realistic right now uh for o'dell but i think that's what's gonna drive some of this you know obviously the giants have not had help with the receiver position the entire season but they're also not a lock even be in the playoffs so why are they gonna you know cut a huge check to o'dell right now unless they're just thinking this is something for uh 2023 i still believe that dallas and jerry jones in his heart of hearts wants to make this happen usually jerry gets what jerry wants uh but we'll see if o'dell thinks that this is not you know they're not going to put him on the pit when he wants to or they're not willing to make him the type of offer uh that he wants o'dell may well wait and to your point there could be a team that comes out of the woodwork here that you know suffers an injury i remember i predicted back in the summer when i was asked this question good morning football combined dark horse form with the miami dolphins i'm not reporting that rich please don't put that in the headline on twitter i'm just saying all of a sudden you lose a speed threat receiver on a team built on speed in miami something like that could be the thing that comes you know out of left field here and all of a sudden that's where you know what else has next lots of moving parts no question about that um before i let you go what you're to the ground what are you hearing about the first overall pick of the draft who who are people talking about right now when it's all said and done because it's going to be houston i'd be stunned if houston isn't going to be choosing first but what do you think what are you hearing about on that i mean it's a it's a good question obviously it's going to be a quarterback centric top of the draft i think that just in my initial conversations with um some people around the league there are more questions about some of those top quarterbacks so there are a handful of them going into the season i think there's more holes being poked in some of those guys um than there were prior to the process i think that bryce young is an obvious one who a lot of people are going to be focusing on his potential number one pick he may not have the stature you know you're talking about another six foot tall quarterback who you know probably weighs 200 pounds soaking wet and that's going to raise some some questions and concerns for people but it didn't stop people from drafting baker or alan murray uh at a similar height in the past so i think it can be very quarterback centric and you look at the teams that are drafting up at the top there it'll be you know detroit with uh the ram's pick it's potentially it's obviously going to be the texans uh drafting very high it is going to be um you know seattle that owns denver's pick are they willing to you know look forward to you know smith he played great if not you're gonna have a rare opportunity to draft one uh really high there's gonna be a bunch of needs i don't think it's going to be anything close to what we saw this year when any pick and split all the way down into wherever he was around the 20th pick in the draft everybody else went out of the first it'll be a multiple quarterback in the first round draft and it's uh that's gonna be all the focus going to number one and uh is there any way for nathaniel hackett to save his gig right now is it reached that point in denver do you think i would say the broncos have a substantial amount of challenges and a complicated situation that they've got to work through this is an unfathomable type of situation that they've gone through i don't think again like i said with the ram it's the same thing with the broncos there's no way in the absolute worst case scenario that you thought bringing in russell wilson and you're sitting there with uh four wins or whatever they have going into week 14 they have had a ton of injuries you look at it they're down their top five running backs uh three of their top four receivers have been out now portland sudden starts a tight end this time down their top three offensive tackles they've been banged up on defense the court and the quarterback hasn't played well you're committed to the quarterback at a very high dollar number uh it's a three-year full guarantee your out is after year two so after 2023 your coach is not making nearly that much money so consider that the frame of reference for how the broncos have to to try to find the path forward here the bottom line is they have to get russell wilson uh playing better because they're committed to him and that just hasn't happened regardless of all the the efforts the panel hack it's made to change things up and change the play caller and just try to find some way to get things going tom you're the man thanks again look for more of my phone calls you're the best thank you appreciate it rich you got it that's tom pozzaro nfl network at tom pozzaro i follow him you should as well lots to pick on right there um i think i'd like to talk a little bit more about the broncos when we come back my two cents on that subject matter when we return 844-204 number to dial on the program 844-204 rich number to dial on the rich isin show i hate the whole concept of hot seats and talking about it because i'm you know having hung with mariuchi for as long as i have steve told me that he i think he moved his family 20 times or something like that i mean this is real stuff right there's real stuff it's jobs on the line you know people but i understand the business we've chosen to use the hyman roth phrase and you know and when there's a team that goes all in on a quarterback and pays him a king's ransom and he regresses on the spot and the team needs to hire in the first month of the new coach's campaign somebody to help administrate the game in real time which in this day and age for the nfl is is a crucial part of the job because it's also face front you're sitting there on your couch you can see in your 4k television or your high definition television well that's that's that's an interception why isn't jeff saturday throwing the challenge flag for instance just from this past weekend's colts game roof kind of caved in when he didn't throw a challenge flag on something that was clearly an interception um so i don't remember that play well i mean you you you're you're wondering where these things happen with nathaniel hackett and when the coin's going to drop for him and he'll start to clearly if somebody who's been around the sport as long as he's been around it his dad paul just google him if you need to know how long the hacketts have been coaching football and aaron rogers talking about how great he is and how he loves him and and he's a very positive guy whenever you met him i ran into him with the combine big big smile on his face but that was you know when he was just first blush new coach of the denver broncos and we were all assuming they were going to get rogers it wound up being russell wilson who they got well they're three and nine russell wilson looks terrible this is the only way to put it and if the new owners who didn't hire the guy and didn't hire the general manager and they're new to this whole situation if they are of the mindset that they need to get their own people in which by the way happens in all walks of life television movies movies movies movies movies movies movies movies movies movies movies movies real estate insurance whatever new boss comes in changes everything then he's got a a small remaining of sand in the hourglass to try and save things problem is two of the final five games are against the chiefs for a points challenge team oh no and then they've got after kansas city at home this weekend home for arizona another team that is struggling i mean that's going to be a desperation bowl week 15 they're at the rams here on christmas day the whole country's going to watch that if the rams and baker mayfield or whomever come off the mat let's just say it could be even a battle of three win teams on that day on cbs i know nobody really wants to hear that they're at they're at kansas city home of the chiefs i mean it's gonna be ugly and then home for the chargers i i don't know i mean what do they get five wins if they're lucky five and twelve in the first season there with russell wilson i don't see how the the broncos stick with it they're gonna have to change things radically and i i mean radically once that happens and then the whole off season will be who's can be hooked up with rus and rus hooked up with that person to change everything and is rus calling the shots there i mean it's that's why pelosero says there's a lot of moving parts very complex but it's also very simple for fans to look at that's a guy who was on a hall of fame trajectory he now looks like a backup quarterback trying to fumble for a light switch coach we've never heard of unless you've heard of the hackett family or followed his career as an offensive coordinator comes in they're now a five win team four win team i mean two plus two unfortunately does equal four sometimes that's what's going on with the broncos coming up hour number two
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